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Intelligence officials name biggest threats for the U.S. at their annual hearing and the men/women behind Germany got away again

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Our love that is not of this world. It is God’s spark. It can’t be cracked or defeated. Even in billions of years, I still will love you. Because you deserve to be loved that way. All good love songs are about us. The best that happened to me in this lifetime was meeting you. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I was at the right time at the right place. Scientology, Special Unit. The only thing that I deeply regret is how the SEGNPMSS interfered after they noticed our love. It won’t bring them any blessings, that’s for sure.  

I am sure you follow the news too. 

The US heads of intelligence agencies presented their annual threat assessment to Congress last Tuesday. It was mainly about Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Trump said that they were all wrong, and things look much better. 

Fact is, all are wrong.

I am not saying that Russia, China, Iran and North Korea do not represent a serious threat to the USA, but what they all close their eyes to is that the men and women behind Germany control the world with ear implants and that the nations mentioned (and all others plus the USA) is controlled by them. This is the reason why there is no lasting peace and life is as hard for most of us.

Berlin-based (!) think-tank Transparency International (what? Transparency? Say this again!) published a list of 180 countries and how corrupt they are perceived. Of course, they portrayed Germany (of all countries!) with the few best countries and as less corrupt as the USA.  

No word of course, that the SEGNPMSS is directly responsible for all the corruption in the world as they run the entire planet on strings, the ear implant and do not just approve of atrocities, war, terror, crimes, psychiatric conditioning, and perversions, they also transmit these via loud and/or silent sounds so that other nationals commit them.

And no, God didn’t want Trump to be president. (Lol!) SEGNPMSS want him as US president for a number of bad reasons.

Also, that a British Jew applied for German citizenship was also in the headlines. Good grief. More and more Nazis are marching there again. German Ear-implants rule. The reason why Jews didn’t fight back and kick the behinds of the Nazis when they still had a chance is because of the ear-implants. They were being told not to fight back (“things will blow over” or “rescue comes soon”) as German psychs ran also them through ear-implants. To make it easy for Nazi-Germany to get rid of them. What a trap these ear-implants are. 

I know you don’t need a lecture on this but sometimes I feel the need to write about this.

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,




As if this would be something new: Brain waves converted into speech

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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince and husband,

You mean all universes to me. Everything fades away but the love that I am feeling for you. This conspiracy against us will break its neck one day, because its members don’t know how to love. Despite they run the world, they greatly underestimated us and our love for each other. Sad people who never experienced true love. If they ever truly loved and were truly loved, they should have known that true love (our love) will outlast whatever they conspire.      

I read in the news that psychs “now” are able to convert brain waves into words. In other words, they “now” can read thoughts and translate it into speech using computers. 

They are pulling our legs, selling this as breakthrough and news, because they read people’s and animal’s thoughts already since centuries. 

It is really easy. If one thinks of the word or the picture of an elephant, the energy in the head makes the same kind of measurable energy pattern. They feed those patterns in a supercomputer and the “thought language” is programmed. 

As if Germany’s fanatic barbers and butchers would be able to sleep at night if they wouldn’t know all thoughts that anyone thinks so that they can control them into what they want people to do. So, they hired computer programmers to program the waves into words.  

Doctors and nurses install tiny silicone transmitters (not visible on x-ray) not just in the ears but also in the body and all over the head of the baby, may it unborn or latest when born. Most parents likely don’t know or don’t witness it. This is to prepare the head of the kid as the “computer” who unknowingly sends brain waves to the SEGNPMSS supercomputer. This reveals to the SEGNPMSS what the kid [and later the adult] is thinking. 

Coward as they are, they feel safer when they know what everyone thinks. And they also decide if the spied-on person should be conditioned, used, twisted, eliminated, have an accident, get sick, whatever… 

Before a kid is recruited around first grade to get ear-implants, SEGNPMSS read already is thoughts and, having read its thoughts before, can manipulate it even better into joining their bad cause and becoming their agent.

That is what psychs call “fairness” and “human rights”. And with all those horrible things that they are doing, they feel being the good guys. Yes, they are that twisted and mislead. Of course, with the atrocities that they commit, they need a hell of a lot of justification that what they are doing is necessary or even good. 

We don’t read their thoughts. I don’t even want to read their low, dirty, primitive, and perverted thoughts. But we can read them through how they stalk us, torture and setting things up against us. Despite they have each of our thoughts (in this lifetime and former lifetimes) in their supercomputer, Marty, we know them much better than they know us. 

I love you, Marty.

Yours always,


Just imagine it is sung by be instead of a guy and you or I am coming home, and I don’t need a butler and a maid:



Russian agent? Rather a German agent! (Trump and the Deutsche Bank)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince,

Despite all these years rolled by, our love is for the eternity. I know that I will love you until the end of my human days. And when I am a thetan without a body, whenever this should be, I still go on loving you. Love survives hardship and torture. I never have regretted having fallen in love with you, Marty. You are worth any wait.

SEGNPMSS doesn’t understand this. Because on the tonelevel they are, they are unable to truly love, and the result is that they are unlovable monsters. True love is a language they and their supercomputer doesn’t understand. So, those monsters thought that separating us long enough plus torture will end our love. I said it over and over again: they are idiots. And they don’t learn.

In a nutshell, here is the SEGNPMSS plan for Germany: Merkel has done her duty misleading the world by playing the “humanitarian”. The  SEGNPMSS plan is to replace her with someone who is officially far-right, in other words: a Nazi government. AfD won already 88 seats in the German parliament.   

And that brings me to Donald Trump, the “US President” who feels being German and acts like it. He criticized Merkel taking in fugitives but doesn’t understand the plan behind it. Germany just allowed the number of fugitives that will make the German economy stronger after having plotted and organized the Syrian war to drive these people to Germany and Europe. And their psychiatrists condition and implant some of the fugitives to commit crimes and terror (all organized by the SEGNPMSS) so that religion can be outlawed (first Islam, then the others) and that people call out to the Nazis and vote for them to protect them from the foreigners. It is all so very German. 

SEGNPMSS helped Trump to be elected. Ear-implants rule. The men behind Germany are planning an officially far-right German councilor for 2021. They are sure that Trump will get a long perfectly with Nazis from the AfD.

And if it should go wrong, they always can blame the USA on being the Nazis and saying the USA wanted the Nazis or helped the Nazis to come back. They also hope to get no opposition from the USA by taking over the world if he is the German “US” President. No word of course, that the psychiatrists and doctors behind Germany run the entire world on a string.

Many Americans don’t even know that Germany created also another Nazi party in Germany in 1983. And they had the guts to name these German Nazis Republicans!

And they have the same plan with the US Republicans: turning them into Nazis, despite Ike Eisenhower was the Commander of the Allied Forces and a real American Republican who defeated the Nazis.   

Despite they kept Russia poor and locked up with the German invention of communism, the men behind Germany are using Russia against the USA. Russians  should be aware that German Nazis have the plan to take over not just the Ukraine but all of Russia. Shooting back with guns and blaming the USA instead of Germany, is not the correct handling. Ear-implant conspiracies have to end. The men behind Germany must be convicted under international the law. 

So, Germany uses Russia to hide behind the election meddling in the 2016 election. They helped Trump to the presidency who held the US government hostage for 35 days and plans to do it again if he doesn’t get what he wants. How German. 

Robert Mueller was the FBI director from 2001 to 2013. In all those years, he failed to convict the men behind Germany on controlling the USA and the rest of the world via ear-implants. He may convict some Russians, but I doubt that he will convict the Germans behind the Russians who meddled in the US election as he was blind to the issue while heading the FBI and before.

Here it is in a nutshell: It appears that Russia has meddled with the US election, but Germany controlled this election. What they decide is being done, thanks to ear-implants, one of Germany’s worst mind-control tools. Germany doesn’t “meddle”. They are using ear-implants, loud and silent sounds, to make people act and vote their want. The Russians are being used. Also, because Germany [will lie to the people that they are neutral] wants the USA, Russia, China, North Korea, and others involved in hot wars to be able to pick up the pieces later-on and declare itself world power no. 1. How German.   

And now finally to my headline, Marty:

Germany uses Russians to get the beatings instead of Germany if something doesn’t exactly run by their plans to take over the world. Russians used by them may have meddled with the US election, but it is Germany who controls who runs and wins the elections as they are the secret masters behind each freaking ear-implant, which stops people to think for themselves. Although I think that Hillary wouldn’t be a great president, I don’t believe the 2016 polls were wrong. SEGNPMSS radioed who to vote for in the ear-implants of undecided voters on the way to the polls.

Actually, Russian mentality is not the same as the German, and particularly not like the Bavarian mentality. Russians like Americans must get out from under the German snake and become their decent selves.    

This is what Wikipedia says: 

Deutsche Bank is widely recognized as being the largest creditor to real-estate-mogul-turned-politician Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, holding more than US$360 million in outstanding loans to the candidate in the months prior to his 2016 election. Deutsche Bank’s role and possible relevance to an investigation of Trump and Russian parties colluding to elect him were reportedly under F.B.I. investigation as of December 2017

The men behind Germany go through huge efforts making the world believe that they don’t exist and that Germany don’t hold all strings. 

I worked briefly for Deutsche Bank in the mid 80s, and I didn’t like it one bit. The woman, my superior at the Deutsche Bank, one of their steady executives, was hateful and irrational. That assignment was organized by the temporary employment agency for which I worked back then. If I would have declined the assignment, they would have construed it as breach of contract.

If you were looking for me in the mid 80s, I bet Deutsche Bank lied to you or your representatives not knowing me so that you can’t get hold of me as your witness. The “controversy” between Deutsche Bank and Gauweiler does not exclude them being in cahoots against us, Marty. 

Trump got outrageous special treatments from Deutsche Bank. No other bank wanted to give him any loans anymore. But Deutsche Bank banked on him to become the German US president. All to hold the USA hostage, to harm it, and to help Germany transforming Republicans into racists and in particular stand at the side of the right-extreme chancellor who they have planned to come after Merkel. 

I know you can also see through Germany and its setups. Be kissed, Marty.


Here is MSNBC about President Trump Lender of Choice, the Deutsche Bank:  


What is the odd secrecy behind the dispute over a mystery grand jury subpoena to a foreign government-owned company?

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Dearest Marty, my fabulous husband and soulmate,

How are the days and nights? I am tired of the snow and cold. Like the government shutdown, no end in sight. However, I would gladly agree to a life at the Antarctica, if you would be there. 

I assume you read about it or heard it too.  The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed an non-identified foreign government-owned company file a sealed appeal against a grand jury subpoena that likely is related to the probe of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the 2016 election. That company said that a ruling making them reply would “wreak havoc” on American foreign policy and possibly “alienating U.S. allies”. What a crap. Sounds German to me. Germany is no ally. The men behind Germany are the USA’s and any other countries enemy.  If that non-identified foreign government-owned company has no dirty hands, they would provide the Special Counsel with what he needs and get it over with.

This “non-identified foreign government-owned company” is so afraid of having to answer to the subpoena that it is facing a daily fine of $50,000.

Trump had a long relationship with the Deutsche Bank, right?

And the hysteria and drama around this is quite German if you ask me, may it Germany directly or as usually the force behind the rubbish that other governments are doing upon their secret order.

“Federal marshals closed an entire floor of the federal courthouse in Washington last month when the case was argued before the three-judge appellate panel”, wrote ABC news:

And check this out: 

Germany arrests linguist, accuses him of passing military secrets to Iran. Maybe he passed on “secrets” to Iran, but only those for which Germany doesn’t care much as Germany has the overall control over each ear- and body implant on the planet and beyond. These kind of reports and activities by Germany should fool people into believing that their fanatical secret service psychiatrists don’t run everyone with loud or silent sounds. 

Germany is also behind Iran’s, Russia’s, North Korea’s and anyone else growing espionage attempts through cyber-attacks and so much more. Their tool? Ear-implants that they insert into babies and first graders of any nationality, race, and country and turn them into their agents. They are using the unripe minds to their advantage. Crimes against humanity indeed.

They can’t fool you or me.

I love you and think of you, Marty.

Yours always and forever,



If the deep universe isn’t a man-made holograph, how come the “temperatures of the universe” are all the same?

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Dearest Marty, heart-throb and most missed husband ever,

“Science” said that the universe was created by a big bang. I say, the universe was created by the Creator but blown up several times by jealous idiots. “Science” thinks the deep space universe as they see it, is the real universe. I am saying that the deep space universe it is a man-made projection to mislead. Behind the projection is the real universe or what is left of the original universe blown up several times in big bangs. 

And there are also those scientists who came to the conclusion that the universe is a holograph. Like a three-dimensional image in a credit card. When I read this, I thought that they now got it, but they didn’t. Instead of pointing with the finger to criminals in space, they think they are just imagining a three-dimensional world and their own existence in a three-dimensional world. 

I also found this gem: “The holographic principle is often misrepresented as the idea that the universe is actually a hologram, but it is more accurate to say there is a duality between a volume of space and the surface enclosing that volume.”

Jumpin’ Jiminy! Wrap your head around this. 

Duality means contains two, right? Or a close relation between two?

Not sure if I understand that correctly, but it seems that some physicists conclude that the universe has a dual structure. Not the same at all points, and there is some truth: space before the Oort Cloud seems the real universe to me but beyond is a projection, the fake one that conceals the real one, as we shouldn’t know what’s really there. And the fake projection is the holograph, so it has another structure, so dual structures.   

And this is not all. 

“Science” tells us of the Big Bang (again, I think there were several big bangs that blew up the original universe) and the Cosmic Background. 

So, what do you make of this, Marty?  

“In any direction we look, the temperature of this cosmic background is basically the same, varying by only tiny amounts. But according to the standard “cold dark matter” model of cosmology, there wasn’t enough time for hotter and cooler regions of the early universe to even out. Even today we would expect parts of the cosmic background to be much warmer than others, but that isn’t what we observe.”

Because the Big Bang that allegedly created the universe is a lie and the deep space universe that Earth telescopes are seeing it is a man-made fake projection that covers up the real universe behind it. 

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty.

I love you. And our love doesn’t fade away. It is a rock.


Did the Yamnaya eradicate the original Iberians? Or did another group use them and bring out the worst in them?

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Dearest Marty, my precious soulmate, husband, and Prince,

How is your world? Even if I am not here every day, there is no day when I don’t think of you. You belong to me like the oceans to the states. The world is nothing without you. 

The Yamnaya, nomads who came from what is now South Russia, are the major suspects of having eradicated the old Europeans. I wrote about their disappearance several times.  

David Reich seems to be an authority on ancient DNA testing. He has his office in the Harvard Medical School. Ancient research done in the Harvard Medical School. Is it just me or is this an unusual place for this kind of work?

In the New Scientist, David Reich mentioned one or several events on the Iberian Peninsula, probably 4500 years ago.  

It appears there was some sort of “violent conquest”, notes New Scientist, where local males were either killed or enslaved and the females claimed by the Yamnaya. This is evidenced by a “complete Y-chromosome replacement,” according to Reich. In other words, Spanish men disappeared completely from the gene pool.

My questions are: Did the Yamnaya eradicate the people on the Iberian Peninsula and in other places of Europe? Or did another group [those who landed in what became later Bavaria] use them and bring out the worst in them? One very typical characteristic for the SEGNPMSS is that they use other nations and countries and hide cowardly behind them. They did it in the past and are still doing it. 

I stumbled on an article in the New York Times about ancient DNA research.

I quote from the NYT article: About 5,000 years ago, a “relatively sudden” mass migration of nomadic herders from the east — the steppes of eastern Ukraine and southern Russia — swept in and almost entirely replaced the continent’s existing communities of hunter-gatherers and early farmers. 

It is a long read. But some like this really got my attention: That is, about 5,000 to 9,000 years ago, human history was, at least in a few crucial places, less about various groups coming together and more about some groups blotting  out their neighbors.

Yikes! Shouldn’t everyone ask the most important question: why does a rather peaceful world suddenly turn into hell? Nomads who lived peaceful before suddenly turn into monsters and become mass murderers? Or is this rather the case: monsters landed on this planet and brought out the worst in many using similar or the same methods that they still are using in modern times to bring out the worst in people: hypnosis and implants, etc.      

DNA and other researchers examine entire skulls. How come researchers still have not documented ear- and body implants? I assume that they were of small metals in the past not made of silicone as now.  

The NYT also reports about “atmosphere of intense suspicion, anxiety, and paranoia, among archaeologists and geneticists”. Tells me that things are being hid that shouldn’t be hidden. 

David Reich is Jewish or has Jewish roots and is father is a psychiatrist who became the first director of U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Not accusing anyone here, except, the men behind Hitler and the 3rd Reich were psychiatrists. Like a historian said so adequately: The Nazis didn’t need the psychiatrists, but the psychiatrists needed the Nazis” (to do the experiments on Jews and others, which they did). Did that made the men, the psychs behind Germany, breath relief, after a psychiatrist (despite Jewish) became the director of this museum? Hoping because Reich is a psychiatrist that he won’t have the museum exhibits more details about the psychiatrists behind the Nazis? I thinks so.  

I love you, Marty, I miss you more than I can tell. Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,







1) How Germany was/is behind Nazis AND communism 2) The pipeline makes Russia captive (again) to Germany 3) Trump doesn’t sound like a Russian agent but rather like a German agent

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

My thoughts are with you. I wish I would finally hear from you. And I worry about your well-being because I know it is a secret German world.

Trump doesn’t sound like a Russian agent but rather like a German agent saying that the pipeline from Russia to Germany makes Germany captive to Russia, when in fact, the pipeline is a German attempt (Germany is paying for it) to make Russia captive and use it again for their purposes as it did when Germany made Russia communistic. The pipeline also makes it easier for Germany to take over countries in the East by attaching it to Europe, which will be solely turn into Germany one day, with all its insane, racial, anti-religious, perverted, and brutal mindset.  

The only reason why Trump isn’t Merkel’s biggest fan is because he thinks she destroys his precious fatherland Germany with immigrants. He doesn’t get or doesn’t reveal that Germany instigated the Syrian war to get the hard-working Syrian fugitives to boom Germany’s economy.

Merkel said that they just take so many fugitives as Germany needs and no more. Some “humanitarian country”. She also knew that they will have a hard life in Germany because of the anti-immigrant attitude that so many Germans are having, like Trump has it too. These Syrians will be forced to give up their identity sooner than later in Germany. Because it is Germany. And then, they will be poisoned with typical German intolerance. And they should never know what Germany did to their country and them, and all that just to float on top of all other states and become the world’s leader.     

During the cold war, the Soviet Union was hostile to the USA but never was a real threat to western Germany because Germany run its policy makers. Ear-implants! However, Germany fleeced the US taxpayers to pay for Germany’s “defense”. The only real enemy of Germany is Germany. The men behind Germany  also attack and kill their own.  

The German/Soviet/Russian relationship in past and presence needs a very thorough study. What I know for sure is that Germany took and takes Russia captive, not the other way around. It is time for the Russians to Germany to get out of their hair and protest against being used over and over by those Nazis.   

Some people might not understand (I know that you are not one of them, Marty) how the Nazis and the communists were run by the same source (SEGNPMSS), considering that the Soviet Union fought the Nazis in Word War II.

First of all, not all members of the SEGNPMSS are always eye to eye. Some hate each other. Nevertheless, they conspire with each other against us and a world that would be good and fair to everyone. Because they are racists and lunatics. That people who are different from them (as far as race or religion is concerned) should have rights and a good lives, is not bearable to them. If that wouldn’t be the case, they never would have separated us and conspired against us.   

Some of the psychiatrists and doctors  (hard core of the SEGNMPSS) thought and still thinks that the entire world should be suppressed by German nationalism or communism. The other part of them thinks that in the world that they rule, people should produce and own some stuff. As this keeps people busy so that they have no time to think and figure them out. So that they make money for Germany (capitalism) and live a short lifespan, but people have to embrace German nationalism and also allopathy and psychiatry. This what they absolutely have in common.

The writers of the communist manifest Marx and Engels were Germans. Lenin was a German agent, etc. In 1939, when the world knew already how brutal Germany was to the Jews, the Soviet Union signed a pact with Germany. IMO, this just could have happened because SEGNPMSS was the master of communism in the Soviet Union. Without German-controlled ear-implants, neither Russia not the USA would have waited so long to kick Germany’s Nazi behind. 

Germany was and is behind communism and not just behind the old and the new Nazis.   

On June 22, 1941, Germany broke the pact by launching Operation Barbarossa. SEGNPMSS tried to annex what they considered officially theirs: the Soviet Union. The brutal Germans coming to their doors must have (rightfully so) freaked enough Russians out, so they fought back. 

In view of the Ukraine, in recent years, Germany invaded again a country by using ear-implants to turn people into Nazis and also calling Germany [synonym already for Europe] to annex it. It also annexed just about all other European countries and put itself on top. Ear-implants makes it possible for them.  

After Germany lost WWII, despite having the entire world already secretly on a string with their beloved psychiatric control tools, the ear-implants, SEGNPMSS came up with this plan: Dividing German in two parts. One part “western”, the other part “communistic”, and again, running both parts. This was to fool the USA and the world into that Nazi Germany is “defeated”, to make the American taxpayers pay for building Germany up again (Marshall Plan etc.) and for the defense of Germany against any alleged enemies. In other words, when Germany invades the Ukraine or other countries, and the people of Russia should not yet ready be ready to allow Germany [under the cover of the EU] to take it over, they want the USA [which Germany hates as much as the Jews] defend it against the enemies that Germany makes, e.g. Russia. 

The only reason why the USA or also Russia and other countries lets Germany get away with it, is because Germany turns children into agents by installing them ear-implants all over the world when children have not yet any ripe minds to figure what is behind it. Their minds are controlled all through their lives until they die. And not just that: in their next lifetime, the same ear-implant code is used to control them again. This is German psychiatry, and I am sick and tired of these monsters.      

After Germany lost WWII, SEGNPMSS came up AGAIN with German world domination plans: Either way, either communistic Germany or “western” Germany should become the leader of the world. In other words, even if they make themselves look as defeated, they plan in the same breath again how to take over the world. 

The men behind Germany decided to have a capitalistic Nazi world instead of a communistic Nazi world in the future. They decided to take down the Berlin wall. They figured that capitalism makes them a lot richer than communism. and people can be very well controlled in the capitalistic world too. Heil ear-implants.

It doesn’t mean that they won’t bring communism back ever, but it will be paired with German nationalism of course. 

Right now, the men behind Germany are destabilizing the USA through Trump by holding it hostage in a government shutdown. Racially-motivated and German-oriented Trump infuses the USA with German hostility. Like a fanatical German, he wants to waste Billions for a wall against foreigners instead of combating poverty, crimes, and drugs more effectively. 

Trump may wittingly, un-wittingly or half-wittingly be a German agent. However, I doubt that he is completely clueless that Germany is using him and what they are up to. There is knowledge of no good under his often grinning mask. SEGNPMSS threw Russia into the mix to distract from Germany’s infiltration and invasion of the USA.  

I would love to hear your thoughts on it. 

Be kissed, Marty, I love you. Hope to see you against all odds.

Yours forever,