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Gang of representatives or senators – “Gang”! Yikes!

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Dearest Marty, my magic husband and soulmate,

How is your life?

I never understood why senator call themselves and others a “gang”. I once heard Senator Grassley saying that the FBI should not all itself “a family” because they are an agency. This said, I read and heard again and again about representatives or senators as “gang of (number)”. Maybe they call themselves this because they really are gang members… And we know who is behind gangs.  

Anyway, I miss you, Marty. I would give anything to know where you are.

I’ll give the universe for time with you. You mean deep happiness for me. Not just a little bit happy. Deep happiness that I only can feel with you around, Marty.

Giving you my heart was the right thing to do. I knew it the moment I saw you. And I don’t want it back. It couldn’t be on a better place but with you. 

Kissing you passionately.






Written by Barbara Schwarz

March 31, 2019 at 2:02 pm

Who shot the two police officers if the suspect had one or two swords?

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

I just read this:

The suspect must have had a gun not one or two swords (I read conflicting data about it) if two police officers were shot.   

In all my years in Scientology, swords played no role. No swords were around in the SCN orgs in which I worked. Suddenly, a sword should have a special meaning… 

Except in Miscavology, there were some SO pictures depicting the SO with swords.  But it is not Scientology. It is dumb Miscavology crap. 

Everyone wants to understand Scientology better than we Scientologists.

Strange and secretive conduct also as far as the police is concerned. Usually, when a shooting happens, police talks to the public and provides the facts but as Scientology is concerned, nobody acts as he should. 

It happened yesterday evening and almost 24 hours later, the ID of the sword swinger and who shot the police officers are still not known.

And only a few media outlets reported about this attack, which is also odd.

I love you.

Yours forever,


P.S. Added by me one day later:

Here is an update. “Business” as usual? Original Scientology is not a business. German-infiltrated and altered “Scientology” is after money and Germany orders it to Europe and keeps it close-by in Luxembourg.

Coroner Identifies Suspect Fatally Wounded In Inglewood OIS – But Search For Kin, Motive Continues





Robert Mueller and William Barr

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How is your life? I am thinking of you.

Robert Mueller became the FBI director during a time in which I filed FOIA/PA requests to the FBI, other agencies and the US Departments, determined to find out what happened to you and to figure out why the US government behaved so German instead of American.

Mueller was nominated as FBI director on July 5, 2001. Just briefly later, the FBI denied FOIA/PA records to me by plotting with other US agencies. In order to deny records to me, they fabricating fees that I did not incur and of which they knew that I could not afford to pay them. I paid the fee to the FBI despite it was hard for me back then, but then the German-run US agencies fabricated higher fees (Dept. of VA) and the message came across: We simply make fees up so that we don’t have to provide you with the records that you request. How German. How Nazis.      

There was even one agency (forgot who it was at the moment but it was not the FBI) who wrote in an internal memo around 2001 that they think that these records are very important to me and “the law firm” but they decided nevertheless not to provide the requested records. This was an odd memo considering that I did all pro se. I had no money to hire a law firm. That “law firm”, I figured, was then yours. Whose else could it be who asked for the same records?      

I am not saying that Mueller ordered the FBI SLC to fabricate fees that I didn’t incur, but he was the FBI director back then. And when I sued the US government, the FBI HQ wrote an affidavit in my case that was anything but professional and lawful. That was also during the time when Mueller was the FBI director.

Numerous media outlets glorified Mueller. Not me. I made different experiences with the FBI he lead.   

I think Mueller like Trump may wear an American flag on their suits but rather feel German instead of truly American. Otherwise, the German conspiracy would have been busted a long time ago by them or anyone else who feels truly American. Germany talks through the ear-implants of people, including Jews. 

This is what Mueller and Barr and anyone else should have laid open. The Russians (put up by Germany to take the fall instead of Germany) might have tried to mingle or indeed mingled with the election but Germany has the control over all ear-implants and determines who wins elections and who not. 

In 1989, at the beginning of his administration, President Bush appointed Robert Barr to the DOJ as Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel and later to be the US Attorney General from 1990 – 1991. 

If I am right and you are wrongfully incarcerated since November of 1988, Marty, I think it is impossible that Robert Barr wasn’t informed of this. My intuition tells me that Germany filed wrongful charges against you and uses Spain, the USA, and all other countries to keep you wrongfully imprisoned and us apart. 

I think there are truckloads of evidence that the US government is infiltrated by Germany using ear-implants to make these alleged American do what Germany wants. Neither Mueller, Barr, nor anyone else stopped the German invasion of the US government. It is a nightmare. 

President Trump may say that the USA is the greatest country in the world (when it exonerates him) but actions speak deeper than words. Where are the actions to stop Germany from controlling secretly the USA?

How anyone can think that he or she will be blessed by allowing German secret services to run him or her, is beyond me.     

I have one message to all who do the dirty work for Germany. It doesn’t matter the nationality: who works for the Nazis is a Nazi

I love you, Marty. I know you are innocent, and I am not a German Unmensch who treats you like a slave by stealing your freedom and rights. I want you and me to have the rights we deserve.  

Yours forever,


P.S. And have a look at this picture taken at the DOJ. Religious symbols are removed from government sites but where are the people who object to the sexist statue right behind Mueller?   






No jail and only $500 bail for hit-and-run driver who droves van into Scientology building

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

The driver probably says it happened because he was drunk but it has hate crime against Scientology written all over it.

I love you,


Reparations for slavery

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband and soulmate,

How are you?

Thinking about you always makes me happy. I knew how special you are the moment I laid eyes on you, Marty. Love didn’t make me blind. And the awesome thing about love is that it can even grow stronger. OWs is what makes marriages fail. Won’t happen to us.

I rather spend my life alone if I can’t have you. Nobody can replace you, Marty. You are so unique, and no words describe how much you mean to me.    

To my headline: I read about compensation claims against the USA from descendants of slaves from the Atlantic slave trade.

People of any race subjected directly or indirectly to slavery should get compensated by those who did it to them.

However, they should get the compensation by the monsters behind Germany as they came up with slavery, organized it through the centuries, and provoked the Civil War as they didn’t want to quit slavery. They did it by installing people ear-implants and allowed their agents making others into slaves.

For example, the Salem witch trials have hypnosis, psychiatrists, and German controlled ear-implants written all over it. These monsters are on this continent since a very long time. They didn’t just came over in recent years.  

So, Germany controls people with ear-implants since many centuries. Slavery is their idea and doing. And look at us, Marty, we are still their slaves. We have no rights to be together and live a peaceful happy life, because the psychiatrists and medical doctors behind Germany don’t like it, and they perverted the United States government and people, and other countries to help them.

The p$ychs and medical doctors behind Germany let people live lives in uncertainty. They lie to them that past and future lives aren’t a fact and can’t be proven. However, as they spied on Ron (the real one) during numerous lifetimes, they noticed too that past and future lives are a fact. Unlike Ron, and us, we want to share with mainstream but they don’t. They even let their own agents in the dark. In a German-controlled medical-psych world, thetans have no rights. Most people don’t know what it is or what and who they are, and they are not looking for their deceased relatives. SEGNPMSS uses this for their advantage and experiments over the thetans. They use the ear-implant code to trick the bodiless thetan in a body not of its own choosing.

In short: A former black person can be white in this lifetime and a former white person can be black in this lifetime. This applies not just to black and white but to all other races. A former Nazi could be in a Jewish body today, etc.  

A full-blown Nazi doctor activity is when the gender is twisted (someone who was happy as a male and identified himself as male and is being tricked by the SEGNPMSS into a female body or the other way around or is tricked in a body of no gender or two genders or one with a handicap, whatever their horrible experiments are).

So, how to find a person who suffered under slavery, or the Holocaust, or anything else evil done by the monsters who have the overall control over ear-implants?

You and I, and some others, know the answer: auditing and the e-meter to find the persons who deserve the reparations. If this isn’t applied, a former slave driver or Nazi could get the reparation instead of the actual slave or victim, depending who in present time occupies a body from that race. 

If a person is audited with Scientology and questioned if she was/is the victim of slavery, it can be figured and determined how much she suffered and what the reparations should be.

The monsters behind Germany know that auditing of original Scientology works, and that is one huge reason why they attack Scientology, infiltrate it, re-write it, give it a bad reputation, and are trying to outlaw it. The monsters are afraid that original Scientology will hold them accountable and create a world in which good people have rights. 

Scientology auditing is the tool to make sure that the reparation for slavery goes indeed to those who suffered under slavery and holds the SPs who came up with slavery responsible. 

Uncle Sam isn’t the monster. Uncle Sam is a slave itself. The USA is infiltrated and controlled by the psychiatrists and medical doctors behind Germany.

I am reading the news, Marty, I listed to what “Uncle Sam” and the politicians are saying and noticed over and over that we are the only few who the SEGNPMSS isn’t fooling.

I love you. Sending you passionate and tender kisses.

Yours always,





Deutsche Bank

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and Prince,

My thoughts are with you.

According to the New York Times, Deutsche Bank gave Donald Trump $2 billion Dollars over two decades. And suddenly, since the 2016 elections, they denied a  loan to him. I bet this is the reason: They leaned that the election might be investigated.

I find these German Bank activities rather revealing, Marty. What I see is that Germany and the Deutsche Bank don’t want to be caught meddling in the election. The people behind Germany do not just meddle in the election, they radio in the ears of voters how to vote. Also, Germany wants the USA to lose credibility in the world if an US president is denied a loan. Considering the Trump/Deutsche Bank relationship that they had before and that nothing (multiple red flags) stopped the Deutsche Bank before lending him more money, tells me that Germany is again looking for an alibi by trying to distance it from Trump.

The Russians should take the fall in this meddling with the election case, not and never Germany. Despite Trump sued the Deutsche Bank and they sued him back, they continued to grant Trump loans, despite that they know that he exaggerated his wealth and defaulted on loans before. Can you define this any other way but: “Trump (knowingly or unknowingly) is an important agent for Germany”?    

I am convinced they consider him rather German, and he considers himself German too. The reason why he doesn’t get along with Merkel is that he doesn’t understand that Germany wants the hard-working Syrians to expand their economy. Nobody in the whole wide world will ever conduct a terror attack unless approved by the SEGNPMSS. Germany is safe unless the SEGNPMSS plans a terror attack in their own country for alibi reasons, e.g.: “See, we don’t run the terrorists, our own country and people were attacked.” Too bad that I know them and their monstrous personalities. So, I don’t fall for their tricks. They run everyone. Germany is above everyone and everything.

At Deutsche Bank level, they also got Kushner involved. Alibi: “We are no Nazis anymore.” Yeah right. The people behind Germany are still the same old Nazis, and one of their favorite activities are picking bad apples Jews, making them famous and then publishing their crimes (Kushner senior, etc.) so that the world agrees with German-Nazi ideology.

You and I, we have other stories to tell about Germany, and we know how it ticks and operates.

Deutsche Bank hired a British-Indian Co-CEO. If something catches up with it, other nations can be blamed. Even their close neighbor, the Swiss should take the blame, if necessary. (Germany however rather has Switzerland as partner in crime as in the case of what happened to Kim Jong-un in Switzerland and his sudden disappearance from there or keeping cash from Jews in Swiss banks.) Everyone should take the blame, if necessary, except Germany, and particularly not Bavaria and the secret service people behind it. 

For alibi reasons, Deutsche Bank had some German bankers in Frankfurt who said: “A loan for Trump during the campaign, oh no.” Typical. It is all prep work for when someone comes knocking and looking into their role in the 2016 election and other shady stuff. (Again, I don’t think that Hillary would have a good president either.) 

The secret service people (at the German hard-core psychiatrists and med. doctors) behind Germany knew that Trump would win with their help even before Trump knew that he would run for president. They talk into people’s minds with loud and silent sounds and influence them.

Under US law, a president can’t default of his private obligations. Deutsche Bank’s arguments that Trump would default on loans because he became US President is completely ridiculous. Defaulting on loans by being in the spotlight of the world is much more difficult than by someone the media has little interest in. I see nothing but German cover ups in the relationship between Deutsche Bank and Trump, Marty. 

NYT wrote on March 18, 2019: “On Deutsche Bank’s trading floor, managers began warning employees not to use the word ‘Trump’ in communications with people outside the bank. Salesmen who violated the edict were scolded by compliance officers who said the bank feared stoking public interest in its ties to the new president.”

Again, give me a break. It is anti-Americanism. Germany does not want to be accused of having meddled in the US election (plus having put Russians up to it as well).  Having a famous customer rather improves bank business. The people behind Germany are using Trump for their German purposes but also to smaller the reputation of the USA.

NYT: Deutsche Bank would have to choose between seizing his assets or cutting him a lucrative break — a situation the bank would rather resolve in private.

Oh yeah, as if greedy Germany would have a problem going after Trumps assets. Deutsche Bank has a lot to hide. That is why they want the privacy. And the psychs and doctors behind Germany have even more to hide. 

Below reporter and the anchor talk about how little sense it made that Deutsche Bank continued to lend to DT despite he defaulted on loans and even sued them. According to one of the video interview, loaning to Trump would nevertheless pay out for the Deutsche Bank:

It is no mystery to you and me, Marty. Germany thinks it always will get away with anything it does. Merkel said about the German car emission scandals that they won’t define Germany. Because Germany’s psychs are the masters of ear-implants. They manipulate people into forgetting and forgiving instead of prosecuting and being wary of them. That is why nothing defines them and why they always are getting away.  

Deutsche Bank wasn’t desperate imo. However, the NYT reporter noticed properly that Deutsche Bank was deliberately more aggressive as any other bank to make business in the USA.

Ordering their Deutsche Bank employees not mentioning Trump’s name to people outside of the bank makes no sense for a bank. At least those who voted for Trump would look favorably at this bank and make business with it, which is approx. half of the USA. It just makes sense if Deutsche Bank has a bad conscience as far as the election (and other subjects) are concerned and therefore doesn’t want to be investigated. 

The people behind Germany are ice-cold calculating, plotting, setting up, and preparing alibis, just in case. They want to take over the USA. It is what they always wanted. It wants to become world power no. 1 with no country left being able to object to their racism and insane ideas and stop them. 

Deutsche Bank was involved in market manipulations and in money-laundering regarding accusations of laundering $10 billion out of Russia as you know. 

Germany wants Russia to take the fall for them. I don’t doubt that Russians were involved in meddling with the election but Germany controls their ear-implants. The instigator is Germany not Russia. 

Wikipedia collected some subjects on Deutsche Bank:

Have a look here: Following Germany’s defeat in World War II, the Allied authorities, in 1948, ordered Deutsche Bank’s break-up into ten regional banks. These 10 regional banks were later consolidated into three major banks in 1952: Norddeutsche Bank AG; Süddeutsche Bank AG; and Rheinisch-Westfälische Bank AG. In 1957, these three banks merged to form Deutsche Bank AG with its headquarters in Frankfurt.

Breaking up the power-hungry Nazis of the Deutsche Bank lasted just 9 years. Then they were one bank again. Yikes. And what an “ethical” bank it is.

And Americans pay taxes to bail out this unethical bank. Germany, the people behind it are the biggest enemy of the USA, and Americans pay for Germany, that enemy. Isn’t that just “grand”? 

For the 2008 financial year, Deutsche Bank reported its first annual loss in five decades,[41] despite receiving billions of dollars from its insurance arrangements with AIG, including US$11.8 billion from funds provided by US taxpayers to bail out AIG.[42]

And something else is giving me the heebie-jeebies. I have not forgotten that the September 11 terror attacks were planned in Hamburg:

In October 2001, Deutsche Bank was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. This was the first NYSE listing after interruption due to 11 September attacks.

What I learned is that SEGNPMSS agents are also attacking each other. The Gauweiler thing is just one example. They only thing they always agree is never to blow the whistle on the existence of their secret case officers, the SEGNPMSS. 

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,






Recovering from the flu

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

How are you? Considering how much I am under attack, it doesn’t need much to figure that you are too. I worry about you, and I am sorry for all you are going through, Marty.

I rarely ever are getting the cold or the flu but I got one since last Thursday. I hope the worst is behind me. It is no fun.

Yesterday, that kid came to my door and said: Barbara, I want to play with you.
I (croaking) through the fly door: Sorry, I can’t, I got the flu.
He: Okay, we can play that you are sick animal.
I: (sick but amused): I can’t play with you because I could pass the flu to you and then you will be sick.
He: I can stay 4 foot away from you when we are playing, so I don’t get sick.
I (sick but amused): That is not far enough. You can catch it nevertheless.
He: I have medicine drops, at home. I bring you my medicine, and you take it and then we can play.
I (sick but I found the idea hilarious): Thanks, but medicine doesn’t work that fast. Keep your medicine, give me a week, then I play with you again.

I had to close the door in his face because he didn’t want to leave.

Today, he came back with two friends “to check on me”. These kids are as amusing as they can be a pain in the neck.

My sore throat kept me awake tonight, Marty. I sure hope the next one is better. I feel already better without having taken chemical pills but each time when I was at the point to fall asleep (yes, suspicious to say the least), my throat acted up and coughing prevented that I could get back sleep.

I couldn’t get office work done today. Outside, I have a lot to do too. I have to redo my front porch as the Portuguese handyman that I had a decade ago use the wrong lumber. And I get my electric trike fixed, and lots of other things around and in the house.

I tried to convert my mechanical trike into one with pedal assist but the products are incompatible so I have to mail them back.

It is always something that needs to be done. And soon these items are fixed, some others are to be done. It never ends.

I miss you, Marty. I wish I could be with you (after being flu-free.)

I love you.

Yours forever,