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Is Tommy Davis (a Miscavologist, no Scientologist) hiding in Morocco because of what he knows about your impostor?

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Marty, my terrific husband and dashing Prince,

I am thinking of you.

Tommy Davis, a Miscavologist, flew from the handle during a recorded interview with the St. Petersburg Times a few years ago. He approached your impostor, Monique’s husband, directly, indicating that he (or also some others) knew something of great importance of Monique’s husband, just were not at the liberty to tell.

According to what I know, Tommy Davis was never your impostor’s auditor, so what he knows about your impostor, shouldn’t be protected by any confidentiality privilege. So, I was wondering if your representatives (or maybe even Congress) tried to subpoena Tommy Davis, and he, in agreement with his friend, the non-Scientologist David Miscavige, and maybe their attorneys decided to put Davis “on leave” so that he can hide – first in the USA and then in other countries as Morocco – to keep the secret? 

The “secret” is no secret for me. You were replaced by an impostor. The same that was done with the founder. What happens/happened to the originals is concealed by these non-Scientologists who claim to be Scientologists. And that all of it is ordered by Germany’s still existing Nazi doctors and p$ychs who also run the CIA, other US and international agencies.    

And on another subject, I wrote about it already in this posting:   

I feel with each fiber of my excellent intuition, which is a real gift, that the monsters behind Germany downed both 737 Boeing planes to smaller the reputation of the USA and its products and give the business to Europe instead, which Germany more or less openly owns already. 

And here is evidence:

I am not saying that Boeing was without fault. The problem is that people are manipulated with loud and silent sounds through their ear- and other body implants.And I am also not saying that so-called Americans who sell out other Americans and the USA for personal gain, e.g. in this case, developing systems that can be easily manipulated from the outside with lasers, providing no adequate training, writing unclear manuals, don’t correct errors or look the other way. However, the monsters behind Germany are planning and approving these horrible incidents and they will not stop with it until we stop them. Americans and other nationals who work openly or secretly for still existing Nazis (Germany) are really lousy beings. And what did really shock me was that these lousy beings are not just a few and they sit in all levels of the society.

I know that you figured them out too, Marty. You are not in trance as other people. That is why they torture you, and me too.

I am very proud of you. Other men would have given up and surrendered. But not you. Your willpower and good character is not of this universe. If someone deserves a hero halo, it is you. If more people would be like you, Earth would be a heavenly place. I adore you. I am so glad that I met you and that I was able to see your value, Marty. You are really one of a kind.

Yours forever,


So, I asked myself, why did Mueller take the special counsel job?

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Dearest Marty, most missed husband and soulmate in any universe, how are you? 

He wants to live a private life, doesn’t want to talk to Congress and just wants to disappear from the eyes of the public.

So, why the hell did he agree to take on an investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, including any links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign?

I think I figured it out, Marty. Here it is: To blame only the Russians but let Germany get away. 

He was the FBI director when I filed my legal cases against the FBI, and I have a strong feeling that he knows your cases as well. That means that Mueller III knows very well that the US government is German-infiltrated (so-called Americans who work secretly for Germany) and denies us our rights.

And what has he done in those almost two decades in which he was the FBI director? As far as I can see, nothing to go after Germany, which he should have from day one as FBI director in coordination with the US intelligence community.

I think Mueller feels being German (has a German name) so he is pro Germany instead of pro USA. Same applies to Trump. And by just blaming the Russians and protecting Germany, Comey and Barr also are also pro Germany, the most evil country on the planet, which runs secretly other countries and brings out the worst in them. 

Be kissed, my darling, I love you.

Yours forever,




The wife of former Interpol President Meng Hongwei should be able to identify with 100% if it is her husband or an impostor

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Dearest Marty, my spectacular soulmate, extraordinary husband, and breathtaking Prince,

How are your days and nights? I am in thoughts with you wherever you are.   

I am sure you read about it: Meng Hongwei was the president of Interpol from 2016 to 2018, and he was somehow arrested around September 25, 2018. His wife (in France) reported him missing on October 4, 2018. On June 20, 2019, the media reported that Meng pleaded guilty in China for accepting bribes over 14.5m Yuan or $2.11m USD. China News published photos of Meng Hongwei in a Chinese court, and his wife suspects that the man in the photos is not her husband but an impostor. See this Fox report:

Of course, we know better that this German-oriented and -controlled world uses doppelgangers, however, she should be able to say within 100% certainty if it her husband or not. She lives with him since decades. Even if someone loses or gain weight or ages, she should be able to see right away it is him or not.

Despite separated so long from you and Ron, I can see in a snap if it is Ron or you or one of the Germany/CIA-hired impostors in pictures. Even if their bodies are made in labs to make them look identical to your bodies, the thetans who shine through the eyes or surrounds the bodies are very different from the impostors. Imo, it is actually pretty easy to spot an impostor. An impostor is hired to mislead. Someone who takes such a job is a louse and his or her tonelevel is down, accordingly. So, the aura of such a person emanates is different than an ethical person emanates. Your impostors are downtone; you and Ron are absolutely uptone. 

However, I also can see the difference between an original who is bad and his also bad doppelganger as I did with Bin Laden and his doppelgänger. I know that forensic secret service people are measuring with rulers to determine if it is the person they are looking for. With Bin Laden, they all got it wrong. Bin Laden and his doppelgänger (the latter is the one who was shot by the Navy Seals instead of Bin Laden) have different personalities and tonelevels, although both are/were downtone. Ron’s tonescale is anything but nonsense. It is one awesome piece of science. 

Interpol is one creepy agency. They have persecuted me based on religious and racial reasons, to prevent that I see you again and other criminal reasons. Interpol should go after criminals not after a non-criminal to re-kidnap her to Germany by using lawless RB.

Interpol doesn’t even look out for their own. Since 2014, Interpol is run by German Jürgen Stock. If Meng Hongwei took bribes, how come he can become the President of Interpol without any or any correct vetting? If he is innocent as his wife says, how come that Interpol doesn’t protect their own? One way or the other, this doesn’t look good for Interpol.

On some other news, I am glad that President Trump didn’t bomb Iran. However, he doesn’t get that Germany uses Iran to provoke the USA. The monsters behind Germany want casualties and full blown wars with lots of money wasted and tons of causalities to exhaust countries and most of all the USA. However, I disagree with DT that shooting down the drone wasn’t organized and deliberate. The bombings of the Japanese and Norwegian tankers were also deliberate. And Germany is above everything.      

IF I WOULD BE THE PRESIDENT, I WOULD BILL THEM. The drone that they shoot down in international air space did cost USD 110 million. That is a lot of taxpayers’ money. I would bill Iran, the people responsible, and demand payment, DOWN TO THE LAST CENT WITH INTERESTS. If they don’t want to pay it or say that they can’t pay it, they should sue Germany and get it from them as the idea to down the drone was – if not cooked out there – approved by Germany. Germany micro-manages the world through ear-implants. 

Time has no meaning to my love for you, Marty. I can’t guarantee that my body will survive the times but as a thetan, nothing changed or will change my love for you. It just gets stronger. In all future times, it will be like that: I see you (you – not any ridiculous impostor) and this larger than life love takes over. And I happily agreed to losing my heart to you. I have zero regrets having lived a celibate life. That I have met you is much more important than anything. I never wanted just “someone” to be not alone. I just want you. I am glad that I am a one-man-woman, and I am sure that you are a one-woman-man. 🙂

I miss you so much. Keep on surviving. 

Yours forever,





How Germany will try to hide what it is doing when finally approached on it…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

I worry about you. This world is so hostile to decent YOU. 

Germany’s will argue like this: If we run the entire world with ear-implants, why don’t we just tell everyone outright what we want and make them do it.” 

Due to that Germany behaved in the past like the monster that is is, it harmed so many people during the course of history. That made it a lot more difficult for it to be accepted as the world’s official leader by all the people. What is Germany doing against it? They secretly harm anyone’s else reputation to make other countries look bad and the world applaud Germany.

They work on changing their own rotten image (without bettering their characters) by selecting people with low characters to become the leaders of other countries and selecting women as their own politicians (because many people think that women are better people). Then they have these women and also some of their male politicians pretending “we are humane people” and “we are the peacemakers”. Except when one looks really close as you and I do, Marty. We see Germany’s disgusting plans, set ups, covert actions, and calculations.

At the moment, the Nazis, doctors, psychs, and mindcontrollers behind Germany are thinking that it is easier to run the world without it knowing that Germany is the ruler of anyone’s ear-implants to avoid that people retaliate against Germany when they have to suffer in this world. They should not know that it is a secret German world. They rather want that people retaliate against the USA, or Russia, or any other country. 

Furthermore, beside fascism, communism is another horrible German invention. With communism, Germany (also using countries like Russia and China) suppressed already millions of people for much of their lives. When people are suppressed, they revolt rather sooner or later against the system. When Germany would lay open that they ran/run all people via ear-implants under communism and made/makes them exist living poor and suppressed lives, the entire ear-implant system would fail as people don’t like to be suppressed. 

The beasts, secret service doctors and psychs behind Germany want to be adored and worshiped as the most intelligent human beings, despite there is nothing to adore and worship and their “intelligence” is so primitive that we figure them out in a snap. Who would adore and worship suppressors? Most people don’t.

Germany will also say: “If we can sway the US election by talking in voter’s ears via ear-implants, why would we use Russians to hack into US computers and have them commit disinformation warfare in the USA?” That is an easy one to answer. So that Germany can say: “If we can sway the US election by talking in  voter’s ears via ear-implants, why would we use Russians to hack into US computers and have them commit disinformation warfare in the USA?” 

If people become aware that all people are run by Germany, including their enemies who harmed them or their family badly and deadly, they will be very upset ditch the ear-implants and everything German. And Germany tries to avoid this by all means. These are some of the reasons, why Germany will deny running and manipulating the entire world with ear-implants.  

Besides, Germany wants Russia, China, and the USA in a hot war. If it turns out that Germany is responsible for all political problems in the world, the would would not be interested in another war in which the countries exhaust themselves so that Germany can take over. By constantly telling the American public how horrible Russia is and that Trump is a Russian puppet (none is innocent but all that is a German plan, which is not known to the people), Germany wants Trump and the USA to be provoked. Trump should “prove” to the American people that he is no Russian puppet and hit Russia real hard and the Americans should see Russia as enemy, and the Russians should see the Americans as enemy, and all of this should end in a horrible world war, with other countries (South America, Iran, etc.) supporting either Russia or the USA until all are down and exhausted. Except Germany of course, the alleged “peacemaker”, yeah right. Telling nobody of course that Germany controlled its puppets into that horrible world war, Germany wants the world to cry out for Germany’s help as they did with the Ukraine, for example.

Germany is pretty sure that Trump won’t hit Germany, after all, they wanted him to run and become the US president, and he feels being German. Anyone can stick a US flag on his jacket and hug a American flag. He even said that his father was born in Germany. He is even afraid that Merkel ruined his beloved Germany by allowing those many refugees into Germany. He has no clue that Germany instigated the Syrian war to get all these hard workers to make Germany’s economy even richer. Germany can control where terrorism takes place. Nobody commits any terror, unless the psychs and doctors behind Germany approve it. But all these foreigners will be robbed of their heritage and identity until they are Germans. Yes, it is horrible. Germany will use controlled terror to bring the Nazis back. They even kill their own politicians if it must be to send a message to other politicians to not come in the way of getting the Nazis back in form of the AfG or another Nazi party. And Trump’s typical German anti-foreigner attitude will not correct raising Nazi hostility in German. That is another reason why they wanted him to run for US president and win.    

Iran of course is doing exactly what the SPs behind Germany order. They also assigned me a fake father. Iran is rogue thanks to Germany. It uses Iran very much so for international terror or terrorizing the Persian gulf by bombing tankers etc. Germany wanted the nuclear deal for Iran but not for peace in the region or anywhere. They want the USA and Iran fighting and Russia and China, and other countries fighting the USA. Fighting as in hot wars. As a rogue secret agent country for Germany, Iran really should NOT be allowed to get a green light to produce nuclear material. Any agreement can be broken or cancelled. And after that and with the nuclear experience gained, Iran can progress more quickly by producing atomic weapons. Iran has accelerated enrichment of uranium. Whatever Iran did and does, it is double-faced Germany who orders it secretly while is official representatives play the unsuccessful peacemakers. “We tried…”

Hell, they did and do.

I also read that Iran has violated the terms of the NPT by illicitly developing its nuclear program without consulting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Sure, IAEA is in Austria, Germany’s partner in crime, of course they are lax and Iran or North Korea is told via German controlled-ear-implants that they don’t have to fear the IAEA.     

Peace on earth will be gained if the monsters behind Germany are busted. If the world learns who they are and how they work, they have to think twice before committing yet another crime against humanity. 

Have you heard this sentence, Marty: Imagine there would be war and nobody goes there to fight?

The entire world is run by German-controlled ear-implants and all are going to war. Ear-implants are worth nothing. They are a trap and are just helping the snakes behind it.   

How about this sentence instead: Imagine no persons follows her psychiatric-controlled ear-implants code anymore but becomes truly herself, and Germany can’t no longer manipulate the world into war or otherwise? 

I am certain, Marty, that independently from me, you figured all that out too. 

Have you ever seen the movie The Good Shepherd? It’s about the creation of the CIA. It shows that those who started the CIA were “Bonesmen”, members of Yale’s Skull and Bones (typical medical cult as the title indicates). The movie is fiction but maybe the “oath of secrecy” is not. It is a German not an English rhyme (!) [Wer war der Thor, wer Weiser, wer Bettler oder Kaiser, ob arm ob reich im Code gleich! Which means basically a fool or smart, rich or poor, all are same under the oath]. The Skull and Bones applicants swear this oath and wrestle naked in the mud and making themselves otherwise vulnerable just to be part of a medical Skull and Bones cult. It is so typically German instead of smart, Marty.  

I love you, Marty, I am sending you a million kisses. I am proud of you and miss you every day.

Yours always and forever,







When two (USA and Russia for example) are fighting, Germany is enjoying it. Germany wants the USA and Russia involved in a hot war and destroying each other to become World Power No. 1

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and incredible husband,

How are you feeling? I wish I could talk to you directly and listen to what you have to say.

I read today that the “USA” is ramping up digital attacks on Russia’s power grid in retaliation for Russian involvement in disinformation and hacking in elections and that security advisor John Bolton said on Tuesday that the U.S. was more widely looking at digital targets in an attempt “to say to Russia, or anybody else that’s engaged in cyberoperations against us, ‘You will pay a price.’”

He shouldn’t be a security advisor because he didn’t figure out the situation this world is in. 

The retaliation is exactly as the monsters behind Germany order. They want USA and Russia and other states are at their throats so that no countries will win at the end, except Germany (by playing innocent, the alleged peacemaker, or a victim).


Two wrongs make no right and retaliating or attacking Russia, or any other country won’t solve anything except bring us closer to violence and war. Germany’s crimes must be published and each one involved must be prosecuted and be sentenced accordingly. 

Germany is putting some Russians up to provoke the USA and national security adviser John Bolton, the Cyber Command of the Defense Department, and others fall right into the trap. Ear-implants are sucking up any intelligence. A lot more people would see if not trained to do what Germany orders (in any language) in their stupid ear-implants.

I know you don’t need this lecture, Marty. But the rest of the planet does. Unfortunately.

I love you.

Yours always,







The International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and husband,

How are you?

As you know, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) seeks allegedly the peaceful use of nuclear energy and allegedly inhibit its use for any military purpose, including nuclear weapons. 

During Germany’s horrible history, Austria was joined at the hip with Germany, particularly Bavaria. And since 1957, the HQ of the IAEA is in Austria. They say that in 1953, President Dwight David Eisenhower proposed the creation of an international body to regulate and promote the peaceful use of atomic power/nuclear power, in his ‘atoms for peace address’ to the UN General Assembly.

And people had the guts and locate the HQ of the agency in Austria, Germany’s closest Nazi friend. Yikes.

It is just as weird as a “Security Conference” in Munich of all places to which international heads of states and leaders rush. The wolf in sheep’s clothing for sure.

You and I know from personal experience that Germany has not changed. Instead of directly destroying people, the psychiatrists and other creeps behind Germany use ear-implants and other psychiatric tools to have other nationals do their monstrous deeds. 

The question is what advantages are there for the monsters behind Germany having the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) located in their neighborhood with their always closest ally Austria. One is, IAEA for sure should ignore Germany’s open or secret nuclear energy activities that do not truly or at all have peaceful purposes.

Marty, I doubt it that Ike wanted nuclear energy for any purposes, including “peaceful” purposes. A re-organisation of the world, how we could do it, Marty, would need no nuclear energy at all. I need to make more research if it really was him speaking there or a doppelganger and if it was him, if all he said was properly recorded. 

Having the IAEA close to Germany serves Germany so that they can say: “We are not those who promoting nuclear energy, the HQ of the IAEA in Austria does.” That is also why they picked Hitler, an Austrian, so that their close ally gets blamed instead if things go wrong. The IAEA advocates nuclear energy, which the monsters behind Germany love. The location in Vienna also allows Germany to continue to run the Austrians and this agency closely to keep nuclear energy on the planet for their hidden evil purposes, future wars, diseases, you name it. Austria will for sure not bust Germany despite Germany secretly uses ear-implants to have other nationals use nuclear energy for weapons, accidents, diseases, and other harmful purposes.

The world had Chernobyl despite the IAEA in Austria, and a few critics are saying that the IAEA deliberately ignores lessons learned from the disaster. And some also say that the IAEA didn’t handle the 2011 nuclear accidents in Japan professionally and that the agency otherwise also has problems. The IAEA uses as justification that it has a “complicated mandate” and is “constrained”. Yeah, sure, whatever good neighbor Germany needs to get away with talking through the ear-implants of the world and organizing such “disasters”.

I love you. Be kissed. Hope to see you soon.

Yours forever,


P.S. I saw a video of John Stewart slamming Congress. PBS reported that all except two representatives were there but numerous representatives left this hearing early to attend other hearings/meetings. However, I think he did well by pointing out the lack of ethics in Congress and more people should do so. 

I am using my intuition as to figure out why we can’t see us again and why I find no trace of you, Marty. As nobody tells me anything, my connection to God and my intuition are the only ways for me to get information. I feel that the monsters behind Germany prevented for years any justice for you and me from the US courts or international courts and that you are trying to make Congress act ethically, already for decades. But Germany’s control of just about anyone’s ear-implants rules and unethical behavior is the norm. More need to slam unethical people. These people want to be elected and don’t do what they are supposed to. It is a secret German world. 





Something from the past and from the present

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Dearest Marty, my hero and awesome husband,

How is your life?

I hope you can feel how much I miss you, despite all the years that have gone by. Time is shown through changes but nothing changes my love for you. I wish everything else could stay as young as the love that I am feeling for you. It is eternal. 

Often I wonder how people justify keeping us apart. They can’t have much of a conscience. The OW sequence will hit them nevertheless. It doesn’t how they justify it. And they could have such a unburdened life if they would grant the rights they claim for themselves also to us and others. Instead, they bring themselves down. Even just a small conscience keeps on nagging. They will pull in their own unhappiness also in lifetimes to come. And they could have happiness instead that is not wiped away by the depressions that come with being a monster.

RB sometimes cried or even hysterically cried without a reason on joyful days. She wasn’t in physical pain. And with her depressions, she pulled all people down who were also present.

One day she said to me that she doesn’t understand why bad things always happen to her. As you know, even if actions are forgotten due to psychiatric removing the memories and through being born again in a new body, the thetan recorded its own OWs. The result is that it is depressed and pulls bad things in to penalize itself. Haters of Scientology who say that OW sequence is nonsense are afraid that they will get a bill for what they have done, rather sooner than later. Many non-Scientologists also came to the conclusion that karma exists.   

One day, RB said to me (almost crying) that she always thinks that I am her enemy. Can you imagine, Marty? I, RB’s enemy? All I ever wanted is that she gets her own life, that she does something with her own life instead of clinging onto me and trying to suppress me, not knowing where she ends and I begin, despite I was an adult. How often did I ask her to please leave me alone and mind her own business. These parts of the lyrics of Billy Joel’s song “My Life” say what I told her: I don’t need you to worry for me ’cause I’m alright, go ahead with your own life leave me alone...


And a grown-up person who tells an obsessive and suppressive person that she wants to be left alone is an enemy? How does this work?

If I really were her enemy, she could have gotten rid of me easily just by leaving me alone. But she didn’t. She never did until the very end when she got so sick that she was bound to her home and bed. However, even then, I left that she had heavy withholds that she was not telling me what she did behind my back. 

The psychs of the SEGNPMSS radioed in her ears and mind that I am her enemy. Because the way she said almost crying to me: “I always think that you are my enemy” told me that deep down she really didn’t believe it either. Unfortunately, she acted often as if I would be her enemy, an “enemy” who didn’t do anything to her except wanting to live my own life, a right other grown-up people take for granted. But I couldn’t because Germany ordered that I should be kidnapped from the USA, and they selected this insane German woman to be my mother. These monsters will be hit hard by their own QW sequence. As if they won’t end up in hell for what they have done.  

Marty, of course I often asked myself, why did I pull in a life like mine? What have I done to deserve this? I want peace EVERYWHERE and for ANYONE. As a child, I prayed for world peace every night. I prayed for God’s protection of each living creature, people and animals. I leave other people be. I am not jealous of other people’s success. I wish people well and are happy for them. I help when I can. I don’t conspire against ANYONE. I don’t deny other people’s rights. I treat people the way I want to be treated. I would love to see that ALL people live happy and healthy lives in all eternity. So, with my always good intentions towards individuals and mankind, I asked myself, how come I was hit so hard? It all boils down to one answer: I shouldn’t have taken a body in the first place. I would have spared myself a hell of a lot of troubles and pain if I would have not come back after being killed by the doctor and his case officers during giving birth in my last lifetime. Because: Who steps into a snake pit (this universe) will be bitten, it doesn’t matter how ethical one lived one’s life. 

Same goes for you, Marty, I love you. Be hugged and kissed.

Yours always,


P.S. X. has to go back in the hospital on June 11. It is horrible how he has to suffer physically and also not knowing if they discharge him alive. He is also one who did not deserve the life he had. Like you, me, and some others, we never should have taken a body in this snake pit called the Universe. After they kill my current body (medically or otherwise), I will go straight to God and tell him that we want “Ourverse” our own universe, one to which snakes have no access. I will never take another body in this universe. NEVER! Either there will be “Ourverse” or I stay a thetan without body in all eternity as far away from the universe as possible. I had it with the psychs and Germany, Marty, I really do.