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Hypocrite Trump

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Once again, Marty, my hero,

Hypocrite Trump wants ASAP Rocky freed but not you, the completely innocent. For one with a typical German mindset as Trump and the likes, you are chopped liver. Where is his tweet and his intervention against your wrongful incarceration with the German government that framed you and used Spain the USA to lock you up and steal your human rights of freedom and more?  






How can they live with themselves?  

I love you, Marty.

Yours always,




Mueller is a piece of incoherent German-oriented work

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent husband and Prince,

Mueller’s arrogance is very German too. He doesn’t want to be questioned by Congress and said his testimony will be limited. Why did he even take the job of the Special Counsel if he wants to be left alone and not questioned? Because, apparently to protect Germany by busting only Russia.

Congress is supposed to represent the people. IMO, Mueller and others have to stay as long or come back until no questions are anymore left. I find this time-limitation of 5 minutes ridiculous. How can one find the truth and nothing but if they all have to race through the process?

Anyway, he stated clearly that conspiracy is a crime. And that is what the FBI, the HQ and all the FBI field offices did to us. 

Every defendant is innocent until proven guilty, hypocrite Mueller said. What about you and your wrongful incarceration, Marty? I never got the chance to testify that you are innocent and were framed by Germany and Spain. Trump with that much evidence that he committed crimes is innocent but you, the framed one has to suffer behind bars! How can Mueller and the likes live with themselves? 

Russian interference among ‘most serious’ challenges to American democracy but German isn’t according to Mueller, isn’t it? Because the guy is German-oriented and -controlled. Germany is using Russia to interfere in US elections and otherwise to take the fall for Germany when in fact German secret service psychiatrists talk directly with loud and silent sounds into the ears and minds of the voters to determine political races, etc. Their dirty inventions of ear-implants rule. That is why the polls were so wrong compared to the “outcome” of the 2016 election. And they have no intention to change this unless they are busted.

Have a look here. This reporter wrote:

Mueller’s Testimony Was Just as Confusing as His Report
The special counsel couldn’t defend to Democrats or Republicans why he didn’t charge Trump with obstruction of justice, but didn’t clear him either.

And here is another video with some highlights of the hearing.

According to my perception, Mueller did what his secret case officer ordered him to cover up and that is why Mueller doesn’t make much sense and doesn’t take a clear stand. The order was to let Trump off the hook and blame Russians alone and not Germany on criminal interference and infiltration. (Because the monsters behind Germany wants USA and Russia to defeat each others in a war so that Germany can take over the world, and despite that Germany is officially not a friend of Trump, secretly, they love his typical German racial attitude as it will not stop the monsters behind Germany making Germany and Europe even more Nazis as they are already are.)

Mueller said he didn’t subpoena Trump because he would have appealed it. Gee, what an “investigation” was that by not even trying?  

I would love to talk to you, Marty, but I can feel that you have very similar thoughts. After all, we are connected by being soulmates.

I love you.

Yours forever,


Never lose the light in your eyes, my darling, Marty!   









Iran arrested CIA agents? Any secret service obeys the monsters behind Germany. They are so obsessed that they MUST MUST MUST control anyone

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and prince,

How is your life?

Iran is used by the monsters behind Germany, the SEGNPMSS. Since ever and still. Nobody just works for the CIA. Even if it would be true that the 17 Iranians arrested were “CIA agents”, SEGNPMSS is the superior secret service, the master of all secret services and ear-implants.

SEGNPMSS wanted Trump to win by radioing in the ear-implants of undecided voters briefly before voting and that explains also why the polls had it all so wrong. They like Trump’s typical German attitude towards races. They also want the USA to be involved in not just cold but also hot wars. Due to that the nuclear deal was cancelled, SEGNPMSS’s plan is to blame any possible war with Iran on the USA but not on Germany’s secret service doctors who plots behind the scenes the most horrible things against the USA, and actually, against Iran and all other countries too.   

Iran blames anyone (particularly the USA) but Germany. It is revolting. Why they feel so obliged towards Germany and doing their dirty work is beyond me. And what they are doing is not religious as you know, Marty. It is used to suppress Iranians and have them suppress others incl. women. Also, by creating extreme systems that are alleged religious, the monsters behind Germany are trying to get consent to get rid of religions altogether on the planet as they think that their bad consciences will vanish if there is nobody anymore who tells them that there is a God who will put justice on them.     

By looking at so many Iranians, I can tell with 100% certainty that the monsters behind Germany, the SEGNPMSS orders Iranian doctors and other medical personal to break their noses (they also do it to Jews and some others), either already in the womb or briefly after being born. Why? Because they are evil and they can. Nobody is stopping them. This is what they call fun. All obey to what their case officers is sending them through their ears. If I would be Iranian, Germany would be the last country for which I would do something.

I love you, Marty, my hero. Keep on surviving. Be kissed.

Yours always and forever,


P.S. Look at those shoes. I want some of those so that I don’t need steps to kiss you. 🙂




Deutsche Bank again

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Dearest Marty, heartthrob and hero,

I read in several news outlets that Deutsche Bank was the preferred bank of Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile and so-called billionaire.

For an alleged Jewish person, Jeffrey Epstein seems very German-oriented by making business with Deutsche Bank. There are also reports that he is a Mossad spy. If he really was a Mossad spy, Mossad is most definitely anti-Jewish as Epstein’s behavior and activities are harming the reputation of Judaism. The monsters behind Germany, the SEGNPMSS, is behind any secret service in the world.

The world really needs to understand how the typical German and particular Bavarian barbers and butchers, the later medical doctors, psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” tick. These medical terrorists must, must, must control ANYONE and EVERYTHING on the planet. Human, animal, even germs. I never read a book or saw a movie (people think that they read and saw it all) that shows how obsessed they are. Not even the Nazis of the Third Reich were remotely thoroughly investigated. All of what they committed via ear-implants is still hidden.   

So, a reporter named Ward mentioned that former Labor Secretary under Trump, Acosta, mentioned that “Epstein was intelligence”. So, an agent who makes secretly deals with Deutsche Bank is – now it gets really difficult to puzzle this together 😉 – a German agent.

Germany, just as their national hymn says, is above everything. Including the worst pigs because the monsters behind Germany are the worst pigs. They are recruiting the worst pigs and are turning people into pigs by using loud and silent sounds.

What a planet it is. Such pigs.

And on the other side is you, Marty, so decent and noble. I love you because you are you and because I have the ability to read personalities, and yours is not of this bad world. My love for you most certainly is not blind. After I recognized the depth of your personality and your value, I gave you my heart and would it do all over. Sophocles, the Greek playwriter said that love frees us of all the weight and pain of life. It is true, when I think of you, my life becomes more bearable and less painful. 

I never give up waiting for you. I wish to speed things up or to realize it I would know anything else but Here I am, contact me please. 

I love you, Marty, more than I ever will be able to express in words:

Yours forever,


I can’t help myself, I’ve got to see YOU again 


As I wrote so often: Germany above everything and very much so the EU – the monster behind Germany are using straw (wo)men as people are less suspicious of them

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Dearest Marty, my unforgettable Prince and husband, 

What is going on in your life?

I am most of the time busy with work. 

The reporter in the video that I link below says, nobody saw it coming that a German woman (Ursula von der Leyen) would become the European Commission President.

Nobody?? I see clearly what Germany is up to, and I bet you too, Marty.

I said over and over that the monsters behind Germany still want to run the world. Leyen was elected because the men behind Germany use ear-implants to make members vote for her. They control any election incl. the US elections. Using ear-implants are the other “backroom deals” that got her elected. They use women because the world is less suspicious of them. They think that women wouldn’t stuff others in gas chambers. However, what the world is missing is this: Once everything if officially firmly in German hands, when Germany has no real opposition anymore in form of other countries, they will bring back the Nazis BIG TIME. And they are already on it with various movements and parties. Women like Merkle and von der Leyen are just their tools to make other counties to give Germany more official power.

And the men behind Germany have member Sophie in ‘t Veld (Dutch) saying that Leyen should be a pit-bull as the EC president. It all fits, Marty. So when Leyen pushes German ideals, she can use as alibi: “It is not Germany that is ruthless. The other countries are demanding it!”   

Leyen wants a “united and strong Europe”. What she and the men behind her want is even more Germany above everything. At the end, they want Europe to be Germany and Germany alone. It is so creepy. They wants everyone obeying to Germany and nobody should get in between. 

Germany wants the other EU countries to pay for the refugees to safe Germany money but what she is not saying that Germany wants to take over the EU and the world and that other countries will have less and less to say until they are devoured by Germany, the sneakiest and most lawless country on the planet.

And UK will be made smaller and smaller with or without a deal. Germany controls everyone’s ears and head. It is easy for them to bring economies into the ruin. They did it with so many countries already. Greece is just one example. Greece once the center of the western world. I once saw a stupid guy posting a fast German car and a donkey pulling a cart under the header: Difference between Germany and Greece. That Greece is not more what it was are covert German activities. Heil ear implants. And Greece is not the only country they brought down to take. The list goes on and on. And the USA is on this list too. Could be the beacon of humanity, wisdom, and culture. And neither the today’s Republicans nor the Democrats or any other parties are lifting the USA up there. It is such a shame.      

And that brings me to Trump. Of course he is a racist. If his daughter wouldn’t had married a Jew, I bet the farm that Trump would be anti-Semitic. He acts and feels like a German. He supports the other movement that the SEGNPMSS has running in Germany and Europe: migrants destroy Germany. Which is of course not true. Fact is rather that the monsters behind Germany are behind the Syrian and other wars because they want the fugitives to work cheap and hard for Germany to make it bigger and mightier and if they don’t want to be harassed and maybe killed, they better give up their identities and religions as lots of Nazis are marching again and made their way into the German Bundestag, their parliament.         

Trump says to ethnic people who are born in the USA that they should leave the USA for the country they came from if they don’t like his politics. Only a person who feels non-American himself gets an idea like that. He said that his father would be from Germany and born there, despite his Vater was born in the USA and his Opa was the German immigrant. Trump is so German that he made his father even more German than he was. If people should go back to the countries of their ethnicity, shouldn’t that apply also to Trump? I assume Donald Trump had his past lives in Germany.

Be kissed Marty, tenderly and passionately. I hope to see you again against all odds.

I love you. And I dream of you. 






SEGNPMSS is using lasers on heartbeats to harass people

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband,

How are you? My thoughts are with you.

I recently read that the Pentagon has a laser that identifies people by their heartbeats.

The SEGNPMSS is not just using a similar tech to just read heartbeats to ID people, it uses lasers to cause pains, heart disease, and kill people with it. And their “technology” goes through walls.  

It is no science fiction. Have a look here:

“As MIT Technology Review reports, the Pentagon has developed a laser that can identify people — from a distance — by their heartbeat. The technology, known as Jetson, uses laser vibrometry to identify surface movement on the skin caused by a heartbeat, and it works from 200 meters away.”

SEGNPMSS uses lasers from much further away than 200 meters and that not just skin-deep.

Interesting is also that they use the word meters and not US measurement yards, isn’t it?

The reporter missed what still existing Nazi doctors do to the hearts of people with this and similar technology.  

I love you.

Yours forever,

I love you, Marty, so much

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                                             You are the love of my life. I would give anything to see you again. Anything. I belong to you.

A gazillion kisses and hugs from me to you.