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Tony Ortega and his followers are such fools…

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Yesterday, they (he and his case officers, “we”) published again a picture of Ron’s impostor and claimed that he is the founder of Scientology. And they always publish text that Germany’s secret service agents in coordination with the CIA altered to make Ron and Scientology look ridiculous. However, all money that Scientology makes, Germany steals by holding the Sea Org Reserves in Luxembourg, the EU with Germany on the helm of course.

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and hero,

I miss you. How are you?

In approx. one week my sis will be here and I still have lots to do and finish up work for that time, and a young visitor at my door who bargains just about every day real hard to get playtime out of me.

Last time, when I raced through town, I found a turtle on a street. I saved it and now my young visitor wants to keep him AT MY PLACE. Especially as the six kitten around here all disappeared suddenly. I have him on the deck in a plastic tote with water now. I rather would have the kittens back. In the meantime I found out that it is not a regular turtle but a snapping turtle. They can get very aggressive and even tear once arm off when older. And my young visitor wants to keep the snapping turtle names Spikes and just fed with life worms.

He hasn’t snapped at us yet.

I: “How about me just throwing it a piece of frozen fish?”
He: “Nope, under no circumstances. He needs alive worms. Get your own snapping turtle if you want to feed it fish.”

I have no idea what I should do with that snapping turtle in winter. I sure don’t want him inside the house. I could hand it over to animal control but that would crush my young visitor.

Be kissed, Marty, despite pretty busy, I am thinking of you so very often and would give anything to hear from you.

I love you,

Yikes. They behave like crocs.

More German-ordered controlled dirt

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Dearest Marty, my endless love,

Your pro-Miscavology impostor, Monique’s husband, protested on his blog on August 22, 2019 against Sergio Gil. According to your impostor, Gil made false accusations about him and that he wouldn’t even know Gil.

No need to go in the details as I am sure you know where to find the blog of your impostor.

What I am saying is: as Germany has Monique’s husband impersonating you, the p$ychs behind Germany are trying to throw more dirt at you trying to make the world believe that there was just one Mark or Marty Rathbun in Scientology. The same they did with Ron, the founder. They keep it under wraps that Germany together with their poodle CIA run/ran impostors to impersonate Ron, the founder of Scientology, and change his writings, activities, and legacy and our religion Scientology, and that they also run your impostor to impersonate you and ruin your work and legacy. 

I despise them, Marty. Although, the psychs behind Germany hoped mostly that I of all people would fall for their impostors – but despite they stalk me all my life, they don’t really know me and neither do they know you, Marty. They are arrogant know-it-all lunatics without feeling the necessity to learn. 

And there is another thing, p$ych dupe Tony Ortega, in his tortured syntax, blogged yesterday (and likely already earlier) on the Underground Bunker (go figure!) favorable of Sergio Gil’s statements. Yet, he also stressed that before Monique’s husband joined DM and Miscavology again, he told Ortega that he wouldn’t know Gil. So, what do we have here? Ortega makes it look as if Gil’s claims AND also the claim of your impostor are true. If the claims of those two creeps are true, I am getting the idea who Ortega really tries to frame here: YOU!

Although in typical German-controlled manner, Ortega hushes up any truth about the doppelgangers sent by secret services into Scientology to alter and destroy it and the decent originals. 

I never read the books of your impostor, Marty. I assume that they are riddled with false data, claiming that he is you and that you committed crimes to which he “confessed”, except that you didn’t commit them. this is a typical German Nazi strategy and similar to “the affirmations” that the real founder Ron most certainly did not write. 

On another subject, did you read that Bin Laden’s son Hamza is confirmed to be dead? Yeah right. Not even the real Bin Laden was killed – just one of his doppelgangers.

I love you, Marty. Be hugged and kissed.

Abracadabra, I want to reach out and grab you. 🙂

Yours forever,


A Department of Peace is actually a good idea – however, if the war-hungry monsters behind Germany aren’t busted, it won’t accomplish much

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

I worry about you. I hope you don’t suffer. 

You are my hero, and I am very proud of you. I couldn’t think more highly of you than I do. I am so very glad that I met and chose you.  

Physical distance didn’t make me forget you at all. It is as if it would be yesterday when I saw you last time. Time and separation really has no influence on my love for you.

To my headline:

There is one US presidential candidate who considers a new department, the Department of Peace. I think it is actually a good idea – however, if the war-hungry monsters behind Germany aren’t busted, it will just waste taxpayers money, and the monsters behind Germany will still plot how to start wars and involve the USA in them. 

Did you read this about the California high school students giving Nazi salute, playing Nazi tune, singing, etc? And Newport Beach students forming a swastika with cups full of booze?–abc-news-topstories.html

Germany above everything – the Nazis behind Germany, running people, including Americans via ear implants, have not died out and still try to take over the world. And complete idiots of all kinds of nationalities are apparently helping them.  

And then, I also read that Donald Trump tried to buy Greenland and that Denmark replied that it would be “absurd”. Actually, for a country that invited Trump, the Danish Prime Minister acted quite rude. In this case, I have to say that Trump was right, when he said that she could have used other words to turn down his offer, and I understand why he declined the visit. She said she was surprised by this. She can’t be the brightest crayon either by not seeing this coming as a response to her rude remark. 

Besides, all of Denmark and naturally Greenland too belongs secretly to Germany. From own experience, I know that Denmark does everything that Germany orders, including unlawful extraditions of non-criminal people like me to Germany. 

On the other side, in regards to the mass shootings in the USA, Trump does exactly as the psychs behind all of the shootings and the terrror order. He calls for more psych hospitals to fight gun violence. P$ychs are conditioning people to become murderers and mass murderers and terrorists, yet, Trump wants to award them with more authority and taxpayers’ money. Psychs can take about any hateful person and turn him or her into a murderer, mass murderer, and terrorist by manipulating the consciousness of this hateful person and control her deadly actions in all details by running her through ear-implants. Despite the manipulated/disabled conscious mind, they still follow their ear-implant codes and do as their case officers order. 

Yes, one has to ask the question, why do private people need guns with which they can kill lots of people in just a few second? What do I see behind the NRA? Germany and psychs. 

If Americans would build protected villages with a roof over it, they could not just protect themselves from aging and diseases but also against radioactive clouds and bullets. I wouldn’t allow a gun in mine. The entry must be supervised by at least two security guards, and cameras should be installed there and elsewhere in the village so that others in the village can see when the security guards behave suddenly uncool or when they should rush to the entrance to help them. No shootings will ever happen in our places, the ideal villages (which are not DM’s wogish (excuse the word but I can’t help myself with this guy) ideal orgs).

And there is news that the wreck of the Titanic is being eaten by bacteria and may soon vanish. Just what the monsters behind Germany order. I am convinced that it was German jealousy that brought the Titanic down. By letting the Titanic fall to pieces, nobody should get the evidence that Germany shot up at least one if not more torpedoes into the vessel.

Survivors reported to Congress that they heard four “reports,” or explosions in the bowels of the Titanic AFTER (!) it had scraped the iceberg. 

But as typical, the monsters behind Germany rule the world and Congress doesn’t act against Germany as it should.

There is this interesting National Geograpic TV series “Drowning the Oceans”, yet, they didn’t do it with the Titanic. Go figure!

I love you deeply and entirely, Marty. I miss you so much. My deep affection for you won’t die ever. 

Yours forever,


P.S. My sis. will visit me from Sep. 6 to Oct. 1. We will travel some of these days. I won’t write much during these days. When someone from my family is here, they want all of my time as they see me rarely. 


People who are parts of conspiracies want the world to think that people who talk “conspiracies” are kooks

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

They say that Love is blind. Haha, if I would be blind, I wouldn’t have chosen you as my soulmate.   

To my headline: People who are parts of conspiracies want the world to think that people who talk “conspiracies” are kooks. In other words, the world should not think and speak of conspiracies so that the people who conspire are getting away with their conspiracies. This is also “backed-up” by SEGNPMSS agents who claim to be conspiracy theorists and who deliberately talk nonsense to assist the people who are parts of conspiracies as they want the world to think that people who talk “conspiracies” are kooks. It is all very obvious. 

In regards to the news about Epstein dying in prison, there were many people writing or saying that they are no conspiracy theorists, as if it would be a dirty word. I can clearly see the SEGNPMSS campaign behind it that made it to be such an undesirable term.  

In a natural world (and the world in which we are living is remote-controlled and not natural), people who think deeper than others wouldn’t be the kooks or “mentally ill”. They would be the people who are using their heads. But in this twisted world, people who don’t use their heads (their is no conspiracy, he/she, they acted alone) are the alleged smart ones.

Speaking about “mental illness”. Donald Trump does exactly what the p$ychs order. In view of the latest deadly assaults with guns, he wants more psychiatry. It is so easy for psychs to get more power. They condition persons into Manchurian candidates and with their ear-implants and codes, they micro-manage the deadly attacks. And people who don’t think and don’t pull strings never will solve the problem. The monsters behind the shooters or terrorists are getting away and, in addition, are awarded with more power and authority.

I know that you, Marty, are very aware that this is the rotten world we have to live in.

And another thing happened. Recent news are suggesting that Germany’s economy shrunk this and the former quarter. There is a dirty plan behind it as the psychs behind Germany are the masters of all ear-implants on the planet and beyond. By having their car manufacturers violating the Clean Air Act for greedy purposes, they brought on some shrinking. But as Merkel said, they will get away with it (“it won’t define us”). For a country that started war after war, they always fall back on their feet and can commit the next horrible thing thanks to their psychiatric holy cow, the ear implants.   

The little bit of alleged sinking it also in an alibi. “No, we don’t control all ear-implants on the planet. If we would, our economy would not shrink.” Yadi yadi yada. That is why their economy is shrinking at the moment, so that they have this alibi. They can change it in a heartbeat if they feel like it by whispering in the ears of people which decisions to make. 

And additionally, an economy that doesn’t that great helps them to bring the Nazis back. Notorious intolerant people will blame “foreigners”, and Germans will vote more and more Nazis into the Bundestag. That is what the SEGNPMSS wants. Being on top of the EU and taking over more and more countries by using their blindness as to that the MONSTERS behind Germany HAVE NOT CHANGED since the Third Reich or long before.

I love you, Marty. I don’t even have to be in the same room with you to know that psych behind Germany can’t fool you either.   

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, my love. Let’s hope for a better world despite of everything.  

Yours always and forever,


This is what I think has happened…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome hero and wonderful Prince,

Most of the world agrees that Epstein committed suicide. I don’t think so. I think he, the (perverted) moor” did his (perverted duty), the moor applies also in this case, just as it did with Castro, another pedophile. Before they could spill the beans that that are SEGNPMSS agents, they are dead, allegedly killing themselves in their cells.    

News outlets reported that Epstein saw a psych every day in that NYC jail. The psych who decided to took him off suicide watch looks pretty stupid, I’d say.  

However, he might be even right having concluded that Epstein wasn’t suicidal. But in any case, the psych failed to see the murder setup that I can see.    

It sure couldn’t be fun to be Epstein in the last weeks, however, I think he just staged the first “suicide attempt”. Not for more attention as I think he got a lot more (negative) than he wanted but for better housing conditions or even for being allowed to go home with an ankle bracelet. He probably wanted his attorneys to argue that jail is not the right place for a “tender soul as Epstein”. 

Epstein himself should have concluded that his own case officers will want to get rid of him as they do not want to be found having run pig Epstein. So he fell for the plan, staged a fake “suicide attempt” by just roughing himself up a bit and playing semi-conscious. 

The reason why I think he got his own cell is that others working for the SEGNPMSS can barge in, subdue him with a narcotic and hang him. The coroner likely did not check him from residue on narcotics or maybe they have a narcotic that evaporates or the coroner doesn’t want to look there, whatever.  The autopsy is completed but not yet released. Sure, they all must get their story straight. In any case, the (perverted) moor did his (perverted) duty, the moor can go, and behind these perverted activities are the monsters behind Germany who run the USA secretly and the rest of the world. Heil ear-implants.

I read that he shared his cell with an ex-cop, a serial killer, charged in 2016 with the deaths of four men and an alleged cocaine drug conspiracy. What a horrible planet it is.  Anyway, the ex-cop said they were getting alone fine and he saved Epstein. Guess they want this testimony that Epstein did this all to himself and nobody else entered to get rid of Epstein. Or SEGNPMSS was hoping that the ex-cop serial killer kills Epstein, their own perverted agent, for them. 

This ex-MCC inmate says that one can’t hang oneself in the MCC.

I also worry that something horrible could happen to you in prison, Marty. I bet the SEGNPMSS has also a plan to kill you like this (staging a suicide), despite that there are light years between your character and the perverts and killers that I just mentioned. Your family loves you, I love you, and exoneration is waiting for you. Once I can testify, that prison cell, in which you are absolutely wrongfully locked up will open, and all will be good for you. So, them killing you and claiming you did commit suicide will never fly. Nobody should dare to hurt or kill you because they can’t fool your family and me neither. ALL HELL will break lose for those who have even remotely dirt on their hands as far as you are concerned.   

Be kissed my darling and keep on surviving.

I am looking for REAL America until you and I collide, as what I see is an “America” that is run by disgusting German strings.   

P.S. on August 13:  Multiple sources told CBS News that Epstein’s cellmate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center posted bail last Friday, leaving Epstein alone in his cell the day before he died. Another source familiar with the investigation said it appears Epstein had been dead one to two hours before he was found.

I thought the cellmate was the murderous cop who killed a couple of people and is on death row.  How can he post bail?

The shrieks of the prison personnel: “Epstein, wake up” or whatever could be staged.

Marty, I bet you made involuntary acquaintances with lots of criminal wardens, police, prison psychs, and others medical personnel in prison and nothing sunrises you anymore.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

August 12, 2019 at 12:05 pm

How can someone kill himself while under suicide watch?

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Doesn’t that mean that at least one guard stands outside his door and watches his every moves? Or was it rather that his SEGNPMSS case officers thought it is better to get rid of him so that Epstein can’t tell anywhere that he was a pig on orders and had seniors? 

Also, during the years, so many people in high places knew or suspected what Epstein was doing when he was a free man, yet, nobody blew the whistle, and he was even given lenient treatment before. But nobody of these people stopped him or turned him in. The perverted monsters behind Germany above everything. 

It is just as to what happens in Germany, which is called “immune against the #MeToo movement”. An anonymous survey done in Germany says that 20% of all men and 50% of all women were sexually harassed or assaulted in Germany. These numbers are higher than anywhere!

But so far only one German TV director was accused publicly of wrongdoing. Guess Germany wants to blame this on Hollywood.

Looking back, I must say that being harassed and also sexually harassed or assaulted in Germany was a way of life. This is what I had to put up with constantly. As a matter of fact, only in Scientology orgs and missions, it was much better. You could report an infiltrators wrongdoing to the ethics officer. As they didn’t wanted to be caught, I think they most of the time held back around me until the end when Germany decided that I have to leave Scientology as I was in their way to take it over completely. 

Scientology orgs that Germany attacked in lunatic fashion were really advanced compared to other organisations and companies. The police would have laughed in your face if you reported #MeToo” events to them. The leadership of companies would have laughed in your face if you would have complained about harassment, sexual harassment, or assault and participated in it. 

Germany, the dirtiest county on the planet wants the whitest vest. That is the reason why Germany is “immune against the #MeToo movement” 

Dearest Marty, my love,

How are you? 

On an other subject, I learned that there are “focused ultrasound devices” that can “treat tremors” in the brain. And I bet the farm that such devices in the hands of the SEGNPMSS and their agents also bring them and more horrible things on. 

I love you. And I feel that Germany wrongfully accused you behind my back of being a person of having committed bad acts. (After so many years, I still don’t have one thread evidence that such a case ever was filed against you but my intuition [thetan basically knows] tells me other way. And thanks the real Ron for having discovered what he did.) 

Criminal and perverted people can go on in this world for a long time. But you, the innocent, can’t even go on with your ethical life. I said it before and say it again, at no point in my life, Marty, did I ever accuse you on anything. Because you never did anything wrong. All the opposite. I admired and loved you. And I still do. I love and loved your charisma and your ethical attitude. If all people would be as decent as you are, we would have heaven on Earth. Never did you do anything wrong to me. You were always the perfect gentleman. And I NEVER claimed otherwise. If there are statements of the opposite, those are made up and you were outrageously framed.   

Yours always,



You deserve all my love as you are a divine person

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MIT researchers are working on AI-based knitting design software that will let anyone, even novices, make their own clothes

Check this out, Marty, my love, soon everyone can make his or her own designer clothes.  🙂 These fashion designers will get a lot of competition now.  Now we need such a software for all kinds of other clothes designs, regular clothes, even tuxedos. You, however, look great in anything.

Speaking about tuxedos, one of the kids around here offered me a tuxedo cookie recently. I declined by jokingly saying: “No, thanks, I don’t want to turn into a man.” He laughed and answered: “Imagine the surprise when you go to the bathroom.” Haven’t seen him for two days, which is very unusual. He could be grounded for having kissed stray kittens in the neighborhood. He picks them up and showers them with little kisses. Cute but dangerous.  

It seems to me just yesterday when I saw you last time, Marty. For me, the time when I met you, stood still ever since. Guess this happens when one truly loses her heart. You matter to me so much. You are my hope in this dishonest and unethical world. You are the light in my life. I see this world as it is and the picture is not nice. Then I think of you, and all is easier to bear. It all boils down to that you and me need nothing but you and me. 

Everything about you is special. I hope you know how rare you are. One of a kind. There is nobody in the entire universe who is that awesome. I am so glad that I ever met you. I am so glad that I am not bound to another man. I am so glad that I am free to love you. You deserve all my love as you are a divine person. You don’t have to be perfect but even if you would make a mistake here and there, those are divine ones, because your character is so great. You want the BEST for us and all good beings and you don’t waver from it. While the rest of the universe would have faltered, you are still standing. Your willpower and uniqueness is not of this universe. And I thank God for that I am able to see this. 

Keep on surviving, Marty, I do not want anyone but you.

I love you so much.

Yours forever and always,



Mass shootings / terrorism: When do congress, intelligence, and law enforcement FINALLY get it?

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Dearest Marty, my incredible husband and soulmate,

I am thinking of you and trying to imagine how your life must be. I wish I could make everything easier for you.

About the terrorism, this is what Rod Rosenstein said today:

“Killing random civilians to spread a political message is terrorism. FBI classifies it as domestic terrorism, but ‘white terrorism’ is more precise. Many of the killers are lone-wolf losers indoctrinated to hate through the internet, just like Islamic terrorists.”

He is right by saying “just like Islamic terrorists” but he (like the rest of the world) do not see that the SEGNPMSS uses anybody for its agenda by psychiatric-conditioning individuals and controlling them via their ear-implants to execute the atrocities. It is most certainly German white supremacy behind all of it. Psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” want more freedom by governments to commit people. Putting fear into populations helps p$ychs to win more ground to commit people and treat them with psycho-pharma and shocks and whatever.  

And if Germany attacks Germans, it is also German white supremacy as they want the world to believe that they are not the “who” but victims as well so that nobody comes after them. 

The Nazis took officially power in Bavaria and then the rest of Germany and other countries but the doctors behind the Nazis were at it already before the Third Reich. The Nazis were JUST ONE of their horrible movements, however, the Third Reich showed exactly what horrible monsters they are. History proved that psychiatrists needed the Nazis as they wanted to make experiment on people that were prior not allowed under the laws in various countries that Germany invaded.

The Great Replacement manifest that Crusius hailed is written by this creep:

He admitted that his smear is Nazism’s nephew.    

There were 249 mass shootings this year. Some of their psychiatric-controlled people are using the internet to spread more hatred, but I am absolutely sure that none of these terror acts would have been ever executed if psychs wouldn’t condition people into terrorists and control them with via ear-implants.  

It is impossible to prevent all terror activities, particularly not when they are aimed at soft targets says law enforcement.

Congress, the intelligence community, and law enforcement finally must point the finger on the doctors behind Germany who condition, implant, and hypnotize people, otherwise the world will NEVER be safe. It is the SEGNPMSS, however, they call themselves. They want to bring the USA down and destroy its reputation (turn it into a Nazi country), tourism, and economy and make Germany superior to any country in the world.

Mexico wants to sue the USA because some of the dead people in El Paso were Mexican nationals. More fleecing of the USA because those who have the saying in the USA don’t put Germany and the doctors and psychiatrists behind it on trial.   

We always hear the same thing: He acted alone… No, he didn’t. They all didn’t. People have ear-implants and secret case officers all over the world. And they are all getting away because nobody acknowledges their existence and comes after them to arrests them.

The monsters who conditioned them are on the loose and are planning their next terror attacks because congress, intelligence, and law enforcement don’t come after them.

Law enforcement says that their approach to combat terrorism worked numerous times. They prevent some before they happened. Great, that is fine. But they have to stop them all. And that is just possible if the world learns who is behind it. People have to become vigilant if some who they know suddenly have a different personality, etc. That is an indicator that a person was psychiatric-conditioned.   

And courts have to put the hardest justice on the monsters who turn others into terrorists. They should be penalized according to what they LEAST want to go through. What do the monster fears the most? Let’s find out and this is how courts should sentence them. That is what they should get as penalty. If that becomes clear to them, they will think twice before they turn the world into hell. 

I know you don’t need a lecture, Marty. You can see what I am seeing. But above mentioned apparently can’t. 

I love you so much. Be safe.

Yours forever,


P.S. If the info is correct, the father of  the El Paso shooter is a registered mental health counselor. I noticed that he squirrels “thetahealing” (his trademark!) and “mind, body, spirit” in this therapy.  He also could have chosen alpha-, beta-, gamma- or whatever-healing but didn’t. And his name is “Crus”ius. All combined, it looks like the SEGNPMSS selected that family and that son for the atrocity, trying to MANIPULATE people into thinking that Scientology had something to do with the atrocity. 

Also, it appears from his website as if his father moved away from mind-altering chemicals. That is not what the SEGNPMSS wants, so maybe this is another reason why they turned his son into a mass murderer. On the other side, the father worked in a mental health hospital. I doubt that they don’t drug people there. In any case, the father should have noticed that something is wrong with his son. 

See here, what his father does:

Another mass shooter, Holmes was a neuro”scientist” in the making. He was targeted too. The Dayton shooter studied psychology. Psychs are also gruesome to each other. 

The Parkland gunman has the name “Cruz”. The intelligence analytics don’t do their jobs seeing the common denominator behind these horrendous acts of violence.

Trump says that lots of things will be done and called the shooters “mental ill”. It seems to me that he does exactly what psychs who conditioned these shooters want, which is more power by the government for the psychs. It is all so predictable.

The El Paso shooter was an anti-immigration supremacist and the Dayton shooter, a psychology student, was a left anarchist. What they had in common is hatred and that the SEGNPMSS decided to bring the worst out in them by turning people into killing machines to destroy the USA, its reputation, tourism, economy, financial reserves, resources, etc. They also want Americans not feeling safe anywhere so that they call Europe (Germany) for help without that they should ever learn that the monsters, the doctors behind Germany are responsible for turning the USA into hell.    

And have a look how the FBI profiles mass shooters:

No investigations take place as to if these shooters are Manchurian (rather  psychiatric German-run) candidates. 

I am certain that the SEGNPMSS, if backed in a corner, might also condition their own people to conduct terror in Germany, even in their beloved Bavaria, against their own peer and other doctors, to make the statement that it is not them who are doing it. Why would they attack and kill their own? To make the world buy that it is not Germany, Bavaria, Nazis, psychiatrists, doctors, etc. or any secret service behind Germany. But it is them, the psychiatric and medical Nazi monsters behind Germany who run the world with ear-implants. 

I definitely don’t want any violence against anybody, Germans included. I want them prosecuted before courts of law and sentenced so hard that whenever someone approaches them in any future life to do anything gruesome, that they scream: “No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” so loud that anyone in the universe can hear it. This is how you and me would handle SPs.  

The Vatican, a creepy place that has Germany written all over it

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and soulmate,

How are you?

I read that the Vatican recently opened tombs of two “19th-century German princesses” in the cemetery of the Pontifical Teutonic College as they got a trip that Emanuela Orlandi, a young and missing girl would be buried there.

They had discovered two sets of bones under a stone slab. Yikes. So they dug the graves up and found them empty. 

The questions are: Why are German princesses buried in the Vatican?

                                If they were buried there, who dug them up and removed them?

                                Who was buried under a stone slab instead of a graves? 

                                And where is poor Emanuela Orlandi who disappeared in 1986?

And what do you think about the “Teutonic College”? The Teutons were a Germanic tribe that lived in Germany and devastated Gaul between 113–101 B.C. “Nice people” and the Vatican names a college after them. How German. Whips and cilices. Likely made in Bavaria. How aberrated. 

Another subject, Marty: A stray cat gave birth to six kittens in crawl space of an empty house. One kid is carrying them to my deck all the time. They are very cute. As long as he takes care of them, I don’t mind. But the question is what if they are getting older and what when the winter comes?     

Anyway, I love you and I am thinking of you. I try to figure out why there is no bridge for me to you. I know it is because people lie, are corrupt, and conspire. But nevertheless, aren’t they tired of being rotten and nothing worth?   

Be kissed and hugged.