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I’m alone again

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, how are you?

Actually, my family wants me to return to Germany. My sister told/asked me over and over to return. However, the idea to live in Germany, doesn’t matter where, creeps me out. I feel buried alive in Germany.

Particularly as a Scientologist and with the absolute knowledge that I lived before with other bodies and that a person is not her body, I can’t help myself to look at my photos that my sister took and I hardly recognize myself anymore. Aging is hellish mean not just unfair. Fading looks, particularly for a woman, what a rotten thing. That’s why I am showing you just the night vision of my latest picture. ūüėČ I can’t even wear make-up like other women because of allergies. There is no make-up that doesn’t make my eyes itch somehow.¬†

But I like my character. The only thing that I can take with me one day when this body is no longer working. And I love your character, Marty. Wouldn’t change it for the world.¬†

I love you. Be kissed.

Yours always and forever,







Vacation plans changed

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

My sis forgot her driver’s license in Germany. Now she is stuck in a hotel for the next days until she receives it send with express to her hotel.

Never a dull moment. 

Another subject, what do you think about the two Mona Lisas? The ML on the right was kept 5 decade in a hidden Swiss bank vault and was acquired by a “secretive consortium” in 2008.¬†


I read that the Mona Lisa(s) once had both eyebrows and eyelashes, but that these have been gradually eroded to the point that they are no longer visible.

Some people allegedly cry when they are looking at her.  I always thought that the Mona Lisa on the left was over-painted and the original could be underneath. 

Some scientists are convinced that the “Isleworth Mona Lisa”(on the right) was painted by Leonardo DaVinci. I thinks so too.¬†

And look at this, a Russian researchers brought the Mona Lisa alive with AI:

That looks interesting, doesn’t it? No more static.¬†

I love you, Marty,

Be kissed,

Yours forever,



I couldn’t miss you more, Marty.

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent husband and soulmate,

No day goes by on which I don’t worry how you are. And I couldn’t miss you more.

The United States Treasury, the IRS sent me another check issued on August 30, 2019, check no. 4038 75994992 for USD 162.00. Otherwise, they sure don’t treat me equally with other taxpayers but they of course should.¬†

On another topic, have you read or heard the story about that German tourist and his review about a Austrian hotel? He wrote: “At the entrance, they display a picture of a Nazi grandpa.”¬†

The kind wording “grandpa” isn’t really a sharp wording in regards to Nazis. Except writing this review, the tourist didn’t do much else in this matter. The hotel is suing him for defamation.¬†

I can see Germany’s attempt to whitewash itself of being no Nazis anymore by organizing that this matter makes international news. They try it all the time by pushing the Nazi boot onto others, even their best friend Austria. Not even remotely saying that Austria is innocent. Actually, from what I have seen with my own eyes, between Bavaria and Austria, there is almost no difference in culture.¬†

And watch this video in the article. An amusement park ride in Germany “Adlerflug” has two gigantic swastikas. And that is in Germany, not in another country. The designers knew exactly what they were doing. Before the construction, the company, owners, engineers and technicians make drawings. How blind are all of these people by not seeing that they drew swastikas? It is just another German attempt to glorify Nazis and their symbol.¬†

And another topic, my sister is on her way to me. She should arrive tomorrow at my place.

I won’t be often online or posting during the next three weeks, Marty. Yet, my thoughts will be with you. A lot. My wonderful memories of you will stay with me until I die and I hope beyond and forever. I know that when we could be together, we would be two very happy people. So, I am holding onto this, in hope that it will happen against all odds. You and me, we deserve a happy ending.

Without you, I exist. But with you, I know, I would live and enjoy it. Everything is better with you. For example, when I see a beautiful landscape, without you, it is just a beautiful landscape. But with you in my thoughts and even more if you would be physically present, it would be A BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE. You understand the difference!  

Be tenderly and passionately kissed, my Prince.

I love you, always have and always will.

Yours, Sarah/Barbara 

I like this song of Joe Cocker. I imagine that this song is a message from you for me, Marty. ūüôā


Feels Like Forever

Saw you
That was all I had to see
Wanted you
Had to have you next to me
And from that moment
I knew that you’d be all I’d ever need
And there’s a place inside my heart
Nobody’s touched before
And when I found you,
I found all that I’ve been searching for
You turned my world around
All I know
Is it feels like forever
All I know
Is I love the way it feels
All I see
Is how good we are together
And I never want to see it slip away
I’ll never let you go
It’s all I know
Hold me
Love as you rush to me
Is telling me
Let’s put our hearts in the hands of fate
Time will tell us
It what we’ve got was worth the wait
And there’s a fire
That’s been burning deep inside of me
And I don’t need nobody else
‘Cause now you’re here with me
You turned my world around

Written by Barbara Schwarz

September 6, 2019 at 2:35 pm

Creepy Germany again! And all over the place!

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and Prince,

How are your days and nights? I am thinking of you, also when I am not posting.

Did you read or hear that the German President Asks for ‘Forgiveness’????¬† ¬†¬†

“I ask for forgiveness for “Germany‚Äôs historical guilt” on the 80th Anniversary of the start of WWII in Poland,”, he said.

That guy has some nerves. How can one forgive killing million of people? Only the people who were killed can forgive, nobody else can. They would be stupid to do so in another lifetime because Germany’s Nazis are not even remotely a thing of the past.

In the recent German elections, their nationalist AfD won big. They even use Nazi overtones. Some even march with official Neo-Nazis.   

This is what CNN reported recently:

A far-right party scored its strongest-ever results in two key state elections in eastern Germany¬†on Sunday, finishing second behind the country’s major parties on the same day that Europe marked the 80th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland.

Puppet Merkel prepared the ground for them. My guess is rather knowingly than unwittingly. The psych monsters behind Germany set up the Syrian war to get the hard working Syrians to make Germany’s economy into the strongest of the world. Easy to do when running all people on the planet with ear-implants. They psychiatric condition some of the refugees to act abusive/violent so that Germany gets Germans to vote for the new Nazis. This is how they want to bring them back. It is all so obvious. If the psychs behind Germany wouldn’t control people’s thinking with ear- and body implants, most of them would have noticed it already.¬† ¬†

And did you read that Hong Kong pro democracy leader Joshua Wong appealed to the Merkel for help ahead of her upcoming visit to China? Communism is GERMAN. But Germany wants the credit as peacemaker, when in fact, they are talking into the ear-implants and organize suppression of people in all kind of countries. The SPs behind Germany are behind any horrible situation in the world. And they were so dumb to kidnap me so that I can see up close how insane they tick. Idiots, they are. 

In the UK and the USA, German controlled ear-implants try to ruin these countries while Germany rubs its bloody claws. Trump insists that the mass shootings in the USA are “mental illness”. He wants more psych institutions. This guy is such a German-controlled psych puppet. Psychs are creating these shooters and terrorists. They are turning people into Manchurian Candidates. And Trump wants more psychs and more of their institutions… Go figure.

People have to ask this question: Who wins when shooters or terrorists attack the USA? Not the USA, not its tourism or its economy. But USA’s enemy. I know there are several but Germany, their secret service psychiatrists run them all.

I know you don’t need a lecture about this, Marty. You figured it out. But I can’t help myself reading the news, and Germany acting all innocent and holy and wants to be forgiven while bringing the Nazis officially back and while the USA and the rest of the world goes to pieces unless Germany can get the credit for whatever they are not. Besides, any alleged peace that Germany brokers, they ruin again by secretly ordering and setting up and the next atrocity.

I love you Marty, I sent you tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,