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The end of Daesh (ISIS) or other terrorist movements? Not as long the SEGNPMSS isn’t busted

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, husband and Prince,

It is cold here, so early! I ask myself often how your surrounding is. If you have the temperatures to be comfortable and the air to breath, what other people take for granted.   

How often did we hear that a rotten system or terror group was defeated, but horror and terror came back in some other system or movement. These rotten systems and terror groups are just the symptom. The driving global force behind all them are the barbers, butchers, psychiatrists, doctors, the monsters behind Germany suppressing the entire world and committing unspeakable acts using psychiatric methods to generate hatred, bombings, shootings, murder, suicide terrorism, you name it, and also using ear-implants to make the sheep do what they want.

As they organized that Hitler, Bin Laden, and other SPs got away (at least temporarily until the SEGNPMSS decides that they and not just their doppelgangers really must die), I am somewhat suspicious if they really got the real rapist and brutal killer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Here are some things that caught my attention:

  1. What I am absolutely certain about that  was psychiatric-conditioned by the SEGNPMSS before he became the leader of Daesh (ISIS)
  2. His speech pattern, his mannerism, all around him is robotic, typically for a psychiatric-implanted, hypnotized, and conditioned person
  3. In the Mosque in Mosul in which he spoke the first time in 2014, he blamed in typical German-Nazi manner Jews as first, and he did it with raising his index finger, typical for a SEGNPMSS agent. In Germany, the German teacher was always portrayed like this. It tells me more about that this brute had a German-case officer
  4. In the other video message, he often paused for some seconds in the middle of his sentences, which is also an indicator of being psychiatric-conditioned and listening to the messages coming through his ear-implants
  5. Within those 5 years in which he was the Daesh leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, just 8 official messages to his global followers. Some leader, huh? Just 8 official messages of which just two were video messages. Not much of a communicator. I think he had not much to say, except repeat some SEGNPMSS hatred against Jews and others. I assume that the SEGNPMSS considered that these message were enough to make the world believe that this little robot, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Ibrahim al-Samarrai or bu Du’a, Al-Shabah, Amir al-Mu’minin, Caliph or al-Badri or Faerlan Ramsey or Dr. Ibrahim Awad or Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai or whatever the remote-controlled idiot called himself, was indeed the mastermind of ISIS and not the SEGNPMSS. Psychs run Daesh (ISIS) and via ear-implants, they “inspire” bloody idiots to join them
  6. I read somewhere that al-Baghdadi’s first wife Saja al-Dulaimi said that she married a normal man not the monster that he became. And that fits also in that SEGNPMSS conditions people into becoming the monstrous tools and carry out the horrible acts that the psychs behind Germany think of in their utterly disturbed minds
  7. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi married a German woman in 2015. Germany of course. That German woman supported ISIS actively. She was the boss of ISIS’ women’s department in ISIS-controlled territories and issued sharia-based decrees to women and train women in carrying out “suicide mission”. Creepy Germany above everything
  8. Now, did the US kill indeed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or not? With the SEGNPMSS history “sacrificing” the doppelganger for terrorists or dictators, one can only wonder. That there were records in that compound, which the US secured, is the same set up as in the compound in which they killed Bin Laden’s doppelganger. It could mean that people should think that they have the wanted terrorist leader. They should not think that these records were planted there so that people should fall for that the wanted terrorist and not a doppelganger died instead there
  9. US helicopters cruised over that area quite a bit. What I find odd is that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi didn’t flee already already then through one of the tunnels. However, it would make sense for a psychiatric-conditioned and hypnotized man to act against his own survival and stay put
  10. It was one of his home or HQ, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi flees in a dead-end tunnel instead in a tunnel that leads him to freedom. Makes no sense, except if one is psychiatric-conditioned and hypnotized to act against his own survival
  11. He takes his own kids with him as human shields just to blow himself up? Why did he need the kids as shield if he anyway wanted to commit suicide? This act has psychiatric-conditioned person written all over it
  12. They did DNA testing on his remains. They had some of him collected while he was in prison. My question is: how much does the DNA of a clone match the DNA of an original? How much difference is there? Earlier on, they did DNA testing on his underwear. There is room for staged “findings”. 
  13. Col. Kenneth King, the commanding US officer of a prison facility said that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was in custody and a quiet man, a bad dude but not the worst of the worst and that he was surprised that he became the leader of ISIL. Pentagon said Baghdadi wasn’t at Bucca around that time. King then said that he was 99% sure that he had Baghdadi in detention. He called him a “dead ringer for the guy” he “had the run-in with”. In any case, it could mean that if Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wasn’t the worst of the worst, psychiatric-conditioning turned him into the worst. It is also possible that there were doppelgangers like Saddam and Bin Laden had them. Question is then, was the real Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or a doppelganger killed?In short: Most certainly is that the Daesh/ISIL/ISIS leader is/was a psychiatric-conditioned and remote-controlled SEGNPMSS robot
  14. Some in the Middle East are not convinced of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death because they didn’t see any body. If they would see a body, it still might not the wanted person due to that the SEGNPMSS uses doppelganger so frequently
  15. As far as Hitler and Bin Laden are concerned, I always had the feeling that these two monsters wanted “retirement” and that nobody comes looking for them, and that the SEGNPMSS organized shelter for them by staging their deaths 

On an unrelated matter, I read today a headline of the Financial Times, saying that the UK and Russia are Europe’s Odd Couple. They were allies in the fight against the Nazis. That should raise some suspicion by people. They should ask the question: Are these countries (and of course the USA) set up by still existent Nazis behind Germany?     

I love you, Marty. I want to see you again.

Yours always,




You should take US Senator Cynthia Jeanne Shaheen by her word

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

I watched her on the October 24, 2019 episode of the PBS Newshour.

Here is a link to the video and to the transcript of the interview.

She sits next to Christian pastor Andrew Brunson who was 2 years imprisoned in Turkey on what the U.S. calls “bogus charges”. She said:

You know, I think the passage that you read in the beginning, that Andrew describes what it felt like to be locked in that cell, is an experience that no American citizen should ever have to deal with in a foreign country, especially someone who’s trying to do good, who’s lived there, whose family has lived there, who then is taken into custody for no reason. I mean, those were totally trumped-up charges. There was no — there was no spying. No, it clearly was not due process.

He got free through a bipartisan effort by senators and President Trump and Vice President Pence. Good for Andrew Brunson but what about you? As if you had due process. The world conspires that I can’t testify for you as your relief witness. 

If my intuition is right, Marty, you are robbed of your freedom since 1988, more than four decades and not just two years. But for hypocrites, we are chopped liver. In their twisted minds, just other people have rights.

They can pray all they want. Hypocrites are not awarded paradise by God. Anyone, particularly the hypocrites should know this. 

Btw, I find Brunson’s title of the book horrible. “God’s hostage”. God doesn’t take any hostages. As a pastor, he should know better.

Speaking about U.S. Senators. I just learned that one for my state had visited my little town just recently again (also in 2014 and earlier too). He spoke at a company, which isn’t far from my place. He didn’t knock at my door saying: “I’m curious, do you exist? You are wanted for your testimony.” He could have done so easily.  

And I learned yesterday that I have PIN no. 2944 with the Dept. of Revenue, Taxation for my state. I bet the farm that when you or your representative asks this office about me, they reply that they don’t have a taxpayer by that name. Because we have no rights like other people in this world of hypocrites and lawless people.   

Again, Marty, I have no shred of evidence of that you are incarcerated and are looking for me. But my intuition tells a very different story. 

I love you. Sending you tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever and always,




“Drain the Oceans” investigated the Titanic – but…

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Dearest Marty, my unforgettable husband, how is your life?

My life is that I am missing you. Divine intervention and my intuition is the only tool that I am having to steer my “ship” not accidentally away from you in a direction that wouldn’t help you or me at the end. Nobody tells me anything. However, I can feel without having any evidence to support this that you do all in your power to get justice for me and you, and actually the rest of the world. Most people would rather listen to what other people advice. I rather sail with divine intervention and my intuition. 

I watched the documentary that the TV show “Drain the Oceans” made about the Titanic. As you know, the world has now these underwater robots going around in oceans or lake waters taking pictures from wrecks, something they couldn’t do in earlier times. And with computer simulations, they can drain the water away. It is interesting to watch.  Well, as the Titanic got so much attention all over the world, “Drain the Oceans” checked that wreck too.

Despite that the underwater pictures are quite sharp, the pictures of the wreck were taken only in small segments. My question is: What is the guarantee that there is a German torpedo (my famous intuition again) in the wreck of the Titanic and this piece was not filmed?     

Heck and stern of the Titanic was found more than a mile apart and debris all over the place. 

And now, it gets really revealing: A part of the Titanic is buried in mud. As I understood it, nothing underneath the mud was investigated. A torpedo hole and the German torpedo itself could be there.   

Revealing is also that the alleged 300 foot hole/rip in the Titanic caused by that iceberg was nowhere to be found in the wreck. But they did find the damage caused by the iceberg. Outside on the shell of the Titanic, they found just 11 square feet of iceberg damage. That is not much of a rip.

The Titanic sunk approx. 2.5 hours after it struck the iceberg. The scientists or producer calculated that this is exactly the time that a vessel like the Titanic needs to sink if water pours through an 11 square feet long rip into a vessel.

Elsewhere than in this documentary I learned that people on board the Titanic who survived the ordeal heard explosions.

IF this calculation – that water pouring in a 11 square feet long rip downs a ship of the size of the Titanic – is correct,  it makes no sense whatsoever to me that nobody tried to or fixed the hole. Because if someone would have TRIED to fix the hole, the Titanic wouldn’t have gone down in 2.5 hours but delayed if the fixing wouldn’t have lasted. I am sure that the Titanic had enough technicians/engineers on board who knew how to fix an 11 square feet rip at least temporarily. I am sure that they have done so. Can you imagine being on a sinking ship and not the first thing that you do is fixing the spot where the water comes in? 

The entire horrible event has Germany and ear-implants written all over it. This also includes the disgusting inactivity of the captain of the Californian to come to the rescue of the Titanic. Heil ear-implants. What a “wonderful” world. SEGNPMSS wanted the Titanic to sink and the people to die and organized that systematically. 

Here is what happened according to my intuition:

SEGNPMSS sets up such horrible events with silent and loud sounds sent through ear-implants. This is what they organized and committed:

1. During the construction of the Titanic, they controlled the designers and operators already into thinking and planning that not enough lifeboats are needed. 

2. One or more German u-boats lurked in the area where the Titanic went down.

3. Silent sounds through ear-implants can make people tired and blind. It is secret hypnosis. So, Captain Smith who ignored iceberg warnings but probably would have traveled at a lower speed is not on the bridge, instead Murdoch who served as First Officer when the iceberg is rammed.  

4. Monsters who radio in the subconscious minds of people via ear- or other psychiatric implants loud and silent sounds can easily cause a person to make a false decision, drinking or steering error, or both, ignoring warnings, or whatever. German-controlled ear-implants made sure that the vessel was full speed on a coalition course with an iceberg. 

5. The iceberg is hit. Modern technology found only an 11 square feet of iceberg damage on the vessel. Someone woke Captain Smith who ordered the rip to be fixed, and the Titanic probably could have made it to shore.

5. That is when the SEGNPMSS ordered at least one of their German u-boats to fire at least one torpedo into the Titanic. Why? To make sure the vessel really sinks. Because they are jealous as always on the success of other nations, and they are evil and they can. They still can and down ships and planes, etc. because after so many years, still nobody is stopping them. Organizing that the Titanic hit the iceberg was just a cover. The monsters behind Germany are cowards. Hiding behind horrible and secret prep-work is their specialty. However, as it seemed that the Titanic wouldn’t sink after it hit the iceberg, SEGNPMSS (already active before the Nazis) ordered a torpedo fired into the Titanic and 1500 people died a horrible death.

They did it to the Lustiana too. Just three years later, Germany sunk the British ocean liner with a torpedo that a German u-boat fired, when almost 2000 people were on board. Explosions were heard just as the  people on the Titanic heard explosions. The Lustiana went quicker down as the Titanic but I guess it all depends as to where a torpedo hits and how large the torpedo is.

Titanic is known by just about anyone, the Lustiana not by so many or pretty much forgotten. Because it is a secret German world, and Germany is not officially accused of having downed the Titanic, people are allowed to give the Titanic lots of attention as it should show the world how incompetent Great Britain is.   

And there is another thing that got my attention. The “Drain the Oceans” documentary about the Titanic says that the wreck deteriorates much faster than expected due to bacteria all over the wreck. SEGNPMSS works with remote-controlled germs to make people sick and kill them. What are the odds that they breed remote-controlled germs under water at the Titanic to eat the proof: a German torpedo in the Titanic?

Even if they wouldn’t have used a torpedo, the monsters behind Germany planned and executed this and so many other “accidents” by using loud and silent commands in the ears of people. And this is what these animals call “genius”.    

Btw, Marty I don’t think that a “Drain the Oceans” process was applied to the GSL. They however “drained” Loch Ness, which also is a lake. If they tried to “drain” the GSL, the US Army nearby (due to German-controlled ear-implants) would likely object, not to protect your village down there from an invasion of curious people or even against attacks, but mainly that I can’t find it again.

“Top secret” is kind of funny, considering that we just can think about a subject and figure out the top secrets anyway.         

I love you, Marty. I am so glad to be your wife. You are the best. Be kissed. 

Yours forever,


How the SEGNPMSS makes sure that Scientology turns more and more medically- and pharma-minded

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband,

How are your days and nights?

Time goes by but my love for you is not touched by time. Everything changes but not how much you mean to me. After decades, I still miss you most in the world. Our love is not of this world. It would have faded like other things in this world, if heaven wouldn’t be directly involved in our love. I know for sure that on the day I die (whenever it is) I still will love you with all my heart, Marty.

I read that Bob and Trish Duggan donate(d) large sums to Miscavology, and these sums are made through the sale of pharmaceuticals, e.g. medical drugs against cancer and even possibly a psychiatric drug. So, what is the SEGNPMSS plan behind this? Non-Scientologist David Miscavige and the Miscavologists of course take this money, and the psych-plan behind this is to makes sure that Scientology turns medically- and pharma-minded.

Ron, the real founder of Scientology (not “Jack Vistaril”) researched an alternative way of living and eating/drinking for mankind, NOT trying to repair the body with pills or getting a few more years out of life. This way of living of which His Stupid Cobness must have heard when he was a teenager, was totally removed from Scientology by secret service doctors, on the very top, German psychs.

Instead of bringing it back, Miscavology goes the woggish (pardon my French) route, accepting pharma money and constructing shiny but stupid buildings on the unprotected surface of the world. What a portrayal of Scientologists who never heard the real Ron lecture about our way of living and a betrayal of the world, people who cannot protect their youth, lives, and health.

DM’s favorite activities, to present ideal orgs, is a total non-source activity as none of these buildings protect Scientologists from aging and dying. There are interactive charts in the Tampa Bay Times, showing the real estate that “Scientology” or bought during the years:

These pieces of real estate, even unrelated to SCN, Donald Trump’s estate, his penthouse, his Doral resort, it is all RUBBLE for me who recalled what the real Ron explained how living conditions should be to prevent aging and getting sick. I know that you, Marty, and your family understand what the real Ron meant.

Yes, I know very well that we lived before and people are born again. But a huge problem is that the “in between” isn’t free and cool. A huge indicator is that people are tricked into coming back in a gender that they didn’t choose for themselves. Until the “in between” isn’t cleaned up, meaning unless Germany and its international secret service doctors are not busted on using ear-implant codes to control thetans after death, it is wise not to drop the body but rather to keep it as long as possible. Besides, aging and dying is painful. Also, Germany and its international secret service doctors are jealous like hell. If people had a good family or partner, they will make sure that people don’t find them again in a future life.

Of course, spiritual awareness is most important. Who we are, where we came from, where we go, how to survive after we have no body anymore, what traps there are, etc., how to gain spiritual knowledge and abilities, this is the most important aspect of Scientology, but the OT levels are also altered and won’t safe anyone anymore.

What the real Ron did say is that one will be born in the world one left.

His Stupid Cobness is here to make sure that Scientologists will be born in a pharmaceutical, medical and psychiatric world. For him, being the COB is a vanity trip that allows him to throw around Scientology cash and use it for off-source purposes. Needs his behind kicked. (And he also hired an “internet service” to keep my blog down.) Too much truth in it so he conceals it. What a louse.

Be kissed, Marty.

Yours forever,



High tonelevel counts more than anything

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and hero,

How are you? I am with you in my thoughts. Isn’t it about time that people are tying to put themselves in your shoes? How it is to be deprived of liberty for decades despite you didn’t do anything wrong? And it is not just no physical freedom but also the torture that the SEGNPMSS has its brutal agents commit against you. How they refer to themselves as human beings is beyond me.  

Do you also think about Ron – like I do – and where he is today with the body that he took after they murdered him in May 1984? That was the year and the month, Marty, because I felt the moment he died.

Where else would the SEGNPMSS have stolen him than to Germany so that nobody else, particularly not the USA, has him? I know Germany too well not to be sure about this. They steal everything, even thetans. 

In what rotten world we are living, considering that his murder isn’t even called what it is: MURDER by the SEGNPMSS.

He would have LOVED to appear before Congress or court to speak about how he is persecuted and that he can’t even go near his family, a Scientology org or mission because of SEGNPMSS snipers shooting at him and him not getting any protection by the US government, the CIA or the FBI because their agents have German-controlled ear-implants, just like today.

Decades have gone by since then, and nothing has changed. The psychiatric Nazi monsters are still at the wheel. 

They “replaced” you in the SCN community and elsewhere by a ringer, Marty, and I am also sure that Ron knew too that he was replaced by a ringer (CIA/German double agent “Jack Vistaril”). But SEGNPMSS agents removed anything that he could find, read or see on physical evidence that he could use to kick the impostor to the curve. And when one makes a statement that one nevertheless believe that one’s intuition is true, the SEGNPMSS (at the hard core German psychiatrists and medical doctors) do what they always do: defame a person who is onto them as mentally ill. I can sing a song about this psychiatric crime.

They forced the real Ron into a life in which they could easily murder him as they had Jack Vistaril take his place. I bet the farm, Marty, that the doctors who killed the real Ron “studied” his body (of course also illegally without consent) to figure why he was that special. They were and are too dumb to figure that the thetan not the body or brain makes the difference.  

I really have no words left to describe how I despise them, Marty. I am so disgusted like nobody in the entire universe was ever disgusted by anyone and anything ever. Instead me being in awe of them as they wanted it, I damn them in all eternity. All my life, I wanted to help people. But thinking of them and what they have done, I have to admit that I don’t want to help them. They should get what they deserve.   

How unbelievable stupid they are. They know better than anyone else what they did and how low their characters are. They numb their bad conscience with drugs. But deep down they know that they are the lowest creatures that ever lived. 

They are incredible materialistic. They want to more rights than other people, ruling anyone’s lives, taking their loved ones, stealing all property they see, but the only thing that really counts, a good character, a high tonelevel, that they waste away as if it would be trash.

They are of course not just killing us and other people, they also kill fellow monster colleagues. And neither of them can take anything with them: no money, no property, no swindled university certificates, of course no family, no name, not even memories, knowledge, or skills as they are also removed in this psychiatric world that secretly also commits crimes against all people who dropped their bodies and died.

Needing others and their attention a lot more than we do, they will rush into the next embryo bodies available and cling onto them until they are born again. The psychiatric forget process will be also applied to them. They will have no memory to what they have done in their last lifetime but the icky downtone personality stays with them. And having a low tonelevel is the worst start one can have into the next lifetime. As further down one is, as downtone decisions will one make. 

The “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” as huge problem. Even if the mind is empty, thetan basically knows. Eradicating knowledge as to one’s past doesn’t lift the tonelevel. Only one’s own actions to better the character will lift the tonelevel.  

Monsters also will be dumber than others. They might still get a university degree with help of their newly installed ear-implants. But really smart, looking through things smart, they never will be. With each crime they commit, the chance that they will figure out a way of their own traps, becomes smaller and smaller.

One day they are so small in their way of thinking ahead that fellow doctor monster can implant them into animal bodies and they can’t get anymore out – until it is time for fellow doctor to be implanted by another fellow doctor monster into an animal body or something else undesirable for a human.  

There isn’t a smart criminal. They are all dumb. Based on that originally all were good (I know, hard to believe after all the horrible acts they did), they close their eyes when they should open it. When they close their eyes and don’t look at what they did, they feel better about themselves. Instead of just becoming better people by leaving us and others alone they are making themselves blinder and dumber.     

They are of course not just jealous of what others physically own. They are also very jealous of good characters and high tonelevels.

That is why they are trying to pervert people who are better than they are. They think that when all people are criminal and perverted and there are no good people anymore around who reminds them of being good people, they won’t stick anymore out like sore thumbs. That describes these SEGNPMSS monsters to a T.    

Character and tonelevel counts. Nothing counts as much as it. When death comes and for what comes afterwards, bad people are the poorest. And they brought it onto themselves.

Be kissed, Marty. I am glad that you have the character that you are having and that high tonelevel of yours. I am so very proud of you. There are light years in difference between them and you. I saw it right away when I laid eyes on you.

I love you today even more than before.

Yours always and forever,





What a secretly German-instigated mess again in the Middle East

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I wish you would be the US president.

Europe does little to nothing to remedy the mess that the monsters behind Germany are setting up by talking in people’s ear-implants.

Turkey allowed itself to be used by Germany during history, and now, instead of burying the hatches with the Kurds and finding solutions together for all problems that they all are having, the Erdoğan uses weapons and invades Syria in typical German manner.

As the monsters behind Germany run ALL people and bring out the worst out in people, there were for sure also violent acts against Turks by the Kurds and not just violent acts by Turks against Kurds. However, good people solve problems without more violence.

Donald Trump apparently doesn’t notice when he is being set up. He thought that Erdoğan was bluffing. It sounds right “America first” and “bringing the troops home” but one has to watch out that there isn’t a trap and doesn’t get more expensive and disastrous.

In fact, since ever, thanks to psychiatists’ most loved child, the ear-implants, the USA gets involved in wars and of course should not. But just saying: don’t care like Germany does, won’t help building a better world, and all suffer in a world that is not good. REAL SOLUTIONS ARE MISSING IN THE MIDDLE EAST SINCE EVER AND ALSO TODAY.

People have to understand that they are really brothers and sisters and must get along, and want to get along and that there is enough space for everyone, which will make them feel much better, and that the real enemy of all is invisible, the men behind Germany who talk into their minds and subconsciousness, monsters who don’t allow them to stay young, healthy, and fit and live in great conditions with their loved ones forever. And you and me, and a few others, know that this is very well possible if people would wake up.

Trump wants to make good on a campaign promise but if peace isn’t secured, what kind of promise is that? The US troops haven’t yet completely packed and Erdoğan starts a war.

Also, what about the humanitarian aspect? One can’t just say: The Kurds and the Turks are at each other throat forever. We don’t care. Such an attitude will not lift the USA up and make the decision makers proud.

“Anyone who wants to assist Syria in protecting the Kurds is good with me, whether it is Russia, China, or Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope they all do great, we are 7,000 miles away!” Trump tweeted. What a lack of human compassion. What a lack of solution that should have stopped Turkey using military force.

What if Trump or later US president has to send troops back into this region to create peace because they left an area that wasn’t correctly handled in the first place?

Trump wants “to destroy Turkey’s economy” in retaliation. He doesn’t even get or doesn’t admit that the SP’s behind Germany are working around the clock to destroy the economy of the USA.

Trump rather shows in typical German manner his hostility against foreigners with his wall on the USA border and spends taxpayers money for that instead of finding a solution also for that without a German wall.

Well, at the end, it might come to that US might have to get back into Syria to fight Turkey together with Russia, Syria, the Kurds, and Iran.

There was the Böhmermann affair a couple of years ago. A German entertainer named Böhmermann broadcasted a profane poem against Erdoğan. Erdoğan demanded a criminal prosecution of Böhmermann. Merkel said then that the German government will criminally prosecute  Böhmermann. But what Germany says and does is not the same thing. They dropped the case in or around 2016.

What I see is that Germany tries to throw sand in the eyes of the world as they always do. They are trying to paint a picture that they don’t run Erdoğan and that poor Germany is the effect of Turkey. However, truth is, the SPs behind Germany run anyone. Even if some don’t know that they are run by the men behind Germany, using supercomputers for translations.

I know one thing for sure, Marty. If the SPs behind Germany’s are busted, there will be never lasting peace on Earth. It doesn’t matter what one does.

I love you. The world would be so much better if you wouldn’t be so totally unfairly restrained.

Yours forever,


That video in “Church of Fake News” is anti-religious propaganda

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Dearest Marty, my unforgettable soulmate,

I am thinking of you on this Monday morning.

Most TV stations and newspapers have nothing to do with religion. They are mainly interested in politics. There will be plenty of atheists among reporters, yet, they are pictured in a church. “Fake news” should be associated with religion or a church.

We, you and me, we know who is anti-religious: psychiatrists, medical doctors, so-called scientists, their secret services, the SEGNPMSS. And those are creeps who are behind the creep who made this violent video. Too dumb also to figure that they harm their own cause with violence.

I love you and wish nothing more than to put my arms around you:

Forever, forever, you’ll stay in my heart
And I will love you
Forever and ever we never will part
Oh, how I’ll love you
Together, together, that’s how it must be
To live without you
Would only be heartbreak for me

Yours forever,