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Trump, Republican Party, Latest Titanic hit, Coronavirus, and Loretta Lynn, various subjects I found myself thinking about today

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Dearest Marty, 

How is your life? There is no sign of you, however, my intuition says different. The world doesn’t tell me anything about your whereabout. I miss you every day. Often, I think how our lives would have been if the monsters behind Germany wouldn’t had separated us. Without them in our universe, we would have been very happy. Unbelievably happy. Happy beyond description. 

The SPs behind Germany have absolutely unlovable characters. It is their own forking fault. Instead of bettering themselves, they are jealous of people who are being loved. The reason why I love you so endlessly, Marty, is because I could see the magnitude of your absolut noble personality. Same as I see their pitiful excuse of personalties. You try to give your best, they just stink and do nothing to become better people. I also figured out why. It is work and needs courage, particularly after being pigs for so long. And they don’t master this courage. They are the worst wimps ever. 

They hate themselves. Otherwise they wouldn’t commit the atrocities that they commit. Someone who is proud of having a good character would never sink to their level.  You and I consider our characters as our best commodity. Their horrible deeds mean not just throwing dung at their own personalities but tattooing them deep into their beings. It will stay with them forever, all lifetimes to come and will always emanates to the outside. Slimy. Disgusting. Unlovable. Yuck. Their characters is also the worst start for a new lifetime. Even if they have forgotten what they did, deep down they know it. Downtoneness will be their first, middle and last names. 

Marty, did you notice an article in the news that the Titanic was hit by a submarine hired by a British adventure company? It happened last year. The crash was kept a secret by the “US” government. Is it even the “US government” when so-called US officials follow Germany’s secret orders?

Germany does not want the world to know that one or several German missiles brought the Titanic down and that the iceberg that scratched the vessel was just the alibi that they organized and needed to sell this horrible act as “accident” or “incompetency”. It was a German crime committed out of jealousy, which is so typical for the SPs behind Germany. Now, they are using German remote-controlled Brits and Americans (loud or silent sounds/commands) to hit the Titanic to destroy the ship or get rid of the evidence that is still down there. Or they even want to blame the missiles in the Titanic, if ever found, on the USA. Also, that the Titanic is attacked by this huge amount of remote-controlled bacteria that eats up the vessel has crazy German doctors written all over it. 

The US government stayed mum about this hit, say newspapers. Typical. Germany above everything and all ear-implants. I ask myself often, where are the real Americans? I am so sick of German agents saying that they are Americans.

As people do whatever they hear through their idiotic ear-implants, we can’t trust report who “investigated” or “scanned” the vessel in the ocean. The entire vessel should be lifted and brought on land. That it isn’t, has Germany’s guilt and that it runs the world with ear-implants written all over it. Besides, the Titanic is not the only vessel that the monsters behind Germany sunk with missiles.       

And another thing: Lately, lots of people demonstrated in all kinds of countries protesting current governments and rules. The SPs, still existing Nazi doctors, behind Germany run the planet. What better to keep people off the street protesting than introducing something they invented in their lab, the coronavirus to make people stay home? I know that they say the virus came from a Chinese fish market, however, I bet that the SEGNPMSS bred it in labs. 

And there is Trump and the Senate “trial”. Not allowing witnesses will come back in form of angry voters and bite the Republicans. How can people be so blind not seeing this coming? Not just Scientology morphed into something very different, the Republican Party too. This is how the SEGNPMSS ruins what is in their way. They send people in organizations or parties who cannot think for themselves and blindly do what their case officers order them via their ear-implants. They are not even Scientologists or Republicans or whatever. They just hang out there to function as the tool for their secret German masters.     

And finally, I read that Loretta Lynn is angry that country music is being destroyed. She is right. Not long ago, I was in a store that plays modern country music. I couldn’t get out of the store fast enough, because the country music was so disharmonious. How do the people working in this store not go nuts is what I asked myself. Horrible. Whatever brings the USA down and makes it a less admired country, SEGNPMSS is all for it and makes it happen. Music and any other art form are very much so a target by them. 

Lots of country music was great in the past  – but today? Rarely anything, except a few gems, e.g. “Last in Love”. People are complaining that country radio sucks as that they mainly play bad or flat songs and not the good songs. Well, America is run with ear-implants by jealous German Nazi doctors who didn’t die out.

It is not just country music, all other genres are also controlled and destroyed too. Not much of modern music sounds good. I have read comments from young people who wished they were born in earlier times as the music was better then. 

What I noticed often is: when the lyrics are good, the music is often bad. When the music is good, the lyrics are often a shame. And of course, also very often: the music and the lyrics are horrible. And when a musician or artist is promising, SEGNPMSS orders her/his destroyal: drugs, plane crash, disease, you name it.    

What’s for sure is that it is not a free world, Marty. And this unfree world has Germany (secretly) written all over it. 

Sending you passionate and tender kisses, my love. You are my hero, and I never will give up on you.

Yours forever,




Germany wants to be over all banks and currencies

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and soulmate,

Germany wants to control all the money on the planet, including digital currency. So, what do they do? They have “some of the world’s most influential central banks joining together to study possible digital currencies” in Germany.

Nazis are on the rise in Germany and other countries again, and these bank representatives look up to Germany and follow its lead. Good grief. 

The “study group” or should I better say these German sheep are made up of the European Central Bank (which is of course located in money-greedy Germany despite the seat of the European government isn’t in Germany, not that it matters as Germany runs any country), the Bank of Japan, the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Swedish Riksbank, and the Swiss National Bank.

They meet in Frankfurt, Germany, of course. Why? Down the road, more power to Germany not to any other country.   

If there are still people left who might feel uneasy about Germany, it will say: “We didn’t make decisions. The banks of other countries did. We are just the host. We are so popular. We are always so reluctant but can’t do anything about it. People look up to us because we are so successful and great.”

Germany of course withholds that this “popularity” just took off by implanting babies and school kids with unripe minds with psychiatric-controlled ear-implants and running them also as adults. So that they make all the decisions that Germany needs to have the best economy and mindcontrolling people into not seeing what Germany is up to: Taking over the world, keeping essential wisdom from it, perverting it, and also bringing the Nazis back.

I know you are onto them as well, Marty.

I love you.

Yours forever,


More than 30 of the world’s treasures are stolen and still missing

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you?

In middle of a thick snow blanket, in my home, I think of you and as always, and I want to be with you, more than ever. 

The monsters behind Germany and their international agents wish nothing more than we giving up on us. We won’t! Slam! Rumble! They pulled it in. Haha! Doing these enslavers any favour goes against any fiber in my being. For creatures who think that they know the minds of people best, they are the crème de la crème of stupidity. They are so unflexible in their thinking, how to approach us, and deal with us. They could write a bestseller with the title: How to get certain people to never bend to one’s will. Their retarded early medieval strategies don’t work on us. Torture is not stronger than love. The word that describe what idiots they are doesn’t even exists yet.

Also, according to various articles, over 30 of the world’s treasures are still missing. And I know who has them or knows where they are hidden: The psychiatrists and doctors behind Germany. They steal anything, even people, and thetans.  

You are my treasure and also missing. And we know who is behind it that we can’t see each other.

Do you follow the Senate impeachment proceedings? Trump will not be removed from office by the Senate. Then, it will turn out that he was and did even worse as mentioned in the articles of impeachment. And those who voted not removing him from office will make history as the corrupt dummies that they are.  

I love you very much. I’ll never give up on you. You are so missed. 

Yours always and forever,






Germany wants peacemaking credit despite controlling the ear-implants of dictators, terrorists, war-makers, and other murderers

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Dearest Marty, my precious husband and soulmate,

The world without you is unimaginable for me. Keep on surviving. It doesn’t matter what SPs say or think. They are jealous of your character. They wish they could be even just a bit as you are, yet, they are too lazy and cowardly to better themselves. You are a hero. Your willpower is not from this Earth but divine. You have all reasons to be proud of yourself, and I am.     

To my header: Merkel summoned leaders of 11 countries to Berlin for “peace talks” in Libya. It’s two main rival leaders came too. Sure, as the psychiatrists and other doctors behind Germany, the merchants of blood and chaos run them all, they go to Berlin. Heil ear-implants. There was a truce brokered in the earlier days of 2020 by Russia and Turkey but the cease-fire was violated several times. Sure, because the SPs behind Germany make it happen. If there “is no other way but peace” before another country can get the credit, monster Germany wants to get the credit for peacemaking.   

I read that chances of producing any real progress on the ground in Lybia were unclear during this summit. Of course, Germany wants the peacemaking credit and that other countries and the UN comes running when they whistle but they do not want real progress.  All what is going on is so transparent, at least for us, Marty. 

And using Iran shooting down the Ukraine airliner had among other purposes to create a rift in the relations between Canada and the USA. Typical SEGNPMSS, and just as I thought. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed Donald Trump and the US but not the SPs behind Germany who are Trump’s secret masters.  

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


The lyrics makes no sense, I heard, pseudo Latin, no idea what that video/movie is about, but the song is good. No glorification of communism intended by me either.  However, 64 of the Red Army Choir were killed in yet another plane crash. We know who is jealous of talent, don’t we?  

Anyway, mighty music reminds me of you, Marty.  The man in the video gets out of his chains and smiles at the end.

Helen Sharman, a Chemist and Astronaut talks Aliens

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you? The next two weeks are getting really cold here. I hope your living conditions are not horrible and that you have enough air to breath. I know how it is to be confined. It is horrible to be confined by and with people carrying ear-implants who torture upon secret German Nazi commands. There is actually no word that describes the brutality of these secret service psychiatrists who run the world via ear- and other body implants and their international agents. I ask myself often, how people can become that bad and inhumane. We are their most hatred targets. Stealing your physical liberty is just one of the horrible things they did and do. I know that they have invisible tools of horrible torture. And what day, the motivator will hit them. In other words, one day they all become the victims of their own brutality and secrecy. I have no other words to describe them but these: total idiots.      

On another subject, Marty, did you read that Helen Sharman, a chemist and Bristish astronaut mentioned that aliens are among us?

I know the lunatic minds of German secret service and other doctors like my own pocket. They never would allow aliens just to land. The monsters behind Germany MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST control. They could never live with an invasion of creatures they don’t completely control on this planet. They didn’t just cloak the real universe from the eyes of the Earth population with a fake German universe projection, they also screen very carefully for any alien ship that comes close to our corner of the real universe and would shoot it down or alternatively, nap them, alter their minds and sent them as enemies back to their own people on their own planet. And to attach all aliens to Germany’s most secret psychiatric holy cow: ear-implants.

However, I suspect them stealing thetans from other planets, like they stole and steal thetans from the USA and other countries to wrongfully claim that Germany is the greatest race ever. And these aliens are then born on Earth, for example in secret labs in artificial wombs using stolen eggs and sperms. In other words, these babies were aliens then in a past life but are no longer aliens as they have bodies that does not differ from the rest of the Earth population at least not in looks. And their memories to being not from this planet is also removed by psychs as they do it also with us and call it “child amnesia” and “natural”. 

On the other side, you and me, and Scientologists, and some others know that we lived many times before. Basically, all people on Earth came from another planet once. Aliens are thetans too. Thetan is thetan. Nothing to freak out about.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed. I am sure very happy that you are on the same planet as I am, even if the SPs don’t let us see each other. I still hope that our postulates defeat them and we find each other again.

Yours forever,





Prions and more…

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Dearest Marty, my unforgetable Prince and soulmate,

How are you?

My thoughts are with you. It is such a high crime to keep you wrongfully behind bars and us apart. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how evil people can be. The easiest thing in the world is leaving others alone and living a decent life for oneself. But apparently for SPs, it seems to be the most difficult thing to do. Because they are huge cowards and bettering oneself means honesty about oneself and work on the own character. I am so glad that we are nothing like them. They are all we don’t want to be.  

I don’t know what these idiots are waiting for, Marty. I sure won’t fall into their line and unlove you or give up on you. That they haven’t gotten it after so many years shows how blinkered they are. I keep on loving you until the end of my days because you are worth it. I thank Ron that I can judge characters so well. His writings and doings made me see how valuable and rare you are. I thank heaven every day that I found you! 

About prions: recently I read about them, Marty. Here are some official definitions: “A small proteinaceous infectious disease-causing agent that is believed to be the smallest infectious particle. A prion is neither bacterial nor fungal nor viral and contains no genetic material.” and “Prion diseases occur when normal prion protein, found on the surface of many cells, becomes abnormal and clump” and Prions are misfolded proteins with the ability to transmit their misfolded shape onto normal variants of the same protein. They characterize several fatal and transmissible neurodegenerative diseases in humans and many other animals. It is not known what causes the normal protein to misfold, but the abnormal three-dimensional structure is suspected of conferring infectious properties, collapsing nearby protein molecules into the same shape. The word prion derives from “proteinaceous infectious particle”. The hypothesized role of a protein as an infectious agent stands in contrast to all other known infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, all of which contain nucleic acids (DNA, RNA or both).

It is not known what causes the normal protein to misfold? Well, here is a tip: medical terrorism, using remote-controlled germs, lasers, and microwave and likely other secret instruments of which mainstream has no information at all. 

About the downed Ukrainian passenger plane. I believe that Iran admitted having unintentionally shot down that Ukrainian passenger plane. A Ukrainian plane of all planes after the Ukraine is in the center of the world’s. That is suspicious. And also suspicious is that there were three Germans on board. This is telling that Germany wanted an alibi: “We have nothing to do with it. There were three Germans on board.” Too bad that we won’t fall for it. Germany gassed its citizens and shot them at the German/German border. They don’t mind “scarifying” their own to look innocent.

Germany’s secret service psychiatrists are having the overall control over all ear-implants on the planet. They are planning and setting up such and other dangerous situations to cause wars and terror by using silent and loud commands. And as sooner the world realizes it and as more as it prosecutes Germany and the German p$ychs who hide behind it, as more peaceful the world will become. I am sure that you whole-heartedly agree as you are my souldmate. 

Be kissed, Marty, tenderly and passionately.

Yours always,


And I am happy that you can see into me, Marty, my love.







Artificial womb – I am not at all against it if done ethically

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and hero, 

how are you? How did your 2020 start? 

WordPress has no spellchecker anymore, actually, since quite a while. That is an odd decision, isn’t it? Lucky me, I can sellp. 😉

I miss you so much, Marty. I postulate that this will be our year, the year, I can see you again. I think of you so often. Wonder what’s happening on your side. In one way, it seems that I know all through my intuition but in clear text, nobody ever brought me a message about you or from you. Sigh. Idiotic ear-implants rule. I  miss the warmth of your personality. I know you so well, my love and miss all about you.    

I just had three kids outside my door, bugging me to play with them, in the cold, it is around freezing, and in the dark. I don’t mind playing with them during daylight and not during bone-freezing temperatures. Can you believe those little fellows? They had some sort of picnic on my deck in the dark, which means I have to clean the remnants up tomorrow during daylight. 

Based on that I usually died during childbirth in my past lives, I always wished for an artificial womb. With one, I would have at least eight kids of my own already. Some say that babies will have not the relationship with the mother if it grew up in an artificial womb. That’s nonsense. I have great relationships with the kids in my neighborhood. They are not even my own. If they could, they would stay around here 24/7. Besides, if the artificial womb is at mom’s home or she moves into the clinic where the baby is raised in the artificial womb, she (and the dad) can see it and can talk to it right from the start and vice versa. Hey, and no birth engram! 

Speaking about this, I read that Emanuel M. Greenberg patented an artificial womb in 1955. See below. However, I believe that such an invention is much much older and that the SEGNPMSS stole it from other inventors and produce babies the artificial way for a long long time already with stolen sperm and eggs of course. And they don’t tell the children and most parents about it. I wonder what they do to the poor children that they replace for the children they grow in artificial wombs in secretly German-controlled labs.

It is very cruel by them not telling women that there – since a long long time – is another and safer way to get their babies born and that they don’t have to deliver babies like in stone age. The godly design, that babies can be born through pregnancies and the woman’s body is awesome. This guarantees that mankind doesn’t die out it doesn’t matter how little technology there is. But if technology or possibilities to deliver babies less dangerous and painful for mother and children is available, why not? If the technology is here, why not allowing parents to use it and spare women and babies pains and dangers?  

Some say that this is not intended by God. The God who I know is all for improvement and making it easier and less dangerous on women and babies. 

SEGNPMSS hates women. It really does. And me most of all. And the irony is that one day, when the SEGNPMSS doctors are forced out of their male bodies, they might very well end up in female bodies for their new lifetime. And they have to give birth like the women they lied to that there is no easier and less dangerous way to do it. So, who says that there is no justice? Yep, SEGNPMSS doctors are complete idiots. 

If the baby develops something bad, the parents can intervene as they see the development of the embryo and the fetus. I very much so suspect the SEGNPMSS using lasers and remote-controlled germs to cause the unborn child birth defects.  Watching the baby in an artificial womb could be a measure against it.  

The artificial womb of course must be not invaded by germs and the nutrition that the embryo and the food and oxygen a fetus are getting must be excellent, including a way to discard waste. Hopefully, there will be also an end to abortions, when parents and others see, how responsive a thetan is who inhibited the embryo or fetus. 

I love you, Marty. You are awesome. Keep on surviving.

Yours forever,





If it really was Soleimani…

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Dearest Marty,

my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

It is being said that brutal Qasem Soleimani died today in a strike ordered by Donald Trump and that his body was identified by a ring he wore on his finger, with DNA confirmation still pending. Soleimani left a plane allegedly in his car and then the strike hit. 

One of Germany’s most holy secret service tools is using Doppelgängers. It is so easy to stick a ring on the hand of a Doppelgänger and have his DNA in the files instead that of the original monster. What could behind it? Well, a German agent might fear that an assassination is imminent. So, they plot their own assassination, as for example Hitler did, and are getting away while the stupid Doppelgänger, who allowed himself to be hired, is being killed instead.  

The men behind Germany are looking for a trigger to involve the USA in more hot wars in hope that when enough countries work and fire against the USA, it will be defeated, and Germany can take over officially and not just inofficially through the use of their other holy cow: ear- and body implants.

Qasem Soleimani is from Kerman. Reminds me on the fake Iranian father that Germany had for me: Mohammed Kermantschi or Kermanchi or Kermanschi. He or people spelled his last name differently. But Kerman is right.

Iran must quit being a German agent country. And that goes also for all other countries, including the USA.

I love you, Marty. I am thinking of you. I hope to see you soon.

Despite everthing looks drab, we are still here. This might be the year in which good wins over evil, finally. 

Yours always and forever,


I can’t wait to swing with you, Marty, as if it would be 1923 in 2020. Without the booze. We don’t need booze to rock anything.