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Shame, shame, shame on the EU – leaving member state Italy fending for itself

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Dearest Marty, my hero and one and only, I am thinking of you, more than ever!

Did you hear the complaints coming from Italy about the EU? Italians consider to leave the EU after they overcome this crisis. They should as they were not helped by German-run and -controlled EU! I feel for the Italians. How can one’s heart not break by hearing how they struggle on their own with their many cases since start of February, 2020. How can one take their membership money but not help them in case of need? 

So far, the EU has been accused of being slow in coming to the country’s aid. Why? I now why. Because the EU is basically nothing but greedy Gemany, and they want older people to die and not paying them their pensions etc. Italians generally are eating a better diet, the mediterranean diet, and they live longer than other folks. And what for? To be wiped out by that virus and no effective help by the EU.

What is the purpose being a member of the EU if they don’t get fast and effective help from it?

China, the US, and Russia seem more willing to help Italy than the EU. They deserve Italy saying: “Screw you, German-controlled EU! We do better with other allies.”

Italy is saying: 

“Right now, China and the US are helping us. Not the European Union.” 

Italy tipped to leave bloc amid coronavirus crisis

The EU Is Abandoning Italy in Its Hour of Need

Mr Brucchi noted that coronavirus will mark an important moment in history – as the EU will inevitably change.

He added: “We will end up in a completely different world after this pandemic.

“Italy will undoubtedly wonder whether it makes sense to remain in this bloc.

“I believe, and many of us believe, we should focus our foreign policy away from Europe and look further… to Asia and the US.

“Definitely not Europe.”

I love you, Marty.

Yours always,


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