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Warmaker Germany wants to get the credit as peacemaker (one of many examples: Peace Treaty of Westphalia)

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, what happens in your part of the world? I wish I would know for sure.

Germany as usually – despite having agents anywhere – manages to get another motivator for its rotten to the bone deeds: This time, no win for the German “Holy Roman Empire” in 1648 after the Thirty Year’s War.

The Thirty Year’s war was a typical German bloodshed. Outrageous cruelties were committed against human rights due to Germany’s obsession to invade and take over other countries. First, they hid their true intentions by making the world believe that it was a “religious war”, but later it became clear that it was a German political war to get more power and take over more countries.   

Finally, in 1648, Germany realized that it loses its “Holy Roman Empire” despite it plotted and run not just German but international people as they do today. In order to get credit as peacemaker rather than the constant warmarker that it is, it came up with the “peace treaty of Westphalia” in Germany in 1648, which – very typical for treaty-breaker Germany – it later broke by stealing Alcase from France. They NEVER have enough! 

It is so very Germany, that when it is defeated, it always plots a way out it with the next power hungry, criminal, and brutal activities in mind. Instead getting forever their behinds kicked by other countries, the monsters behind Germany got also away in 1648. Heil German ear-implants. 

The Swiss allegedly got its “independence” from the Holy Roman Empire, which is a joke because Germany wants those people that do not trust Germany to deposit their money and other valuables in an “independent Switzerland” to make Germany richer because what is close to Germany can be taken over easily by Germany at a later point in time.

Also, Germany and the Vatican were and are joined at the hip. Even today, the Vatican employs Swiss guards and not Italians as guards. I never really noticed that Switzerland is independent from Germany. As if Germany would not install their ear-implants also in the Swiss. And in our modern times, Kim Jong Un and his sister were for sure implanted and altered in a psychiatric German-Swiss cooperation. 

Back to the “Peace” of Westphalia. It had three peace treaties that were signed between May and October 1648 in the German cities of Osnabrück and Münster. These treaties largely ended the European alleged “religious” wars, including the Thirty Years’ War. Again, those conferences were held in Germany not Sweden or France to make Germany look like a peacemaker and not the warmaker that it is. Also Germany as the “host” wanted to be in total control of the treaties so that they are to German advantage. This is why Germany gets away with all atrocities and can afford to waste millions of people. It simply positions itself again on the top, ready for the next horrible take-over move and war, and the world lets it happen, over and over again, as Germany takes advantage of them and that just about everyone has their ear-implants installed.

The monsters behind Germany successfully blamed religion for this long and brutal war, instead what it really was: Germany using religions to get more political power, which they again lost as they don’t value human rights of others or even their own people. In the above-mentioned Peace Treaty of Westphalia, Germany allowed a bit of religious freedom but only for three Christian religions, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Calvinism (but not for any other religion, which demonstrates typical German intolerance).

The treaty “closed” a butcher period of European history that killed approximately eight million people. But as Germany came away without being dissolved, it was able to start new wars. Unbelievable, considering its butchering and killings for three decades and any other atrocity it committed.  

I am allegedly born in Westphalia, Marty. (RB’s real daughter is.) I know that I am not born in Germany and Germany lies, as usually. 

Since ever, the butchers and barbers, the later doctors and psychs behind Germany always had the popes in their pockets. They made Pope Urban II ask for a conference in  Cologne, again, a German city and not an Italian or other city, so that Germany has better control over the outcome of the “peace deal” after Germany realized it stepped on other countries toes and after they did not take it any longer. The German-controlled pope of course provided the “mediators”. Nuremberg, also in Germany, served as German city to decide about “demobilization”.

In the treaties, the German principalities secured their autonomy, and Brandenburg and Bavaria made gains too, instead of being completely dissolved for their high crimes against humanity and their constant criminal attempts to take over the world. They can’t fool us, Marty. We know them.

This pattern of the warmaker playing the peacemaker to get away with their crimes against humanity, is also visible in the Treaty of Baden in 1714, another German city, in which Germany made sure that it won’t get penalized as it deserved.

And what happened in 1871? Germany broke the Westphalia Treaty, despite it was good for Germany. Germany claimed that it was treated unfairly and stole Alcase from France. And what happened next? Another German-provoked war, and WWI followed.

My love for you is unconditional and for all eternity, Marty. You are my perfect match. You are the captain of my heart. You are all I ever wanted. And I want to kiss you a billion times.

Yours always,





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  1. who is marty


    June 27, 2020 at 9:51 am

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