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It can’t get more barbaric: Teutonic (German) women slew their own children and strangled each other

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Dearest Marty, my hero and so very loved husband,

I am thinking of you and I wish I could be with you. I world without you is grey. 

The Teutons, a German tribe was described as mad, merciless, berserk, and full of rage. They were what we despise. 

Around 113 BC, the Romans and the Teutons (German tribe) battled each other in the Alps. 

It is being said that the Romans wanted Teuton women as concubines and slaves and that the women objected to this, and this was the reason they slew their own children and strangled each other. I think Germany wants the Teutons have some kind of hero status instead of describing what they really were: People low on the tonescale plus implanted and hypnotized by pre-psychs. This is what their activities reveal to me.

Even if what they wanted was denied to them by a consul, sane thetans make things alright. They don’t kill their offspring and each other. It is being said that the women wanted to minister in the temples of Ceres and Venus. How “intelligent” was that? They were the losers of a battle and considered being brutal and full of rage. Who want them minister in temples? They would have had a better chance making a more realistic request but to minister in temples to avoid a concubine and slave existence and spare their children’s lives.    

The Nazis, the bloddy idiots loved the Teutons and identified with them. 

And there are the Kimber, another Germanic tribe which was described horrible to look at, being loud, and almost animal-like. 

There are also the German tribe Berserkers. I read that medieval sources defined them as people fighting being intoxicated to longer feel pain or wounds. They fought on the side of different Germanic tribes. What do I see? Hypnosis and implanting is very old. It is a shame that the world hasn’t caught on that today’s psychiatrists condition terrorists and shooters the same way.  

Moreover, there is also the German tribe Harii. In 1st century CE, they were described as attackers by night. They painted their bodies and shields black and slaughtered people in their sleep. Terror is so typical German. 

Yikes, right?

Although the Roman empire was started by Italians, Germany (as usually) controlled it secretly and then took it over.  For example, German Flavius Odoacer (around 476) took over Italy, printed coins with his image and ending the Western Roman Empire and later, German Otto I (962) taking over the Holy Roman Empire, etc. Some historians say that the Roman Senate was in on it for Odoacer to take over Italy.

I sometimes ask myself, how old are these freaking German psychiatric ear-implants, Marty?  Odoacer too was a brutal leader who later pulled in the motivator and was assassinated. In the Bavarian city Regensburg, Odacer is honored with a plaque in the Walhalla, a building with a style that is copied from the Greek.   

Caligula, the third Roman emperor ruled 37 AD to 41 AD. He is considered the most brutal Roman emperor and he also had the name Germanicus. Yes, Germanicus. Lots of historians would probably say that doesn’t mean what I think but I think it is yet another hint. 

Pontius Pilate, the fifth governor of the Roman province of Judea under Emperor Tiberius could be very well connected to Germany. I read that he was born there and he might have returned to what is now Germany later in life. That makes a German to be Jesus’ executor.  

And Germans battled Germans often. They did it over and over again in history. They fight each other because they are SPs and can’t get along with others or themselves. And they also use other nations to battle for them and hide cowardly behind the other nation. And as you know, this is still the case.

I love you, my Prince. It is almost unbelievable that some so noble as you is born in a universe as bad as this. 

Yours forever,


And the dark depressing music of this video about the History of Europe fits absolutely: 





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