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How to end the pandemic and a truckload of other huge problems of mankind

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Marty, love of my life and eternal soulmate, how are you?

Time goes by but my love for you stands like a rock. Why? Because you deserve it. All timetrack long, you decided to do what is noble. And it emanates from your personality to the outside. All it needed was a woman capable to see it. And that woman is me. Good guy finishes last is very wrong. It is a justification by some who are too lazy and cowardice to better themselves. The good person, you, are the first and only winner of my heart. I don’t expect you to be perfect, Marty. You are the perfect husband it doesn’t matter what you do because all you do is based on your noble thinking, humanity, and thetan making it alright.     

From you, making things alright to someone who doesn’t: Donald Trump. I am not against a president using the Internet to directly communicating his message to the people. But what is the deal with him retweeting tweets of all kind of people who praise him or approve of him? Gee! How vain is that man? Shouldn’t a president lead the nation instead of wasting time by hanging all day and night on the Internet? Shouldn’t he study the international and national situations to get a better understanding of everything and meet with his administration and other experts and implement what really helps the USA and mankind? Shouldn’t he direct the executive, the federal government, and the US Armed Forces instead of wasting his time for retweeting?

I can’t even begin with how much he did ineffective or wrong but before him also by so many other presidents.   

The Covid-19 pandemic is just one of those things. Taxpayer’s money is being wasted for all kinds of stuff while environmental protected villages (villages that have enough nature inside but with a roof that can be closed) could stop a pandemic right in its tracks. And just about anything else that is wrong with the world: aging, diseases, death, pollution, bugs, germs, bacteria, viruses, dust clouds like the current one from the Sahara, radiation, floods, droughts, dirty food, dirty water, chemicals, allergies, wasted money for energy and repairs on individual houses on the unprotected surface of the world, and the list goes on and on. 

I would not build villages bigger than for 5000 people. Small businesses in those villages will take off like rockets. Each of these villages needs their own small businesses. They can be there for the village residents and of course also via the Internet for other customers. And big business, provided that they don’t create fumes and lead them into the village, could also have their HQ and plants in such an environmentally closed village. Doors that can be shut in an emergency could connect to another village where the employees and their families live. That means that there is also a healthy solution for big business.

Let’s say, someone reports the outbreak of a virus somewhere. Until the problem is truly solved, the villages can close their doors to others. They are protected and there is no reason for them to social distance and wear masks within their village or get vaccinated and pop pills with all the side effects as they are protected by their environmentally closed village. These residents can hug family that isn’t living in the same home, their friends, their neighbors, their colleagues because the virus is not being dragged in. Schools, business, other organizations, the economy can go on without beating.   

Criminality, terror, tobacco, booze, drugs, guns, corrupt and brutal police, too much government interference, not enough self-determinism for the people, all that could be scaled back to non-existence if equal-minded people who want to live peaceful good lives come together and start building such villages. I recalled that Scientology once had a blue-print for those villages before the German-controlled psychiatric infiltration took it out. Through self-auditing I was able to get a picture back of such a village, Marty. It was beyond amazing. It was already built, and I bet the farm that you know where to find it.       

Instead of building such villages, money is thrown out of the window for fixing a world that isn’t sanely organized.   

The problem is not just Covid-19. What if the same or other SPs breed and release another virus? I read that even if a vaccine and meds against Covid-19 is produced, it will not help against Covid mutation viruses, which are already around. (And those vaccine and meds all come with unknown side effects on the short or long range.) Why do people want to stay the eternal guinea pigs instead of coming up with a solution that really solves this and so many other problems? 

A president and lawmakers should use their time for THINKING and CHANGING BAD CONDITIONS TO THE MUCH BETTER not retweeting and holding a job like a robot and because it looks good on a resume or impress one’s high school classmates. A good president as you would be one, Marty, or a lawmaker should also be capable of predicting what CAN happen in the future. Due to that we are stalked by the SEGNPMSS, we know how these medical terrorists are thinking and we could render them without power to hurt others.

Look at this corrupt covert German-controlled psychiatric/medical world: They disconnect us despite we could change all to the better for them. They keep you wrongfully incarcerated and look for an opportunity to get rid of us permanently to continue torture and terrorize the world. Until the day one SP kills the other, which happens quite frequently. Then they sit in their own trap, unable to get out, without anyone left who could and would help them. These medical/psychiatric idiots say that God doesn’t exist. A close look at the few of us proves them however wrong. When they sit in their own trap, they will scream for his help. But why should he when they treat his messengers like hell and won’t better themselves? 

Another 4 years with Trump would be really bad. 4 years with Biden would also bad as he hasn’t the right solutions either. You have them, Marty. The German-ordered and -controlled bad reputation that the USA has, would be a thing of the past. Because with you as the US president, the United States would become a beacon of everthing that is intelligent, wise, decent, and honest. It would also help people in other countries. And I would support you with anything I got. Including my magic. 😉 And if something would happen to you, I’ll raise hell for those who ordered it and executed it. I wouldn’t give up until they are found. That “acted alone” crap doesn’t fly with me because I know of people’s ear-implants and don’t cover up this retarded psychiatric invention.    

I love you, Marty, so much. All through the universes and back. Be kissed, my hero.  



The Old Man Down the Road is a great song but the lyrics are wrong. We don’t hide from SPs. We are taking them on. The price of freedom is not to hide but to fight back.



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