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The SPs of the SEGNPMSS determine who comes down with the remote-controlled coronavirus, who is just tortured with it and recovers, and who dies on it right away or later in life

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and husband,

What happens in your world? Without my OT abilities, I would be clueless as absolutely no information by a human is forwarded to me.

Well, when love is “crazy”, then I never want to be not crazy, Marty. 🙂 Nothing feels as good as loving the man who deserves it: YOU!

You are everything to me. If I could turn back the time, I would do all in my power to prevent that we are getting separated but I would choose you again and again. Just the thought of you makes me happy. Thinking of you is my place to be happy, despite so much is wrong with the world.   

Coronavirus cases increase more in the USA because the USA is very much a SEGNPMSS target and the virus is activated remote-controlled. The SPs behind can determine who gets it, who comes down with it, who recovers or dies. And on top of that, SEGNPMSS transmits in people’s ear-implants (loud and silent sounds) to behave irresponsibly during the pandemic. Despite younger people die rarely on it, the virus might be dormant in their bodies and might be activated to kill them later in life. I don’t think that they are out of the woods. 

Of course, I read about the hunt for a vaccine and medicine. While I agree that the virus must be stopped, how much chemicals can a human body tolerate? There is already news from new mutations of the corona viruses, which might not be stopped with a Covid-19 vaccine or medicine, in case they come up with one. The bubonic plague is now suspected on Mongolia, and a newly identified swine flu could become a human pandemic. And this is for sure just the tip of the iceberg. There are likely thousands of viruses that were deliberately bred upon secret SEGNPMSS order to torture and kill mankind. 

It all boils down to that the world population needs villages that can be closed up. If a virus is planted into one, the residents in all other villages still would be safe and could continue with their lives as usually. The leaders of all countries and those who are responsible for protecting human life (medical doctors and researchers) are indeed completely incapable by not seeing and implementing this way of life or they have suppressive characters and profit from sickness and death. 

And there is a giant dust wave making its way over the planet, radiation from nuclear power plants, flooding to unusual heat wave, etc. When do people finally get that the planet needs another infrastructure to protect them? They don’t see it and don’t do it because the medical creeps behind Germany have the overall control over their ear-implants.

About Germany: Officially, Germany makes it look as if the USA would let ally ( yeah right!) Germany hang without protection from the Russians and other “enemies” by withdrawing US troops from Germany. I see something very different, Marty. Germany controls all its enemy via ear-implants. If they don’t want Russia or others to attack them, it or they won’t. If Russia or another country would attack Germany or other parts of Europe, then because the SPs behind Germany ORDER it for some alibi reason, e.g. to be able to say: See, we don’t run Russia or other countries, we just were attacked. Their own creepy behinds are safe. If Germans are hit, they won’t be among them. Lots of agents would be killed of course but this is nothing new for Germany. They did it so often already. 

Trumps order to withdraw troops from Germany makes the SPs behind Germany feel more secure from the USA. When against all odds it should become broad public knowledge what the monsters behind Germany do to the world, they prefer as little US troops in Germany as possible.

I miss you so much, Marty, still nobody brought me a message about your whereabouts, and the planet allegedly is not run on German ear-implant. Yeah, right. The consistent secrecy and lies is such a giveaway. Thanks heaven that I have this special connection to the Almighty. He is the one not lying to me. 

Be safe. I love you, my hero. I cannot imagine my heart without you in it. You belong to it like its beat. 

Yours forever and ever,




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