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Deutsche Bank again (indeed scandal upon scandal)

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Dearest Marty, most loved soulmate and husband in the universe,

How is your life? I worry about your wellbeing.

Recently I thought that I would just want to play board games with you if I don’t have to play against you but with you. Even in a game, I would never want to be not on your side.

To my header: When there is shady business, one can find Deutsche Bank: Trump, Eppstein, etc.

New York Times wrote: 

At the end of the war, Deutsche Bank did not slink off quietly into the shadows as many businesses that had been involved with the Nazi Party did. Rather, “it [became] a leading force for the reconstruction, redevelopment and reunification of Europe”

Why? Because the Nazis are not gone. The SEGNPMSS is still at it. 

It was/is not just Trumps bank. It was also Eppstein’s. 

SEGNPMSS which also founded the Nazis deliberately picks dirty apples from the Jewish race. It allows them to get famous and make lots of money, for NO OTHER REASON but to have them disgraced later. This secret service works constantly at it to smear the reputation of Jews (particularly American Jews) in the world, and a world in trance doesn’t noticed this still existing secret service Nazi program.    

Eppstein’s case officers groomed the man so that they can bust him. What should people see and think? That dirty Eppstein even has a “private synagogue” on his creepy island. SEGNPMSS wanted this. Also, that his steady English girlfriend had Jewish roots and was involved in the perversions. They don’t bust Germans or other nationals that are similar dirty like Eppstein, Maxwell, or Weinstein. These people are helped to fame and money only for one reason: having them fall and becoming the symbols for crimes and perversions (and these perversions are very German but nobody should figure that).  

Really, what true Jewish person would make business with a German bank that was involved with the Nazi Party? None!

Deutsche Bank slammed with $150 million fine for failing to flag Jeffrey Epstein’s shady transactions. The “mistakes and sloppiness” of the Deutsche Bank relationship with accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is anything but random. This bank has no morals.

The fine is a slap on the wrist, Marty. Like all of Germany, imo, this still existing Nazi bank needs to be dissolved. 

On the surface, Trump doesn’t seem too cozy with Germany right now but it’s all a show. Getting foreign loans from Deutsche Bank makes people vulnerable to foreign influence. Trump makes his beloved father even more German than he was. This is how much Trump identifies with being German. How is he helping Germany? By wanting an even more extreme leader for Germany than Merkel is. He said something like “Merkel destroys Germany, my fatherland…” No, she doesn’t. The men behind her have her work exactly on plan.

Germany wants the USA to not just turn a blind eye on German nationalism but supporting it. They want an extreme President of the USA who feels German. And they got it with Trump. 

“Serving Donald Trump as a client was one way that Deutsche elbowed its way onto the world stage,” said Russ Mould, Investment Director at AJ Bell.

Now we know who wanted Trump to run for president and win the election. Germany!

By looking at a leader, one always has to ask the question: what is the ground that this leader prepares for? What can the next extreme leader do on and with that ground that she took over? How can he make it even more extreme? That’s means that Merkel isn’t harmless at all.       

Moreover, SEGNPMSS has the coronavirus bred and unleashed it in China. At the same time, it is able to drive a rift between China and the USA, and Germany can steal these countries economy.

USA has a stupid leader as President. Just what Germany wants and needs. I often shake my head that people don’t see it. It is all so obvious. 

This country and this world need a true leader so urgently. It needs you, Marty.

I love you, Marty. And I kiss you. Keep on surviving.





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