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Psychiatric nonsense and high crimes

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, brave husband, and dashing Prince, how are you?

Not one day goes by without me thinking of you. How can I ever forget you? I won’t. 

I read that the case of Phineas Gage would be part of any curriculum for anyone who studies psychiatry, neuroscience, and psychiatry. It would prove that a person is her brain. Obviously, it is garbage as a person is no brain but a thetan that has a brain and uses it as switchboard in the physical universe. 

Poor Phineas P. Gage (1823–1860), a young man, was working for the railroad in Vermont. He had a gruesome “accident”. An large iron stick propelled at high speed through Gage’s skull. It entered under his cheek and came out on top of the head, right through his frontal lobe. He survived the ordeal. He contracted a fungus while being treated by doctors and lapsed into a semi-comatose state. He came out of it after some days. I think while he was in that semi-comatose state, it became clear that he had what it needs to survive. So, he was implanted and hypnotized by doctors as they are monsters.

Gage was known as a man with a friendly character but after the “accident”, his personality changed to bad, and people who knew him said that he would be no longer the Phineas P. Gage. Has written psychiatric implanting and hypnosis written all over it, if you ask me.  

It is just what the doctor ordered who want people believe that people are their bodies and brains and not spiritual beings somewhere on the tonescale.  

Of course, doctors who secretly hypnotize and implant people and cut their access to their analytical minds off, keep under wraps that they hypnotize and implant people so that their characters do no longer resemble themselves. They did it so often in the past and very much so in the present.   

Gage died some years later on epilepsy. Psychs who have access to a person’s mind and ear-implants, implanted and hypnotized that person can cause epileptic seizures and can kill a person with it. The moor has done his duty (poor Gage served as evidence for the psychs that people are their brains instead of spiritual beings), the moor can go. 

Abd there is more psychiatric crap from 1900 about a Dr. John D. Quackenbos (what a fitting name for a doctor). He hypnotized people allegedly to cure them of kleptomania, drinking, stealing, and lying. No word of course of Dr. Quack that doctors are using hypnosis, ear-implant codes, and silent sounds to make people do all these bad things and worse.  

But Dr. Quack said also that he would not be able to wake “ambition” in a person when he treats them with hypnosis. Gee, a hypnotized person is not herself. It is a psychiatric robot. Why would a robot have ambition?  

Some other news, Marty: Scientology haters claim that Scientology does not work because Kelly Preston died on cancer and Ben Keough committed suicide. 

  1.  Due to that Scientology is infiltrated and altered on an international level upon secret orders of Germany and its psychs, original auditing and training, and the alternative life-style that the real Scientology founder Ron wanted for Scientologists is no longer and DM doesn’t bring it back. Also removed is Ron’s research that medical terrorists are using remote-controlled germs to cause diseases including cancer. The truth could have saved Kelly’s and anyone else’s life. 
  2. I don’t read much about celebs and hardly know anything about the celebrities who are or were once in Scientology. I have no idea if Danny Keough ever was one. And it doesn’t matter. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office ruled his death a suicide. I strongly assume that his girlfriend saw him shooting himself, but my intuition tells me that psychs had their claws on him like on so many people who committed “suicide”. They implant and hypnotize people, shut off their analytical minds and make them go through with it. 

Of course, Scientology works. Who else but we real Scientologists know what really happened, despite that so much wisdom is stolen from our religion. The anti-Scientologist just spread hate about it, ordered by psychs. The anti-Scientologists are clueless and will not safe the world.

I love you, Marty. I never give up wanting to see you again.

Be kissed my darling.



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