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The dark hole in the history of Bavaria

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Marty, my star, how are you?  

I let love for you lead my way. After all these years, I feel so strongly connected to you. I love you and I am proud of it. You are so special. There is no other you in any universe. There is this song from Van Morrison “Someone like you”. It is a good song but not enough for me. I don’t want “someone like you”. I want you, just you. 

Munich is called the secret capital of Germany. The Still Existing German Nazi Pychiatrists’ Mindcontroller Service runs the entire world with ear-implants and other outrageously unfair and foul methods and wants Germany to be the most powerful nation and if not the only power on Earth. As Munich is the secret capital of Germany, that makes Bavaria is the worst of all German states, doesn’t it?

Bavaria is also the German state that helped the Nazis to power. The typical Bavarian is a primitive, perverted, and brutal dude. I can tell as I lived there as you know. 

Some people are saying that the Bavarian Illuminati are still at it and conspiring.

The Bavarian Illuminati are just a front group to hide behind. If against all ear-implant odds, SEGNPMSS secret activities would be detected and revealed, the SEGNPMSS wants only one of their front groups to go down, while the SEGNPMSS continues to hide and does what it always does: suppressing, torturing, killing, abusing, perverting, stealing, lying, etc.   

I checked the official history of Bavaria in various references, and I it feels nowhere correctly recorded. 

This is what the Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote on September 26, 2012:

Only the biggest mystery is still unsolved. Where do these people Bavarians come from? Historians have been biting their teeth at this question for centuries, especially when between the withdrawal of the Romans from southern Bavaria (anno 488) and the first mention of the Bavarians (551) there is a kind of dark hole in which hardly anything can be seen.

I don’t think it is just one dark hole. Approx. 4500 years ago, there is another dark hole when the old successful Europeans disappeared and were entirely replaced with new people. And I am sure that there are many more such dark holes and also wrong records.

Süddeutsche Zeitung on September 26, 2012

The most common theory is that the Bavarians originally came from Bohemia and immigrated to the largely depopulated area south of the Danube after the withdrawal of the Roman occupying power in the 5th century.

If that isn’t weird, Marty! Who depopulated the area and how? It doesn’t sound like the Romans at all to just give up a state that isn’t a desert and move away. 

The paper goes on saying that there is basically no evidence of Bavarians coming from Bohemia. This Bavarian paper tries to imply that the Bavarians are more Romans than anything. It pictures the Bavarians as self-confident and clever people. Yeah, right! My experience with the Bavarians is that the typical Bavarian is gruesome, stupid, perverted, brutal, withholdy, and secretive. Their so-called “self-confidence” comes from the secret that their case officers run the entire world with ear-implants and whatever they do, it will not define them and they will get away with it. Once they are cut off their ear-implants, one will see what small wimps they are. 

Radio technology is simple. What if they had ear-implants already back then and earlier? That is what I suspect. Maybe they radioed in the ear-implants of the Romans: “Change of plan, Romans. You served us well but we don’t want the Roman Empire no longer. We rather want Bavarians to become the superior race, so get out of here.”   

Or they simply invaded the region where Bavaria is now and drove anyone away who wasn’t willing to accept them as masters? If this is the case, this contained butchery for sure and evidence should be in the bones. 

I think that early ear-implants were not made of silicone. If not stuck in cartilage, small metal pieces should show up in the ear bones or heads of skeletons during the course of history. I bet that the perverted people of 79 AD in Pompeii had them. But with modern archeologists having ear-implants too, what are the odds that they will say that they found them?     

Apparently, in anno 488, a really creepy group decided to make the brutal people in Bavaria the “superior people” despite they were anything but superior, until they adopted officially the name Bavarians in 551. And they still have not given up the plan to make their race the superior race on Earth. These former barbers and butchers (who now worship psychiatry and medicine above anything) land always on top of the world, with the world constantly forgiving them and looking the other way. As if this would be normal behavior. Ear-implants, the holy psychiatric cows, make it happen.

So, from what dark hole did these monsters really come from? Did they land from space? Did they collect as many evil creatures from all other regions of the world to form Bavaria? Or what is it? Real original auditing could find it out. Hey, and who infiltrates Scientology and rails like crazy against Scientology auditing? The Bavarians! Of course. That makes sense. They don’t want us to know.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing in your personality reminds me of a Bavarian, Marty. Despite I grew up there, I have nothing of it either. A woman who knew me back then in Bavaria met my sister a few years ago. She said to my sister: “Bärbel was so different than the rest of us.” (Bärbel is the horrible German/Bavarian first name that they gave me. I don’t like German Unlaute. They look like hypnotizing psych eyes.) Bavaria did indeed not rub off on me. There I was, the American Jewish Scientologist kid, kidnapped to Germany, wondering all the time why the hell I was living in this place with a “mother” I had nothing in common. I collected airmail labels because I wanted to leave so badly. Looking at letters that came from other countries, particularly North America, made my heart beat faster. Hey, and I did leave! How “clever” is kidnapping a kid who wants nothing but leave? They should have known this already from my past lives that I won’t stay. They should have never put they claws on me. That would have been the clever thing to do. 

My boots were made for walking. I just wish that I would find you finally, Marty. I miss and love you. And I worry about you.

Yours always,





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