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Attorney General Bill Barr has no conscience

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you? 

Bill Bar the Attorney General under Bush senior. I already suspected then that you were arrested for crimes you never committed, that Germany fabricated the charges and put Spain also up for it and that the US government obeys Spain and Germany, the old Nazis that they still are.

Again, I have no shred evidence that you ever were arrested. Here in my world it looks as if you simply fell from the surface of the Earth. Of course, replacing you with a ringer was a huge mistake by the conspiracy as I noticed right away that he isn’t you. They are such idiots.

I just can’t get rid of the feeling that you are wrongfully incarcerated. Actually, for your sake I hope that I am wrong and that you had other reasons why I didn’t see you in all these decades. Yet, like a boomerang the feeling comes back.

And when I look at Barr, I see huge OWs. It is all around him. He looks as if he denied your right of freedom knowing that you are an innocent man. Yet, he helped convicted felons that worked for Donald Tump. What a crook.

Officially, I know nothing, Marty, but my intuition might know it all. And there are idiots who say that Scientology is worth nothing. Which non-Scientologists would figure out what we did and do? They don’t use their intuition as we do. 

Anyway, Barr is a crook. And Trump too. How these guys sleep at night is beyond me. Some people are saying that they are religious but it is just a cover up.   

What a bad world. You, the decent innocent man is locked up and these crooks sit on top of the world.

Those who think that I return to Germany so that they can get away with their crimes can forget it. I just ordered a new refrigerator. 

Be kissed, Marty, and be safe. In the future, you will be on the top of the world, and they will hopefully be where they belong.

I love you.

Yours forever,





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