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The German-promoting Krypros crap at the CIA headquarter

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

I am thinking of you and how your life is. I play over and over in my head when and where I see you again, despite there is no indication anywhere that it ever will happen. Yet, it is my intuition again that tells me that it will happen. Haha, that must cause our stalkers lots of headache, Marty. They have no idea how to stop our intuition. Despite they infiltrated and altered Scientology, we still have our abilities. It is like magic. It really is. As it works like clockwork, it must be science too. Once more, haha. In order to explain us, science has to explain magic.  

On another subject: A guy who I know came by my house a few days ago for no apparent reason. It is the same guy who told me quite a while ago now that I have a doubleganger in the rural part of the world in which I live. He told me also that he has a friend in China, in or near Wuhan, as I understood him. This friend invited him to China last December but he couldn’t make it. If he would have gone, he would have come back and possibly would have made our rural area to the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the USA. 

People are really easy on medical doctors. It never made sense to me why neither Dr. Fauci nor Dr. Brix told the US population from the start to make and wear masks and also wear googles or face shields. In the Asian country people wore masks already when these doctors spoke to the American publics the first time. Although not a 100% protection, isn’t it logical that a person would contract less of the virus and maybe become less sick when wearing a mask and a face shield as she gets less of the virus and would spread less of it? 

My city “repaired” a street that goes by my house. Now it looks worse and is more difficult to drive than before. Ear-implants, what else. SEGNPMSS wants me to leave. They are forgetting that I know all about them and won’t do them ever a favor. Dopes! 

And now to my headline, Marty:  

There is the sculpture Kryptos (translated: Intelligence Gathering) outside of the CIA headquarter. Likely paid with taxpayers’ money. However, it doubled in worth allegedly. But the real worth is for Germany. Promotion for Germany’s alleged intelligence (yeah right) and German tourism. 

The code allegedly should inspire CIA employees to crack codes. Yeah, right. The real idea behind it is to manipulate CIA employees and others into thinking that Germans are incredibly intelligent and promote German tourism.

The typical German neediness to be viewed as extraordinarily intelligent jumped right into my face when I learned about this sculpture, Marty. Once again, if they wouldn’t be dumb Neanderthals, they never would have kidnapped me, particularly not to their own country. They have illegal access to my thoughts not just from this life time but my past lives. These thoughts and my activities revealed clearly at all times that I can’t stand being in Germany. It makes me feel buried alive! When do these bloody idiots ever learn? 

Here some details about this typical German neediness making people believe that Germans are smarter than any other people:

  1. The artist is an American, however, one with the German first name Herbert. 
  2. To make Kryptos, Herbert Sanborn worked with a CIA official together that has the German last name Scheidt. Change it a little bit, you get “gescheit”, which is German for intelligent or smart
  3. The code of three paragraphs was cracked and published in Wikipedia. The last paragraph was officially not cracked. I think this is deliberately not cracked (heil ear-implants!) because Germany wants to be admired and worshipped.  
  4. If all four paragraphs are cracked, an additional message will be revealed. But cracking was delayed because the artist made a mistake in paragraph 2.  
  5. The NSA also was involved trying to solve the code. Another attempt by Germany getting more fame as being so intelligent, which it is not even remotely. Even if German codes and their devices would be stellar, Germany steals anything and everything and gets rid of the real inventors and claims it to be their own. That is the real German “intelligence” and it comes back to haunt them. 
  6. The 4th paragraph is of course about Germany. How could it not be? Germany is so needy because it is the dumbest. As I mentioned already, Sanborn admitted to at least one error in paragraph 2. Duh! Never heard of proofreading or what? At the same time, he revealed in 2010 that paragraph 4 is about Germany. How could it not, Marty? Germany constantly wants to be cited in the same breath with intelligence. It is so dumb because it is so obvicious. “NYPVTT”, the 64th –⁠ 69th letters in passage four, become “BERLIN” and in 2014, he said that “MZFPK”, the 70th –⁠ 74th letters in passage four, become “CLOCK” after decryption and he makes promo for the German enigma machine and “several interesting clocks in Berlin”, blah, blah. The enigma machine was used by the Nazis. Krypros, the sculpture outside of the CIA, which should figure out what Germany is up to, is promoting Germany instead and a device of these stupid monsters, the Nazis, in his riddle.  

As a sum, whatever crap the code says, this sculpture promotes Germany, its clocks, even the Nazis and their enigma machine and German “intelligence”, which is zero. Just look at the way these idiots are treating us, Marty. As if this would bring them any blessings.

The code most certainly will not point the finger at the psychs behind Germany and that they enslave the world with ear-implants and silent sounds so that they make sure that Germany always land on top and anyone else below, it doesn’t matter what despicable things Germany does.

Instead of solving stupid riddles, American intelligence officials should solve what’s really wrong with the world. Hey, and we did this already for them!

I love you, Marty. Be kissed, tenderly and passionately. You are awesome, one of a kind. The world would look so differently, if you would be free, what you absolutely deserve.

Yours forever,



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