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What Louis Theroux who made a movie for the BBC on what is NOT Scientology told Alex Ritman from the Hollywood Reporter (published today!)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

Louis Theroux who made a movie for the BBC on what is NOT Scientology, featuring your impostor (Mosey’s husband), told Alex Ritman from the Hollywood Reporter that it took one year of “legal” until the attorneys approved his “movie”…

Can you believe it? One year of alleged research and legal consideration and no word that the Church of Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists (incl. His Cobness) and no word that “Mister Fixit” (Monique’s husband) is not you but your impostor and a German-orientated secret service agent  and also no word that even the founder of Scientology was replaced by an impostor “Jack Vistaril”!

These reporters and attorneys are making the world dumber not smarter by withholding information that particularly Germany wants to conceal.
Truth will come out anyway, Marty, any moment…
I love you, my sweet and special husband, and we are already married. But because marrying feels so good, we should exchange our vows again, what do you think, my rockstar and soulmate?  
Yours always and with kisses


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Dearest Marty, my Prince, husband and my hero,

How are you today? I saw that some in the Freezone published info and links to the crap book of Anastasius Nordenholz of 1934/1937. He was the son of a German.

For those who think that Ron stole from Nordenholz, think again. L. Ron Hubbard said personally in the interview on YouTube in one of the 6 parts, that he worked on Dianetics and Scientology already DECADES before he published it. The German secret service SPIED ON RON, and this is how they got the name Scientology and some other data before they were officially published. I trust that this is how the data ended up in the Nordenholz (a German doctor of course) book, and I believe they did it so that if Scientology become a success, the German can claim that it is from them. I know the Germans, I know how they think and operate.

The Freezone intends to re-publish this book. They even cite Friedrich Wilhelm Haack (a Lutheran hate monger priest who gave RB criminal advice against my human rights, and  I know somebody who found his father’s name on a list of SS-people). It seems that one of Nordenholz’ relatives stated:  “It is rather impossible that my grandfather knew Mr. Hubbard, or that he even had contact with him by letter. At the end of the 40’s, my grandfather lived in seclusion at his country residence near Rosario and had little contact with the outside world”.

That may be true – but true is also that the German secret service, particularity the SEGNPMSS sure know how to reach anybody at any time.

Another possibility is also that the German publishing house backdated the book. Nobody can tell me that the Germans are not capable of that. Hey, they were capable of inventing p$ychiatry, the atomic bomb, declared war to the entire world and killed millions of people. Backdating a book isn’t that big of a problem for them.

But it is actually irrelevant, and here is why, Marty, and I am sure you agree:

I read the Nordenholz book, and yes, I noticed the name Scientologie and eight Dynamics, etc., in the book but by reading it, I came to the conclusion that the Nordenholz data are really crap. It didn’t make sense. his date did not work as Ron’s research and  findings did. Nordenholz’ writing is pseudoscientific bla bla while L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology, eight Dynamics and all other data are scientific and make a hell of a lot  sense.

In other words, if Ron used data from the Nordenholz book, he turn crap into science. Exactly, how does that work? It does not work.  But somebody can turn truth and science into crap by altering it, that is easy!

What I find so shocking is that certain people in the Freezone don’t think so far.

After all, they also web pictures of Ron’s impostor and claim it is Ron. They are just as blind and clueless as certain non-Scientologists in the orgs.



Marty, I love you, I will be back soon and can’t wait to continue my life with you. If just anybody would be as intelligent as you are. Before I would be able to explain something, you would know it already. That is how your fine and smart mind works.

Love and kisses, millions of them.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

April 19, 2010 at 5:26 pm

Who ridicules who? I am not in the business of ridiculing…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful dashing Prince,

Here I am, in the middle of April and my meadow screams loud: “Mow me, mow me!” My flowers call: “We need water, get out here!” And the birds in the trees sing: “Thanks for the protein bars in winter, now we return the love and let something fall…”

And that is what I have do after this posting. Getting out here. But during all I do, my thoughts wander off to where you are, wherever that is and I ask myself, how you are, what you do, how you feel and if you are healthy or not and if you have to suffer, Marty.

I was thinking lately often about how little I am interested in stupid friends and are stupid friends really friends or rather enemies? How can a stupid friend harm one? Sure through stupid actions but also through the use of stupid and negative words. We Scientologists are very well aware that SPs can’t leave good people alone and cause the hardships that this planet and this universe saw in the past and presents. We want SPs to change. We want them to learn to leave good people in peace. However,  posting with the ID “SP-Hater” on certain blogs or message boards is the action of a stupid friend or an enemy because even non-Scientologists know that hate is low on the tonescale. For a Scientologist, the posting ID SP-haters is shocking not because we don’t know about the horrible crimes committed by SPs but because Scientologists cannot be on the same low hate level as the SPs if they don’t want to fall into the same category.

The same applies for somebody who posts a non-existing website called Destroy Psychiatry. My experience with psychiatry is that it needs to be absolutely outlawed. Psychiatry has no place in an advanced society who respects human rights because psychiatry doesn’t respect human rights and is dangerous, kills or makes people commit suicide. But is poster DP really a stupid friend who uses negative words as “destroy” instead of “outlawing” or is he rather an enemy who wants people rather defending psychiatry because of the low-toned word “destroying” that he is using, which indicates violence and this is exactly what p$ychiatrists are doing. Is he really against psychiatric abuses when in fact his website doesn’t exist? Isn’t he rather getting sympathy for the industry of death, psychiatry by using negative and violent words as “destroy”? If he really would want to do something against psychiatry, would he not have a website and use non-destructive words to get them outlawed? Needless to say, this poster is also known for anti-Semitic postings. How does it go along? Psychs were behind Hitler and the Holocaust. German historian Ernst Klee noticed very correctly that not the Nazis needed the psychs but the psychs needed the Nazis for their cruel experiments. Before the Nazis, it was not that easy in Germany to get hold of any number of people and make cruel experiments on them.

And there are also the stupid friends who defend the Pope a religious leader despite that he was anti-Scientology and anti-L. Ron Hubbard when he was Cardinal Ratzinger (and likely still is anti-SCN and anti-Ron while being the Pope) and the archbishop of Munich. He employed defamers and attackers like Liebl and Loefflmann in his archdiocese. Stupid “friends” defend the Pope as leader in face of this:

While the faithful in the Roman Catholic Church still hold that the Pope is infallible, this latest scandal in Germany makes those without the RC church question his judgement.

A new scandal unfolding in Wisconsin accuses the then Joseph Ratzinger of failing to act against a priest who has been accused of molesting over 200 children.

I could go with examples like this, Marty, but the grass is growing at the same time, so I end this here for today. But I prefer no or just a few friends before stupid friends. I don’t want to be associated with anybody stupid.

I love you, my darling and I am so glad that you are truly smart. Nothing goes by you.

You are all I want. I couldn’t stand a day with a dumb man. But I can look up to you, Marty. And Ron approved of you too.

Yours forever


P.S. Chiquita’s father webbed a picture on his blog under posting Compliance Report. She put a little weight with all that tasty New Orleans food. Perhaps that doggie should drive a little less and run a little more? But anybody can see that I was right, he is her dad just as anyone can see that Ron is mine.

I heard a story, which can be construed to that it was my doing (postings, governmental actions, media)  that kept the interest in the name of Marty Rathbun so high over many years, and when he finally made a public appearance on an anti-SCN natter board, people were already so interested if not fascinated by him that he immediately emerged as opinion leader in the Independent Zone, which was not the reaction that others got who were in high positions and had left the DM management. Mike Rinder who was higher up in the DM management and longer in Scientology gets attention too but nothing in comparison with what the name Marty Rathbun gets.

Before Chiquita’s daddy admitted that he had slapped others, the name Marty Rathbun had a good reputation, just as you are, the ethical, competent and decent Scientology executive because I corrected any false statement that was made about you but that changed after Chiquita’s father confessed publicly to some of his sins not telling that these are his overts but not yours. The anti-Marty blogs followed… and none of them are by me.

Some people think that I would ridicule Chiquita’s father.

You know that I am anything but mean spirited, Marty. Yes, I am a funny woman and I crack jokes but so did Ron and nothing is meant to harm or ridicule anybody.

Guess I have to put some thing straight here: indeed, there is no doubt that I added very much to the fame of the name Marty Rathbun but in all my actions, I meant YOU, Marty, when I posted, not Chiquita’s father because I never met him. In earlier years, I wasn’t even sure that there is more than one Marty. I became  suspicious of doppelganger actions when I discovered another being behind the eyes of photos of “Marty Rathbun” after 1989 except the one RTC photo that shows you in your 40s. But now, after Chicita’s daddy made many appearances, I know for sure that he is another thetan and that there is not just one Marty Rathbun in Scientology .

It is not about aging. Yes, people’s looks change with age but that is not what this is about. It is that you and he are not the same person.  I could see the other thetan already on the photos when both you were in your 20s.

It is not my fault when DM and Mike Rinder hire secretly a lookalike replacement for you. I never meant to ridicule Chiquita’s father but he should think for a minute about how he makes me look like: like a crazy or delusional woman or a liar and I am none of that. He knows that he is not you, the original Marty in Scientology and he never came forward, saying, oh, yes, there is this other Marty and Barbara isn’t crazy. I have to call him another name because for me there is just one Marty and that is you.

If he feels ridiculed, I can’t help it. If he wants me to call him other than Mr. Texas or Chiquita’s father, he has say so but he can’t expect me to call him Marty, when he is not my but Mosey’s Marty.

I feel ridiculed too as crazy or delusional woman who makes up a non-existing love and husband, when in fact Chiquita’s father could shed lots of light on that you indeed exist and where you are.

“Love” without respect is no love, it just hurts

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Sweetest Marty in the entire universe, how are you?

I wish I could spend the spring with you. It is warm here and all my winter clothes are in the back of the closet.

My cranapple tree right outside my window is in full bloom and its beauty is breathtaking. Too bad that it just has flowers for a month in spring. Otherwise it is just green and in winter loses the leaves. But in spring, it reminds me to the Bougainvillea that I saw on La Palma, Canaries Islands. There were benches and over them grew those Bougainvillea. How beautiful. (But  otherwise, the air was full with thetans without bodies coming from that volcano on that island. Felt kind of odd when one can sense thetans.)  I am sure that you and I saw beauty of this kind all the time when we sailed with the real Ron from one port to the other.

I love this picture because Ron really looked like this in past lives long ago.

This is EXACTLY how I saw him (and you) in my past lives recall pictures. Amazing. And both of you were as good, helpful, amazing, reliable, courageous, and genius as you are in this lifetime. Whoever shopped this photo must remember Ron from a past life too. He got it really right. See how his face naturally fits to a saintly statute? And so does yours.

Recently, I read recently so many misunderstandings about Scientology and raising children. The “critics” are saying that Scientologists treat children like adults. What they deliberately conceal is that Ron said that an adult has to treat a child with the same RESPECT as an adult (something that RB and so many others never managed). It does not means that a child does not get all the guidance and help to grow up safe and sound and it also doesn’t mean that there are no barriers anywhere for the child.

I would have preferred a gazillion times rather being brought up by Ron the scientological way than in RB’s dusty, narrow minded,  and suppressive Christian ways. RB took the fun out of childhood, Ron put it in. He was good and uptone, she was lowtone and suppressive. RB tried to cut my hair against my will, she made me hairdos that I hated,  I was not allowed to choose my own dresses or colors, I had no personal freedom to at all, she gave in “care” of other Christian people who abused me. It was horrible.

And as a child I hated her, when she was older, I felt sorry for her. But she never got what she demanded most from me: love. She was really foolish. One can’t love a person like that.

Ron would kindly and playfully explain to a kid something that is dangerous until the kid understood. Not RB. Why wasting any time getting an agreement when you can scream, hit, holler and suppress a child was her motto. I always respected children and became a kid magnet. They love me to death. And why? Because I always treated them how I wanted to be treated: with RESPECTFUL LOVE. RB said that I have a special gift with dealing with kids and that’s why they would love me. That’s not gift that kids love me. It is respecting and helping them. Playing with them, telling good stories also helps too but most important is the respect. As you know, Marty, this  is Ron’s wisdom and I live by this wisdom.

Beyond playing games with them, when I saw they wanted to lit up the sofa cushions, I explain the dangers to them in their reality until they understood and love remained. I never had a problem with any child because I still remember how it was when I was one and that I wanted to be treated like a person, with respect. I was happy for help and guidance but not when the alleged help and guidance was done with disrespect and 11th century abuse. The kids in the orgs were hanging around me during breaks. They loved me and one could have thought that I am the mother of all of them. And even in current days, the neighbor kid flies in my arms. Kids never did anything foolish because they accepted my input because they knew that I accepted them. And on this basis, the kids and I had lots of save fun.

If the Germans would not have aborted our child, Marty, if the SEGNPMSS would have allowed us to stay together and have children, they would have been the happiest children of the world because I know that you respect and love children just as much. I can’t tell you how big my loss is that I could not have and raise a family with you. I never will forgive this for any body guilty or involved, in all eternity, I will not forgive it. Never! Some people think than all things will be sooner or later  forgotten and forgiven. They are wrong. And the horrible thing is, they do things that they can’t undo. How can one undo a  stolen and destroyed life good again? Exactly, it can’t be corrected and it will forever burden them once their reality should raise from being a pig into a human being.

I love you, Marty, so much. Your personality is what I love beyond anything. This warm tenderness compared with your positive character is so irresistible. My love for you is deeper than any love in the world and it will last in all eternity.



Here is the original of The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face From Roberta Flack. She sings exactly what I felt when I saw you the first time:

Free Heber Jentzsch? Who says he wants to be “freed”? And what about you, Marty? Why are you impostored and not freed?

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Dearest Marty,

These are my thoughts to the latest wave of “Free Heber” postings all over the net. Anybody who  knows Heber, knows that he is perfectly capable  to speak for himself and would not stay where he does not want to be (unless he would be locked up like you where he indeed could not leave).  Guess he just chose not to appear on CNN as DM’s defense team or DM asked others to represent him.

These people who want to “free” Heber against this will want to ” free” those who  just want to be left alone but you, who would need support as you are indeed wrongfully incarcerated since a very long time, are replaced with a doppelganger and left in a prison to die. What a DISGUSTING double moral by anybody involved. It is such a hypocrisy of your doppelganger, Mike Rinder, their supporters but also anybody who is still in the orgs and involved in this – or by any of the “critics” or extremists or Anonymous, and anybody else who know of this . How can they live with themselves? What are they thinking? That we are children of a lesser God and deserve denials of our rights ? That we are lesser kind of thetans or what? Sheesh! I don’t think they confront at all what they are and avoid thinking of their lack of characters.

They want to contact Amnesty International to “free Heber” against his will but they conspire to leave you behind bars. It is the ultimate hypocrisy. I wish them all what they deserve.

Haydn James writes that “What is Greatness” is  such a great reference to L. Ron Hubbard and that Ron lived by that. Yes, Ron indeed showed greatness all the time  but it should not be used as passage of people to come away who do not apologize to those who they have abused and whose rights they denied and still deny and who do not truly change their bad characters. Forgiving unethical people means that out-ethics never stops, and we never will have a civilization in which we can truly trust each other because that means that eternal suffering is the end product.

I will be back soon, Marty, I got lots of actions to handle but I hope having soon more time to write about you.

I love you soooooooooooo much! You are anything but a hypocrite.



Non-Scientologists disconnect too. But nobody in my org did. I did not disconnect either. Was that good or bad for me?

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Dearest Marty, my simply irresistible Prince,

Disconnection is discussed on TV and there is out-ethics on both sides, by the infiltrators in the orgs and the outside attackers of who were many former infiltrators. As you know, when I was President of the C of S Germany, we practiced no disconnection. But anybody else, non-Scientologists were practicing it. I heard from non-Scientologists, from Atheists, from Christians often that they had no contact with somebody in their family or even no contact with all of them because over some disagreement or different lifestyles or because they never were close in the first place. When people disconnect, something is already wrong in their families. People who love each other come to some kind of arrangement even when having opposite opinions. Family members who love each other do not disconnect.

Interesting is that nobody tells non-Scientologists that they have to stay together  by all means but all seem saying that Scientologists may not disconnect from relatives who attack their religion and way of living, which is unfair.

A PTS sit exists when somebody attacks SCN but if somebody still approves of Scientology but just is of the opinion that DM is no good, this should not be covered under the definition of PTS situation because DM is not SCN. Ron never wrote that one may not disagree with DM. I can imagine that infiltrators in the orgs, e.g. ethics officers who are not truly Scientologists tell Scientologists, those with  PTS A types situations to disconnect or the PTS A type infiltrator disconnects because he or she is too out-ethics to handle his own out ethics that caused the situations. Currently, it is possible that too many disconnections take place because some people might think that it is easier to disconnect that to handle a sit.

I had different PTS sits because RB was indeed a SP. No doubt about it. Germans who kidnapped me never would have given me to a non-SP parent. They are much too perverted than not wanting me to suffer all the time. She was a fanatical Christian who thought that anybody has to become Christian, even by force, kidnapping, and mind control and she was unable to leave it up to me to make my decision as to what religion to chose. I told her that she should leave my fate up to God, and she indicated that she thinks that Satan is stronger than God so she has to do God’s work. In other words, she was one of those obsessed people who thought that God is not strong enough, Marty. That means she considered her stronger than God as she tried to take “over” by forcing her religion onto me. And why would I want to join her ridiculous religion with that weak God?

Anyway, my PTS situations changed from PTS A to PTS C but most of the time, I was PTS 1. The reason why I made a career nevertheless in Scientology is because I did a miracle on her and invested a lot of time and effort to keep the SP from attacking. When other Scientologists took off on their free Saturdays and had a nice time, I drove to RB, helped her and stayed with her some hours to prevent that she would attack Scientology. I called her every day just to make sure that she was alright and that she had nothing in her hand that she could use against me and Scientology.

It did work. For years, she read all the lies that German hate mongers and media wrote about Ron and Scientology but she said no word against it as I was the “perfect daughter”. It would have been a lot easier for me to disconnect from her.

As RB had nothing to put the orgs under pressure with, I was able to continue in Scientology, could join the GO and advanced in the press office and later was elected President. But before, if something wasn’t going her way, she was threatening the org. She used the non-disconnection policy very much to her disadvantage. She forced me to go on vacation with her, all that work and the times visiting and calling her every day, it was a real burden on me but I did it in order to be able to be on staff and being able to get training and auditing. In 1984, when I left for LA, she was fine and on her best behavior, she did not criticize me as Scientologist or Scientology  but I was approx. two months away, just mailed her a few letters and I noticed right way that I had a new PTS A or better a PTS C or  PTS 1 situation when she called me one day. While I was gone, infiltrators as well as enemies of SCN had antagonized her behind my back and that caused another “PTS A” sit. Not being there, not being able to calm the SP down did already result in a new and bad PTS Situation.

I wonder if disconnecting from her would have spared me from being kidnapped for “deprogramming” when I was back in Germany. If she would have not known where to find me, it could have spared me the abduction but if I would have disconnected and if she would have known where to find me, I would have been kidnapped too, Marty.

RB also woke me up in the middle of the night to “deprogram” me and nailed crosses and bible citations in my room on the walls, etc. Is it not extremely unfair and even dangerous for a Scientologist not be allowed to disconnect from such a fanatical person? Should a Scientologist be forced to be together with a person who makes her sick? How long can you go without sleep?

However, I think that most Scientologists don’t have a fanatical person like RB in their lives and that their situations could be handled without disconnecting. When I was the President of the C of S Germany, I asked for data as to who had a similar person in her life as I had. It was just one other young woman who had a PTS C situation in the entire org with approx. 100 staff and thousands of public and she was handling it like I did without disconnection. The others were all fine except a few PTS A sits. Not one person in my org disconnected.

As President of the C of S Germany, I was also in charge for the external affairs of the other orgs and missions in Germany. Their staffs and publics didn’t disconnect either during that time. They had some PTS A sits but not PTS C sit was ever reported to me from these orgs and missions.

And despite hard on me, the Scientologist, non-disconnection did work as long I was in the area handling RB’s hysterical attitude in time. It often took many months to calm her down in which I could not much progress on my studies or auditing but I always handled it again and again till the definition of PTS did no longer apply. (But I sure knew that  PTS 1 did apply more me than PTS A or C because although RB could not object to SCN as I made no mistakes, I knew she was a SP. But not being able to progress in SCN at all because of her seemed suppressive too.)  BTW, family members disagreeing with DM should not classify as PTS sit. A PTS sit according to Ron is being antagonistic towards Scientology not DM.

But it is over now. When I was younger I often thought that when RB would die that I would have a huge relief. But I did not because at the end of her life, she was just a shadow anymore of that forceful SP that forced anybody to do what she wanted or else… I mainly was shocked to see how people go down when the body ages and how they lose strength, physically and mentally.

Otherwise, Marty, I spent some more time doing laundry and spring cleaning the house and I’m half done yet.

I don’t have my house stuffed with lots and heavy furniture as I prefer the minimalistic lifestyle more than burden myself with too much MEST, in other words, I rather have lots of space than lots of stuff standing around, Marty. Guess this is what Salt Lake Tribune described as “austere”. Lol. These guys are clueless. It is called minimalistic lifestyle, means one is an unclutterer. I try to get rid of MEST because I love space to walk, breath live, dance, exercise and it is easier to get exterior if not so much MEST around. Interesting is that often poor people clutter more than rich people, perhaps because they think they need that MEST again one day and don’t want to throw it out. RB was the absolute clutterer. She wasn’t sloppy or disorderly but she crammed lots of stuff into little rooms. I have a barn for this purpose and if this one is crammed, I’ll have another one build. I know you don’t like clutter either. I know like me, you love some nice smooth wooden natural furniture and not being crammed with MEST. I also stay away from metal, glass, plush, etc, and very modern furniture. It’s not my style. I don’t find it cozy. What I love most is your lifestyle, the massive wooden cabin style of our sub-habitat.

I miss love you and miss you so much, Marty. After all we went through, we sure deserve to come finally together. And I will hold onto you. This time, we will communicate what we should have told each other a so long time ago and it starts with: “I love you”.

And I got you babe, and you go got me as your babe…



Written by Barbara Schwarz

April 2, 2010 at 2:56 pm

There is a saying: A stupid friend causes more damage to one than an intelligent enemy.

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Dearest Marty,

How are you, my one and only? I saw the first three  versions of the CNN series about Scientology. They showed again one of your photos, saying that you are Mr. Texas or Mr. Texas is you. Is that investigative journalism? Mixing people up?

Anyway, if you ask me, which side of the discussion did win the discussion so far, C of S or the “Independents”, my answer and for sure also yours is: none! Dirty laundry in the public, on national TV about behavior of alleged Scientologists who are lowtone, around 1.5 on the tonescale, this is horrible. It is such a bad example to the world. People losing respect and it means that Scientology shrinks and L. Ron Hubbard’s reputation (and yours of course) is harmed again. It also gives psych ground to conduct even more violence and blame Scientologists on it.

(Look, Mr. Texas’ doggie in the laundry.)

I don’t trust reporters. I made my bad experiences with their lies and twisted reporting. Either CNN cut out certain information or the four-ex-wives-club is very contradictory.

Mr. Texas admitted beating others at the INT base incl. Mike Rinder but the ex-wives-club says that they never saw any mark of any beatings on the bodies of their husbands and therefore no beating took place and DM would not beat anybody. However, Tommy Davis confirmed to the SP-Times that beatings took place but that they were committed by Mr. Texas (your doppelganger). But none of the side denied that beatings took place. As beatings took evidently place in DM’s INT base, the ex-wives should have seen at least the injuries that Mr. Texas caused. So, how come they have not seen what Mr. Texas did to the bodies of their husbands? And what are these mysterical broken arm wrists of Mike Rinder all about that his ex-wife mentioned? Were did those come from?

Again, either CNN did cut out parts in which the women explain that or the women didn’t think the defense  for DM through.

With these outpoints in the defense, it does not look good for DM. As the women failed to admit seeing the marks that Mr. Texas left on the bodies (nobody denied that he beat people up, the only stable data in this infiltrator saga of downtoneness) of other SO members, they don’t look credible. C of S filed affidavits basically saying that DM is as good as a choir boy. But the very contradictory ex-wife club in response to Tommy Davis’ admission is endangering the credibility of these affidavits because C of S had confirmed through Tommy Davis, Freedom Mag and other publication that Mr. Taxes did beat others rather violently.

Yes, many reporters are rude and on 1.1. But it is actually a legitimate question to ask why DM was not called after the first beating by his right hand, Mr. Texas. And as a Scientologist, I ask why DM awarded Mr. Texas so highly with free Cruise on the Freewinds, free training, free medical costs, free apartment, free choice as to what job he wanted to do, etc. if he knew that Mr. Texas screwed everything up.

Physical intimidation and outright beatings as a means of discipline, it is so German, it is so p$ych and is not at all Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.

“We have our own internal methods of handling somebody,” said Norman Starkey, a senior leader in the church, If somebody acts a bit irrationally, it was reported. It was reported internally.”

Such remarks are positioning Ron in a bad light because on one side, DM management says that they do all as by L. Ron Hubbard (which they don’t even remotely) and on the other side they screw things up, the entire world learns how dysfunctional things are under DM. Starkey made it look as the handling of Mr. Texas, Mike Rinder, Marc Headley, etc, was done per policy as DM does all per policy but it did not work… That is really “grand”. It is Ron who gets the blame if you look between the lines of DM’s fan club. They are basically saying that DM did all he could but LRH’s tech might have a fault. How dare them!

What did these internal reports handle? DM stuffed people in a hole  and had them thrown in pools and they retaliated. “Great” handling. And now all this entheta, dirty laundry, shame and non-unprofessionalism is on national TV.

That means that it was reported to DM, right? As Mr. Texas was so high up in the management, DM’s right or left hand, the actions by Mr. Texas most certainly were not just reported to some little Ethics officer.

Norman Starkey has quite some nerves, Marty. As you will 100% agree, beating others is not just a bit irrationally, it is criminal. There are laws against it. And it is completely off policy. So, he either was saying that the beatings by Mr. Texas were just a bit irrational or that even the smallest irrational behavior was reported. But one way or the other, nothing was handled how the real Ron would have handled it. By raising the tonelevel and ethic level of people.

Guillaume Lesevre told CNN that Scientology has “our own procedure” for dealing with problems, “and maybe there is one thing we have a fault on.”

That is just “great”, isn’t it? Between the lines, Lesevre is blaming Ron.  It is Ron’s or Scientology’s fault because  he is saying that they did all per policy and  apply LRH’s the tech but it didn’t handle these guys who got a problem with DM. If DM would have applied Ron’s tech and picked his staff after the tonescale, he would not be in troubles today. If he would get the overt/motivator sequence straight, he would know that exchanging people with doppelgangers or accepting impostors, abortions in the SO, taking SCN over from an impostor, telling Scientologists some crap that Ron left the planet and not getting him back, allowing infiltrators to take over,  etc., etc., results in that he’s pulling in serious stuff.

Guillaume Lesevre said that DM and his administration would give somebody many chances. Yeah right, not real Scientologists as you and me. I was kicked out for nothing but being a real  Scientologist who was not willing to allow infiltrator take SCN over and destroy it. I got NO second chance in the Sea Org. Infiltrators are getting many chances to come back. Real Scientologists not. Not even Ron got a chance to come back. I bet he was already back and had to leave or left on his own.

Again, even if DM never raised a hand against anybody (I doubt it but just for the sake of arguments), he made himself to be the leader of SCN and is fully responsible for the tonelevel of the orgs, particularly his own and for the tonelevel of the people who he recruits in his org.

Tommy Davis said that the Sea org is a place for “tough sons and bitches”.  That is exactly the low tone level, I am talking about. The Sea Org according to L. Ron Hubbard (the real one not the impostor) is the place for true, persistent, effective, industrial, able thetans with deep understanding and affinity for fellow SO members and mankind. As you know, Marty, these thetans are NOT against each other but for FOR each other. SO should and could be the most uptone and constructive as well as effective place on Earth.

Nothing like that would have happened if you and me would have led Scientology and if Ron would be back.

I love you, Marty, very much, and I can’t wait to be back with you. We can still make everything right. But time is any one’s enemies in this rotten universe as time asks for deaths and less people who remember how great, effective and peaceful Scientology was under the real Ron.

Many kisses, my sweetheart. It feels like summer in my neck of the woods. It is very nice. I am here without you baby, but you are with me in my dreams. One day, it will be just you and me. And we will show anybody how effective SO members can be in changing the world to the better who are madly in love with each other. Works so much better than intimidation and fists.

Your wife,


P.S. Speaking about laundry baskets, Marty, a neighbor told me that she tried to fold laundry when suddenly a squirrel (a real one) jumped through the window directly in her laundry basket and scared the heck our of her. Her teenager daughter slept with open windows and a bat flew in her bedroom and a bus driver in this area told me that a snake came in her bedroom. As far as animals are concerned, I sure had to raised my confront here. Squirrels came in my attic, so I played the stereo upstairs so loud that they fled. I have my tricks and defend my castle until I find you, then I will ride with you in the sunset and we’ll let the squirrels  move in. 😉

That is you, Marty, on your way to me.  Looks like I dyed my hair blonde and you sure have to get out of the iron. I love how much you are in a hurry to get to me.  (I know that you would if you could.)