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Scientology doesn’t self-destruct – current and former infiltrators (non-Scientologists lying that they are Scientologists) are trying to run it into the ground – but it will survive

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

You probably read too that the American Religious Identification Survey says that Scientology is shrinking. In 2001, the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) reported that there were 55,000 adults in the United States who consider themselves Scientologists to now 25,000 Americans identifying as Scientologists. That so few are stating that they are Scientologists is most certainly DM’s lack of ability to lead ethically and effectively.

But what happened to all those who are no longer on Church of Miscavige lines but know very well that Scientology unlocked the secrets of the universe and made them see?

Are they in the Freezone or with the “Independents”? No. Just few people are with the Freezone and the “Indies”. I strongly assume that all these individuals will come return to the C of S once DM and no one else like him won’t run it anymore.    

Before 2001, were there already more than 55.000 adults considering themselves as Scientologists? Yes, there were. Take me for example. I never was asked by this survey, yet, I am a Scientologist. But I am no Miscavologist and also never was a Vistarologist. 

There are numerous Scientologists who are not supporting David Miscavige (he says that he is a Scientologist but doesn’t apply Scientology) and are not supporting the “Freezone” or the  “Independents” either because they are in the bed with Ron’s enemies, which makes them to non-Scientologists as well. These non-Miscavige, non-Freezone, non-Indie Scientologists apply Scientology to their private lives and in connection with others, but I assume they are tired to explain all the time why they don’t support Miscavology or the “Indies”. Indie’s have no good “stats” either. After numerous years just approx. 500 people left Miscavology to support them, and I know also why: “Indies” made the massive mistake to support Ron’s enemies (which a real Scientologist simply wouldn’t do, even if she/he would completely disapprove of DM), and that is why this movement is no alternative for real Scientologists.    

Once real Scientology surfaces again within the C of S, there will be instantly millions of people who want to be counted as Scientologists. 

Here is the thing: David Miscavige got Scientology from Ron’s impostor through an affidavit. In order to render this affidavit and DM’s reign unlawful, we have to prove that Jack Vistaril was not founder L. Ron Hubbard but an impostor, which is not difficult to do.  

There will be no help from the “Independents” because Mosey’s husband is your impostor, and the fact that Jack Vistaril was Ron’s impostor is no issue that Mosey’s husband ever will take up because “too close to home”. 

We have to do this on our own without help of anyone. You and I, we can do it once we are together.  Scientologists deserve the truth: JACK VISTARIL WAS NOT THE FOUNDER AND ALTERED SCIENTOLOGY AND PASSED IT THEN ON TO DAVID MISCAVIGE.

One problem is that the entire world is a cult. The entire world is run through ear implants by these psychiatric case officers who set up the destruction of Scientology. Officials, representatives, judges don’t want to hear the truth and don’t support it. We have to find a way where  THEY HAVE TO LISTEN AND ACT and can’t slam the truth the door in the face anymore. The biggest problem of this planet is really stupidity. It would be a lovely place without the dumb and the corrupt (which boils down to the same thing)

Many kisses, my darling.

Yours forever,