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How to deal with squirrels… One has to be better than they are and delivering nothing else but original Scientology…

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent soul mate, how are you? 

I can’t complain that I don’t have enough snow to build snow men this year… But it sure looks nice, all that white fluffy stuff and it makes the world so quiet.

There is no doubt that Ron said that Scientology shouldn’t be altered but kept original. Nevertheless, the alteration happened inside the orgs and outside. But when somebody squirrels, what is the right solution? Going after him like the idiotic squirrel busters in a way that the public doesn’t understand and appreciates and in a way that helps the squirrel to a victim status? Non-Scientologists don’t understand why DM goes after “squirrels”. They think, these squirrels believe in the same scriptures and  don’t understand why DM goes after them and why they can’t exist together, after all, there is no shortage of non-Scientologists. They don’t understand why DM thinks that these squirrels are such a danger for his movement. 

The best solution for everything, and the solution that Ron would have applied: being better than anyone else, delivering better products than anyone who splintered away or uses Dianetics and Scientology unauthorized. That word will get around too. But it won’t get around when orgs squirrel as well. Than the word will get around that the orgs squirrel too.  

There are more than six billion people on this planet. Thanks to the German-organized and secret service psych-supervised infiltration of Scientology, most of these six billion people have no first hand experience with Scientology, and heard just bad rumors.  They have no clue of what original Scientology can do for individuals and mankind. People are thinking that if so-called Scientologists have to fight people who splinter away about not taking its staff or public, Scientology orgs can’t be that impressive and are not very self-confident in getting new people. I bet DM never thought about that. 

Alright, I noticed that there are some actions by the orgs to reach new people (and none by Mosey’s husband and anyone else of the Indie’s or Freezone as far as I can see).  But Vistarology, Miscavology, Indieology, Freezonology is already squirrel and none will solve the problems of the planet. Only original Scientology has this capacity.  Instead of restoring the name of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, by publishing his/its true story, everything goes downhill.

There is no big expansion with Vistarology, Miscavology, Indieology, and Freezonology. One has to study between the lines to grasp as much original Scientology as possible. One has to KNOW the real founder and constantly ask the question: is that within the character of Ron? Would he come up with a finding or conclusion or solution like this?  And many people don’t know how to do it or don’t do it. Or  have no clue who and how the founder of Scientology really was. So, at a certain point, they leave and some of them attack or open their own little operation. As Vistarology and Miscavology is already squirrel, it is the ideal platform for more squirrel when these people splinter off.

Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and some of their supporters posted on occasions that DM “milks always the same cows”. But what about their movement? Don’t they do the same with the very few people who joined them? Mosey’s husband indicated that they can’t make a living… Mosey can’t audit and has to work again in the medical sector. Is that really such a surprise?

These “Indies” don’t bring Scientology to new people. They live of the “crumbs” that fall from DM’s table which isn’t full these days either! The Indies try to rip off the staff and public from the orgs as they are unable to interest new people in Scientology. What a shame for them! Mosey is the ONLY known person that allegedly became a Scientologist through Mosey’s husband’s movement of several years. What a poor statistic that is! 


Public Regges in the Munich org started hundreds of new people PER WEEK. And Mosey and her husband can’t make a living. How can this be competent? I don’t see Scientology applied.

And what Mosey’s husband and his supporters don’t get this: By working hand in hand with Scientology haters, they don’t get Scientologists and they don’t get new people either. Most Scientologists’ stomachs turn when they learn about the connections  to anti-Scientologists of the “Indies” in the news, and new people are getting scared and don’t want to be involved in these fights

In other words: if Scientology doesn’t get a better reputation, neither the orgs nor the Indies will be on a survival track. If so-called Scientologists are fighting among themselves, it is the best method to KEEP INTERESTED INDIVIDUALS AND FUTURE SCIENTOLOGISTS AWAY.

A German proverb says: When two are fighting, the third is enjoying it. You and me, Marty, we know who the third party is. Those who came up with that proverb.

I love you, Marty. I know that I don’t have to lecture you. Wish others would be able to think straight like you.

Many kisses.

Yours forever