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“Mummies” and atherosclerosis… (There was/is something bad in the water and the food!)

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Egypt Mummies Heart Disease

Dearest Marty, my soul mate, how are you??

I don’t know if you have heard about it but “scientists” looked at 137 mummies and “examined” them. They allegedly found that “four different ancient populations revealed heart and vascular calcifications consistent with atherosclerosis”.

Hand in hand with this “discovery”, medical-oriented reporters promoted pill Lipitor and another one suggested that unhealthy behavior like smoking, drinking and eating junk food doesn’t has to stop as people die on  atherosclerosis anyway. They are unbelievable, aren’t they?

Not being a medical and pharma cultist, I am thinking for myself about these “findings”. 

If ancient people really had heart atherosclerosis, it apparently was based on what they put in their bodies back then: water and food. It is outrageous that the governments on this planet and those “scientists” responsible for the world population’s health never advised people to make their water from scratch, be vegetarians and grow their own food with the best water in protected environments. They come up with justifications how expensive it would be, which is a load of bull considering the inhumanity of diseases to people and that health care costs is just about the most expensive thing governments and people have to deal with. There should be no price too high on saving lives by preventing diseases. Instead of paying it to doctors after people are getting sick, taxpayer’s money should be used to help them to live in environments in which they do not get sick. Rather money put in prevention than throwing it at doctors and the pharma industry’s greedy hands.  

Besides “natural” atherosclerosis contracted by drinking bad water and eating bad food, it is also possible that the SEGNPMSS wants to make people believe that not their remote-controlled germs are killing people on heart disease or other diseases as cancer. Unfortunately, I know better. They use remote-controlled germs to make sure that arteries really are blocked by having these germs carrying plague to always the same place within the artery until a person has a heart attack or stroke. Bacteria can synthesise odd- and branched-chain fatty acids. Universities already confirmed that it is possible to control germs with remote control and that they can do such precise things as building conductors. Knowing the typical German medical mind, I am 100% sure that they do this to people’s health. Besides, when I am germ attacked, I can feel it and the non-natural act. 

Even if the SEGNPMSS would not exist (unfortunately they do exist and do all the terror I wrote about earlier) but for the sake of argument, let’s say they would not, it should not need a Scientologist to tell the government and health officials and the rest of the world that people need to make their own healthy water and grown their food with this water because the water and the food on the unprotected surface is killing people. And  after thousands of years, the governments and “scientists” did not come up with inventions that generate clean water from scratch and makes people to vegetarians and makes them farm no longer  on the contaminated outside world . It shows how backwards science is on this planet. There might be different ways to make water: one that I know is to produce minor temperatures in a device that is then turned to water or people should drink distilled and filtered water at least – but I still think that completely clean water generated from scratch with the exactly the correct minerals  is the best way to become immortal. This good water is then also used to grow the food.

Back to the mummies and the study that St. Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Mo did: 

SEGNPMSS corruption however could have also taken place with those “mummies”:

A) What if the plague in the arteries of the mummies was added later by germs? The plague is allegedly fatty.  Most certainly the material was nor fatty when they found them in those mummies? 

B) How can they be sure that it is the SAME what people are having now in their arteries? 

C) How can those “scientists” be CERTAIN that ancient people didn’t eat meat or dairy?

D) Could the calcification in the arteries of the mummies be something else but atherosclerosis? 

E) Who says that these “mummies” are not much younger “mummies” and people who died when the SEGNPMSS was already around using remote-controlled germ to block arteries? Who says that they were not dresses up like “mummies”? (I don’t trust “scientists” who got their university degrees while having ear implants and conspiring together with their case officers.)   

F) Atherosclerosis is allegedly derived from two Greek words namely athero (gruel or paste) and sclerosis (hardness). What if that paste occurs in the arteries when eating bad food and when drinking bad water but hardens mainly if remote-controlled germs do their thing to harden it? If modern people can live decades (depends on when SEGNPMSS decides to kill them with remote-controlled bacteria) with such arteries, I assume that these ancient people did that too and died on something else.   

It was also noted that in our modern times, atherosclerosis progressed a lot more than in those ancient people. And that is because 1) they don’t allow people to live in protected villages where they can make their own food and water and 2) the SEGNPMSS uses remote-controlled germs to clock the arteries by having them drag plague all to a selected place in the arteries.   

Somebody said:  “Then again, modern people live decades with atherosclerosis without dying from it.”  – They die, when the SEGNPMSS decides to clock the arteries by having  bacteria drag plague all to a SEGNPMSS selected place in the arteries. 

Popping pills is not the solution because they will die then on the side effect of the pills sooner or later. For arteries as clean as whistles, we need a new way of living and clean water and food grown by such cleanest of water made from scratch.

Marty, look at this planet. People live and eat and drink still like the Neanderthals on the unprotected surface of the world with lots of health-hurting garbage in it. And why? Because government officials, medical doctors, biologists, and “scientists” are still in their minds Neanderthals and run by their case officers who are also Neanderthals but the top leaders live under much much better conditions than the most of the world population. 

I love you, Marty. The world would be such a different place if more like us would be around.

I miss you. Many kisses.

Yours forever,