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“Uriah” is a cleared cannibal (if he didn’t fake being clear)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, wherever you are…

Minerva registered “her” website in Utah. Now  I run in that Blog of Uriah. When I take the “ia” out of Uriah and exchange it with “t”, I get “Utah”. The third “Marty is a squirrel blog” is using the same WordPress layout that I used long before he created his blog. Are these guys trying to blame their low toned blogs and website on me or what?

I probably wouldn’t have found Uriah’s blog  but as you share the name with Mosey’s husband (but otherwise nothing), I keep finding these strange blogs and websites. I said this before, if DM wants to defend himself, he has any right to do but I wouldn’t want being defended by dummies, liars, infiltrators and very low tone folks because that would come right back and bite me.

Why do I write about that?

Well, the first thing that people ask when they see a website or a blog somehow related to Scientology is: is its pro or con or what is the intention behind it? Depending on their mindset and their experiences, they then choose one side or the other. (I don’t want to have anything to do with the so-called critics, the so-called Anonymous, the so-called Freezone, the so-called Independents or the p$ych agents infiltrated orgs.)

Uriah claims to be an Indy or Freezone blog but its main target are Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder. Uriah also defends David Miscavige and his high personal spending of Scientology money. I am aware that numerous people in the Freezone or with the socalled “Independents” or the “so-called critics” or “Anonymous” don’t like Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder but they don’t make them to their main target. They talk about them in some threads but don’t open blogs just to posts against them. Indys, Freezone and “critics” rather think that DM is the right target, and the guys in the Freezone think that if DM is occupied with going after Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder, he leaves them alone. The only people who put blogs up against Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder and nobody else are the Miscavologists.

I am not the only one who knows who is behind these blogs. Some other people checked Uriah’s blog and posted: “Seems like a dead agent site to me. The section that praises David Miscavige is a giveaway. Remove blank space if you cut & paste in your browser’s address bar:

http ://martyrathbunmikerindermoneymakingracket.wordpress. com/marty-facts/on-david-miscaviage/
http ://martyrathbunmikerindermoneymakingracket.wordpress. com/marty-facts/on-people-who-attack-miscaviage/
Sections which whitewash Miscavige. Just another dead-agent site.”

I don’t defend Mike Rinder or Mosey’s husband. I have my problems with them too, e.g. that they don’t inform me as to your whereabouts, Marty, their promotion of Farrakhan, what they did in SCN in the first place, not revealing that Ron was impostored, etc. They are rather psychiatric and apparently also pro anti-Semites just like the infiltrated orgs. But when a website or blog is so lowtone as rathbunmikerindermoneymakingracket or some of the others, people feel rather that they want to defend anybody that the lowtones attack by using the name of L. Ron Hubbard for their lowtone “job” and their overt product.

What I find absolutely shocking is the low tonelevel of some of these Miscavologists who seem to be on staff. Persons so low on the tonelevel as “Uriah” are anything but good for Scientology. They blow one day and attack it.  Then they claim that real Scientologists put them up to write that stuff as Tory Christman and others did. Or they invite psychs to rewrite Scientology even more. They also insult L. Ron Hubbard by having his name on a blog that is so primitive and hateful as these “anti-Marty”-blogs. Non-Scientologists will turn away in disgust and think that it is Ron’s Scientology that creates people as low as the gutter. But it is not. It’s the p$ych infiltration.

Minerva’s website and “Marty Rathbun is a squirrel” blog and even the Freedom Magazine cite p$ych crap to win the war against Mosey’s husband. And he has psych crap  on his blog too. It is a war in which psych agents fights against psych agents but what I find so hurtful and so harmful is that Ron’s and your legacy is hurt by that, Marty.

These blogs approach Scientologists not new people. But real Scientologists look right away through it and they don’t like the tonelevel. None of these downtone blog owners should get away citing the name of L. Ron Hubbard. And downtone people are not getting that they never will reach uptone people but are rather losing them by displaying such lowtoneness. Which uptone Scientologists wants to know what happens in Mosey’s and her husband’s bedroom? Nobody. He goes on that they have no kids but Uriah’s hero DM has no kids either… Or how close Mosey’s husband is with Sam… If his hand is resting comfortable on her shoulder and that indicates an affair, does it mean that DM had or has an affair with Laurisse Stuckenbrock who rested her hand on his shoulder?

Downtone blogs and websites and Ron’s name on it (put up by infiltrators and cleared or non-cleared cannibals) result in more sympathies for Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder and less for those who write them. It is Scientology and Ron’s reputation that is losing when Miscavologists web such websites or blogs.

I am sure that you agree, Marty, low tone blogs and websites and psychiatric references (and that includes Freedom Magazine) are crystal clear indicator of psychiatric infiltration of Scientology.

Furthermore, “Uriah” attacked Sam on August 23, 2010. Her only critic of the man was not that he is an anti-Semite and therefore should not be a speaker in the org but because she didn’t like his “perfect poise and rather expensive looking perfectly pressed jacket” and that would give her the “heebie jeebies”. Uriah didn’t attack Mosey’s husband for posting in favor of anti-Semite Farrakhan on his blog but that she thinks he is “bad because he is well dressed and presents himself properly when delivering a sermon to tens of thousands of his followers”.

Hitler had also thousand of followers and he likely had expensive suits.

There you have it again, Marty, people who promote or defend an anti-Semite are no Scientologists but infiltrators. Farrakhan is just another one who should bring Scientology even more down with this anti-Jewish hatred and racism.

The RFW complains about Arnie Lerma being Nazi-friendly (and he is) and about Lerma having Nazi connections (and he has) but the Celebrity Center allows Louis Farrakhan to speak and he is allowed the quote L. Ron Hubbard and his work in speeches in which he shows that Whoppie Goldberg really is right when she says that Farrakhan is the new Hitler. What kind of non-Scientology hypocrite is that?

And “Uriah” seems to know what happened in New Orleans in a certain bar and knows before anybody that Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband are in Washington D.C., and the only people who know this in advance are the people  who read the reports that the PIs write that DM hired.

Stupid and downtone people never win anything. They are just getting busted.

And there is also the Anonymous Exposed WordPress blog, who calls himself “doc” (hey, that is no surprise)  basically saying that he thinks that Mosey’s husband killed his own brother, but why didn’t DM and the Miscavologists have anything against a murderer working for him and with them for 20 years or so? The ‘murderer” blew several times and DM called him back all the time. This Anonymous Exposed WordPress infiltrator is pushing p$ych lines and basically is acknowledging that the Freedom Mag is pushing p$ych lines too. Psychs run Scientology. It is crystal clear and that is why there are so many problems.

There is just one category of downtone infiltrator that makes me more upset. That is Caliwog, an Sea org infiltrator who posts outright against L. Ron Hubbard to help DM to a “leave the poor man alone victim image”. It is so disgusting.

The only blog or website that would win is one that provides nothing but the facts and is written ON A HIGHER GROUND!

Again, Marty, no lecture that you needed to hear because you know it anyway. I love you, my Prince. I have a lot to do still tonight, so I have to wrap it up. I kiss you many times. I hope the day comes when we can cast the scum “out of the temple”. I miss you very much.

Yours forever


Germany is an extremist organization

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you?

Madame Liberty is very concerned about the Germans and noted numerous of their rights violations down.

I know the problems in Europe and Germany very well. And I always said, if socalled Independents or many people in the Freezone think that the Europeans, e.g. the German, Russian, French government will leave them alone because they are not the C of S, they are very in error. German run infiltrators are not just in the orgs but also with the Freezone and the Independents, however, it is true that DM and his ways provides these governments with munitions that they need to broaden their attacks on Scientology. These countries are poodles for the Germans and so is the Australian government who wants to outlaw our religion. (Reincarnated criminals once from the UK. Well, yes, they don’t want to be reminded of this but UK used to deport its criminals to Australia as you know. They died there and came back and they don’t want Scientology to remind them on their formerly committed crimes. Missed O/Ws. Before I would allow an Aaron Saxton or an Caliwog on staff, I would check their past life OWs.)

Anyway, Max Hauri referred  recently to this link:

It is a form papers for those who want to become Bavarian officials (I rather would be dead…)

It asks if the applicant would have ever supported an extremist organization. Hey, whoever supported the Bavarian government supported an extremist organization! It lists all kinds of extreme groups, and they are all run by the SEGNPMSS who also runs the officials!

They call Scientology “other kind of extremism” but they forgot to mention their own Bavarian and German government as they are the worst extremists.

They don’t allow any Scientologist nor anybody who works with the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard to become an official. That means, no public school in Germany may apply study tech. Any Scientologist reincarnated in Germany will not be allowed to apply study tech in his next lifetime in school despite it is so awesome. (They won’t get me anymore to Germany, Marty.) Interesting is that they attack Ron and not any infiltrator or DM. It is the poor and good tech that they don’t want but they use the rotten deeds of their infiltrators to have something in their dirty bloody Nazi hands against L. Ron Hubbard.

Nobody may become an official in Germany who ever supported Scientology in any shape or form and they lie that what the German controlled infiltration made out of Scientology and the Sea Org would be Ron’s doing. They are lying through their teeth because even the impostor was a German set up – although CIA poodle seems having complied.

This above linked form is approved by Edmond Stoiber, the Bavarian Ministerpresident. He hired Dr. Jürgen Keltsch for his administration and he still publishes one Nazi paper after the other against our religion. Keltsch attacked Scientology long before DM’s name was known in Germany. I met him in person and when I am saying that he is a Nazi than it is not an exaggeration, Marty. He ordered me being kidnapped from Denmark with the police. He avoided an extradition process (because knew he would not win that because I had done nothing wrong) and threw me in jail (for being president of C of S Germany). He denied my right to an attorney (despite law in Germany), and so did his cronies of judges, I was beaten by German police and they lied that I would be not able to care for my own affairs and they put me under guardianship. While under guardianship, I won all my cases and I represented myself. Helmuth Blöbaum and Rainer Weber offered me the help of a C of S Germany, Wilhelm Blümel but as he was a traitor, I defended myself, and I won approx. 40 legal cases that the Germans had filed wrongfully against me personally while being President of the C of S Germany. (It was later renamed C of S Bavaria.)

A German judge said (after he saw me appear in court) that he thinks that this Guardianship would exist only on paper, and this was exactly what it was. They put me under Guardianship (was not allowed to travel, they took my passport away) so that I can’t see you. It took me approx. 2 years to win it back and then I think they got the idea to arrest you on wrongful charges and had the Spaniards help them.

I won ALL my German cases and that proved also that Keltsch kidnapped an innocent person. ALL OF THEM! They were all against me personally for being the President and they were all fabricated and I was able to prove it. I suffered for nothing in the hands of German law enforcement and their beloved abusive police and psychs.

Germany has no right to show with the fingers of any right violators because they are the worst right violators of all.

There is one guy who wrote that Scientology brought it all upon itself. Oh, really? Guess this applies then all the Jews who were killed by the Germans and on orders of the Germans? They all brought it upon themselves? Give me a break!

I love you, Marty. (They are also behind what happened to Ron and to you.)

Many kisses



Two wrongs make no right

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Dearest Marty, my one and only Prince,

How are you?

I was travelling all day today and I am kind of tired.  Took a shower and will go earlier to bed today.
The anti-Marty blogs on the web are multiplying. Your doppelganger does not deserves my defense, Marty, and I hope that the CIA sees that you need to get your de Rothschild name back because the name Rathbun comes with a reputation that you absolutely do not deserve.

However, I am also shocked by the low tone level and the primitive, hateful, lowtone speech by the people who defend DM – like the writer of this blog:’s-marty/
(like Caliwog who attacks even Ron to make DM look like an innocent baby). I am not in the Freezone. I am not an so-called “Independent Scientologist” but it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure that these kind of blogs are written by hateful Miscavologists. And that shows again that the tonelevel of 1.5 didn’t die out with Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder leaving the C of S.

Anybody has the right to free speech but the public may stumble over these hate blogs, and they may mistake this kind of hateful tonelevel with Ron’s or Scientology in general. It is disgusting.These people should not be in Scientology. They are apparently not bright enough to figure that they can be traced  and that non-hateful and blogs ON A HIGHER GROUND may result in more sympathy for the subjects of their blogs than for the guys who are spitting poison. There are numerous of such hate blogs on the web and they are all sending a false message to the public, implying that Scientologists have these kind of low tonelevel as these “writers”.
I hope that DM gets legally busted  and that the C of S will return to nothing but Ron’s technology. I don’t want C of S destroyed, I want with all my heart that SCN survives, but I am sure glad that I don’t have to rub shoulders with those low tone infiltrators who don’t understand what higher ground means and who show the world their real lowtone tonelevel. They aren’t intelligent either because anybody who reads a few lines gets that they are Miscavologists.

The writer of the MoneyMakerRacket tries to imply that he is in the Freezone or an “Independent” but who buys it when a blog serves the defense of DM?  DM is the reason why the “Independents” or the “Freezoners” are no longer on C of S lines. There might be numerous people in the Freezone who might not like Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder but none of them would defend DM because they say that DM altered the tech and Scientology (even if their version is altered tech too) .

Stupid people and low tone people should not be on  staff. They are unqualified. Period. My advice: get a blog on a higher ground. But if somebody is downtone, he doesn’t know how to post uptone or on a higher ground.

Yours forever, Marty.

I will be back! I love you SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!


Marty, I compared the two “Marty” affidavits…

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and Captain of my heart,

How are you today? I miss you very much! I think of you all the time in between all the work that is coming on my desk. I also often have to handle  DEV-T from all kinds of different places but I make my living just fine, which shouldn’t mean that I have any intention of ever living without you, my irresistible husband or that there is no need for you to come by or let me know where I can find you! I know that you stay away because you want to protect my life because you learned that the SEGNPMSS will blow my lights out once you make a move towards me. But I am rather dead that living a life without you, sweetest and most special man of the entire universe.

I compared the two Scientology related affidavits written under the name “Mark Rathbun”  that were made public so far.

Here is the affidavit of August 13, 1991:

Here is the affidavit of July 14, 2010 (August 2, 2010?):

First of all, here is my theory, and I have to underline that I am REALLY GOOD at figuring things out. Even RB admitted that. She said that I should become a detective because no secret is safe from me. Lol. Its true. I could not live without my OT abilities, Marty. They are essential to me. Star Trek was a fictional series of course but Deanna Troi’s abilities are no fictions because I got them. Problem is only when somebody tells me that he or she has a birthday present for me, I know what it is in the moment they tell me that I am getting a gift, and I can’t do anything against it. I know things before they happen.

That means in future if you ever want to make me a present, Marty you have to put your OT abilities between this gift and me so that it stays a secret. Ron could do it and you are a mighty OT yourself. But I don’t think that anybody else would be able to stop my mind going where other minds don’t go.

Back to the affidavits. I am think that the 1991 affidavit was written by you because I think in 1991, Mosey’s husband was so new in Scientology, he impossibly could have had that profound Scientology knowledge that you had. Moreover,  I think that you wrote that affidavit in the place of  your wrongfully imprisonment, after the Spaniards who conspired with the Germans to arrest you in Madrid  agreed to an extradition request to the USA, California.

Mosey’s husband said that this affidavit is already filed. But he posted a version that was not signed. Doesn’t he want me to see his signature on that affidavit? I think the wonderful strong signature on that 1991 affidavit that was filed in the case concerning Gerry Armstrong is yours not that of Mosey’s husband.

I noticed commas are in place in the affidavit of 1991 but in the affidavit of 2010, there are many missing. Both affidavits have a different writing style, and you mention Ron with “Mr. Hubbard” while Mosey’s dad wrote, e.g. “Shorty after Hubbard’s death…”

However, I am not saying that Mosey’s husband fabricated everything that he wrote of DM. But he ain’t you, and I still wonder if he isn’t a CIA agent making others believe that he is you. Typical SEGNPMSS set up for me but I of all people don’t fall for it.

He really could come forward with the truth because his friends will forgive him anything but I think more and more that he says he is you with some blessing of a secret service who tells him that it is alright and will have no consequences. I don’t think that he keeps on saying that he is you because he wants to win my heart, after all, he just married. He must have other reasons.

He is Robin Hood in the eyes of his friends and supporters, and yes, I learned of his arrest in New Orleans during his honeymoon. One would think that newly weds would do what we would do: spending the honeymoon in a secluded spot and making nothing but sweet love the entire vacation. Anyway, I am sure OSA will get hold of his arrest records very quickly and publish it, and the horrible thing is that they don’t publish that you and he are two very different individuals. If the CIA demands from you keeping the name Rathbun, Marty, you will be now always mixed up with Mosey’s husband.  That’s not good.

Mosey’s husband wrote that DM’s hole would be worse than jail. He was just 15 hours in a holding jail in New Orleans, if he would be longer in a real prison, he would sing another song. It’s a fact that there are gangs in prisons, rape, murder, bad food, dangerous food and water, death, attacks, harassment, sexual harassment, homosexual harassment, loneliness, germs, bugs, mice, rats, dirt, huge spiders, constant noise and not enough air to breath, no window to open and people steal your belongings and your bones are broken for nothing but being innocent and good.

Perhaps if he continues claiming that he is you, one day, he may experience one day the real prison? CIA isn’t allowed to be above the law, isn’t it?

Another creep who posted on his blog as OT VIII (yeah right) reminds me rather of “Caliwog”. He lied that “Ron used to get blasted sometimes with buddies of mine at old St. Hill. He didn’t try to hide it.” What a lie. Ron didn’t drink. As you know, Marty, his fun was clean, he didn’t drink and nobody never did find him in a pub. Great OTs have fun without booze.

Another idiot posted on his blog that “angels are boring”. He never met one! There is nothing more rare and more exciting but a really ethical thetan. That is the only real OT, the one to trust, the one who isn’t disgusting. The only way to fly. Love of the highest levels, away from the primitive dirt, the lies and the buttom! Going exterior by having deepest respect for oneself and those who deserve it. I love you, Marty, because you are on the top of the tonescale and that is why you are so exciting. You are one of my kind. Sometimes, I think I landed on a planet with creatures of which I have as good as  nothing in common, except you and Ron and a very few others.  A non-ethical person is simply an ape.

I have the feeling everything around our great religion Scientology  is getting crazier and five wrongs: DM’s non-Scientologists, “independent” former infiltrators, so-called critics who were former infiltrators or work for and psych front group Anonymous, the press, and the governments make no right.

I love you, Marty, if you can, let me know where you are. I will drop anything to be with you.

Forever love and many kisses!