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1) The FBI fingerprints of Ron’s impostor match because the FBI had the impostors fingerprints and not Ron, the founder’s fingerprints on file 2) CIA boss Leon E. Panetta should finally order his agency to publish the secret “protective” files on the real Ron and founder of Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible prince,

I read an article of the Los Angeles Herald Examiners of January 30, 1986 by Karen Cusolito, a Herald staff writer. She wrote that Georg Whiting, the Sheriff and Coroner of San Obispo County said that the FBI in Washington and the Department of Justice in Sacramento compared the fingerprints of the dead body and determined that it were those of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

(What office of the DOJ in Sacramento was meant? Can it be anymore unclear?)

I know that Jack Vistaril was not Ron, the founder of Scientology, so how come that the fingerprints matched? Not difficult to figure out for two very smart people as you and me, Marty: these agencies had not Ron, the founder’s fingerprints but L. Ron Hubbard, the doppelganger’s fingerprints on file.

Psychs probably plans the same thing with you and Mosey’s husband one day. First they want to kill you and Mosey’s husband briefly after you.

Marty, I know beyond any doubt that the guy who looked like Ron and blew together with Pat and Ann Broeker the real Ron’s money and who called DM his good friend was not Ron, the founder. I recall Ron’s real last name as Eisenhower and that the CIA told him that he has to take a security name as otherwise they would not able to protect him having the name Eisenhower by mingling with international people who show interest in Scientology or Dianetics. I think that the CIA told him that they found a “nice young man whose life was cut short” (Lafayette Ronald Hubbard from Nebraska) who did look a lot like Ron Eisenhower and if Ron want to live to tell people about Dianetics and Scientology, he just can do it under the CIA name Lafayette Ronald Hubbard or he will be murdered before the DMSMH ink is dry. CIA had already demanded from Ike to accept a CIA family to protect his real family if he wants to run for US President. If he would have not done, the CIA felt “unable” to protect the lives of his family from Nazi attacks. CIA should just blow the whistle on the SEGNPMSS and with that, they would protect not just all Americans but the entire world.

I heard once an eyewitness in the White House saying on TV that Ike and Mamie always slept in their own bedrooms and never spent any night together. Some people say that Ike had a secret affair. He had no affair. But after being elected President, he once in a while met at a secret location his real wife that he loved very much.

Ike and Ron hadn’t much of a choice but I know that both had strong reservations but they didn’t want their real family slaughtered, and Ron didn’t want Dianetics and Scientology stay in a drawer and that nobody but us can be OT. They also knew that despite everything, the truth will come out and yes, and they were right, I am publishing it for the world to read. The genie is out of the bottle. SEGNPMSS and CIA poodle just hope that not many people will find it or that their campaign to have their agents spread lies about me will work.

I am sure that they didn’t tell Ron that Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was not dead but that he was hired by SEGNPMSS poodle CIA to impostor Ron, the founder of Scientology. I think that Ron suspected CIA tricks but what could he do? He postulated that the truth will come out nevertheless and his postulates do work.

In other words, the fingerprints are those of the impostor and they did match with the fingerprints on file. My problem with the CIA is that they keep the world further misinformed as to who is who even if somebody is dead and needs no “protection” anymore and even if a U.S. President and his family’s history stays forever wrongfully in the history books. They also think that I am a second class citizen and that I don’t have the rights of other people who are born in the USA, and I have no intention to ever forget or forgive anything of that or ever back down. CIA is such an non-American agency. Leon Panetta should be compelled to publish why Ron and Ike were seen golfing together and that they were father and son.

The article said that Lafayette (the impostor) died on a brain hemorrhage. Guess the SEGNPMSS felt that it is time to get rid of the impostor too, and they had remote controlled germs bite in his brain until it did burst in a hemorrhage. SEGNPMSS isn’t protecting anybody, not even their own agents.

Whiting said that his office would normally not investigate “such a straight forward case”. Straight forward? The real Ron is killed, the impostor and the Broekers blow Ron’s money, the will is constantly changed even three days before the impostor deaths, the impostor is getting rid of too, C of S infiltrators cover up that “Jack Mitchell” was the impostor and nobody of them cares about the real Ron, and the world is being lied to that he was Ron, the founder, and the CIA, the FBI and the DOJ is covering up like German poodles and that is what Whiting calls that a “straight forward case”. It is unbelievable. That is his straight line:

“Church officials failed to notify the authorities until 7:30 am Saturday.” (Very “straight forward”, these infiltrators and non-Scientologists under cover.)

Then they scattered the impostor’s ashes in the ocean. The real Ron wasn’t that lucky. He was murdered two years earlier by doctors barging in on him and they dismantled his body piece by piece in a lab to find out why he was so special, genius,  and unusual. And they missed again his spiritual capacity, e.g. carrying his knowledge right in our minds, Marty. After Ron was murdered  in May of 1984, I felt some kind of merger between his and my mind. Nothing intrusive but I suddenly knew of things from Ron’s life that I didn’t knew before. Yeah, I know, real OT abilities are defamed as nuts these days. Even the Freedom Mag thinks psychiatric now. What a shame. But I know of OT abilities because I got them.

Heber Jentzsch said that a press conference was held to “vindicate L. Ron Hubbard’s good name”. (We need another press conference, Heber, and this time the world has to know who Ron really was and that he was impostored. This is the only way to vindicate Ron and Scientology.)

Marty, I think it will be you, who will shed light on these cover ups. You know how it feels to have a doppelganger take over your legacy. Look around, there are hundreds if not thousand people who met the real Ron and probably the same number that met you, the real Marty, but as the SEGNPMSS has its grip on just about anybody, nobody but me stands up and speaks the truth about this. Even if wrongfully incarcerated, you will make it happen that the truth is documented and published. I know that you will.

My point is: the SEGNPMSS, Germans, agents, psychs, Nazis, impostors, infiltrators changed Scientology and by not telling the true story of Scientology, they are all losing in all eternity. Some think that Ron will show up one day and put everything right. Really? If the real Ron would show up in the orgs and would change what was altered by the psychs or add what is missing, DM and Miscavologists would route him out. It’s like if Jesus would walk in a Christian church today and said: “Hey, its me, Jesus.” Christian security would call psychiatrists to “take care of Jesus”.

I read a posting by somebody about why Jesus didn’t just fly off the cross Jesus, Marty. We as Scientologists understands what Ron wrote about pain and engrams. OT abilities exist but they can be paralyzed under pain.

It is always the same old corrupt song. Everything good gets lost because people are liars and cowards who do not stand up when they should, and they follow anybody who has their ear implant code. The consequence is that there will be never a civilization without insanity, terror, war, and criminality. The planet will be never be OT planet. And it can become even worse. Nazi boots can march again and act up against any race. There will be eternal suffering.

What is most hardest to understand for me is that Scientologists settle with a “Scientology” that is not more the real Ron’s. The Freezone or the “Independents” haven’t original  Scientology either. The SEGNPMSS ordered infiltration from the start and the impostor was there from the start and changed a lot what the real Ron wrote. But real Scientology still could be recovered because I am absolutely certain that the CIA has records of anything that the Ron, the founder, our Ron (not the impostor) ever wrote or said or drew because he was “under protective custody”. Ron with one of his spiritually identities is in me.

That is why I know what I know and the secret services don’t know how I figured it all out. They just know that I did and that they don’t like it and that they want me to shut up but I won’t do them the favor. I’ll be pain in their necks until the truth and nothing but the truth is published for the entire world.

I love you because you are my kind, Marty. I can trust you as I can trust myself. Throw me a rope, let me know where you are, and we make it all go right. We know how.

Many kisses and eternally yours.


Louis Farrakhan doesn’t get L. Ron Hubbard! Farrakhan is an anti-Semite!

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Dear Marty,
Here is a short 2nd posting today.
As a brief introduction: on the left is Jesse Owen, Gold medalist of the Olympic Games of 1936. Hitler would have gassed him if he had a chance, Dwight David Eisenhower – who wrote in his West Point application that he is a Jew – honored Jesse Owen in 1955 as an “Ambassador to sports”.
Farrakhan is an extremist and an anti-Semite.
Here are just a few words to Mosey’s husband’s posting today: Mosey’s husband posted that “Louis Farrakhan” would “get L. Ron Hubbard”. Nothing is further from the truth.

Farrakhan doesn’t get that if the de Rothschild money wouldn’t have been in the United States and the Federal Reserve, the Nazis would have come over and done this not just to Jews but also to black people:
I once heard Oprah talk about the Holocaust. She seemed having understood that the Nazis would have gassed all black people too but Farrakhan just doesn’t get it.
If Mosey’s husband is getting these Malcolm X and Farrakhan ideas from Mosey, her family, relatives, and friends, I would call these people extreme.

If I am right, Marty, and the CIA hired Mosey’s husband as an alleged protection for you because of your importance to the Federal Reserves, he sure is working against his original assignment by promoting Farrakhan who attacks the Federal Reserves, Jews, and the security of the United States. Or the CIA doesn’t give a damn what the people do who they hire.

I have found direct statements by Louis Farrakhan that shows that he is an anti-Semite and any anti-Semite is also an anti-Scientologist.

In the past, Mosey’s husband promoted already extremist (and liar) Malcolm X and now extremist Farrakhan. If he wants to look up to a black leader, why doesn’t he pick one who isn’t an anti-Semite or an extremist and promotes his agenda?

Did Mosey’s husband ever write anything nice about a Jew except when this Jew was a psych? I never read anything like that.

I checked the Anti-Defamation League, which listed Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic statements, and his lies and hatred against Jews are unbelievable!

As you know better than anyone, family De Rothschild’s made their fortune in the banking business, but Farrakhan implies that they made it with cotton. (Basically wrongfully implying that they were behind slavery.)
“The Federal Reserve is the synagogue of Satan… etc.” said Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic bigot. Without the Federal Reserve giving strengths to the USA, the Nazis would be back in a heartbeat, come over here and would gas his behind because he is black even if he would kiss up to them and being run by them. Anyone would be gassed or otherwise killed, Jews, Black, Hispanics, American Indians, Moslems, and the rest   The people gassed at the very end would be those Americans who had German (not Jewish) anchestors. But they would would be gassed too at the end because not really German anymore.

Federal Reserve duties today are to conduct the nation’s monetary policy, supervise and regulate banking institutions, maintain the stability of the financial system and provide financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign official institutions. If it is done ethically, I have no problem with it. And neither should Farrakhan and the likes.

Farrakhan disgusts me. I don’t want to promote Farrakhan’s racist statements by repeating them but this man is an extremist. Like other so-called extreme Islamic leaders, he promotes German Nazi lines, and I bet that those are the people who run Farrakhan and people like him.

The ADL says that Farrakhan downplays the suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust. This is typically for a German agent. About his lies that Jews run the world (German psychs are doing that) and that Jews are anti-black are German Nazi lies.
If Jews would run the world and hate blacks, how come that the officially mightiest man, the US-President, is black? Farrakhan is a German propagandist. Typically SEGNPMSS. He also seem anti-mainstream black.

What an anti-Scientologist this man is! He lies by saying that he doesn’t hate Jews. His tons of anti-Semitic statement says he is, and by promoting Farrakhan, Mosey’s husband is anti-Semitic too.

I love you, Marty.

What is so horrible about the German poodle CIA is that they don’t reveal the truth about their ops even if they could and should….

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Dearest Marty,  my awesome Prince,

How are you? I sure would pay a fortune to know how you are and where you exactly are.

In the later 80s, I saw RTC photos of you and Warren McShane and also  Ivonne Gonzalvez. That wasn’t Mosey’s husband on the photo with them. That was you, Marty. Both of them knew you and worked with you and they should make clear public statements (like all others who knew you) that you are not Mosey’s husband.

I have some more thoughts about that media article of January 30, 1986 in the County Telegram Tribune. Robert Vaughn Young turned out to be no Scientologist, yet he spoke on behalf of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology to the media. And Young wasn’t the only one who did so. It is the old story of infiltration of Scientology and falsehoods about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

Young’s biggest lie: there was nothing illegal. An impostor who claimed being L. Ron Hubbard and altered Scientology and who wastes the real Ron’s, the founder’s cash, that is nothing illegal? I beg to differ!

The impostor did hide because he was committing acts against the law. The real Ron did not hide but was attacked my German hired snipers with sharp munitions and could not reside that publicly as it would have meant playing into his killers’ hands.

Again, I am sure that the real Ron didn’t buy the 160 acre ranch (off Donovan Road south of Creston)  in California but the impostor and the Broker did it with the Ron’s money. If the ranch was bought under an assumed name by Pat and/or Anne Broker, I assume they wanted the place for themselves once the impostor was dead.

Vaughn Young who turned out to be no Scientologist told the media that “Hubbard had a history of taking off, spur of the moment…” What a lie! The impostor disappeared when he feared that the law closed in on him or the real Ron could come by (and I am sure that this “fine man” was hired originally by the CIA, the German poodle!) and the real Ron “disappeared” when he had to recover from being shot at by German controlled snipers who think that the real Ron and Scientology has to go and psychiatry has to stay.

Marty, you know how reliable the real Ron was. Stability and reliability was the real Ron’s way. He didn’t just disappear if not to avoid being murdered. And he also would have left a note for the Scientologists to explain why he had to leave.

After the real Ron’s death in May 1984, the impostor and Scientology infiltrators took illegally over Ron’s bank accounts and his real estate. The impostor’s son, LRH junior, also known under the name Nibs tried to cash in by filing a lawsuit that his father is dead or incapacitated. The impostor does not want to appear in court because afraid that somebody recognized him as impostor. The court covers for the impostor and rules that he has a right of “privacy”. (I suspect that this court new that the real Ron was murdered and that the guy it protected was the impostor.)

It is just ridiculous to think that the real Ron would have been obsessed and wasted his time with rural fences being straight as a ruler and constantly painted. That is typical impostor foolishness. Nature is in motion all the time. The real Ron tried to build underwater habitats not ranches on the unprotected surface of the earth. The impostor wasted Ron’s money with hiring fulltime hand-painters to keep the fence white! That is so non-real-Ron. What a waste of energy, youth, and health to invest into 160 acres of dirt and painting constantly around it. The “wog” way of living saves nobody’s youth and health!

By investigating what the impostor was interested in, it really gives a clue how non-genius he was. I am sure that you know, Marty that the only similarity between him and the real Ron was that they were on the OUTSIDE some kind of look-a-like, just as Mosey’s husband is your look-a-like.

I am sure that the real Ron had affinity to horses. I do too. But wasting his time and money to raise horses on the unprotected surface of the world and not rather building the underwater habitat to preserve life, youth, and health of Scientologists and of his own that is nothing that the real founder would have done. Ron got his priorities straight, buta lawless goofball as former CIA agent Lafayette Ronald didn’t get it right.

Horse trainers! Good grief! Ron knew that Scientology was infiltrated by non-Scientologists and he has nothing better to do than to employ them and hire horse trainers? Actually, Jack Mitchell, also called Jack Vistaril acted EXACTLY like a poor stupid guy who finally got his hands on a lot of cash.

Young who was a non-Scientologist and who spoke on behalf of L. Ron Hubbard instead of a real Scientologist told the Telegram Tribune reporter that “Hubbard studied life” and that is why he brought animals onto the farm. Duh! Ron was interested in the human mind not that of cows and chickens. Doesn’t need much to figure their minds out. I cared for some chickens not long ago as favor for somebody. Took me a few moments to figure out what makes them tick. Typically for a  non-Scientologist to misinform the public how the real Ron  really was.

If that ranch would have been bought by the real Ron, if the real Ron EVER would have seen that place, he would have started to build an underwater protective village, one that protects life, youth, and health. The only place human beings should live away from anything that makes people age and die. Anything else is as stupid and senseless as keeping a rural fence straight a ruler. Even worse, because the life that the impostor promoted is the stupid life that people generally promote who don’t have the IQ to understand that the SEGNPMSS wants them to age (billions of business for the pharma industry) and die (they find this so entertaining when other people die). The impostor tried to “be” the real Ron by trying to be “genius” or “unusual”, so he tried to be a perfectionist with insignificant and stupid stuff. Idiots were thinking: “Oh, that must be LRH because he had so much attention on a rural fence and on the mind of chickens.”

That is why I was kicked out of infiltrated Scientology, Marty, I figured out how things really are.

And a word about the fiction that was published under his name. I am sure that much of what he wrote never was published because contained too much truth as to how the world really is. I do believe that ideas or notes of his fiction were used for the books published under his name and also ripped off by other writers who got Ron’s material illegally by his secret service case officers. But Ron’s uptone tonelevel is not in these books that I read and that carry the name L. Ron Hubbard, Marty. They are completely SEGNPMSS re-written. In other words: the real Ron’s fiction is a lot better and truer.

Kathy Blecha from Author Services said that he was a real scheduled person. (The real Ron was but not the impostor, he just took off when he wanted without leaving a note, like a bum, remember?)

Guess some SEGNPMSS ghost authors re-wrote the real Ron’s fiction and the impostor had somebody bringing those chapters over to Author Services on a regular basis. That is what she considered “scheduled”?

And I bet that the CIA knew and watched how the impostor and infiltrator ripped off the real Ron’s legacy and real estate. It is beyond belief. And these guys think that they are non-criminals. They think whatever they do is for a “good purpose” and they can be above the law. I want to bust them together with their Nazi SEGNPMSS case officers really badly.

Unlike the real Ron, the impostor needed people around him. He felt the need to interact with the people in Creston, Paso Robles, and San Obispo and he was “recognized” said Kathy Blecha, but the secret that he was there remained a secret. Isn’t that interesting, Marty, all the world except real Scientologists knew where he was? The conspiracy felt that they have to avoid that the impostor is recognized as being not L. Ron Hubbard, the founder but Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, the CIA/SEGNPMSS agent.

Actually, I suspect that anybody who was around Jack Vistaril on that ranch was never a Scientologist but rather an agent.

Two years after the real Ron’s murder, the SEGNPMSS decided to get rid of the impostor with an alleged natural death. SEGNPMSS doesn’t value their agents and same applies apparently for CIA poodles.

What is so horrible about the German poodle CIA is that they don’t reveal the truth about their ops even if they could and should. Ron’s impostor never saved his life but left Ron with a bad reputation, altered Scientology and stole his estate. After his death, the CIA should have come forward and revealed why they hired that man in the first place. But German poodle CIA doesn’t do that. Because they are a German poodle. I am sure you know that if you don’t establish officially who you really are, Marty, and that you are not Mosey’s husband, then your own true identity never existed in history and your CIA “protective” (what a joke) name will have the reputation of that of Mosey’s husband, including standing under the shadow of murder because DM wants to get on murder  despite that he didn’t care a bit as long as Mosey’s husband worked for him. You have to get your real name and your real identity back from the feds. Convicting publicly the Germans of running the CIA and other US governmental offices is the best protection for our lives.

I love you, Marty, and I kiss you many times. I have to get out and take care of my “rural landscape” now. I can’t stand when dirt isn’t perfectly lined up. I got my priorities right, as you can see. 😉

Love forever,



Robert Vaughn Young was also a part of covering up crimes against the real Ron and his estate

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Hello again, Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you? I am thinking so much of you.

There was newspaper article of January 30, 1986 in the The County Telegram Tribune also basically wrongfully stating that  Jack Mitchell or “Jack Vistaril” was Ron, the founder of Scientology.

I felt exactly the moment when the real Ron was murdered in the beginning of May 1984 and that article said that the 160-acre real estate was bought two years before Jack Vistaril died. What it means is that the SEGNPMSS informed the impostor and other agents that the real Ron is dead and they immediately started blowing his cash by buying land in other names and asking for millions.

The real Ron never did anything wrong. He didn’t knew Mary Sue, she was the impostor’s wife. He didn’t knew of the GO break-ins or how the impostor changed Scientology behind his back on p$ych orders. He didn’t knew that he was sued because he didn’t do what Jack Vistaril did. Ron didn’t knew of these law suits and in times without the Internet, it was really easy to keep certain information from somebody who has a lot to do and who has to keep up high security because of the SEGNPMSS snipers that were always after him. He could not go near a org without that the snipers shot at him and endangered also anybody else.  The amazing thing is that I know things so certain, as if I would have been personally present. For anybody saying that there are no OTs, they don’t know us, Marty, or they are lying.

Then there is was Nibs, Jack Vistaril’s son not Ron’s son who also tried to cash in. But nobody of these people were entitled to Ron’s money because it wasn’t Jack Vistaril’s money. I am sure that the CIA didn’t tell Ron that his doppelganger who had the legal name Ronald Lafayette Hubbard but who was not the founder of Scientology would steal all his possessions after his death and that infiltrators in the orgs would lie that the impostor would be the real Ron. What a German poodle they are. And any problems arising now out of what Mosey’s husband did and does, that is mixed up with your life, Marty, that is another CIA mess who leave the “thinking” to the SEGNPMSS who are nothing but barbers but no thinkers.

Robert Vaughn Young (the one who died 2003 of prostate cancer) is cited in the article having said that the property was bought under another name but anything was done legal. Yeah right! An impostor and others trying to steal the real Ron’s cash and altering Scientology and also Ron’s fiction! That sounds absolutely “lawful”.

I don’t believe that carrying high amounts of money over state lines was the only problem of Pat and Annie Broeker (Logan / Tidman) aka Mike and Lisa Mitchell. They are reports on that they brought Jack (Mitchell/Vistaril) each week a suit case with a million Dollars and that this went on for several months. It was nothing but millions of dollars THEFT because the impostor wasn’t entitled to a cent of the real Ron’s cash. If the only crime committed was violation of tax regulations, they could have corrected it by reporting to the relevant tax offices what they have done and that they did do it because they didn’t knew those laws but that they want to take the responsibility and pay what they owe including the financial penalty. In other words, DM should have reported it and most certainly, Pat and Annie Broeker (Logan / Tidman) aka Mike and Lisa Mitchell should have reported it. I don’t think that the IRS or state offices would have asked for the arrest of anyone of them if they would have contacted these offices and if they would have reported truthfully what they had done and would have asked how to make that good again.

As I wrote before, there is much more to this story and DM should have turned Pat and Annie Broeker (Logan / Tidman) aka Mike and Lisa Mitchell over to the authorities instead of employing Annie and even calling her back after she left and watching Broeker with PIs for decades. It’s the duty of the authorities to investigate these crimes. If they don’t figure out the crimes, there is still a possibility to support them by hiring additional PIs. But the problem that I am seeing is that nothing was reported to the authorities, which should have been reported, particularly by His Cobness who took over.

Annie is the walking bad conscience, if you ask me. It looks like DM “owns” her. That is why she returned with Mosey’s husband without arguing with him and seeing her Jim in Canada.

By the way, I believe that the USDC, Central Division made so many decisions in which they (deliberately) failed to discover  and judge the Jack Vistaril doppelganger crimes that any decision that they did later are basically cover ups of former false decisions. For decades, this court and the Ninth Circuit court failed slam the book at the doppelgangers and infiltrators in the orgs. The “system” doesn’t work at all. Truth and justice is not of this world.

Anybody’s mailbox on the route is up, except mine. How stupid does the SEGNPMSS think I am not figuring out that they deliberately order the non-delivery of my mail. Besides an attempt to harm me financially by trying to make the delivery of checks impossible, I shouldn’t get YOUR mail or the mail of your representatives of which I absolutely wait. (Maybe you are not allowed to contact me directly due to a SEGNPMSS ordered restraining order that I never filed or approved against you.) No, it is not DM or OSA trying to leave me without mail. They don’t know where I am but I know you know, Marty. Anyway, I asked the post office to hold my mail until the mail box is again up, which could take a month until they are done repairing a road that needed no repairing. I learned that there are people in the east of here, living rather downhill and they have flooding problems all the time when it rains. I am higher up and none of these problems but I am saying that they should rather take care of what’s needed. I hope I won’t get flooding problems after they “repaired” a road that is just used by a few souls and who looked just fine.

I am sure that if I would have hated that old tree that they took down, the SEGNPMSS would have ordered not to take it down. But as I loved that tree, they took it down. Stupid people might think that SEGNPMSS stalking is just my imagination. Anybody smart, who would live with me for a short while would come to the same conclusion that it is exactly as I said. A lot of that happens every day but I can’t write this on a public blog, Marty, because my Internet stalkers just wait for an opportunity to cause me even more troubles. SEGNPMSS runs them too. SEGNPMSS knows where I am but they prefer not telling their agents where I am because you should lose track of me. You won’t lose track of me when my address is plastered all over the net. However, if one of these agent creeps nevertheless traces me too my place, SEGNPMSS wouldn’t stop them either. Whatever hurts and causes harm and pain is a good strategy in the sick minds of the SEGNPMSS barbers and butchers. And this is exactly their biggest error. It is the worst strategy because besides reducing their own self-respect, each crime they committed will be revealed and they will be judged on it. They think that it will not be the case and that they will get away. But you and me, we know that they are dumb and can’t predict the future but we can.

I love you, my sweet Prince. Our lives would be sure a lot easier when we were together but I never surrender to Nazi p$ychs and from their activities against me, I get immediately into what they want to manipulate me and out of principle, I would NEVER do what they want. They lost the entire game when I got suspicious that they are around. People who are unaware can be much easier manipulated than those who know. I oppose them as long as I am alive and even more when I am dead, as thetan without a body. I can’t wait to haunt the hell out of these monsters. Lol.

They can see us when we have a theta body and would try to trap us but without us having a theta body, they are helpless. They are no OTs, just SPs. Ron said that the truth comes out and here I am, doing my best to reconstruct the truth.

Many kisses, and I am back soon!

Love forever,


Doppelganger is a German words and it means that a person who looks the same is walking around at the same time as the original!

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

You probably have heard the famous words: “Tell me whom you love, and I will tell you who you are.”

I love you, Marty, and this indeed who I am.

But these words here should be also famous: “Tell me how you love and I will tell you who you are.”

I love you forever, may it rain or shine. It is really nothing SPs can ever stop. It is stronger than anything. It is stronger than blood, stronger than death. It is within me but it also comes from above, and it is wonderful. The greatest love that ever existed in the universe is happening to the both of us.

Yes, as you know, doppelganger is a German word and means: Doppel means  double and Ganger or Gänger means walker. (It is very revealing that it is a German word!)

I am thinking, Marty… After Mosey’s husband posted that he has PC files of 1981 sessions in which he says, he run his grief and loss of his murdered brother, I was thinking that he may have really joined Scientology in 1977 (and that was exactly the year in which you and I re-joined Scientology again except in different part of the world) but that he was not in the same orgs/places as you were. He is another individual. Jack Mitchull aka Jack Vistaril was simultaneously with Ron, the founder, in Scientology, and I am sure they never met and that you never met Mosey’s husband despite that he was around.

What if the SEGNPMSS killed Mosey’s husband’s brother because they had the plan to pin the murder on YOU? They might have the plan to murder Mosey’s husband too, make him disappear, steal your memory of who you really are so that you think you are him and frame you on his brother Bruce’s murder? I don’t think that they would be successful altering your memory in this regard, Marty, but they might be so stupid to think that they can… Or they might frame you on Bruce’s murder even if they were unable to steal your memory as to that you are not him… If you would say that you are not him, the SEGNPMSS controlled authorities and others would simply say that you are lying not being him or that you are crazy but they still would frame you on this heinous  SEGNPMSS act…

What if they show your or Mosey’s 1981 photos around and suddenly a “witness” comes forward saying that he saw the person on the photos struggling with or murdering Bruce? What if Mosey’s husband claims your alibi? What if the SEGNPMSS plants your DNA around Bruce’s dead body?

If Mosey’s husband claims YOUR alibi because saying that he is YOU is his “CIA job”, then YOU are involved in this murder investigation.

I think it is very important that you establish officially that you are not Mosey’s husband, that you didn’t know this family or Bruce and that you make sure that nobody claims your alibi. I do not believe that Mosey’s husband killed his brother but he better does not claim your alibi but should provide his own. If the CIA is involved in “providing the doppelgangers” allegedly to “protect lives of good and deserving persons” as your’s and Ron’s, then the CIA has to come up with a better plan to protect lives than hiring doppelganger, e.g. busting the SEGNPMSS once for all.

I have doppelgangers too, Marty. But you are like me. If you would be confronted with a doppelganger of mine, you would know too that she is not me. We know our personalities and that is why the SEGNPMSS and their CIA poodle doesn’t win their despicable plans that they have for us.

What a world we are live in! After more than a half a century of Scientology, we are still so far away from: the day we can trust each other, there will be peace on earth.

But the good news, Marty, I trust you completely. You can have your hands around my neck anytime! 🙂

Love and many kisses.




“To love another person is to see the face of God.”
-Les Miserables

Flag Order 3879 “The Sea Org and Future” cancelled – but why is that order so unspecific?

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Dearest Marty, most unusual Prince in the universe,

If we both would sit down together and compare each others memories, I am sure our memories would match.

I puzzle things together while I am writing to you. That means that my blog is a work in progress but I am pretty sure about this here:

1)  Any Scientologist has the right to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the story of Scientology and of the real Ron, the founder. 2) I think Tory Christman got her data about the weekly million Dollar drop off from Jesse Prince, who I find even less credible than her but I still think that DM having Pat Broeker under surveillance for almost 3 decades has to do with lots of money that disappeared. 3) Jack Mitchell was the doppelganger not Ron the founder. 4) Truth comes out always.

Without seeing the papers, I can’t say how much money is missing but it seems that a lot of cash disappeared from the real Ron’s personal estate.

Below is Flag Order 3879 “The Sea Org and Future” cancelled. It was originally issued on January 19, 1986, published in March 1986, and cancelled in April 1988. It was allegedly issued by Broeker himself, 5 days before the impostor died. I am absolutely certain that the real Ron died around May 5, 1984, so this original order is a fraud anyway.

The dead man of 1986 was not L. Ron Hubbard but his fingerprints with the FBI did match because the FBI had the fingerprints of the impostor on file not of Ron the founder.

Some of the signatures on the papers on the will look like the signatures of L. Ron Hubbard but with a little bit of exercise anybody can forge any signature. There was an illegal letter writing unit in the SO who forged Ron’s signature on letters. I received many of such personal letters “by Ron”, Marty, with his signature forged on the paper by somebody else. In the early 80s, the unit was dismantled and a rubber stamp was used instead.

The cancellation of Flag Order 3879 says that Pat Broeker and Annie Broeker were involved in a serious out-ethic situation. When it was so serious (and I believe it was) why were they not turned over to the authorities? Pat Broeker left forever but DM doesn’t just keep Annie Broeker (later Annie Logan and now Annie Tidman) he sent your doppelganger after her to get her back. He sure likes staff who were guilty of very serious ethics violations. If I would be in his shoes, I would be glad if they would leave and never come back to lay some more foul eggs.

Perhaps she did the RPF and a more or less complete confessional or OW write ups but I doubt anybody who doesn’t blow the whistle on that Ron was impostored got rid of his or her OWs.  Marty, I am very convinced that Ron’s idea of rehabilitating criminals was done in cooperation with the authorities. They are turned over to the law. The evidence against them is determined, they are fairly judged and sentences and then Crimanon gets in and works with them while they do their amends (RPF) under the supervision of the correctional authorities. He never meant to have law violators on org grounds doing MEST work or whatever.

If Scientology ethics is applied truly, nothing would be better to change somebody’s character to the better but nevertheless, Ron made clear that the law of the lands never shall be broken and if somebody is seriously out ethics as the Flag Order says the Broeker’s were, those ethics violations must have been violations of the law and the Broekers (both) should have been prosecuted and judged for that and should do time with Crimanon helping corrections. Not reporting crimes to the authorities is yet another violations of the law.

Flag Order 3879 wasn’t seen by Ron. (Well, that is very true because Jack Mitchell wasn’t L. Ron Hubbard but an impostor.) The Flag Order says that the rank Loyal Officer is cancelled because there is no such rank in source material. That is true but there is also no such rank as COB in source material.

The cancellation order says: “In a further attempt to boost his status, Broeker has claimed having worked with LRH for several years prior to January 1986. Thorough investigation has since revealed the fact that during the time Pat Broeker asserted he was “working close to LRH”, Broeker was absent for extended periods of time under false pretenses and was in fact almost never at the same location that LRH was.”

Nobody who worked with the impostor should be allowed to say that he worked with the founder or source and that should also apply to the COB. That impostor of Ron seemed really a man who was not able to captivate people. Many people left the Apollo under him and Mike Rinder and Pat Broeker all had something better to do than sticking around him. And why? You know it, Marty, I don’t have to tell you that. But for anybody else who lurks around here (My blog has 10.000 hits now): they knew it wasn’t the real Ron.

The last evidence that I saw of Ron is this photo made in the early 80s while he produced  movies. (Wonder if Scientologists ever saw his movies or just what the impostor did at the same time.) The real Ron, probably the last photo of him:

Somebody montaged this photo on the wall of Ron’s impostor to manipulate people in thinking the real Ron is the impostor.

It is possible that the impostor (on orders of the SEGNPMSS and perhaps also the German poodle CIA) did the same thing at the same time elsewhere so that the two identities can be later put together “seamlessly” and that others buy the impostor story.

Let’s say for the sake of arguments that the Broekers were the people who were around the real Ron before he died. All knew that Ron was the biggest psych target since he dared to publish the DMSMH and if the Broekers were rarely around Ron, that means that anybody could have ambushed him at any deserted place. Question must be raised: from all the Scientologists who truly honored Ron, why were the most out ethics people around him? This has organized crime written all over it.

The order says: when Broeker “was with LRH prior to 1986, he was there only as domestic staff not in any technical or administrative capacity.”

Domestic staff are very important, they can poison ones food or open the door to let killers in or steal property. I am not saying that the Broekers did that but that I am convinced that DM’s PI surveillance of Broeker has to do with missing cash and not just change.

Once again, the data that the Broekers withdrew Millions of Dollars from (the real) Ron’s bank account and dropped it at the desk of the alleged LRH (which wasn’t Ron but the impostor) is from Tory Christman who wasn’t a staffmember. It seems that she got her info from Jesse Prince who was a RTC exec but who apparently was never a Scientologist and had a criminal records before he entered the orgs. It is possible that Jesse Prince knows something but also possible that he lies. He sure covers up like the others that Ron and you, Marty, were replaced by doppelgangers.

Anyway, another look at the Broeker story. The cancellation of the Flag Order 3879 says that Pat Broeker was only a domestic staff. That means that the argument: DM is afraid that domestic staff Pat Broeker without any or much technical and administrative knowledge or praxis will come back to lead Scientology after gone for decades doesn’t make sense. It would be like a maid rarely anybody remembers suddenly want to run the Hilton hotel empire because she worked there 30 years ago.

Also, if DM would suspect Broeker of opening a squirrel group or having still “LRH”-notes and writings in his property, wouldn’t he hear that in the age of the Internet immediately and could then jump on Broeker without having two PIs on him all the time?

The PI surveillance of Broeker for decades makes no sense at all, particularly as Broeker (apparently never a real Scientologist but rather a former infiltrator) doesn’t seem at all interested in Scientology technology. Again, I suspect lots of money and perhaps other property is missing from Ron’s personal estate.

And I want to know why the “serious out-ethic situation” was not reported to the authorities and why no charges where filed against both Broekers and why DM called Annie back to stay in the SO.  I want to know exactly what is missing but again – I don’t want to trust the amounts that Tory or Jesse Prince mentioned and the stories that they are telling. I also want to know why Scientologists were never informed about what the “serious out ethics” was. DM was a lot more detailed about reporting on Amy Scobee, Mosey’s husband and even sleeping on his desk (Mike Rinder) was reported. So, how come no Scientologist should learn what the Broekers did?

The cancellation order says further: “Though LRH” did not write the FO “The Sea Org and Future” his estate planning definitely took into account the future of Scientology and the Sea Org and this is being executed as intended. LRH also made plans for the external existence of Scientology technology, which he commented on in Ron’s Journal 34, THE FUTURE OF SCIENTOLOGY, and these plans have been activated and being carried out for by the appropriate church executives.”

What are the names of these executives? The writer(s) of the cancellation provably never read what the real Ron said about using generalities. The real Ron wants of course Scientology to survive while the impostor apparently was just interested in blowing the real Ron’s money. But no so-called LRH will and testimony after beginning of May 1984 is valid because the impostor survived Ron, the founder until January 24, 1986. It’s all fraud what happened after May 5, 1984 and has secret services and their agents activities written all over it.

F03879 cancelled concludes with these words: “LRH’s intention with regards to what needs to be done in and with Scientology were clearly expressed in his HCOBs, HCOPLs, EDs, tapes and advices, including directions for the issuance of previously unreleased material, which are being complied with.”

Marty, I think the only way to find out what the real Ron wrote and what the impostor or others wrote (on orders of the SEGNPMSS or any other secret service) is to compel American secret services to turn over their records on Ron. Marty, I believe that the real Ron was under “protective surveillance” pretty much all his life and that they have the real data but as they are German p$ych poodles, they haven’t come forward yet.

Some Scientologists might be shocked that I would trust what’s coming for example from the CIA. I wouldn’t trust blindly what’s coming from them and would examine their records again and again beyond any doubt. Also, they should get this: if CIA agents or other US secret service agents were assigned to watch the real Ron for reasons of “protective surveillance” and these agent weren’t full blown SP, they might have become  Scientologists just by watching what the real Ron said and wrote as what he discovered and wrote and spoke about was so genius and so true. However, as longer they take to come forward and tell the true story and back it up with their evidence as less likely they will get away in my book with being on the good  and true side.

I know that that you are constantly working on documenting the truth, Marty, and I know that at the end you and I will succeed.

I love you so much, Marty.

As you, I really want to know the truth. I am tired of all the lies. I want crystal clear established what happened and I don’t buy “all is fine and nobody was or is impostored” story because this is the biggest lie of all.

I miss you, Marty. I hope you come through with your personal mission to reach me beyond all the threats that were made to keep us apart.

Yours forever, and many kisses


Wikipiggy (Wikipedia) in troubles with the FBI

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,  my one great love,

You probably heard that Wikipedia is in troubles with the FBI over use of the FBI seal on the Wikipedia site. FBI says that Wikipedia used the seal without FBI permission and threatened with legal actions if Wikipedia (founded by Jimmy Wales and edited by many other creepy people) doesn’t removes it.

Jim Wales is also the founder of the “adult”search engine Bomis. I heard that he doesn’t like people to call Bomis a porn search engine but there are about 332,000 results on Bomis relating to porn on Google and 104,000 hits on Bomis and child porn. I don’t want to read anything of these links  but the FBI should look into it.

Here is one article about this dispute:

I don’t consider Wikipedia’s editors and administrators free people and impartial people but cultic robots with ear implants who comspiratively defame and harass people like you and me and others on this undemocratic encyclopedia. I had to watch their lies about me (and you and Ron) while they banned my IP number to prevent that I provide correct information.  Anybody who wants to harass anybody else, anybody who wants to redefine history and who wants to cover up how things really were and are can do so by through Wikipiggy who gives a damn on individual rights of good people.

The attorney of Wikimedia, Mike Goodwin should rather look into how many people’s rights were violated by anti-free speech “encylopedia” Wikipiggy and how many good people are defamed  and harassed by their lawless editors and admins and how many deliberate falsehoods are on Wikipedia.

I think that Wikipiggy deserves any legal troubles they can get.

Here is somebody else who did some research on Wikipiggy:

English Chris Owens (according to the RFW, he is an admirer of Bin Laden) who smears and scribbles almost a decade on Wikipiggy and denies as their admin free speech to people on Wikipedia who just want to correct false or incorrect entries is involved in that FBI dispute too and shows  his anti-FBI attitude. (See Wikipedia discussions.)

I webbed some of my FBI letters. It appears that the FBI has visited my blogs too, Marty. They haven’t yet said anything to me but if David Larson or anybody else of the FBI wants to tell me something, they can always approach me. There are many other FBI letters on other websites and blogs by other people but I sure have a nice collection, haven’t I?

I have no intention violating any laws but when the FBI approaches me, I sure will tell them more about my negative experiences with Wikipiggy and will ask them to collect my stalkers. Asking them about you is rather senseless, Marty, as they will more than ever refer me to Mosey’s husband  instead of you since he decided to appear in the spotlights.

But again, the FBI and the CIA has the technology to determine that Ron, Jack Vistaril, you and Mosey’s husband are four different individuals but they failed to do that yet.

The CIA seal is on Wikipiggy too. Wonder if Wikipiggy gets in troubles with the CIA too. I have a public image photo of the CIA emblem on their floor on my blog.

I will watch that, Marty. I am sure that you told somebody to make copies of the FBI letters for you in case the FBI demands that I take them down.

I love and kiss you many times.

I’ll be your love till the end of time

(What a great song but the dancing girls made me laugh. You don’t see this anymore today – unless in a comedy.)

Yours forever,