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The U.S.A and Scientology have the same covert enemy!

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It is typically German to blame others on their own overts and withholds! And losing two world wars doesn’t make SPs better. The opposite, they are even angrier.  So, is Ursula Merkel the biggest SP on the planet? IMO, she is just a puppet on a string…. A string that is being held by the doctors  (once barbers and butchers, and it still shows!) of German secret services who control also the rest of the world through ear implants.


Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince,

When I am gone for a couple of days, I am still thinking of you and wish that I could be together with you. When I am gone for some days, it means that I have so much work to do that I can’t even take breaks. But here I am again.

The United States has overwhelmingly a bad reputation with the rest of the world. One just as to read the foreign press or postings. Doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is better than the USA or that the USA should please others. But SEGNPMSS likes to set the USA up by having so-called Americans (officials, representatives, service men, private citizens) doing unfavorable things. Officials, representatives, service men, private citizens of other countries commit these or similar bad things too but their activities are swept under the carpet  and the outside world attacks mainly the activities by so-called Americans . The same happens to Scientology. SEGNPMSS controlled infiltrators change Scientology from the inside and do unfavorable things, and the “outside world” is attacking it.

Another thing that I noticed is this pattern: The U.S. government just like the Scientology orgs often trust somebody or a movement. They let him/her or them into their rows. Suddenly, after being there for a short or longer period, those who they supported suddenly leave and attack the USA or Scientology. It happened all the time. That analysts don’t see that those are set ups just reveals that they are either stupid or remote-controlled, which means being stupid too. 


How often do we hear that the USA had a friend and supported a government that suddenly turns against the USA. They delivered weapons to a country to defend “the free world” and the weapons were used later to attack US soldiers. This was the SEGNPMSS plan from the beginning.

How often do we hear that Scientology had a “loyal” member who left and then attacked it? The good originals are replaced with lawless or worthless doppelgangers and imposters! This happens not just in the org but also in the US government. The CIA and other US agencies like the SCN orgs have lots of incompetent staffs. The USA and the CIA is often blamed on what the SEGNPMSS did. CIA has worldwide a bad reputation because they protect the SEGNPMSS, carry out its orders  and  fall in their traps, if affairs or more serious matters, and are stupid to take the blame for the SEGNPMSS. Germany gets away with anything as “Americans” are not allowed by their case officers to speak up against it. Infiltration destroys Scientology because non-Scientologist case officers don’t allow Scientologists to speak up against the infiltration, alteration of SCN,  and the impostors! 

For me, all is very transparent. And if not just about all people would be controlled through these idiotic ear implants, it wouldn’t just me saying this.

I wish I would have the time to make a time-table whenever the USA or Scientology was/is set up by the SEGNPMSS. It will be a very long list.  It is a shame that political analysts and reporters don’t get the obvious or are not allowed to write about it.

The United States is not the land of the free. SEGNPMSS allows this line to make US people think that they are free to give the SEGNPMSS all the time they need to destroy the USA in any detail. The USA is the most set-up and conspired against country on Earth  because Germany wants to become world leader no. 1. Since takeover by “Jack Vistaril” and DM, Scientology is no longer the religion of the able and intelligent. It is the religion that is set up by the Germans to be hated and destroyed.

The parallels between the problems of the Scientology orgs and the US. government are eerie.  

I know that you discovered this too, Marty. I wish you could speak out.

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever.