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“Caliwog” makes me feel like Jesus, Marty, I want to cast him and the likes out of the temple! Even his name says it: I got a call, now I am a Wog. (Call I Wog)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Yes, “Caliwog” makes me feel like Jesus, I want to drive him out of the temple! But the same goes for all other current and former infiltrators in Scientology.

And the same goes for those who allegedly or really “confessed” that YOU did bad or unprofessional work in 1986 (Mosey’s husband) and former and current infiltrators who smear your work now in the FREEDOM MAGAZINE in hateful articles, in which they wrongfully inform that Mosey’s husband and you would be the same person and are accusing you on what was never unprofessional work and never an overt.

Real OTs know who you are, Marty, and they have deepest respect of you. It’s the wogs in Scientology who are just not getting it.

What kind of “Freedom” is that, which allows impostors and doppelgangers (of you and also L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology) in Scientology to smear your excellent ethical legal and ecclesiastical work for Scientology before the end of 1988? (Because that is the date when you vanished and briefly later, Mosey’s husband took your position.)

I bet a Million Dollars that “Caliwog” is an infiltrator and on staff, likely OSA staff. His blog has just one purpose: whitewashing David Miscavige by blaming Ron and Scientology but not his master DM, the boss of the tough son and bitches fight club who awards the downstats and doesn’t apply the tonescale and other by chosing his executives but who is ultimately responsible for anything that happened since he took over.  He who described certain people are psychotic and dangerous but assigned them to lower churches because in his mind, Scientologists in lower churches need no protection and who failed to turn the psychotic and dangerous over to the authorities.

Minerva’s website is now allegedly or really run by another person and their blog is called something like “Rat Rathbun” and they re-publishing Caliwog’s postings in their comment section. (Posting comment by “Mona Lisa”).  I have read also  pro Aaron Saxton, another L. Ron Hubbard defaming weirdo who grew up in the Sea Org while DM run the Sea Org. There is no doubt with anyone that this blog, allegedly Scientologists, liking to Freedom Magazine and the RFW is an OSA operation.  But the chilling thing about this is that they feel that it is not okay to post that David Miscavige is not a good person but it is okay to defame and lie about L. Ron Hubbard (their kind words about Ron’s defamer and attacker Aaron Saxon and them referring to Caliwog’s blog and even re-posting his postings) if it serves the purpose to whitewash “the Chairman”.

All these guys who infiltrate Scientology and run these dirty undercover operations within the orgs are really no Scientologists otherwise they would know that  thetan basically knows. Thetans basically know that  they are a whitewash movement for His Cobness and that their lies are perceived as such.

Anybody, including David Miscavige has a right of defense. If he really didn’t do what Mike Rinder, Mosey’s husband, and others claimed he did, he sure has a right to say so and publish it. But allowing OSA infiltrators to attack and defame L. Ron Hubbard in Caliwog style (DM just did what LRH did) is not just a bold faced lie (his Cobness does what his secret non-Scientologist case officer orders him to do and he didn’t inform the authorities that Jack Vistaril wasn’t L. Ron Hubbard so that he can be the boss of SCN) but shows that these guys are really non-Scientologists.

In all those years, Marty, I always still tried to help the orgs, despite their infiltrators kicked me out illegally and nobody offered me my position in the Sea Org back or apologized. But I can’t and will not ever support any operations that secretly attacks L. Ron Hubbard to make their master David Miscavige look innocent. I just want to cast them out of Scientology.

Scientology is infiltrated since a long time by the SEGNPMSS, a German secret service, already before DM took the control but DM did not just meet the impostor he met also the real Ron in the UK, and he knew that the great expansion of Scientology under L. Ron Hubbard (the real one) wasn’t caused by running the orgs in typical Nazi style but he was the leader of Scientology with humanity, decency, truth, ethics, original technology, and humanity. And nobody can convince me that he didn’t knew that Ron was impostored and that the dead guy of 1986 was not Ron, the founder but the impostor.

Scientologists were once very nice and helpful to each other as you know, and the real Ron never wanted anybody turning into a robotic person who beats the crap out of others or abort babies and hides evidence. DM knew how the real Ron was like but he didn’t implement the real Ron’s ways but continued the impostor’s German ways, and DM (the innocent[not]!) took everything even a step further and turned it even more in a non-Scientology church but a 1.5 fight club. Miscavologoists  say that he didn’t do it but he set the tone, he hired dangerous or incompetent people into high positions, and after he saw over and over how dangerous they were,  he still awarded them but assigned them to local churches instead turning them over to the authorities. Leaders are being held accountable because they are ultimately responsible, and “Caliwog”, and this ridiculous Aaron Saxton want to change that fact and want to manipulate the thinking of the public that DM (and I bet he has invisible non Scientologist case officers) carries the responsibility. (I personally don’t believe  that DM never raised the hand against somebody and never was abusive.)

“Caliwog” wrote in his despicable traitor blog: “I will award US$5 cash to the first Independent Scientologist who can successfully prove that the above claims are the fault of David Miscavige and his “squirrel” tech and not the originations of L. Ron Hubbard.”

See? The purpose of his blog is whitewashing DM by all mean. I met people in Scientology org and they hated Ron. And Caliwog is one of those.  Reading his weird defense of DM says that he is  DM’s dupe. Having not more than 5 bucks to bet, indicates Sea Org staff pay.

Anybody knows that DM is the leader and if he would be any good and wise as leader, he wouldn’t be in the troubles he is today. I heard what Tommy Davis admitted did happen in orgs. Violence and law violations never happened under the real L. Ron Hubbard, people where good to each other. You know this, Marty. How dare “Caliwog” and Saxton to blame DM’s leadership on Ron!

Here some more of my thoughts on Blogger “Caliwog”, Marty.

He says, he is not OSA, but I think that is what he is: a non-Scientologist infiltrator who defames L. Ron Hubbard to make DM look innocent.  Infiltrators have no conscience. They are wogs within the orgs, just like “Caliwog” says, he is a wog, a non-Scientologist but I am afraid he is occupying a position within the SO like so many other infiltrators who harm and alter Scientology inside and then blame Ron on what  their non-Scientologist leaders and case officer radios them.

DM who “inherited” Scientology from Ron’s impostor and took over from the LRH impostor  and that is not evil in “Caliwog’s” eyes. DM didn’t apply the tonescale by picking his executives and awarded unethical people highly and set the 1.5 tone for a violent SO in which even babies are aborted, and that all makes DM in the eyes of “Caliwog” a victim who should not be blamed. DM uses Scientology funds for personal gain but in Caliwog eyes, DM is a “victim”.  He rather blames DM’s way on L. Ron Hubbard who was impostored and his tech altered and DM didn’t blow the whistle on that.

If DM would be a real  Scientologist, he NEVER would have accepted an impostor as LRH, never! Because  a real Scientologist knows that an impostor hasn’t the knowledge that Ron has and that there is no way becoming truly OT by accepting impostor material. A real Scientologist never would accept an impostor for the real person. It is also against the law! This is not harmless but has felonies written all over it!

“Caliwog” also doesn’t mind bashing Scientologist Craig Jenson as long as it serves his purpose to make people believe that Caliwog is not a DM  apologist and agent. His anti-Scientology and anti-L. Ron Hubbard blog and postings have only one purpose: he wants people to think that DM isn’t evil or an SP. Caliwog is a SP and DM is one too.

DM accepted Scientology from Ron’s impostor because DM wanted power and money. We heard that SP Pat Broeker was hiding material that belonged allegedly L. Ron Hubbard, e.g. upper level research, notes, “Ron’s” PC folders, and other material, and DM “got it” from Pat Broeker, Marty.

Alleged Ron material in the hand of SPs, and Scientologists should think that nothing was altered, planted or stolen? Because SPs aren’t that bad that they would alter Scientology? Yeah right. (By the way, all the material that was coming from that trailer in San Obispo County wasn’t of the real Ron but of the impostor, and that guy was the babbling idiot from the Apollo and a criminal. But you know this, Marty, I am sure of that.) DM considers Pat Broeker an SP but he accepts Scientology material that was in his hand for so long as true source material? And we Scientologists should swallow this? Pat Broeker, a SP wouldn’t steal, keep, alter Ron’s documents and material or plant material not written by him? (However, I am convinced that anything that Broker  had was the impostor’s garbage, including his PC files.) But “innocent” DM sold it to Scientologists  as source material.

“Caliwog” doesn’t mind kissing up to psychiatry and defending Prozac, etc. as long as he thinks he can get on the side of the “critics” and make them stop attacking DM but rather L. Ron Hubbard. If anybody would sec check this Caliwog, he would see a rock slammer.

“Caliwog” doesn’t blame the impostor but Ron the founder who had founded no cult and was completely anti-cult.

From “Caliwog’s” blog:

“The idea that David Miscavige is an evil SP bent on destroying Scientology is absurd. Personally, I think there is plenty of evidence that DM is a true believer.”

If DM would be a real Scientologist, he would have never accepted Scientology from an impostor because nobody is going OT with impostor OT levels. However, DM can’t get immediately away with everything without making Scientologists suspicious. He has to change things slowly to make nobody too suspicious. DM has to keep up the façade that he is pro-LRH because only people like Caliwog would stay at his side, if he would show too obvious that he is not a real Scientologist.

“Caliwog” continues to praise DM: “DM could… make himself a hero by getting Scn to the next level… But he doesn’t do that.

DM has to be careful if he wants to stay in power. Stupid infiltrators as “Caliwog” still applaud him but real Scientologists (also still in the orgs) are not watching him through pink glasses.

This is also from Caliwog’s blog:

“Caliwog // July 7, 2010 at 10:03 am

Mirna, a good point. I hear people trying to blame David Miscavige for the breakup of families, but the truth is that LRH instilled a “Scientology uber alles” mentality in his followers that exists to this day. Caliwog”

Before DM took over, there was no disconnection policy. I was the President of the German C of S, and we had not one disconnection case in this big org. We handled our problems with PTS SP tech. While I am not saying that a Scientologist should live under a SP and has no a right to free herself from this suppression, but evidently, disconnection became a way of life under DM, and cases which could have been handled with PTS/SP tech were not. People rather disconnected, and now the problems come to haunt DM, the “innocent”.

“Caliwog”, the German run infiltrator blames L. Ron Hubbard on DM’s disgusting actions. DM heard Ron lecturing in the UK. He knew that Ron valued family highly. It wasn’t Ron who cut SO members 2nd D in half, that was the non-survival idea of DM or his secret non-Scientologist case officers.

DM knew that he was continuing the impostor’s way but not the founder of Scientology’s way and that makes neither “Caliwog” nor DM innocent!

Such people should not be in Scientology.

“Caliwog” continues with his crap:

“The purpose of this blog. I think there are some Scientologists, both church-affiliated and independents, who think the purpose of this blog is to convince people to stop believing in Scientology.

It isn’t. The purpose of this blog is twofold:

1)    To counter Marty Rathbun’s attempts to take advantage of the bad publicity against the Church of Scientology by attempting to put all of the blame on Church leader David Miscavige and whitewash Church founder L. Ron Hubbard, blah, blah…

No, it is onefold: Helping DM to an innocent victim image by manipulating the opinion of the people to end DM’s pulled in troubles and  rather blaming his  non-Scientology leadership on the real L. Ron Hubbard who was nothing like DM and who would have never left SCN to DM. The impostor did.

Yes, change comes from within, and DM and “Caliwog” can open their own cult for all I care, and they should leave Scientology to real Scientologists who apply the technology and don’t want to settle for an impostor or a German version of SCN.

In DM’s mind, Mosey’s husband is his worst enemy, and that is why “Caliwog” concentrates on him and comes to the DM rescue. You can’t except truth from “Caliwog”, he not a Scientologist but a Miscavologist. And by reading Caliwog’s blog, we know what a Miscavologist is like.  The total non-Scientologist, the total wog.

Many of DM’s actions are broadly known, but “Caliwog” just has a little slap for DM’s wrist and calls what he did some “misdeeds”. Ripping off a religion for personal gain and power  is something much more serious than a misdeed.

On ESMB, the anti Scientology hate message board of Michelle “Emma” Ryan Sterling, Caliwog blamed Ron and defended DM earlier this month.

On July 1, 2010, “Caliwog” wrote in the same message board in the thread:

“Marty also has expressed his belief that I work for David Miscavige. And without being too crude, a quick glance downward in the shower would indicate to me that I’m no Barbara.”

Well, “thanks”. In his blog he lets people guess if he is a woman or not.

In this case, accusing “Caliwog” to be DM’s man, I agree with Mosey’s husband.  I am convinced too that “Caliwog” works for DM – if he isn’t DM himself, and yes, neither of them are like me. I don’t defend the guilty and attack the good and post that Prozac is harmless or allow psych trolls to promote their dangerous trash on my blog!

I end this here, Marty, I wrote enough of this DM apologist – but there is plenty more information on the net saying that “Caliwog” is “CaliDM” and his actions show just even more how little DM is a Scientologist by having his agent defaming L. Ron Hubbard, attacking and defaming Scientologists as Craig Jenson  and defending and promoting psychiatry. With a guy like CaliDM, DM sinks even deeper in my opinion.

It is so disgusting!

Finally, the main supporters of Caliwog is confused Aaron Saxton (who never met L. Ron Hubbard) and one of my stalkers, a bum, homeless since three decades who was never in Scientology, an Alcoholic who invades every board with many socks to get his psychiatric hatred posted because he was rejected as a man. Emotionally unable to handle rejection, he know wants all Scientologists labeled with the psychiatric label “Stockholm Syndrome” despite any of his postings say that he is the one who has serious mental problems. He posted on ARS that beatings within a church  would be completely tolerable.

At the end, when it is time for the truth and nothing but the truth, I will hold the despicable actions of “Caliwog” against the DM administration. These guys are no OTs because when they would be OTs, they would know that OTs are looking through this right away.

Yes, they make me feel like Jesus! I want to drive them out of the temple, the Scientology orgs that is. “Caliwog” thinks he can never be traced to DM. I beg to differ.

I love you, Marty! Very much!



Written by Barbara Schwarz

July 14, 2010 at 5:43 pm