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Crop circles…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

There are a lot of theories about crop circles and who made them, from aliens to neighborhood pranksters, but no real explanations how these pranksters entered the fields without leaving  foot prints. A helicopter could drop them and pick them up without landing – but the wind of the helicopter might batter the rest of the field around the crop circles and the neighborhood would hear the noise of the helicopter.

Crop circles showed up in Oregon in the 60s. There is a Oregon professor who says that a microwave can bend grains and one can form a pattern in crops using a microwave. He says he is sure that those doing it are artists.

Gee, doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure out that an artful crop circle pattern is designed by a person with artistic skills. But who in the 60s had microwaves? And who has now microwaves so strong that they can create that such pattern in the middle of large fields?

He didn’t explain how the people got into the fields without leaving a trace. He didn’t explain what power source they used for their  microwaves. Besides, all these crop circles look to me done from above not within.

Who are they kidding with this stuff?


A person (alien-wannabe artist and secret service guy) sits in a room on Earth but operates a weather satellite with multiple function in the skies. Microwaves and lasers might be one of the functions of such a weather satellite. Many people might not think about multi-functional devices but Germany is known for producing multi-functional devices that can cause great harm:  In 1998 Iraq ordered from a German company six lithotripsy devices, very expensive machines that treat kidney stones without surgery. The double function of this medical device:  lithotripter is an incredibly high-speed switch for atomic warheads too. A German company sold eight of such possible mass murder devices to Saddam Hussein. Yes, they are such “peace-loving” folks, the Germans, aren’t they?


What I am saying is that crop circles look nice and often are artful. So, I understand that people are rather amused than concerned, but the thing is, I bet not just pretty patterns can be created from a weather satellite with lasers or microwaves but also disasters. People can be tortured and killed with those instruments and law enforcement would likely rule it a “natural” death or a disease or a “mental illness”.  And this kind of terrorism isn’t investigated. It is not the crop circles that concern me but the silence of the government agents and the guys who make the circles in regards to that their crop circle tool, their multi-function weather satellite can not just to watch the weather but also influence it and to cause multiple forms of weather disasters and kill people from miles away.

So, what I am saying is somebody can drop dead and the can be miles away. (Hey officer, I have an alibi, was the entire time in my office, miles away, ask my colleague.)

Somebody miles away can use a strong laser to cause tornadoes. hurricanes, mudslides, fires, anything. And the government is not protecting the people by being quiet about it. Any official  who knows about it and doesn’t say anything about it needs his/her behind kicked.        

So, my problem is not that artistic skilled people make crop circles but that they are silent about what harmful so-called “natural disasters” can be done and is done with the same method or instrument that they are using.

I love you, Marty, many tender and passionate kisses. Wish we could be together. We could create the nicest crop circles together. 😉

Yours forever,


P.S. I think this crop circle maker is reading my blog!