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My thoughts when Saddam Hussein pulled that cover from his head before his execution

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, how are you? I am thinking of you and hope to see you soon against all odds raging against us.

I know it is a while ago since Saddam Hussein’s execution, but I did not have time to write about a suspicion of mine. His rotten to the core son’s Uday and Qusay  were allegedly killed in 2003 in airstrikes by the 101st Airborne Division after a tipster told them that Saddam’s son’s are hiding in  a certain building. I bet that “tipster” sold out the wrong men (both had doubles) to Department of Defense, whose executives are as clueless, stupid and/or corrupt as CIA directors. That tipster got USD 30 Mio American taxpayer cash and sold out only the doubles just like that doctor in Pakistan who was  just the tipster of that double of Bin Laden.  Just like the Bin Laden double, corrupt “Americans” decided not to take Uday and Qusay alive so that the originals can get way and just the doppelgangers die. 

Two US soldiers died in that Uday and Qusay attack spectacle, and I believe a child was killed too.  

Here was once a transcript of what the feds said in 2003 about being totally sure that they got Uday and Qusay. Where did that transcript go?

DOD said that the identification was done through multiple means. They had former regime members (just 4 of them) do visual identification of the bodies. They compared x-rays and verified that the injuries on one of the bodies were consistent with the injuries that they had suffered before. They said that Uday’s dental records matched 90 percent and Qusay’s a 100 percent.

I think it is a load of baloney.  I believe that these dental records and injuries were those of the doubles to begin with.

(Remember that the FBI reported in January 1986 that the fingerprints of Jack Vistaril would be those of  founder L. Ron Hubbard? They matched because they never had the founders but just the impostor’s fingerprints on file.)  

In other words, I don’t think the dead men on the photos are his sons, and I believe that Saddam Hussein was told by his secret German case officers that his sons escaped and are safe and got other identities.

Why was there no attempt to capture Uday and Qusay, who could have provided intelligence in 2003 on the whereabouts of Saddam? Because his sons rather wanted other identities than being jailed or executed. The same reason why the Bin Laden double was shot. The American public is being lied to by “American” officials who are being controlled by the German “Immortals”.


I think that Saddam Hussein thought he gets away too.  Maybe he was told that he will fall onto a mattress and the rope around his neck will not strangle him. He removed the hood from his head, and I think I know why. With the cover,  people would doubt that he really is dead, but he wanted others to think that he is dead so that nobody comes looks anymore for him and his sons.

What is a death penalty worth when the mass murderers don’t even have to fear being executed because being told that they get away. They don’t get away all the time, but often enough, they do: Bin Laden, Hitler, Usay, Qusay, and a many more. 

The directors of the American intelligence community are either incompetent or bribed or busy with affairs. They are anything but intelligent and don’t do their jobs.

The American intelligence community should ask us, Marty, to give our inputs to American’s problems. We figure all the secrets out. I can err once in a while, Marty, when anti-American secret services  unwanted silent sounds find access into my mind, but overall, I am a lot more right than wrong. And so are you.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses, my love. 

Yours forever,


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