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Wikipiggy (Wikipedia) in troubles with the FBI

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,  my one great love,

You probably heard that Wikipedia is in troubles with the FBI over use of the FBI seal on the Wikipedia site. FBI says that Wikipedia used the seal without FBI permission and threatened with legal actions if Wikipedia (founded by Jimmy Wales and edited by many other creepy people) doesn’t removes it.

Jim Wales is also the founder of the “adult”search engine Bomis. I heard that he doesn’t like people to call Bomis a porn search engine but there are about 332,000 results on Bomis relating to porn on Google and 104,000 hits on Bomis and child porn. I don’t want to read anything of these links  but the FBI should look into it.

Here is one article about this dispute:

I don’t consider Wikipedia’s editors and administrators free people and impartial people but cultic robots with ear implants who comspiratively defame and harass people like you and me and others on this undemocratic encyclopedia. I had to watch their lies about me (and you and Ron) while they banned my IP number to prevent that I provide correct information.  Anybody who wants to harass anybody else, anybody who wants to redefine history and who wants to cover up how things really were and are can do so by through Wikipiggy who gives a damn on individual rights of good people.

The attorney of Wikimedia, Mike Goodwin should rather look into how many people’s rights were violated by anti-free speech “encylopedia” Wikipiggy and how many good people are defamed  and harassed by their lawless editors and admins and how many deliberate falsehoods are on Wikipedia.

I think that Wikipiggy deserves any legal troubles they can get.

Here is somebody else who did some research on Wikipiggy:

English Chris Owens (according to the RFW, he is an admirer of Bin Laden) who smears and scribbles almost a decade on Wikipiggy and denies as their admin free speech to people on Wikipedia who just want to correct false or incorrect entries is involved in that FBI dispute too and shows  his anti-FBI attitude. (See Wikipedia discussions.)

I webbed some of my FBI letters. It appears that the FBI has visited my blogs too, Marty. They haven’t yet said anything to me but if David Larson or anybody else of the FBI wants to tell me something, they can always approach me. There are many other FBI letters on other websites and blogs by other people but I sure have a nice collection, haven’t I?

I have no intention violating any laws but when the FBI approaches me, I sure will tell them more about my negative experiences with Wikipiggy and will ask them to collect my stalkers. Asking them about you is rather senseless, Marty, as they will more than ever refer me to Mosey’s husband  instead of you since he decided to appear in the spotlights.

But again, the FBI and the CIA has the technology to determine that Ron, Jack Vistaril, you and Mosey’s husband are four different individuals but they failed to do that yet.

The CIA seal is on Wikipiggy too. Wonder if Wikipiggy gets in troubles with the CIA too. I have a public image photo of the CIA emblem on their floor on my blog.

I will watch that, Marty. I am sure that you told somebody to make copies of the FBI letters for you in case the FBI demands that I take them down.

I love and kiss you many times.

I’ll be your love till the end of time

(What a great song but the dancing girls made me laugh. You don’t see this anymore today – unless in a comedy.)

Yours forever,


The Bavarian instruction about the “duty” of officials to obey the German constitution would make me laugh out loud if they wouldn’t be so brutal, those old freaking Nazis.

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Dearest Marty, my sweet prince and husband,

You are so quiet, I wish you would and could change that  and talk for a couple of months to me without pausing. 🙂

As I mentioned before, no Scientologist and not even somebody who ever donated anything to Scientology or any of their causes is allowed to become an official in still existing  Nazi Germany, and as I also said, I rather be dead than becoming a Bavarian official. I felt skin deep how Dr. Jürgen Keltsch bent the laws and the constitution and as of today, after all he did years go he continues to persecute our religion and has no regret having denied my rights. Just imagine this: the guy tries to avoid an extradition application for another country because knows it would not be approved by the other country, lies to that country that the person is needed as witness, kidnaps me, has me beaten up by his Nazi police bullies, denies my right to an attorney, throws me in different jails, then steals my passport and lies that I can’t care for my own affairs and throws me in a mental institution where psychs mess my kidneys up and doesn’t allow any Scientologist talk to me, lies that I violated the laws and fabricated these violations, steals my freedom for almost a year, everything gets dismissed by the court and he gets promoted and becomes a JUDGE!!!!!  Markus Stuckenbrock recently adored Nazi Keltsch on Michelle Ryan’s hate message board by publishing his recent Scientologists’ persecuting “work”. These guys are clueless.

I never seen a more robotic machine that Keltsch himself.…em_so_engl.pdf (English)

I will address this report later, Marty. First this: The German constitution exist only on paper. In Germany, good and innocent people HAVE NO RIGHTS, Marty.

I wrote about this before on this blog how concerned the Germans (OPC report for 2009) are that Ron said good people have rights too!

Many things suck in the USA and just about any other country because the SEGNPMSS runs just about any national in their own language to control him or her but nothing is worse than Bavaria or Germany. I am disgusted by them in all eternity.  I am sure that the recent hostilities against immigrants in Arizona is also a secret German program, which Ms. Brewer will of course deny.

Below instruction as to that a Bavarian official shall hold up constitutional rights is all lies. Here is that paper that is so hypocritically dirty that I don’t want to wipe my windows with it.

When the Bavarians see something good, that should be protected by a constitution, they infiltrate, hire impostors and change it so that they have something to attack and then they blame L. Ron Hubbard, the founder on it. SEGNPMSS made such a mistake kidnapping me into their country. I can read them like a book, Marty. Many others might be clueless but I know what they did, what they are and what they are up to.

Based on this paper, the Bavarian government has to outlaw itself. They talk of human rights and human dignity and they GRANTED NOTHING of that to me. They are the same old Nazi liars that they always were. They say that officials who violated the constitution would face disciplinary actions. Hey, I have “seen” that, Marty. Keltsch threw me in jail FOR NOTHING AND DENIED AN ATTORNEY TO ME. He fabricated a case that WAS DISMISSED LATER. POLICE CAME AWAY WITH BEATING ME UP. This is the typically Bavarian face. They steal people’s rights and freedoms! THEY ARE FROM HELL.

That instructions says that officials may not participate in activities that are against the German constitution. That means, Marty, they may not work for the Bavarian State or all of Germany because they are violating its own constitution. Clueless people believe that they are not the old Nazis anymore. I lived in Germany, I know a lot more. Nazis! That is all I can say.

The officials have to sign allegiance to the Bavarian state and Constitution and then they are getting drunk and behave like the Nazi pigs.

Who does Keltsch think he is? He still is ranting against my religion and still employed by the Bavarian government while he violated my constitutional rights so outrageously.

These Nazis have an entire page (no. 15)  devoted to Scientologists. This must have been exactly the same page that the Nazis used against Jews some decades ago. They just exchanged the word Jew with Scientologist.

It says if an official to be does not answer page no. 15 (about SCN) the application will not be processed. It is all about the German hatred against Scientology, who would be without any fault if the hypocritical German/Bavarian secret services wouldn’t have infiltrated the orgs and changed Ron’s legacy into a money oriented fight club that abort babies. But this is not what they are asking, they ask for if anybody ever did something in Scientology or supported it.

In other words, Marty, you and I are completely unfit to work for the German and Bavarian still existing Nazis and that is something we can be very proud of.

The Germans know very well that Scientology is a true religion but they say that it is not after they order their infiltrators to cut as much of the religious content out and by radioing their agents to be as non-religious as possible.

That “cult” that people don’t like is German. It never was an idea of the real Ron. He developed Scientology to end robotic behavior and the Germans secretly introduced their own brutality and robotic behavior at even at the highest level of the Sea Org.

I learned later that the German/Bavarian tax office forged papers (and had to admit it later) to pin them on my Presidency of the C of S Germany. It is just unbelievable what scum those officials are!

That paper also says that an existing official may not do anything that relates to Scientology. In other words, they might not touch a dictionary or clay because that already is what Scientologists do on a daily basis.

It’s like “Don’t buy from Jews.” The same German Nazi thing.

That introduction is signed by Edmond Stoiber who promoted Keltsch after he violated the German constitution so outrageously. What a SEGNPMSS robot.

I love you, Marty. Please contact me soon. I miss you so terribly and when we are back together, we can kick Nazi butts much better.

I kiss you so many times!

Yours forever,


Germany is an extremist organization

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you?

Madame Liberty is very concerned about the Germans and noted numerous of their rights violations down.

I know the problems in Europe and Germany very well. And I always said, if socalled Independents or many people in the Freezone think that the Europeans, e.g. the German, Russian, French government will leave them alone because they are not the C of S, they are very in error. German run infiltrators are not just in the orgs but also with the Freezone and the Independents, however, it is true that DM and his ways provides these governments with munitions that they need to broaden their attacks on Scientology. These countries are poodles for the Germans and so is the Australian government who wants to outlaw our religion. (Reincarnated criminals once from the UK. Well, yes, they don’t want to be reminded of this but UK used to deport its criminals to Australia as you know. They died there and came back and they don’t want Scientology to remind them on their formerly committed crimes. Missed O/Ws. Before I would allow an Aaron Saxton or an Caliwog on staff, I would check their past life OWs.)

Anyway, Max Hauri referred  recently to this link:

It is a form papers for those who want to become Bavarian officials (I rather would be dead…)

It asks if the applicant would have ever supported an extremist organization. Hey, whoever supported the Bavarian government supported an extremist organization! It lists all kinds of extreme groups, and they are all run by the SEGNPMSS who also runs the officials!

They call Scientology “other kind of extremism” but they forgot to mention their own Bavarian and German government as they are the worst extremists.

They don’t allow any Scientologist nor anybody who works with the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard to become an official. That means, no public school in Germany may apply study tech. Any Scientologist reincarnated in Germany will not be allowed to apply study tech in his next lifetime in school despite it is so awesome. (They won’t get me anymore to Germany, Marty.) Interesting is that they attack Ron and not any infiltrator or DM. It is the poor and good tech that they don’t want but they use the rotten deeds of their infiltrators to have something in their dirty bloody Nazi hands against L. Ron Hubbard.

Nobody may become an official in Germany who ever supported Scientology in any shape or form and they lie that what the German controlled infiltration made out of Scientology and the Sea Org would be Ron’s doing. They are lying through their teeth because even the impostor was a German set up – although CIA poodle seems having complied.

This above linked form is approved by Edmond Stoiber, the Bavarian Ministerpresident. He hired Dr. Jürgen Keltsch for his administration and he still publishes one Nazi paper after the other against our religion. Keltsch attacked Scientology long before DM’s name was known in Germany. I met him in person and when I am saying that he is a Nazi than it is not an exaggeration, Marty. He ordered me being kidnapped from Denmark with the police. He avoided an extradition process (because knew he would not win that because I had done nothing wrong) and threw me in jail (for being president of C of S Germany). He denied my right to an attorney (despite law in Germany), and so did his cronies of judges, I was beaten by German police and they lied that I would be not able to care for my own affairs and they put me under guardianship. While under guardianship, I won all my cases and I represented myself. Helmuth Blöbaum and Rainer Weber offered me the help of a C of S Germany, Wilhelm Blümel but as he was a traitor, I defended myself, and I won approx. 40 legal cases that the Germans had filed wrongfully against me personally while being President of the C of S Germany. (It was later renamed C of S Bavaria.)

A German judge said (after he saw me appear in court) that he thinks that this Guardianship would exist only on paper, and this was exactly what it was. They put me under Guardianship (was not allowed to travel, they took my passport away) so that I can’t see you. It took me approx. 2 years to win it back and then I think they got the idea to arrest you on wrongful charges and had the Spaniards help them.

I won ALL my German cases and that proved also that Keltsch kidnapped an innocent person. ALL OF THEM! They were all against me personally for being the President and they were all fabricated and I was able to prove it. I suffered for nothing in the hands of German law enforcement and their beloved abusive police and psychs.

Germany has no right to show with the fingers of any right violators because they are the worst right violators of all.

There is one guy who wrote that Scientology brought it all upon itself. Oh, really? Guess this applies then all the Jews who were killed by the Germans and on orders of the Germans? They all brought it upon themselves? Give me a break!

I love you, Marty. (They are also behind what happened to Ron and to you.)

Many kisses



The rest of the OPC tin foil hat report

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Good morning, Marty, my love, and wonderful Prince,

Too bad that I can’t whisper this in your ear when we wake up together but I know it will be like that. It is about time that we find back together and the truth will be revealed. As more people lie about the true story of Scientology, Ron, you, and me as more they will pull bad things in.

Something else, Marty, I got a brand new digital camera as a gift from a  friend.  I even can film with it, and I might take many pictures in future. The one I used last summer isn’t here anymore. I have planned a little trip soon and take it along but I have to be very careful with anything that I publish because my insane stalkers lurk, and I don’t want any of these criminals at my door step or tracing my trips or harassing others. It’s horrible, I know. Police takes information and they arrest when they see a criminal in the act but they will not stand outside my place all the time, and I feel that the responsibility to keeping these dirty and insane people away from me is mainly my own responsibility. Unfortunately,  it results also that I have to think twice about everything that I post in a blog to you. Naturally, I am very open and that I can’t tell you all the details in my life really bothers me a lot, Marty. I want you to know everything about me. It feels like withholds but there is not much that I can do to change it at the moment because insane stalkers and defamers would just again use these data to smear my image and lie about it and harass me.  I really long for that day when nothing stands anymore between us. And I am proud of you, Marty! Can’t wait to be back at your side!

As an OT, I don’t need to read news about you on the front page of a paper. I know how hard you try to get me over to where you are without getting me killed, and you are really a God. As you know, God sometimes takes a human form, and I know he is in you as he was/is in Ron and as he is also in me and in some other rare individuals. If all people would be like you, Marty, we would have peace on Earth and life would be wonderful for anyone. I love that you are so good and so high on the tonescale.

Hm, I have seen the photos of DM’s expensive gym but nobody has published yet any pictures of that mysterious SP hall and the “hole”, all stuff that wasn’t in existence when we were on staff. Wonder why nobody made any photos of these places? Isn’t that kind of strange? So many people complained about it but nobody made a picture but yet, there are pictures of DM’s personal gym who might be harder to be accessed? I am not saying that the SP hall or the hole never existed in COBkingdom but I just wonder why there are no photos or drawings whatsoever.

Here is the rest of the OPC tin foil hat report, Marty. I provided a link to that report in this blog in earlier postings.

The German secret service complains about CCHR, its flyers and info stands and other activities against criminal psychiatry as violator of human rights and that they warn against the “alleged danger of psychiatric drugs”. (Duh, anybody know that these danger’s are not just alleged but real.) It looks that CCHR Germany filed a penal complaint  because of murder by negligence against a psychiatrist who treated Tim Kretschmer. That juvenile opened fire on others and I believe he killed 16 people. Before he committed the atrocity, he was treated by a psych and put on psych drugs. And the OPC thinks that it is against the German constitution to warn of dangerous drugs or file penal complaints! Do they rather want more people killed like that?  Psych drugs do bring out really bad reactions by creepy people but there is more to it. German CCHR doesn’t talk about hypnosis and mind control, and these psych “tools” are also used to make terrorists, and the OPC should rather prevent these crimes instead of warning and spying on critics of p$ychiatry.

Here is the German website of the German CCHR.

The many complaints to the KVPM from people were real. They wrote hundreds of letters for help against psychiatry per week to KVPM. I know so because I had a desk in the same office. I never worked directly for CCHR but I saw letters coming in from all kinds of people from all  parts of the country with my own eyes and one day, I  accompanied the CCHR i/C Mun on a  visit to a family near Munich whose family was in tears as psychs killed their young son.

OPC says that KVPM had exhibitions in Berlin and Hamburg about Psychiatry:  – Death instead of Help – to demonstrate “horror of psychiatric abuses”. OPC complains that  KVPM sent a new DVD “Business going in the Billions: Dangerous psychiatric drugs” to medical doctors, district attorneys and law makers “to make pressure onto them”. OPC has loose screws. Informing the relevant people others about psychiatric crimes is not “putting them under pressure”. The attitude that the OPC shows in this report says that it is not a free country. Its like what people would expect to read from the Nazis or the KGB, informing others is “pressure made upon them”. Makes no sense. What did that DVD do to these people? Force them? Why should medical doctors, district attorneys and law makers not learn what people mail to the KVMP? OPC makes no sense in hell.

OPC complains that KVPM sent that DVD to a director of a health agency and mentioned in an attached letter that the DVD shed light on the unholy alliance between psychiatry and the pharma industry and that people who seek help are the victims.

Once again, the OPC insults the intelligence of any German medical doctors, district attorneys and law makers by wanting to keep these data away from them as if they couldn’t come to their own conclusion.

Apparently, OPC wants to hide truth from them.  OPC says that it would be agitation against psychiatrists to say that there are into profits. (Yes, people who look at their psychiatric bills just imagine those 200 bucks an hour! Must be their “mental illness” witnessing what p$ychs charge for their crap and dangerous treatments!) They object to that KVPM said that psychs know no God. I got 69.100 hits on “psychiatry+godless” and most of these articles seem to be written by others than Scientologists or the KVPM or CCHR. And there are 75.700 hits on psychiatrists and godless. They really must have a huge problem of godless psychiatrists in Germany and the OPC missed it. Gee, what a lame secret service.

OPC complains in that report that CCHR says that psych fabricate illnesses to make cash. P$ychs fabricate but they also cause confusion and pain with silent sounds and mind control and other psych methods to make sure that people go nuts and they’re not running out of  patients. They also enjoy torturing people and  provoking God. In other words: they screaming out: God handle us! Bust us! We deserve it! – And I am sure they are getting what they praying for, Marty.

And of course they added the French SEGNPMSS set up to that  report, the court case that took place last year in France.

1) They send infiltrators in the orgs as staff and as public 2) They secretly order the infiltrator staffs to make false promises 3) They have the infiltrator public sue the orgs 4) The French kangaroo courts blames L. Ron Hubbard (the original not the impostor) and Scientology for the SEGNPMSS set up. Stupid tricks and they keep on coming because Your COBness isn’t cool and pulls them in for Scientology.

I wonder about one thing, Marty… If a certain French high executive currently in Scientology should be one day convicted of being an infiltrator, does Scientology have a case and right for damages against German poodle France? I thinks so.

This is the end of the OPC report. Saner countries than Germany will not understand why these lame allegations against Scientology are in the report of a secret service. It’s really a tin foil hat report.

I will be soon back here, Marty, you and I will be back together because God wants us to be. We need nothing but each other. Its like the psychs separated magnets that belong together and once we are back together, I have the feeling that even the entire world would benefit from it as we would not more try to survive at different ends of the world, fighting insanity and crime but be together and not more wasting time in trying to find us but rather use the time to make the wrong things on this planet and in this universe right!

I love you, my darling and kiss you.

Yours forever,


And yes, I got my mind set on you too.  And it feels like home. The marriage vows that we once took really were awesome as nothing can’t kill them. No love is strongerthan ours.

OPC implying that German legislators can’t think for themselves?

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Dearest Marty, my beautiful, good, ethical and very sexy male angel,

I googled “male angel public domain”, and in between those pictures, there was a DM photo. How did this get in there? But there was also one of Barack Obama and Senator McCain…

But there was no picture of you, the beautiful, good, ethical and very sexy angel that you are. These search engine robots are really clueless, if I may say so… 😉

I wonder why all the male angels are naked. People really think that angels don’t know to dress?

Here are some more data of the Scientology part of the German secret service OPC report of Scientology, Marty. I posted a link to this report in previous postings on this blog.

As I wrote before, the Germans don’t make any sense and what’s bad in Scientology is their own alteration of Scientology committed by their international but German controlled and run infiltators including one or more impostors for Ron. Attacking Scientology and Scientologists on what they do right is typical for the German government and Germany, the birth place of p$ychiatry.

As you know, Marty, those who think that the German government doesn’t mind them practicing Scientology and Dianetics outside of the C of S should think again because once the OPC comes to the conclusion that a SCN movement indeed grows, they will work against this movement too, it doesn’t matter in which country that movement is. The Germans hate L. Ron Hubbard and the truth contained in his research and a world in which they cannot control everyone including the spiritual rights of people. The Germans don’t hate Scientology because of DM’s excessive (non-Scientology) lifestyle but on what Ron’s technology can do for a person. If any person says that she or he is a Scientologist but does support the German government in attacking Scientology, she or he is not a Scientologist but simply a traitor or a former infiltrator of SCN.

In that 2009 report, the OPC complains that the Scientology orgs run donation campaigns for libraries to place the latest issues of the works of L. Ron Hubbard in these all over the world. I would support this movement whole heartedly, Marty, if the books would contain pure L. Ron Hubbard materials and not some SEGNPMSS altered material. If DM (who is in my eyes not a Scientologist) would spent less Scientology money for his extreme personal luxuries, they could reach even more people. I am sure that the OPC knows that their secret master, the SEGNPMSS altered Ron’s writings as much as they could get away with it to make real spiritual freedom through Scientology as difficult if not impossible to reach. The OPC complains that the basics of Scientology and Dianetics are available in 50 languages and for 188 nations. They hate particularly the DVDs “How to use Dianetics”, “The story of the human rights” and “The truth about drugs”. What is in these OPC official’s heads, Marty? Dianetics removes engrams and makes people happier and also healthier. We all know that human rights are a must and drugs destroy people and any warning against drugs is a good deed. But the OPC is so twisted that they don’t get that attacking Dianetics and Scientology is wrong when Scientologists are right. This shows how nuts the OPC is.

They cite the new era PUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL, August 2009, saying that the DVDs are of crucial significance to their campaign handing social evil and to get people getting auditing.

What is so bad handling evil and to audit people so that they are feeling better? Besides what DM spends for his own lavish lifestyle and buildings on the unprotected surface of the earth that Ron would not approve of, the Scientology reserve are in Europe at the fingertips of the Germans, they can’t be that sad if those accounts in Europe grow, can’t they? If Scientology and Dianetics would be in the pure form as by L. Ron Hubbard, the orgs would be able to handle the evil on the planet and turn the planet into something wonderful and peaceful for any Earth resident, a very different world than the one we know from Germany’s history. But with a German altered Scientology, this paradise will never stand.

But I also wonder about the new era PUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL  wording of handling just the “social evil” (provided that the OPC quote is really by them). Under the real Ron, original Scientology was against any form or shape of evil and ready to handle it.

Not only the big Christian churches but also the German federal and state government hire and pay “religious sect advisors”. Evidently, the Christian churches wants to get rid of the religious competition with their defamers and those within the government apparently should help defame L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology and get rid of them because psychiatry behind the German government doesn’t like competition either. Real Dianetics and Scientology makes people saner and that means less criminal and crazy people on the psych couches popping pills Billions of Dollars worth each year. Knowing Germany, I can tell a secret p$ych lobby behind the German government actions against Scientology.

Furthermore, the OPC has a problem that Scientology offers a video channel and  technical advanced Internet pages in several languages about Scientology history, goals, organizations, and programs. They hate that Scientology has TV spots (despite non aired in Germany) and they hate the SCN program: Know yourself – know life.

What they basically trying to hide is the right of people to learn of Scientology and to make their own decision about Dianetics and Scientology. With real Scientology, it is really possible to know oneself. Is that really the purpose of any decent constitution to control freedom of speech?

They complain that the C of S in Germany addressed members of the Bundestag (German federal parliament) and of the Landtag (German state parliament) by sending them DVDs with title “Scientology – an oversight”. The DVD shows 80 videos about the basic views, practices, programs and organizations as Narconon, etc. and that the C of S Frankfurt addressed the state government of Thuringia that the DVD’s should be distributed to its members (I would mail these DVDs directly to the representatives if I want them to arrive). OPC complains that these mailings contained that Argentina recognized Scientology as religion.

So, what is the OPC saying? That they don’t want their politicians to know that other countries recognized Scientology as a religion?  Here is a reality check: these politicians are making the laws for Germany but the OPC doesn’t want them to hear Scientology’s side? And what does this say about the OPC? It says this: they are trying to control what their law makers will read and see! The members of the Bundestag an Landtag are making GERMAN LAWS. Is the OPC saying that they are incapable people who can’t think for themselves and that the OPC has to keep information away from them?  I think that is EXACTLY what the OPC is saying in their 2009 report about Scientology.

Marty, I hope every month for that miracle to happen that brings you back in my life or brings me back in your life. Operating on Ron’s finding of thetan basically knows, we will be back together and very happy, I just hope and postulate that it will be soon!

Yours and many kisses, my love


The German way: all rights to the criminals, none to the good and innocent…

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

Here is another section of the OPC report of 2009 on Scientology. If the rest of the world wouldn’t be that SEGNPMSS controlled, they would agree:  German secret services are nuts. Their psychiatrists are quick to label others of having “persecution mania” but that wouldn’t fit to anybody better than the OPC.

They claim that Scientology “defames opponents and critics”. Gee, how is that called what THEY did  to L. Ron Hubbard and do to real Scientologists, you, and me, and our religion? Hypocrites! German government killed millions of people during the WW wars and just losing a war makes nobody better. They should have been forced to do amends. The only way to learn for many people.  The only reason why they don’t gas Scientologists is because most other countries think it is highly politically incorrect to gas people today. But they use any other tricks in the book to treat us as 2nd class citizens and to deny our rights. The German secret services order their international defamers and stalkers on the internet to libel us, and they think that this is fair. Defamation is TYPICAL for German secret services.

OPC claims in the report that the SCN orgs defame their critics as aberrated, suppressive, sick or criminal. (Sick? That is no term that is used in Scientology. Psychiatrists say about their critics that they are sick.) OPC defamed Ron and good Scientologists, persecuted them and lied about them and Scientologists have no right to defend themselves by saying that what the German government and the psychs are doing is criminal and suppressive?

They go on in typical tinfoil manner and complain that we are saying that one can recognize a suppressive person when she refuses auditing. Duh! When a criminal with a bad conscience is asked to do a polygraph, he will refuse it also if he doesn’t know how to cheat his way through it.

The OPC continuously blames the founder of Scientology on German translations that he didn’t do. I am also sure that many crap translations were done by German secret service run infiltrators in order to change Scientology and to break the applied religious philosophy into pieces, which violates international laws and the rights of international Scientologists.

German psychs and their international agents are no good, they are no good, they are no good ….

OPC quotes a German translation that says that Ron said that there would be not many suppressive people and it would be better to collect them and remove them from society to make it flourish. They refer to  a German translated bulletin on the PTS/SP course („Über das menschliche Verhalten“, PAB 13 Bulletin für professionelle Auditoren, in: L. Ron Hubbard, „Wie man Unterdrückung konfrontiert und zerschlägt“ PTS/SP-Kurs, 2001, S. 18)

The German translator uses deliberately words like “smash the suppression” instead of “end the suppression” and “smashing” is gasoline on the fire of the Scientology hating OPC. The German psychs and government agents think all people are bad as they are, e.g. killing others. Killing (innocent people) is the German Nazi way not the Scientology way. They complain in that report that according to Ron, criminal people, suppressive people (those are the people who cannot leave good people alone) should not have access to a peaceful society. But any other good leader would say the same words: don’t let the criminals ruin a good society. If they don’t play by the rules of the good people, they have to be arrested and removed from the society. Bad people have to be in prisons and not in the society and innocent people as you, Marty, should have been never in any prison.

When for example animals attack others in the zoo, when fish in aquariums kill other fish, the zoo supervisor or the aquarium keeper will separate the wild animals from the peaceful animals. It doesn’t mean that the wild animals don’t get anything to eat anymore. They still get their worms. If our persecutors are convicted and they go to prison, they still will get something (their worms) to eat but awarding criminals as the Germans want it for bad guys is the worst one can do because criminals think that crimes pay and they’ll never change and never become good and peaceful and they will continue to harm good and innocent people.

Then they claim that under Scientology, the suppressive person has no rights but this is a typical German lie. An SP has the right to better himself. And if he doesn’t and continues to commit his crimes and suppress others, well, then he can’t live free like the others and needs to be locked up.  And that is what the Germans secret services and the psych behind them are afraid of, that they are judged and incarcerated and no longer free to commit the crimes that they are committing overtly and covertly.

They don’t like that their acts of destroying Scientology are labeled suppressive, Marty. They want to destroy as many lives as they like without being held accountable for their crimes. The OPC violates the German constitution (which exist on paper only). That constitution should guarantee religion freedom. I had to flee their country and what was my crime? Nothing, except being a Scientologist. The German really are nuts.

According to the OPC, there is a line in that German translated PTS/SP course that I never studied before in Scientology. It says that suppressive people who hurt others should not have the same rights as other beings. (L. Ron Hubbard, „Wie man Unterdrückung konfrontiert und zerschlägt“ — PTS/SP-Kurs, 2001, S. 138 f.

As I said, I am sure that the German secret services radios to their agents to translate deliberately odd stuff so that the OPC and others can attack Scientology on it. In what is Greatness Ron writes: “The hardest task one can have is to continue to love his fellows despite all reasons he should not. And the true sign of sanity and greatness is to so continue. For the one who can achieve this, there is abundant hope. For those who cannot, there is only sorrow, hatred and despair. And these are not the things of which greatness or sanity or happiness are made. A primary trap is to succumb to invitations to hate.”

L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t a German psychiatrist or Nazi. He doesn’t deny people their rights but he was a Billion times right by saying that good people have rights too and criminals should not be allowed to have the rights to suppress the innocent and this is what the German psychs do best.

The translation should rather say this: Criminal and suppressive people who were convicted of crimes don’t have the rights to live with innocent and good people together until they have not clearly proved that they have changed their characters and ways. It is not right that criminal and suppressive people steal other people’s right of happiness and rights and but demanding rights for themselves. For their own sake, suppressive people who deny other people their rights have to learn no longer to suppress and no longer to deny rights to good people and that should be the major right of a bad and suppressive person: learning to be good.

And here it comes, Marty, the moment of truth, the force behind the OPC and the  SEGNPMSS is revealed in the report, the psychs! OPC report says that Scientology considers psychiatrists to be criminals and that the „Kommission für Verstöße der Psychiatrie gegen Menschenrechte e.V.“ (KVPM) [German CCHR] is fighting against psychiatry and influences people’ awareness that the state true freedom of the mind can be only archived through the state “clear” and not trough psychiatric methods.

What a crap! Psychiatric cases aren’t even allowed to get auditing. (I don’t think that is Ron’s policy but the C of S practices this since decades!) CCHR never promoted Scientology auditing and training but only documented psych crimes.

Psychs work with e-shocks, lobotomy, hypnosis, drugs as we all know and ask horrendous fees for blah blah sessions, and German psychs are now saying that through these abuses, a person received true freedom of mind? They are pulling our legs 100 Miles long, Marty! I have seen German p$ychs in action and they are unprofessional and rotten to the bone. Freedom of mind will be never archived through psychs. As soon as an own agent of them would blow the whistle and say that he hears voices of his case officer radioing in his mind to manipulate and control him, all psychs (who hear those voices too but want to protect the criminal German secret service methods) would declare him conspiratively insane. Great “freedom”!

Besides, German CCHR was run for years by Georg Stoffel, a 100% non-Scientologist and infiltrator. Under him, CCHR was sabotaged. I know of at least one guy who died in the hands of the p$ychs because Stoffel didn’t act on his behalf and didn’t help him out through CCHR. OPC and SEGNPMSS knew exactly which people to send in the orgs and who to assign the CCHR job so that psychiatry can continue. He and Jurg Stettler, a Swiss infiltrator used their position in the orgs to write Anti-American press releases, which of course were immediately printed by the German media.

One day, Georg Stoffel (or rather his secret non-Scientologist case officer, most certainly a German secret service guy) wrote an article defending the Bible and they gave the media my name as author of that article! It was an article about that Readers Digest wanted to issue a bible with just six instead of the 12 disciples and that article says that Scientology and I are upset about that. Lol!  What a crap. I never gave him or his non-Scientology case officer any authority to use my name, and I saw that article first time with my name on top when it was sold in stores. My own articles were a lot better and of course true. I was always a Scientologist. If they want to write bible crap, they can write their own name underneath it but leave me out of it. Even in Scientology, Marty, infiltrators tried to disconnect me from Scientology by trying one way or the other to force Christianity or other psychology onto me. I was abused, and  I am still harassed by Christians. In all eternity, I have enough of them.  Christianity failed for thousands of years to make people ethical and to create a world without criminality, terror, war, and insanity. That will be never my religion.

In Folo EU, the was a woman, I believe Judith was her name but I forgot her last name. She insisted to show me a Christian church in Copenhagen, when I was on mission in Austria, Vienna, a guy on org lines insisted that I have to see the  Stephansdom. How stupid should I be not to getting that infiltrators want real Scientologists out of the orgs and becoming Christians? (But it won’t work. I am a Scientologists for all eternity to come.)

German psychiatric secret service strategy is sending their criminal agents/impostors/doppelgangers in the orgs to take over and alter Scientology and have them act badly and then blaming the honorable real Ron and real Scientologists on it. They are so transparent and predictable to sharp minds as ours, Marty.

Ron said, the truth will come out, and the German psychs and secret service agents will have the right to face the truth that we know their crimes and that we will hold them accountable. This is a heck of a right that they are having. They will have rights to face judges and being judged and they will have the rights to go to prison and the right to make the damage good again to their victims. Those are wonderful rights. And for those German psychs who make terrorists and murder people, they might have the right under the US laws to choose the way they want to be executed. So, if I would be them, I rather would not commit crimes that would  help me to this right.

I love you so much, Marty!



I like the word futurist. That’s what we are and so much more!

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Marty,  dearest and most handsome prince who was ever born,

How are you, my irresistible husband? I did a lot of weeding at my place yesterday. I made great progress but there is still a lot to do. As soon I am done, I have to do it all over again as nature doesn’t stop coming. I could take it easy and just do what’s absolutely necessary but I want the property look like in a vacation advertisement brochure or like the Taj Mahal the  for no particular reason. 😉 Just because I like things very nice.

Marty,  I find it  a waste of time trying to tame nature and things are so much better organized and cleaner in your underwater habitat. You don’t have to clean up after a thunderstorm and after birds. I am proud of what I have created and people complement me a lot on it and despite I put so much personal work in it and like that I have so much space here, but I would leave it in a heartbeat to go where you are:

Take me away: A secret place. A sweet escape: Take me away.Take me away to better days. Take me away: A hiding place. There’s a place that I go, But nobody knows. Where the rivers flow,  And I call it home….”

Okay, I might have a little loss leaving my place but it can’t compete up to the explicit beauty and healthy environment of your underwater habitat. Not even a Billion Dollar mansion can compete with your underwater habitat, Marty, it is the best place on Earth.

People are so weird, Marty. In below article, they say that the U.S. government researched underwater living and figured that it is possible. (Duh, they just ask the residents of your village who live down there for an eternity.)
And some futurists predict underwater cities! Gee, what is wrong with villages? Why does they need CITIES under water?

For those who think that a village is too small for them, they could build still villages that completely self-contained on their own but they could dock onto other villages under water, and the villagers could pass from one village to the other. And another one could dock onto the one who had docked etc. On this way, there could be 100s of villages attached but also again depart if they want to. Individual villages are much easier to maintain and control than CITIES! I would build them so that they can dock with other underwater villages under water if they want for whatever reason.   As long as the world is unaware of the SEGNPMSS and as long as mankind doesn’t know that they have technology to cause hurricanes, earthquakes, volcano outbreaks, tsunamis, mudslides, etc., near and under the water, I would not want to live in a underwater habitat on the bottom of the ocean. Once they are busted and rendered powerless, I assume the ocean will be also safe for underwater habitats. What do you think, Marty?
The Trilobis 65 is too small. People can’t grow their food. A village must have so much that people don’t feel the urge that they want to leave it as they feel closed in.

I remember how huge your village was. I was standing in one corner and looked over the entire village with the market center in the middle. Walking in a circle from the place that I was standing all around the village by foot would probably take one full day. That is a great size of a village. And Trilobis is much too small. It is like a nice size yacht but not anything close to a village. One could use for transport outside of the underwater villages, e.g. transporting some people to another underwater village.

They don’t show much of the inside of these five underwater habitats, Marty, but they are all too small, and the ceiling is much too low in the Hilton Maldives Undersea.

The Poseidon is an interesting hotel (using an elevator to get 40 feet below the sea in the hotel. Your village is also approx. 40 feet below the water as far as I remember)  but doesn’t come even closely to your underwater habitat, Marty. Yours is much bigger and better and a village and not just a hotel

Jules Undersea Lodge is really tiny. They ask: Have you slept underwater lately? They mean us, Marty, because rarely anybody ever slept under water ever except us.

Governments’ underwater habitats are really tiny unattractive.

I am sure that your family offered the U.S. governments plans to make such life-saving wonderful underwater habitats also available to the government and the people but SPs must sit on the lines and sabotage it and that’s why these guys make research in their sardine cans.

ConcreteSubmarine says:  A submarine house is a unit that has its focus on permanent living with life quality for a family. Submarine housing is affordable due to the reduced cost for land purchase that pay off the building cost of the habitat shell. A submarine house also profits from temperature regulation by the surrounding water which brings energy cost far below the level of land based construction.

I  think that the feds should build underwater habitat villages not cities and not just individual submarines were people have not much space.

Come soon, Marty, and get me home! You, our families, our village, Scientology, and peace on Earth, what could be better in the entire universe?

I want to hear your voice again. I still know its wonderful sound and melody. Sometimes, in all the hectic of my life and day, I take a breath and think what a miracle love we too have. I love that sustains any test and any time because we were born for each other and that’s why we will find back to each other. Love is so much stronger than SPs, even conspiracies and lies. The greatest and most mighty kind of love is happening to us. The world will hold its breath once we collide again.

For example, I look at something, let’s say a tree. It’s nice but then I think of you and the trees is not just nice, it is spectacular and more than beautiful. What I am saying is that you, your personality has this effect on me. You make everything not just better but supreme. I am so glad that we were born, my darling, and I kiss you a million times!

Yours forever,