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Wikipiggy (Wikipedia) in troubles with the FBI

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,  my one great love,

You probably heard that Wikipedia is in troubles with the FBI over use of the FBI seal on the Wikipedia site. FBI says that Wikipedia used the seal without FBI permission and threatened with legal actions if Wikipedia (founded by Jimmy Wales and edited by many other creepy people) doesn’t removes it.

Jim Wales is also the founder of the “adult”search engine Bomis. I heard that he doesn’t like people to call Bomis a porn search engine but there are about 332,000 results on Bomis relating to porn on Google and 104,000 hits on Bomis and child porn. I don’t want to read anything of these links  but the FBI should look into it.

Here is one article about this dispute:

I don’t consider Wikipedia’s editors and administrators free people and impartial people but cultic robots with ear implants who comspiratively defame and harass people like you and me and others on this undemocratic encyclopedia. I had to watch their lies about me (and you and Ron) while they banned my IP number to prevent that I provide correct information.  Anybody who wants to harass anybody else, anybody who wants to redefine history and who wants to cover up how things really were and are can do so by through Wikipiggy who gives a damn on individual rights of good people.

The attorney of Wikimedia, Mike Goodwin should rather look into how many people’s rights were violated by anti-free speech “encylopedia” Wikipiggy and how many good people are defamed  and harassed by their lawless editors and admins and how many deliberate falsehoods are on Wikipedia.

I think that Wikipiggy deserves any legal troubles they can get.

Here is somebody else who did some research on Wikipiggy:

English Chris Owens (according to the RFW, he is an admirer of Bin Laden) who smears and scribbles almost a decade on Wikipiggy and denies as their admin free speech to people on Wikipedia who just want to correct false or incorrect entries is involved in that FBI dispute too and shows  his anti-FBI attitude. (See Wikipedia discussions.)

I webbed some of my FBI letters. It appears that the FBI has visited my blogs too, Marty. They haven’t yet said anything to me but if David Larson or anybody else of the FBI wants to tell me something, they can always approach me. There are many other FBI letters on other websites and blogs by other people but I sure have a nice collection, haven’t I?

I have no intention violating any laws but when the FBI approaches me, I sure will tell them more about my negative experiences with Wikipiggy and will ask them to collect my stalkers. Asking them about you is rather senseless, Marty, as they will more than ever refer me to Mosey’s husband  instead of you since he decided to appear in the spotlights.

But again, the FBI and the CIA has the technology to determine that Ron, Jack Vistaril, you and Mosey’s husband are four different individuals but they failed to do that yet.

The CIA seal is on Wikipiggy too. Wonder if Wikipiggy gets in troubles with the CIA too. I have a public image photo of the CIA emblem on their floor on my blog.

I will watch that, Marty. I am sure that you told somebody to make copies of the FBI letters for you in case the FBI demands that I take them down.

I love and kiss you many times.

I’ll be your love till the end of time

(What a great song but the dancing girls made me laugh. You don’t see this anymore today – unless in a comedy.)

Yours forever,


I’m not impressed by Brian Seymore…

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince,

How are you? I feel that you are very informed about anything that is going on. You might be wrongfully in prison but I don’t think you are out of touch with the world and I think you know what happens in politics around the world and also to Scientology and all the bad PR surrounding it, and I sure hope you know of my blog for you and that someone is forwarding my postings to you.

For me, that Australian TV Today Tonight Show with Brian Seymore was hard to miss . But I heard not much news, except that Mike Rinder said that DM tried to strangle him but he had no proof of it. He didn’t address the authorities, he didn’t had any medical examination and no affidavit provided. In other words: it wasn’t really news worthy.

Here are some points, that I noticed, Marty:

1)   Brian Seymore is quite an “investigative reporter”, instead of showing a photo of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, he showed the slimy 1.1 grin of the Apollo impostor, “Jack Vistaril”. If he would be a good investigative reporter, he would notice that there was at least one doppelganger of L. Ron Hubbard very active in Scientology. Anybody who is not able to see that Ron was impostored is completely stupid in my eyes. I saw it right away. In the Munich org, we really had not one impostor photo anywhere. All photos in the orgs were the real Ron. The first photo of Jack Vistaril, I saw in the German Magazine Der Spiegel. I saw it immediately, that he was impostored. I never thought of Ron being impostored in the Munich org and neither in all other orgs also not in the SO because those photos hanging on the orgs walls were ALWAYS the real Ron until the Spiegel and then the Internet published the photos of the lookalike, and I then I saw the many impostor photos on the net and YouTube Video… I am a 100% sure that I am not the only person who noticed it. Karen De La Carriere posted recently that she knows of 2500 more photos of “LRH” not being published by DM. I think that DM has a very good reason for it: these photos reveal even more that there was a doppelganger who infiltrated Scientology. A doppelganger hired by the German secret services but with the blessing of their poodle CIA. Just as they did with you and your doppelganger. On the left, there is the real Ron a few years before he was murdered by German run p$ychs. On the left is the impostor. Interesting is that somebody doctored this impostor photo and added the picture of the real Ron  to the impostor photo to “convince” others that this bum is Ron. Like: Of course it is him, even his former photo is at his wall. Yeah right. This is how the SEGNPMSS works. Any trick they can find, they use to try to  manipulate the thinking of people.  The reason why I was kicked out of Scientology is because I started to see the entire German ordered and controlled infiltration of Scientology.  The real Ron on the left side, the impostor on the right side:

2)   C of S failed to publish the truth about this, and any other Scientology facts, which would take care of the bad PR and the hostility against Scientology.  As you know, Marty, most people would embrace Scientology if they would know the true story of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. We, you and me, Marty, we could turn it all around, we can end the lies because we know the truth. You and me, we see the facts and we are anything but gullible. That is one major reason why the German secret services and their poodles want us separated by all means. Instead of making things go right, we should be busy a lifetime fending on our own in different corners of the world, trying to find us until our lives are over. My list of serious claims against them is miles long and getting longer by the day!

3) I agree that DM wastes Scientology money by putting PI’s reporting on defectors and other things instead of expanding Scientology. If Scientology truly would expand, it wouldn’t hurt the C of S if Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder audit some people in some kind of shack or even in palace! In the only filmed interview with the real Ron on YouTube, Ron laughed about that somebody told him that Dianetics wouldn’t belong anymore to him but to the medical society. Psychs experimenting with Dianetics calling it their own! Ron knew they would squirrel. He didn’t go after them with PIs but made sure that what he delivered to new people was standard tech. Ron wasn’t worried to death about what some squirrels would do. He didn’t waste time and energy  running after them. He rather was an example of how all was done right.  There are more than 6 Billion people on Earth and only a very few number of people compared to the total number got the benefit of auditing. But by creating worse and worse PR for Scientology and by having the impostor altered version of Scientology, dissemination of Scientology apparently isn’t that easy anymore. 4)   If they would publish the truth and nothing but, nobody would listen to any defector but just to the facts and the truth. Although, I don’t understand what product is achieved filming Mike Rinder or Mosey’s husband constantly but I have to say that C of S has the same rights like reporters to film others if these guys are public persons. If Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband would claim that they are no public persons and would bring some kind of legal proof, it might be a different story but both were with Hadyn James when he filmed Scientologists going into Fort Harrison and these Scientologists entering in that orgs likely were no public persons either.

Having millions of hits on their shared blog and numerous press interview given rather indicate that Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder are now public persons and have to count with “paparazzi”.

Brian Seymore was clearly harassing Chris, a PI, the person who filmed quietly from some distance, and my sympathies actually were with Chris, and I am sure I wasn’t the only one who felt so . Chris told him that he was hired by a law firm and isn’t a Scientologist, and Brian misinformed the public on air that Chris “is Scientology”. No person is Scientology. (DM of course neither.) 5)  However, Brian Seymour had a point by saying that it is very odd that Mike Rinder was removed from post in 2002 because of serious violations (and DM didn’t turn him over to the authorities)  but just two years later, DM was indeed on stage with him and allowed him to address Scientologists and allowed him to be the top spokesman for Scientology. Same situation applies to Mosey’s husband. Despite known violence (and DM didn’t turn him over to the authorities either), he is hired back by DM into high positions and asked to audit top celebrities, etc. What if his violent streak would have broken through while with Tom Cruise, John Travolta, celebs or others?  Anybody else would be assigned to the RPF or the hole or the SP hall By DM if he or she would have made the errors in judgment and handling as DM did. But Your COBness doesn’t apply the tech, the tone scale and no ethics handlings for himself and that is why he continues without getting himself handled and our religion has to suffer. Some Scientologists might say that he is upstat when they read the letter that his friend Tommy Davis mails to the media. But I am not remotely impressed, Marty, because the tech is not more pure, they accepted an Ron impostor in Scientology and allowed impostor crap into Scientology tech. The buildings, they are also not Ron’s ways because Ron didn’t want Scientologists live on the unprotected surface of the world. In other words, Your COBness isn’t upstat in my eyes and according to the latest Religious Self identification Survey (if not doctored) the SCN membership shrunk almost to half it size  and DM caused worst PR situations with who he hires in the highest position and how he treats people and how he spends SCN money. I also do not believe that he never raised a hand against anybody but even if he did not, HE is responsible for the 1.1 and 1.5 tonelevel of the Sea Org in which violence and abortion (completely off policy and out tech) took place. As you know, Marty, the leader sets the tone. Ron was very amiable and kind to people, and Scientology grew under him in a spectacular way. It lost members under the impostor of course but never under the real Ron. One doesn’t have to be a son of a bitch or a bitch to disseminate Scientology. That is Nazi valence think to stop Scientology and create enemies. What is coming down from above sets the main climate.  Instead of Ron’s positive enthusiasm to spread Scientology, these INT stories tell the stories of Nazi valences. Again, it shows that the orgs are German infiltrated and controlled.

6)  I read about Mike Rinder falling asleep on the job. It depends what he did during the day and night before. I worked long hours on staff. Particularly, in my last years on staff, I often took the latest street cable home at 2 am in the morning and had to be back on post on 9 am. While I was FOLO EU staff, it was just that too.  Sometimes, I even worked through the nights to handle German Nazi attacks against our religion, however,  I never fell asleep on the job but after long, long hours or work and stress, I felt tired too. I wouldn’t hold that against Mike Rinder that he dozed off once in a while. If he would have worked under the real Ron, Ron would have checked his nutrition and made sure that he would get the sleep that he needs to be productive. But what I hold against him is that he doesn’t clarify that Ron and you were replaced by doppelgangers and also that he did meet with Nick Xenophon and apparently is working together with him. That is creepy because Xenophon wants to outlaw our religion. If Mike Rinder considers himself a Scientologist, how can he work together with that man? Xenophon doesn’t ask for true religious leadership of Scientology, he wants to get rid of Scientology completely.

7)   About Mike Rinder’s accusations of DM trying to strangle him… Without footage or medical expertise not even an affidavit, it will be always a he said, she said situation but what makes me upset is the culture of violence of “tough sons and bitches” under DM (that Tommy Davis admitted) and that the entire world thinks that DM’s incapability of being an ethical and wise leader and aborting babies is Scientology. It is on tonelevel 1.1 and 1.5. Disgusting! This is Nazi valence and anything but Scientology of the real Ron.

8 ) Mike Rinder said that he earned only 50.– per week while in the SO. That is completely contrary to what Moseys husband wrote in his declaration. He wrote that DM paid their executives high (and not deserved) bonuses. And Mike Rinder was DM’s right hand. So, I think something is not right with this USD 50.– per week statement by Mike Rinder.

9) Freedom Magazine says that DM at a point, removed Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband and assigned them to lower churches. If they were so dangerous why didn’t he turn them over to the authorities but instead allowed them to stay in Scientology orgs were they could be a danger to other Scientologists?  What a “caring” and “wise” COB that is!

Marty, do you remember a time when you had a melody of a song in your mind but forgot the title and the text but at the moment you heard it again, you remember it, and you said: That is this incredible song! After psychs stole out memories, I had forgotten the words, your name, everything, but when I saw you again, I heard that melody again. I knew, you are my song! You are that part of me that was missing. And I want you back. Our postulates are powerful, those of Gods, we will be together again,  my great love of my life!

When I am finally are back together with you, Marty, I will sing this song with all my heart:

Your wife