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Is Chiquita’s dad a CIA agent?

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Dearest Marty, my incredible prince and husband,

I was busy with business deals yesterday and still are busy with some of it today. According to Ron, a person should earn more than she spends, so I do that when good business deals come my way. But I miss you every step on the way. And I would drop any business if I could see you instead.

Okay, I said that I killfiled reading the comments on Chiquita’s dad’s blog as it turned into the same negative natter board. But I admit since then, I rolled down the comments section of his blog again. As he is your doppelganger, Marty, it is not easy for me to ignore what he is doing and what is going on in his world and on his blog.

Karen de la Carriere posted that she knows that the Int base has 2500+ rare LRH photos but that they rather publish empty buildings and structures on C of S sites and she finds it personally obscene. I would agree with her if I would not know that many of these photos don’t show the founder of Scientology, but the Apollo imposter, Jack Vistaril. Those who do not want to publish these photos probably know that too and this is the reason they don’t want to publish these photos but they do not come forward with the truth either: Ron was impostored. About Karen, I didn’t knew that she was platinum blonde on the Apollo. I remember her from Los Angeles and while I was there, her hair was as dark as mine. Anyway, I don’t wish her anything bad, I just wish that all would come forward and speak the truth about the non-Scientology doppelganger/impostor business in Scientology.

I don’t wish your doppelganger anything evil either, Marty. I still hope that there is lawful and decent explanation for him saying he is you but I can’t come up with it. Some people make fun about him losing his mother at age 5 but I think it is very cruel and that he had a real bad start in life with a tragedy like that. (But it’s still no justification claiming your life as his. After I was kidnapped from Ron, my life was hell with age of 5, and I didn’t become the doppelganger of anyone.) And other tragedies were piling up on his family, which appeared to me a major p$ych target despite that he doesn’t say so. I am a major p$ych target and I say so. It’s not my fault when these Nazi doctors haven’t changed a bit. Their behavior and obsessions with me  makes them crazy not me.

You and  Ron were always a major psych target. What they want to destroy, they target. It is not always “pulling things in”. Taking a body in a snake pit as Earth causes anybody automatic troubles. It lies in the territory. If I pet a rattlesnake and it bites me, a person doesn’t necessarily have overts, she is just stupid. I am at a point in my life where I say that taking a body isn’t a great idea and operating without one (and without stepping in a implant station) is the much better idea for survival. So, I am none of these Scientologists who tells thetans without body to go to the next maternity ward and pick up a new body.

Back to the doppelganger business: of course people looks change a bit as people age but I saw already on Chiquita’s photos around 1990 in RTC publications that he wasn’t you and that you were missing, and to my surprise after many years, the RTC published suddenly YOUR and not his photo. Gee, what should I think of that?

Chiquita’s dad’s life doesn’t look that bad. He has a girlfriend or fiancée who is praised as warm hearted woman and not referred by anybody as bitch. Not even his opponents say a bad word about her. She seems loyal to him, and I assume he is happy. He has lots of friends and supporter, is a VIP for many, and with application of Scientology management and finance policies for ethical business deals and his international Scientologists’ connections, he may be soon affluent too – although he wrote that he isn’t money-oriented. But if he impostors you, did he consider that he might screw up his future? He seems not being worried about that despite I know a 100 % that he isn’t you. When Ron was impostored, there was no Internet. Ron couldn’t just log on a computer and check what was going on.

But there might be one other possibility to make sense of his attitude. Could Chiquita’s dad be a CIA agent? Hired by the CIA to allegedly pull Nazi attention away from because you are Mark de Rothschild and received the security name Mark Rathbun because you (like your other family members) are huge SEGNPMSS targets? Is that another one of these “great” SEGNPMSS controlled CIA handlings that resulted in that Ron and you got names of doppelgangers and everything later in your life histories was a big confusion and ended in that the real Ron was murdered at the end, you wrongfully incarcerated, and Scientology taken over by the impostor and left for DM?

The CIA sucks because they failed to protect Ron adequately, and after his death they should have at least published the entire true story, right but didn’t! If somebody is dead, what do they still have “to protect”? Jack Vistaril’s ashes in the ocean because I am very sure that psychs dismantled Ron’s body in one of their labs to check why he was so smart and what was so extraordinary in his “brain”. (Too dumb to figure that the great thetan Ron had left and a brain is just a switchboard.)

Chiquita’s dad isn’t too found of the FBI but I can’t remember that he ever wrote anything critical about the CIA. But even if he would criticize the CIA, it wouldn’t mean that he isn’t hired by them. If patriots think that CIA is okay, I beg to differ. No secret service is okay on a  planet like this, and any secret service is secretly used by the SEGNPMSS.

So, is it that? If he is a CIA agent and was told by the CIA that his doppelganger role is of importance to the USA and the financial reserves, he might feel its completely honorable and legal to act as your doppelganger even if he makes me look like a crazy woman or liar by not telling that he isn’t you. That could explain his lack of bad conscience claiming your Scientology years as his. You might be wrongfully incarcerated, Marty, without Internet access but your family might have Internet access and could notice what Chiquita’s dad is saying. But Chiquita’s dad isn’t worried about that because the CIA approves of his doppelganger role?

But does that really protect your life? If you are not one day murdered by violence in prison, Marty, they sure cut your lifespan a lot shorter by contaminating what you eat, breathe, and drink, etc.

If Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (Jack Vistaril) was a hired CIA agent too, to protect the real Ron’s (founder of SCN) life from the Nazis, what was the result of it? Scientology was altered and Ron was killed nevertheless.

I have no case officer. I say what I see, and I see that the CIA is SEGNPMSS controlled and lots what they did were attempts to mislead me. But as nothing worked and I figured these things out, they all could call that doppelganger business off because the SEGNPMSS knows where you are, Marty, and I think they torture the hell out of you because they know that you are not Chiquita’s dad. They set the entire wrongful incarceration up against you to prevent that you can approach me. They know that we both have the potential to clarify the history of Scientology and even infiltration of the US government and that explain just about anything on this freaking rotten planet.

Too bad that some other actions are waiting for me today because otherwise I would keep on writing to you.

I will be back soon, my hero. I kiss you a million times and can’t wait until I see you again.

I love you so much!

Yours forever

Your wife