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Dr. Jürgen Keltsch should be arrested and do time for his crimes against humanity

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you? Once we are back together, I hope you  agree that the computer and the Internet should be only one of thousands things in our lives. I rather want to have a real life with you and not a senseless life in cyberspace that offers mainly lies and  defamation about good people as for example Ron and you and me and is a huge waste of time. I want to use the computer only to write books in future but don’t want to waste any second of our lives in senseless forums or on message boards. It is wasted time. I rather want to do things with you in real life. And it will be all so exciting because you and me with have millions of ideas.

Marty, I never will forget or forgive the Germans, Nazi Dr. Juergen Keltsch and the psychs, etc. on how he treated me like Jews won’t forget that they were persecuted. Keltsch is really something! After all he did to me, he still is attacking our religion. What not too many people know is that Keltsch was in charge also to fight the Neo Nazis. When I was President of the C of S Germany, Keltsch was a District attorney and his duty was to fight Neo-Nazis. How can a Nazi as Keltsch be effective fighting Neo-Nazis? He was not because while he was supposed to stop them, they grew a lot!

I don’t know if you ever have seen this German police radio report that was translated into German, Marty. I post this report in this blog because it shows how lawless Keltsch is. He said in recent years that Scientology endangers health. That is baloney. His inhumane actions against me did arm my health. Keltsch is the absolute psychiatric robot. He wants laws that nobody except his beloved psychs may apply any form of life counseling. He is a nut. People must have the right to seek their own choices of help. And who did the psychs ever truly help? Drugging and e-shocking, yes, that helps a lot as far as money for the psych pocket is concerned…

Any kind of alternative lifestyle might be unlawful if human rights violator Keltsch has his ways. If Freezone Scientologists or “Independent” Scientlogists think that Germany won’t outlaw them, think again. C of S and Freezone and Independents still have a common enemy and that is the German government, its secret services and psychiatrists.


Back to us, Marty, below is the radio and my comments are in italic.

I miss you, my darling. Just the thought of you makes me happy. I know that we will find each other again. I know it from God. And also thetan basically knows.

Many kisses



P.S. These lyrics don’t have much to do with us, Marty, but I think we heard the song a few later later together in the UK when we got married. The best decision EVER!  We made some wedding vows that are legendary by now, Marty. We really meant it with all our heart. But I tell you where I go when I lie alone  in my bed. Directly in your arms! 🙂 Best place on Earth.


(RB) mailed me a copy of a radio, a report by the

Frontier Guard Office Puttgarden, dated September 5, 1984, file no: pu 10/09/84, sb:Ehlers, officer, signed by senior clerk Schulz, “Distributor 01 is asked for transmission to 02, 522339a, Stam d, 523906 ppmue d, 1837 f 01 u.02.

It is a radio to German district attorney Jürgen Keltsch (01) to judge Schäfer (02) from Guardianship court.

(That means that they prepared the unconstitutional guardianship before any “health expert” had a look at me. They operated only on the fanatical crazy information that RB read in the newspapers against Scientology or made up in her own mind and provided to them. It also means that they planned that gruesome abduction from Denmark and the abuse by Germanpolice to get me upset and to get me out of balance so that they would have some grounds to institutionalize me and put me under guardianship.)

The radio mentions also numbers 01416 meg dfo 051803, 04999 megdlo 051801, shbbbg no. 379 0509 1703/=, transmitted by fme Bad Bramsteadt. It also was sent to somebody in Flensburg with number 03.  The radio cites me as subject: “Apprehension of Barbara Schwarz…” re: tlx Munich Sta 1 (115 ar rom 5 275/74, no: 1/1050 dd 03.09.84, file no:Sta 115 js 3953/83 (462 ca 115 js 3958/83 ag munich) file no: Guardianship court: 135 room 8, 1167/84.

Radio says that Danish C.I.D. in Copenhagen made a control of  foreigners legality and that I was seized and informally conveyed to the frontier guard office, (ggst) Puttgarden on September 3, 1984, about 22.15 o’clock.

(Fact is: The Danish police officers did not check my papers. They showed me only their identification. They just asked me if I am  Barbara Schwarz. They told me that I am needed as witness and that I shall go with them. I asked them for details, but they said they would not know them. I was not illegally in Denmark, and I had valid papers and they knew that. I thought I can return to my home in Denmark after the testimony. I did not take my possession with me and lost them all because the criminal plot between Germany and Denmark withheld from me that I should be arrested, unable to return. I found later all of my possessions were stolen by other people, when I tried to retrieve them after the many months of wrongful incarceration by the  Germans in their jails and institutions.)

The police radio says that “Due to the pre-info the ggst Puttgarden had received from district attorney Keltsch, tlx no. 1/1050, the Danish C.I.D. asked Dr. Roessner, public health officer of district Ostholstein to come to the Frontier Guard Office Puttgarden in order to issue medical evidence concerning Ms. Schwarz’s mental health. For the time being, person was arrested concerning to paragraph 20, BGSB for her own security.”

(Fact is: I had a job in Copenhagen and a home. I wasn’t suicidal at all. I just wanted to be left alone, minding my own business. However, I planned to go to Israel, and I made the mistake to mail RB a letter indicating that. She told that to the still existing German Nazis as Keltsch and Ingo Heinemann, etc. and  they started this action against me to prevent me getting there.)

The police radio says: “…that evaluation from psychiatric aspect wasn’t possible, because Ms. Schwarz refused any kind of medical check up. Due to that, district attorney Keltsch ordered interim arrest because of the trial pending in Munich for “attempt of intimidation” under file no: Js 3953/83 (462 cs 115 js 3953/83).”

(Fact is: I had a right under German law to refuse their medical check ups. As you can see, fanatical Bohn and Keltsch wanted to get me with anything. They did not knew the charges, they made them up along the way. As I posted earlier, I made no of “attempt of intimidation” and the case was later dismissed, but I had to suffer through hell before that. Everybody involved knew that the charges were fabricated, including RB. Before she died, she wrote me that Germany stole my right of liberty.)

The police radio continues: “Due to that order, the customs Office Puttgarden, here represented by senior clerk Mr. Hartmann, was asked for assistance by directing Ms. Zilla Breese, who was having with her agreement night duty to Frontier Guard Office gsst Puttgarden, in order to effect the necessary search of the accused person and her things and to stay here for reason of safety for the rest of the night.

The same evening at 23.30 o’clock, the accused person was arrested in the interim. Upon this she protested strongly and reproached the  officers present with “Nazi methods”.

(Fact is: I said this because it was true.)

Police radio continues: “Ms. Schwarz wanted to inform her lawyer immediately. Upon this she was told for the time being that office of district attorney, (which was Keltsch), had prohibited this until further notice. The accused person was offered several times to phone her mother, which she always refused.”

(Fact is: For heavens sake! I was wrongfully arrested! I wasn’t in the mood to talk to fanatical, obsessed and crazy RB, who worked in her insanity together with Keltsch and later regretted it. I had the constitutional right under German law to a lawyer. RB wasn’t one. She was a p$ych drugged person. Keltsch was afraid that an attorney would get me out, because his actions were completely criminal and would have never survived if an attorney would have truthfully assisted me right there in Puttgarden. It is also striking that the police went along with this and didn’t refer Keltsch to the German constitution and the relevant law that says that no person may be arrested without having access to an attorney.)

Nazi police radio continues: “She refused the search of her things at first, while she was saying all the time that the measures executed all together would be not lawful and that they would be Nazi methods. Later she tolerated the search of her things under protest. The documents that were found were seized. She was not willing to allow her bodily search and said she would offer resistance. As the only female person in the room of the gsst Puttgarden was the afore mentioned Ms. Beese, and there were no other female person at disposal, the person’s examination had to be dispensed with. Only a palpation by Ms. Beese was enforced, while the police officers Ms. Gamon and Ms. Ehlers held Ms. Schwarz’s hand wrist, each of them held one, so that security of executing Ms. Beese was guaranteed.”

(Fact is: It felt like gang rape or at least severe gang molestation. They knew I had come voluntarily to testify. They knew I had absolutely no weapon on me, and they just made the search to intimidate and harass me.)

Radio continues: “The accused person offered only little resistance at that time by trying to pull her hand wrists out of the officer’s hold.”

(Fact is: They were strong like bulls, and I had not the strength to get my hand wrists out of their iron hold.)

Radio continues: “Ms. Schwarz was ordered to go to the prison cell of the gsst Puttgarden to stay there until further notice. She went there under strong verbal protest like: ‘The cell looks more like a gas chamber…’ and ‘Nazi methods’…and ‘you will regret all of those actions, they are not lawful!’ addressed to officer Ehlers. The accused person refused ingestion with exception of a cup of coffee augmenting: ‘Because of the methods you practice here, I believe you intent to poison me!'”

(Fact is: Was I really “out of line”? How would others described the rotten activities as described above if they would have been done to you? Would they have told to those criminal, above the law acting, police officers, that they appreciate them tricking them, touching them,harassing them, intimidating them, conspiring against them, denying them their right to an attorney, that  they appreciate those conspirative activities, that they are right to treat them completely without rights and would they want a nice picnic with those beasts? Police should have reminded Keltsch that his actions are illegal and unconstitutional and that they can’t go along with denying me any access to an attorney.)

This is the continuation of the radio of Front Guard Office, German police in Puttgarden by officer Ehlers and senior clerk Schulz of September 3, 1984 and September 5, 1984.

Radio continues: “The afore mentioned judge Schäfer of the Guardianship Court Munich was not to get during the night time. Ms.Schwarz’s mother was informed of the measures against her daughter.”

(Fact is: What a “good mother”. She wrote me now that she did not agree with the abuse that I had to suffer in hands of the police. She admitted now she saw that I was battered when I arrived in Munich in handcuffs.)

Radio continues: “RB wanted to talk to daughter. Accused person agreed. (Mother’s voice could be not heard by officers Ehlers and Gamon but Barbara Schwarz mentioned that she is Jewish and wants to go to Israel.)”

(Marty, as the entire world is German Nazi controlled, I would have been persecuted by the SEGNPMSS in Israel too but I simply didn’t feel well in Germany and my story says that this is very understandable. Fact is: if Germany would not still be Nazi Germany why would they stop somebody who says is Jewish to go to Israel? Why would they rather fabricate charges against her and abuse her and incarcerate her in a mental institution? Why is being Jewish considered a mental illness in Germany?”)

Radio continues: “On September 4, 1984 at 9.00 Dr. Keltsch, district attorney Munich had phone conversation with Ms.Schwarz. Dr. Keltsch’s voice could be not intercepted here for technical reasons.

(Fact is: Puttgarden police was lying. They recorded what Keltsch said, but destroyed the tape lateron, because it was evidence how outrageously Keltsch violated the laws, including the German constitution and international human rights. They heard that Keltsch denied again my  right to an attorney.)

Radio continues to report some of the things that I said to Keltsch, that I asked him what the charges against me were, on what I was being held, why RB had talked to a Guardianship court, that I wanted to know who the Guardianship judge is, and why I would be not allowed to travel to Israel.

(Fact is: Police radio deliberately concealed that I told Keltsch over and over that I want to talk to an attorney, but that  he, the Nazi district attorney denied counsel of any attorney to me. He said word for word to me: “The only person you are allowed to talk to is your mother!” RB is no attorney. She is nothing else than a fanatically, obsessed with me, Scientology attacker on medical drugs. Talking to her made rather crazier than saner.)

Radio mentioned officers Wohlert and Frank, both ggst  Puttgarden as witnesses of this phone conversation.

(Fact is: Both are liars, since they reported to Ehlers only parts of what I said to Keltsch, or Ehlers did not report what  they really heard.)

Radio continues: “After a walk to the ladies room, the ‘accused  person’ again refused to enter the prison cell. She called officers present ‘Nazi-pigs’.”

(Fact is: I sure did and don’t regret a word. That is exactly what they were. What would others name people in Germany that deny all rights to them?)

Radio continues: “Again Ms.Schwarz was urged into the prison cell. Then she was rioting in the prison room by beating and kicking against the door with her hands and feet. At the same time, those officials present again had to endure insults as already before like ‘Nazi pigs’ and ‘maltreatment like Nazi methods'”.

(Fact is: Just listen to them! They tricked me, they kidnapped me, they arrested me wrongfully (fabricated case was on all counts dismissed later) they did not even had any charges against me when they arrested me, they made them up after I was arrested, they harassed me and gang-molested me with their padding and holding me, and they conspiratively denied any access to an attorney to me, and then they feel insulted when I call them Nazi pigs  and their methods Nazi-methods. What is the right name for such a German gang? Officers friendly? Your friends and helpers?)

Radio continues: “At a repeated phone call from Dr. Keltsch, he asked that Ms. Schwarz should be under permanent control. There was also given advise about the warrant of arrest effected that had been sent directly to the police office Oldenburg and from there to the District court of Oldenburg.”

(Fact is: Police in Oldenburg should have allowed me to contact an attorney, and so should have the court. But they were all in this outrageous Nazi-conspiracy against me and you too, Marty.)

Radio continues: “The ‘accused person’ was presented to the police officer Wilken of the police office Puttgarden for  the production to the investigating judge. Wohlert and Manowski were ordered for assistance by the gsst Puttgarden. These three police officers drove together with Ms .Schwarz to Oldenburg where they arrived on September 4, 1984 about 16.oo pm, and she was produced to District judge Dr. Bergande after arrival of the warrant of arrest.

(Fact is: They never handed a copy of this warrant to me. Police also concealed that this judge wasn’t investigating  anything. I complained to him that I was not allowed to talk to any  attorney. He denied that right also to me and declared me arrested, on charges  of ‘attempted intimidation’ against Klaus Karbe, trying to make him  not hold the deprogramming event. – Be reminded that the case was dismissed later and Karbe even admitted that he never felt intimidated. I also did nothing wrong by asking Karbe to not hold an international event promoting deprogramming in Germany, because deprogramming is inhuman and criminal.)

Good people have rights too, but not so in Germany

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Dearest Marty,

Another summer day without you passed by, and what a crime it is by these conspirators to keep us apart. But I also know that we will be back together against all odds. I just know it as in thetan basically knows. I have often enough predicted the future and it came exactly how I predicted it. It is one of our OT abilities and I know you have them too.

Here is a bit more of the OPC tin foil hat report (See link in my July 5, 2010 posting):

The German government, the OPC claims in that 2009 report against Scientology:

Scientology would be just committed on the outside to be a non-political religious community that would keep democracy and that its political long term goal would not be the participation in any political decision-making process but rather to constantly enlarge their membership and to make more cash and successfully defeat their critics.

Oh, those Germans are the ultimate hypocrites!

1)     Their secret services infiltrates Scientology to change the religion on the inside so that psychs can live with it and are getting away with their crimes. The SEGNPMSS, the secret senior of the OPC is not unified as to what to do with Scientology. One part of the SEGNPMSS wants Scientology forbidden and outlawed, while the other part wants it to make more and more cash that is on Europe’s bank accounts to makes Europe and on top of Europe the Germans rich.

2)     They don’t allow any Scientologist to join any political party just like the Nazis didn’t allow the Jews to join their parties, and then they are blaming Scientologists not participating in the political decision-making process. How can they participate in the political decision-making process if they are not allowed to join?

3)     What’s wrong in the orgs is always a German set up as they run the infiltrators while other German controlled people attack then what the German controlled infiltrators did wrong in the orgs (or they also make things up that never happened), and all that is blamed on L. Ron Hubbard or also law abiding and real Scientologists who had nothing to do with these German organized crimes.

4)     The OPC wants rights for criminals and accuses Ron of being bad because he had no intentions to award criminals. On the other side, OPC does not want to grant Scientology a right to defend itself against their critics. The OPC is so contradictory.

They also complain that the IAS is financing essential projects of the orgs. Guess the OPC wants all Scientology money frozen on European (and soon to be German  bank accounts) and no Scientologists should have the means to help another human beings in troubles during a disaster.

They huff and puff over “the ideal orgs” despite that the German secret services knows better than anyone that buildings on the unprotected surface of the world are not ideal orgs according to L. Ron Hubbard and the SEGNPMSS is behind that  these plans are no longer a part of today’s Scientology.

It is really ridiculous and tin foil hat attitude to include these Scientology data in a report about protection of the constitution. They wrote that the membership is unequally divided and that most Scientologists are in Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hamburg,  Berlin, Hesse, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. Nothing has changed. This is exactly how it was when I left still existing Nazi Germany end of 1989 because of religious persecution and never returned. And after so many years, they report this old news as something the German government has to act on in 2010 because otherwise their in reality non-existing constitution and freedoms would be harmed. They are really crazy! They should issue a report against themselves and the SEGNPMSS as they are the biggest problems to anybody’s freedom and rights.

The OPC has a big problem with Scientology making promotion for something. They claim that Scientology would address in yellow tents young people. Thinking back, I remember that all people regardless of age were addressed to inform themselves about Scientology (except that we had no yellow tents)  but naturally, many older people were not interested in something new but younger folks were. Not too many elderly people are like these:

That seems the only reason why more younger people joined 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 1, and 0 years ago. Older people are more set in their ways, younger people looking for new things and adventure. Isn’t that the case already since centuries? If Scientologists would be only interested in money, why do they not concentrate on the elderly with no relatives to get all their estate when they pass away? Young people, do they not have naturally less cash than the elderly? (OPC doesn’t think…)

The OPC claims that they think that Scientology did address schools in framework of their human rights campaign for education in the  name of the human rights and offered a “complete handbook for students”.  They “think”, that this did happen, Marty.  They spy on just about any Scientologist and haven’t figured out what it is going on or do they just not want to admit that what was offered was the study technology of L. Ron Hubbard, which is a technology that helps a student to learn any subject and does not promote religious issues? They go on and blame L. Ron Hubbard on having said this: “All civilizations have changed, because someone changed the children. – In earlier times, children were usually changed to the worse. Let it now be different and let them change it for better. ” (“Freewinds”, issue 73, 2009, p. 12) [Looks like the OPC sails secretly on the Freewinds too.]

Anyway, question to the OPC tin foil p$ychs and agents: What is wrong with making sure that kids do not change to become bad? The same sick OPC  thinking that criminals should have rights instead the  innocent?

OPC objects to a movement called „Youth for Human Rights International“ and their video spots. The first one below is even in the sense of the SEGNPMSS who lies to people that they are born free. Nobody is because the SEGNPMSS is at them without that anybody (except us) figured it out. But OPC (apparently subordinated to the SEGNPMSS) has a problem with that every child should be free and that they should have human rights and treated with respect respect, what the Germans denied to me as child but also later as adult bluntly and violently.

Typical German tin foil hat attitude to object to human rights for good people. Only bad people have human rights according to the OPC, they indicated clearly that before accusing L. Ron Hubbard of allegedly not granting human rights to criminals.

The OPC doesn’t like that human rights tapes are being shown to students or other young people and find it troublesome that clips were seen by over 23000 people and that a school showed it to 400 students.

Furthermore, the OPC hates that the „Youth for Human Rights International“ organized a concert in the Munich pedestrian zone and a “March for human rights” through the inner city. (What’s wrong with a march for human rights? In Germany: everything! SEGNPMSS and OPC are anti-human rights for good people.)

They complain that the Scientology campaign “Say no to drugs – say yes to life” addresses mainly young people. (Duh! Because young people often are so stupid and start taking drugs while older people aren’t anymore that dumb.)

OPC hates that on April 18 an 19, more than 9000 anti-drug booklets were distributed in  Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf and that IAS paid for it.

Good grief, when the orgs and the IAS does right, e.g. warning against drugs, inspiring more people to be interested in human rights, etc. the OPC should not lie that those are acts against the constitution because otherwise people could say that taking drugs and dying on drugs and having no human rights is a part of the German constitution that the OPC defends.

OPC wants people look like this?

Dearest Marty, I think of you all the time and you are always in my heart. There is nothing that I want more than being with you and sorting out the lies that were implemented by infiltrators to Scientology and the lies of “the critic” and restore Scientology as it was under the original Ron.  The question is who will win? The insane German control and conspire machine, or we, real OTs. I know it will be us. It might take a long time but it will be us as Ron said, the truth will come out: ALWAYS!

With all my life and tender kisses,

Your wife and soul mate


My suggestion: Building a big high security fence around the OPC building and would put a sign outside “Caution: Mental institution. That place is full of crazies.”

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Dearest Marty, my very special and absolutely unique husband,

My crabapple bush grew apples this year. I haven’t tried one this year, maybe I wait another month.

How are you, my hero?

Here’s some more about that German OPC report.More of the still existing German Nazi tin foil mania. (See link in my posting of July 9)  This report shows how crazy the Germans really are. They fear a Scientology Committee of Evidence! That would be very funny if these guys would not run officially one country (Germany) and secretly through their SEGNPMSS the entire world.

As you know, the Scientology Committee of Evidence (Comm Ev) is basically nothing but a fact finding body that issues recommendations to remedy something that isn’t good.  And the Germans sell that as “crime”. From all people in the world, the German government, their secret services, and their psychiatrists have the loosest screws anyone can have.

They wrote in this OPC report that „World Institute of Scientology Enterprises“

(WISE) has their own „courts“.

I kown, Marty, that the real Ron wanted criminals and infiltrators of Scientology turned over to the authorities and not in any Scientology org on the decks or the RPF. That included WISE. But the (by German secret services) hired impostor for L. Ron Hubbard and other infiltrators changed these things to get Scientology in troubles so that the German secret services have something to attack. Criminals and infiltrators don’t belong in any orgs. They belong in from the government run boot camps, and Crimanon should go in there and assist the Department of Correction to rehab these people with Ron’s tech because his tech does work.

Ron’s idea was that the courts and the prison change their bad systems and not that the orgs replaces them.  As you know Ron’s research and technology could help these courts and these prisons a lot.

There is nothing wrong with having Committees of Evidence within any organization. Companies and other organizations have that now too, and they call it “Quality management”. There are approx. 1,140,000 hits on Google as to Fact finding committee+company. Guess they are all against the “German constitution” then, which just exists on paper.

Executives of these organizations or companies come together and investigate certain people or procedures that are not supportive of their mission, and they make recommendations as to how to change it and the company or organization implements it. When a couple of employees or business partners are fighting, they try mediation first before these people and partners sue the hell out of each other.

When Scientology does it, it is against the constitution, according to the twisted OPC.

There are about 5,170,000 results as to company quality assurance+auditor on Google. The OPC makes internal investigations and quality assurance look like a crime. But each state should be happy when organizations apply some kind of self-control because that could result in less work for law enforcement.

The European Union approved a Mediation Directive on May 22, 2008, several months before the OPC report was issued:

What purpose does this Directive has? Here it is…

to encourage the use of mediation as a cost-effective and quicker alternative to civil litigation, for cross-border commercial disputes.

Wise members just as Scientologists are very international, and the OPC report could be seen as an attempt to undermine this EU effort for less litigation and more mediation.

I think there are not enough true Committees of Evidence within the Scientology orgs because only that explains why violent infiltrators and unqualified staff can stay for decades in the orgs and reach top international positions.

The OPC goes nuts about this and claims: The Sea Org part organization WISE  has  active Scientologists in Germany and six “Charter Committee”, which would be “courts” in  Scientology’s legal system, and that these “courts” would be generally the rule of law and superior to state or federal courts. They say that they got this from the German website of WISE (3. December 2009).

What the German OPC tin foil hat report basically says is that they are afraid that Scientologists will replace the German courts with Scientology “courts”, which is crap. No Scientology organization has “courts”, except “Committees of Evidence” like other organizations to ensure quality and the fulfillment of their mission.

Is that Angela Merkel?

Nah, it’s not her.

Sometimes, when there are just disagreements between parties, and an agreement can be reached through mediation, it makes no sense that the Germans want their official courts to decide that.

Statutes are often written by lawyers who are no Scientologists. Scientology is a huge subjects, and I noticed often how little they understand our religion, Marty. In case of WISE, it is another dumb (and likely German secret service organized) wording to persecute Scientology and in this case WISE. Better wording could be something like this: members agree to address Scientology internal justice committees to resolve the problems before they bother official courts with disputes than can be mediated, e.g. see EU Directive for mediation.

And here it comes, the OPC did read that Wise has an internal mediation process that many other organizations have too: through the application of L. Ron Hubbard’s ethics technology for the solution of  disputes,  such charter committees settle conflicts often much faster and fairer than the civilian legal system until both sides are satisfied with the with the outcome of their case satisfied. ” (Website of the charter committee members of WISE, December 3 2009)…

And the tin foil hat German secret services have a problem with that and use this to spy and persecute Scientologists and infiltrate the orgs. Hitler’s craziness never died out in Germany. That’s their new old Mein Kampf.

On the other side, they fail to investigate the fact that their judges (like all other judges in the secret SEGNPMSS world) have ear implants, they hush it up. Thanks to these ear implants people cheat through school and college and justice is often not spoken because judges rule what the SEGNPMSS radio in their freaking ear implants. That is what the Germans don’t call unconstitutional and criminal. They are the ultimate nuts and hypocrites, Marty.

The Germans claim that WISE members are not allowed to call courts when they have disputes. You know that this is never what L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of SCN wrote. First they agree to solve the problems through mediation themselves and according to Ron, if it can’t be solved, they have all rights to address an official court. The Germans are lying when they claim that L. Ron Hubbard would have ever contracted Scientologists not to file their claims to official courts if mediation failed.

Heinz Fromm runs the OPC officially but I bet a Billion of Dollars that the SEGNPMSS and the German p$ychs run it behind the scenes.

My suggestion: Building a big high security fence around the OPC building and would put a sign outside “Caution: Mental institution. That place is full of crazies.”

Enough of this for today, Marty, I am back soon. I might have lots of actions going on next week but I try to get the blog going and think of you all the time. One big reason why they keep us apart is because they know that we would be a lot stronger if we are able to put our life stories together and demonstrate the conspiracies against us and our religion together.

Many kisses, my darling



Not related to this posting, Marty, here is a link to a cool Dire Straits song that I listen often too in the time where I met you again in Los Angeles. It reminds me to you too, this song, my love. (The  Sultans of Swing)  Somebody on YouTube wrote that this music is so much better than rap. I absolutely agree.

More idiotic crap of the OPC (German) tin foil hat report…

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Dearest Marty, before I continue with some more crap from the tin foil report of the Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV) , the Federal Office for Protection of the (German) Constitution (OPC), I wish you a very good morning.

Imagine this scenario, you and me having breakfast in bed together and no hurry and no care in the world.

[Those on the left side are us. Apparently we dress up as Indians for breakfast – but why not? 😉 Some Indians in SLC asked me once if I would become their speaker for Indian affairs in another state… Guess that would be then honorary Indian.]

You and me waking up together, wouldn’t that be wonderful, beyond wonderful, heavenly, absolutely heavenly and then we would kiss and love each other for hours but still be a lot more successful than “tough son and bitches” who are stuck on a 1.5 tonelevel and pull more in that making go right. The “tough son and bitches” attitude attracts low tone and brutal people. As you know, Marty, Ron had lots of affinity and understanding for others but he was persistent, effective, and true.  Saint Hill expanded so quickly because Ron wasn’t in a Nazi valence like certain infiltrators. A Scientology org was the best place when he was around.

This OPC report is really tin foil hat material, Marty. The German secret service fools (who also infiltrate Scientology orgs and do not just watch them) say Scientology says that “honesty” in Scientology can be only reached through auditing. I don’t know how many glasses of beer (Nazi boot size) they gulp down every day to come to such conclusions. Any non-Scientologist has also the potential to be honest but non-Scientologists don’t know what L. Ron Hubbard researched in regards of honesty and that is why they are not honest as real Scientologists: “No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is his own trap. – L. Ron Hubbard. As you know, Marty, most non-Scientologists (and infiltrators in Scientology) have not yet figured out that dishonesty is hurting the dishonest person more than anybody else, and these German secret service people and psychs  are cowards and afraid to admit that Ron was right, so they rather lie until they slide down the tonescale more and more and turn into completely crazy people who gas people and make other experiments on people and still persecute people and abuse and kill people today who do not  agree and adopt their lying  and destructive p$sych ways.

The OPC says that Ron’s Sea Org would reject the democratic legal system as ineffective.  Well, no legal system in the entire world is effective but Ron didn’t reject it but he sure knew how to make them better. And once again, the infiltration of the orgs is German organized and those are the people who violate laws. Ron would have never allowed a law violator to join any org. The correctional system of the governmental legal system is the right place for these people.  I made my experiences with the German legal system, Marty. It doesn’t work at all. It is completely unjust. Criminals go free and innocent people have to suffer. Sick German world.

As evidence for their “misunderstandings” about what Ron said, they cite a new German translation: L. Ron Hubbard, „Dianetik Ein Leitfaden für den menschlichen Verstand“, Neuausgabe 2007, S. 481) The text is probably no translation but sounds as if a German lawyer wrote it  but not Ron.

Real stiff, and it talks about how important legal science is to Dianetics. I never heard that before. Here is what the Germans quote, and they have a problem with it:

“The Law of Dianetics deals with the law in society and between different societies of mankind.” (When I was on staff, Dianetics helped to get rid  of engrams. It was not a study of law. But even if Scientologists would study to better the system, what is wrong with this? There is no reasons for the Germans to go once again crazy.  Really, what is wrong with Scientologists studying law?)

They quote: “It will necessarily include the Law and the legislation and provides precise definitions and equations in order to ensure justice.” [Once again, Marty, I never studied this in Dianetics before, but one can see how twisted the Germans are attacking a movement that wants to ensure justice. Scientology  would ensure good justice for anybody also non-Scientologists if  the orgs would not be infiltrated by the German run agents.]

“It is the science of sentencing.” [Never heard that before, Marty. Dianetics was once the modern science of mental health but not the science of sentencing. But I sort of like it, the German secret services and their insane p$ychs need  lots of sentencing, and the Germans are afraid to be sentenced, apparently because they have still and again so much blood on their hands.]

Germans quote: “Law and jurisdiction are the pillars of right and wrong, good and evil. The definition of these concepts is inherent in Dianetics: Using these definitions, one can come to a correct solution in respect of all acts of people.” [Huh? This is never written by Ron because he evaluated people on the basis of the tonescale and their ethics levels and he based his solution on that. He didn’t ignore a legal judgment or the laws of any land and applied the laws but he used his own research to come to correct solutions not law and jurisdiction of dusty and stiff systems that are not good in any country. This stuff is written by a non-Scientologist lawyer who tries to says in his non-Scientologist way that Scientology or in this case Dianetics is upholding the law, which they do.  On the other side,  the fuzz that the OPC makes of that legal  blah blah is also not understandable. They are really nuts. It reads as if the OPC don’t like people applying the law.]

Here is that stupid thing:

And the Germans base their judgment that Scientology rejects a democratic system of these few lines. They are nuts beyond belief. The Germans wants to control any breath a person takes, Scientologist or not. And this control mania is pushing the Germans (birthplace of p$ychs) more and more over the edge.  Many companies apply now codes of ethics and have internal quality processes. Guess that is also against the German constitution that according to my personal experiences exist only on papers but does not grant rights to good people.) They are nuts:

I love you so much, Marty, I will be back with more soon. I think of you any free minute and if we would be together, we would could change the world to the better (and that must freak the Germans completely out because a world to the better is such a unforgivable action) instead of trying to do that split up, each of us in a world that is targeted by the SEGNPMSS, the secret senior of the OPC.

Much love, your wife


More about the German OPC tin foil hat report…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Looks like I will be rather busy the next days but I will try to keep the blog postings up for you. You are the only person I want to reach with this blog, and my abusers should  leave me alone. There are again so many new lies about me by my stalkers on the net, and they blame me on what THEY are guilty of. I never did anything of what they lie I did. They suck it out of the thin air. I know that you never would believe a word they are saying as they lie about you just as much and  you are anyway much too smart to fall for these hate mongers and stalkers.  Once we are back together, Marty, I want to be as far as possible away from the Internet. It is such a shame for the planet that good people like us who do not want anything else but live in peace and being together have to endure endless abuse, stalkings, defamatory writings, and lies on the Internet by criminal people who just cannot leave us alone despite we didn’t ever anything bad to them and despite all I did was defending myself from their abuse.

I’ll comment a little bit more to  tin foil hat report of the German Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV), the Federal Office for Protection of the (German) Constitution (OPC) of last year:

They lie that L. Ron Hubbard described the Scientology civilization as legal system, in which the existence of the individual person would depend on the arbitrary discretion of the Sea Org. The Germans huff and puff that the Scientology organisation would grant only rights to the honest person.

What a “crime” for Ron to state that honest people have rights too. The Germans fear that one day, they will be held accountable for their never ending crimes.

They lie that Ron would grant basic rights just to Scientologists but the Germans never granted my basic rights to me, the Scientologist.

Either the Germans are the dumbest people in the planet or they try deliberately to misunderstand that Ron stands for more rights for the honest and good person. If the bad and criminal person as the average OPC and SEGNPMSS agent wants more rights, they just have to stop being bad and criminal. It is so simple.

The real Ron’s Scientology is the most humane and smartest movement on the planet, and his is why the German, their psychs and their secret services infiltrate and alter it. The fight club, the beatings, the abortions, the not enough sleep, the tearing apart of families, the excessive prices, ect., that is all German organized.

I studied numerous policy letters in which Ron said over and over that Scientologists have to obey the law of the land. But the German secret services are above the laws of all nations on Earth.

It is hard to believe that after spying on Scientology over 50 years and after infiltrating Scientology for over 50 years, the Germans have the guts to make statement likes this, which they take out of context and which they got from German crappy translations of (L. Ron Hubbard, „Einführung in die Ethik der Scientology“, new issue 2007, S. 51).

They blame Ron 25 years after his death on a German translation of 2007. Somebody translated: “The right of survival is intertwined with his or her honesty.”

What the Germans deliberately conceal is that Ron figured out that a person is basically good, and when she does bad things, she tends to penalize HERSELF (most of the time unconsciously). For example, the Nazis and the psychs killed million of people. What did they pull in? They lost the war, and they will never get rid of their Nazi reputation not even with their dupes as Mike Goodwin and his “law”, which is used to cut off even proper information about the Nazis.

The correct interpretation of this sentence would be: The person (thetan) takes it (most of the time subconsciously) upon herself to penalize HERSELF ALL ON HER OWN if she is not honest and good, because THE PERSON thinks HERSELF (mostly subconsciously) that no right of survival is intertwined with her lack of honesty and goodness because BEING BAD IS AGAINST THE (basically good) NATURE OF PEOPLE. Stupid Germans don’t understand anything! Fools!

Ron said that bad and dishonest people have to better themselves, and this is what the Germans don’t want. They know as better people are as less likely they will allow the Germans to use then them for their hidden still active Nazi activities. But it needs courage to admit that people have to change their bad ways and better themselves but psychiatrists and Nazis particularly have no courage, so they rather attack and hope the truth will go away!

The Germans don’t like this sentence either, which they took again out of concept: (…) Freedom is for honest people. Personal freedom just exist for those who have the abilities to be free.“ (L. Ron Hubbard, „Einführung in die Ethik der Scientology“, Neuausgabe2007, S. 51)

As a Scientologist, I know exactly what Ron meant: The thetan is basically good but when he goes bad like the Germans, HE penalizes himself. The thetan does it to himself, on his own. Bad people go nuts and sink in depressions, they drink and commit suicide or try doing something so drastically that authorities come and take him away or other nations kick their butts in a war. Ron said that only a person is free who is ethically and honest because the others think (subconsciously) that  they do not deserve to be free.

With no word ever said Ron that not all people should free. That is why he founded Scientology that all people can be free. And that is why the German secret service infiltrated and altered Scientology to avoid that because they just want that bad and dishonest people as Nazis, psychs, and other corrupt people have all the freedoms.

Another lecture that you don’t need, Marty, because you know all of that. It just sometimes want to get out of me and as this is the only place I post at the moment, I post it here.

I am so glad that I fled this country, Marty, so glad. I don’t even want to be buried there.

I love you for ever and ever and ever and ever. And that bothers the Germans too.

Yours and many kisses, and you are a rockstar, Marty!