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1) The FBI fingerprints of Ron’s impostor match because the FBI had the impostors fingerprints and not Ron, the founder’s fingerprints on file 2) CIA boss Leon E. Panetta should finally order his agency to publish the secret “protective” files on the real Ron and founder of Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible prince,

I read an article of the Los Angeles Herald Examiners of January 30, 1986 by Karen Cusolito, a Herald staff writer. She wrote that Georg Whiting, the Sheriff and Coroner of San Obispo County said that the FBI in Washington and the Department of Justice in Sacramento compared the fingerprints of the dead body and determined that it were those of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

(What office of the DOJ in Sacramento was meant? Can it be anymore unclear?)

I know that Jack Vistaril was not Ron, the founder of Scientology, so how come that the fingerprints matched? Not difficult to figure out for two very smart people as you and me, Marty: these agencies had not Ron, the founder’s fingerprints but L. Ron Hubbard, the doppelganger’s fingerprints on file.

Psychs probably plans the same thing with you and Mosey’s husband one day. First they want to kill you and Mosey’s husband briefly after you.

Marty, I know beyond any doubt that the guy who looked like Ron and blew together with Pat and Ann Broeker the real Ron’s money and who called DM his good friend was not Ron, the founder. I recall Ron’s real last name as Eisenhower and that the CIA told him that he has to take a security name as otherwise they would not able to protect him having the name Eisenhower by mingling with international people who show interest in Scientology or Dianetics. I think that the CIA told him that they found a “nice young man whose life was cut short” (Lafayette Ronald Hubbard from Nebraska) who did look a lot like Ron Eisenhower and if Ron want to live to tell people about Dianetics and Scientology, he just can do it under the CIA name Lafayette Ronald Hubbard or he will be murdered before the DMSMH ink is dry. CIA had already demanded from Ike to accept a CIA family to protect his real family if he wants to run for US President. If he would have not done, the CIA felt “unable” to protect the lives of his family from Nazi attacks. CIA should just blow the whistle on the SEGNPMSS and with that, they would protect not just all Americans but the entire world.

I heard once an eyewitness in the White House saying on TV that Ike and Mamie always slept in their own bedrooms and never spent any night together. Some people say that Ike had a secret affair. He had no affair. But after being elected President, he once in a while met at a secret location his real wife that he loved very much.

Ike and Ron hadn’t much of a choice but I know that both had strong reservations but they didn’t want their real family slaughtered, and Ron didn’t want Dianetics and Scientology stay in a drawer and that nobody but us can be OT. They also knew that despite everything, the truth will come out and yes, and they were right, I am publishing it for the world to read. The genie is out of the bottle. SEGNPMSS and CIA poodle just hope that not many people will find it or that their campaign to have their agents spread lies about me will work.

I am sure that they didn’t tell Ron that Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was not dead but that he was hired by SEGNPMSS poodle CIA to impostor Ron, the founder of Scientology. I think that Ron suspected CIA tricks but what could he do? He postulated that the truth will come out nevertheless and his postulates do work.

In other words, the fingerprints are those of the impostor and they did match with the fingerprints on file. My problem with the CIA is that they keep the world further misinformed as to who is who even if somebody is dead and needs no “protection” anymore and even if a U.S. President and his family’s history stays forever wrongfully in the history books. They also think that I am a second class citizen and that I don’t have the rights of other people who are born in the USA, and I have no intention to ever forget or forgive anything of that or ever back down. CIA is such an non-American agency. Leon Panetta should be compelled to publish why Ron and Ike were seen golfing together and that they were father and son.

The article said that Lafayette (the impostor) died on a brain hemorrhage. Guess the SEGNPMSS felt that it is time to get rid of the impostor too, and they had remote controlled germs bite in his brain until it did burst in a hemorrhage. SEGNPMSS isn’t protecting anybody, not even their own agents.

Whiting said that his office would normally not investigate “such a straight forward case”. Straight forward? The real Ron is killed, the impostor and the Broekers blow Ron’s money, the will is constantly changed even three days before the impostor deaths, the impostor is getting rid of too, C of S infiltrators cover up that “Jack Mitchell” was the impostor and nobody of them cares about the real Ron, and the world is being lied to that he was Ron, the founder, and the CIA, the FBI and the DOJ is covering up like German poodles and that is what Whiting calls that a “straight forward case”. It is unbelievable. That is his straight line:

“Church officials failed to notify the authorities until 7:30 am Saturday.” (Very “straight forward”, these infiltrators and non-Scientologists under cover.)

Then they scattered the impostor’s ashes in the ocean. The real Ron wasn’t that lucky. He was murdered two years earlier by doctors barging in on him and they dismantled his body piece by piece in a lab to find out why he was so special, genius,  and unusual. And they missed again his spiritual capacity, e.g. carrying his knowledge right in our minds, Marty. After Ron was murdered  in May of 1984, I felt some kind of merger between his and my mind. Nothing intrusive but I suddenly knew of things from Ron’s life that I didn’t knew before. Yeah, I know, real OT abilities are defamed as nuts these days. Even the Freedom Mag thinks psychiatric now. What a shame. But I know of OT abilities because I got them.

Heber Jentzsch said that a press conference was held to “vindicate L. Ron Hubbard’s good name”. (We need another press conference, Heber, and this time the world has to know who Ron really was and that he was impostored. This is the only way to vindicate Ron and Scientology.)

Marty, I think it will be you, who will shed light on these cover ups. You know how it feels to have a doppelganger take over your legacy. Look around, there are hundreds if not thousand people who met the real Ron and probably the same number that met you, the real Marty, but as the SEGNPMSS has its grip on just about anybody, nobody but me stands up and speaks the truth about this. Even if wrongfully incarcerated, you will make it happen that the truth is documented and published. I know that you will.

My point is: the SEGNPMSS, Germans, agents, psychs, Nazis, impostors, infiltrators changed Scientology and by not telling the true story of Scientology, they are all losing in all eternity. Some think that Ron will show up one day and put everything right. Really? If the real Ron would show up in the orgs and would change what was altered by the psychs or add what is missing, DM and Miscavologists would route him out. It’s like if Jesus would walk in a Christian church today and said: “Hey, its me, Jesus.” Christian security would call psychiatrists to “take care of Jesus”.

I read a posting by somebody about why Jesus didn’t just fly off the cross Jesus, Marty. We as Scientologists understands what Ron wrote about pain and engrams. OT abilities exist but they can be paralyzed under pain.

It is always the same old corrupt song. Everything good gets lost because people are liars and cowards who do not stand up when they should, and they follow anybody who has their ear implant code. The consequence is that there will be never a civilization without insanity, terror, war, and criminality. The planet will be never be OT planet. And it can become even worse. Nazi boots can march again and act up against any race. There will be eternal suffering.

What is most hardest to understand for me is that Scientologists settle with a “Scientology” that is not more the real Ron’s. The Freezone or the “Independents” haven’t original  Scientology either. The SEGNPMSS ordered infiltration from the start and the impostor was there from the start and changed a lot what the real Ron wrote. But real Scientology still could be recovered because I am absolutely certain that the CIA has records of anything that the Ron, the founder, our Ron (not the impostor) ever wrote or said or drew because he was “under protective custody”. Ron with one of his spiritually identities is in me.

That is why I know what I know and the secret services don’t know how I figured it all out. They just know that I did and that they don’t like it and that they want me to shut up but I won’t do them the favor. I’ll be pain in their necks until the truth and nothing but the truth is published for the entire world.

I love you because you are my kind, Marty. I can trust you as I can trust myself. Throw me a rope, let me know where you are, and we make it all go right. We know how.

Many kisses and eternally yours.


It is just a matter of time for Germany to go also after “the Independents”

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you today, my love? I think all the time of you, and I am so sorry if you have to suffer wrongfully in prison after you were framed. I would travel anywhere immediately to change this for you.

This is what Buddha said, and what he said reminds me a lot of how Ron was:

If a person foolishly does me wrong, I will return to him the protection of my boundless love. The more evil that comes from him the more good will go from me. I will always give off only the fragrance of goodness.’ (Buddha).

Numerous Scientologists told me that they believe that Ron was Buddha in his past life. I agree with them. On many pictures it looks to me as if Buddha is on OT TRO. 😉

(And yelling at an ashtray isn’t Ron’s version of Scientology but the German run impostor’s version of Scientology.)

However,  Buddha didn’t say that he would allow monsters to butcher mankind and he still would give them the protection of love. Buddha said that he still would love a  fool, he didn’t say that he would protect evil.

In What is Greatness, Ron says: To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And this may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.

This  is even a more generous gesture,  but we all know that loving mankind does not mean allowing monsters to destroy it. (And German secret service psychs are still monsters and bring out the worst of their international agents. And because they do not want to better themselves, Ron and the Scientology, the applied religious philosophy is defamed and infiltrated. )

The real L. Ron Hubbard, the real founder who keeps on loving mankind is the person that German secret service p$ychs hated, defamed, stalked, impostored, and ordered to be murdered, and whose philosophy and research they either altered and stole through their infiltration or want to outlaw.

This is for sure no news for you, Marty. The insane German attitude towards Scientology is  somewhat published in this report: of the Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV) in German. In English, people call it the Federal Office for Protection of the (German) Constitution (OPC). Its President is Heinz Fromm, and do I think that he is run by the SEGNPMSS? Of course. Actually, the German constitution exists just on paper. As a Scientologist, I had no rights whatsoever in Germany. The government plotted and conspired against me and for sure also against  you, Ron, and Scientology.


What is so disgusting about the Germans is that any terrorist, right wing or left wing or extremist group, etc. mentioned in that report is run by the SEGNPMSS. The STILL EXISTING GERMAN NAZI PSYCHIATRISTS’ MINDCONTROLLER SECRET SERVICE (SEGNPMSS) runs all those terror groups. They could simply radio these groups to call it quit, and it would be the end of them. But they don’t because they are nuts and evil beyond belief.


Even Scientology is SEGNPMSS infiltrated, and all that which is not ethical and good these days is a German product, a product of the SEGNPMSS infiltration.


Here are just a few lines in that OPC report, which show that Germany will come overtly or covertly rather sooner or later after the “independent Scientologists” too.


Very creepy is that the OPC seems to know how many Scientologists are in Germany, currently 5000 to 6000 in 2008. And they claim that Scientology lost around 500 members this year (guess that is result of the DM scandals) and there are just 4500 to 5500 members in Germany.


While I was in the C of S Germany, the biggest org, we had a membership count of probably 20.000 members (individually signed membership forms)  and with all the missions combined, the estimate was that there were 50.000 Scientologists in Germany in the 80s with additional truckloads of Scientologists coming from Switzerland and also many coming from Austria.  Anyway, as the OPC spies on Scientology, they might have counted only those who are actively on line. However, there are also many Scientologists who are Scientologists and are not online for numerous reasons but they consider themselves Scientologists and may not want to tell the German government this.

And  I wonder if they count their own infiltrators as Scientologists or not, Marty.


But back to why the crazy OPC can’t sleep at night:


They have a big problem with that Scientologists want pure L. Ron Hubbard technology. So, if the Independents should grow and insist of pure tech by Ron, they will get in troubles with the Germans.

They pick on individual paragraphs in LRH policies or bulletins and don’t like that policies are reissued in non-altered form, which is not true because the OPC knows that the SEGNPMSS ordered infiltration changed a lot in SCN already secretly. They are anti-Ron but not particularly anti DM. And the scandals didn’t happen under Ron but his impostor and later under DM.

All that cultic behavior of the infiltrators is not Ron’s Scientology but a SEGNPMSS plan and hypocritical Germany blames Ron and Scientology of what their infiltrators did to Scientology. The individual was the most important item in Scientology under Ron. It was all about the individual. As you know, Marty, Scientology under the real Ron was the place for originals not for robots. Human robots are a German invention. Remember their Nazi cult? And this behavior they tried to introduce to Scientology but not to preserve it but to create a climate in which nobody feels confident anymore to speak up when things are altered or even perverted. The son of a bitch and bitch cult is German!


The OPC lies in that report that L. Ron Hubbard’s policies would deny basic human rights to people and the right of free development and equal treatment. (Hey, that is exactly what the German government denied to me, Marty.) The OPC knows that Ron, the founder was impostored by a doppelganger but they hush that up and blame Ron, the founder whose work was based on granting human rights, equal treatment and right of free personal development to every one. He founded Scientology to make it sure, and the Germans turned it into something else behind his back. You being impostored by a doppelganger, Marty, this is also a German idea but could be CIA poodle approved. Almost perfect plan, but I won’t let them come away with it.


The OPC lies that Scientology will not allow people to vote. This is complete crap. They just have to put finally non-robotic and non-SEGNPMSS controlled politicians on the ballot and also more Scientologists will vote. Ron never said that Scientologists cannot or should not vote. While I was in the org, many Scientologists voted. I am sure that Ron voted too. Particularly for Dwight David Eisenhower. 🙂

And let’s not forget that in still existing Nazi Germany, Scientologists are not allowed to join a political party or run for office.


OPC goes  on saying that a real democracy is per Ron only possible in a nation of “Clear”. (That statement made me laugh, Marty, because also a guy who still has engrams can be a democrat. He just will not feel so well with that fear of heights when he flies with the helicopter to campaign places and afraid to look down as he still has not run his engrams.) After all these years of persecution of Scientology, the Germans have still not figured out what a clear is.

They are also afraid of OTs. (If it wouldn’t be a government who issues this garbage, I would laugh out loud about it.)


The Germans are also contradictory. First they complain that they think that Ron said that a real democracy is just possible with Clears, then they quote that he has said allegedly that one does not need Clears to create a good society! Duh. And what is so bad anyway to lose fear of dogs, heights or swimming? Why is a society without fears of dogs, heights or swimming (as examples) such a problem for the crazy Germans?


They cite a German translation that was done by somebody else but Ron of course. They take things out of context and are huffing and puffing about that Ron wants to build a new society of OTs. Man, these Germans are weird! Didn’t they always say that there is no such thing as OTs and now they are afraid of them? How can one be afraid of what does not exist?


Fact is, they know that there is such a thing as an OT. Ron was OT, you and me, we are OTs,  and they are afraid of that real OTs, real smart thetans looking into their cards and that they won’t get away with their inhumane activities and rights violations anymore.


They are afraid of an OT civilization. Particularly that Ron said that people under the tonelevel 2.0 or lower should be audited or separated from the society. (L. Ron Hubbard, „Die Wissenschaft des Überlebens“, Neuausgabe 2007, S. 184). Germans want to leave those under 2.0 in the society so that they continue what they do best: committing crimes. People under 2.0 on the tonescale are murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and so on. Any decent society would lock ’em up but not the Germans. They rail against Scientology without acknowledging that they understood, which kind of people should better themselves through auditing or which kind of people should be kept away from good people. The bad people, like Nazi and those who needed the Nazis to do to people what they want: the psychs,  who came away like this pig:


I will write more about this next time, Marty, my love, I am not yet done with that report. It demonstrates current German “persecution mania” and hypocrisy at its “best”.


Anyway, if people and so-called “Independents” like Amy Schobee or any of the other so-called “Independents” think that they should help Germany break the CofS because the Germans will not come after their “independent movement”, they should think again. The Germans don’t like our religion for one main reason: Scientology has the potential to create very sharp minds who could figure out the secret service activities of the Germans, and those activities reveal them once more as the old disgusting Nazi psychs that they always were.


Until very soon, Marty!


I love you up to the sky, trough the Milky Way, the galaxy and the entire universe and all the way back.


Your wife forever,


Sarah/Barbara (Defeating the monsters. 😉



Check this out: present time Biergarten-Nazis:


Heinz Fromm’s Secretaries?

That’s too much: Hitler in Bollywood!

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Dearest Marty, my sweet sweet hero,

I just learned that actor Anupam Kher plays Hitler and actress Neha Dhupia will play Eva Braun in some kind of romantic English Bollywood movie. Good grief, first Nazi apology in the Tom Cruise movie about Nazi Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and now a “romantic Hitler” movie. Makes my skin crawl, Marty. (I heard Tom Cruise saying in a TV interview that when he read the script, he did not believe the Stauffenberg story to be true, and I just can say that his first impression was the right one. I don’t believe that he died but rather that he got out like Hitler before the Allies got to him.)

They want to show the “romantic” side of Hitler and his “last” day in the bunker when he  married Braun in a brief civil ceremony about 40 hours before he “killed” himself on 30 April,1945. Nobody marries or goes before committing suicide a few hours later. And Hitler was not religious either. They had absolutely no reason to marry except moving to a secret place (like Bin Laden) and keep on living there.

In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said: “We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler’s death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin.” When President Truman asked Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945 whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, ‘No.’ Stalin’s top army officer, Marshall Gregory Zhukov, whose troops were the ones to occupy Berlin, flatly stated after a long thorough investigation in 1945: “We have found no corpse that could be Hitler’s.” The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremberg, Thomas J. Dodd, said: “No one can say he is dead.” Major General Floyd Parks, who was commanding general of the U.S. sector in Berlin, stated for publication that he had been present when Marshall Zhukov described his entrance to Berlin, and Zhukov stated he believed Hitler might have escaped. Lt. Gen. Bedell Smith, Chief of Staff to Gen. Eisenhower in the European invasion and later Director of the CIA, stated publicly on Oct. 12, 1945, “No human being can say conclusively that Hitler is dead.” Col. W.J. Heimlich, former Chief, United States Intelligence, at Berlin, stated for publication that he was in charge of determining what had happened to Hitler and after a thorough investigation his report was: “There was no evidence beyond that of HEARSAY to support the THEORY of Hitler’s suicide.” He also stated, “On the basis of present evidence, no insurance company in America would pay a claim on Adolph Hitler.”

The Indian Indians are kidding each other if they think that Hitler (and the SEGNPMSS psychiatrists behind him and the Nazis) would have not turned against them and killed them too. They just temporarily used them for their purposes. If they would have won the world, they Indians would have been gassed too because much too dark to look like the ideal Aryans. Hitler killed not just Jews but also gypsies and most of them had lighter skin color skin than Indian people. If Hitler would have won the war, he would have targeted anybody else who wasn’t as ugly as himself and the German psych behind him.

The SEGNPMSS and their puppet Hitler didn’t choose the swastika because they believed in Hinduism or the Sanskrit. It means something like “luck” (and it didn’t bring them any luck but defeat and death). If the Indians think that the Hitler, the Nazis, and the psychs behind them stole the sign because they considered the Indians to be the ideal Aryans, they might be very mistaken. Lucky for them, Hitler didn’t win and they didn’t had to feel how it is to be transported and killed in concentration camps. Hitler used the Indian Army as “food for the cannons”.

By the way, Marty, as you know, Ron never bragged with his past lives but I am sure that he was Buddha in his past life.

I also read that Gandhi approached Hitler with “Dear Friend”  before asking him not to go to war. Gandhi didn’t ask this animal to stop killing Jews and other minorities?

This is the Indian actor that will play Hitler in the “romantic” movie:

How anyone can think there can be romance between such degraded and perverted people as Hitler and Eva? What a low tone affair. When they were kissing, the 1.1 slime drops anywhere… Gross!  And now people have to see this. Yuk!

This is her:

She doesn’t look at all like Eva Braun, except that Dirndl style top that she’s wearing.

How can a woman want insane lunatic as Hitler? Here is a photo of that disgrace to the female gender and human race Eva Braun:

It is disgusting and a film worthy to be boycotted. It is revealing, Marty, how the SEGNPMSS work constantly at it to upgrade Hitler and the Nazis and  lie that Hitler and the Nazis were not that bad or even noble like Stauffenberg. And how sad that even Scientologists or socalled Scientologists are involved in Nazi apology. I would not be surprised if it would be David Miscavige who told Tom Cruise to make this pro Stauffenberg movie, instead a movie: The real men behind Hitler and showing the cruelty and methods of the SEGNPMSS.

Enough about Nazis and still existing Nazis for today.   Seems that he  got his psych ear implant in form of a swastika.

I love you, Marty, so much. I kiss you a million times. My saw blade got stuck in the tree. Have to buy a new blade. I would not recommend anybody walking under that tree at the moment as long as I am not done. A huge branch could come crash down.

When I was sawing, a story came to my mind. An infiltrator told me that he did saw into the chair legs of a mission that came to the C of S Berlin. He wanted to get rid of them. The people who say that there are no people in Scientology who sabotage on the inside are so wrong.

Wish you could be with me, Marty. Will I see you this summer?

Love forever

Your wife and soul mate


1) Hey, I have no debts 2) Trying to revoke the non-profit status of the C of S is NOT the way to go.

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

How are you?

I hear that numerous Scientologists are in debt. I advanced in Scientology very much, I had great wins (I still have them by applying Scientology) and I figured out just about anything between heaven and earth and beyond. I am so thankful that Ron developed it as it is the hope for mankind as anything else failed. SPs work hard to make Scientology fail to and we have to prevent it, Marty. I do not consider my study of Scientology completed as I want to study any word that the real L. Ron Hubbard and founder wrote. (But I am not interested on which the impostor implemented, or perhaps maybe, just to show what an idiot he was.) And I have no debts to pay back and no cent freeloader bill. And I have money on my bank accounts and no mortgage to pay. While still in the orgs, nobody ever could reg me into making debts. I friendly but determined declined and that was the end of certain reg cycles. Nobody can make me to do things that I don’t want to do. (As giving up loving you or paying a half a million dollars for SEGNPMSS altered Scientology.)

While applying Ron’s policies properly, I realized that I better make no debts. His advise is: if you do not have the money, don’t spend it. If you need money, earn it through a honest job or business. I don’t worry much about Mary Jo Leavitt or any of the other “Independents” or Scientologists in debts, as they all studied in Scientology how to be successful. What is so interesting is that just about anybody who studied Scientology over a long time – including those who say that they are no Scientologists anymore – seem still to apply it and they very quickly get back onto their feet. I don’t know any Scientologist on welfare. Most run businesses. Most of them are business people, entrepreneurs or artists. I trust that Mary Jo will get rid of her 300 K debts soon. She is already running again a successful business if reports about her business activities are true.

And that brings me straight to the other calls for removal of  the non-profit status of the C of S. It is not the right thing to do. It was Ron’s organization once, it was non-profit under him, he didn’t misuse funds, he even invested his own money to make it grow and technology available to others. As you know, Marty, the people who post on the natter boards, and the websites/blogs of Steve Hall, Jeff Hawkins, Geir Isene, Chiqita’s dad that the non-profit status of Scientology should be removed are not on the side of Scientology.

Yes, infiltrators are in the orgs, and I agree absolutely that DM wastes Scientology money for personal gain. (He was or still is Catholic and it seems that he rather steps in the foot print of the Pope than L. Ron Hubbard as far as the pomp and personal expenses for himself are concerned.) This needs to be corrected instead of the non-profit status revoked. Any true Scientologist will admit that Ron founded Scientology for the advantage and betterment of anyone.

Scientology as established by Ron is the truest and most scientific philosophy. It has just one purpose: to create a universe without crime, insanity, terror or war, a civilization on which we all can be proud. Why should be the non-profit status of our church removed just because SPs and non-Scientologists infiltrated it? That means: throwing out the baby with the bath water!

If infiltrators and unethical management took over, they need to be officially convicted. C of S must be in hands of ethical Scientologists. The orgs may not be destroyed.

For those who are impressed by Jesus: did Jesus walk away from the temple and asked the government to revoke non-profit from the temple? No, Jesus kicked the bad guys out and took it back. Oh, here she is 🙂

The halo apparently stands for being exterior and shows the thetan not inside of the body. Her curls are cute too. Seems to be done with my iron. 😉

Marty, the people who post on natter boards and blogs that the non-profit status of Scientology should be revoked are non-Scientologists, SPs who want all of Scientology to fail.

The infiltrators and the non-Scientologists have to leave the orgs. The abuse, abortions,  excessiveness, and alteration of tech has no place in Scientology. Scientology as by Ron is non-profit and that is why it should be not revoked.

I love and kiss you, Marty. I will be back soon and write more! I think of you all the time and seeing you again will be the happiest day of my life.(My hawk pictures on the deck work still wonders. My neighbors have bird drippings on the deck and mine is as clean as a whistle.)

Yours forever


Some “Independents” posted recently that psychiatry wins under David Miscavige

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Dearest Marty,

I think of you. If you are indeed wrongfully incarcerated, how do you keep psychiatrist off your back? People’s rights (I don’t want to eat this, I don’t want to swallow this drug, I don’t want this person in my room, I beg to differ, I am allergic to this, etc.) are often considered “mentally ill” behind bars. I am so sorry, Marty, if you have to go through all of this. Nothing about you is crazy. You are exactly the kind of person I want to meet at 2 am in a dark alley. But you are also exactly the kind of person that I want to meet at any other time and any other place.

Several times now I heard that some of the “Independents” say that psychiatry wins under David Miscavige. Statements like: The American Psychiatric Association is in the phone book. Why don’t you give them a call. You are 95% in their camp by now anyway.” But too bad that they don’t explain how psychs are winning.

Nobody should forget that the orgs are more than just DM. Whoever had the idea of the  Museum of Death, it was a necessary and good idea to build that museum. CCHR isn’t canceled either. Why do the “Independents” think that psychiatry is winning?  I have my thoughts about it too.

My main problem is that CCHR does not approach enough areas in which p$ychs are actively messing around. Only sometimes, it seems that CCHR approaches more than only drugs or ECT. Not long ago, somebody within the C of S mentioned that p$ychs turn people into terrorists. (Which is true – but there is no broad information campaign by CCHR.) Psych drugs and ECT are from hell and destroy people covertly. CCHR is right attacking it – but what else psychs work with: silent sounds, hypnosis, implants, conditioning terrorists, school shooters, murderers, bombers, suicide pilots, etc., there is not much information and most of all, there is no real campaign by CCHR against these horrible psych products.

Most Scientology celebs criticize psych drugs and these drugs are really bad. I remember when the psych in Germany injected me with something against my will. It was a horror. I rather be dead than ever wanting this in my body! But the celebs don’t speak out against silent sounds, hypnosis, ear implants, the making of suicide terrorists, school and church shooters, etc. Why not? CCHR knows that George Estabrook boasted that it can be done and it is being done but they do not campaign against it. I have seen such conditioned people before and after psych treatment. It is the scariest thing I ever seen.  But I also don’t see the Independents or the Freezone campaigning against it.

And when the victim is under narcosis or drugged, psychs don’t need a pendulum. They just go ahead and implant to destroy the victim.

And yes, Marty,  I have seen the many postings about David Miscavige’s use of Scientology money for his private purposes. I tend to think that they are right and that he lives like a king and not like a person in a religious order. He should lay open the all the Scientology finances that he is personally using. Every Scientologist has the right to see if there is waste.

I have to finish a project and can’t blog long today but I sure miss you like crazy (but not in a way how p$ych want it but rather in a very loving and sane way), Marty, many kisses. I love you!

Yours forever


P.S. In the below picture, this is soy milk in the glass. 😉 And I’m talking to you at the phone, Marty, not some secret case officer!

Strange: Mary Sue died just a few days after I started posting

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Dearest Marty, my special Prince,

I found records on the web that are saying that Mary Sue died on November 25, 2002. She died a few days after I started posting to Usenet. Did the SEGNPMSS accelerate her breast cancer with remote controlled germs before she could read my postings and get all nervous about that I wrote that she was not married to the real L. Ron Hubbard but the impostor? What do you think? I found it strange that she died just when I started to post about what I remember as the true story of Scientology

Here is, where I believe she died:,%20Los%20Angeles&um=1&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=il

I am not even remotely a fan of Mary Sue, and lets not forget that she is a convicted criminal who harmed Ron’s reputation  (because many people are so misinformed that they believe she was married to Ron) by being charged with these crimes:

U.S.C. 18 §§ 2 (Conspiracy), 371 (Theft of Government Property), 641 (Aiding and Abetting), 1503 (Obstruction of Justice), 1623 (False Declarations before a Grand Jury), and 2511(1)(a) (Interception of Oral Communication), 22 D.C. Code §§ 105, 1801(b) (Burglary, Aiding and Abetting).

(Hey, this police officer looks like Jay Leno! This is his doppelganger.)

Some attackers of Scientology say that Ron must have known of these crimes as he was married to her. He was not. The impostor was married to her. She probably never did meet the real Ron. Some people might say that they have seen nice photos of Ron with Mary Sue and the kids… I have seen them too in Los Angeles in boxes brought by who knows into the orgs but I have seen that they were “processed”, e.g. black and white photos on which Mary Sue has a fire red lipstick on and sometimes a photo of the real Ron doctored in that place where the impostor stood.

It is really possible that the name of the impostor was indeed Ronald Lafayette Hubbard (just as your doppelgangers’ real name is Mark Charles Rathbun) and that the CIA or another American secret service (all willing poodles of the SEGNPMSS) gave Ron, the founder of Scientology the security name L. Ron Hubbard  (and born Eisenhower) allegedly to protect him from the Nazis for no other reason but to destroy original Scientology, steal Ron’s money and make it into a German cult led by the impostor.

It sounds far fetched, Marty, but I once heard a CIA profiler and investigator saying on TV that as more far fetched situations sound as more likely they are true. (Good bye Occam’s Razor!)

Somebody might ask: How can this work, changing Scientology while the real Ron was still alive? He might say: All what the real Ron had to do was going into a Church of Scientology and see what they are doing, which books, bulletins and policies are published and just order things be done and file a penal complaint against the impostor or sue him.

But the real Ron could not do that. He was persecuted by the SEGNPMSS. Their snipers lured around each org and used sharp munitions. The reason why Ron didn’t want staffs with kids around him or at INT was because he didn’t want them getting shot. After he was gone, DM should have allowed kids back at INT because it belongs to the dynamics of Scientologists and unborn babies would not have been murdered through abortions. However, under the real Ron there was no abortion. If somebody got pregnant, she simply moved in another Sea Org unit were Ron was not, and nobody pregnant or kid had to live in danger of being shot.

Anyway, I believe that Mary Sue knew very well how Scientology was altered by the impostor and by her and the SEGNPMSS. If she would have supported the real Ron, would have kept real Scientology instead the SEGNPMSS version, if she would have supported the real Ron in building safe underwater habitats that eliminate aging and sickness, I think that Mary Sue would not have aged a day since 1950 when she got in contact with Scientology and she would not have died on cancer if she would have supported the real Ron’s way of living. Speak about a motivator. Everyone is getting it. DM is aging too and can contract all kinds of diseases in his 70 Million Dollar-playground. His bulletproof windows won’t protect him from aging and contracting diseases like other people too.

It also shows how stupid the impostor and Mary Sue were. Instead of CHANGING THE WAY OF LIVING as researched by the real Ron, they tried to find some kind of medical drug or something to stop aging by ordered GOB1 Munich to find that drug. Idiots! It is like throwing away the gold and keeping the fools gold.

If somebody would ask me: if you would rather live in a Billion Dollars palace (and age and die in an average of 75 years) or would rather live in a clean and safe underwater habitat (where aging, allergies, and diseases can be eliminated) I don’t have to think twice. The fools can have the Billion Dollars palace, Marty. I move in with you in the most beautiful cabin style way of life in a village under a roof. 🙂

I have seen the photos of INT under DM. Very nice but completely off policy because I remember that is not Ron’s way to build houses outside of closed environmentally safe habitats.

I miss you, my darling and hope of that miracle that brings us together. The SEGNPMSS doesn’t when to quit. Just like with the Nazis, they go on with their corruption until things are so bad that their agents are getting it back big time. They are unable to learn from the past. They always make the same mistakes again, Marty.

Forever yours,


Off world astronauts on Earth wanted to meet President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,    

I found a rather strange YouTube video on the net. A former State Representative with same Henry W. McElroy said that he saw a brief by (who exactly wrote the brief?) saying  there would be off world astronauts in the USA who would want to meet the President and they would be harmless now and for all future to come. (Kind of strange that these aliens are just in the USA and not also elsewhere in the USA, huh? And who can promise for sure that aliens or others will never harm anybody?)

Elroy reads his statement off a paper just like DM read his statement in which he wrongfully informed that L. Ron Hubbard left his body because he can’t do his research without a body or that he would be on another planet now or whatever.

Elroy tries to indicate that President Eisenhower did meet with these alleged aliens. Question is: which one does Elroy mean, the real Dwight David Eisenhower or his doppelganger? I know of course the answer: if the real Ike would have met aliens and they would have real aliens and not just a joke by somebody, he would have investigated them and if introduced them to the public.

I can’t help it but Henry Elroy looks himself a bit like an alien. 😉

Viewed by 40.000 people:

Here is the real Ike:

“The qualities of a great man are vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articulation, and profundity of character.” — Dwight David Eisenhower.

“I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.” — Dwight David Eisenhower.

“The spirit of man is more important than mere physical strength, and the spiritual fiber of a nation more than its wealth.” –Dwight David Eisenhower.

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.” –Dwight David Eisenhower.

Do I believe in the existence of aliens, the answer is: Yes I do, but the SEGNPMSS who controls Earth never would let them land but rather shoot down their space ships before they come close to Earth as afraid that could lose control of this world.

I love you, Marty, I have to finish some projects today and will be back soon. I hope from month to month to see you.

If you would decide to get in a space ship and travel to distant stars would I came along? You bet I would.   I also would travel with you without a body with you anywhere.

I do anything with you, my dashing hero. And here is some good space music by Alan Parson Project. We would race faster than the speed of light from one planet to the other… Being space gypsy for a chance… Anything with you is wonderful and exciting but without you anything is gray and boring.

Love forever, and many many kisses

Your wife,