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Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, what a wimp!

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Gee! She finally got something right (on Trump) and then caves under pressure, Marty.

Why shouldn’t a justice have a right to an opinion outside of the courtroom? She could have said that if he is elected president, she’ll resign, so that nobody has to fear lack of impartiality.   

She says now that she was ill-advised… What does that say about a Supreme Justice anyway? She dwarfed herself into micro-size. And helped Trump closer to the nomination. If stupidity would hurt, selling ear plugs would be the biggest business on the planet.

The Republican Party reminds me often to what happened to the Church of Scientology. Originally really great, but then infiltrated and altered by scum. Hardly to recognize what it originally was.

I read that 80% of white Evangelicals plan to vote for Trump. Isn’t it shocking that  these people can’t judge people better?   

I love you very much, Marty. Be kissed a million of times.

Yours forever and ever,