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Joel Sappell’s based his article Tip of the Spear in the Los Angeles Magazine on this outrageous falsehood: “In the early 1980s, the Guardian’s Office was replaced by the Office of Special Affairs, with Rathbun at the helm.” Not true at all, because DM’s handpicked replacement in the early 80s was Lawrence Brennan, Special Unit in Charge, a man who turned out to be no Scientologist at all

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking Prince who you always were and always will be,

Isn’t it a shame that a reporter call himself an “investigative reporter” and does not even do the research that somebody in first grade would have done? There are affidavits of Larry Brennan on the Internet saying that he was the Special Unit in Charge in the early to the mid 80s and not you. Sappell doesn’t know how to Google or what is his problem?  He called today’s C of S with press speakers who probably were not even around in LA when he wrote his first series of stupid articles. But Larry Brennan was and can be reached easily. He run the SU at that time under DM, not Marty. DM removed him later but he gave him originally that important job.

And I thought that Tony Ortega’s stupidity and superficiality wasn’t to top but Sappell sure did it.

Larry Brennan should be asked if he or DM or anyone else ordered dog killings. Scientology orgs are infiltrated since a long time, but I am sure that these dog killings are a fabrication. I sure know that you never would have accepted such an order or any illegal order from DM or Larry Brennan or anyone else, Marty. DM loves dogs, Mosey’s husband wasn’t around, but he loves dogs too. Leaves Mike Rinder who later became the boss over the SU? Rinder loves dog too and has a big one.  Leaves Larry Brennan and he blew and works for the post office now. Bet he has some pepper spray on him all the time, but dog killing?  


Joel Sappell is a weirdo. If you didn’t smiled at him in the 80s, I can’t blame you, Marty. If he would have been a good husband and good custodian of his dog, he would have taken both with them on vacation.

It seems that he ruined his first marriage with this obsession about Scientology. What a shame, and he never wrote any article that would tell the real story of SCN, the infiltration of non-Scientologists and the ringers. Also his series of articles in the 80s is just good enough to wrap fish in. Or clean out a dog house.


He wrote: “I was immersed in the universe Hubbard had created—often to the exclusion of the people and events of my own world.” Obsessed. Sounds like a Tony Ortega. Instead of bashing Scientology, auditing would have done both good.

In that 80s series, he didn’t mention the name Mark or Marty Rathbun, but suddenly, he writes that long article on you and Mosey’s husband? Good grief. Strange is also that he didn’t interview Mike Rinder who overlooked OSA. He just wanted to smear your name and not talk to those who were in charge of that unit. 

Why does he want answers from your impostor (Monique’s husband) when it was Larry Brennan and later others but you who run external affairs and the Special Unit? David Miscavige picked non-Scientologist Larry Brennan for that important job of the Special Unit in charge in the 80s, which replaced the GO. He removed him later but nevertheless he picked Brennan and replaced him later with others but NOT with you.

I know first hand that in that time, when Joel Sappell and Bob Welkos “researched” (used other press article to base their crap on but never investigating from scratch), you worked with attorneys on legal cases, and Larry Brennan was above you, and he also run Jeff Chavell who back then and according to my observation had his mind on the breakaways of Scientology mission leaders of that time. 

Sappell scribbed: “During the five years I investigated Scientology, Rathbun had been the tight-lipped chief of Scientology’s operations to monitor, track, and intimidate people like me.”

Completely untrue because 1) He can’t differentiate between Mosey’s husband, your impostor and you, and he conceals or never figured out that Lawrence Brennan was in charge of external affairs and the SU.  2) You are anything but light-lipped. Your communication skills couldn’t be better, Marty. I heard you talking for 2 hours in a row and nothing that you said was nonsense or tight-lipped. Guess he blamed you on his own shortcomings. 



And I want to kick Mosey’s husband’s behind too by not finally stopping with this impostor act. He really made half-hearted “admissions” on your behalf and wasn’t even around in the 80s. 

Mosey’s husband should have told him: “I am not that Mark Rathbun. He was the Inspector General for Ethics before DM hired me to impostor him, and I did it because I need his alibi or whatever.  And Larry Brennan run the Special Unit in the early 80s, followed by ….”

As you worked with attorneys on legal cases, Marty, I wonder if Sappell fabricated these car dealer credit checks or if DM ordered them via Larry Brennan or somebody else. However, fact is that Sappell doesn’t want to know the truth by asking the wrong people.

Sappell cites Mosey’s husband’s speech. Very vulgar, you never talked like this, and as I said, Mosey’s husband wasn’t around when Sappell “researched” and wrote his 6 days long crap on Scientology.  Mosey’s husband can’t talk for this period.

Now he wants to blame YOU on a process-server jumping out behind the bushes. Why doesn’t he blame the process-server who likely wasn’t a Scientologist but a law office employee?


As far as the complainant is concerned who accused Sappell of assault… Why didn’t he ask Larry Brennan or Mike Rinder if he ordered that? Or Jeff Chavell if he knows about it?  Would be easy for the reporter to contact them as both left the Sea Org. But he doesn’t want to ask those who knows. He wants Mosey’s husband to make false admissions to smear you, Marty.

Who needs a war with reporters? All that the orgs have to do is to provide the evidence that Ron was impostored (and they have it) and who the founder really was and how he really was and any corrupt reporter who wants to smear Ron nevertheless will be remembered as corrupt idiot in history.

He considered the meeting that YOU had with him in the 80s a “hostile interview”. Never saw any hostility on you towards anybody. You probably thought just another of those “investigatory reporters” who never investigate anything properly and are just scribbling crap and fabrications, and with Sappell, you sure were right. He proved it again this year how little he can figure. 

He complains that Mosey’s husband was pacing up and down and that he had to look up to him. Does Sappell have inferiority complexes? We Scientologists have none. Why didn’t he join him pacing up and down?

Mosey listening in and typing, doing spying work on her laptop? Maybe, but this reporter doesn’t like others to be suspicion about him and checking him out, but he sure has a suspicious mind in regards to others, doesn’t he?

What is Mosey’s husband saying? He shredded all your paper work in the org? Maybe to avoid getting in troubles with details when impostoring you?

Sappel smeared: Sometimes, it felt like having a conversation with the new and the old Marty. My goodness, the man either doesn’t check anything at all or conceals that you and Monique’s husband are completely different individuals.

Moseys husband said: … for example, that the church obtained Bob ’s and his personal phone and financial records from private detectives who bought them from sources specializing in that sort of skulduggery.


You never allowed illegal acts. You told the PI’s never to do anything illegal as it was RECENTLY CONFIRMED my PIs who sued the C of S. Did Larry Brennan order or allow that as SU in charge in that time when Sappell and Bob “investigated”? Sappell avoided to ask Brennan or Rinder or others. He just wanted Mosey’s husband to admit what you never did.

I know you were not involved in that, Marty. You even told anyone not to commit such act. Mosey’s husband doesn’t mind having that kind of reputation but yours was clean before he took over.

Read this, Marty, this is how Mosey’s husband ruins your reputation: “What you were doing was still illegal,” I counter. “Yeah, you’re right,” he says. “You accused me, and I’m not denying it. I guess the lines got blurred over time.”

How dare Mosey’s husband to make admissions for you when he wasn’t even around and you didn’t do anything of this.  He is so “blurred” that he “forgot” that he is not YOU, the original Marty Rathbun and Inspector General for Ethics. 

So many say that Tommy Davis doesn’t know what he is talking about as he was not around the INT Base. Same applies for Mosey’s husband in the 80s.

Mosey’s husband insists that he was only following orders. Miscavige, he says, nurtured a “real hatred” for Bob and Sappell. You were never robotic Marty and never followed blindly orders. Besides, Mosey’s husband wasn’t around. How can he say that?  “He’s got everyone in the conference room trying to figure out how to stop Welkos and Sappell,” Rathbun recalls. “You’re working for the enemy…. You were part of this machine, a deployed agent. The L.A. Times was demonized.” Is that what Larry Brennan says too? Larry was around in that time, Mosey’s husband not. Mosey’s husband wasn’t there. That was YOUR time, and you should be interviewed not Mosey’s husband.

Sappell: Among other things the church had paid millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements to ex-members to keep them quiet about their run-ins with Scientology and to avoid even bigger financial and public relations hits down the road.

You didn’t want to throw Scientology money at former infiltrators, Marty. That is what is DM likes to do. He pays off instead of handling people by publishing the true story of Scientology.

Sappell: Rathbun volunteers that he was responsible for plucking those passages out of the stories but credits Miscavige with the concept.


Mosey’s husband said this. He wasn’t around back then! How dare him taking your life over and destroying your legacy as Inspector General for Ethics, Marty!

Sappell lies that you were aggressive in the 80s. He is clueless. I guess you didn’t hug him because you saw what an unprofessional and obsessed person he  is. He can’t even figure who the originals are and who the ringers are and wrote his article without taking Special Unit leader Larry Brennan into account who plastered the web with his affidavits. How UNPROFESSIONAL!

“There is a reason DM fears me like no other,” Rathbun says, referring to Miscavige by his initials, as do many in the church. “Because he knows in his heart of hearts…that I’m his worst nightmare for one reason and one reason alone: I have no price.” Unlike other ex-church members who reached out-of-court settlements in the mid-1980s, Rathbun says, he can’t be bought. “Everybody has a price and I don’t.

I think DM has a non-confront on Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband. I bet he regretted having not thrown more cash at Mike Rinder than 5000,00 bucks. When Mosey’s husband says that everybody has a price, is he saying that Mike Rinder for example can be bribed?     

As far as not being bribed… I think Mosey’s husband can be bribed too. Somebody bribed him to take over your identity and life… Or whatever other reasons he has. Maybe it has to do with his brother Bruce after all. 

DM fears Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder because they know of that the C of S is infiltrated by non-Scientologists who have non-Scientologists case officers. DM fears that he could get personally in legal troubles for having accepted Scientology from “Jack Vistaril” Ron’s impostor and for having replaced you with Mosey’s husband. But as all of them have dirty hands on that, they keep on conspiring together, despite of all that fighting and showing the world a false picture of Scientologists, because no real Scientologist would cover up this infiltration and the impostors!  

I know that Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and David Miscavige want to ring my neck if they could, but did they ever think about how they would feel if I would to them what they do to us, Marty? CONSPIRING AGAINST US? No, they don’t. They just justify their overts against us.

I love you, forever.


I will wash windows now and use Sappell’s articles to wipe them clean.  That’s the only thing they are good for.

Many kisses, my forever darling.

Yours in all eternity,