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Wooohooo! Non-faded Original Marty picture surfaced! Jippee! (To Karen de la Carriere who posted this photo: you are not the brightest crayon in the box or corrupt by saying that Mosey’s husband is the original Marty, but I sure love you for posting the picture of the original Marty for me, girlfriend!)

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Dearest Marty, my AWESOME PRINCE and SOUL MATE,

Karen posted your photo in an anti-Scientology forum. I don’t read this forum, I just saw the photo per accident under search result images pertaining to your name. Most photos there show Mosey’s husband, your doppelganger and impostor, but the first picture below shows YOU. I saw immediately that it is not Mosey’s husband.



And here is Mosey’s (Monique’s)  husband,  who slipped in your uniform  and  who was hired to impostor you, the original Marty, and who keeps on impostering you, the original Inspector General for Ethics despite he doesn’t answer to David Miscavige anymore. You both are clearly two different individuals, particularly what the personality is concerned:


If Mosey’s husband doesn’t want to be judged as impostor, he simply has to come forward and confess why he took over your position in the first place, why you disappeared and why he after a decade of no longer answering to David Miscavige still wrongfully claims that he is you.  And I also want to know why DM and his supporters conceal the same fact, despite that they scorn Mosey’s husband.

I say they all have very dirty hands.  

Who doesn’t see that you and Mosey’s husband are two different individuals is either completely dumb or corrupt, and corruption is nothing but stupidity because corruption comes to haunt the corrupt person. Mosey’s husband (and all who cover the imposter actions up) are so busted. The clicks on my blog are increasing. The message gets around. It is just a matter of time until the house of lies comes tumbling down.

I love you, Marty, so much. I know you all my timetrack long, since the beginning of time. Do you know how long it takes me to figure  on photos alone who is you and who is your doppelganger? A split second! I see it right away, and I can see also who the original L. Ron Hubbard is and who the impostor “Jack Vistaril” is.  So, who says that there are no OTs?

Hope to see you soon, Marty, keep on surviving.

Something else, Marty: my brother got a potentially very serious diagnosis from a doctor and my sister got strange  swooshing noises in her chest (never smoked). What I am saying is that there are always  doctors who are willing to kill with remote-controlled devices just to get some favors from the SEGNPMSS. But I am onto them, and I know you too.

See below link. They have not figured out all that I have figured out, Marty, but they sure are not as blind as the rest of the world population:

Particularly, what everyone is missing is that German secret doctors have the overall control about all others.  If Congress, government officials, and judges doesn’t protect people better, they and their families will become SEGNPMSS victims too. They conspire against and kill their own agents too. 

Many kisses,

Yours forever,