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“Antisemitic Jews” or “self-hating Jews” is a result of secret German psychiatric Nazi conditioning, their ear-implants and silent sounds

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

I am sure you know that the idea to create “Antisemitic Jews” or “self-hating Jews” was born in Germany, where else? Particularly before psychs helped Hitler to power, they tried to sabotage Jews into destructing themselves by hating themselves. Apparently, not much has changed since then. 

These days, there is Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel needs urgently a better Prime Minister) who says that Trump is the least anti-Semitic person ever despite that he is really lame on opposing the German-controlled anti-Semitic and racial movements in the USA and elsewhere on the planet.

Netanyahu son Yair posted outrageous antisemitic Nazi propaganda on the net.  This is from the Washington Post: “Yair Netanyahu is a total bro,” wrote Andrew Anglin in the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer. “Next he’s going to call for gassings.”

What an disgusting fellow Anglin is. Psychs love these kinds of primitive and brutal people and dispose of them after they did their “jobs”.  People who allow themselves to be used are such idiots. Here is what’s happening to them:  The Moor had done his duty, the Moor can go.    

If Benjamin Netanyahu, Israels Prime Minister isn’t capable to raise a son who isn’t anti-Semitic son, is Netanyahu qualified to make a statement that Trump or anyone else is the least anti-Semitic person?

Psychs have of course the “explanations” why there are “antisemitic Jews” or “self-hating Jews”, except what really the cause is: psychs, their own “profession” transmitting silent and loud sounds into the ear implants of people to support or become Nazis.   

It seems that the men behind Trump think that his daughter marrying a Jew is enough of an alibi to have Trump do the racially-motivated things that Trump does. If it backfires, they always can blame it on the Jew who is Trump’s adviser.  That is the German psychiatric Nazi mindset.   

I see clearly that Trump’s “job” as president is to break up the United States instead of uniting it. The blue states will break away from the red states first.  It is easier for Germany to officially take over individual states. Until they have them all and until nobody is left anymore to fight them back. Like with the Ukraine where anti-Semitic people with ear-implants yell that they want to be ruled by Germany.

Merkel’s “job” is to prepare the world for the new German Nazis like the AfG and other such movements. Most people fail to look at that allegedly moderate political “leaders” prepare the grounds for the monsters who come after them. Most think of Merkel not as a person who will gas people, however, a lot is wrong with a person who takes in fugitives knowing that multi-nationalism has totally failed in Germany. Merkel has her orders to make Germany world power no.1  despite its notorious horrible past and present. People don’t touch the fact that she like other “leaders” are puppets. After her comes the “leader” who does not mind to shoot foreigner at the border like the AfG people, and after her comes a “leader” who don’t mind shooting people in the country, etc. And the dumb p$ychs think that they win, until they get killed by one of their colleagues and are born again in the hell they helped to create. There are no dumber people. There really aren’t. They are the dogs that biting their own tails.  

It is a psychiatric Nazi-world and people are controlled by their international ear-implants, otherwise they could not be as easily manipulated. The majority of the people on this Earth would have caught on if they wouldn’t be controlled. 

I love you, Marty, wish I could be with you. I am glad that you are you. Be kissed my darling.

Yours forever,






So, who met Ford Greene on June 15, 1989 in the USA if you were wrongfully arrested by the Spaniards upon secret German orders in November 1988 in Madrid?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband, how are you?

It is a shame that Emmys are awarded to people (Mike Rinder and Leah Remini) who conceal in their A&E TV show that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and agents and that even the founder of Scientology and you were replaced by impostors.  

Also what is all that smooching and cuddling between Mike Rinder and Leah Remini who are married to other people? More than one picture of that around on the net. Looks like “some ethics”.  There were outraged posts and threads about David Miscavige’s assistants hand (Laurisse) resting possessively on His Cobness shoulder who is also married to someone else. And yes, no professional assistant does that to her married boss. And no married boss allows it.  DM did. But are Remini and Rinder any better? Their pictures are even more revealing imo and don’t show a professional relationship.  

Forde Greene got some 15 minutes fame on Remini’s and Rinder’s “documentary”. (Some “documentary”!)  There is still RFW info on Greene on the net:

According to them, Greene was psychiatric committed and later had  been involved in “deprogramming” people including his own sister. Yikes! My “kind of person”. Having being kidnapped myself and being put through this ordeal, I have no sympathy at all for people who cannot convince others with normal 2-way communication and without kidnappings of their allegedly better ways. 

Anyway, Tony Ortega (who I think knows very well that the founder and you were/are were replaced by impostors and withholds those facts from his cool-aide drinking flock) takes issue with Monique’s husband having stated on a recent video that he never met Forde Greene.

Greene (who in my opinion knows too of the impostors and also is quiet about this disgusting psychiatric secret service activity)  provided “proof” that a “Mr. Rathbun” was present during the deposition of Aznaran and that he lied never have met him. She and her husband Richard were non-Scientologists and gold-diggers imo. Anyway, here is an excerpt of a transcript that Greene provided:    


According to Ortega, Vicki Aznaran was disposed on June 15, 1989. But according to my intuition, you were wrongfully arrested in Spain around November 21, 1988. Which means that the “Mr. Rathbun” was your impostor who possibly was present during the deposition. That means that he was active on your org post just 6 months after your wrongful arrest! (Likely much sooner but this could be the first legal record of it.) You were the ethical Inspector General for Ethics and then suddenly, there was “the enforcer”, not your personality but that one of your impostor.

What’s chilling is that the SEGNPMSS and agents David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and who else was at it taking over Scientology around that time, hurried to let you down, leave you behind (blatant violation of the Code of a Scientologists) by hiring your impostor probably immediately after your wrongful arrest so that I and no other decent person can’t claim that you are missing. And it turned out to be the ultimate psychiatric loser action, because I noticed right away that he is not you, Marty. I have no doubt that he mainly was hired for me to think you are free and happy and that you don’t need or want me.  Shame, shame, shame on Germany, psychs, the secret services, the current and former infiltrators in the orgs, and the outside “critics” who all avoid by all means talking about the elephants (not just one) in the elevator.  

I read Ortega’s blog (on the rarest occasions some of the retarded comments on his blog) since years. He thinks he “brings Scientology down” but his postings didn’t change my opinions and attitude on Scientology, the real founder Ron, or you in the slightest. That means that he is not capable to bring Scientology down. A man who sweeps so much under the carpet as he does will not succeed as many people knows that he does exactly that. Same goes for what Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are doing. People are fed with something else but the true story about Scientology. Those who know the true story will never fall for their crap or lies. By ignoring the elephants in the elevator they just fed the uninformed with misinformation. 

How do you feel, Marty, having done ethical and lawful work in Scientology and therefore being targeted by Germany and its German and international secret service p$ychs who control Spanish and US authorities (and all other authorities on the planet) to leave you behind in rough prisons were you are tortured for decades? What a betrayal! What an inhuman thing to do! They are having human bodies but are they human beings? Nobody who leaves an innocent man like you behind has human qualifications. And they all know that you are innocent but were framed.

The day you come free, Marty, I wonder to where non-Scientologists David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, Monique’s husband, and anyone involved in those psychiatric German set-ups will flee and hide. And they are idiots if they think they will get away with it. As we ever would stop bringing them to justice in courts of law. What they did and do can’t be forgiven. One forgives people who forget one’s birthday but not monsters. As monsters think that crime pays and they continue to be monsters also in future lifetimes and this world never gets better.  

Was Mike Rinder directed by DM to hire the man who is today Monique’s husband to replace you? If yes, how come he still keeps it a secret as alleged opponent of DM? Doesn’t that mean that he still works with DM and the impostor together to bring Scientology down but the public should never know?  

This is from Ortega’s blog:

But Mike Rinder tells us that the analogy is not perfect. In 1994, the Aznarans approached Rinder, then a top Scientology official in his own right, and Rathbun wasn’t involved in those settlement talks, he tells us. “They did not do any deal with Marty — they disliked him,” Rinder says.

Gee, he calls Rinder a top Scientology official in his own right… What right? Infiltrator right?

If this is true what Rinder says, here is my comment about the Aznarans: How stupid and/or corrupt are these two not seeing/publishing that you were impostored by the man who is today Monique’s husband?  Also: why did the Aznarans not publish that even the founder was illegally replaced by impostor “Jack Vistaril”. What kind of “Scientologists” are those who don’t mind Scientology being re-written and altered by a secret service dude “Jack Vistaril” who is above the law? They are no Scientologists. Nobody who allows this is one.

Anyway, Rinder said over and over that DM micromanages and instructed him very detailed in countless (“many, many”) situations. Besides from that he should notice different personalities on his own, I think it is impossible that married Mr. Rinder (smooch, cuddle Remini, not his wife) wasn’t/isn’t involved in covering up that Ron, the founder was “replaced” and that you are impostored by Monique’s husband. I bet he was a key person in hiring your impostor on the Inspector General for Ethics job and leaving you behind. 

Besides of a secret settlement between MonHus and His Cobness, these three still conspire together, keeping the impostors a secret. “Fine people”, all three of them.

I love you, Marty. Thinking and dreaming of you. And I believe in you. From the first glance. 🙂    

Yours always, Sarah/Barbara


Megalithic stone spheres in Costa Rica’s jungle

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I am sure you know of the hundreds stone spheres in Costa Rica’s jungle. Allegedly nobody knows how old they are and who made them with what tools and why. They range from in diameter of just a few inches up to eight feet.

Most people seem to believe that they were created as kind of markers or for astronomical purposes, but they were moved around and into those position by people who found them.  

I can come up with some other explanations. The larger could have been used to flatten trees to form ways. If they are rolled from a hill or rolled forward by people or a device, they could have created paths through the jungle. Also, when rolled before the entrance of residence, it could provide some security from intruders, animals or men, and could have served defense reasons, e.g. being rolled into enemies ways or the smaller thrown at them to stop them.  

I read that the first archaeological investigation of these stones was conducted by Doris Stone. Dr. Stone investigates stones. Strange, right? 

People ask how did prehistoric people do this with only the primitive tools? Prehistoric findings tell over and over the same story. Advanced civilizations were destroyed. And those who think that the techniques that we have now can’t be wiped out by SPs as they did in the past on this planet, should think again. 

I love you, Marty, so much. Be kissed. Hope to see you soon.




When does the US and international intelligence community finally blow the whistle on SEGNPMSS sabotaging the weather from satellites?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

SEGNPMSS uses weather satellites to create disasters that costs the US billions, destroys property and kills people, yet, nobody says the obvious: it is not nature that is whipping up these hurricanes and other similar disasters.    

In addition, what is very telling is that the hurricane gains strength particularly when hitting the USA. Typical SEGNPMSS.  

         US and international intelligence community is deep asleep if they think that his not man-made.

Something else: M. is in Australia. Her Kindle Paperwhite malfunctioned and it frustrates her. She reads with it all the time. And I also know who ruins electronic instruments with remote-control. They are so disgusting. Their major goal is not winning but causing losses. And they are so retarded that they don’t see what’s wrong with it.

I will be back soon, Marty. You are like beautiful music to me that I heard when I saw you first and which I never will forget as it so beautiful and gripping. We have been through hell but I consider myself very lucky having met you, Marty. If I have to walk through more hell to be with you at the end, they should bring it on as there is no going back just going forwards until I saw you again.

I love you and it is a love forever.



I still find music of the 40s awesome, Marty. Not just the modern version of electro-swing. Regular swing is a class of its own and really great. It always puts me in a good mood.  And this time, the 40s, which could have been fund and a blast for all people and all races alive, was so brutally interrupted and changed by Hitler and the German psychiatrists and doctors behind him. Monsters! Instead of dancing people were dying.  And doctors and their Nazis are still at it.

                                          That is what I call music and rhythm! 





Nikki Haley is right, Kim Jong Un is provoking war – and was Kim Jong Un aka Pak Un psychiatric-conditioned when he suddenly disappeared from school?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how is your world? My thoughts always return to you. 

Lots of people are sure that Kim Jong Un is Pak Un who went to school in Switzerland for approx. two years.

I say that the Swiss educators sure failed to mold his personality into a peace-loving one. Shame on them. If I have time to educate someone for two years, I make sure that he or she fully understands that life is precious and how not to behave if he doesn’t want people to die in wars. Typically for Europe and the German propaganda machine behind it that they don’t correct the psychiatric Nazi attitude that the USA is the devil.

Marty, I came across also another piece of information. Kim Jong Un aka Pak Un didn’t finish his Swiss school year and suddenly disappeared in 2000 without any indication that he might be leaving. Why didn’t he finish his school year? The Swiss school was ok with it? What did they do to see that the boy didn’t end up in a psych lab for experiments?

If a personality is very peace-loving, psychs don’t get out of her what they want. The advice that I can give anyone is to drop hatred as people who hate will be selected and conditioned by psychs to forward their insane agendas.  

Imo, the case of Kim Jong Un aka Pak Un has German psychiatry written all over it. Did they nap the guy, implant, condition him, and run him via ear-implants into one who provokes war? That is my suspicion, Marty.

In 2000, it seemed that North and South Korea came closer. In 2ooo, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and South Korean President Kim Dae-jung met, shook hands and made agreements  for the reopening of border liaison offices and family reunions. South Korea granted amnesty to more than 3,500 North Korean prisoners. It seemed that the countries might unite. The SEGNPMSS sure did hate the tendency towards peace as they usually. Did they arrange that Kim Jong Un’s aka Pak Un’s entourage looked the other way when the SEGNPMSS psychiatric-conditioned the boy into the unwise and provocative person who provokes war that he is today? 

I find this very odd that during a time where North Korea appeared to lean towards peace and unification with SK, Kim Jong Un aka Pak Un disappears suddenly from his school in Switzerland, and didn’t finish his class. And then, immediately after, remote-controlled events take place, which interrupted further progress between North and South Korea so that Kim Jong Un can take over North Korea and provokes the world – like Hitler who also was psychiatric-conditioned.  

That’s what I think has happened. Not only Otto Warmbier was killed (likely psychiatric e-shocked into veggie state, and I think that his family should have agreed to an autopsy) by German-controlled psychs in North Korea, Kim Jong Un aka Pak Un was likely psychiatric-conditioned within Germany or within Switzerland by German psychs.  

The world is such a dangerous place and such a pig-stable because p$ychs control the ear-implants of people to let them constantly off the hook, it doesn’t matter how gruesome the psychs atrocities are.

I know that they can’t fool you.  

I miss and love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,




FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts) according to Harvard are the most mysterious phenomena from space

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Dearest Marty, most fascinating person in the universe, how are you? 

Fast radio bursts were recorded again. They last only a few milliseconds but there are out there. Allegedly, the first was noticed in 2007, but I believe many  were witnessed before but covered up and never publicized. Ear-implants rule. What changed since 2007? Could be a number of reasons.

Astronomers say that they have no clue what the FRBs are, except that they really come from space, not some bursts from Earth or even our galaxy. Those bursts are coming from another galaxy.

There are some theories out there that these FRB come from black holes and stars crashing into each other. Can’t be because deep space as we see it from Earth is a SEGNPMSS projection and not real. I think the FRBs must come from what is behind that screen. 

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) confirms the mystery of the Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs): An emerging class of astrophysical transients whose physical origin is still a mystery.

Marty, I don’t waste my time and read all their numbers in details. It is deep space is a projection and only what’s behind it interesting, not what is protected on it. I try to concentrate on the essence.

Some folks of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) think that the bursts are coming from aliens, e.g. their spaceships. “An artificial origin is worth contemplating and checking.”

Germany, particularly Bavaria, their psychs, MUST control everyone and everything. Courageous that they ventured out in space and put that screen up? No. They implant, hypnotize, and mind-control pilots with ear-implants. That’s why they go where nobody has gone before and attach whoever is out there to their ear-implant system. People are becoming robots who even lit themselves on fire. They have no analytical minds anymore once psychs (hiding in safety) conditioned them. 


SEGNPMSS doesn’t want us to venture into space. I bet the farm that they are using NASA. If the fake deep space projection ever should be busted, Germany plan to blame the USA and NASA on it.  

Something else, Marty. Yesterday I noticed that a local church in town plays the German national anthem. Can you imagine? There is not even an official German community around here. Instead of religious songs or the US national anthem, they are playing  Germany, Germany above all else, above all else in the world. I hope the idiot pastor doesn’t think this attracts me to come to his service by playing the German national anthem. It can’t get creepier for an American town.

I love you, my heartthrob. 

M. is in Ubud at the moment. I sure hope she doesn’t go onto this swing without safety devices in place like this girl. Looks pretty but I think it is stupid. If a bee stings or something stings her, she might lose her grip.

Yours forever,









What I find revealing is that the FBI didn’t want me to have records on Scientology and the founder, and I know why

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Dearest Marty, my hero and soulmate, how are your days and nights?

You know what I think of Tony Ortega who I gave the middle name CAREFULLY-AVOIDING-THE-ELEPHANT-IN-THE-ROOM-ISSUES-OF-SCIENTOLOGY-BEING-INFILTRATED-AND-THE-FOUNDER-AND-YOU-BEING-REPLACED-BY-IMPOSTORS, but below is a link of some more FBI FOIA files that he put up.

No word of course by Ortega that Ron DeWolf is the son of the impostor “Jack Vistaril” and not of Ron, the founder of Scientology.  

Having been myself for many years in Scientology, I know that the haters of Scientology lie about the founder and Scientology.

However, this is about the FBI, CIA,and other agencies of the intelligence community, which allow them being used by Germany and their international psychs and who help Germany and their psychs to infiltrate, alter, and destroy Scientology and helped Germany and its international psychs to find impostors. If it is true that German/psych/controlled impostor “Jack Vistaril” (who was blessed by US agencies as Ron’s doppelganger/impostor and allegedly hired by the US intelligence community to protect the real Ron’s and founder’s life [yeah, right!]) was junkie and a sexual pervert, the US agencies which had something to do with this, have even more to answer! What the hell are these officials and investigators thinking? Probably just robotically executing what Germany and psychs are sending them translated into their freaking ear-implants! 

What I know for sure is that Germany and its p$ychs instigated the infiltration and the impostors, including DeWolf (Nibs or Nibbs or whatever he called himself) washing dirty laundry against his father (who isn’t mine) so that Scientology is being smeared and ruined. And nobody in the whole wide world but I write about this set up. Proves again that German psychs ear-implants in everyone are real and rule this unethical world!    

Here are the FBI docs:

I also know why the FBI didn’t want me to have these files and denied them to me. Because they knew I would even be more convinced that “Jack Vistaril”, the guy who died in 1986 was not the founder but his impostor and that the impostor left SCN to his buddy David Miscavige.

A related subject:  it seems that Bexar County district Judge Karen H. Pozza denied the petition by attorneys who want Monique and hubby disposed. Three attorneys Ray Jeffrey, Marc Wiegand, Elliott Cappuccio and one more, Leslie Hyman, in the courtroom can’t get rule 202.1a and rule 202.1b straight? Good grief. Maybe they should have hired attorneys? 😉 I don’t think that Monique and her husband are out of the woods yet. Their former four attorneys apparently want to be paid.  

I don’t mind Mosey and her family being rich, but I mind your impostor claiming that he is you, which he is not. 

I gotta get better in finding some time for myself. I was so cooped up for 2 weeks to meet deadlines that my neighbors thought I would be on vacation and mowed my lots today, I wanted to do it on the weekend but it is kind of nice not having to do it, so I gave him the money for the gas. He said it was fun. Glad it was.  He also scared the heck out of me as he drove in a deep ditch despite he fell in a deep ditch nearby. He needed help to get out. I drove in it once too but I am no car driver. And he is married, which makes it easier to accept a favor from such a person than from one if the unmarried guys around here. You know why.  And M. travels to Ubud today. I hope she has finally some fun. 

When I say, I love you, Marty, I mean it. I have no regret having chosen you. You are the love of my life and nobody is like you. You are completely different and amazing. I will recognize you as my soulmate in any lifetime and system. You have what nobody has, Marty. A very unique character and honor. It emanate from the inside out that you stand for the right things since the beginning of time.  Some ladies say they want a “bad guy”. I never understood this because what they emanate is low and appalling. It is all a matter of the tonescale. You are the only man I want to spend time and effort on. BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT. In my world, someone as noble as you are wins first. 

Yours always,