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The SPs of the SEGNPMSS determine who comes down with the remote-controlled coronavirus, who is just tortured with it and recovers, and who dies on it right away or later in life

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and husband,

What happens in your world? Without my OT abilities, I would be clueless as absolutely no information by a human is forwarded to me.

Well, when love is “crazy”, then I never want to be not crazy, Marty. ūüôā Nothing feels as good as loving the man who deserves it: YOU!

You are everything to me. If I could turn back the time, I would do all in my power to prevent that we are getting separated but I would choose you again and again. Just the thought of you makes me happy. Thinking of you is my place to be happy, despite so much is wrong with the world.   

Coronavirus cases increase more in the USA because the USA is very much a SEGNPMSS target and the virus is activated remote-controlled. The SPs behind can determine who gets it, who comes down with it, who recovers or dies. And on top of that, SEGNPMSS transmits in people’s ear-implants (loud and silent sounds) to behave irresponsibly during the pandemic. Despite younger people die rarely on it, the virus might be dormant in their bodies and might be activated to kill them later in life. I don’t think that they are out of the woods.¬†

Of course, I read about the hunt for a vaccine and medicine. While I agree that the virus must be stopped, how much chemicals can a human body tolerate? There is already news from new mutations of the corona viruses, which might not be stopped with a Covid-19 vaccine or medicine, in case they come up with one. The bubonic plague is now suspected on Mongolia, and a newly identified swine flu could become a human pandemic. And this is for sure just the tip of the iceberg. There are likely thousands of viruses that were deliberately bred upon secret SEGNPMSS order to torture and kill mankind. 

It all boils down to that the world population needs villages that can be closed up. If a virus is planted into one, the residents in all other villages still would be safe and could continue with their lives as usually. The leaders of all countries and those who are responsible for protecting human life (medical doctors and researchers) are indeed completely incapable by not seeing and implementing this way of life or they have suppressive characters and profit from sickness and death. 

And there is a giant dust wave making its way over the planet, radiation from nuclear power plants, flooding to unusual heat wave, etc. When do people finally get that the planet needs another infrastructure to protect them? They don’t see it and don’t do it because the medical creeps behind Germany have the overall control over their ear-implants.

About Germany: Officially, Germany makes it look as if the USA would let ally ( yeah right!) Germany hang without protection from the Russians and other “enemies” by withdrawing US troops from Germany. I see something very different, Marty. Germany controls all its enemy via ear-implants. If they don’t want Russia or others to attack them, it or they won’t. If Russia or another country would attack Germany or other parts of Europe, then because the SPs behind Germany ORDER it for some alibi reason, e.g. to be able to say: See, we don’t run Russia or other countries, we just were attacked. Their own creepy behinds are safe. If Germans are hit, they won’t be among them. Lots of agents would be killed of course but this is nothing new for Germany. They did it so often already.¬†

Trumps order to withdraw troops from Germany makes the SPs behind Germany feel more secure from the USA. When against all odds it should become broad public knowledge what the monsters behind Germany do to the world, they prefer as little US troops in Germany as possible.

I miss you so much, Marty, still nobody brought me a message about your whereabouts, and the planet allegedly is not run on German ear-implant. Yeah, right. The consistent secrecy and lies is such a giveaway. Thanks heaven that I have this special connection to the Almighty. He is the one not lying to me. 

Be safe. I love you, my hero. I cannot imagine my heart without you in it. You belong to it like its beat. 

Yours forever and ever,




How to end the pandemic and a truckload of other huge problems of mankind

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Marty, love of my life and eternal soulmate, how are you?

Time goes by but my love for you stands like a rock. Why? Because you deserve it. All timetrack long, you decided to do what is noble. And it emanates from your personality to the outside. All it needed was a woman capable to see it. And that woman is me. Good guy finishes last is very wrong. It is a justification by some who are too lazy and cowardice to better themselves. The good person, you, are the first and only winner of my heart. I don’t expect you to be perfect, Marty. You are the perfect husband it doesn’t matter what you do because all you do is based on your noble thinking, humanity, and thetan making it alright.¬† ¬† ¬†

From you, making things alright to someone who doesn’t: Donald Trump. I am not against a president using the Internet to directly communicating his message to the people. But what is the deal with him retweeting tweets of all kind of people who praise him or approve of him? Gee! How vain is that man? Shouldn’t a president lead the nation instead of wasting time by hanging all day and night on the Internet? Shouldn’t he study the international and national situations to get a better understanding of everything and meet with his administration and other experts and implement what really helps the USA and mankind? Shouldn’t he direct the executive, the federal government, and the US Armed Forces instead of wasting his time for retweeting?

I can’t even begin with how much he did ineffective or wrong but before him also by so many other presidents.¬† ¬†

The Covid-19 pandemic is just one of those things. Taxpayer’s money is being wasted for all kinds of stuff while environmental protected villages (villages that have enough nature inside but with a roof that can be closed) could stop a pandemic right in its tracks. And just about anything else that is wrong with the world: aging, diseases, death, pollution, bugs, germs, bacteria, viruses, dust clouds like the current one from the Sahara, radiation, floods, droughts, dirty food, dirty water, chemicals, allergies, wasted money for energy and repairs on individual houses on the unprotected surface of the world, and the list goes on and on.¬†

I would not build villages bigger than for 5000 people. Small businesses in those villages will take off like rockets. Each of these villages needs their own small businesses. They can be there for the village residents and of course also via the Internet for other customers. And big business, provided that they don’t create fumes and lead them into the village, could also have their HQ and plants in such an environmentally closed village. Doors that can be shut in an emergency could connect to another village where the employees and their families live. That means that there is also a healthy solution for big business.

Let’s say, someone reports the outbreak of a virus somewhere. Until the problem is truly solved, the villages can close their doors to others. They are protected and there is no reason for them to social distance and wear masks within their village or get vaccinated and pop pills with all the side effects as they are protected by their environmentally closed village. These residents can hug family that isn’t living in the same home, their friends, their neighbors, their colleagues because the virus is not being dragged in. Schools, business, other organizations, the economy can go on without beating.¬† ¬†

Criminality, terror, tobacco, booze, drugs, guns, corrupt and brutal police, too much government interference, not enough self-determinism for the people, all that could be scaled back to non-existence if equal-minded people who want to live peaceful good lives come together and start building such villages. I recalled that Scientology once had a blue-print for those villages before the German-controlled psychiatric infiltration took it out. Through self-auditing I was able to get a picture back of such a village, Marty. It was beyond amazing. It was already built, and I bet the farm that you know where to find it.       

Instead of building such villages, money is thrown out of the window for fixing a world that isn’t sanely organized.¬† ¬†

The problem is not just Covid-19. What if the same or other SPs breed and release another virus? I read that even if a vaccine and meds against Covid-19 is produced, it will not help against Covid mutation viruses, which are already around. (And those vaccine and meds all come with unknown side effects on the short or long range.) Why do people want to stay the eternal guinea pigs instead of coming up with a solution that really solves this and so many other problems? 

A president and lawmakers should use their time for THINKING and CHANGING BAD CONDITIONS TO THE MUCH BETTER not retweeting and holding a job like a robot and because it looks good on a resume or impress one’s high school classmates. A good president as you would be one, Marty, or a lawmaker should also be capable of predicting what CAN happen in the future. Due to that we are stalked by the SEGNPMSS, we know how these medical terrorists are thinking and we could render them without power to hurt others.

Look at this corrupt covert German-controlled psychiatric/medical world: They disconnect us despite we could change all to the better for them. They keep you wrongfully incarcerated and look for an opportunity to get rid of us permanently to continue torture and terrorize the world. Until the day one SP kills the other, which happens quite frequently. Then they sit in their own trap, unable to get out, without anyone left who could and would help them. These medical/psychiatric idiots say that God doesn’t exist. A close look at the few of us proves them however wrong. When they sit in their own trap, they will scream for his help. But why should he when they treat his messengers like hell and won’t better themselves?¬†

Another 4 years with Trump would be really bad. 4 years with Biden would also bad as he hasn’t the right solutions either. You have them, Marty. The German-ordered and -controlled bad reputation that the USA has, would be a thing of the past. Because with you as the US president, the United States would become a beacon of everthing that is intelligent, wise, decent, and honest. It would also help people in other countries. And I would support you with anything I got. Including my magic. ūüėČ And if something would happen to you, I’ll raise hell for those who ordered it and executed it. I wouldn’t give up until they are found. That “acted alone” crap doesn’t fly with me because I know of people’s ear-implants and don’t cover up this retarded psychiatric invention.¬† ¬†¬†

I love you, Marty, so much. All through the universes and back. Be kissed, my hero.  



The Old Man Down the Road is a great song but the lyrics are wrong. We don’t hide from SPs. We are taking them on. The price of freedom is not to hide but to fight back.



It can’t get more barbaric: Teutonic (German) women slew their own children and strangled each other

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Dearest Marty, my hero and so very loved husband,

I am thinking of you and I wish I could be with you. I world without you is grey. 

The Teutons, a German tribe was described as mad, merciless, berserk, and full of rage. They were what we despise. 

Around 113 BC, the Romans and the Teutons (German tribe) battled each other in the Alps. 

It is being said that the Romans wanted Teuton women as concubines and slaves and that the women objected to this, and this was the reason they slew their own children and strangled each other. I think Germany wants the Teutons have some kind of hero status instead of describing what they really were: People low on the tonescale plus implanted and hypnotized by pre-psychs. This is what their activities reveal to me.

Even if what they wanted was denied to them by a consul, sane thetans make things alright. They don’t kill their offspring and each other. It is being said that the women wanted to minister in the temples of Ceres and Venus. How “intelligent” was that? They were the losers of a battle and considered being brutal and full of rage. Who want them minister in temples? They would have had a better chance making a more realistic request but to minister in temples to avoid a concubine and slave existence and spare their children’s lives.¬† ¬†¬†

The Nazis, the bloddy idiots loved the Teutons and identified with them. 

And there are the Kimber, another Germanic tribe which was described horrible to look at, being loud, and almost animal-like. 

There are also the German tribe Berserkers. I read that medieval sources defined them as people fighting being intoxicated to longer feel pain or wounds. They fought on the side of different Germanic tribes. What do I see? Hypnosis and implanting is very old. It is a shame that the world hasn’t caught on that today’s psychiatrists condition terrorists and shooters the same way.¬†¬†

Moreover, there is also the German tribe Harii. In 1st century CE, they were described as attackers by night. They painted their bodies and shields black and slaughtered people in their sleep. Terror is so typical German. 

Yikes, right?

Although the Roman empire was started by Italians, Germany (as usually) controlled it secretly and then took it over.  For example, German Flavius Odoacer (around 476) took over Italy, printed coins with his image and ending the Western Roman Empire and later, German Otto I (962) taking over the Holy Roman Empire, etc. Some historians say that the Roman Senate was in on it for Odoacer to take over Italy.

I sometimes ask myself, how old are these freaking German psychiatric ear-implants, Marty?  Odoacer too was a brutal leader who later pulled in the motivator and was assassinated. In the Bavarian city Regensburg, Odacer is honored with a plaque in the Walhalla, a building with a style that is copied from the Greek.   

Caligula, the third Roman emperor ruled 37 AD to 41 AD. He is considered the most brutal Roman emperor and he also had the name Germanicus. Yes, Germanicus. Lots of historians would probably say that doesn’t mean what I think but I think it is yet another hint.¬†

Pontius Pilate, the fifth governor of the Roman province of Judea under Emperor Tiberius could be very well connected to Germany. I read that he was born there and he might have returned to what is now Germany later in life. That makes a German to be Jesus’ executor.¬†¬†

And Germans battled Germans often. They did it over and over again in history. They fight each other because they are SPs and can’t get along with others or themselves. And they also use other nations to battle for them and hide cowardly behind the other nation. And as you know, this is still the case.

I love you, my Prince. It is almost unbelievable that some so noble as you is born in a universe as bad as this. 

Yours forever,


And the dark depressing music of this video about the History of Europe fits absolutely: 





Warmaker Germany wants to get the credit as peacemaker (one of many examples: Peace Treaty of Westphalia)

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, what happens in your part of the world? I wish I would know for sure.

Germany as usually – despite having agents anywhere – manages to get another motivator for its rotten to the bone deeds: This time, no win for the German “Holy Roman Empire” in 1648 after the Thirty Year’s War.

The Thirty Year’s war was a typical German bloodshed. Outrageous cruelties were committed against human rights due to Germany’s obsession to invade and take over other countries. First, they hid their true intentions by making the world believe that it was a “religious war”, but later it became clear that it was a German political war to get more power and take over more countries.¬† ¬†

Finally, in 1648, Germany realized that it loses its “Holy Roman Empire” despite it plotted and run not just German but international people as they do today. In order to get credit as peacemaker rather than the constant warmarker that it is, it came up with the “peace treaty of Westphalia” in Germany in 1648, which – very typical for treaty-breaker Germany – it later broke by stealing Alcase from France. They NEVER have enough!¬†

It is so very Germany, that when it is defeated, it always plots a way out it with the next power hungry, criminal, and brutal activities in mind. Instead getting forever their behinds kicked by other countries, the monsters behind Germany got also away in 1648. Heil German ear-implants. 

The Swiss allegedly got its “independence” from the Holy Roman Empire, which is a joke because Germany wants those people that do not trust Germany to deposit their money and other valuables in an “independent Switzerland” to make Germany richer because what is close to Germany can be taken over easily by Germany at a later point in time.

Also, Germany and the Vatican were and are joined at the hip. Even today, the Vatican employs Swiss guards and not Italians as guards. I never really noticed that Switzerland is independent from Germany. As if Germany would not install their ear-implants also in the Swiss. And in our modern times, Kim Jong Un and his sister were for sure implanted and altered in a psychiatric German-Swiss cooperation. 

Back to the “Peace” of Westphalia. It had three peace treaties that were signed between May and October 1648 in the German cities of Osnabr√ľck and M√ľnster. These treaties largely ended the European alleged “religious” wars, including the Thirty Years’ War. Again, those conferences were held in Germany not Sweden or France to make Germany look like a peacemaker and not the warmaker that it is. Also Germany as the “host” wanted to be in total control of the treaties so that they are to German advantage. This is why Germany gets away with all atrocities and can afford to waste millions of people. It simply positions itself again on the top, ready for the next horrible take-over move and war, and the world lets it happen, over and over again, as Germany takes advantage of them and that just about everyone has their ear-implants installed.

The monsters behind Germany successfully blamed religion for this long and brutal war, instead what it really was: Germany using religions to get more political power, which they again lost as they don’t value human rights of others or even their own people. In the above-mentioned Peace Treaty of Westphalia, Germany allowed a bit of religious freedom but only for three Christian religions, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Calvinism (but not for any other religion, which demonstrates typical German intolerance).

The treaty “closed” a butcher period of European history that killed approximately eight million people. But as Germany came away without being dissolved, it was able to start new wars. Unbelievable, considering its butchering and killings for three decades and any other atrocity it committed.¬†¬†

I am allegedly born in Westphalia, Marty. (RB’s real daughter is.) I know that I am not born in Germany and Germany lies, as usually.¬†

Since ever, the butchers and barbers, the later doctors and psychs behind Germany always had the popes in their pockets. They made Pope Urban II ask for a conference in ¬†Cologne, again, a German city and not an Italian or other city, so that Germany has better control over the outcome of the “peace deal” after Germany realized it stepped on other countries toes and after they did not take it any longer. The German-controlled pope of course provided the “mediators”. Nuremberg, also in Germany, served as German city to decide about “demobilization”.

In the treaties, the German principalities secured their autonomy, and Brandenburg and Bavaria made gains too, instead of being completely dissolved for their high crimes against humanity and their constant criminal attempts to take over the world. They can’t fool us, Marty. We know them.

This pattern of the warmaker playing the peacemaker to get away with their crimes against humanity, is also visible in the Treaty of Baden in 1714, another German city, in which Germany made sure that it won’t get penalized as it deserved.

And what happened in 1871? Germany broke the Westphalia Treaty, despite it was good for Germany. Germany claimed that it was treated unfairly and stole Alcase from France. And what happened next? Another German-provoked war, and WWI followed.

My love for you is unconditional and for all eternity, Marty. You are my perfect match. You are the captain of my heart. You are all I ever wanted. And I want to kiss you a billion times.

Yours always,





8 Million people died during the Thirty Years’ War in the German “Holy Roman Empire”

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Dearest Marty,

My incredible soulmate and unforgettable husband, I am thinking of you and wonder how you are and where you are. I miss you like no husband and soulmate was ever missed. 

Many people, when they hear “Roman Empire” and didn’t pay much attention to history lessons, they think of Rome, Italy, but not Germany. But the Roman Empire was Germany which tried as – usually – taking over the world in their so typical fashion: being gruesome monsters. Killing 8 million people just for more regions that they can call German.¬†¬†

I know you are aware of Germany constantly invading and trying to steal and annex, Marty, just as they do still today, using secret ear-implants in people to control people and make people do what they want and control them. The SPs behind Germany using ear-implants to run people like marionettes is not new but very old. 


As you know, the Thirty Years’ War lasted from 1618 to1648. It began in the Holy Roman Empire, and Voltaire said one day that it wasn’t Holy or Roman. We know that this empire was run by the monsters behind Germany and the popes and kings were their obedient robots.¬†

It started allegedly as a “religious war”. There were/are lots of people who are blaming religions on wars. One of them is John Lennon with his song “Imagine” as he sung the line:¬† And no religion too. But we know that SPs, non-religious people are using other allegedly religious but in reality, non-religious people to start wars TO TAKE OVER OTHER COUNTRIES. Religion is just the gimmick.¬† People who attack each other or kill each other are not religious. People infiltrate religions and they claim they are members of the religion, but their own activities are giving them clearly away as non-religious. But their masters use their non-religious activities in the name of religions. This is so typical for barbers/butchers/medical doctors/psychiatrists, for SPs.¬† ¬† ¬†¬† ¬† ¬†

The Thirty Years’ War revealed its true face as a continental and political war.¬†¬†

To get more countries and power for the German Roman Empire, the barbers and butchers behind Germany used Ferdinand II declaring he just wanted as only religion Catholicism in the German Roman Empire. This despite it was decided in 1555 that the Lutheran also can practice their religion. The idea was CLEARLY to create a conflict and start a war between Catholicism and Lutherans. It was a barber set up and people of both religions fell for it. 

Barbers and butchers, the today’s doctors and psychiatrists, are anti-religious (they HATE the idea that they will be judged one day by God) and want to put away with any religion, of course, very much ours, Marty, as ours is also a science and enables us to see them for what they are.

Anyway, already back then and earlier than that, their mindset was that if someone wants to blame anyone for this or any other war, religions not barbers/butchers/doctors should get the rap. They want people get tired of religions and put away with religions entirely and glorify Germany and barbers/butchers/doctors instead. 

The Thirty Years’ War resulted in Lutherans in 1618 throwing Ferdinand II’s Catholic messengers that revoked Lutherans rights out of a window in Prague, and that was the start for the 30 year war because non-religious people wanted more land and power. BTW, those Catholics didn’t die as they fell on a heap of manure.

Earlier, the German Roman Empire in 1555 in Augsburg, Bavaria, decided that people can choose between being Roman-Catholic and Lutherans but did not allow Calvinism. Typical German restriction. Augsburg still celebrates that event of 1555. What kind of religious freedom is that if just one or two religions are allowed? From my life in Germany, I can say that nothing had changed. You still can’t be a Scientologist. Upon German secret service orders, Scientology was infiltrated and altered and destroyed from the inside out because original Scientology wouldn’t put up with their crimes. Scientology is defamed, infiltrated, and destroyed from the inside and outside. And Germany is the main culprit.

Back to the Thirty Years’ War in 1618 to 1648: by revoking rights to the Lutherans, and nobody seeing that it was a setup, the monsters behind Germany had their war to annex more countries.¬†

The German Roman Empire, power-hungry as Germany is, was eager to make Scandinavia to be a part of the German Roman Empire. Definitely, the Thirty Years’ War was a continental and political war. The German Roman Empire took over the Danes. The Danes allowed Germany to roll right over them. (My experience with Denmark is that also in modern days, this country follows Germany’s orders.)

But then, the motivator hit German Roman Empire. After having taken over Denmark, the Swedes had enough and fought back and despite French was Catholic, it supported Sweden with means. And why? Because the Thirty Years’ War started under the pretext of religious dispute but in truth, Germany wanted to annex more countries. The Swedes and the French were afraid of a balance of power. Germany swallowing them started to creep them out. Can’t blame them. They were more alert than today’s people, allowing Germany being the master of the European Union, using on the women as alleged leaders to calm people down when the brutal monsters behind Germany take over the world.

In the Thirty Years’ War, Swedish king Gustavus was killed in Germany, and the Swedes pull back. But the motivator for the Germans was still active. Now the French started fighting the Germans and Sweden supported them financially. Again, what has that to do with religion? Nothing! The Roman Empire was Catholic and so were the French. In 1648, they knew back then better than today that Germany is power-hungry and bad and cannot be allowed to take over the world.

Then, the motivator hits with a vengeance and the German Roman Empire falls into pieces.

And did this stop Germany to take over the world after that? Nope. They tried and try it again and again. And they applied always unfair methods.

The problem with Germany overtaking the world is that the people behind it are SPs. They have NO human qualifications. Once nobody left to fight them back, the lights goes out for all people on the planet. Then, Germany will show its true brutal face again publicly to anyone and will torture and kill just because they can. And people will deeply regret having not stopped the monsters earlier on.   

This is why the world is nuts if it let its guard down as far as Germany is concerned. Unfortunately, this is what happens in our modern time.

Be kissed, Marty, I love you to the end of my days.



Thinking of you, Marty, is the best part of my day.

I sense unholiness in the “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation”

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and hero,

How are you?

The summer is in full swing and again, there was no message, letter, or anything for me that had remotely to do with you. The conspiracy against us makes it look as if you never existed. However, I know better. We have God on our side. That’s why we don’t fall for their set ups. And my love for you doesn’t fade either. And it never will. Even the most brief contact with you showed me your value and what a rare human being you are, Marty.¬†

Voltaire is quoted to have said that the Holy Roman Empire was not Roman. Exactly, it was German because the men behind it are obsessed to rule the world and the universe without having even remotely the human qualifications to do so. 

As you know, the “Holy Roman Empire” ruled what became present-day Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, the Czech and Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Austria, regions of France, Italy, Slovenia, plus western Poland. The mosters behind Germany ran and run the Catholic Church and hid cowardly behind that cover to take over the world.¬†

They wanted a country that reflects them the best: Germany. It is their lunatic thinking that they are superior to others. In fact, they are a lot less worth than others who have human qualifications.

They picked Otto I to establish Germany. They made him the Holy Roman Emperor in 962, using again the puppets in the Catholic Church for that purpose. Otto I’s job was to establish the horrible country of medieval Germany. As they wanted more power, e.g. adding England to the German Unholy Reich, Otto I, married an English woman.

They thought they have done enough to get the English to become a part of the Unholy Roman Empire through that marriage and having a son with her or at least doing nothing to defeat a German Unholy Reich. They decided that it was time to get rid of his English wife (who died unexpected and young, most certainly murdered) so that he could marry an Italian woman. This would make it easy on the Catholic Church to crown Otto I as emporer and adding the rest of Italy also to the Empire. 

There is a stench of typical German barber and butcher conspiracy all over and around Otto I. I am sure you know that the Nazis used quite some medieval imagery and propaganda, Marty, which is another piece of evidence that the medical monsters behind the Nazis were already around in medieval times. And they still are.  

Otto I inherited the Duchy of Saxony from his father. Before, there was agent Carlemagne who killed the Saxons. To avoid that the Saxons object to the German Unholy Reich and fight back as they did under Carlemagne, they picked Otto I, a Saxon (!) to found Germany officially. It is all so easy to figure out.    

As there were some other Dukes around, how could they make sure that selected Otto I becomes the German Emporer of the Unholy Roman Empire? They have the Hungarians (Magyars) invaded Otto’s domain and defeat them. Just like Carlemagne before, Otto I needs to defeat an enemy so that he is hailed as great man by the Catholic Church and gets the crowned emporer.¬†¬†

Allegedly Luidolf, Otto I’s first son was cross with his father because he intened to name his Italian son as heir to his throne. Luidolf allegedly worked with¬† Otto’s “enemy”, the Hungarians (Magyars) and told them to invade and plunder his father’s region. I am convinced that Luidolf¬† was part of set up helping his father to become the crowned emporer. Otto I had to defeat a major enemy to be able to be crowned Emporer and found a Grossdeutsches Empire. So, Luidolf was the inflamer.¬† ¬†¬†

He adrenalized the Hungarian. Who knows what lies he told them and they fell for it. I think that he fed them with false information and conveyed secret information about the Hungarians to his father. I bet the farm that Otto I won the bloddy Battle of Lechfeld because of secret service activities of his son. Otto I was prepared, the Hungarian misinformed.  

And another suspicious thing happened: Otto I, the father and Luidolf, the son allegedly fought each other with swords. But hey, what a “surprise”, not one of them had a scratch afterwards! All just a spectacle for the people to get daddy crowned German Roman Emporer. Thousands of people had to die because of this set up and the power hungry monsters behind Germany.¬†

Liudolf flees to Regenburg, Bavaria, and took “refuge” there. Otto I travels to Regensburg too, does some fighting, and hey, again what a “suprise”, darling Luidolf can “escape” once more without a scratch.

Another “suprise”, Luidolf later is taken back as son by Otto I, and Luidolf swears that he will never do anything that isn’t approved by his daddy. Duh! Apparently, these two never stopped working together. Luidolf was a spy and plant among the Hungarians and successfully mislead them so that daddy can earn the laurels. Typical German setup that starres one in the face.¬† ¬†

The battle of Lechfeld is also called the birth of the Germans. It is being said that the Bavarians are around since 555, and the Germanic tribe Teutons since 120 BCE. The Nazis liked the Teutons. The Teutons were known to be rough people who knew no mercy. And the Germanic Tribes are around since approximately 250 BCE. And behind them were and are the gruesomest SPs the universe has ever known.

So, they establish Germany and do the same stupid actions all over: plot, conspire, cheat, kidnap, steal, invade, torture, kill until people have enough and hit back. And SPs do not learn. What a shame. Despite that they made so many mistakes in the past and the present, they still think that they are superior. They can’t confront what they really are: a lot lower than anyone else. In all these x thousands of years, they failed to better themselves. Just think how far they could have come by being decent and use their energy of good. But this never crossed their minds. Deep down they are the biggest cowards. They are spineless snakes that don’t have the courage to admit that they did so wrong and who are too cowardly to go the route of decency.¬†¬†

Today’s Germany and Europe will fall too. Because it still does what it always did: plot, conspire, cheat, kidnap, steal, invade, torture, kill, and pretend to good without being good. The truth comes out always, says Ron. It doesn’t matter what they do to delay the end. It comes for them. It always came and OWs are their own worst enemies.

I love you, my Prince and hero.

Yours forever,





Karl der Grosse (Charlemagne), a brute and war-maker is considered the “Father of Europe”

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and hero,

I want to listen to all your ideas and thoughts. Often it crosses my mind what you might think about matters. Some of your thoughts, I know. I can pick them up, even if we are apart. But I want to know all of them, I mean, all that you want to share. And I want to read all you ever wrote.   

I know you know a lot about history. Here are some of my thoughts to Charlemagne who was adored by the Nazis. I remember vaguely that I was told about him in German schools. It was “education” in which he was glorified.¬†¬†

Before I go back just approx. to 742 and the years that followed, it strikes me that the lunatics behind what is now Germany, over and over tried to take over the world and they still do. When? Now (!!!!!), WWII, WWI, through Charlemagne, German Roman Empire, through Otto I, through Saxons, Bavarians, Teutons, other Germanic tribes, which were plundering and raiding Europe, parts of Asia and Africa… and more. They were and are constantly at it.

Karl der Grosse (Charlemagne) (born 742, died 814) is considered the “Father of Europe”. And what a “surprise”, he was German, born in Aachen. Later, the Nazis (no surprise either) admired him. In typical German manner, he was outrageously violent and cruel. A brute is the “Father of Europe”. They can be “proud” of the canonized man. He also had a moral like a bonobo: married at least 4 times, tons of concubines and illegitimate children.¬†

He was the son of Pepin the Short, who was just an administrator and no royal. Charlemagne was allegedly very tall. Isn’t that odd? A father who is short having a very tall son? Anyway, out of the blue, Pepin the Short, just an administrator becomes a king through the Roman Catholic church, which used “Catholic holy oil” and made him the King of Franks in 754. And his two sons got holy-oiled too. I assume it was¬†Holy Chrism Oil, which represents the ‚Äúaroma of Christ‚ÄĚ, signifies the gift of the Holy Spirit and is used to consecrate someone or something to God‚Äôs service. Good grief, and then, Charlemagne kills thousands of people.¬†

All through the history, the Roman Catholic Church executed what the brutes, the barbers and butchers who wanted a Germany and a German world, ordered. So, of course, their agents got oiled and became kings. Changing religions, taking them over, re-writing their scriptures, and turning them into dirty cults is also a very sign of the activities of the barbers and butchers behind Germany. The Jews had no motivations to kill Jesus but the Romans did. 

Charlemagne had a bother, Carloman. Both didn’t see eye to eye. The brutes that wanted a German world considered this a hindrance to getting a huge German Reich. Accordingly, Carloman dies in 771 all of a sudden and mysteriously. Still young, got a nosebleed, and was dead. Typical for the brutes behind Germania. They stop at nothing to get what they want. I think he was poisoned and his bro and the Roman Catholic Church was in on it.

As not otherwise expected, Germanic agent Carlemagne became the sole King! Now, the secret barbers and butchers behind him and the whole operation used him to take over Europe and the world, even if the name Germany was not yet officially recorded.

From 772 until 804, the Germanic “Father of Europe” butchered other Germanics, e.g. the saxons. What strikes me over and over, Marty, is the cowardice of the brutes behind such “leaders”. They never do their own battles. They are always hiding and make others execute the atrocities that they think of.¬†

As they run the Catholic Church and the Popes too, no wonder that Carlemagne gets crowned emperor by Pope Leo III in 800. This pope like so many lacked true religion, otherwise he wouldn’t have crowned a person like Karl der Grosse to be king. Carlemagne forced all people to become Roman Catholic. Evidently, they are scratching each other’s back.

Karl der Grosse threatened war if someone did not obey. How “lovely”, another Adolf.¬†

He was selfish too, didn’t allow his daughters to marry while he was alive. Stupid too. If one of these daughters would have had his lack of character, she would have come after him with poison to speed up her wedding plans. He had constant fevers before he died. He died allegedly on pleurisy, which could be caused by poison. Thinking of the death of his brother, I say what goes around comes around.

Carlemagne is hailed because he introduced currency to Europe. The idea of using currency was copied from other cultures. Metal objects serving as currency existed already since 5,000 B.C. in other parts of the world. In the Middle East, coins from 700 B.C. were found.

It is said he was pro education and libraries. The Sumer and Ancient Greece did that long before him. 

Allegedly he was not Anti-Semitic, but yet, he was, by publishing the Capitulary for the Jews. No wonder, the Nazis loved him.

He died deeply depressed because many of his plans were not introduced in his Reich. Yadayadayada. Murder on the conscience has depression as side effect. Any kid should know this.

At the end the division of Charlemagne’s empire was split in three kingdoms ruled by his grandsons. So, what was all the killing for?¬†

The brutes behind the Germanic race didn’t stop there of course. They tried and still try to take over the world and force their retarded world upon the world population. It is all over history.

I love you, my Prince. Be hugged and kissed. 

Yours always and forever,


What was Charlemagne, the “Father of Europe”? A puppet on the sting. And that goes also for the Popes.


Pandemic, health, vaccinations, brutal police actions, people getting tired of social distancing, all that and so much more scream basically that they want and need our villages

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and husband, I am thinking of you. 

People would have much fewer problems and so much more freedom, health, social lives plus an uninterrupted economy if they finally would build environmentally closed villages. The only reason why they don’t exist for mainstream is that SPs who control the world with ear-implants want people to suffer.¬†

Many people thought that the coronavirus would go away in summer, but it is not so. From what I read in the news, it seems that people are tired of social distancing and act as if there would be no coronavirus. People don’t know that this SEGNPMSS virus, probably first not just planted in China, is remote-controlled and the USA is a huge German target.¬† ¬†

President Trump is one of those who thinks that the virus goes away just by acting as if the virus would not exist. If the virus is not truly defeated in fall, voters will blame him and the Republicans in November for having failed and not led the country wisely and appropriately. With Trump, the Republicans are on the Titanic. If a political party doesn’t offer a smart and ethical presidential candidate it destroys itself.¬†¬†

People are tired of sitting at home and socially distancing. If they would live in environmentally closed villages, the virus would not spread like it does in unprotected environments. In our villages, they would not have to social distance and could hug anyone they see in their villages. 

This is what each health department should say: “Build environmental closed villages! They need walls and a roof, bring clean and wonderful vegetation inside, and let viruses, germs, radition, and illnesses outside for crying out!”¬†

The advice that the CDC and the health institutes are giving to avoid getting sick from the coronavirus are dilletantic. 

But in a world like this, Marty, we don’t have the saying but those who do not ethical lead do.¬† ¬† ¬†

Be embraced and kissed. I love you very much. 

Yours forever,





I bet you suffered horrible under the police too, Marty

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My wonderful soulmate and husband, how are you?

I think every day of you and worry what they do to you. When ever secret service psychs (and Germany the driving force behind it) send loud and silent sounds into ear-drums, enough people turn into wild animals without human compassion, like Derek Chauvin, and others 

When I visited Washington D.C. in the 80s, a white police officer, a massive tall man, broke my right arm without that I (an unarmed 5.4 tall woman) was any threat to him. I still remember his name: Officer Duncan. And as if that was not enough, a few hours later, a black female Deputy US Marshal, out of the blue, stepped towards me and broke that same arm once more, also without that I provoked her in any way for form.

How can this happen except people having secret orders to hurt and kill? Heil ear-implants!

Where do those inhumane orders come from? The SEGNPMSS. Germany radios in the ear-implants of brutal people and they execute it without declining that atrocity in the name of humanity.

And this is why I am so concerned about you, Marty, and the danger you live in.

My experience with the police in the US was very painful but relatively short. If you are wrongfully incarcerated, as I suspect, your time period in police’s and warden’s custody is anything but short.

Germany acts as if their police would be different than the police in the US. Yeah right! And the blind world believes it. When the German government kidnapped me from Copenhagen for no legal reasons (case was dismissed later), a German female police officer hit me right in the face with her big hand and a ring on it and adjusted the handcuffs deliberately so tight that after a trainride for many hours from Copenhagen to Munich, my hands were swollen ballons. 

I hear calls for defunding the police and that governments should rather invest in “mental health treatment”. P$ychs who control everyone’s ear implants incl. those of the police, people who order and allow people to commit atrocities of course want more cash, influence, and more authority.

My advice is that people find kindred spirits and build closed villages, those that I described already several times. If they live guaranteed peaceful lives, they indeed need no police, only a watch which has to make sure that there are no intruders. They don’t even have to overdo it with the number of guards. If the rest of the village has cameras installed and can watch the entrances, they will see if something is going on that should not be going on. They can come together and make intruders leave. If people are good and smart, there is indeed no need to have police around. And if they are really smart, they also keep the psychs and the ear-implanters out.¬†¬†

They can keep weapons, drugs, cigarettes, booze, whatever they wish, out of such villages and would enjoy much more freedoms from the government than now or ever.

I love you, Marty, so much. I wish I could effectively help you, not just posting. You have no human rights movement backing you, but it should. You did nothing but being noble. You are greater than life.

Yours always and forever,



I’ve been down like a sparrow on the ground
I’ve been lost on a river that won’t flow
I’ve been hurt, I’ve been weeping sad and lonely
For some loving arms to hold me
I’ve been down but not that low

I lost my home, I have no pillow
I make my bed under the willow
An old wool coat hung o’er my shoulder
The nights are long and getting colder
Oh I’ve been down, I’ve been down



High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena – 100 FRBs (fast radio bursts)

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Marty, my dearest, my unforgettable heartthrob, and my husband,

How is your life? I miss you every second in mine.

Racism is a very German psych Nazi characteristic and it is such a shame that enough people the USA and other countries allow themselves to become like them  without pointing with the fingers of the still active SEGNPMSS. How someone even wants to be a racist is beyond me. It stinks.   

One thing that will cool off racism like nothing is the revelation that there are aliens out there. People on Earth, any race will embrace the other race on Earth, after all, all are from Earth. It doesn’t matter what skin color or race, anyone from Earth will be like a relative. Now they all have to stick together as there are aliens out there and what if the land on Earth… However, there is also the possibility for new racism. Biased people who fear what they don’t know. Earth population against aliens and/or the other way around. That’s why people have to understand that all living creatures are thetans, it doesn’t matter what race they are or from what planet or galaxy or sun system they are.¬†

According to various publication, astrophysicists noticed several FRBs, in other words, bright pulses of radio emissions, which last just milliseconds, or even less. They say that they appear to originate from outside of our galaxy, millions of light-years away from Earth. Some say that those bursts could be generated by a black hole or a star or stellar winds, a constant flow of charged particles from a star.

End of April of this year, some astrophysicists noticed a bright radio burst 30.000 light years away from Earth. They say that this is the first ever FRB that they ever detected inside the Milky Way, in the Vulpecula Constellation.

Here are some of my thoughts, Marty: If these bursts are natural, one wonders why they until now just happened very far away from our galaxy. And suddenly, this year, they also happened in our galaxy. 

As I wrote so often, what astrophysicists are looking at, the deep universe, is a German-computer projection. The monsters behind Germany cover up the real universe behind the projection. We need technology that can look beyond the projection. Like Lidar for deep space or something even better. The world will discover a static universe, Nazi-psychs-German-controlled space stations to keep as uninformed and yes, aliens too.

I also figured why scientists and others don’t want to explore this. They are afraid of the truth. By attacking or ridiculing the truth, they feel safer. It’s called non-confront. Luckily, Marty, we are having all the confront that this entire planet and the universe needs. Bring it on.

I love you, my hero. I never give up wanting to see you again. Be kissed and embraced.

Yours forever,