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About Ukraine and Antisemitism

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Dearest Marty, my hero and soulmate, how are you? 

Anti-Semistim is a huge issue in the Ukraine. So, it is no wonder that Ukraine’s anti-Semites with German-controlled ear-implants want to be attached to Europe (in other words: Germany). In 2017 thousands of Ukrainian Nazis  marched in Kiev and their chorus yelled “Juden raus” (in German language (!) meaning “Jews out”). This should really open people’s eyes as to those German-controlled ear-implants. 

However, Volodymyr Zelensky, who comes from a Jewish family, won the Presidency in the Ukraine with more than 73%. 

Knowing the psychs behind Germany and that they use ear-implants not just to meddle in elections but determine any election anywhere in the world, I of course asked myself the question why Volodymyr Zelensky was able to win. I am not trying to take away from his personality or that people liked what he did as entertainer or his political views.

This is about Germany, which indeed rules secretly the world with ear-implants and it never does anything without secret rotten plans. So, why didn’t the secret service doctors and Nazis behind Germany sabotage his election?   

  1. Allowing Volodymyr Zelensky to win should throw dust in the eyes of the people that Anti-Semistim is no longer an issue in the Ukraine and should make it easier for Germany (Europe) to take the Ukraine over, e.g. Germany can say, the Ukraine with a Jewish President wants to become part of us, how can we still be Nazis?   
  2. The psychs behind Germany always plot to give Jewish people a bad rep. Sometimes the monsters behind Germany promote bad people like Weinstein and Epstein with the plan to have them busted to smear the reputation of Jews in general.
  3. In other cases, they might put someone Jewish on a spot and involve him in a difficult situation like President Zelensky in the matter that lead to the Trump impeachment or something else. Germany’s still existing secret service Nazis like to set up Jews by saying: See world, a Jew is involved or did it, they gotta go. Jews out. Heil Nazis.    

On another subject, Marty, have you read that some researchers developed a “FrogPhone” so they can get remote-controlled in touch with frogs in the wild?

That is not a new development. The doctors behind Germany using remote-control to activate germs and bacteria to cause people pains, illnesses, and death since centuries. RB often said to me: “A young girl is more difficult to control than a bag of fleas.” Or germs… These doctors are so icky. 

The medical and psychiatric monsters behind Germany, those bloody idiots, are probably proud that they run the world with ear-implants. I am convinced that they invented nothing except horror. They spy (and do that since centuries) on the entire world, on anyone, and when they see an invention or something they can use or want, they either kill or bribe the inventors and then, they use the invention negatively. That’s all there is.

There is nothing to be admired and nothing advanced about them. Retards.  

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


My sister sent me this video of these two Frenchmen. First, I thought, yikes, but it is really funny. They are pretty good at handling their towels:








I am thinking of you, Marty

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You are the bravest, greatest man there can be. I am so proud of you, Marty. The people who deny your rights are not even worthy to wipe the dust of your shoes. What small characters compared to your great character.

I am so glad that I can differentiate between worthless people and your stellar character.

Just thinking of you makes me happy. Very happy.

Otherwise, I have a lot to do. I don’t ask for work. I just get it. 

A large piece of plaster dropped from my high ceiling onto the staircase in my home. Handymen are hard to find where I live. Nobody wants to work. Or they do horrible jobs and overcharge. I know how to repair it but it is very high up and I can’t get a ladder there. I have to figure out how to fix it myself, maybe buying an extention tool.

The Still Existing German Nazi Psych Secret Service wants me to leave or break my neck by using a laser and shooting in my house. It is not the first time that they did it. However, as I am aware that it is them who want me to leave the USA for Germany, I do exactly the opposite as I do Nazis no favor. They just don’t get it. As part of their motivator, they are not getting what they want. Haha. They behave so unintelligently. It all sums up to that people who commit crimes chop away from their own IQ. They are becoming blind to what they would see if they wouldn’t commit their horrible crimes. They can’t anymore afford to look as they are afraid that they are worth less than nothing. 

I love you, be kissed, tenderly and passionately.

Yours for all eternity,


I don’t know where to find you
I don’t know how to reach you
I hear your voice in the wind

I feel you under my skin
Within my heart and my soul
I wait for you

All of these nights without you
All of my dreams surround you
I see and I touch your face
I fall into your embrace
When the time is right
I know you’ll be in my arms

I close my eyes
And I find a way
No need for me to pray
I’ve walked so far
I’ve fought so hard
Nothing more to explain

I know all that remains
Is a piano that plays
If you know where to find me
If you know how to reach me

Before this light fades away
Before I run out of faith
Be the only man to say

That you’ll hear my heart
That you’ll give your life
Forever you’ll stay

Don’t let this light fade away
Don’t let me run out of faith
Be the only man to say
That you believe
Make me believe
You won’t let go

The massive “Black Hole” in the Milky Way has a hidden purpose

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how is your life?

I miss you. And I love you. Nothing will ever change this.

Did you hear it? Chinese astronomers discovered a gigantic “Black Hole” in our galaxy. It is nearly three times the size a “black hole” should be according to “science”.

I don’t doubt that these researchers indeed saw this “Black Hole”, but I am sure that it and other such holes are fake and a secret German-controlled computer projection. The message is clear: “Stay put. Or it will suck you in. We don’t want mainstream to venture into space. Any alien one out there must be first attached to our ear-implant system and consider psychiatrists to be Gods and must be Nazis before Earth mainstream may lean about them. And we are working hard on it to keep mainstream in the dark. We know what is behind the deep space projection, after all, we put it up there, but mainstream Earth shouldn’t know. It can’t handle the truth.”

These “black holes” go so hand in hand with the “run-away universe”, Marty, do you agree? 

I sometimes remove my thoughts from everything what is being taught in schools and elsewhere and look at things as I never heard about it before so that I don’t fall for nonsense. 

Black holes? Run-away universe? Holographic universe? A big bang created the universe from nothing?  There is no dark matter nor dark energy on Earth but the universe is full with it? What a load of crap. We are looking at a fake deep universe, a projection that is there to mislead us and keep us from the truth put up by Germany’s super nuts cases. 

Sciencealert says that “the true scale of black holes might just crush people’s brain”. Did you notice? They don’t even know the different between mind and brain. No wonder that they don’t figure out the rest and that the deep space that astronomers are seeing is FAKE. Maybe they should use their minds instead of the brain, the flesh, to think, then maybe they would figure out things the way we do.

My mind is not crushed by any of that nonsense disgused as “science”, and I know yours neither, Marty. 

One article asks: “So… should we be worried about a rogue black hole that’s doing what it wants, where it wants? Well, unless we somehow figure out how to travel to places billions of light-years away, the answer is no.”

This is exactly my point. The scum behind the fake universe projection WANTS PARTICULARLY A CERTAIN EARTH POPULATION GROUNDED. This is why they are trying to scare us with “black holes” and coming up with crap like the “run-away universe”, so that we say: Too dangerous, too far. We stay home and small. 

What I don’t get is that not everyone doesn’t get it, Marty. The set up is very easy to see through.

And read this:It’s not clear why they’re [the black holes] always in the middle… This looming presence is intrinsic to the existence of a galaxy – they even grow in tandem with each other – but no one’s entirely sure why these black holes always end up at the centre.”

Yeah, isn’t that suspicious? So that we don’t even think about planning a way around it. We always should consider that it can go to the left and right side. We should forget taking any route. I am entirely sure that it is all fake. I am not no one. 

“Massive and supermassive black holes are thought to be at the heart of every galaxy in the Universe.” 

Lol. How convenient for those who want to keep us grounded. 

“Regardless of how they got there, supermassive black holes tend to stay put in the centre of a galaxy – but physicists have hypothesised that on very rare occasions, something catastrophic can knock them free.”

Sure, scare tactics of those who want to turn all aliens in the universe into ear-implant carriers and robots before we can tell them that it is a freaking trap.   

I love you, Marty, I am going nowhere without you. You have my heart for all eternity. As little as I think that black holes are real as little do I think that you don’t love me because I don’t hear from you. The same conspirators who keep us apart are the creatures who don’t want us to see the real universe. 

Keep on surviving, my hero.

Yours forever and always,


I found the English lyrics of this song online: 


Not without you

Dry your tears
I’m not going
It would need much more than that
To destroy, annihilate everything; not that
Dry your tears
And make love to me again
You remember that child
That you wanted to create with me singing
I still love you so much
No, not without you
I won’t live such a life
If you retake me in your arms
We could get everything back together again
No, no, no
Not without you
It would be like denying my life
It would be like stifling a cry
If I’m wrong, go away
If you love me, wait for me
Dry your tears
Time will wait for us
We got lost in all this
I don’t think there’s any more reasons to be afraid
Dry your tears
We are so much stronger
Than all this time, all this remorse
We forgot ourselves, we got things wrong
I still love you so much
No, not without you
I won’t live such a life
If you retake me in your arms
We could get everything back together again
No, no, no
Not without you
It would be like denying my life, my life
It would be like stifling a cry
If I’m wrong, go away
If you love me, wait for me
Dry your tears
Give me that smile
That doesn’t age
Either my soul or my body
I still love you so much

I am thankful that you exist, Marty, my hero, and that I met you

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Otherwise, I don’t have much to be thankful for.

I love you. 

Until you return.



Until You Come Back Away between the hills and villages you pass, Through open fields of strawberries, And the scent of approaching rain, My scarf still protects your neck, From the cold easterly winds, I pray for the sun to cast its warmth, The strength to carry on, the longing has become a habit, The moon has turned red, what is the view where you are? Fear for you burns me from within, Do you remember how you whispered to me, “with the stars as my witness”? Oh, and at night, I wander between the walls, Between the fragments of dreams, Until you come back, Oh, my beautiful one, look how in love we are, May we love like this forever, We’ll choose only the good, All that was promised, is no longer certain, It’s resting on the seabed, In a distant, muted voice, They say there’s a once-in-a-lifetime love, I will pray whole days, With the stars as my witness, Oh, and at night, I wander between the walls, Between the fragments of dreams, Until you come back, Oh, my beautiful one, look how in love we are, May we love like this forever, We’ll choose only the good. They say there’s a once-in-a-lifetime love, I will pray whole days, With the stars as my witness, [Yuval Dayan] Oh, and at night, I wander between the walls, Between the fragments of dreams, Until you come back, Oh, my beautiful one, look how in love we are, May we love like this forever, We’ll choose only the good.

Many of the countries that signed the Paris Agreement for 2020 are failing their environment protection targets

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Dearest Marty, my love, I am thinking of you.

Miss you a ton. Miss you a world. Miss you a universe. 

I leanred that many of the countries that signed the Paris Agreement for 2020 are failing their targets to protect the environment.

Officially, Germany says that it reduces its carbon emissions but the men behind Germany run secretly all other countries via ear-implants, in other words, anyone of any nation who pollutes the world. Not just the German car industry in the emission scandals. 

Besides a solution for aviation (big planes) and the heaviest machinery around, there are already solutions to go off fossil fuel for all other things on the planet that need a power source. I noticed that many international companies have programs to reduce their carbon emmission footprints but they do it really very slow. The master of all ear-implants, Germany, the psychs and doctors behind it, prevents that faster progress is being made. Bad environments means more money for the medical and pharmaceutical sector due to the illnesses that people contract. 

This planet has not yet an official invention for pulling carbon that is already in the air out of the air. If temperatures all over the planet are rising, and I convinced that they indeed do, countries will be flooded and people have to leave their homes. A huge humanitarian crisis in the making.

However, as I said, and I know that you agree, Marty, even a total stop of carbon emissions won’t safe mankind. They still will get sick, age, and die, because they don’t move in villages with roofs and all that belongs to it.

If indeed the temps keep rising and the sea levels starts to rise due to melting ice, people could be still safe if they built their villages with roofs that can swim.

There will be people who will say that building such villages would be so expensive, blah blah. Not having them is expensive. Tons of costs fall away if people don’t get sick, don’t age, and are not dislocated, etc.   

I know, Marty, you don’t need to hear this lecture. You know better than anyone what needs to be done, and this is another reason why the medical and psychiatric monsters behind Germany tie your hands.

I love you, my hero.

Yours always, be kissed


P.S. This is a very beautiful song, unfortunately, the lyrics are very sad. I wish there would be other lyrics for this song.   

This is the good part of the lyrics: If ever you’re lonely If ever you’re blue If ever you need me I’m waiting for you If ever you’re lonely darling Da da de da ah oh Da de de da ah oh If ever you’re lonely I’ll run straight to you 🙂 And I will, Marty. 

Here is Mary Hopkin, the Italian version, Lontano Dagli Occhi, foreign words make it easier to imagine positive lyrics. 



Can you believe it? Some people rather believe in timetravelers instead giving thought to the scientific fact of past lives!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

I am thinking of you, how your life is and what you do and where you are.  

There is this young person from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, who is an environmental climate change activist. I think too what the climate changed, simply by watching it. But even the best climate on Earth won’t truly protect human life and stop aging. Only living in protected environments would do, as I described already several times. However, if people have to leave their protected environmental villages once in a while, they should not have to step onto the Earth surface into an environmental hell. Therefore, I am all for a safe environment and wish Greta Thunberg and all other environmental activists success. 

She is all over the news. I looked into it why she gets all the attention while someone else with even better ideas for human and environmental survival does not. According to Wikipedia, she was diagnosed with three “mental illnesses”. And here it is:

Psychiatrists figured that a large number of people are concerned about the environment. (Needless to say that secret service psychs run the worst polluters with ear-implants. Psychiatric and other chemical drugs are found in streams because people take so many.) Psychiatry decides who gets an international platform. Someone who would have done the same protests but wouldn’t serve psychiatry or would be critical of psychiatry would have been arrested, muzzled, and never gotten the platform.

Neither this child nor her parents seem being critical of psychiatry. Her mother seems to promote psychiatry. And of course, no word anywhere that there are silent sounds that are transmitted via remote-controlled by secret service psychs into the heads of people to make them appear, behave, and feel “mentally ill”.

Anyway, to my headline, people now found a 121 year old picture of a girl that looks a lot like Greta Thunberg, working at a goldmine at Dominion Creek in the Yukon Territory in Canada. I am not sure if this photo shows Greta Thunberg in a past live, but people are thinking in terms of time-travelling rather than the scientific fact that people are born again. Can you believe it? 

If she is that girl in the picture, she wasn’t much into environmental protection in that lifetime, as goldmining destroyed landscapes, contaminated creeks, and other water sources and ruined ecosystems.    

Have a look at the picture here:

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,


I don’t find the Moon sweet, Marty, but the music is wonderful and my love for you will never end.

Hidden Moon

Where are you hidden moon (Leggo in fond ai tuoi pensieri)
I read into the depths of your thoughts, i have to open the curtain among the stars up there (lassu’), in order to see you my hidden moon.
I know that you touched my soul, moon and fire of passions (Fai brilliare) make shine my deep love for you, i dont want hidden from you.
For me which i dream of you that sometimes i suffer for you
(M’alludo) and my hint of having you here, But then the clouds come over you.
Where are you hiding moon and (esci fuori) you go out into the open.
The moment has arrived to open your heart, let it say the things it knows.
I’m here love take me, (Niente ci potra’ dividere) nothing will be able to divide us.
Sweet hidden moon for ever you’ll see
My love that will never end.
Moon i dream of you and sometimes i suffer for you and my hint of having you here.
But then the clouds come over you.
I’m here love take me.
Nothing will be able to divide us.
Sweet moon for ever you’ll see.
My love will never end.
never end.

Trump’s use of Executive Grants of Clemency – says a lot about Trump

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable husband and soulmate,

How is your life?

Here is all the same, just more and more work.

I read he pardoned Clint Lorance, a former 1rst Lt. who was found gilty of second degree people of two people on a motorcycle in Afghanistan and Maj. Matthew Golsteyn killed another person in Afghanistan. Whatever that person was up to or not, he was unarmed when he was killed and Golsteyn later helped burn the body. 

Trump also finds also that a Navy Seal who posed for an unofficial picture with a human casualty should be excused.

Low, low, and low. And that is also what DT is.

I bet that DT won’t help you out of your wrongful incarceration, despite you really are innocent.

Bad people are awarded, good people are penalized.

Story of our lives.

Never will I become tired of loving you. You are just too wonderful, Marty. And I also don’t give up hope to see you again.

You are always on my mind and always in my heart.