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Director of National Intelligence: Intelligence Community says it “concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not manmade or genetically modified”

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate,

The “Intelligence Community”, huh? Those who failed to see that Germany replaces people with ringers and that Osama Bin Laden and others got away. Some “intelligence”.

Terrorists behind Germany always feel so safe and protected when giant USA helps them wittingly or unwittingly covering for German Nazi activities as for example this pandemic. No doubt in my mind, Marty, these still-existing Nazi doctors started the pandemic in China – unlike the Spanish Flu, which they started too but in Kansas, approx. 100 years ago.

Even if it would be true and this virus was (and former corona viruses were) not manmade or genetically modified, US intelligence did not check all labs on and beyond the planet on virus animal experiments, right? I am convinced that the virus was deliberately BRED and then intentionally RELEASED, and the medical terrorists behind Germany are those who came up with the plan and implemented it.

Germany may have made the bred and remote-controlled virus available to a bribed or psychiatric-altered Manchurian candidate lab worker or other person or any nationality in Wuhan who released it at a wet market or elsewhere. It is an openly or secret German world. Germany runs the world since centuries on ear-implants. If any country still has horrible conditions, like these wet markets or animal labs, then because the monsters behind Germany tell their international agents with loud and silent commands to keep the bad stuff going.  

I am 100% certain that Covid-19 is German-bred. Marty, maybe you almost succeeded that I, as your proper relief witness, will be finally heard. So, what does Germany do? Trying to get rid of us before we can be officially heard. As an excuse, Germany hides behind China and uses this country. Germany also wants to alienate the USA and China so that Germany or the German-controlled EU gets Chinese business. Germany didn’t start the pandemic in their own country and this time not in the USA as they fear, they would be caught. This time, they would not get away as with the Spanish Flu. Won’t help them much as we nevertheless can read their activities and tracks. It is not a virus that started “natural” because the virus is REMOTE-CONTROLLED, similar as its remote-controlled germs that cause high clolesterol, and deadly diseases deseases like heart disease, cancer, just to name a few.    

German Nazi doctors, the still existing Nazi monsters behind Germany and now also the EU, decide who dies on the coronavirus or not. They can make people asymptomatic, a bit sick, very sick and dying or just going through hell. This virus is remote-controlled, and the medical terrorists don’t mind killing hundred thousands or even millions of people of just about any nationality, even Germans, to make it look “natural” trying to kill you know who with it.

There is also lots of news about antibody testing and development of new drugs and vaccines. Yet, nobody knows if it will work. But even if it would work for one virus, how many chemicals, drugs, vaccines, and other stuff do people have to get into their bodies to survive? New strands of Covid-19 were already spotted. The medical hell never ends. And just because the infrastructure, healthy villages with a roof and walls that – if people are alert – cannot be overrun by viruses and germs, are not being build.   

Once these still existing Nazi doctors are busted, people will hopefully be more alert. Here is one example how it could work: If one village anywhere on the planet noticed someone getting sick, it immediately informs all other villages on the planet. Our villages are self-sustainable. They can close down to others but their local economy, schooling, and social lives goes on UNDISTURBED.

This virus costs trillions of dollars. That could have been used to build so many protected villages. It is all such a waste of lives and money. Just because the “scientists” and the officials and politicians don’t wake up and plan a much better world. They are not doing their jobs! If you listen to the candidates, they all want to continue the same old stupid and dangerous way of living, it doesn’t matter which party they support. Just what still-existing German Nazi doctors order. 

You would change the USA and the world, Marty. I have no doubt. I know you. If you would be the US president, the USA would transform from secretly German into one proud and sustainable country, the real USA. It would truly become the beacon of decency, wisdom, and justice. “Land of the free” would not just be a lie to keep the USA controlled and Germany undetected, it would really become the land of the free. Because you are so brave!   

I love you. Because I know what your character is worth. 

Yours forever,


Yikes, herd immunity!

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Marty, love of my life, how is your life?

I feel warmness and excitement whenever I think of you. It is still the same awesome feeling that I had when I saw you so many years ago. Time didn’t change anything. I’m neither tired of loving you nor did I ever regret falling in love with you. I would do it all over again. I am so happy that you exist, Marty. This universe without you would be one grey spot. I know that the Almighty (and yes, he exists) helped us finding each other and finding each other again, and I am eternally grateful that he did.

Like all other religious scriptures on the planet, the Bible is altered too by we know who. Yet, sometimes, however, there are some kernels of truth left in it. Like this one: Mark 10:9 (NKJV) Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Interesting is that it is under the chapter Mark. How fitting. Too bad that so many people who are saying that they Christians separate us, the two who God has joined together.

Germany due to its massmurder past doesn’t have the guts to apply their coronavirus “herd immunity” to Germany, so they are using the Swedes for that experiment. Heil ear-implants. A few days ago, I watched a video about how deeply concerned young American Indians are that their elders could die in the pandemic, yet, the Swedes seem giving a damn about their elders or young people with risk factors. How German. Even if the Swedish government says that they don’t forbid people to socially distance, enough people will have a hard time doing so in a country that doesn’t take a pandemic seriously. I read that Sweden is a country of willfully compliant citizen. Yikes! On a planet with German-controlled ear-implants!

Even if they indeed are getting “herd immunity” from one version of the coronavirus (and it isn’t even proven that there is such a thing as definitive immunity from it), they are not “herd immune” against other strands of this virus. That means that as soon the medical massmurderers behind Germany order another strand of the coronavirus (and those exists already) unleashed, the “herd immunity” was for nothing and more vulnerable Swedes (and also non-Swedes visiting or living there) will die again.

Self-sustainable villages that have a roof and walls and can be closed in case of an epidemic and in which life can go on is the solution and not allowing virus after virus roll over “the herd”. Creepy also that they refer to people as if they would be cows and cattle.

If there is a space problem, such villages could be also built on top of each other, however, each level should be sealed off, in case of need. Each level should be self-sustainable, providing all what its residents need to live forever good and healthy social lives even if one pandemic chases the other one.

Did you read that Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen who is also European Commission President wants to “probe” how coronavirus emerged? Her decision was allegedly made after the Swedish health minister requested it. Swedish health minister whose decision of “herd immunity” sounds so German to me. Germany needs an alibi that it is not behind this pandemic. Germany does not want to be caught having set up China and this pandemic and any other virus released in China. Leyen wants “transparency”. What a joke. Neither she or the EU will bust the still existing Nazi monsters behind Germany, the most untransparent movement in the universe.

China infecting its own people with this virus or other viruses and shut their own economy down is highly unlikely. The problem that China has is that their labs and wet markets are very inviting for the still existing Nazi doctors behind Germany to set it up for epidemics and pandemics. The advice that I would give China is to get rid of these vulnerable spots including communism as the latter is German too to keeps China under the German thumb.

Marty, I know that you too figured what the purpose of the pandemic is that the massmurderers and still existing Nazis behind Germany unleashed. Among killing some within an age group that they fear most at the moment, Germany loves to alienate friends, allies, and partners and bring all to the brink of a hot war. They want China and Russia to be at war with the USA and destroying themselves. Then Germany comes in under the cover of the EU and picks up the pieces of all countries they destroyed. Nazi doctors’ dream come true. They run the world and when nobody can object anymore, Nazi boots will stomp the entire planet and eradicate those who are undesirable, and that is anybody. Once Jews and Scientologists are gone, any other race and religion will follow.

Trump’s Dr. Fauchi says that the virus is too consistent with the development from an animal to a human to be engineered. Really? Since when can’t this be done in German-controlled lab, considering how obsessed Nazi doctors and still existing Nazi doctors are with “playing God”. Just that God would never do what they are doing.

I also read that other “scientists” said that the virus would be “beyond human intelligence”. This is how German Nazi doctors want to see themselves. Beyond intelligence. The crème de la crème of intelligence. This is how they talk themselves into that their monstrous activities are so incredible intelligent that even regular scientists can’t even get it done. Except them of course. Lol. These dummies are so full of themselves.

The killer Nazi doctors behind Germany work constantly at making the entire world think that Germany is the home of the thinkers and scientists and that no country is more blessed with intelligence than Germany is. The hell they are. This neediness should have raised a red flag already with all other nations. The killers behind Germany have an eternal death wish. But the problem is that they want to take everyone else down with them. If they would be just remotely intelligent, they would NEVER act the way they do. They would use their energy for pro-survival activities, something they can be proud of but not torture, terror, and murder. If they would be smart, they would go morally up not down. Having them stalking me shows me constantly how incredible primitive they are. Nobody is intelligent who acts this way. They are losing self-respect and self-esteem. They are completely destructive. They are sinking deeper and deeper. They might be able to destroy our bodies but by doing so, they are destroying their personalities and tonelevels. And that is the only thing that they can take in the beyond when another Nazi doctor turn on them and kills them. And that goes around too. Who says there is no justice?

Besides, you, Marty, and I, we just have to read the headlines and figure their plans in a snap. The way they think and operate it not even a challenge for us. How can they be intelligent? Everything and anything is giving them away, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!

What intelligence? Infecting the world, needs no intelligence just lunacy and down the line one’s own death wish and own destruction of sanity and good character. Also, who says that other viruses were not man-made too and corona is just a spin off? How about harvesting and breeding viruses in German-controlled labs? As if German monster doctors wouldn’t do this. Really, I wonder if all people were absent during history class when they were supposed to learn what lunatic Nazi doctors are capable of.

There is nothing easier than jailing animals and make them sick and breeding viruses, bacteria, germs, etc. They run lab doctors and workers who have nothing better to do than executing their horrible experiments. And on top of it, these viruses, bacteria, germs, etc. are remote-controlled and Nazi doctors can pick and choose who dies on the disease they bring or who is just tortured with them. There is nothing intelligent about it either. Each medieval flea circus director can do it.

Scientists say it is “almost certain” that it is natural. “Almost certain!” Some “science”, right? It looks “almost” natural and therefore, nobody planted it to create the pandemic? Did people miss out history classes by not suspecting them? Are history classes so watered down, that people don’t get the Nazis anymore? During the Third Reich some Nazi doctors showed their real horrible faces, however, they were at it long before the Third Reich and still are. Since centuries they are obsessed with creating pain, diseases, torture, and death in their labs.

“Scientists” are saying that there is “no evidence” that the virus comes from a lab. Sure, the German medical terrorists know how to hide the evidence. But there is also “no evidence” that it does not come from a lab! So many “scientists” are just as stupid as so many police officers when there are terror attacks. “The suspect acted alone”. Hell, he or she did. His or her case officers where part of it. And this virus and other viruses didn’t develop natural. Animals were involved but when did this ever stop a Nazi doctor using an animal to breed a virus that can jump over from animals to humans?

I know our stalkers, Marty. As I said before, it was/is a huge mistake that they did and do to us. We know their tonelevels. We know their way of twisted and retarded thinking. We know their plans by looking at their past and current horrible deeds. We know where they want to go and where they are headed if nobody stops them. Stalkers are so sure that they know all of their victims and have the advantage. I said it many times and again: They are dumb because an alert stalker victim might now the stalker even better as the stalker the victim. Because the stalkers have dirty hands and are afraid to look at the consequences of their harmful acts. But the stalker victim is not blind here. The word victim contains a victor. As painful and dangerous it is, the victim can defeat the stalkers, most definitive on the long range and even if the victim is killed. But as I said, stalkers are making themselves blind by committing the crimes that they are committing. They can’t see that they are steering right into their own ruin.

The biggest mistake that mankind can do is not pointing the fingers on them. This will mean endless suffering in this universe. If people work for them, conspire with them, they will end up with them. Cling together, swing together!

I know that there are enough people who thinks that the case officers who run them via ear-implants will protect them. But fact is that the Nazi doctors who came up with this system and who have the overall control of it doesn’t even love themselves. They are unable to love. That is why these idiots thought that they can separate us, Marty and that it would work in their favor. Ear-implants are nothing but a control tool, to make sure that nobody throws them a wrench into their Nazi doctor activities, as we are doing it. So, what do people get who did and do all what the Nazi doctor asked them to? Diseases, pain, hardship, loss of loved ones, uncertainty of life, war, death, and taxes. And plenty of other horrible things.

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, my hero. I am at your side, rain or shine. Keep on surviving.

Yours forever,




People are missing physical contact with others… If they would live in villages with a roof, they could hug each other all day long…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

My thoughts always return to you, wondering what happens on your side.    

People are missing physical contact with others… If they would live in villages with a roof, they could hug each other all day long. These villages (i.m.O.) should not have more than 5000 residents. Enough people to hug. 🙂

Due to the roof over it and an entrance that they can close, they can make their own decision who they want to let in and when.

People could search for other people with same concerns, which is easy on the Internet. For example, if some don’t want booze, cigarettes, guns, drugs, or junk food around, they close their village to those influences. Not selling for example cigarettes and booze to children in supermarkets does not solve the problem. Other kids whose parent have that stuff at home, steal it from their parents and “share” it with kids of non-drinking and non-smoking parents. And there goes the part of “protecting” kids from addiction. None of the supermarkets in my area are selling cigarettes to kids. Yet, some very young teenagers here are already smoking.   

If they would have an entire village that has none of the above, no kid can “share” addictive stuff with other kids as it is nowhere in the village.   

When a federal or state government isn’t ethical enough to protect children and others, a closed village with their same-minded residents can do it on their own.

If they read that a virus is on the loose in another country or state, they don’t have to wait for the federal or state government to do something. They close up to outsiders when they want it and keep the village closed to others as long as the problem isn’t completely gone. Their local economy within the village keeps on flourishing, and they don’t have to social distance as the world has now. And on a state or national level, an economy also continues better than without these villages. 

These villages should have been built already centuries ago, but what do we have? People live unprotected like the Neanderthals except that the caves are levelled and have shiny stuff in it. People are getting awards and are hailed as “scientists” and “entrepreneurs”, yet, they are all to blind to see what really needs to be done. And why? Because loud and silent sounds rule the world. Heil ear-implants.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed a million times. You are awesome. Never forget it.

Yours forever,






Stay home order for my county is extended

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate,

How are you? I am thinking of you. And worry about you. 

The order doesn’t change my life very much. I have so much work I can do at home and my lots outside to take care of in spring.  

There was still no message, mail, letter, call anything by you or your behalf, Marty, but I feel that you try to reach me since an eternity. 

Speaking about letters that don’t arrive, which is also the subject of the novel that I am reading at the moment.  

I got myself a Kindle holder. Here it is how it looks like:



It is really great. Doesn’t make one’s hand fall asleep holding the Kindle up while reading or otherwise. I can remove the Kindle and can use the device also for a tablet. 

The black roll that you see is a roll for my back. While reading, I stick it under my mid back to straighten it for a better posture. Beats sitting at a table or a computer to read.


And this is how it looks when I lie underneath and read. I just have to put my finger up when I want to change the page. Reading in bed became more enjoyable but that is about it.

I miss you, Marty, so much. And I can’t tell you how much I feel the loss that I couldn’t be with you these decades since we saw us last time. I don’t think that I ever will get over it. It is a stolen life. One can’t just replace the person one loves with someone else. This is lunatic psychiatrist thinking and one day I (dead or alive) will kick their behinds for it. 

Be kissed, tenderly and passionately. I love you.

Yours always,












The self-sustainable villages that are closed to environmental pollution, etc. could ease that governments make decisions for their residents

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how is your life? I am thinking every day of you.

If the world would consist of villages that are self-sustainable and that can be closed to environmental pollution, germs, viruses, and lots of other horrible things, the villagers could make their own decisions. If they are alert and keep their village clean and healthy, they can decide if they want to open it for others to enter and when. They can decide that they don’t want guns in the village, no tobacco, drugs, and also if they want their kids vaccinated or not, etc. They could be so much safer than on the unprotected surface of the world, where everyone more or less fends for him- or herself, which is unwise.

They would have so much more power to determine their own lives instead allowing some dumb and corrupt person in the government make those important decisions for them. People with similar attitude can find each other and build these villages. I bet that you and your family still have the blueprint to do so but that it is stolen from Scientology, and David Miscavige, the non-Scientologist and dummy doesn’t look for them. But I bet the farm that he was around in the UK when the real Ron lectured what kind of villages Scientologists should build.

And again, if people wouldn’t run on ear-implants and being controlled with loud and silent sounds, these villages would have been built everywhere since the Mayflower coming to America. It makes no sense that people don’t have them. One just has to take a good look at the world. It is stupid to live on the unprotected surface of the world. And most of the time, it is not even fun, too cold, too hot, and even without a virus, who has no allergies. And if people have none right now, doesn’t mean that they don’t get them later.

I love you, Marty. Keep on surviving. I want to see you again.

Yours always,




Villages that have a roof and can be closed in a pandemic would be the solution to all the problems concerning health, economy, socializing, aging… and the list goes on

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and hero, how are you?

Covid-19, or how I call it, Covert-19 is what the medical monsters behind Germany think they need to stop us: You and I, coming together and documenting their infiltration of the US government and other countries. Now isn’t it?

Congress, which could and should act against this infiltration is closed until further notice, correct?

I am not a friend of the WHO. The World Health Organization failed like all others on the planet (whose duty it is to protect the health and lives of people) to really do this. However, the WHO envoy said that the coronavirus ‘will stalk the human race for a long time to come’.

They inadvertently hit the nail on the head. It is indeed stalking as this virus and other viruses was/were deliberately grown, planted, spread, and this virus and other viruses are remote-controlled like germs and bacteria by SPs. The medical terrorists behind Germany determine who dies and who not on this and other diseases by increasing or decreasing the harm the virus does via remote-control. They do it until they themselves one day fall victims to the horrible world they created. They think that this and other atrocities will hit just others, never them. One thing is sure: If thinking would be their strength, they never would commit what they are committing.

I know it is nothing new to you, Marty. They don’t let you talk to the masses and explain everything to them, right?

After Columbine, school shootings and other terror activities became rather common. This is what is going on with these SPs: Once they gotten away with an atrocity, they make a habit out of creating more. This also applies to growing dangerous lifeforms and creating epidemics and pandemics.

There is a lot of talk about a vaccine against the coronavirus. However, I read that a new strand of coronavirus was already detected. If people would be vaccinated against Covid-19, they still would get sick on the new strand and could die on it. Besides, why pumping people full with vaccines and pills, if it would be up to them to close their villages when they feel that it is time to protect themselves?

There are some medical doctors in Germany who promote that people should socialize to get the coronavirus to build antibodies. They call it “Durchseuchung”. They give a damn that millions of people would be killed in the process. Lots of people have forgotten than a human life doesn’t count much with such German doctors. And why does the planet need a dirty “Durchseuchung” if all people could live healthy and happy in those villages? Besides, the next virus shows up, and then we need another “Durchseuchung”? As if this wouldn’t take a toll on the health and lifespan even of young people.

Let’s say, a village that can close up would have 5000 residents. I wouldn’t go higher than that number for various reasons. There would be business opportunities for numerous small businesses. They either could just live happily in one of these villages with small businesses or they also could produce on a national or international level for other villages, e.g. any decent product. Then, in addition to the small business, they would have also their big business and their booming economy.

If people would live and work in such villages already, the coronavirus wouldn’t had caused much damage as people can continue to do their jobs without “stay at home order” or order to close down as their village is designed to be protected.

For really big companies, these villages are also the solution. Google for example has almost 100 000 employees as far as I know. They could build side-by-side villages, different divisions in different villages, which are connected but also can be physically disconnected in case something is not right in one of the villages. This model could be used by all large and small companies. Villages can produce one or several products for mankind, or some villages can just stay happy villages with their small businesses and all people would get the bonus of not aging and longevity, and even one day, if the medical terrorists are totally busted, immortality.

The only reason why these villages are not built yet, is: the medical terrorists, the monsters behind Germany, radio subconscious commands via ear- and body implants into people not building them.

Instead of pumping trillions and trillions in a world that is so fragile, with its population still living like cavemen on the unprotected surface of the Earth, the world should finally build these villages.

I am certain, Marty, that you know what villages I mean. There is at least one. Despite that German psychs removed my memory to certain years of my past completely, I managed to get this picture back, thanks to the Almighty who is with me. What a wonderful, gorgeous place this village is that I saw again before my eyes! Mainstream has no clue as to what it is missing. But it is not us who is keeping it away from them. We want that all people, rich and poor, to live in these beautiful life-preserving conditions.

People say that they don’t think that the world will go back to what it was before Covid-19. If they see such a village, they don’t want to go back to the world before the coronavirus.

Be kissed, passionately and tenderly. You are awesome! And one of a kind. I saw it the moment I laid eyes on you again, when you walked in Heber’s office, and Michelle and I was there. I was not just thinking that you have movie star looks but also that your personality, your character, which emanated to the outside, was breathtakingly impressive. YOU really had me at hello.

Yours, Marty, in all eternity to come.















Roswell, area 51, Project Blue Book, and other matters

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Dearest Marty, my hero and superstar, I am thinking of you.

Due to the coronavirus (which I call COVERT-19), my chance testifying for you should be again prevented, isn’t it? If this virus doesn’t stink after the SEGNPMSS! So easy for them to talk into the ear-implants of some low people in medical labs anywhere on the planet and have them set a deliberately grown highly infectious virus free on purpose.  

To my header: Knowing German SPs, I can tell with absolute certainty that no alien spaceship made it to Earth since the SEGNPMSS runs this planet secretly. Germany would order Americans and other nationals through their ear-implants to shoot down any spacecraft approaching our solar system. We also know why: The monsters behind Germany wants any aliens being controlled by German ear-implants first before Earth learns about real aliens out there. Aliens should not learn about the Nazis crimes from people on Earth. They don’t want us to prevent the nazification of the universe. The monsters behind Germany want all aliens in the universe become biased brutal perverted Nazi idiots who are worshipping German Nazi ideals, being run with ear-implants and living a retarded chemical and medical short way of life, and admire that as “science”. 

Furthermore, I am convinced that our solar system is cloaked since long before photography was officially invented on Earth. The SPs behind Germany didn’t invent it. All they do is spying on people and stealing their intentions for their own control reasons. SPs didn’t invent a thing except bias, total control, race hatred, jealousy, perversion, brutality, and deception.

As our solar system is cloaked, alien can’t see our planets. That is why they are not coming, and that explains that Fermi failed to think his paradox through. It would be per accident if they would come near our solar system. And if they would make a “joy ride” into the middle of “nowhere”, to our planets that they can’t see as they are under the cloak, a projection of black and gas, I am sure that they would be taken out in space. Taken out in space on orders of the monsters behind Germany that run secretly the USA or Russians or any other nation with space programs – BEFORE they can crash on Earth.  

SPs didn’t cloak our solar system because they care for us and want to protect us us from aliens. No, no. These SPs are living in our solar system too, and they are afraid that their behinds are getting kicked by aliens as long are not all aliens are attached to the ear-implants that they control.

Actually, Marty, the cloak is what I would apply myself and would not remove because not all aliens are kind or analytical. Also, we have lots of people on Earth who do not think straight and they might provoke aliens just as they provoke others on this planet. But I wouldn’t lie to mainstream that they don’t exist.

However, I bet that the SPs also have plans to remove the cloak and involve planet Earth in star wars. It all depends on if they themselves are getting in danger or not. Not just we few, all of mainstream Earth is just food for the cannons for them, even those who followed each ear-implant command that they ever heard.

There was also Project Blue Book, a US program, that started in 1952 that studied alleged UFOs. It was terminated in 1969 or 1970. Astronomer Dr. Hynek was the leading scientists of the project. He should have figured that deep space as astronomers see it from Earth is a fake projection that covers up the real universe behind it but like others, he didn’t figure that out. I read an article saying that he was skeptic in the beginning as far as the existence of UFOs were concerned but that he also found unexplainable reports.

I saw on TV once a report that Roswell and route 51 was used to build secret US aircrafts against the threat coming from Russia. (Again, Russia is just a “threat” because German SPs is the secret force behind Russian and US hostilities, using people’s freaking ear-implants.) However, I also believe that the USA and likely Russia and other countries too are much more active in space than mainstream knows. People have ear-implants and allow themselves to be run by anyone who has their code. The obsessed Germans have all codes and they use them. These nationals might fly to those stations in space and back to Earth, and sometimes, there could be an accident. And people think those who crashed are aliens when in fact those people are flying for shadow governments that the men behind Germany officially or secretly run. If this ever should be revealed, Germany will argue that they are not involved and that this secrecy solely the doing of the USA or Russia or China or any other countries or the Jews. 

Knowing how the SPs behind Germany tick, I figured also what they do to get investigations cancelled. 

Let’s say, a German-controlled US spacecraft doing secret business in space of which not the USA but Germany will profit one way or the other. People near Roswell, route 51 or elsewhere see it fly or crash. They might even take a picture of it or make a video of it. To nourish the illusion that the USA is a free country and not German-controlled, the US government will say it will investigate. Among the credible accounts, there will be also outlandish reports by people who are being put up by their pro-Germany case officer to make the story sound ridiculous, e.g. like little green men abducting them, etc. When enough fabricated stuff lands on a desk of an official, he has a justification to close the case, also the credible sightings. This is what is intended by false reports and “conspiracy theorists” who spread ridiculous conspiracy theories for no other reasons but to cover up real conspiracies.  

So, I am so certain that no little green aliens crashed on Earth, because I know our stalkers, Marty. It is really interesting that one alert person can be an counterintelligence agency just by studying the behavior of her stalkers. I bet I found out plenty more than so many intelligence analysts. If someone wants to stay secret, as the still existing Nazi psychiatrists and doctors behind Germany so desperately want, the last they should do is stalk someone who has the potential of figuring them out. But as they must must must must must must must must must must must must must must must must must must must and did I say must control each living being and as their crimes made them dumber and dumber and blinder and blinder, the more mistakes they make.         

Oh, this became another lecture by me. It just pours out of me sometimes, Marty, because for me, and for sure for you too, the monsters behind Germany are a very open but very dirty book. 

I love you so much my sweetheart. Hope to see you despite all odds.

Yours forever,


More mighty music for you, the very mighty nobleman.