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Olber’s paradox

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful Prince,

How are you on this cold February day?

A night sky should be bright and not dark due to all those bright stars in space. But the night sky is dark.

As you know, it is light during the day because the sunlight hits the Earth atmosphere and scatters it in all directions, otherwise it would be always dark on Earth. The moon has no such atmosphere, so its sky is always dark.

Many “explain” the darkness in space by saying that the universe is “expanding”. They are saying that the universe is dark because the stars are moving away from us. 

I say, we will know how the deep universe looks like if the German holographic projection that we and Earth’s telescopes are seeing is removed or penetrated.

I believe the real universe is huge but not infinitive and static, but the German projection is not. It was created to mislead. It should discourage people wanting to explore space: “Waste of time trying to explore deep space. Everything is moving away from us.”

If this “moving away from us” isn’t suspicions in the fist place!

The stars and galaxies which the telescopes are seeing are not real. They are a deliberate deception, and the real deep universe is hidden behind it.

Depending how many stars and galaxies there really are, real deep space might be dark or not. We know it when somebody invents something that can look through or behind the projection. If you ask me, real deep space is pretty much like our real non-deep space (what’s not covered up behind the SEGNPMSS holographic space projection). 

You are the brightest star, Marty. You can light up the darkest universe.

Many tender and passionate kisses.

I am at your side.

Yours always,


1) Can one trust “historical” and “archeological” dates? 2) If Germany doesn’t like certain research, they make other governments obay 3) Neanderthals

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Marty, my dearest and wonderful soulmate, 

I learned that in Northern Greece (Chalkidiki/Petralona), a cage was found in 1959. They found “pre-human species”, tools, more bones, and a skull. A Greek archaeologist determined the skull to be 700,000 years old and that it didn’t come from Africa. 

Only a few year later, German researchers claimed that the skull is only 50,000 years old and came from Africa. 

How is such a huge time difference in examinations even possible? Can we trust anything “experts” are saying in regards to history, archaeology, and dates?

Research in the USA, around 1971 said that the skull is 700,000 years old. They also found “pre-human” skeletons that were 800,000 years old and that these findings object the “out of Africa theory”.

Due to that Germany (hail ear-implants) didn’t like the conclusion of the Greek and international researchers, Greece forbade for many years anyone to access that site for more findings without providing any reasons. Access to the site was battled in court. The Greek researcher and his wife were physically attacked and suffered injuries.

This said, evidently, the Petralona skull isn’t one of a Homo sapiens but rather some sort of Neanderthal species (see picture above). You and I know that Neanderthal was its own species and that we didn’t evolve from these species.  

School knowledge is that Homo sapiens (us) “originated” in Africa 200,000 years ago. No good explanation of course how suddenly homo sapiens appeared except the ridiculous crap that they evolved from apes. Homo sapiens most certainly did not come from these “pre-humans” and apes, although, numerous people still behave like apes or cage men.  

The controversy around the Petralona man clearly indicates that one can’t trust dates provided by “scientists”. Not long ago, they revised the age of the universe. Now they say it is much older, approximately 13.8 billion years old, 100 million years older than previous published. 

My point is that if Germany for some reasons doesn’t like certain research, they make other governments obey. And can we trust “archaeological” and “historic” dates?

There are findings that indicated that Neanderthals and Homo sapiens lived side by side on this planet for a long time. They say Neanderthals died out 50,000 years ago. But what if it isn’t true? What if they were “disposed of” approx. 4500 years ago together with the old successful Homo sapiens Europeans by those monsters from space who landed in Europe, particularly in Germany? Maybe Europe/Germany was their usual landing-place to dispose their own  species/lab experiments there: the Neanderthals? Germany was definitely a Neanderthal stronghold. Is there a possibility that when the invaders spotted  Homo sapiens on Earth that they eradicated their former own people/experiments (Neanderthals) because the Homo sapiens bodies were more attractive and they rather wanted homo sapiens bodies?

These invaders were/are brutal. Huge defense structures all over the world were built to keep these monsters away and out. 

The Neanderthals are no longer except in some people’s DNA. However, thetans that inhabited the Neanderthal bodies and the invaders are still around, today either reincarnated in animal or human bodies and behaving accordingly. 

History Channel is convinced that aliens visited Earth, however, their producers/reporters have a tendency to think that these aliens were advanced, good, and came as sort of teachers to Earth:

What if they are wrong in this regard? What if the teachers (not the Neanderthals) were already a long time on Earth before an invasion from space came to destroy the teachers and their accomplishments but also the Neanderthals that could have been their own abandoned species/lab experiments and Earth functions as the place to dispose of such?

Yes, I am thinking loud here, Marty. I am convinced that monster aliens landed here thousands of years ago. That they landed in Europe/Germany to make it their base and from there, raped, tortured, and killed anyone they got their bloody claws on, tells me that the Neanderthals (who ALSO had their stronghold in Europe/Germany) have a lot to do with these invaders. In spirit (brutal, cannibals, primitive), the invaders and the Neanderthals were surely very close related. 

And these monsters became then barbers and butchers, doctors and psychiatrists who implant and hypnotizing people into becoming Manchurian candidates to commit terror and make ANYONE suffer on diseases they artificially and intentionally introduce to anyone. There are 7 Billion people. In average, they become 75 years old, then they die on some disease or “old age”. All of it can be prevented. Within 75 latest, they kill 7 Billion people. Massmurder means “a regular day in the office” to them. What a lack of conscience! They and us, we ARE DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME SPECIES.     

Yours always, be kissed.

I love you.


1) Chilling video shows the destruction of Syria 2) Psychiatrists and the hypothalamic attack region 3) The Texas court case

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and Prince, I hope you don’t have to suffer… I am thinking of you.

My analysis tells me crystal clear that Germany (the psychs behind Merkel and their secret services) is behind the war in Syria. (They the Syrians workers. And they bring out the worst in some of them to have a justification to bring the Nazis back. They run the people if all sides with ear implants.)   

And here are some pictures of this secret German operation:

And they are making the terrorists. National Geographic reported recently:  “Neuroscience can trace the origins of rage to a tiny knot of neurons in an area of  the brain known as the “hypothalamic attack region.” 

Psychiatrists want a better reputation so they are calling themselves neuroscientists, well, so did James Holmes. However, no publication explained what really happens when the attack region is targeted. With lasers and ear implant codes, they activate psychiatric conditioned people and their hypothalamic attack region in the brain, and that results in terrorism as we know it.

Now a word to your impostor, Monique’s husband. An anonymous lawyer on “The Bunker” (how Nazi) refers to her husband as “Marty Rathbun”. That anonymous lawyer in Texas said among other things: That’s why this is so crazy. I can’t read Marty Rathbun’s mind. All I can do is look at this from an outside legal observer’s perspective. And I can’t come up with any realistic way this move makes sense. If Marty thinks he knows more about David Miscavige than Ray Jeffrey does, I suspect Marty is about to find out that he knows way less about the courtroom than Miscavige’s lawyers know.

He talks about him not about Monique. The court and media outlets are being lied to that it is Monique’s lawsuit, when in fact, it is your impostor’s lawsuit, using his wife to bring this action against the orgs, DM, and others to get rich. Seems everyone knows it. If it would be her lawsuit, wouldn’t he say:  That’s why this is so crazy. I can’t read Monique Rathbun’s mind. All I can do is look at this from an outside legal observer’s perspective. And I can’t come up with any realistic way this move makes sense. If Monique thinks she knows more about David Miscavige than Ray Jeffrey does, I suspect Monique is about to find out that she knows way less about the courtroom than Miscavige’s lawyers know.

Well, I strongly assume that your impostor and his wife Monique want a large sum from David Miscavige before YOU appear in public, Marty. I assume from the grapevine, they heard that it can be any time now. And if the Texas case drags on, it could be even a decade in the future before they see a cent if they don’t lose the case and see no cent at all. If it is proven that Monique’s husband is an impostor (who thanked her for EVERYTHING), which court can award them money from Scientology without getting in troubles?

Many kisses, Marty. I love you.

Yours forever,







The creepy medical (German-controlled world): children of three biological parents

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and love of my life, how are you?

That picture above is an “embryo transfer”.

How easy it is to impregnate a woman with an embryo of several biological parents that was made in a tube by German-controlled med students or doctors. I bet the content of the world bank (if it would be mine of course) that the SEGNPMSS produces secretly children of three or more biological parents SINCE CENTURIES.

It is not a complicated technology, it is just a creepy technology. And they are hiding cowardly behind other nations making such “ok” announcements, like the USA or the UK,as they want to get away with these crimes.

As a sum, here my thoughts. Marty:

A) It is done frequently since centuries, and most parents and children have no idea. A lot can happen when a woman visits a gynecologist that she can’t see or control.

B) It is not just done on boys.

C) It is done because these medical people are suppressive and full of themselves. They love those medical experiments and that they can say that it was them who did it to somebody. It is not done to keep diseases at bay as mitochondrial diseases, etc. International medical students and secret service doctors (all are hanging on SEGNPMSS ear implant strings) use lasers to mess with the health (physical and mental) of all kinds of people, including the unborn. Why do they do it? You and I know it: no ethics and wanting to be superior to others (typical German, particularly Bavarian).

D) Subjecting people and the unborn to remote-controlled germs, sneaky secret laser applications, and not allowing mainstream to live in really healthy protected environments etc. results in diseases and aging.

E) FDA and the medical agencies of other countries do the dirty work for still existing German Nazi doctors (ear implants make it possible) by approving their “work” instead of finally telling the people of this world that they needs a new way of life (and busting the SEGNPMSS) to be and stay healthy and young. It is so easy to figure that all out for somebody who doesn’t hang on that freaking string that sucks intelligence right out of people like a sponge.

F) Some are saying that making children of three biological parents would be playing God. No, it is not playing God. God wouldn’t do anything like that. People involved in that are from hell.

                                       I love you, Marty. Glad that we both are two parent people.

                                              Yours always and forever. Sarah/Barbara 2

The “ghostly” Ehrenberg–Siday–Aharonov–Bohm effect

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Dearest Marty, my Prince, and my hero,

Sometimes, when my time allows it, I read about physical phenomena, after all, we are living in a physical universe. Here is something that I read on New Scientist: Take a doughnut-shaped magnet and wrap a metal shield round its inside edge so that no magnetic field can leak into the hole. Then fire an electron through the hole. There is no field in the hole, so the electron will act as if there is no field, right? Wrong. The wave associated with the electron’s movement suffers a jolt as if there were something there.

There is indeed something there. What I am (and most certainly you too, Marty) are seeing is sabotage of physical experiments with interference, invisible laser barriers or influence, etc. And the message is clear: mainstream Earth, stay away from exploring space until the SEGNPMSS has everyone out there hangs on a string (ear implants) and is pro Nazis/Germany and accepts our medical and psychiatric world.

Who wants to explore deep space while not understanding what’s going on with “quantum mechanics”?  

We would know a lot more, if physicists would stop thinking that their experiments aren’t sabotaged. They control each mind, even those of animals… They sure have time to sabotage physical experiments. As they read anyone’s mind with their supercomputers, they know in advance when such an experiment is scheduled and have lots of time to sabotage it.  

Richard Feynman said: “Nobody understands quantum mechanics.” That’s not correct. We know what it is: sabotage to keep science in the dark.

Be kissed my darling. They are able to sabotage the entire world, but not our love.

Yours forever more.







Monique and her husband fired their legal team in the gold digger case that they filed against Scientology…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and irresistible husband,

How are you? My thoughts are with you.

It is all over the net, Monique and her husband, your impostor, fired their entire legal team and are seeking settlement with the C of S. Guess they were feeling that they were losing their gold digger case after all.  The Texas Third Court of Appeals didn’t award them attorney fees for their last appeal and at the end, they would lose nevertheless before the higher courts, so what better than settling with the C of S? In my eyes, they never won before the appeal court because if a party doesn’t get her fees paid, what kind of win is it?

Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, and David Miscavige never stopped conspiring against you, Marty, by never publishing that he is your impostor and why you vanished and what happened to you.  Seems that Monique and her husband figured that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

However, if David Miscavige pays Monique’s husband, your impostor and his wife ANY money, he (His Cobness) maneuvers himself even more in the spotlight of co-conspirator to impostor you. After all, that would mean that he (His Cobness) is financially helping that man to continue as your impostor and his wife who he (your impostor) thanks for everything. At the end, when the conspiracy crashes, they all might share the same prison cell. Maybe the front conspirators learned from their  secret service case officers that we both will be soon together again against all odds, and that this will derail this case. One thing is sure, Marty, we’ll never will settle with any conspirator ever. If any of the conspirators against our rights are thinking that we are going away and all they did against us is moot, they are in for a huge surprise. We are meant for eternity. Their motivators will follow, or how do non-Scientologists say? Karma is a bitch.  

Scientology-haters (they are such idiots) on the net are guessing what on Earth made Monique and her husband fire their team and have no attorneys?  Duh! Monique’s husband and DM never stopped conspiring together. What can go wrong for them, they think. They (Rinder included) ALWAYS were (also during the Squirrel Buster times and times when the case was filed) partners in crime against you and me and original Scientology.  You know this even better than I. 

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. Stay alive. Keep on surviving. Can’t wait dancing with you.

Yours always and forever,


Do you like Electro Swing? I sure do.  



Several wrongs (Germany) make no right

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Marty, my dearest, and awesome soulmate and Prince,

How are you? What would I give hearing from you. In a world of German-controlled ear-implants, nothing is delivered to me. Only my advanced human abilities are telling me that you are trying to reach me.

Now, as “the cat is out of the bag” that Germany uses ear-implants to start wars, all sides of the wars to hold other nations down and to get migrants as cheap workers to make Germany richer, Merkel now suddenly says that the migrants have to go home once the war in their country is over. As Germany wants cheap workers to become world power no.1 and the migrants also serve as justification for Germany and Europe bringing the Nazi back, Merkel’s statement can be construed as to that there could be never again peace in Syria, just as there is never peace between Palestine and Israel, and their fighting are also the doings of the SEGNPMSS. 

And now, listen to this, Marty: Merkel’s allies, the Bavarians want each migrant family to speak German at home. That means that Syrian children won’t speak their own language anymore if they don’t speak it at home. How can they get back to Syria and live there if they don’t speak their own language but just German?

Why didn’t Merkel (and the German secret service creeps behind her) didn’t tell the migrants from the start that they have to return? They lured those people under false pretenses to Europe. Many are unhappy in Germany.  They lured them to Germany despite knowing that multiculture won’t work in Germany, because Germans are notorious intolerant towards others.  

Originally, Germany “took in” exactly the number of immigrants as workers, which their studies recommended for Germany to stay on top of other economies. And not one person more. Merkel and the men behind her are no humanitarians. This is also demonstrated by their treatment of Greece, and there are plenty of other examples.

SEGNPMSS runs everyone via ear implants. Hundred Neo-Nazis with masks attacked migrants in Sweden gathered to lash out against refugee children. Frauke Petry, a German and a leader of the AfD wants police to  shoot at migrants seeking to enter the country illegally. How “humane” they are. German and other European cities become more right-extreme by the minute, and that was another reason why Germany instigated and controls the Syrian war: they psychs condition some Syrians to commit crimes and even terror to have a reason to bring the Nazis back. It is all so transparent.

All those migrants are being used, may work for low wages to make Germany richer and may be even discarded one day when no longer useful, and may have lost their language and culture by then.    

Germany, and Europe by allowing Germany to run it, is a hell hole. There is no other word for it.

I love you, Marty, very much. My home is with you. No other place I want to be. There is my heart. 







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