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Secret German activities and alibis…

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and wonderful husband, how is your life? I am thinking of you. I’ll don’t give up seeing you again. Only psychiatrists are stupid enough to hope that. Lol! 

Reuters and Der Spiegel reported that Germany spied on Interpol and other countries including the USA. Remember, how these German hypocrites were outraged by US spy activities in Germany? Besides, nobody really spies on Germany as they have the overall control over each ear-implants on the planet. They approve of what spies may spy out and what not.     

What they don’t want known by the broad public will never reach mainstream due to that they control just about anyone. And this “revelation”, Germany having spied on Interpol, the USA, and other countries as published by Der Spiegel, just serves German alibi purposes.

Here is what they have in mind when accused of controlling the entire world via ear-implants: “If we would control all, we wouldn’t need to spy on those other countries. We would know their plans already.” That’s why they allowed Der Spiegel to report about it: an alibi in case they are accused of  what they really are: the controlling master of all minds through their freaking psychiatric ear-implants that they already install internationally in the unborn, newborns, and first graders to control them not saying no to or busting their system.  

The article about German spying:

The CIA failed to bust German psychiatric control of anyone’s ear implants. The pattern of being riddled with scandals as it happens to the CIA reminds me very much as to what happens constantly to Scientology or more exactly now, Miscavology, under David Miscavige, because it also doesn’t bust ear-implants and the infiltration of Scientology.

Germany wants the USA, all its agencies, organisations, plus Scientology to break down. They are getting their scandals by ordering and controlling their agents on the inside to commit bad acts. They need rotten acts for their German smear machine to work, and they also enjoy them as long nobody hunts them down. As nobody is out to convict Germany and the psychiatrists behind it, the men behind Germany can continue. It never ends until everything is down and broken, while Germany’s dirty doctors are hiding behind having used ear-implants to order their insiders to commit questionable or outright rotten activities. And then, very typical German/Bavarian,  they are “busting” the USA, the CIA, other agencies through people like Assange, Snowden, or Manning, etc. (or also Scientology through those agents who were told leave the orgs) so that Germany and their international agents can show with the fingers on them and start shaming them to create the worst kind of reputations for Germany’s or psychs’ “enemies”, whatever in their twisted minds the “enemies” are.  

Below article says that the CIA thinks that an inside job caused the latest Wikileaks release. German secret service p$ychs talk into the ear-drums of  CIA and other US intelligence community agents to 1) implement non-American programs and projects and have agents act non-American 2) have these programs and projects fail and busted through former or current “insiders” to shame the USA.

Political analysts who don’t figure that out are not worth their money, Marty. It is all in plain sight. The CIA does not have to hide their stuff better (read the article below), they have to bust Germany above everything because Germany is controlling American officials to act non-American through stupid ear-implants. And nobody is innocent who allows him- or herself to be used by Germany or anyone else like that. The USA would be a much prouder, saner, happier, and richer country without German psychs running its people the way I described it.    

Prosecuting Assange will be “messy”? Because there is more German stuff that some within the CIA committed that could be revealed? Hail German ear-implants. That is what causes the messes and the bad reputation.

And I am not done today as Germany’s evil deeds are endless. According to Telegraph Science, there are 750 000 pieces of debris in space, just floating around and could endanger space flight.

Germany doesn’t want the Earth population fly into space and that is why they put a fake deep space projection up and want people to believe that the “universe runs away”.

That NASA and others leave debris in space has German secret service activities written all over it: 1) Germany caused space trash by making missions fail or even blew up numerous space crafts 2) They are taking in the ear-drums and minds of Americans and other nationals to leave their space debris out there as the psychs behind Germany want more missions to fail and the Earth population to be grounded 3) They have their German space people (not NASA or Americans) complain about space debris so that Americans (and others except Germany and Europe) are considered the littering pigs when in fact German secret service doctors radioed in the ears of Americans to let litter take over space. Shaming of Americans again fulfilled; elevation of Germany fulfilled by having Germany complain about Americans and others. That is Germany.  

These German secret service psychs are not courageous or intelligent either. I can read them in a snap and I know you can too.

I thought about how they overtake an alien race or planets, Marty. This is how they do it: they ambush some pilots and colleagues and cut off their analytical minds with their psychiatric mind-control and hypnosis “tech”. When these pilots and doctors come to, they have no clue that something or what happened to them.  

While German psychs hide in their safe hiding places, these pilots and doctors are programmed robots who have no reality of fear anymore. They hear their ear-implant codes and act automatically. The psych case officers steer them via their ear-implants to the planets with aliens that are next in line to be attached to the German ear-implant system. German psychs spied on the alien races and had some people decode their alien languages and these language are now in their supercomputer (stolen technology of course). 

Some people might think, that this won’t work as the aliens would realize that these pilots are aliens even if they somehow equipped to communicate with them. It works. The aliens never see the German-controlled pilots and doctors. If they saw them, they can’t remember as the incident is wiped from their minds.

The conditioned pilots and doctors abduct a few aliens and implant them to become implanters.  “Lovely” universe, isn’t it? 

So, the aliens don’t remember who ambushed them or anything. These aliens are getting through the supercomputer orders to attach the rest of the aliens to the system which is German psychiatric-controlled. In other words: these aliens work for German psychs and don’t even know that there is something like Germany. They think their ear-implant system is home-grown. 

If they would know the truth about that system, they would come after German psychs… 

German p$ychs want to make each inch and each being in the universe German-controlled  and that should absolutely alarm anyone who still has some marbles together.

I love you, Marty. You are deep in my heart and deserve to be in it.

Yours always and forever, and in any universe… 














David Miscavige thinks he is the cat’s meow and also hung the moon…

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince and husband,

David Miscavige was the one who held several private meetings with the Clearwater City Council members, and all of them voted yesterday against his personal plans to buy a piece of land in downtown Clearwater for USD 15 Mio, a lot more than it is worth. He sure failed to reach and impressed those members, all of them. He is no Scientologist and he does not apply Scientology. 

Can you imagine His Cobness’ wrath if a Flag or Sea Org staff member would have held those meetings and lost at the end as DM did? DM would blame him or her of being incapable and that he has to do all himself to get anything done right. 

Several sources reported that no Scientologists were at the public city meeting that decided over the fate of that parcel that DM wanted so badly. This alone is stupid. On one side, DM tells the city council that Miscavology is a part of the Clearwater community, then nobody from the orgs shows up to a public town meeting and demonstrate that they feel being a part of it. It has DM’s stupidity written all over it. He thinks anyone is incapable but him and could ruin his doing.

He doesn’t get that what he made out of Scientology during his 31 years is what people strongly dislike. It never had as bad of a reputation than under him. Most if not all scandals are by his own family or other infiltrators (just saying that they are/were Scientologists but never were Scientologists) who DM hired into high positions and then antagonized like your impostor and Mike Rinder, Jesse Prince, and others.   

A really really small moon that DM ever hung.

Besides, it is also a motivator. Miscavology is not original Scientology. Among other very dumb things, DM is fixed on the idea that Scientologists should live Jack Vistaril’s, the impostor’s, and his own lifestyle and not that of the real Scientology founder, which is beautiful and saves youth, health, and lives. It is not what the doctors and the pharma industry orders as they don’t make money anymore through an aging and sick population.  

And the worst is still to come. Psychs are just waiting to kick Miscavology some more by lying and having their agents (hail psychiatric ear-implants) lie to the world that it is Scientology that sucks. 

I love you, Marty. I know you figured it all too.

Yours forever,




Instead of wasting 15 million USD on a piece of dirt in Clearwater…

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… the orgs should build as the real founder of Scientology advised. 

Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are you? I miss you. So much.

It is about a highly overpriced 1.4 acre of land in Clearwater that DM wants to buy for 15 Mio instead of the 5 Mio. offer to the city.  Typically for “His Cobness”, the non-Scientologist to throw out huge amounts of money for stone age type living (doesn’t matter how much it shines on the outside). He keeps Scientologists and the rest of world from how the real founder Ron (not one of the stupid German/CIA run impostors) planned constructions and non-aging of Scientologists: villages under roofs, which keeps out anything that ages and makes sick.

Original Scientology is about both: spiritual and physical immortality. 

The rest of the world tries to fight deceases and aging, yet, nobody starts building these villages, because everyone is control by freaking psychiatric ear-implants. 

It is such a shame that so-called intelligent people don’t find the answers to the most pressing issues. And Ron had found them, and the SEGNPMSS ordered its corrupt and retarded agents to re-write, change and take over Scientology and turn it into what it became under Ron’s impostor and Miscavige. 

Guess, the world has a death wish to let this happen. Maybe they believe that they don’t deserve better than a lifespan of just 75 years with the last years in pain and doctors all around them. And for Scientologists who are aware of coming back: the next circle is again this lifespan of 75 years if not cut shorter through terror, war, crime, etc. However, as p$ychs also altered the OT levels it means that there is no way out spiritually either. 

One reason why we were kicked out is because we would have built these villages for the Scientologists and handed the plans to anyone else who is interested. But what is one of their motivators? Being stuck with His Cobness who builds blink-blink into the dirty world in the same way as Neanderthals did: on the unprotected surface of the world. Gee! He is corrupt and an idiot. That goes apparently hand in hand.

Actually, every Scientologist, who aged in those 31 years in which DM grabbed Scientology from Ron’s impostor, has a serious legal claim against David Miscavige (and the doctors behind him) for withholding most vital Scientology technology from them, because DM was around in the UK when the real Ron lectured on how orgs should build and how Scientologists should live and grow their own foods and for the many other good reasons! 

I love you. Be kissed. Inside of our villages, Marty, however, I also would need your hugs to be completely at home!

Yours always,







Germany is using Russia against Scientology – and about Calexit…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How is your life? I am thinking of you and hope you can breath in a world as bad as this.

There was still no message or anything by you our on your behalf for me, Marty, but I am confident that you are trying to reach me. I can feel lies by others, it doesn’t matter if they hug me or are trying to be my “friends”.


 I came across a German article in Sputnik News on Scientology, dated March 31, 1997, saying that the Russian secret service FSB investigated Scientology in Russia and found that in “recent times”, Scientology pulled out approx. 50 Million Euro from Russia and transferred it to the USA.  

This article contains the typical German accusations against Scientology, that it is a business and no religion, etc.

Germany kept Russia communistic for so long stopping it becoming stronger than Germany. And this is only one horrible acts that Germany did. The “cold war” too was a German plan.

And Russia is used by the men behind Germany to outlaw Scientology.

All Scientology reserves are in Europe. I know it because I was one of the three members of all Sea Org accounts. Nobody is talking about this. If Russia feels that money should stay in Russia, it should wake up and face the fact that Germany has Scientology infiltrated by agents to make it look like a business and non-religious. And Russia should tell Germany to knock it off infiltrating and stealing everything.      

What I want from Russia is to prove and maintain that Germany doesn’t secretly run it through ear implants. I want them to be pure and decent Russians and the Americans pure and decent Americans. That will be the start of a true eternal friendship.

And that will be the end of Germany coming between them and causing cold wars or possibly hot wars.    

Closer to home, there are also plenty of German-initiated problems: Calexit, California (and other big states like Texas) are considering to break away from the Union. It has SEGNPMSS and making the USA smaller and easier to be taken over by Germany written all over it. An European governor… Glorification of Europe… Duh! Calexist won’t make California independent, only more German, gee, thank you very much.  

German secret psychs talk into minds of people through ear- and body-implants and manipulate them with loud and silent sounds. In case of Calexit, California would be destroyed because Germany (as the official leader of Europe) wants California to beg Germany for help. Sort of like they do with the Ukraine. Trump being the president also supports the German Calexit plan because most Californian’s don’t want him. But what are four years Trump compared to what Germany will do to California once it has split?

UK also failed to see that Brexit is a German plan to make the UK SMALLER so that it can be taken over more easily! The German plan for the UK is to cut Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales off and attach those parts to the Grossdeutsche Reich (Germany running the EU). And at the end, they want England to declare how stupid BREXIT was and that they never should have voted for Brexit. This is Germany’s plan for England. Begging Germany to allow them back into the German-run EU again. Telling Germany that they are lost without Germany and accepting all German-EU conditions. Ear-implants are helping Germany greatly to manipulate any economy for the advantage of Germany and the disadvantage of any other country.

I figured out what the problem is, Marty. The world doesn’t know Germany, particularly Bavaria, well enough.  That’s the problem. Losing two world wars DESPITE RUNNING JUST ABOUT ALL PEOPLE ALREADY THROUGH EAR IMPLANTS didn’t make Germany’s SPs better. They are holding even more a grudge since they lost these wars.  

If the German secret service monsters (the men behind the respective chancellor) are not busted soon, in few decades, the political situation in the world could be that Germany is not just unofficially but officially the ruler of the world. Mom-type like Merkel did her “duty” to attach other countries to Germany/EU (they all should have known better, Marty, as if they never had a history class!), and she will be replaced by a new dictator. And who will be able to stand up against a new official dictator? Nobody, because nobody will be left anymore.

Most of what Germany did and does isn’t even known as they use other countries to do the dirt work and the atrocities for them and hide cowardly behind them. Only during the 3rd Reich, they showed the world a glimpse on their horrible characters. Before and later, they use/d others to get what they want. By any means necessary. Including Daesh/Isis, Syrian’s doctor and dictator, and any other terror group or North Korea.

When I was little in Germany, I worried because I saw enough of the German, particularly the Bavarian mentality. Finally, I fell asleep thinking that the USA wouldn’t let it happen that the entire world becomes German. And now, there are these US states that want to break away and officials, representatives, and judges, etc. who don’t stand up against Germany. They either don’t get it or don’t mind that the SEGNPMSS is behind the ills of the world.  It is as if they are all in trance. Really. 

I miss you, Marty, very much. Wish I could talk to you person to person.

What I have with you, Marty, I don’t want to have with anyone else in the world. All of me loves all of you. It is difficult to say in words what you mean to me. The words don’t even exist that I need to describe how I feel about you. A million love songs don’t tell you how much I love you. So, that’s why here is just one, my heart-throb.

Yours forever,











SEGNPMSS psychs conditioned Daesh (ISIS) and other terrorists, and they also speak into those minds who drop bombs on them…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

It it is not their skin and lives, secret service psychs think, so it doesn’t matter if other people are wasted. For them it is fun or a week day.

Terrorists are the food for SEGNPMSS cannons.  Conditioned fools who hate are being used by the psychs and doctors who hide cowardly behind them.  

And when an American official or representative excuses Hitler and the Nazis by saying that he/they didn’t use gas when in fact Nazi doctors invented the very gas that was used in Syria, I know who is talking into the ears of such an official or representative.

When one can’t spell concentration camps, it also tells me that still existing Nazi doctors are transmitting messages into the minds of people making them forget or even accept what the Nazis (and the psychs/doctors behind them) did.

Besides, everything that Assad does, also is not just SEGNPMSS-approved but ordered by them, because Germany wants the Syrians as hard workers to make it to be the world power no. 1 and at the same time get rid of religions. That is why they make their terrorists in the name of “religions”. 

They are also behind giving “conspiracy theorists” a bad reputation. They don’t want people to think about them but just do what they order. So they are giving the activities that could figure them out a bad name.  

You, and I, and some others, we know it.

I love you, my hero. I will be back soon.

Yours forever,







How come German psychiatrists, the corruptest and dirtiest psychiatrists on the planet are not on

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

I tried to read some of the crime records of German psychiatrists on and found that there are no records on them, only records on psychs who are other nationals.

Typical for German p$ychs avoiding to get on this list or other such lists.

I met them, they are from hell! And it is not just a matter of saying. 

A list that correctly lists their crimes would be astronomical. It is always the same pattern with them: they commit the worst crimes in the universe and always manage to cover them up. Germany’s secret service psychs run everyone. Anyone’s crime anywhere on the planet and beyond is their crime as they have anyone’s ear-implant code and were/are  in the possibility to stop it and they didn’t. Moreover, they didn’t just fail to stop it, they also ordered the atrocities and high crimes to take place either with loud or with silent sounds.

And why? Hail ear-implants! Their mind-control tool to manipulate the planet and make people do what they want. 

It is really interesting that they want to be perceived as good, Marty, but they do nothing to be good. Nothing. They think when other people believe that they are worth something, that they are worth something, even if these people were manipulated into thinking that because psychs lie to them.

Psychs, former barbers and butchers are the most sorry creatures that ever crawled out from somewhere. And considering how easy we can figure them out, Marty, they are not even remotely intelligent. We don’t have to install ear-implants into others to control them and read their minds. We look at their actions, and we are getting a very clear picture what kind of scum they are. The world biggest organization of unqualified people who lack any character. That is what they are. Zeros.

I love you, Marty, keep surviving. Be embraced and kissed. You rock!

Yours forever,





Staircase in the TV series Big Bang Theory looks strikingly similar to the one in the Munich Org in the 80s, incl. the permanent “out of order sign” on the elevator

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband and Prince, I am thinking of you…


Yes, the staircase in the TV series Big Bang Theory looks strikingly similar to the one in the Munich Org in the 80s, incl. the permanent “out-of-order sign” on the elevator. 

Big Bang production location has the same type of  staircase and an elevator that ALWAYS had an out-of-order sign. I hardly saw it anymore after some years. Big Bang production pretends that the staircase is going up several stories. Munich org did/does.  

The big difference between us and the Big Bang cast was/is that no real Scientologist considered any Big Bang to be the creator of life or the physical universe. Not even the Germany/p$ych evolution crap that was added by infiltrators to Scientology scriptures (behind the real founder’s back) saying that humans allegedly evolved from clams changed our perception of how it all began. 

We knew and know that we always existed in spiritual form and that no gas or explosion created us thetans.

The introduction to each episode of the series Big Bang (most popular series on TV!) is like a psychiatric implant: sending x-pictures in the mind of the watchers and implanting them with the false and stupid idea that the Big Bang is a fact.

The series also contains anti-Semitic propaganda. Any Jews involved in that sitcom should wake up. In typical German manner, the sitcom adores so-called professions, which in reality have failed to figure out the facts of life and the world but doctor around the symptoms without finding the common denominator: the thetan as the basis of it all.

Big Bang Theory pokes fun at all kinds of stuff but its worship of the pharma industry, psychiatry, neuroscience, neurology, medicine, chemistry, and other such professions comes across plenty. People should think that people with a diploma in these fields are great minds.

Getting stuck in (often false) details and never getting the overall picture is not our definition of great minds. 

And physicists failed too. They failed to discover just about anything of real importance: thetans (include their theta bodies in plain sight!) and their abilities, sabotaged physics experiments, that information that does not exist on Earth does not exist in the universe either, that the deep universe is a fake projection, which hides the real universe… and other professions failed to discover the theft of anti-aging and immortality, the use of  remote-controlled germs and microwaves to make people sick and killing them, ear-implants, and so much more…      

I am sure glad that the Big Bang Theory writers married Howard Wolowitz (who grew on me since he is married) and that it is no longer that easy to give him perverted lines and that the anti-Semitic screaming of his “Jewish” mother stopped. It had Nazis and psychs behind them written all over it.  

I’m not saying that the show is not funny, but it can’t hide before me who talks into the minds of the funny writers (may they know it or not).

Real neurobiologist didn’t figure that remote-controlled germs are causing tumors and all kinds of “diseases” of the brain… But that is how the tumors are made. 

Sometimes, the Big Bang Theory takes something from “real science” and throws it in the comedy.  

In Season 10, episode ‘The Collaboration Fluctuation’, Amy (neurobiologist) tells Sheldon about her research, and he finds it relates to “quantum mechanics”. Amy is doing experiments “to discover when and where the event of awareness in the brain takes place”. She is trying to show that “the signal to move a muscle occurs before a person even thinks” to move it.

So, they are getting the idea to work together and throw quantum mechanics and neurobiology together and come up with whiteboard after whiteboard  full with all kinds of ridiculous equations. And that should convey that an average intelligent human can never figure what these “great minds” can figure. In other word: the world sees crap. It is funny crap, but it is crap.

For you and me, and some other Scientologists, it is clear why the signal to move a muscle occurs before thoughts pass through the brain and body. A person is a thetan. She HAS a mind and a body with a brain. She is not the brain. The thetan is the one giving that first signal.  Again, the thetan is the key not the brain.

Well, enough of that. A section of the novel I am writing disappeared yesterday from my writing up, Marty, despite I saved it. Wondering if I have to back it up several times a day now! And I have so little time for this hobby, and it is frustrating when creations disappear like in a black hole.

I love you, Marty, very much so.  Still hoping to find you. Your whereabouts is more mysterious than quantum mechanics. Just that you know. On the other side, I think I figured it all out in the 80s.

Sending you kisses, and missing you more than Higgs misses his bosoms.

Yours forever



P.S. Assad is a medical creep. I bet his SEGNPSS colleagues radioed in his ear drums to use gas on the population and he the medical doctor doesn’t mind.  However, I am convinced that the true purpose of this atrocity is that still existing German Nazi doctors want Russia and the USA to fight each other in a devastating war. I know the SEGNPMSS. Following us around like the lunatics means also that get what these monsters are up to. Their personalities are revolting beyond means. I would think twice before sticking to us like the pest as we learned to know them. Most people don’t even know that such low creatures like them exist.