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The brutal murder of George Floyd in the hand of police makes me think of your sufferings and the danger you are in by being wrongfully incarcerated, Marty

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and absolute hero,

How are you?

It is a horror seeing George Floyd begging to be allowed to breathe, the inhumane cop killing him by kneeling on him and the other officers watching and not helping. 

By asking oneself, how people can commit the unspeakable, the answer is always: German-controlled psychiatric ear-implants. As long nobody blows the whistle on them, there will be never justice.

    SEGNPMSS is transmitting either with loud or silent sounds atrocities into the ears of police officers and others. It is not just about racism. It is also about worsening the reputation of the USA around the world, which is another strategy that the medical monsters behind Germany are using to become world power no. 1. It also helps to spread the corona virus and kill more people with it as protest marches are certain after such a racial murder.

You, Marty, are not black but being Jewish, a Scientologist, and the hero who stands up against still existing Nazi Germany that has infiltrated the USA, you are a huge target of the same inhumane people who keep racism and racial killings alive in the USA and all over the world.

It is a psychiatric-German world. I can see them behind such incidents. It is typical them.

I love you so much, Marty. If they hurt you, they have to answer to me. And I can’t be fooled. And neither can you. We don’t buy the “he acted alone” crap. We pull the strings to get their case officers and the German Nazis on the top as well.

Be kissed, tenderly and passionately.

Always on your side because I know your stellar character.








Now as Germany runs the EU officially, it does not want flags of countries under Germany burned – but only for that reason

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Dearest Marty, how are you? And your family? 

Not a day goes by when I don’t think of how your life looks like. And that I want to change it to the better.

Sometimes, it seems that I figured everything out without that anyone told me anything. And sometimes I think, what if I didn’t figure it out correctly or some of it not correctly. But I always end up thinking that I know without that I officially know. 

We real Scientologists, right? 🙂 We have such a confidence in our ability to know. It it is shaken, it comes right back again. How can it be something else than science? A religious philosophy that is true. And SPs fear our abilities so much that they infiltrated Scientology and changed it. If they would put that much effort and energy in bettering their lousy characters, they would be somebodies today instead of disgusting slime balls, instead of being like demogorgons, maybe white doctor uniforms on the outside but underneath total conscienceless butchers without any human qualifications.   

You know more than I do, Marty. You know already if that what I think, conclude, and write about is correct. Or maybe you ask yourself: Why is my wife from the early 1970s thinking or writing that?   

On another topic:

Germany has made public burning of the EU flag or that of another country punishable by up to three years in jail, classing it as a hate crime.

Interesting is that it seems that nobody burns the German flag as the BBC wrote: burning of the EU flag or that of another country punishable… The German flag is not mentioned as people don’t burn the flag of this still existing Nazi country.  

People apparently don’t burn German flags, however, the SEGNPMSS talked and talks with loud or silent sounds in so many heads and ears to just burn flags of other countries. Now – as the EU is not just inofficially but also officially in German hands, Germany does not want to burn the EU flag or other European flags. It is always what is good for Germany, and the world’s analysts fail to see what’s going on.      

The medical monsters and perverts behind Germany run the entire world with ear-implants. Anyone who truly knows Germany knows that they MUST control anyone. It’s their suppressive urge to be above everyone or them going totally nuts.  

They are so predictable, these SPs. 

The planet is in trance as far as Germany is concerned. But they can’t fool all the people all the time.  

I love you so much! Hope to see you soon against all odds. 

Yours forever,



As better one knows the real Ron and founder of Scientology as easier it is to see how German psychs alter his writings

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate and husband, 

I am thinking of you. Everyday, I hope to find a trace of you (not any impostor). You are so worthy of my love. And you are unforgetable. The warmth of your personality is still with me after all these years. 

The German-ordered and -controlled projection that covers up the universe behind it is not just there so that we shy away from exploring space and accept a run-away universe and black holes. It is also there to sell people the big bang by lying to them that space created itself from a hot point (without explaining where the hot point came from and calling that science) and the evolution. Behind that fake projection, I am sure that we will find a static universe. One that was created by one creator. 

Many people don’t believe that one being can be that able and mighty. Well, if they would know that they also are a lot more able than they think, they might think again about that. Silent sounds played in people’s mind are keeping them small and unable.  

The SPs behind Germany and the entire world want nobody to believe in a creation as they are afraid of God. They think that if they can convince all people that there is no God, if they succeed by making God and religions unpopular in the eyes of all people, by using and running non-religious people who do horrible things in the name of religion, they will no longer suffer under their own bad conscience. SPs are restimulated every time, when someone says anywhere that people should ethical lives because God will deal with them if they don’t. These SPs must be in real agony and dying a thousands deaths because of the evil they have done and still do. SPs are so easy to figure out. They have simple minds.  

You and I, we can see their handwritings in Scientology as well. They altered it by running Ron’s impostor or other infiltrators of Scientology and added their own crap to our so valuable religious philosopy. 

Take for example the Genetic Entity (GE).  Below definition is from an official Scientology website. It is not bad but not very detailed:     

Genetic entity: a term coined in early Dianetics research to denote that part of a human being which takes care of the automatic mechanisms of the body, such as heartbeat, respiration, etc.

And this one is from 1981 with psychiatric crap added and truth concealed: 

Genetic entity: 1. That beingness not dissimilar to the thetan which has carried forward and developed the body from its earliest moments along the evolutionary line on earth and which, through experience, necessity and natural selection, has employed the counterefforts of the environment to fashion an organism of the type best fitted for survival, limited only by the abilities of the genetic entity. The goal of the genetic entity is survival on a much grosser plane of materiality. 2. Formerly referred to as the somatic mind. It has no real personality, it is not the “I” of the body. This is the “mind” of an animal, a dog or a cat or a cow. 3. That entity which is carrying along through time, that is making the body through the time stream, through the action of sex and so forth.

Here is what I think, Marty. If a thetan wants to play a game, the human body is freaking awesome. In a fair universe, on a fair planet, one can have tons of fun and a wonderful life having a human body. It has all that one needs to play awesome games. And not just that. That it multiplies without that the same creation must be invented again is also more than genious. The people who say that the GE is an aberrated thetan are idiots. What I see is that the GE is a godly postulate and creation. It is not an abberated thetan who carries the human body through the ages and makes one available to any thetan who wants one for a game in the physical universe. God put one of his postulates into the GE and that is how bodies keep coming when two people of different genders come together.

It is simlar with plants. Plant propagation is another postulate by the Almightly. The same system. One time invented, created, and engineered by God in a way that it runs on itself without that he has to create the apple tree all over again and again. It is mindblowing awesome. It is a stunning postulate by him.

So, the GE is not aberrated at all. But the stinking eggs of alterations, laid by slimy doctors into Scientology, are aberrated.

I can see doctor’s crap also by their attempts to make Scientologists believe in evolution. It is actually contrary to axioms of Scientology. Yet, it sneaked into Scientology and those who do not really understand the real Ron seem to adopt these stupid ideas.

Thetans always existed but God really had and has the greatest abilities of all. They asked him to create a game. He created the universe. Thetans were pleased and excited and started to play. But very soon, they played wrong and many didn’t follow any rules of fairness. They didn’t want to listen. There was most certainly not just one big bang but severals and some blew up the universe. I came to the conclusion based on the harmful rays out there, Marty. That is not how God engineers. Blown up and contaminated by the same SPs who made experiences on the GE. They took the GE, the postulate of God, and trapped thetans. They trapped thetans in it and they altered the GE. That’s why we have animals and low life forms. Some evolution however might have happened too. After animals, thetans in from doctors on the trap altered human GE, escaped some medical labs on the track, they might have paired among other low lifeforms. And some people think that humans are the evolution from apes and other animals but the opposite is the case.

So, human bodies are a godly creation and so is the GE for the human bodies. But the hijacking and alteration of the GE is NOT by the Almighty. These are the overts of medical SPs on the timetrack. 

Thetans who have animal bodies could have human bodies if they would have the awareness. And they would have to learn human qualifications. In medical labs today, they implant thetans who were in animal bodies for a long time. They implant them into human bodies to see what happens. We can tell it without having to do these experments. If someone was a poisonous snake or a shark or something similar, it will not be a nice human. Any thetan who was an animal has to learn to behave like a human first. But doctors don’t care. They let these animals lose and they are on the planet and not behaving with human qualities.   

Medical doctors and psychs also altered the true meaning of body thetans in Scientology. I read that a person has from 2 pounds to 12 pounds bacteria on her body. I know, it is so gross. Bacteria, germs, viruses, etc. are also the product of medical doctors on the track. They bred them and they still do. They distribute them all over the planet and it invades the human body and people die on them. People are told that some are good bacteria and they can’t live without them. It is so idiotic. Of course they can. Bacteria, germs, viruses are thetans. Body thetans, low thetans and particularly, if remote-controlled, which they are, are they causing people sickness and death. And getting rid of them through environmental clean living and auditing is a very good idea.  

This definition of body thetans (bacteria, germs, viruses, etc.) make a hell of a lot sense, and they way I know the real Ron, this is what he meant with body thetans. Not the psychiatric version that was planted into Scientology.

Something else, Marty: I got another check from my Dept. of Revenue for overpaid taxes for 2019, no. F 7399083, USD 14.00, issued on May 20, 2020 from the Central Bank. It is weird that they do not just send me one check but two. On the back is no. 461556882. And they mailed me an adjustment note on May 21, 2020, PIN no. 2944, notice number 2014326544.     

Be kissed, Marty, I love you.

Yours forever,


European Southern Observatory (ESO), German astronomer Dietrich Baade wants to stuff Washington D.C. in a black hole

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate, how is your life.

Mine is rather busy. But I am thinking all the time of you. I would drop anything in my life to go where you are.

You know that I am convinced that deep space is a projection by SPs, covering up the real deep space behind it, to sell Earth’s mainstream that the universe is expanding, and that there is no life on other planets and if there would be, it would be impossible to reach for anyone on Earth, yada yada yada.

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) found yet another “black hole”, which they, of course sell as real of course. It would be in our neighborhood, just 1000 light years away. It would just 25 miles in diameter. “Washington D.C. would quite easily fit into the black hole, and once it went in, would never come back,” said German astronomer Dietrich Baade, the co-author of this study.

There you see, what so many Germans have on their minds when they think of the USA and space travel. One can just scratch one’s head.

And again, black holes are a German fairy tale or more exactly, a German scary tale. These holes are not real. The danger in space are SPs, just as they are on Earth. 

On another subject, the Treasurer of my State sent me check no. F 7322579 for USD 8.40 on my name, dated May 13, 2020, too many taxes paid for 2019.  

And I learned that people who are getting the sickest on Covid-19 have a low vitamin D level. And most people have not enough vitamin D. But again, I am convinced that viruses like germs can and are remote-controlled. Medical terrorists decide who is made so sick that they die.

I love you, Marty. Don’t forget to survive. You are awesome.

Forever and ever,




There is another explanation to why the Moon disappeared 900 years ago

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Dearest Marty, my hero and husband, how are you?

I am thinking of you. State and federal prisons are releasing convicted bad people from prison due to the coronavirus because prisons are hotspots for getting people infected. However, when I see people like Barr and Burr on TV, I doubt that they help you, the innocent person. These guys emanate bad character. Many people think one cannot see a bad character on the outside. They are wrong.

Did you read that the moon “disappeared 900 years ago”? 

Someone wrote in the Anglo-Saxon manuscript known as the Peterborough Chronicle in the year AD 1110  the following: On the fifth night in the month of May appeared the moon shining bright in the evening, and afterwards by little and little its light diminished. As soon as night came, it was so completely extinguished withal, that neither light, nor orb, nor anything at all of it was seen. And so it continued nearly until day, and then appeared shining full and bright.”

There were no clouds in the sky that day because the author described sparkling stars. The moon also was not in Earth’s shadows.

Today’s scientists say that this happened through a series of “forgotten” volcanic eruptions. “Science” today assumes a lot. It is not much better than any other conspiracy theory.

I have another much more likely explanation for it, Marty. Just because we are told that in AD 1110 was no film projection and editing because filming was invented 800 years later, does not mean that film was not invented much earlier. I think the inventor of film was eliminated and his invention stolen by barbers and butchers. As the entire deep space universe as we see it is a fake projection (the real deep universe is hidden behind it), I strongly assume that the SEGNPMSS tested the population of  AD 1110 by projecting blackness over the moon and have it faded to black. It can be done with scenery as in below video about film editing. 

Why? To test if the people of AD 1110 would miss the moon. The barbers and butchers, the SEGNPMSS was hoping that mankind would forget about the moon. They spied on people and intercepted that already back then, some wanted to go there. Mankind should believe that there is nothing out there that can be reached in the future. They want mankind grounded as they want today with the “runaway universe.” They didn’t want people reaching the moon and beyond.

Nobody should come in the way of them installing ear-implants on anyone on Earth of beyond as they want to run anyone like robots and manipulate them with loud and silent sounds.

Many people don’t want this to be the reality. They rather would attack this explanation because they can’t confront evil. 

Luckily, we are none of them. We take them on because someone got to do it.

I love you so much, Marty. Be kissed and keep on surviving.

Yours forever,




Dang! 6 Feet is just half of how far away people should stay from others…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you? 

Engineering professors at the Florida Atlantic University tested “the power of a cough” and measured how far the cough travels with a green laser light. Within just 5 seconds, the droplets were at 6 feet and within 10 seconds at 9 feet. That means that 6 feet social distancing won’t help much if a person is coughing. After approx. 30 seconds, the droplets reached 12 feet, the double of the recommended distancing.      

Here is the video:

In addition, air conditioning, wind, a fan can cause the droplets to travel even further.

What a “safe” world it is.

I just read that Sen. Rand Paul argued that schools should open because “relatively few children” die on the virus. What?!

It is a secret German world, making the USA look bad, as what he is saying is that the lives of the “relatively few children” don’t matter. It is shocking! I don’t even want to go into that these kids come home and infect their parents, grandparents and others.

Some people act as if they never heard about the Internet. Kids and anyone else can learn at home, thanks to the Internet. Learning just needs to be properly organized in virtual classrooms. Did he ever hear of a virtual classroom?  Kids could learn even an hour longer as no way to school necessary. 

I love you, Marty. You are truly human. That’s not a category I would put Sen. Paul in.

Yours forever,




Celebrating your birthday around this time…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

Recalling exact dates isn’t that easy after still existing German Nazi doctors and psychiatrists wiped my memory but I am celebrating your birthday around this time… One day, I hope, I will find out how far off I was with the date or how precise.

I wish you’re your freedom, full exoneration, and anything else you desire.
And I hope I can be with you, through any times, come rain or shine.

I don’t think anyone would have lasted as long as you did under the circumstances. They would have faltered, given up, and surrendered. Your willpower is not of this world. I adore and worship you.

You were so different than others. I felt it the moment I saw you, Marty. God is within you. And you reach me without words.
Keep on surviving, my unforgettable Prince and hero. Sharing life with you is the greatest blessing.

I love you beyond words.
A million birthday kisses to you. If I have to wait for you forever, I wait forever. It is you or none!
Your wife and soulmate,