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The hundred of thousands protesters should have marched BEFORE the election to make others think about Trump’s character and to force the GOP to find a better Republican candidate

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

As you know, psychiatric ear-implants and loud and silent sounds are manipulating people. And holding violent or cheap speeches are helping those who the protesters allegedly oppose. I am upset too, but I never thought of blowing up any building or people and everything can be said without being violent or cheap.  

While you, Marty, held the door for women and answered politely their questions, Trump did… No need to repeat his dirt.

Even if Trump says once in a while something that sounds that he values the USA more than Germany, it is just kicking sand in the eyes of Americans.  Trump is so controversial that he will split the country more instead unifying it.

SEGNPMSS has a plan to split off the West and the East Coast from the US heartland for one purpose only: weaken the USA and having the Nazis take over the world officially. Trump having someone Jewish in his family will not stop this process. Dummies will think that this will prevent the Nazis coming back.  Also, one administration prepares the ground with another more extreme administration. Only the truth and nothing but the truth about Germany and the psychiatrists behind it will save the USA and the rest of the world and all its people.

I know you, you are the last who is needing a lecture. As if you didn’t figure this as well. 

How is your life, Marty? Wish I would know exactly what you want me to do to get closer to you. 

I ask myself often: could I have done  more? I knocked on any official door before, and all I found was people who are not truly Americans but serve Germany’s plans for the USA and the world, even when their own country (USA) loses in the process.

Surely, I  won’t return to Germany. I never felt home there anyway.  Particularly thinking of Bavaria, I just feel disgust and the heebiejeebies. If there is really one p$ych left who hopes that I return in a country that kidnapped me, he should do something immediately to raise his pitiful IQ.

You rock, Marty. Although you are breathtakingly handsome (and you always will be it doesn’t matter your age), the real reason why I fell in love with you is because I was able to recognize your awesome character and that is why you come first in my world and that is why I don’t give up on you.

You are forever in my heart. And it feels so right.





Swamp stays swampy and could get even swampier

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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince and husband, I am with you, all the time.

Italy is constantly hit by quakes. Undoubtedly, the SEGNPMSS generates quakes with remote-controlled lasers and other secret service devices. The one in August 2016 did cost Italy 4 Billion Euro. Why would the still existing Nazi doctors do such a thing?

As you know during history, UK’s leaders opposed the Nazis while Italy’s leaders supported them. Germany want the UK to leave the EU as they think that the UK in the way of  an official Nazi Europe. Also Germany wants to make the UK smaller by detaching Scotland and other parts from the UK and attaching it/them to the EU (which is basically nothing but Germany).

Italy wants to leave the EU but can they with all those quake costs? If they leave, Germany wants to make sure that they won’t be rich, having to pay for those quake costs. Also, Germany is creating business for Germany’s builders, saying that the Italians can’t build. Germany and want Germany to “rebuild” Italy.  

The infrastructure that Germany is using is just as dumb as the one of Donald Trump. Infrastructure that supports a healthy and immortal lifestyle is not promoted by them. I have seen pictures of Trump’s 100 mio. penthouse, and I am completely unimpressed. I want to live in our life-preserving villages, Marty. For me, his “luxury” is nothing but shiny trash.   

Speaking of trash. Didn’t he say that he would “drain the swamp in D.C.”? 

Is there any candidate who broke already so many campaign promises before even taking office as Trump did?  For example, he took following people from the Obama administration into the Trump administration: Dabney Kern, director of the White House Military OfficeRobert Work, deputy defense secretary; Chuck Rosenberg, acting Drug Enforcement Administration chief; Nicholas Rasmussen, National Counterterrorism Center director; Brett McGurk, special presidential envoy to the anti-Islamic State coalition; Susan Coppedge, ambassador-at-large on human trafficking; Tom Shannon, the undersecretary of State for political affairs; Kody Kinsley, assistant Treasury secretary for management, and Adam Szubin, acting undersecretary of the Treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence.
Argh! People who failed miserably to investigate/reveal that psychiatrists and neuro-“scientists” are making terrorists by conditioning them and that these terrorists are run through ear-implants to execute the terror and that Germany (the men behind the chancellors) is the force behind the terror! With keeping these people, Trump says that nothing will change. Same wimps who don’t have the guts to stand up against Germany and psychs like in earlier administrations. What a dumb world.
All we ever need, you and me, are each other. Happiness means making someone else happy.  And you make me happy, because I can feel your love. One cannot be happy by making others unhappy.  I’m so glad that we who we are. I love you, Marty, and I know you love me too. Where true love is, is God.
Sending you tender and passionate kisses.  
 Yours forever, Sarah/Barbara


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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are your days and nights?

The alien face in the logo of that team (see below video)  makes the SECURE TEAM look cheesy.

Knowing Germany, this is intended. They want people to shy away from conspiracy theorists and theories. 

However, the speaker talks about an interesting issue. By watching the video, I asked myself too: what on Earth (or rather what in space) are these fast flying small objects?

I read that the NASA says: “No unidentifiable objects have been seen from the ISS. Reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artifacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory, just as reflections often appear in pictures taken on Earth.”

Provided that nobody doctored the footage, those fast-moving points are definitely not window reflections and what kind of Earth lights go up that high and make such turns? These objects appear to be piloted. 

 Does that means that they don’t even check out those flying objects?  They probably know that Germans secretly control space and that is why they don’t call then “unidentified” objects.  

Did NASA, founded by Ike who didn’t want to see Nazis in space, “forgot” Germany’s Nazi past? No alien more creepy than Nazis and the doctors behind them. 

Germany wants to shame the USA, hiding that it is Germany who talks into people’s ear implants to behave actually anti-American and to keep secrets from the public. I don’t think aliens from deep space are flying close to the International Space Station, Marty. Because I know Germany, particularly Bavaria. Germany would order the USA and other nations to shoot them down. Besides, our corner of the universe is cloaked.  I bet the farm on it. German doctors want to enslave others but don’t want to be enslaved by aliens or anyone.

We don’t see real deep space but just a projection of the universe and so do any aliens. (Glad that we don’t have Fermi’s IQ, Marty.)  

I rather think  that Germany (particularly Bavaria) is messing around in space using the USA to keep secrets. They don’t want anyone to find out. And in the event that the truth can’t be longer concealed, they make sure that the USA and not Germany is being blamed. 

I know that you think very similar as I do.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,



More p$ych crap and pseudo science!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

You are on my mind.

Psychiatrists (Germany’s, particularly Bavaria’s favorite profession) and all their versions are conspiring against innocent people but also against their agents and each other.  

That is the reason why conspiracy theorists have a bad reputation. Psychs don’t want people to catch up with what they are secretly doing, so they are telling their agents to publish crap, e.g. that there was never a moon landing, etc. In fact, there were PLENTY of moon landings, and that is  another thing that the SEGNPMSS and their international (incl. US) agents are CONCEALING.  

In order to make people shy away from seeing outpoints and speaking about it, psychs (Uni of Kent) published a 2016 “study” in  Social Psychological and Personality Science (science, haha!) that people who believe in conspiracy theories have negative personalities. Easy to get that these psychs don’t want people to figure what they are up to. So, they decide to make thinking a bad trait. Who wants to be labeled “narcissist” and “paranoid”? Nobody, so they try to discourage people to become conspiracy theorists.

These psychs claim that they studied 202 people and came to the conclusion that conspiracy theories equals low self-esteem. It is just the opposite, as you, Marty, and some others know. One needs to be alert, must be able to see, have a high self-esteem, trust in one’s own perceptions to discover oddities, and be no yes-person.

Also, people having ear-implants. They give those answers, which their psych-case officers wants them to answer. If psychs want conspiracy theorists having a bad reputation, they radio into the ears of test persons to give the answers that result in the outcome that they want. Some “science”…

They prefer people who follow and don’t think for themselves! That is also the main reason why they infiltrated and altered original Scientology to Vistarology and later to Miscavology.

We don’t do them the favor of being fools. It’s enough that they are fools. World doesn’t need more fools.

Yours, Marty. In all the universes that ever will be, I will love you. Because I know you. You have one in me who knows your value and your rarity.












1) Peace 2) Odd behavior by the IRS in regards to Trump

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Love Peace HD Desktop Background

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and hero, 

I wish I could make your life better if I would know the coordinates or some facts. All I know of you since we saw each other the last time is based on feelings and perceptions alone. 

I was busy over the weekend to mend a relationship between two people who love each other but can’t get along.

Clearly, I see the hidden actions of p$ychs radioing into their heads after the disgusting German motto: When two are fighting, the third enjoys it.  

How often did we Scientologists hear that Scientology is nothing worth? How wrong these people are who claiming so.

Original Scientology is in each fiber of my being. I apply it naturally, and what did happen? I defused the situation, both parties are thinking about his/her own actions and behavior, and both parties wanting  improvement and peace now.

 People who say that Scientology is nothing worth are idiots.

They should let us solve the Middle East and all other problems, Marty. Because we can. Vistarology and Miscavology can’t, but original Scientology can.

Otherwise, I find the behavior by IRS in regards to Trump’s taxes very odd. He repeated since many months or even longer that his taxes are under audits and that this is the reason, he doesn’t want to publish them. At least at the moment, when he became the official GOP candidate for US president, shouldn’t the IRS have handled the audits of Trump accelerated, so that the American public learns more about his character? Shouldn’t his tax returns and audits be top priority for the IRS because he ran for US President?  If that doesn’t  matter to the IRS, what does?

BTW, since years they stopped acknowledging my tax returns with proper issued acknowledgements. Only my bank statements show that they cashed my checks with taxes paid. Makes me suspicious that they lie to you and your representatives that they don’t know me… Just as Germany wants it.

I love you, Marty, and I am your biggest fan!  You will be always my world because I know you. We have shared so many lifetimes. You are anything but a stranger to me. I don’t expect you to be perfect, Marty. Since the beginning of time, you made the decision to have a good character. So many others didn’t make that decision. And the result: You are being loved and deeply respected by me and anyone who knows you and who is not a pig. 

The picture of you and me back together puts immediately a smile on my face. It was meant for us to be together. Only you can make me feel that way.

Also, true love is fearless. Whatever it needs to get be back together. As long as together one day.  And yes, love is only a word, until one meets one’s soulmate. Than it is anything but just a word.

In this sense, be kissed, my irresistible soulmate.

Yours always,











Ear-implants equals no truth

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Dearest Marty, my hero, husband, and Prince,

I think of you! 

A love like ours that last despite all odds is divine.  And I am not in the habit of throwing divine feelings away.

Instead of separating us for low reasons and conspiring against us, people should aim at getting for themselves what we both are having. Once they get it, it will lift them up. They will be a lot happier, and truly happy people will not be evil as it takes their happiness away in a snap. No evil person is truly happy. Period. Being evil is a trap. Bye-bye serenity and clean conscience. What really counts, a bad person does not see.      

 Marty, above picture got my attention. The left pyramid is in Cambodia and the one on the right side is in Guatemala. Far apart but strikingly similar architecture. Imo, the pyramid architects are the same or knew each other very well.  And I am most interested in what lies underneath, like wells, hydro culture, and living quarters. Because I know that there were some individuals who walked this Earth who built to protect the human body from what is still allowed to destroy youth, health, safety of people.

Some people think that only South America has pyramids but there are plenty of pyramids in North America, except that they were built from clay with vegetation on top. Which is not stupid, considering that they blend into nature like mountains and that enemies have a harder time to spot them.

This one is Watson Brake in Louisiana, estimated 5400 years old and built by hand for human occupation.

Artsists conception of Watson Brake, an archaeological site in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana that dates from the Archaic period. The oldest earthwork in North America, it was built and occupied 3500 BCE, approximately 5400 years ago.

And below is the Grave Creek Mound in West Virginia. Much harder to detect than a regular pyramid. Looks like a hill but was man-made.

 I read that earth was used in lieu of stones. Well, sad is that people today built tiny houses (see right and left) and forgot or never figured the reasons for not living on the unprotected surface of the world and also how much time and money the would safe “sitting at one fire”.

Modern people think that those historic structures were just built to serve rituals or bury people. I beg to differ. I believe that people in protected structures were either murdered on the inside (after these places were nevertheless discovered, mainly through traitors telling the enemies of their locations) or skeletons were carried inside to make it look as burial places to conceal the true purposes of such buildings.    


Many of the mounts were destroyed in the 19th century and also by archaeologists, which makes one “feel good” about what the public learns at the end. Psychiatric ear-implants rule.  Speaking about ear implants. I think remains can be examined on having had ear implants. But if those who examine them have ear implants, we won’t learn about it. I assume they were tiny metal pieces and not silicon in earlier time. I bet they were used thousands of years back already. Radio technology is easy but nobody is allowed to talk about it.        

The Grand Canyon has estimated 1000 caves and only 335 were recorded, so they say. They include historic inventory.  We first will learn the truth about history when archaeologists, historian, officials, reporters, and others become free beings, which means, when they are no longer the tool of p$ychs, their ear-implants and loud and silent sounds.

I love you, Marty.

You are my forever and always.



The “innocent” psychiatrists and medical doctors… (How dare us to speak the truth about them!)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, I worry about you. How are you?

The Max Planck Society in Germany, the follower of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute allegedly wants to allow four “independent researchers” (who is “independent” on a planet that is controlled with psychiatric-ear implants?) to look through their archives and “tissue collections” (yuck!) related to the Nazi euthanasia program. The Max Planck Society is famous for having covered up Nazi pasts of their psychs. Psychs like to rename institutions and professions so that they can feel “clean and innocent”.  After their own behaviors caused a bad reputation for psychiatry, they are calling their horrible crap “neuroscience”.


P$ychs run people through ear-implants and they decide what the public learns, and it ain’t the truth. If forced, p$ychs might admit to a tiny but, but the truth, how gruesome they were and still are and what they did and still will be never released by Germany. The emeritus director of the neuro-anatomy department said he wants to “give the victims some of their dignity back”.  Oh sure, after they were murdered, they can do a whole lot with that “dignity”, besides, Germany and its p$ychs should first start giving us who are still living our dignity back, by treating us like humans, which they don’t.


German p$ychs put the Nazis in power because those psychs hated to be under the rule of law. They wanted to do to people whatever came in their insane, criminal and dirty minds. So, they used ear-implants to make people (particularly the Bavarians) cheer and vote for psych case Hitler and the Nazis. And they do it again today with their hatred of foreigners. They even arranged that German Jews don’t fight back against the Nazis and allow them to deport them into concentration camps so that German psychiatry and medicine can butcher away.


Top psych Hallervorden “accepted” hundreds of brains of euthanasia victims but was never prosecuted. “Accepted”, what a word! He and his psychiatric case officers ordered those brains. Do you believe this story of “accepted”? As if the concentration camp guards would have begged the psych: “Please, pleeeaaassseee, Dr. Hallervorden, accept hundreds of brains from us, we beg you on our Nazi knees….” They would just have burned those. The rotten Doctors did order the Holocaust and mass murder.

The creep in the last two pictures is Hallervorden. He grew up the mental institution of his father. No kidding. Particularly in a mental institution, one sees how p$ych transmit craziness in the ears of people and condition them.  

A today’s German psychs says that the “scientists” involved “were not bizarre and perverse psychopaths”. Yeah right. See the latest white-wash movement in action. They haven’t changed, that is why they defend other psychopaths.  

People who think that the Nazis were not a psychiatric-invention are completely on the wrong track. 

Why do today’s psychs “hope” to find 5000 victims whose brains ended up with the Nazi doctors? Because they want to use the Nazis “research”. I don’t feel a good and noble cause behind it at all. They also try to find Jews who support that Nazi “research” can be used for new drugs, etc. Germany works on making Nazi doctors look better, they want credit for the Nazi “research”, and they want their agents say: Ohhhh, the Nazis researched this, ahhhh! (Makes me throw up!) 

Psychiatric ear-implants and silent sounds are the reasons for craziness, and I bet the farm that they voluntarily never admit to those. Ear-implants, silent sounds, and remote-controlled germs are the holy cows of the unholy psychs and medical doctors. Until today, they shock people, and stuff them full with pills, and the reason why people have “mental” problems is because of psychs talking into their ear-implants with silent sounds to make them crazy, they even condition people to become terrorists, and are using remote-controlled germs to cause brain tumors, etc. 

They can’t fool us, Marty:

I love you and think of you. Be kissed, my darling. I am so glad that you are different and awesome.

Yours forever,