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Without doubt, the Armenian Massacre was genocide, but Germany (particularly Bavaria) controlled the Young Turks through ear implants…

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Armenian woman… IMO, she could also pass for Jewish.  


Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and soulmate,

I am thinking of you. Wish I could be with you. I also worry about your well-being with Nazis still having control over everything.

Turks don’t want to be compared to German-like brutality, and the massacre of 300,000 to 2 million Armenians between 1914 and 1923  has German brutality written all over it. Germany likes not being accused of being  the “inventors of  genocide”. They like the world to think that without the turks, Germany would be squeaky clean. Yeah right!

The people behind it who brought out the worst in the Young Turks should be investigated very carefully. Germany was more than just an ally of the Young Turks during this genocide. Germany “apologized” for being an ally in the annihilation of the Armenians. Gee, apology really just cut it if somebody steps accidental on someone’s foot but not for massmurder. BESIDES, GERMANY DIDN’T JUST PARTICIPATE IN THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. IT COOKED IT OUT AND HAD THE OTTOMAN TURKS EXECUTED IT.  

It took Germany hundred years to call it a genocide because they were the force behind it and they know it. 

Germany secretly run the turks, those who committed the genocide. Germany (particularly Bavarian psychiatrists and medical doctors) controlled the Young Turks into inhumanity with loud and silent sounds. I am not saying that the turks were innocent. But Germany was behind it. If I would be Turkish, I would not deny the genocide, but I would prove to the world that Germany (particularly Bavaria) used our country for their purposes so that it never will happen again in Turkey or anywhere else on this planet or universe.

I know the Germans, Marty, particularly the Bavarians. They had genocide of Jews and other nationals on their dirty minds long before they picked Hitler. The genocide in the Ottoman empire was a “German test” as to if  millions of people can be eradicated and the rest of the world forgetting it quickly. Hitler spoke it out loud:  “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” 

The world thinks that the Armenian genocide served Adolf Hitler and his Nazis as a blueprint for the Holocaust. The medical/psychiatric minds of Germany (particularly Bavarians) were  also the monster minds behind the Ottoman Empire. As they were behind slavery, and the KKK, and today’s terrorism, and so much more inhumanity.  They bring out the worst in any nation.   

BTW, I read that the Nazis under Hitler used some Armenians to eradicate Jews. The Nazi snake kills and then uses. There is compelling evidence that Hitler and many leading Nazis were homosexuals, yet they killed other homosexuals. He didn’t marry Eva Braun sooner so that he didn’t have to spend a wedding night with her. 

Many people think that Hitler and the Nazis were no homosexuals because homosexuals were murdered by the Nazis. But Nazis were insane and nothing much of what they did made sense. The Medical/psychiatric secret service minds of Germany (particularly Bavarians) are insane monsters and mainly interested in these things: controlling, infiltrating, ruling, torturing, and penalizing bodies, killing, causing incredible pain, tearing apart, keeping everyone down, trying to pervert but at the same time wanting to be adored and worshiped as most advanced people ever.


They are cowards. So, the Armenian “test genocide” worked in the minds of German (particularly Bavarian) SPs  because most people didn’t suspect Germany, and the ear-implanted world didn’t speak anymore of what happened to the poor Armenians. With a psych-case hired, Austrian (Hitler),  they figured they can do some more genocide in Germany and get away with it. It will be forgotten and if not, Germany will blame Austria or even the Jews or killing themselves. Considering that Germany is again on top of the EU if not the entire world, they did get way with it. Billions of high-crimes were conducted by Germany having the overall control of each ear-implant on the planet and the fact that one conspires against the other. And as people are having them, they are protecting this psychiatric system instead of busting it.  

Hitler said: “I consider only the moslims [sic] to be reliable…All others I deem unreliable.” But the world keeps their mouth shut on the ear implants that Germany’s psychiatrists and secret services as the SEGNPMSS controls. 

Easy to figure who runs in present time the terrorists who are in or come from Islamic States or claim to be Muslims: still existing German Nazis talk into their ear implants and are bringing out the worst in them.

The best that Turkey but also other Muslim states can do is: no longer being reliable for Nazis, not doing their dirty work any longer, not allowing Germany to bring out the worst in people but being peaceful, open, responsible, and fair. Instead of trying to deny the genocide, Turkey should say to Germany/Bavaria: How dare you having used our county for your test genocide!

Should Turkey or Islamic states retaliate with violence against Germany? Of course not, besides, those who hold the strings would get away as they always did. But Turkey or Islamic states could help to make the world alert to what the medical/psychiatric minds of Germany (particularly Bavarians) whisper in the ears and minds of other nationals and even their own so that it can’t happen again.

How is it that Germany can conduct the worst crimes in any country and gets away all the time or ends up on top of the world again? Ear implants. People don’t turn them in because they foolishly think they need those implants instead of building a good world in which all people have rights. 

The world is a German (particularly Bavarian) pig stable.

I love you, Marty. Wish we would be in another universe. A fair and decent one where good people have rights, away from the horrible Germany/Bavarian medical/psych stench of this universe. I find this so disgusting that I don’t plan another lifetime here once this body is worn out. But I sure want to be with you, my soulmate. 

Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,




Some thoughts about Loch Ness

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

No, I actually don’t believe that there is/was a monster down there. I came to the conclusion that the lake was made world-famous because of the name Loch Ness. Officially, Loch is Irish or Gaelic but it is also German and means a hole.

If you change just one letter in that name, you get “Loch nass”, which means “wet hole” in German. A “wet hole” in a lake will not make sense to most people, except, what when “wet” is a lie (typical SPs) and it is actually a dry hole?

What does a dry hole in a lake mean? What I am looking for: an elevator going down in an underwater (dry) village, the beautiful village that I remember from my childhood.

Likely, there is no underwater village in Loch Ness, but there is at least one in an US lake, and I still believe that it is in the GSL, Marty.

Allegedly, the Nessie rumor started in 565, but it looks like that particularly since 1871, medical doctors, the cousins of p$ychs are interested in that one should make the association of a wet hole and a monster rather than a dry hole and a beautiful and peaceful village when thinking of a lake. One doctor even forged a Nessie picture.

They are so stupid, Marty. They will never succeed running us. Just because they have simple minds who can’t look through things, they think we have them too.  If they would be in our situations, they would be LOST and easy manipulated. But we are not. They need high-tech devices and supercomputers to read all our thoughts, and they still don’t get us. We just look at their actions and have them completely figured out in a snap.               

I love you, my Prince, and I am proud of you. Just the thought of you makes me happy.

Yours forever.




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Dearest Marty, my noble Prince and wonderful husband,

How are you? My thoughts are with you.

Ron, the real founder (not the impostor) was very clear on abortions. He wrote that parents who abort are on 1.1 and thetans who are aborted are damaged by engrams. A person low on the tonescale might say that engrams can be run and handled, but real Scientologists don’t think that way. We want to prevent pain before it happens. We want a better world in which such acts don’t happen at all. Most thetans dive into a body ( incl. embryo/fetus state) early, so it is not just “tissue” that is aborted. Who doesn’t want babies should take precautions but not abort.   

Just like the “Disconnection Policy”, His Cobness David Miscavige didn’t think his “No kids in the Sea Org” through. Or he doesn’t care what the consequences are. After all, he isn’t a Scientologist.

However, ultimately, it is the parents’ responsibility not to abort. Sea Org members as Laura DeCrescenzo / Laura Dieckman and Claire Headley could have routed out of the Sea Org and worked in a Scientology Class IV Org. I remember the many babies in my Class IV Org and that I was approached by other female staffmembers to get pregnant too.           

“They made me do it” is the ultimate non-responsibility for their own OWs and actions.

SEGNPMSS doctors aborted our baby against our will, Marty, when I was UNCONSCIOUS. This is a situation where we could not stop it, but if some Sea Org infiltrator suggests it or even tries to convince someone, it is VERY EASY to say: “Abortion is off policy. I will keep this baby and find a replacement for my current job. I’ll work in a Class VI org instead.”  If the Sea Org infiltrator(s) continues to propose or suggest abortion, TR3: “Abortion is off policy. I will keep this baby and find a replacement for my current job. I’ll work in a Class VI org instead.”  

Period, case solved. If any person in Scientology would be a real Scientologist and apply Scientology, abortion wouldn’t be a problem and unheard of in Scientology. 

Laura and Claire were old enough to marry. They made TRs. They knew how to stand their grounds, like: “Abortion is off policy. I will keep this baby and find a replacement for my current job. I’ll work in a Class VI org instead.”  Besides, offering a replacement for the handles any personal problem in the Sea Org. For example, Laura and Claire could have switched posts with non-pregnant Sea Org members in a Class IV Org. I know many Class IV Org staffmembers wanted to join the Sea Org and were looking for a replacement. Problem solved, case closed.    

It is typical for unethical people to take no responsibilities for their acts. I am not impressed by women like Claire and Laura. They whitewash their own non-Scientology-activities and are blaming it on Scientology, which is anti-abortion. What they are doing is outrageous. Their abortions happened because they agreed. Nobody kidnapped them like the German secret service and anti-Scientologist RB kidnapped me and conducted a forceful abortion and even eradicated my memory, which came back because thanks to Scientology.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. My life is incomplete without you. I am so glad that I found you again. Scientology is beaten up by former infiltrators, anti-Scientologists and reporters who can’t think, but Scientology is also the place of miracles, winning against all odds, and the greatest love story of all times: OURS!

Yours always and forever,




Getting a Pulitzer Price for infiltrating the Secret Service?

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Marty, my dear and amazing husband and Prince,

The Washington Post reported yesterday that their reporter Carol D. Leonnig infiltrated the Secret Service for months and exposed Secret Service lapses. She received a Pulitzer Price for it.  Half of those elite secret service agents were allegedly fired based on what she reported. She started “infiltrating” after she learned reporting on the aftermath of a scandal involving 12 Secret Service agents, e.g. hiring prostitutes. 

However, she didn’t reveal and report that not just the CIA but also the  Secret Service agents (those who are allegedly protecting US Presidents) have ear implants and that German secret service psychiatrists have the overall control over those ear implants and control all ear implant carriers with loud commands and silent sounds to make them do what Germany wants.


Any news reports, documentation or non-fiction book that ignores or protects this fact, is a waste of time as it will not make the world better. This secret allows Germany to continue to conspire and use the USA and other countries for their low purposes.

I know that you see it this way too, Marty. Like me, you have x-ray vision.

I miss you and think of you all the time.

Always yours and forever, my love.



UK and Canada don’t show HBO’s documentary nor publish Lawrence Wright’s book on Scientology because of libel

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you?

Once the news breaks that Germany’s psychiatric and medical oriented secret services are behind the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and behind having you and Ron, the founder impostored by agents (in cooperation with the CIA) and once the real story of Scientology is being published, these countries will be glad not having participated in that anti-Scientology hype.  

Isn’t Richard Plepler, the CEO of HBO, Jewish? Particularly Jews should be able to sense Germany’s hidden secret service activities and should be more alert not helping them with their twisted publications. We figured everything out, Marty, what is other’s excuse not to?

I love you. Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. 

Yours forever,





Disconnection serves David Miscavige to stay in power… Anyone left in his non-Scientologists family who doesn’t attacks or creates bad PR for Scientology?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and Prince,

Although Scientologists should have the same right like anyone else to choose who they want to be in contact with, the disconnection policy was never from Ron, the real founder, but from “Jack Vistaril”, the impostor and the men behind this secret service agent.

It was cancelled in 1968 as you know.  Monique’s husband, your  impostor informed the Investigation Discovery (ID) that he was told by SCN to disconnect from his brother in 1977, but nobody disconnected during these years. Situations had to be handled. Back then, a person with heavy PTS situations was not allowed on staff before the situation was solved. That makes Monique’s husband again a liar.

David Miscavige, his Cobness is unqualified to even be on staff in Scientology, let alone leading all of Scientology if the “Disconnection Policy” would be cancelled.

Disconnection wouldn’t had helped me with RB, Marty. Only would have helped me if I would have had incorruptible bodyguards (and I doubt there are any on a planet like this) around the clock who would have protected me from RB’s kidnap attempts. Besides, I never wanted to disconnect from my siblings.

When the true story of Scientology is finally told, not anyone of the Scientology attackers will have any wind in their sails anymore. It will handle all of their scratching down blackboards with their fingernails, including their fabrications.

The attackers of Scientology are as unethical as the infiltrators. Naturally, I would want to help Scientology and the orgs, but I don’t accept altered Scientology. DM wants to introduce even more “Jack Vistaril” crap that they found in a garage into Scientology. That is not our applied philosophy anymore. There is also the hypocrisy. Freedom Magazine reports about how terrible wrongful incarceration is. On the other side, they leave you, an innocent Scientologist, behind. I can’t support double moral. Original Scientology aimed at a better world WITHOUT exceptions. Original and real Scientologists were/are different.

As a sum, Marty, I am glad having chosen to be in “Smallville”, where I wait till this conspiracy against us collapses. It feels better than supporting those who are not really true to us. I don’t feel home anywhere except in original Scientology and with you. Considering how much non-Scientology crap dropped from “Jack Vistaril”, his secret services, DM, and other non-Scientologists into Scientology, I must say that I have more original and real Scientology right here in “Smallville” than I see in DM-run orgs or also with the “Indies”. 

I love you bunches, Marty. Keep on surviving. You can count on me. I am a real and original Scientologist like you. I don’t leave you behind. Even if you would not want to be with me, you will never get anything else from me but the best intentions and truth. In a world were one person turns again the other one, we are true, and proud to be true. 

Yours always,





Song “Heavenly Day” comes into my mind when thinking of seeing you again, Marty

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Dearest Marty, my rockstar and soulmate,

How are you? I miss you so much, and the song tells you how I feel when seeing you again on one heavenly day. There is lots of crap music out there, but this one is really very good. I need nothing but you, Marty. My paradise? You are it. It can’t get better than you.

BTW, I watched “Dangerous Persuasions” on Investigation Discovery, which mixes you into it because your violent impostor and secret service agent “Monique’s husband” lies to the media (as well as the courts) that he is you. What a lame actor Investigation Discovery picked. Sheesh. He is in his twenties and has already a belly! You had ripped abs and looked like a Greek God. Also you had a very alive and captivating personality. That actor is a bore. Maybe Monique’s husband was like this, but you were very different. Nobody is like you, Marty. You are so unique, and you will stay always the most remarkable and handsome man ever. Mr. Universe, yes you are.

I love you more than words can say. Particularly, your character. You are like a rock, Marty, and you are of my kind. 

I was thinking of the many lies about Scientology that are in circulation. Actually, what happens to Scientology media-wise and how little reporters really investigate should be taught in any studies of journalism and law schools so that this never happens again in future. It is beyond me that nobody investigates from scratch and that anyone uses false data from other reporters or from infiltrators to scribble their stories. All they have to do is to compare your photos: those of your impostor with yours, the photos of Ron with his impostor,  or those of political figures and their doppelgangers/impostors or photos of terrorists with their doppelgangers, and they would finally write true stories. Would a reporter break a finger if hen would take these photos in his hand and study them? I don’t think so.


This station calling itself “Investigation Discovery” is a big joke, considering that they didn’t investigate any facts and even are mixing up you with your impostor and Ron up with his impostor.  

Also, when we, you and I, were in the Sea Org, we behaved completely different from Monique’s husband and Claire Headley. We never did anything to be ashamed of. Non-Scientologists like the infiltrators apparently commit such acts.  “Investigation Discovery” also failed to mention that the Headley lost their case before court. You and me, we kept our personality and didn’t turn into cultists, which shows that the agents and their children are the cultists but not we, the real Scientologists.   

This said, I also have to shake my head in disbelief about the current management of Scientology. Under DM, they rather have Scientology trampled to death in the media or otherwise before they publish the facts of the impostors. If they would be real Scientologists, they would act very differently.

Our heavenly day comes, Marty. Nobody can stop heaven.

Be kissed a billion of times. Heavenly, heavenly kisses!

Yours always and forever,





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