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Psychiatry – the sneakiest snake ever

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Dearest Marty, love of my life,

People taking dangerous drugs, getting e-shocks, lobotomy, and wasting up to $300.00 an hour for lying on a couch of a p$ych to handle “mental diseases” or they are committed involuntary and “mental health treatments” are forced upon them against their will.

All the governments and the people have to do is to knock the remote control for psychiatric secret service devices out of those bloody psych claws, as they cause medical and mental problems, e.g. with remote-controlled germs, microwave, secret sounds, you name it.

With these instruments they also condition school, church, mall etc. shooters and international terrorists, bombers, suicide pilots, etc. etc.

And as Ron and a few original Scientologists were onto them, the men behind Germany and their international psychs had Scientology infiltrated and make infiltrators of Scientology say and do dumb things, so that it can be blamed on Scientology and the public falls for it. Many people don’t like and trust psychiatry but they dislike and mistrust Scientology more. Psych mission and propaganda accomplished. They simply change their name from psychiatrists to neuro-scientists and are trying to get rid of their (deserved) bad reputation as psychs.

A few years back, I noticed a posting of a person  of who I assume was in today’s Scientology. He posted that psychiatrists invent diseases and that Restless Leg Syndrome would be nonsense. That’s the difference between original Scientologists and those who came later. Today, they think psychs made it just up, but some people read it and ask: If they made it up, what the hell is biting in my legs? Original Scientologists know that psychs are much worse than just liars and fabricators. Yes, sure, they invent diseases that they use to torture and kill people and in the process make lots of money with it, however, they support it with supercomputers, ear- and body implants, remote-controlled germs and bacteria, silent sounds, microwave, you name it, so that people think that they have indeed diseases and they don’t conclude that it is psychiatric and medical terror.  

Times change, but the evil doctors don’t. They are the sneakiest creatures ever, but also the most retarded. And they are cowards. They are afraid to look at themselves. Otherwise they would get a clue how revolting they are and that they are the cause of their own misery. Their own depressions come from the crimes they are committing. With that kind of rap sheets against humanity,  they are horribly depressed. Other people are depressed because they are medically and psychiatric tortured, but they are depressed without anyone doing anything to them.

They want to be loved, Marty, but they don’t do anything lovable. They are rejected even by their family members and they feel so alone. And all that because they failed to better themselves into real human beings. They don’t even know how it feels to be a decent human being. They want to be adored and pretend to be good, decent people, more intelligent than anyone else, but they are not. They are the opposite. Completely clueless monsters.  They are completely fake  are the real losers. The eternal losers. If their memory is robbed in the same way they robbed ours, Marty, they are defeated. There is no miraculous recovery as with us. All is left is a depressed and suppressive character nobody can live with and burdens everyone in his or her life.                                 

I love you, Marty. Very much.  I hope to see you soon. Despite all odds against us.

Yours always,








What’s up with all that booze under David Miscavige?

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Dearest Marty, my darling… My thoughts always find you again.

I was looking at the photos of Miscavige senior in the Sea Org or on the Freewinds. Here they are:–leisure.html#image2

Looks he had an easy life and took advantage that his son David Miscavige got Scientology from Ron’s impostor, German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”. Look at this booze on the Freewinds and Miscavige senior with two women in his arms and none of them is his wife. Beer, big cigars, women, wine, Dom Perignon, bought by David Miscavige. It is a far cry from the real founder Ron’s Sea Org. 

The pictures show no dungeons but booze and low morals. One can find such a bar at any non-Scientology corner in the world.  What do those infiltrator apes to Scientology?  Certainly not applying it or saving the world.

Reminds me to the song: what shall we do with the drunken sailor. Look at the hits of that one! Gee, I heard first time today that they want to put him in the bed with the Captain’s daughter. Nobody would have dared that on our ship.

They they ever hear from drugs does to the mind? They have heard it but don’t apply Scientology: infiltrators.

I love you, Marty.

Yours always, be kissed.







Psychiatrists “drop mental illnesses” but add new crap “mental illnesses” to their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 (DSM-5).

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Dearest Marty, most missed soul mate in the entire universe,

I learned that  psychiatrists “dropped” mental illnesses and add new “mental illnesses” to their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 (DSM-5). What “science” is that? By dropping “diseases” like hot potatoes, they admit that they WERE NONE but that crazy (they prefer the word “intense”) p$ychs and neuro”scientists” made them up. 

So, what are they really saying? Basically, they are saying that they are making “mental diseases” up as they go.  They dropped for example “attenuated psychosis syndrome” that “identifies people at risk of developing psychosis”. Guess that came once in handy for involuntarily committing people who were not “mentally ill”, by saying that they “could get ill” or should take drugs against it. Guess, they had to “cancel” that “disease” as they are getting no longer away with it.  

They also dropped “mixed anxiety depressive disorder”, which apparently was psych fabrication too. I bet they involuntarily committed people on these fictitious  “diseases” and described people “meds” and other psych “treatments” with bad side effects for “diseases” of which they now admit that they never existed.

Do psychs become more honest, smarter, and better?

No, they added also “new diseases” to their stupid manual as for example “hoarding”. Guess these stamp collectors and other collectors are really crazy. 😉

I actually agree that hoarding alleged “mental illnesses” in a book and hoarding  “mental” patients in their practice, clinics and hospitals and making them swallow chemicals and e-shock them, etc. is insane.  

The worst about psychiatry is its sneakiness and stupidity. Just about all “mental diseases” simply would go away if secret service p$ychs and neuro”scientists” etc. would be convicted on what they really are doing to make psychiatry big business: sending silent sounds in the subconscious mind of people and implanting them to act crazy. That is the only reason why they are still around: people are afraid of the people who secret service psychs and neuro”scientists” create and are thinking they needs those rotten and brutal apes in white. 

By the way, James Holmes blames his therapist having conditioned him to kill. Don’t think it was Lynne Fenton who reported him as dangerous to the University security (but she should have spotted that he was implanted and conditioned) but other psychs and neuro”scientists”, maybe graduate students as himself upon SEGNPMSS orders. But it is still no excuse for Holmes. Thetan basically knows what’s right and wrong, even under hypnosis and other mind control. If evil intentions wouldn’t be a part of his character, he never would have gone through with whatever was implanted in his mind.

I love you, Marty. Hope to see you against all odds soon.

Keep on surviving. Many kisses, my darling.

Yours forever, Sarah/Barbara


Wikipiggy acknowledges these conspiracies

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Dearest Marty,

I found these conspiracies on Wikipedia. I know many more than those.  Guess numerous of their editors/admins and supporters defame anybody being mentally ill who know of more conspiracies than these.

They do not even mention Sept. 11 as conspiracy. Clueless.

And they sure don’t mention how Wikipiggy editors conspire against good people and the religion Scientology.

I can’t write much today but will be back tomorrow.

I love you and think of you.




Notable political conspiracies

I’m getting really angry reading the LIES about how the real L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of Scientology) treated children

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Dearest Marty, my eternal prince,

I had a quiet weekend and not much stress. These kind of weekends or even days are kind of rare for me, and it felt  good.

Today is father’s day, and I have a strange feeling at days like that because the Germans didn’t allowed me to grow up with the real Ron, the founder of Scientology, my dad. They kidnapped me from him. And as if it would not already enough, they hired an impostor to destroy Scientology and create a bad reputation for Ron and infiltrators who back this Nazi plan up.

You would have been such a great dad just like the original Ron or your very own dad, Marty. I have such a loss that we could not stay together as married couple and raise our children together with deepest love and respect and guidance. You and me are naturals as far as children are concerned. Just as children’s hearts fly to me with the speed of light, so does they fly to you because we treat children according to the real Ron: how we want to be treated. In regards to children, I always go back to the times in which I was of the age of that child and ask myself: how did I wanted to be treated when I was of that age? And accordingly, I treat the child as I wanted to be treated but I also provide guidance and safety for it. RB said that I would have a special gift with children. It is no special gift: treating a child with love and respect, as I wanted to be treated is the “big secret” of my “gift” with children. The real Ron treated children like this, and RB didn’t. She treated children like a German p$ychiatrist treats children, without respect. She tried to make children fear her (didn’t work in my case either). The result: she had no “gift” with children. A parent who does not treat a child with respect is a big loser. He or she gets no love, no trust and no respect. Kids keep their secrets to themselves, they don’t trust these parents, they hate them and can’t wait to grow up to get away from this person.

(Your Mom,  Marty, took care of me when Ron was blind and paralyzed,  because I remember this, and she was just as wonderful as Ron and not suppressive like RB.)

When children become unimportant to a society, that society has forfeited its future. — L.Ron Hubbard in Science of Survival”If the C of M and the SEGNPMSS version of the Sea Org treats kids as unimportant, it has forfeited its future.

Sometimes, I read reports of children who grew up in the Sea Org. I assume some of these report are fabricated and some are true. But whatever they are, what they describe is not the real Ron’s Sea Org but the German version of the Sea Org, the Impostors’s Sea Org, the SEGNPMSS Sea Org, the C of M Sea Org.

Even the alleged or real neglect within the C of M or the Imposter’s Sea Org was better what I got in Germany with non-Scientologist RB:

And here are just a few example on how non-Scientologist RB tried to “handle” problems and how Ron did it.

Non-Scientologist RB: Didn’t knew where the mother ends and the daughter begins.

Non-Scientologist RB: Ron never treated me like property but as the most valuable thetan and I loved it!

Non-Scientologist RB: Braided my hair in a Bavarian ugly way and fixed them bobby pins in hard balls behind my ears or she did cut my hair goofy. I had always headache because she braided them too stiff. I looked exactly like Lucy from the Peanuts. It’s funny in a cartoon but not in real life. And unlike p$ychiatry promoting  Lucy, I wasn’t suppressive.

Ron: He didn’t force any painful or hated hairstyle on me.

Non-Scientologist RB: Put 8 Pfennige (German cents) on my hand knuckles, and I should learn playing piano without that these Pfennige fall off because the German way is to take the fun out of the play. (Needless to say, I did quit right away.)

Ron: He awoke interest of the child and joy to experience the play and would not penalize it with senseless rules.

Non-Scientologist RB never asked me if I prefer a certain color or material of clothes. She bought the most ugliest and itchy material, and I had to wear it even of the color and the material that I liked better would have cost the same. (Dress like this in green wool! I had to wear it for years!)

Ron: He asked and listened and didn’t want to see me unhappy. (He would not let me walk around in high heels or not warmly dressed when the weather demanded it but he would have found a middle way between what I liked and what was necessary. He would explained to the child why high heels and inappropriate clothes are not a good idea and the child would have understood and cooperated. He would not treated any child like RB.)

Non-Scientologist RB didn’t help me much with school. She rather wanted me to clean her flat.

Ron: Developed even a cool study technology, which made school and study a blast.

Non-Scientologist RB slapped me once in while. (And when she did,  I stopped her by  hitting back. I could not allow her to  step all over me.)

Ron: Never hit or hurt me

Non-Scientologist RB gave me in “care” of pedophiles and child abusers. She was unable to spot a low tone person.

Ron: Never. It was the best place of a kid to be: in his care.

When non-Scientologist RB felt she could not control me, she called other suppressive German adults to assist her in her abusive ways to raise children (teachers, pastors, doctors). I despised her more and more.

Ron: He never did anything like that. Unlike RB, he understood, and he was able to get my agreement and cooperation while RB got nothing.

Non-Scientologist RB penalized me because other young people in town did drugs despite that I didn’t even know these people and never did any drugs. She locked me into my room. Needless to say, I escaped through the window, she chased me through half of town but I was faster. (Despite that I escaped, I still never did any drugs.)

Ron: Would have talked to me about drugs and would have made sure that I understand the severe consequences of taking them. He would have trusted me that I won’t take them.

Non-Scientologist RB never allowed me to have friends come over.

Ron: Would have allowed my friends to come over.

Non-Scientologist RB told us children hours of rape. She called that sex education.

Ron: Would have put together a very child appropriate check sheet and so that kids know where babies come from.

Non-Scientologist RB never would have allowed me a boyfriend because she said I would come home with an illegitimate child. And this happens to me: the most hard to get girl! (When she was old, she said that she is disappointed that I didn’t make her to a grandmother.)

Ron: Would have trusted me that having a boyfriend doesn’t mean to behave like an alley cat. He allowed us to marry young, Marty, because he knew that we were ideal for each other and that our marriage would last as it was true love. He stepped back to make us happy.

Non-Scientologist RB constantly asked for attention and tried to play the first fiddle. I considered her nothing but a huge burden. When she was young I hated and despised her. When she was old, I felt sorry for her and that is why I helped her when she was old. But love, she never got. It was impossible to love her. She was too suppressive.

Ron: Never tried to play the first fiddle in my life. He always took a step back to make us happy. And I noticed it and loved him even more.

Non-Scientologist RB forced her style of living onto Jurgen, and I when we were married. She had no respect of that a couple wants to chose their own wall papers or furniture or even bed. She nailed Christian crosses and bible citations everyway in our flat. It was insane.

Ron: He never would have done anything like that to us.

Non-Scientologist RB embarrassed me all my life.

Ron: Never

Non-Scientologist helped German psychs to abort my baby

Ron: Would have never done that. He was completely anti-abortion. He respected me, you and the baby and he loved all of us.

Non-Scientologist RB allowed herself to be used and this is why I think that the Germans filed false legal actions against you behind my back, Marty.

Ron: Never did anything behind our backs.

Non-Scientologist RB always trusted the false people and tried to force me to trust the wrong people.

Ron: Never trusted the wrong people and never tried to force me.

I could go on and on. Important is that the impostor was not L. Ron Hubbard, and I am convinced that most of the “critics” of Scientology know that  German p$ychs had hired an impostor to destroy Ron’s reputation and Scientology.

I never will forget and forgive that I was kidnapped from him and had to live with German lunatics. Never. And I mean it, Marty. I made postulates as big as the entire universe that the last word about this all is not spoken yet and the German high crimes will come back to haunt the Germans (all involved).

What a high crime by the Germans aborting our baby, stealing our marriage, family, memories, possessions, legal rights, human rights, and disconnecting us, Marty. There will be a final judgment day for them and they will be judged and sentenced. They did not mess with the wrong people. They messed with the right people because we will make sure that justice will happen. I made a postulate, Marty, that is so big as the universe and that is getting each one involved (also those remotely involved) and putting the most severe justice on each of them – may I have a body or not. There is no way in hell, I let any one of them come away. They all have to learn a lesson: do not mess with human rights. If ever somebody in years from now will be approach by any one of them to commit a crime, they will scream: No! so loud that it is heard on the other end of the universe. The slime tone level will be wiped from the universe. I am beyond angry and beyond forgiving. Severe justice and no forgiveness and harshest amends for Billions of years, that’s on my agenda because, just as Ron said, SPs scream to be handled, they know they are bad as hell and they want us to put justice on them and that is why they messed with the right people. Because we will not disappoint them, the justice that we will apply will kick their behinds through the universe and all the way back. Even the lowest and most down tone people basically know, so they choose us to mess with our human rights and they selected us because they basically know that we will not let them come away. They want to be penalized because they know that they deserve it. There is no forgiving or forgetting. Human rights violators need the harshest kind of penalties and a lesson that they never ever forget. Never ever in gazillions of billions of years not!

I love you, and I want to pick up again where we left, Marty, I want to get my life and my family back with you.

Let’s make it happen, my darling. I know what the main problem is: the entire world (including all authorities) are SEGNPMSS controlled and cover for them and you are searching for a way to tell them in what a trap they all are.

Many kisses and tender and passionate embraces. I am here, Marty, any time when you need me.

Yours Sarah/Barbara

Marty, do you wonder why I have no grey hair? I am lucky and just have a few only, and they stay dark rinsing them after washing with BLACK TEA. If you have grey hair, don’t worry, I take you with any hair color even without any hair. But just you, nobody else.

Ron’s postulate: Good people should have rights too

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

One day, after we build orgs as Ron wanted them, we will also build an even more impressive, cleaner, and healthier in-door ocean as the Seagaia. And you and me will be sitting there then, holding hands, and we will be so happy and completely exterior. Exterior through Scientology. Intoxicated by love! Who needs drugs and booze if one can kiss and love? Who needs worries when they can be wiped away by study and application of Scientology?

We will change the world. Its written in our hands. Nobody will bust the SEGNPMSS but us.

I have some stuff to handle tonight, so I just post something very short today. It is kind of interesting that after so many years, I remain the same proud Scientologist that I always was. And I know that you are the same. People have to understand that they don’t experience and understand Scientology by reading hatred and misinformation on the net about it. Scientology is lots of study and lots of application. But I loved any second of it, Marty. Figuring the secrets of the universe with Scientology, what could be more exciting? I solved my most basic questions about life! Only Scientology was able to provide me with answers to my many deep questions. I am  so glad that Scientology is not a “just believe” religion but “find out yourself religion”. I regret very much that we were separated by infiltrators, Marty, but I don’t regret my studies, my life and the adventures that I had in Scientology. I would join all over again.  Despite the orgs are infiltrated, my times in Scientology were the happiest times of my life. Scientology helped me so much to understand the world and the universe. I am very proud of Ron, you, any REAL Scientologist, and myself. We are good and we are awesome – if I may say so myself. 🙂

I love you so much, Marty.

You, Ron, and Scientology are always on my mind. I thought recently about Ron’s statement that we need a world in which honest people have rights too. He noticed too that good people have no rights. So, why is that? Its because the SEGNPMSS (he called them another name but they are the same psych secret service) runs the world and grants rights to the bad people but none to the good people and that this must change. Marty, I swore in the presence of God that I will never stop working for this as long as I exist. It doesn’t matter how long it takes but we will be the winner at the end. There is a German proverb that says: Those who laugh at the end, will have the best laugh. And it won’t be the bad people who are laughing at the end because we can help it.

This bad world has to change. We’ll make it true, good people deserve the rights. Bad people have to make amends.

I am back soon.

Your wife forever


Is Church of Scientology INDIRECTLY admitting that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored?

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Real founder of Scientology, the good and decent L. Ron Hubbard on the left side, and the impostor creep on the photo on the right side.

Dearest Marty,

I am sure you find this to be an outpoint too:

On this website, C of S says that  they would offer the ONLY FILMED INTERVIEW WITH L. RON HUBBARD.

(They are right, that it is the real Ron on those videos.)

C of S is says that the video that they are selling is the ONLY interview of Ron. That means they must know that the creep on the Apollo with the bad teeth and who was married to Mary Sue,  the guy with the bad teeth wasn’t Ron but the impostor:

As they know that the Apollo guy wasn’t L. Ron Hubbard, shouldn’t DM make an OFFICIAL statement as to that Ron was indeed impostored?

How can anybody claim to be a Scientologist who covers something so important up?

I love you, Marty. I can’t tell you how much I would love to put all the records straight and document nothing but the facts to Scientologists and the world.

Much Love, my hero.