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Ruins of gigantic ancient civilization found in Guatemala with LIDAR, and typically, the Grand Canyon and other interesting places in the USA are not scanned

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Dearest Marty, my handsome Prince and hero,

You came into my life and became it. And I am so glad that you did.

To my headline: This picture was allegedly made in the Grand Canyon.

I think it is typical for the SEGNPMSS to prevent big archaeological discoveries in the USA to make North America look less interesting and to prevent that tourists are spending money here. Hopi claim that their forefathers came from the underworld. I think this is a good reason alone to scan the underworld of the Grand Canyon and other sites in North America. Some Indian artifacts were found in the Grand Canyon but as far as I know no thermal scanning of the GC and its underground was ever made.  Thermal scanning was done to pyramids in Giza with surprising results. This kind of scan could be applied to the GC too, right?  

This is supposed to be another picture is from the GC:


There was this person named Kincaid who claimed according to a newspaper article published in Arizona in April of 1909 that he saw structures in the Grand Canyon, e.g. an “Underground Citadel”. Some say it was a hoax, many others believe there are structures and a history to know and that it is covered up. Having witnessed numerous cover-ups by officials myself, I bet that there are cover-ups. It is a secret German medical world, and they order what is for the disadvantage of the USA.

There was another horrible school shooting. Already the 19th of this year.  It happens in the USA more than in any other state because the SEGNPMSS hates the USA even more than any other country or state. And what do you think using a person by the name of Nikolas Cruz?? These psychs are selecting their people and conditioning them to kill. Easy for them because people are chipped, clueless, and ear- and body implants are a bigger secret than any huge archaeological discovery in the USA.  And as usually, the WH, Congress, the CIA, FBI, law enforcement, schools, and all others, fail. What else is “new”? Psychs think they win with the school shootings as numerous people demand more psychiatric influence “to control or treat violent or mental ill people”.

They are organizing the shootings AND they get more business and influence through them as people are in fear for their children and themselves.   

The right thing to so is however to spill the beans that psychs deliberately implanting and conditioning people into become monsters.  

And Rod Rosenstein announced indictments of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities accused of violating U.S. criminal laws in order to meddle in U.S. elections and political processes. The world is chipped. The men behind Germany are trying to alienate Russia and the USA and if possible, wants them to engage in a war. The SPs behind Germany knew that these Russians would be busted before they set up the meddling. Similar as the SEGNPMSS sets up such situations in Scientology or with other entities or systems.  

Although Hillary Clinton is an ally of Germany and didn’t do anything to bust the SEGNPMSS so far, the men behind Germany preferred Donald Trump (maybe of his German blood or whatever) to win the Presidency.   

Russia must make sure that Germany can’t use it no longer. Germany held Russia down for decades with planting German agent Lenin and Marxism is Russia, another German system to control people and their freedoms.

Yes, Scientology is infiltrated by SEGNPMSS-chipped people, but Russia does also Germany’s dirty work by barging in and trying to outlaw it. Instead of outlawing original Scientology, they should outlaw the still existing Nazis behind Germany.  As these are the world’s biggest problems.     

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,



The very slow learners who we call SPs…

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Dearest Marty, my valentine, husband, soulmate, and most special Prince in the universe,

There are numerous people who keep us deliberately apart but are celebrating Valentin’s Day. I don’t envy them. I wouldn’t want such a hypocrite as they are in my life.

Lucky for us, they are not successful and our love continues to beat strong. Love is a word often used but the two of us really prove what real and true love can do despite the doctors ordered to destroy it.

We were anything but dumb young people when we fell for each other. Imagine how horrible it would not have recognized that we are soulmates. 

Everything that has to do with you in the world is more beautiful. A street for example is just a street. But if you ever walked there, it is a divine street!

If SPs would love the way we do, they wouldn’t commit suppressible acts as they would know that loving is so much more rewarding and feels so much better. Besides, they would use their time to better conditions for the person(s) they love and not wasting their lives and good conscience away by keeping true love apart. 

Happiness is the way to go exterior, and people who commit crimes against humanity can’t be happy and missing out. No wonder that they think that they are their bodies or their brains as they don’t ever learn to fly on the wings of love and happiness.     

You are the perfect man for me, Marty. You, your personality stands for decency and there is nothing hypocritical within your person. One trait that makes you irresistible. You don’t swim with the corrupt stream for personal gain. You have a conscience. You put yourself in other’s shoes. You stand up to what you believe and you follow your heart. If people would be like you, what a wonderful world it would be.

Actually, if we both were stranded on a remote island, I would have all I need if we could be together. If a ship would come and just offer me a trip back into civilization, I would decline in a heartbeat and stay with you. And this would be actually selfish of my behalf because nothing is more beautiful that your character and personality. You are a really bright star, Marty.    

Modest as you are, you might not think that you are perfect. But to me you are. Whatever you did and do, it was and is based on integrity and courage.

So, those people who think that I ever give up loving you must be lobotomized, otherwise they would get that this never ever will happen. If they would have IQs bigger than cockroaches, the past decades should tell them something! By separating us, SPs just add to their own rap sheets and are feeling lousy about themselves because deep down they know how disgusting it is what they are doing. Some “win”! They are so stupid! Ultra-slow thinkers, they are!

Sending you passionate and tender kisses, Marty. Hope to see you soon despite all odds.


Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 14, 2018 at 3:58 am

Myanmar (Burma) genocide and the Rohingyas

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, I am thinking of you.

In this world, when one conflict appears to be over, another one takes place. The real ravishing main fire is never put out and that is why there is never lasting peace on this planet as the SPs behind Germany are ignored or even actively and knowingly assisted by the rest of the world.      

On their website, the CIA calls Myanmar still Burma.

The CIA (according to my experiences, a German poodle) website looks partly unprofessional as the text is not properly aligned and the use of the double colon looks weird too. CIA ignores that Germany constantly let them look like fools, dilettantes, or criminals to smear the reputation of the USA. CIA fails to understand or admit that Germany runs also their employees and agents with ear-implants. No wonder that they didn’t save me from Germany, Marty. No wonder, I am the child left behind. If not for original Scientology and you, I would be lost.     

Anyway, it is absurd that a nation with mostly Buddhists is involved in genocide and in ethnic cleansing, a very German despicable activity. Buddhism has non-violence at the heart. The first of the five precepts that all Buddhists are supposed to follow is “Avoid killing, or harming any living thing.” 

But the Myanmar (Burma) government and the Buddhist villagers do exactly that to the Rohingya Muslims and Hindu. These ethnic groups lived together in peace for ages, but it suddenly changed because the monsters behind Germany want more slaughter. It is very German to strip people of their citizenship as they did with of Rohingya under their Nazi-smelling 1982 Citizenship Law and the human trafficking.

Germany uses ear-implants for all sides. Including German’s very own terror group al-Qaida (the monsters behind Germany are hiding behind it) that the men behind Germany have organized to be formed in Myanmar (Burma).  

They always have people on both sides and radio in their ear-implants and through other body chips of people to act in ways that provokes the other side to retaliate. They bring the worst out in everyone, and the CIA and all other analysts fail completely to figure who is behind it.

When two are fighting, Germany enjoys it as the SPs behind Germany have no human qualifications.   

I wrote about this already:  The monsters behind Germany, in the hard-core former barbers and butchers, psychiatrists and medical doctors, Nazis, have a problem with religion, any religion because originally, religions tell people to live ethical lives, and if people do so, the monsters behind Germany can’t pervert them as much as they want. So they sent their agents into religions to turn them into the opposite of what they were originally. Scientology is another example too. Also, by turning religions into the evils of the world, the monsters behind Germany think that God won’t exist then anymore and their bad consciences would be quiet. Yes, they are that stupid and their motivations are that low.

They infiltrated any religion and re-wrote any of their scriptures. They smeared in any religious scripture to make them look ridiculous, unscientific, perverted or brutal. And they chipped and run their clerics and let them say and do rotten things. All to make the world population give up on religion and worship doctors, psychs, and Germany instead.

It not all people would be chipped by Germany, they would have discovered who is behind it and would not just deal with the symptoms and try to put out the individual fires. They would go to the arsonists and would say: We know who you are and you will never ever get away with it.

And if they would put their money where their mouth is, we will have a much more peaceful Earth.

I know that these are your thoughts too, Marty. I love you.

Yours forever,


Sound of Buddha

Sound of Nazi boots:

Nevermind the video, everyone knows how gruesome that was and the government and people of Myanmar (Burma) should not allow themselves to be used to do Nazi dirty work by acting just like them. 

Idiotic that Mike Pence and Kim Yo Jong didn’t chat – goes for BOTH boring people actually

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and most missed husband in the world, how are you?

Whenever I think where I want to be the most, I know it right away. With you! Looking back, I know that I got through all these hard times because of my postulate to be with you in the future. What I never regretted even for a second was choosing you as my soulmate and husband, Marty. I couldn’t have made a better decision. And who says that young people make nothing but mistake? Decades later, it still is the best the decision. The only regrettable thing is that psychs and Germany run and pervert the entire world to keep us apart. As if that would bring them any blessings. 


Mike Pence and Kim Yo Jong are sitting in one box at the Olympics, close to each other and don’t chat with each other. Can you believe it?  How stiff are these people? They don’t have to sign treaties in that box. But they could have chatted for the sake of learning what’s up with the other person up close and personal.

If I would be in the shoes of either one, I would want to know how the other person ticks.

“Hey, Yo Jong, tell me about your time in Switzerland. Can you remember your last day? How come you and your bro mysteriously disappeared from there? Can you remember any German or Swiss psych hanging around? What happened to you before you were shipped back to North Korea?” Ect. 

People have ear-implants and they are psychiatric chipped and conditioned. They don’t think for themselves, and this is such a big mistake. Robots!

And remember Stephen Paddock? The man “without motive” who killed 58 and injuring almost 500 people? They found anti-anxiety meds in his system.  As you know, it is a fact that psychiatric drugs are changing the personality. People are “crazy” because psychs are setting them up to be crazy by sending secret sounds in their subconscious minds and hypnotizing and implanting them, etc. Fighting this with drugs is totally ridiculous. Medical and psychiatric terrorism must be fought with the law and justice not with drugs.      

Stephen Paddock had no motive as psychs conditioned him to carry out the atrocity. And their motive is: “We hate the USA and are evil and insane, and we set others up to kill because nobody points with the finger on us and stops us.”

He did see a psych, otherwise, where did he get the anti-anxiety drug from?

What a hell planet it is. And the government and Congress are in trance or bought or both by not blowing the whistle on medical and psychiatric terrorism in the USA and everywhere on the planet. And Germany, the SPs behind it, are having the overall control of medical and psychiatric terrorism. I said it before, I say it again because it is the truth and nobody else is writing or talking about it.

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. You are the best.

Yours forever,








The SPs behind Germany works hard at it to turn the USA into a Nazi country

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, how are you?

We, you and me, the fearless ourselves, will find each other, because we deserve it and our postulates work.  All what you wish in your life, Marty, I wish for my life as well. We’ll create our own paradise. No, I am not speaking about perfection but about truth. 

Did you read that white supremacist Arthur Jones may be the only Republican running for a seat in Congress in Illinois? The SPs behind Germany works hard at it to turn the USA into a Nazi country. They who chipped the entire planet with pro-Germany and pro psychiatry ear implants encourage or stop any other person who would not insult George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Dwight David Eisenhower by running for the GOP.   

Among other rubbish, Arthur Jones said: “Well first of all, I’m running for Congress not the chancellor of Germany…” How stupid does he thinks we are? Germany needs and wants Nazis in the USA to make it easy on Germany to bring the Nazis back. If no anti-Nazi-USA exist anymore, Germany can roll right over the USA and no one more powerful enough to stop the Nazis.

I love you, Marty. I will be back soon.

Yours forever,


The outpoints in the German justifications on how North Korea obtained nuclear and chemical war technology

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband and soulmate,

I think of you.  

For me, you did not just hung the moon. For me, you are able to create a new universe. Some Buddhists say that one feels weak in the knees and the heart pounds, it would not be the one. One who makes one feel calm and at peace would be the right person. I have all these things at once: heart pounds, butterflies, weak in the knees but same time feeling very calm and at peace. That is the right one, and that is you!   

I can’t tell you how often I roll my eyes reading news, particularly about Germany.

As the world is German-chipped and ear-implant-controlled, most people “miss”, ignore, or excuse the German role in the most horrible atrocities or the German role in the manufacture of items for horrible atrocities.

There were a couple of media reports yesterday saying that the boss of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (German: Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz or BfV),  Germany’s domestic security agency, said that North Korea procured equipment and technology for its ballistics missiles program using Germany’s embassy in Berlin. 

The media portrayed Germany as the victim. And they got it completely wrong. Germany is using other countries, including North Korea. And above all is the very secret SEGNPMSS (whatever name they call it). The BfV and other official German secret services are branches of it. 

First of all, I am 100% sure that Kim Jong Un is a threat to the USA and other nations because Germany didn’t want peace in Korea or the world. They kidnapped him from his school in Switzerland and conditioned him in to become the person he is today, and I think that the Swiss was very much involved. 

In order to have other countries do their dirty work, Germany and some of other countries that Germany secretly run, produce “products” that allegedly can be used also for peaceful activities. That is one of their justifications to deliver horrible weapons to their chipped and psychiatric conditioned Manchurian candidates in other nations. However, when getting such an order from a country that is known to make threats to other nations, how difficult is it too figure that these devices or technology is not used for anything peaceful?

Germany’s secret services spy (and not just spy but worse) on us, the Scientologists but they constantly fail to spy on terrorists or war makers. Isn’t that suspicious? There must be tons of evidence of this, but here just three: North Korea, 7/11 (cell who flew into the twin towns plotted the atrocities in Germany), and chemical weapons delivered to Libya.

The boss of Germany’s BfG said now that in 2014, a North Korean diplomat reportedly tried to obtain a “multi-gas monitor” that is used in the development of chemical weapons.

Since 2014! And they didn’t close the NR embassy in Germany despite that they knew that “NR uses it” to get its hands on  weapons for mass destruction?! For those people who do not believe that Germany secretly runs NR and other rogue nations, why would they let an embassy go on for years of which they knew would help NR’s weapons program?  

The BfG boss said that when they see something like this, they would stop it:  “But we can’t guarantee that we will be able to detect and thwart all cases.”

Yikes! Nothing but alibis! What a justification. They might have “stopped” something for alibi reasons so that gullible people think that they are anti-war, anti-terror, and anti-mass destruction, but see what they added immediately to it: “might not be able to guarantee that we will be able to detect and thwart all cases.” Of course not! Because they don’t want to detect and thwart all cases. They chipped the planet and run all people with ear-implants. The NK and any other dangerous situation could end immediately if they would radio their agents of any nation to take a peaceful route for a change.    

BfV boss Hans-Georg Maassen said that the parts for Pyongyang’s weapon programs “were acquired via other markets, or that shadow firms had acquired them in Germany.”

Germany runs these markets and the owners of those shadow firms. With German insane “thoroughness”, they chipped just about any being in the world to do what they want. Besides, they know of the NK danger since decades. Why don’t they spy on NK activities in Germany as closely as on Scientologists? No Scientologist ever would be able to open a shadow company of sorts in Germany. But NK can  and other rogue nations or terror groups can because Germany doesn’t just let them. They set them up to commit these acts. Heil psychiaty, heil ear-implants!

And that is not just all. North Korea sold a ballistic missile system to Myanmar and it appears that NR is “helping” Syria with a chemical weapons program. Germany is behind that as well as it wanted the Syrians, hard-working people, to leave their country and boost the German economy.  

At the same time, it is reported that the German Army is falling behind. As Germany has all nations chipped and the USA to defend Germany if they can’t control one of their own foreign puppet leaders anymore, why spending money for Armed Forces? Let Americans pay for this defense. Let them believe that Germany is pro freedom and not behind the wars and terrors of this world and do the fighting for Germany. That saves Germany money, which they crave to become World Power No. 1. I know how they tick. 

Also, Germany is needy for intellectual approval. They want to be the world’s thinkers and advanced people. They want the world pray to them in awe over their mental capacities.  They want the world to think how intelligent Germans are by being capable to invent those weapons and technologies that other’s can’t. Now as NK is getting attention on how they developed these weapons, Germany wants credit: they got it from us but we don’t use it. 

Yeah right. Nothing they do is advanced and intelligent. But everything they do is low and obsessed.

love you, Marty.   

Yours forever,



1) What is the truth here and what is the lie? Is the Pennsylvanian standstone strata 300 million years or not? 2) David Mayo

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible husband,

How are your days and nights?

You are my dream and I never let my dream die. To me, you are perfect, even if you should make a mistake. The important thing, and this is so loveable about you, is that you truly and with each fiber of your being want justice and decency. You don’t want a world with chipped robots who can’t spell human rights.

To my headline: This one is really interesting. Scientists are saying that the sandstone in  the Pennsylvanian strata is 300 000 million years old. Scientists are also saying that 300 000 years ago, no humans or animals existed on Earth. Yet, they found advanced human creations imprinted in the 300 000 million years old sandstone. So, what is the truth and what is the lie? Either the lie is that the sandstone is not 300 000 million years old or the lie is that no advanced humans were around 300 000 million years on this very planet in North America. I rather think the latter applies. The discovery was made in the corner of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.


Have a look at this article and the video:

To the other subject: David Mayo died. I never was a fan of David Mayo. He “audited” (“Vistarology” instead of Scientology) the impostor and kept it from the world that the man who he helped was not the founder but the impostor. It is possible that David Miscavige also threw Scientology money at David Mayo. 

Be kissed and embraced, Marty.

Yours forever,