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Greedy Germany does not want to make amends for the mass murder of Black people in Africa (Germany acts as if Black lives don’t matter!)

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and Captain of my hearth,

Germany is the biggest hypocrite ever. It is true that the extermination of the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire was genocide. However, what Germany is not saying is that their secret service p$ychs put these Turks up to it by running them through ear-implants with silent and loud sounds. Doesn’t makes the Ottoman innocent, but the instigator is Germany as it always was and is.  

Germany has more Holocausts under its blood-crusted rugs: More than  150,000 Herero and Nama were murdered by the order of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany (and the SEGNPMSS behind him) between 1904 and 1909. I am sure that you are aware of this.

To the Black people today who are feeling that white people treat them as if their lives don’t matter, I say that the German-controlled ear-implants (in any country) are the reason for it.    

Like Hitler, Wilhelm II seems psychiatric-conditioned to me, Marty. Some psychiatrists today label King Wilhelm II mentally ill, however, as always, psychiatrists cover up how they bring out the worst in people: hypnosis, e-shocks, implants, ear-implants, drugs, etc.  

Due to German forces, the Africans died from starvation and thirst in the desert.  Others were shot, hanged or died of abuse in concentration camps or elsewhere. German slave drivers!

Germany refuses to pay financial compensation for the African victims’ descendants, despite that they can’t sweep the Black Holocaust anymore under the rug. If the German government does want to pay for the damages it did, its “apology” does not mean anything!

This is from Wikipedia about the Black Holocaust:

Medical experiments and scientific racism[edit]

Prisoners were used for medical experiments and their illness or recoveries was used for research [63]

Experiments on live prisoners were made by Dr Bofinger, who injected Herero that were suffering from scurvy with various substances including arsenic and opium; afterwards he researched the effects of these substances via autopsy.[64]

Experimentation with dead body parts of the prisoners was rife. Zoologist Leopard Schultze noted taking “body parts from fresh native corpses” for which was according to him a “welcome addition”, and that he could use prisoners for that purpose.[65]

An estimated 3.000 skulls were sent to Germany for experimentation, in part from concentration camp prisoners.[66] In October 2011, after 3 years of talks, the first 20 of an estimated 300 skulls stored in the museum of the Charité were returned to Namibia for burial.[67][68] In 2014, 14 additional skulls were repatriated by the University of Freiburg.[69]

Wikipedia doesn’t, but I see clearly the SEGNPMSS behind it. Psychiatrists, the same monsters behind Hitler. And nobody brought them to justice as of today.


Also, Germany refused again to pay Greece the EUR 279 billion restitution. 300.000 Greeks died on starvation, the economy of Greece was completely destroyed by the Nazis, and the Italians who were put up by Germany to wear Greece down so that the Nazis have it easy to take Greece over. And today’s rich Germany does not want to pay restitution to Greece, which means that Germany still isn’t sorry what it did to the Greeks. And it didn’t stop there.  

The modern economy of Greece (like the one of the USA and other countries) is deliberately sabotaged with German-controlled psychiatric loud and silent sounds. In order to become world power no. 1, Germany’s secret services are using ear implants to talk other nations out of improving their economies or producing good products while Germany’s economy is allowed to flourish and their products are not sabotaged. They are just bad when Germans thinks that they get away with it, e.g. Volkswagen. Merkel said that the VW scandal will not define Germany… Sure not, as all are minds on the planet are run by the SEGNPMSS… They will make sure that Germany can do as it pleases; it always will be forgiven by the mind-controlled planet. Argh! Despite everything it did and does, ear-implants is why Germany continues to be on top and all others below, way below.

A Nazi party in Greece is getting many votes. Another way how Germany infiltrates Greece currently is to turn Greece into becoming  and staying German-obedient. Heil ear-implants! Heil p$ychs! 

I love you, Marty. 

I would give my life up in a heartbeat if I would be in yours. Together (and not just on “borrowed” time) is the only place I will ever accept.  

Forever yours!






Thousands of human-built mysterious caves found in Central Nepal… 155 foot above the valley floor!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and hero, how are you? I am thinking of you! And I worry about you.

I am rather busy these days, preparing my house for my visitors. The first one comes in a week from now. 

About these cages. Some have a small tunnel from above, others are dug from the side into the stone. Historians don’t know who built them and how those people were able to reach that height. I think they found human bones in some, but my intuition tells me that the main reason for building them was to prolong their lives and to get away from a really scary enemy. Some of the kind who turned also some Anasazi into cannibals. Manchurian candidates already back then. And the SPs who conditioned them. 

Marty, I have no time to follow the Olympics but the swimmer scandals has the degradation of the USA written all over it. I bet you think the same. The entire world is watching, the ideal situation for the SEGNPMSS to set something up that smears the reputation and the ethics presence of the USA. If people just were able to see. It comes easy to us…

I am sending you many tender and passionate kisses. Miss you more than I can say.

And I love you.

Yours always,


That is what happens to me. There is never a day when I don’t think of you, Marty. 






















An estimated 10,000 of these mysterious human-built caves have been found in the former Kingdom of Mustang in North, Central Nepal.

Time again to post pictures of the originals compared to the impostors on my blog, Marty, my soulmate…

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Here is Ron, the real founder of Scientology:



Here is his impostor:

33Impostor of Scientology founder

Below is a photo that show the real and original Marty, with my campaign slogan attached to it.😉  Sorry for you place right under the impostor. Pictures are difficult to manage on this blog.  Here is you, Marty, the man who I married on a wonderful spring day in the UK:



Here is a photo that shows your impostor, Monique’s husband, the “star” of  Louis Theroux movie and other publications:

33Impostor of Marty


The CIA, FBI, and other agencies of the US intelligence community  are having a lot of explaining to do, doing still existing Nazi Germany’s dirty work by hiring these people. This includes also the hiring of a “replacement” for US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. One has to wrap one’s head around that Ike was the elected US President, and Germany had him killed while in office! His murder was swept under the carpet by US intelligence agencies who “supplied” a “replacement”,  a man who was NOT elected by the US public/delegates. US agencies never came clean on this and continue to be the obedient servants of the SEGNPMSS, other Germany’s secret services, the men behind Merkel, and all other chancellors.  

Real Ike and elected President of the USA:

real ike

Upon secret German orders, this CIA/German agent that was put in the White House after Ike was covertly murdered. This fact is concealed before the American public still today. 


There were more doppelgangers used. No wonder doppelganger is a German word, because they came up with cloning and are lying to the world that it is not possible. German medical doctors do it since centuries to corrupt the world. President Obama felt he needed a political win. He accepted this Bin Laden doppelganger as Bin Laden:



Here is the doppelganger of Bin Laden who was shot by the Navy Seals in Pakistan. If President Obama would have published the photos of the shot Bin Laden, people could think that he thought that he got the real terrorist. However, as President Obama concealed these photos from the public, one can conclude that he saw that his dead terrorists is not the real Bin Laden. SEGNPMSS helped Bin Laden to get away, and the German-infiltrated US government assisted greatly. This is what they call justice, and keeping you behind bars despite you didn’t do anything wrong, Marty. This planet is revolting. If one can’t trust even the USA, the land of the “free and brave” who can you trust? Apparently only us original Scientologists.

This is the Bin Laden doppelganger who was shot. Clearly, those are two different men. And the US intelligence community IS VERY WELL INFORMED ABOUT DOPPELGANGERS AND IMPOSTORS as it hires them upon secret German orders too!  


Like Hitler, Bin Laden got away. If we, you and I, would have the time to dig though archives and pictures, we would find even more doppelgangers, I am sure. Law enforcement just looks at measurements, e.g. larger ears to identify someone, etc. and stuff like that, but we look mostly at the tonelevel of a person. The tonelevel can be always noticed in real life, most of the time in films, and often also in photos.  Works all the time. Scientology haters say that the tonescale doesn’t work. Yeah right. That is why we, you and me, and some others, Marty, discover the doppelgangers and impostors and they don’t, because are fools and blind like moles.

The tonescale is why I can trust you, Marty. You are on top of it and it is absolutely irresistible. It is the total beauty of a non-corrupted thetan… In your case, masculine inner beauty, reflecting outside through the eyes, the smile, the aura. I know that many psychs are at a loss why we don’t fall for their doppelgangers, impostors, other agents, and set ups. Original Scientology is invaluable. I am not talking of altered Scientology, e.g. Miscavology or Vistarology, but original Scientology as researched by the real and original founder Ron. This one rocks. Glad that I have it. Resulted in us having more senses available than others. Can’t imagine my life without my intuition and abilities that I got through Scientology. I pity the people who never found out what it really is and fall for the alterations and the lies.

Giving you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I am so glad that you exist. Your tonelevel takes my breath away and gives me butterflies. Thanks for not being a bad guy but giving it your all to be the special person that you are. You are the Prince of Personality. The brightest real star there could be. I am in awe.

Always yours,


P.S. David Miscavige hired a “service” to keep my blog down, just as Germany and psychs want it. I don’t want to be in their shoes when the motivators hit. However, real important is that my postings are reaching you, Marty. I don’t expect much of the world anyway. I know it too well.  














Copenhagen Interpretation and quantum mechanics… if people catch on that it is wrong, Germany intents to blame it on Denmark

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Dearest Marty, my love and my hope, how are you?

Sure miss you a lot and every day again.

If  people catch on that QM is wrong, Germany intents to blame it on Denmark. That’s why the secret German world didn’t call the Copenhagen Interpretation the German Interpretation, despite they always want (of course undeserved) the credit. It is a typical German (particularly Bavarian) pattern.  They are so needy and want to admired for what they are NOT: intelligent people. They are sneaky like no one else in the universe, I give them that. I am sure that you noticed that they run people since ages with ear implants and arrange/d that historic reports constantly give credit to Germany, either on the field of science or art or whatever. These credits are as fake as the deep universe that they gave the world to “study”.

If they would be intelligent, they never would have treated us the way they did. Shouldn’t they have concluded that if they treat us this way that we think “What the hell is going on?” and figure them out?

They are making hate out of nothing at all. Besides, if we don’t succeed in making the world better, they too will step in their own traps. Just a matter of time. Nobody wins with them, not even they will.

As you know, German Werner Karl Heisenberg,  a theoretical physicist and Niels Henrik David Bohr, a Danish physicist are the “pioneers” of quantum mechanics. In my opinion, quantum mechanics contains lots of crap that never took into account that physics experiments are sabotaged with lasers and other secret devices to prevent people understanding it. Applied to stop people venturing into space, while Germany’s Manchurian candidates are put up to venture out and attach any living creature in the universe to their ear implant system for German psychiatric control reasons. German (particularly Bavarian) psychs and medical doctors want to rule this and any other universe. They want to turn everything in a medical/psychiatric hell. And they are too dumb to consider that their own memory-stripping “inventions”, can and is also applied to them by their own peer, and perpetrators becomes victims in a snap, certainly in their next lifetimes. 

I firmly believe, Marty, that any physical “phenomenon”, of which no trace can’t be found on Earth, don’t exist out in space either and is fake. The Algol Paradox (in some binaries, the partners appears to have different ages, even though they have formed at the same time, says Wikipedia) and the Paradox of Youth (compared to theory, they found an overabundance of young stars close to the supermassive black hole in the  Galactic Center, says Wikipedia) and numerous other contradictions as Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies point clearly towards that the real universe is hidden behind a fake projection that our scientists study instead of the real thing.

For us, it is easy to figure things out, Marty, we know the minds of SPs. And we don’t have to install ear and other body implants into them to invade their thoughts. They did it to us and still failed to figure us out. We didn’t install anything into them, and we figured them out completely. We know them and what to expect from them, but they still bite us because they are idiots.

You are deep in my non-fake heart, Marty. When I think back, in your eyes, I could see that you analysed what was going even before I did. Wisdom despite of your youth.

You are wonderful, and I love you. I proud of you. Very proud.

Yours forever,








How deeply asleep are scientists and law enforcement by not figuring “spontaneous human combustion” as medical terrorism?

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and husband,

This is a gross subject (like anything else medical terrorists do) but I want to give my  Centillions of  two-cents hereto.😉

Seriously… I kinda ran into some articles on “human combustion”, a fire that starts within the body of a person without apparent external source of ignition.

Who are they kidding? 

This kind of creepy terror seems to go on for centuries and “science” has again not the correct answer, they just provide some explanations (alcohol, gas, electricity), which in my opinion, contribute to the fire, set with microwave beams or lasers from a secret service doctor/killer. They targeted the bodies of approx. 300 people with those devices and set them on fire, even from a distance. They do it to living people and also to recently diseased people. Guess that is what these perverted medical minds calling “fun”. They are so disgusting. I pity any person who has such a medical person in her/his life. 

It is not “paranormal” either, it is medical terrorism again.

Some people suspect correctly that the combustion must have an outside trigger, even if the victim had alcohol in her system. But what they and nobody else are investigating are secret service doctors who use microwave beams or lasers to kill these people. The motivation for such a medical terrorism might me just: I am bored today. Let’s lit someone up.

The people who set themselves on fire are hypnotized by psychiatrists to do that. 100% beyond any doubt. And law enforcement is sound asleep.

I love you, my hero.

Yours always,










Medical snakes also in Israel…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, my thoughts are with you.

You are wonderful, don’t ever forget it. We belong together and no snake and assistant snake can ever change this. By keeping us separated, they just prolong their rap sheet for which one day, they have to carry the responsibility. One can see their lack of IQ, otherwise they would have figured that. And until then, they can live with the guilt and the bad conscience. Nothing I would want for my life. They hold the strings of this world, but happiness. No monster is happy. You and I, we never would want their Dorian Grey lives.    

I suppose that Al Jazeera researched below article. It says that 1956, medical doctors stole mainly Yemeni babies and gave them to Israeli parents. Apparently, medical doctors in Israel doing the dirty work for Germany, even if the German doctors behind the Nazis ordered also the extermination of Jewish doctors only a decade earlier during the Holocaust. Germany has the overall control over each ear implant, and whatever happens in any country, is the responsibility of Germany’s SPs, because they do not just not stop evil, they make it, they use translated silent and loud sounds to run anyone on the planet  (and beyond) to bring the worst out of the people.

These kidnappings of Yemeni babies has German Nazi doctors written all over it.  I see an attempt to blame me being kidnapping  on Jews. Like in: “It is not us Germans, the Jews are kidnapping the babies…” It is typical German, particularity Bavarian thinking, Marty. They order and organize horrible crimes to blame it on others, but we can figure their crimes a snap, their patterns of atrocities, it doesn’t matter on who they want to blame it.   

Here is the article.

Reichsführer Heinrich Himmer  said on October 4, 1943 in Poznan: “One basic principal must be the absolute rule for the SS man: we must be honest, decent, loyal, and comradely to members of our own blood and to nobody else. What happens to a Russian, to a Czech, does not interest me in the slightest. What the nations can offer in good blood of our type, we will take, if necessary by kidnapping their children and raising them with us. Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death interests me only in so far as we need them as slaves for our culture; otherwise, it is of no interest to me. Whether 10.000 Russian females fall down from exhaustion while digging an anti-tank ditch interest me only in so far as the anti-tank ditch for Germany is finished. Blah, blah, blah…”

The Nazis didn’t die out in 1945. The German psychs who run Nazis and all others with ear implants never were prosecuted. I mentioned this before. Of course, they also implanted ear implants into Jews like in any other nations. And that is why Jews didn’t fight the Nazis back when it was still time. Ear implants made it very easy for Germany to slaughter millions of Jews and other nationals. Jews and other nationals were told that “it will blow over”, they just have to keep their heads low for a bit… They will be saved. Hell, they were! German lies. I know Germany, particularly Bavaria. Being sneaky is so typically for them. Without ear implants, Jews and others would have fought quickly back and won. No Holocaust. 

I read today, that Donald Trump wants ideological testings for Muslim immigrants and visitors coming to the USA. What does this help, Marty? Medical doctors and psychiatrists of any nationality already in the US follow the German medical/psych Nazi whispers and condition, implant, hypnotize, drug, and e-shock people also into becoming Manchurian candidates. They do this not just to Muslims but to anyone who seems a “good candidate” for atrocities.  I don’t see either Donald nor Hillary going after these kind of doctors who are bringing out the worst in any person of any nationality.

We need somebody who drives the snakes out of the USA, off this planet, off this universe, by convicting them to hard labor until not one of their victims feels any anger anymore towards them. And considering the crimes that they committed, that will be a very very very very long stretch. They need forgiveness from anyone they harmed. And all those judges being lenient with those monsters should be sentenced too and share a cell with them. It is easy to forgive, and the biggest mistake one can make. If somebody offers the other cheek, she will be hit again and nothing changes.  Particularly not the criminal mind. I am not talking of another wrong, Marty. I am talking of a right. Sentences and hard work and no entertainment but education on how to become a human being.

Once they are done with their hard labor sentences over lifetimes,  if anyone ever sneaks up to them and asks them to commit a crime, they will scream “NO!” so loud that anyone at the other end of the universe will hear it. THIS is the way to handle the criminal mind.       

Psych Radovan Karadžić got only 40 years for genocide and mass murder of hundred thousands of people!  Isn’t it outrageous? That psych monster (also called the Butcher of Bosnia) was charged with 11 counts of war crimes and the International Criminal Tribunal sentenced him only 40 years, which means that the individual life of a person is worth (100000’s : 40)… nothing!!!!

Radovan Karadžić is a psych. The men who ran/run him are psychs and medical doctors too. German psychs and medical doctors of course above all others. They always are getting away as they control the ear-implant of people and make them not looking for them or letting them get away.

And how long are you locked up, Marty, for having not committed one crime, but being a good person who Germany set up by also using Spain and the USA? I am sure that they set you up, because I can feel it! And my intuition works! 


Officially, during the trial, Karadžić appeared to accuse Germany of having transported weapons into Bosnia kill the Serbs, but I see something else, Marty, another alibi by Germany not wanting to be accused of being the secret force behind the atrocities of Karadžić. But they were behind psych colleague Karadžić. As they were behind the kidnapping of Yemeni kids to Israel. And any other horror on the planet. It is a GERMAN world. It is a DISGUSTING GERMAN WORLD  since an eternity, and I ask myself day by day the same questions: what else has to happen until mankind says: We had it with them! Despite they are so rotten, they always end up smelling like roses because they hi-jack the unripe minds of children and manipulate them with ear-implants to do what they order. 

You figured it too, Marty, I know. You are another one of the very rare people who they could NOT fool. You are all I want and need, Marty. We knew all the time that we wouldn’t allow anyone between us. Separating us is futile. This love of us is divine. It is made for the eternity. I pity each medical and other criminal mind who thinks they have a chance to come between us.  

Yours forever,


I see Germany clearly behind it…

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Smash the Enemies of Greater Germany- WW2 NAZI PROPAGANDA POSTER

Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and incredible Prince, how are you?

The SEGNPMSS wants the USA involved in wars. It wants to ruin the USA so that Germany becomes World Power no. 1. It is the old Nazi plan, and also the plan they had before the Nazis. Nancy Pelosi but also Republicans are saying that their e-mails were hacked and that it was done by the Russians. American secret services says that the Russians are the major suspects. Germany uses bad apples of any nation for its outrageous activities to win the control over the planet.  

There are countless of situations each year, set up and organized by the SEGNPMSS to bring the USA into its knees, including who runs for US president. In 2014, there were 318.9 million people in the USA, and the big parties can’t find any better candidates but Donald and Hillary. Give me a break! For you and me, all is transparent, but what about the others? There are analysts who are paid for figuring things out, but they don’t. SEGNPMSS uses ear implants to control people. Typically psychs to invade the minds of people.

And as I said before, the Whistleblowers, Snowden, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Anonymous, hackers, and whoever else, they usually just “blow the whistle” when it can be blamed on the USA. It is all about degrading and shaming the USA. All of these “whistleblowers” keep Germany’s psychiatrists’ secrets that these monsters have ear implants installed in little kids ears (any nation, any religion, any race, any gender, any social class) all over the planet to run them and control them throughout their entire lives. If that wouldn’t be the case, I wouldn’t be the only person writing about the ear-implants. From how people talk, it is often easy to see that they are getting messages in their implants that they more or less robotically repeat. I get it all the time when people talk to me. 

I just saw a trailer about  Florence Foster Jenkins, the woman who sung in the White House while Rutherford B. Hayes was the President and she could not sing. An article that I read said that she wasn’t the only one who could not sing and Americans would love bad singing. The hell they do. When I look at something, I do not just see the front but also the layers beyond. German controlled ear implants are the reason why Americans show bad taste or behave otherwise non-American. Germany smirks and “demonstrates” to their people and all other people that America is “tasteless” and has “no culture”. When I lived in West Germany, I heard anti-American propaganda all the time from these alleged American “allies” and “friends”.

The poster above says that all enemies should be slammed into the dust for the sake of a large Germany.

These days, after Great Britain decided on BREXIT, it is smeared too as incompetent. Germany above everything. Just like their national hymn says. 

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon called Angela Merkel telling her that Scotland wants to  stay in the EU. She didn’t call the President of the EU, she called Merkel! Germany above everything. As if Ms. Sturgeon missed out history lessons. And Merkel said that Northern Ireland and Scotland would be welcome to stay in the EU. And that was the SEGNPMSS plan in the first place.

Due to the role that Great Britain played during the World Wars, Germany has a problem with GB and don’t want the GB telling it what to do or having any influence on what they do. So, they decided to make it smaller, had the BREXIT so that Scotland and N. Ireland break away from GB while the SEGNPMSS will do anything to dwarf the GB economy by controlling people with loud and silent sounds through ear implants. (The same way they hold the US economy down.)

Calling Great Britain “incompetent” is typical SEGNPMSS propaganda. If nobody blows the whistle on what is BEHIND everything, if nobody pulls the whistle on Germany’s secret services, and particularly, the SEGNPMSS (a secret service so secret that this planet doesn’t even know its name, although it is in PLAIN SIGHT, as least for you and me) one day, not so far in the future, this planet will be German.

Another SEGNPMSS plan is to have Nazis grow particularly in countries that fought the Nazis during WWII, like Great Britain, Russia, or the USA, so that nobody claims that it is again Germany. But it is still them. They have the overall control over each ear implant ever installed. 

During the 3rd Reich, they showed their real monster faces. At the moment, they show it through Daesh and other terror groups and nations, which they use to execute their psychiatric/medical atrocities. But when no country is left that is strong enough anymore to fight them back, the German doctors, former barbers and butchers, behind the Nazis will have them march officially again. I don’t even want to be in this universe when this happens! People who act as if all is fine with Germany on top of everything are stupid. They are really dumb. There is no other word for it.  

Be kissed, my darling. I love you. 

Yours always,


Waiting for you…  I am looking forward to see your face again, Marty. This face and your wonderful eyes in which I discovered so much decency and courage.    







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