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If His Cobness throws cash at your impostor instead of his wife, they probably feel, they don’t have to pay their now fired attorneys

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Dearest Marty, my hero and one and only,

Hundreds of things to do but you are never far from my mind. 

Monique withdrew her case no. 15-0966 in the Texas Supreme Court against Stephen Sloat, Ed Bryan, Church of Scientology International, David Lubow, and Monty Drake (and DM) in which she announced that she moves to dismiss her complaint in the 207th District Court in Texas. She (or rather your impostor who has the saying against Scientology) complains that the attorneys acted against her wishes, delayed the case and told them that their lawsuit is not much worth financially.

Here we have it! Clearly, these golddiggers want to make big cash off Scientology. They don’t just withdraw a case without profiting. 

According to some publications on the Internet, “her” attorneys invested  thousands of hours of “work” in that case, worth “million/s”.

Well, I hope these attorneys also learned their lesson not to take clients who have a vendetta against Scientology.

I ran into two statements made by Monique’s husband recently:

One said that they achieve outside of the courts what they wanted to achieve.

The other statement said that there was no settlement.

He also made clear, that nothing of his attitude against Scientology is changed and he referred again to his long blog.

However, they want money.  Lots of it. In regards to Scientology, he and not Mosey has the saying. He was/is the force behind “her” case.  Scientology is a really complicated subject as many know. Monique is “green” in that matter. I’m convinced that she never would have sued the C of S, Miscavige, and the other defendants in the first place without putting her up to it. Videos that I have seen of  her indicate clearly that she does exactly what her hubby orders.

In order to get rid of the case and not having to appear in court, DM might have settled on might settle with you impostor, Marty. And once you come free and make a public appearance, you impostor and this money might disappear together with him. IF DM PAYS HIM MONEY. (I don’t have any facts as of now, just a hunch.)

And DM has even more explaining to do for 1) hiring your impostor in the first place 2) making a non-Scientologist, agent, and impostor to his 2nd in command 3) paying him money after he harmed Scientology greatly in the media and otherwise.

Once your impostor has the cash, Monique and the child will probably  see the last of him and any cash. (Again, no facts yet, but a hunch.)

I love you, Marty. I am so glad that you are different, honest, and noble. You are the last person in the universe who should be incarcerated.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling.





Ron Miscavige senior with Nazi armband

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Scientology — Leader's Father Snapped in Nazi Uniform … Son Disowns Him

Dearest Marty, my hero and irresistible Prince, how are you? I feel for you and wish I could do something effective to help you.

Above link shows a picture of  Ronald Miscavige senior, the father of David Miscavige in a Nazi uniform. Can it get any clearer that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and German-oriented secret service agents? 

C of S  today (DM still at the top) says that Ronald Miscavige senior is a racist, apparently against Jews but also against Blacks.  He is a non-Scientologist, apparently.

A few other things that I noticed  (besides that the dirty Miscavige laundry between the members of this family of Non-Scientologists points me clearly towards German-psychiatric secret service set ups to harm the reputation of Scientology) are these:  

  1. The PIs hired (by OSA or one of their law firms) to do the surveillance are shady, operating above the law and are getting “caught” (German-psychiatric secret service set ups to harm the reputation of Scientology). A “father and son team” as in “Ronald Miscavige and David Miscavige father and son team”.  Yikes! USD 500.000 of Scientology money to tail his unethical father who DM on top of all antagonized!
  2. Do I think that Ronald Miscavige senior wants to cash in on the anti-Scientology hype with his book? (Yes, I do.)
  3. Ronald Miscavige senior complains that his son David Miscavige “teared him apart” (verbally, cursing, yelling, screaming) for 55 minutes. Apparently, David Miscavige does NOT APPLY Scientology when he deals with people incl. his own family.  DM creates his own enemies again and again, and they retaliate against him. German-psychiatric secret services loves it as in the eye of the clueless public, Scientology is blamed on this. 
  4. Ronald Miscavige said he raised David Miscavige. This is the problem!  DM was raised by his father Ron Miscavige who admits in 20/20 that he was physically abusive to his wife and family. DM is accused of hitting and beating people. This is anti-Scientology. This is Miscavology not Scientology! The problem with David Miscavige is that he has not changed. He is the man his father raised. He has not changed in Scientology because he is no Scientologist  who applies it to his own life. DM didn’t better himself. If he hits people, how is he different from his father? 
  5. DM’s twin sister Denise doesn’t apply Scientology to her life either. Her name is in the bad headlines too. DUI and reckless driving. Scientology not applied. DM can’t get his own closest family members to apply Scientology because he doesn’t apply it either.
  6. I’m pretty sure that not only David Miscavige was around when we both married in the UK, Marty, but Ronald Miscavige witnessed it too. I bet the farm that both know that the man married to Mary Sue and who left Scientology to David Miscavige was an impostor and secret service agent and not the founder.
  7. Ronald Miscavige is also very contradictory. One time he says that his son was not always the way he is now, that he was lovable as a kid, and then he says that his son before Scientology started fights with others and ripped into others. How lovable is that???? It tells me that DM hasn’t changed at all from the way Ronald Miscavige brought him up. Former bully is still a bully. As a kid before Scientology, DM according to his father, was telling bad things about other people. This hasn’t changed either because David Miscavige does not apply Scientology to his own life. I can feel that he 3rd partied me too to his team after I published that he got Scientology from the impostor and not from the founder. And he hired a “service” to keep my blog low in the net. It is illegal, imo, as it prevents the volume of my right of free speech. However, Marty, I don’t expect much of the world anyway. German-controlled ear implants are there to prevent this. As long as my blog reaches you somehow, our story will have a happy ending. 
  8. The Miscaviges joined Scientology for the wrong reasons. It is an applied religious philosophy and not a clinic to handle diseases like asthma. As he and also his other family members joined for the wrong reasons, they of course didn’t apply religious Scientology. Medical Secret Service terrorists are using remote-controlled germs to cause diseases including asthma. They introduce and stop diseases as they please, and the authorities are blind toward what these medical terrorists are doing. It is possible that they plotted already in the late 60s that DM is the kind of person who would take Scientology over in a non-religious bully way. And that is why they allowed him to stay and move to the top.
  9. 20/20 just like other TV programs is mixing up pictures of the real founder Ron and of his impostor. They did not compare the pictures to each other and did not discover that one is the decent founder, and the other one is the sneaky German/CIA controlled infiltrator and impostor “Jack Vistaril” who passed Scientology to David Miscavige without that Jack Vistaril was entitled to do that. If reporters would understand the tonescale, they would not make these kind of huge mistakes. 
  10. I also bet the farm that Norman Starkey knows very well that the man who left Scientology due to David Miscavige a secret service agent and imposter and that Ron, the real founder of Scientology would have NEVER EVER left Scientology to David Miscavige. NEVER EVER. How dare Norman Starkey to make a statement like that. I hope he lives long enough that I can tell him face to face what I think of him. Besides, the most normal action for any founder is to leave his work to a child/children and not to strangers. But in regards of Scientology, people don’t think clearly, thanks to psychiatrists and their mind-control and media campaigns against Scientology.
  11. With takeover by David Miscavige, many people were kicked out of Scientology. Including me. I blame Germany, secret services, and international psychiatrists on it. They ordered it, because they had the plan to change Scientology even more than agent Jack Vistaril changed it. And David Miscavige seem to them the ideal man to bring Scientology in trouble and to prevent the comeback of original Scientology.
  12. Marty, in 1985, Ronald Miscavige, the father of David Miscavige was arrested in Pennsylvania on charges of attempted rape. He said it was a case of mistaken identity. Really? If David Miscavige wouldn’t have gotten his father out of this with Scientology money, Ronald Miscavige probably would have been send to jail. DM helped his unethical father with Scientology money! Can you believe it?  The hypocrisy is unbelievable! Despite I have no evidence, Marty, my intuition tells me that you were accused of something like this, and David Miscavige didn’t help you, despite you are truly innocent. And everybody knows it. DM didn’t  help you and on top of this, he hired an imposter, Monique’s husband, to imposter you!!!!! Scientology Code of Honor trampled by Miscavology feet! That is what David Miscavige calls ethics and Scientology! It is outrageous. What a family of agents instead of Scientologists.  David apparently knew that his father wasn’t innocent if he said that his father has to turn his life around. David Miscavige should have stepped back from the top position back then and left Scientology in the hand of Scientologists. But he loves power, luxury, and being the agent who leads Scientology towards bling bling bling  but not towards its original roots and wisdom.
  13. Ronald Miscavige said that his son has changed in the Sea Org. What I see is that DM is the same guy, a non-Scientologist who does not apply Scientology ethics and other technology to his own life, who was raised by his father into a bully.
  14. From the pictures that I have seen, Ronald Miscavige had a very good if not luxurious life in the Sea Org, and DM used Scientology money to make the life of this unethical man who wears a swastika band on his arm, really easy. It is outrageous.
  15. The world looks at the Miscavige family and how dysfunctional they are and blames Scientology on it without that they know that the Miscaviges are no Scientologists. It’s exactly what Germany and the doctor (Secret Service psychs) orders. 
  16. The over-boarding is so typical for David Miscavige, the very son of his father Ronald Miscavige. The real founder didn’t overboard anybody but German/CIA double agent and imposter Jack Vistaril did it. David Miscavige of course on a tone level like the impostor finds over-boarding great and keeps it up including psychiatry methods like running in circles and being spun around in circles. This is also non-Scientology. DM is lucky that nobody died on a heart attack yet by being thrown into cold water. He is such an idiot. Can’t believe attorney Monique Yingling defense is defending this abusive practice. Again, it is not Scientology. It is the crap (possibly dangerous if the water is cold) of Germany, psychiatrists and secret services. 
  17. Non-Scientologists/agent David Miscavige merging with Nations of Islam lead by anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan is another time bomb to explode, upon which Germany secret services and international psychiatrist of course want to blame Scientology as they always do. This guy (His Cobness) is as little OT as an insect. He can’t predict the future! He can’t see what is coming down the road! He falls into every setup, believing that his non-Scientology case officers are saving him. We couldn’t afford this kind of stupidity and blindness, Marty! And he can’t either but he doesn’t know it.
  18. After Ronald Miscavige broke his Sea Org contract and left, David Miscavige pays his unethical racist and bully of a father a large sum. His father had the guts to ask Scientology for $100,000 to buy a house and David Miscavige paid it. It is so unbelievable how Scientology money is misused.
  19. David Miscavige’s sisters wrote affidavits in regards to the abuse done by their father Ronald. But it all boils down to that the entire Miscavige family is very bad for Scientology. Just what the doctor orders. This is why David Miscavige got the power over Scientology in the first place. And he took it because he isn’t a Scientologist. If he would be a Scientologist, he would care about Scientology. Anybody can do what DM did in Scientology. Membership is down, Scientology has a horrible reputation, and Vistarologists and Miscavologists are no OTs. He did nothing to restore Scientology as by the real founder. He worships the impostor for the known reasons.



Here the wrong names that Ronald Miscavige used, apparently to mislead police.



Well, you heard it all for me before, Marty, I just couldn’t help myself.

I love you. Yours always and forever, Marty, you are deep in my heart.

Parts of your inner life, my soulmate, are in any beautiful song that I hear.

Our love will bring us together and with us comes the truth.



1) Leah Remini has claws like a wild animal 2) Your impostor and his wife’s latest legal actions

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Dearest Marty, my hero and awesome soulmate,

Leah Remini has claws like a wild animal. See picture above. That’s her hand on DM’s dad’s shoulder. Makes me wonder what she was in her past lives. How can she pick up a thing with those nails? Someone with such fingernails must be handicapped in anything she does. Except for ripping somebody’s skin off. Could grab painfully in any shoulder at any time.😉 It is like Chinese foot binding just for the hands. Okay, it is not my business, I admit. Just saying. 

Monique, the wife of your impostor complains about her own lawyers in the case against the C of S.  The “we-hate-Scientology-people” ran a campaign on the net, calling it Monique’s lawsuit, despite videos on YouTube showed clearly that she does everything her husband tells her to do. Without him saying so, I am sure she never would have sued. However, now they are indicating more and more that this case for money was/is his case. 

Anyway, it looks that this case ends in a withdrawal. Let’s see if David Miscavige throws money at your impostor and his wife despite not even necessary. 

You make my heart beat faster and at the same time, Marty, you make me feel peaceful. Nothing has changed. It is the same wonderful exciting feeling and the knowledge that you of my kind.  You are wonderful, Marty. And I love you.



This is a pretty song sung. Hey, someone without crazy fingernails.😉


More bad PR for Scientology by non-Scientologist David Miscavige and family (also non-Scientologists): no meaningful relationships and dirty laundry

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you? I would like to know this more than anything!

If David Miscavige would be a real Scientologist, he would (due to his wrongful actions and his PTS situations) have removed himself a long time ago from heading Scientology  to allow real Scientologists to lead Scientology. In earlier times, people with just one family member of the sort DM has more, was enough routed out of not just the Sea Org but any org, mission or group as PTS C.

Marty, I remember in the late 70s, RB being angry that I couldn’t spend my vacation time with her in Yugoslavia. She called the Munich org and threatened that if they don’t give me the vacation, she will picket the Munich org. This alone was reason for the Guardian Office to route me out of the GO. I was labeled PTS C. I had to work hard without disconnection  to get back in. RB constantly was high maintenance. The “situation” always came back when I was not around her. Others pushed her buttons while I wasn’t around and her suppressive character and insane fears were unleashed again in the mid 80s.  

As DM grabbed Scientology from the founder Ron’s impostor, he can get away with anything. Even the worst PTS sits. David Miscavige’s family members do not just threaten. They attack Scientology constantly in the media or in publication. 

As the “leader”, he has to be informed about attacks against Scientology. That is not really disconnecting from the stuff his own family claims and does. So, it will influence him. DM is heavily PTS, no doubt about it, and he pulls in more and more motivators for himself and Scientology. Just as Germany and p$ychs want it. 

His Cobness’s attorney addressed St. Martin’s Press, Miscavige senior’s U.S. publisher, indicating that if his father’s book would be published, DM would sue and that DM had “no meaningful relationship with his dad since age 16”. Is DM really that stupid not knowing what people will think when they read this? They will blame Scientology on it. He (and the non-Scientologist secret service case officers behind him)  don’t apply Scientology, otherwise he would have meaningful relationships with his family! Or does DM not care what people think about Scientology as long as he can run it, has a luxurious life and call the shots? Both applies if you ask me.  

DM and his father (and other members of this clan of non-Scientologists) were both in Scientology at the same time for decades. How come they didn’t have a meaningful relationship during those times? A “family of Scientologists” has no meaningful relationship? People will think that if not even the leader has good family relationships, so what is Scientology worth? They would not want their family members join as afraid that they get a family like the Miscaviges! Who wants THAT? 

As you know, the second dynamic does not just consists of the first part. It has a second part too: family relations. It is not an inferior part either. In original Scientology it is as important as the other dynamics. Under infiltrator, impostor, and secret service agent Jack Vistaril (who passed Scientology to DM), the second part of the 2D became already worth less and Miscavology took it to another (bad) level. 

People ask, if Scientology is so good, how come the leader’s relationship with his family is so dysfunctional? How come he was not able to create a good relationship with his family if Scientology has the tools?

They will think that Scientology does not work. It does work but DM and his family doesn’t apply it.

The rumors about Shelley Miscavige’s “disappearance” don’t die either, Marty. Police said that she is alive and on her own free will in SCN.  However, that DM doesn’t ask her to make an appearance to end these rumors means imo only one thing: he is afraid that she could talk about his infidelity to others. He doesn’t apply ethics to his own life as he is no Scientologist, and he is hit by one motivator after the other. Behind him, the secret service men in this secret German and psychiatric world leave His Cobness on top of Scientology as he brings it down.

It was never difficult for you and me to explain  DM’s actions. And I also don’t believe that your impostor walked on his own into Scientology and took over your job and life. I am certain that DM, Mike Rinder, and others were in on this. Leaving you, an innocent person behind, and exchanging you with an impostor (Monique’s husband) is ultimate non-Scientology of never leave one behind! But they are typical German and psychiatric methods!

David Miscavige v. Ron Miscavige is once again not Scientologist v. Ex-Scientologist but agent/infiltrator v. agent/former infiltrator. Secret service psychiatrists and Germany, behind trying to get rid of Scientology and ruining it, are rubbing their blood-crusted hands. However, they are forgetting that not just Miscaviges but also they will get their motivators. They will not have the last laugh. Truth will come out. They all fail to apply Scientology, otherwise they would see it coming as we do. 

I love you. Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. Can’t wait to put my arms around you. You never should have been locked up. Time for guilty people to experience hell behind bars.   

Yours forever,









Louis Theroux should first of all expose the corrupt, extreme, and criminal side of Europe’s “culture” before he blames the USA or Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

I hope this posting will reach you well. 

I mentioned before that your impostor, Monique’s husband, is the “star” in Louis Theroux’s “My Scientology Movie”. What on Earth was he thinking working with your impostor but withholding from the public that he is an agent and impostor? Anyone who does a bit research finds these data on the net. All Theroux had to do was comparing photos. And the failure to do that is called “investigative journalism”. Yikes! 

Numerous “documentaries” of Louis  Theroux are blaming the USA on anything that is wrong with the world. In fact, the USA has no clean hands as its officials, judges, representatives, and others allow Germany to control them and bring out the worst in them. However, without the corrupt, extreme, and criminal side of Europe, particularly Germany, the USA would have clean hands and a much better reputation. By blaming the USA on anything without showing that Germany, its secret services/agents and infiltrators are behind these questionable actions, “My Scientology Movie”s works directly in favor for Germany, which is out to destroy the reputation of the USA and of SCN of course.

Theroux attributes infiltrator and agent behavior to Scientology. Your impostor showed some of his typical mood swings during filming. Fact is, Theroux never spoke to a real Scientologist. His “star” is an agent and never was a Scientologist.    

Theroux says that Monique’s husband would be “the heart and soul” of his “My Scientology Movie”. He didn’t mention that this man is a secret service dude and impostor.  Theroux told the Daily Mail that Monique’s husband embodies the “Scientology thinking”. The hell he does. What a load of baloney. You and me are Scientologists. Monique’s husband is anything but a Scientologist.  His thinking is agent thinking not that of a Scientologist.

He didn’t “graduate” from Scientology, he never started to study it honestly. He hasn’t understood Scientology as of his day. He just scratched the surface a bit, and him being an agent (having joined Scientology for bad reasons) didn’t allow him to truly study it. (Same goes for His Cobness.) The behavior that he showed and admitted of having in Scientology IS NOT THAT OF A SCIENTOLOGIST. It is that of a brutal agent and infiltrator.  His “prickly” side is his bad conscience. He has not much of it but the little that is left is prickly and volatile. If a withhold is missed, he starts to attack. No Scientology at all. That’s agent behavior.

Theroux asked him why it took him 20 years to leave Scientology. Is Theroux really that stupid? The secret service agent stays where he is placed until called to another place.  It is that simple. That’s why he stayed. Scientology has nothing to do with this. The cultists are not the Scientologists. The cultists are the secret services agents/infiltrators.

“My Scientology Movie” is just as stupid and dishonest as “Going Clear”, the HBO crap.

Some media representatives (hypocrites) are upset because the C of S were filming him while “investigating” Scientology. You know that I don’t approve of Miscavology or Vistarology, but Scientology has the same right like others to investigate, provided that these investigators don’t violate laws by doing so.

I love you from the bottom of my heart, Marty. Some things will never change.











The story of Earth: great original cultures and religions are deliberately altered/destroyed/eliminated to be gone, no longer that great or even destructive

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, husband, and soulmate,

My thoughts are with you.

Some researchers who visited Cusco and amazing Machu Picchu noticed at least three different building styles. The Spanish, the Inca, and the Pre-Inca megalithic style, and the last one is the most impressive. The megalithic style has stones that weigh 50+ tons that are precisely carved to fit together so that no mortar was necessary and not even a thin blade fits into these joints. The Inca stones are much smaller, although also no mortar used, and the Spanish building style shows smaller stones and used lots of mortar and was poor, considering the other both masonry styles.

Now that is what I call a wall, Marty!:) These were built by the original architects and masons.  Pre-Inca style with no mortar. I learned that these walls are earthquake-proof. During earthquakes the blocks “dance” but fall back into place.  It makes me happy just looking at this wall and other walls like this.




Not built by any Neanderthals for sure: 



The Inca wall is alright but not more that impressive. Also no mortar used:






And this sloppy wall with the mortar on the left is a Spanish wall. What a difference.  Stones tell apparently a clearer story than our history books.  


When I learned that “the Inca” carved deep into the stone. I am certain that they inherited their road system and Machu Piccu from those who lived there before them. It is always the same: great originals disappear suddenly and are replaced by others, until also they are also gone. 

Here, stones were added in another building style to the pre-Inca wall. Definitely, beyond any doubt, different cultures worked on that wall.


With Scientology (but also with most other religions and cultures) it is the same: It is established, breathtakingly advanced and genius, and suddenly, the founder(s) is/are “disposed of” and the religion/culture changes and is no longer that great and helpful and decays due to out ethics and SPs who destroy excellent systems out of jealousy instead of working on themselves to develop into higher beings.   

It is being said that Machu Picchu (almost 8000 feet up) was used mainly for astronomical reasons, to watch the sky above. Sure, it served also to watch the skies, alright, although the sky can be watched also from low elevations. What I see clearly is this, Marty: it was mainly built up there to keep violent infiltrators away. Living high in the Andes with ropes that could be cut to keep the enemy away is really smart. Carving deep into the stone to prevent the atmosphere/environment destroying human bodies and keeping them young is genius too.

That is a temple/room, 400 m under the summit of Huayna Picchu. I bet the Pre-Inca carved indeed deep into the stone. The “interior” might have been changed by others as it does not contains also other than pre-Inca  building stones.  And then, infiltrators kill some people on the inside and the modern world declares it a burial ground. How convenient.  I know who sent the Spanish to Cusco to rob the gold: Germany wanted it in Europe.  


That pre-Inca culture disappeared apparently completely. Either the Inca used some of the pre-Inca ways and methods but in an altered form or they came later. Inca allegedly or really couldn’t write. I’m sure the pre-Inca could read and write.


This is 3D laser scan of Machu Picchu. The University of Arkansas did lots of scanning there and said that all of Cusco is a worthy architectural site to explore.

Wish history would tell the truth but nothing but. People memorize history and historic dates and much of it are lies. 

Yours forever,


P.S. Don’t forget, I love you. That heart of mine is earthquake-proof too. After a quake, it falls right back into place! 




Professor Stephen Hawking: Black holes may be portals to other universes (Gee! They are not. Black holes are just freaking dumb computer generations.)

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant star and soulmate,

How are you these days? I always worry about you.

These black holes don’t lead anywhere. They are not real. The universe is a projection and behind the projection, there is the real universe with real planets and aliens, etc.

Who knows who talks through Stephen Hawking’s mind. I got an idea also about that. 

We need finally telescopes and other technology that can look behind that projection.

As far as other (real) universes are concerned, I don’t think that they exist yet and that anyone except the creator of this one can build them. (Stephen Hawking is an atheist as far as I know. He doesn’t include a creator in his thinking.) But other universes could exist. If one exist, the possibility of more universes are logical. 

Why do I think that other universes could exist but do NOT YET exist?

Well, this universe turned foul almost instantly by those beings who didn’t play fair. Why would he create another one with the same troubles? Although, in my mind, it is possible to create other universes, however, it must have a scum filter. Those who can’t leave others alone and in peace must not and never get access to any new or different universe than this.

I often think about another universe, Marty. I call it Greatverse. Just truly decent people are there who are having awesome lives while the scum stays in the psychiatric/medical German Nazi universe (this one in which he have to live at the moment) , where they can commit their high crimes and violations against humanity against each other but no longer against good people, until they take each other out and disable themselves completely. Subconsciously, I think they ask for it. This is how they behave and provoke.

They make such a big fuss out of that we “would force them to behave ethical”. I don’t want to force them to anything. I just want to get rid of them. I am far past wanting to help them, Marty. After all they did to us, they have my blessing to go to hell for all eternity. The shoulder that they see from me is ice, ice, ice, ice cold. I have no feelings for monsters. My words to them is: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give damn! 

SPs will never get access to Greatverse. They don’t know if it exists, where it is, they will never find it, and they will be never invited. Period.

Nothing is impossible. A gigantic universe with tons of planets and galaxies could for example exist within a godly being. It stretches out that way. I got the idea by watching plants and they show thetan characteristics/similarities like the mimosa. And within that space of a being, the divine being lets plants grow.

Thinking further about this: what if the creator says: enough is enough, brutal creatures, and pulls out? Could this universe crash? But one thing I am rather sure of, if the creator pulls back, I am pretty sure that the plant energy would be GONE. That means that the SEGNPMSS runs out of vegetation. It doesn’t matter what they plant and how they plant it, plant energy would be gone and nothing would grow. The magic is gone! I bet their minds never went there as their leaders and members are such arrogant, stupid …. bleep. (Too bad a word to publish it.)     

If God decides not to show himself and his new universe and never allows access to it, SEGNPMSS hasn’t the smallest chance to get in. Not the smallest chance.  They stole any technology there is, but they are not getting divine abilities. They want to have advanced human abilities very badly, but they can’t get them as they are no humans, they are monsters. In order to get human abilities, one has to be human. In order to get divine abilities, one has to be even much much higher up.    

Neither this planet nor this universe are recommended by me to be born in again, in other words, to “be reincarnated”. It sucks anywhere and SPs make it that way. If they want to live in a pig stable and hell, alright, but they don’t have a right to pull us in this.

I prefer Greatverse. I often go there before I fall asleep. What a lovely place it is. Deep peace, family, friends, decency, romance, inventions, studies, fun, excitements, celebrations, aesthetics, laughter, friendly competitions, eternal youth and health, no death, no stress, arts, and so on.  I dump this planet and universe at anytime for Greatverse!  

I love you, Marty. Without you, Greatverse, where ever it will be, never would be complete.

Yours for all times,



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