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By considering Hitler a “great man”, Louis Farrahkan denies the Black Holocaust

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Dearest Marty,

I hope this is the last posting in regards of Farrakhan on my blog. There are other subjects I want to write you about. It sure gives me goose bumps that David Miscavige and his supporters approve of an outspoken anti-Semite as Farrakhan to lecture in the Celebrity Center. And I don’t want to go in what Mosey’s husband is up to, wrongfully suggesting that anti-Semite Farrakhan “got L. Ron Hubbard.”  That is exactly what Farrahkan didn’t do.

It is beyond me that any black person can think of Hitler as a “great man” (as Farrakhan does) after all that Hitler did to Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, and other races. I wondered what black Jewish people as Whoppi Goldberg are thinking when they hear of Farrakhan. I googled and found that Arsenio Hall said in an interview that she calls Farrakhan the “new Hitler”.

I was lied to that my father would be a Muslim. I grew up thinking my father was a Muslim until in my late 20s when I discovered that he is not my father. But anyway, in all these many years, in which I was made believe that I am half a Persian and that Islam is half of my heritage, I never hated Jews or blamed them on what Nazis and the psychiatrists behind them did. I knew that the Jews were not behind the Holocaust and their own extermination. I always felt OUTRAGED by what the Nazis did to the Jews and any other race. I could have told myself: I am half a Persian/half a German, let’s hate the Jews and blame them on everything that is wrong in the world, like the Nazis did and do. But I never did anything like that because truth is very important to me.

I know that the Holocaust was a German medical idea and program and that Jews had nothing to do with this. As the German race hate insanity didn’t simply vanish after they lost the war, it is not a far stretch to suspect them behind all the race hatred that came later and still exist in our modern days, as the hatred between Muslims and Jews and Muslims and Americans and Black against White or “White Supremacy”, which is just as nuts as “Black Supremacy” as that of Farrakhan, etc.

Some people have the false idea that I would “hate every German”. I worked with German Scientologists for many years. I didn’t hate them. I considered them my friends, even family. I despise the German psychiatrists, their government, their secret services, and their Nazis but I do feel for those German kids (if they never volunteered for Hitler) but were sent against their will by the Nazis into the war and shot or died froze to death outside of Stalingrad, etc.

As you know, Marty, I am not black but after I spent some days outside in summer and was tanned,  I was asked if I would be half black. I was also approached if I would be Indian and what my tribe is and that I would look exactly like women from Brazil, and yes, I have to watch out not to be accidentally deported to Mexico. Lol! Interestingly, nobody thinks I have anything to do with Germany unless they hear me talk with an accent. 😉  Hey, and my last name Schwarz means Black in German! How did this  happen? What I am saying is: I don’t mind people thinking of me of any race because I hate nor fear no race and personally always judged people by their character not their race.

Martin Luther King spoke against racism and Farakhan is preaching it.

One does not have to be of the race in order to feel for them. People sometimes change their race with a new body. As you know, Marty, it is possible to be black in one lifetime and Jewish or Hispanic or Japanese or German or whatever in another lifetime. That makes Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism even weirder. He seems to be on C of S lines for so long and still hasn’t understood any of the past life aspects of our religion.

Who is a racist has not understood Scientology. Racism has no place in Scientology.

When all people would considers themselves citizen of the world, race hatred becomes  a part of the past. And that is what I recommend to Louis Farrakhan and his people: once they consider themselves citizen of the world, they will win but those who go on preaching hatred and bias against another race lose sooner or later.

Whenever I read of slavery or learn as to what the KKK and slave holders did to black people, I am very upset and I feel for them and how horrible it must have been for each one of them to live  in these times. Another disgusting thing was sending black people fight for the USA in wars but race separation were in place in the USA. But not Jews who this to black people. It’s the medical German psychiatric spirit in the USA and elsewhere who did it to them.

People who speak German (and who do not cover for evil) will find that Klu Klux Klan has a very German ring to it. It basically indicates something like a German secret service “Klug” as for “Intelligence”. If I would be black, I rather would investigate who really was/is behind the KKK. It is not an American or Jewish movement.

When I see well to do successful black persons, I am happy for them. I wish all of them success and peace. When I drive or walk through places with poor black people, I worry about them. But I won’t let any racist of any race get away with racism. I spoke up against David Touretzky’s racial slurs against blacks and other races, and I will speak up against Louis Farrakhan and his propaganda against Jews. What makes me particularly upset about Farrakhan is that he peaches his hatred of Jews to millions of people and that after so many years in contact with so-called Scientologists, he still hasn’t understood that thetans have no color or races and that he still is an anti-Semite and blames Jews wrongfully.

I don’t even understand that black people call themselves black, Marty, because they are not black. They come in all shades of brown. I never saw a “black” person having “black” skin. Black is used in so many negative ways: Black PR, Black Dianetics, Black eye, Black Magic, Black Monday, Black Friday, Black sheep Black market, Blackball, Black listed, etc. Instead of wasting his time spreading hatred and lies against Jews, I would suggest Louis Farrahkan running a campaign to find a better description for his race than “black” (if race cannot completely put away with because the governments often still wants to know the race of people as for example the Census).

BTW, white is also a wrong description of “whites”. The only white persons that I ever saw were dead! “Whites” come in all shades of beige. The gap between black and white isn’t that big anymore if people’s real skin color is considered, beige, pink, light brown, middle brown, dark brown, tanned.  The Indians are not red either. The Chinese aren’t yellow. Whoever came up “black, white, red, and yellow” had a serious vision problem, and I wonder why “blacks” are taking it. Seems to me that the SEGNPMSS wants to have them labeled with the word “black” that stands with the common negativity that people associate with “black” as listed above. I really don’t understand why black people accepted “black” after they were called or called themselves “Negro” or “colored” before. It seems almost political incorrect not to call them “black”, and I ask myself all the time why all people call them black when they come in all shades of beige and brown. While writing this I am thinking: is there any other way to describe “blacks” than calling them black? If one calls them African-American, some other “blacks” are complaining that they are no Africian-Americans because they did not come from Africa but from other places.

I once compared my skin color with that of a bi-racial girl. We noticed that we had exactly the same skin color but she was classified as “Black”, and I was classified as “White” or “Caucasian”. Made no sense to me.

Below is an excerpt of an article that I found on the net, Marty. Those black people, like Farrakhan should consider this before they continue to promote Hitler as “great man”. Any black person who considers Hitler and the Nazis “great” is a traitor to his own race.

Jews and Blacks suffered both under the Nazis. They should be not just allies but best of friends.

I love you and kiss you many times, Marty. I am so glad that you are a real Scientologist who despises racism, it doesn’t matter who promotes it.

Yours forever,



I have not researched this article in the details but I read about some of it also in other references. By knowing how insane Hitler and the Nazis were, these claims make sense. Interesting is again that psychiatrists and medical doctors are again found behind all of that race insanity. Just as German historian Ernst Klee once said: The Nazis didn’t need the psychiatrists. But the psychiatrists needed the Nazis.

I hope that the author of the article doesn’t mind that I repost his article. (If yes, I will delete it.) I think the message of that author  is important and that his message should be repeated so that it becomes broadly known:

According to J. A. Rogers, Adolph Hitler declares in Mein Kampf Negroes are “half-apes.” This is far from being the opinion of pre-Hitler Germany if one is to judge by the various monuments and pictures of Negroes in German museums and other public places… [My comment: before Hitler eradicated the Jews, they were influential in Germany in every walk of life. If they would hate Blacks as Farrakhan wrongfully claims, they would have not erected monuments and pictures of black people or they would have taken those monuments and pictures down. They didn’t. It was Hitler, the Nazis, and the crazy psychiatrists behind them.]

…There were from 20,000 to 24,000 Africans in German from 1933-1945. Many of these Africans married German women and sired half African and half German children. They were called “Rhineland Bastards,” others sired what they called “Illegitimate children,” with German women, also called Rhineland Bastards. Many of these Africans sufferer the same fate as the Jews did during the Holocaust. Many African Americans serving as soldiers in world war II became POW’s sufferer the same fate, as well as Africans from Senegal and other colonized French countries. So you can see brothers and sisters why I am angry as hell, everybody takes advantage of us and use us at their convenient. For more information, there is a book titled “German’s Black Holocaust, by Firpo W. Carr, Ph.D.

The sterilization programs of Blacks were instituted by Germany’s most senior Nazi geneticist, Doctor Eugen Fischer, who developed his racial theories in German South West Africa (now Namibia) long before World War I. In Namibia, Fischer claimed there were genetic dangers arising from race mixing between German colonists and African women.

There is photographic evidence of German genocidal tendencies in Africa. In 1904 the Herero tribe revolted against their German colonial masters in a quest to keep their land. It was a rebellion that lasted four years and led to the death of 60 000 Herero people ó 80% of their population. The survivors were imprisoned in concentration camps or used as guinea pigs for medical experiments, a foretaste of things to come.

Hitler’s Forgotten Victims shows that Germany’s 24 000-strong black community were the number-one target for Hitler’s sterilization programme. Hitler’s view on racial superiority did not develop in a vacuum. He was influenced by the work of the 19th-century German zoologist Ernst Haeckel, whose views were based on distorted versions of Darwinism. He wrote of woolly-haired Negroes incapable of higher mental development.

The Nazis’ obsession with racial purity and eugenics was provoked and intensified in 1918, following Germany’s defeat in World War I. Under the terms of the peace treaty signed at Versailles, Germany was stripped of its African colonies and forced to submit to the occupation of the Rhineland. The deployment of African troops from the French colonies to police the territory incensed many Germans.

To many it was the final humiliation that began with their 1918 defeat in the World War I. Germans complained bitterly in newspapers and propaganda films about African soldiers from the French colonial army having relations with their women. As soon as Hitler reoccupied the Rhineland in 1936, he retaliated by targeting black people living there. At least 400 mixed-race children were forcibly sterilized in the area by the end of 1937, while 400 others disappeared into camps.

Stauffenberg grave found? I don’t think so!

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Dearest Marty, my heroic prince,

See that fun bicycle that ladies had centuries ago, but they look rather grim, guess it was all uphill for many hours. Or the seats were very hard. Another possibly to explain their faces is that each of the ladies wanted to go in another direction! 🙂

Haven’t fixed my emergency yet but I am working on it. I always try to fix things myself and call for help only if I can’t fix it. Haven’t yet explored all ways yet and ordered a special tool to handle it. Lol! I learned a lot of these things during the last years, and I was thinking that anything that I learned before I joined Scientology was nothing useful. I can’t use anything of that. Learning about Germany’s economy and resources, knitting and crocheting, German music, Bavarian history (they left the Nazi time out of my history school lessons, the fools thought I never will learn of it otherwise), Chemistry (I try to get away from Chemistry, not interested in poisoning myself for others), etc. what a waste of time. I never use any of that. It boils down that all I needed and need in life, I taught and teach myself with help of Ron’s study tech.

I read that a grave was found and some think Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg is buried there. I don’t think so. Could be just some more dead Jews in that grave.

Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg wasn’t a hero but a full blown Nazi. It is typical Nazi to look for an escape (as also Hitler and others did) when it is clear that they lost whatever atrocity were up to. I am sure that von Stauffenberg heard that Dwight David Eisenhower is leading the Allied Forces and they not the Nazis will win the war. When Stauffenberg realized that he will have to face justice, he looked for a “way out” through the Nazi woods.

I learned that Stauffenberg and his buddies had a Fourth Reich in mind. Sounds just as insane as the 3rd Reich.

I think Tom Cruise’s very first impression of the Stauffenberg story: “This can’t be true.” was the right one. This is what he said in a TV interview.

Here is what I think, Marty, based on “thetan basically know”: After more and more people realized that Hitler would lose the war, more and more people thought to assassin him. People don’t like losing leaders. As soon as a leader gets weak, they try to get rid of him. Hitler basically felt that he has to send a message to everybody that trying to assassin him does not work and is penalized with death by the assassin(s). Before somebody tried to really kill him, an assassination that would not kill him was staged.

Stauffenberg and his “co-conspirators” (conspirators yes – but not against Hitler) tried to save their behinds and made sure that Hitler would not be seriously harmed.

Hitler escaped, he did not commit suicide, somebody else instead of him was killed, and I can imagine that he met Stauffenberg later and that they laughed their heads off how stupid the world is and how they all were tricked in believing that they were dead.

I found a posting of an English poster saying: You would wish ‘respected’ papers like the Telegraph would try harder to check things out and get it right. The article says, in part: These conspirators were the first of thousands to be executed in the aftermath of the plot. Most were hanged on piano wire in the Gestapo prison of Ploetzensee in Berlin, their death throes filmed for Hitler to view in private at his cinema at his Berchtesgaden mountain retreat. I understand about 5,000 ‘conspirators’ were executed. Hard to believe most were hanged in that way. That’s a hell of a lot of pianos!

If Nazis hung people with piano strings, they sure also hated music, didn’t they? And wasn’t Stauffenberg allegedly shot? But again, nobody saw it and the only “witnesses” are other Nazis. According to my perceptions, which are divine as you know, Stauffenberg and his supporters staged the “assassination attempts” and wanted the world to think that they were executed.

And isn’t that typically German?

Germany protests Nazi executioner (Klaas Faber) from jail. Hitler granted the Dutch Nazi a German citizenship and the Germans protect their beloved Nazi to be prosecuted in other counties on his Nazi atrocities. This is how “Germany corrects itself”.

Faber volunteered! Imagine this, Marty, that animal wasn’t forced to contribute to a suppressive system, he volunteered! How perverted is that?! And it seems that he was able to live in Germany for decades after the socalled de-Nazification! The pig worked and mass murdered at the same concentration camp in which Anne Frank died. A German official said:  “Klaas Faber is a German citizen and cannot be extradited for this.”

Here are some more Nazis who never had to face the music of justice. And that goes for any Nazi case officer who run those pigs through their ear implants but ever since have to live with the fear that one day, they will be brought to justice, in their old body or as born again pigs.

I just learned that Germany (in person of Ursula Caberta) tried to get Mosey’s husband “to testify”. Wonder on what? Germany is looking for people who lie that Ron was bad and Scientology was bad. They also tried to make me work with them by stealing my physical liberty and slamming poison in my kidneys trying to make a “Stockholm syndrome”  victim out of me. Marty, the Germans are too stupid to figure that this never works on uptone people. Anyway, seems that he told her that he is not against Scientology as developed by L. Ron Hubbard and she pulled back. What it means is what I say all the time. Germany hates the spiritual aspect of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. They hate what is good in Scientology. They came up with the international infiltration and the commercialism of Scientology so hat they can call it a business and they turn it into a cult and also made sure that the Sea Org reserves are in Europe. They hate Scientology but they sure want its money.  That cultic stuff that crept into Scientology is typically GERMAN. And they love to hide behind other countries.

Caberta closing her “secretive task force” means nothing except that they try to hide even more behind anti-religious hate act ivies of their international agents that they run in other countries.

I will be back soon later. I love you, Marty, my absolute Anti-Nazi.  And seeing my life with you in the future against all odds.

Yours forever,