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Joel Sappell’s based his article Tip of the Spear in the Los Angeles Magazine on this outrageous falsehood: “In the early 1980s, the Guardian’s Office was replaced by the Office of Special Affairs, with Rathbun at the helm.” Not true at all, because DM’s handpicked replacement in the early 80s was Lawrence Brennan, Special Unit in Charge, a man who turned out to be no Scientologist at all

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking Prince who you always were and always will be,

Isn’t it a shame that a reporter call himself an “investigative reporter” and does not even do the research that somebody in first grade would have done? There are affidavits of Larry Brennan on the Internet saying that he was the Special Unit in Charge in the early to the mid 80s and not you. Sappell doesn’t know how to Google or what is his problem?  He called today’s C of S with press speakers who probably were not even around in LA when he wrote his first series of stupid articles. But Larry Brennan was and can be reached easily. He run the SU at that time under DM, not Marty. DM removed him later but he gave him originally that important job.

And I thought that Tony Ortega’s stupidity and superficiality wasn’t to top but Sappell sure did it.

Larry Brennan should be asked if he or DM or anyone else ordered dog killings. Scientology orgs are infiltrated since a long time, but I am sure that these dog killings are a fabrication. I sure know that you never would have accepted such an order or any illegal order from DM or Larry Brennan or anyone else, Marty. DM loves dogs, Mosey’s husband wasn’t around, but he loves dogs too. Leaves Mike Rinder who later became the boss over the SU? Rinder loves dog too and has a big one.  Leaves Larry Brennan and he blew and works for the post office now. Bet he has some pepper spray on him all the time, but dog killing?  


Joel Sappell is a weirdo. If you didn’t smiled at him in the 80s, I can’t blame you, Marty. If he would have been a good husband and good custodian of his dog, he would have taken both with them on vacation.

It seems that he ruined his first marriage with this obsession about Scientology. What a shame, and he never wrote any article that would tell the real story of SCN, the infiltration of non-Scientologists and the ringers. Also his series of articles in the 80s is just good enough to wrap fish in. Or clean out a dog house.


He wrote: “I was immersed in the universe Hubbard had created—often to the exclusion of the people and events of my own world.” Obsessed. Sounds like a Tony Ortega. Instead of bashing Scientology, auditing would have done both good.

In that 80s series, he didn’t mention the name Mark or Marty Rathbun, but suddenly, he writes that long article on you and Mosey’s husband? Good grief. Strange is also that he didn’t interview Mike Rinder who overlooked OSA. He just wanted to smear your name and not talk to those who were in charge of that unit. 

Why does he want answers from your impostor (Monique’s husband) when it was Larry Brennan and later others but you who run external affairs and the Special Unit? David Miscavige picked non-Scientologist Larry Brennan for that important job of the Special Unit in charge in the 80s, which replaced the GO. He removed him later but nevertheless he picked Brennan and replaced him later with others but NOT with you.

I know first hand that in that time, when Joel Sappell and Bob Welkos “researched” (used other press article to base their crap on but never investigating from scratch), you worked with attorneys on legal cases, and Larry Brennan was above you, and he also run Jeff Chavell who back then and according to my observation had his mind on the breakaways of Scientology mission leaders of that time. 

Sappell scribbed: “During the five years I investigated Scientology, Rathbun had been the tight-lipped chief of Scientology’s operations to monitor, track, and intimidate people like me.”

Completely untrue because 1) He can’t differentiate between Mosey’s husband, your impostor and you, and he conceals or never figured out that Lawrence Brennan was in charge of external affairs and the SU.  2) You are anything but light-lipped. Your communication skills couldn’t be better, Marty. I heard you talking for 2 hours in a row and nothing that you said was nonsense or tight-lipped. Guess he blamed you on his own shortcomings. 



And I want to kick Mosey’s husband’s behind too by not finally stopping with this impostor act. He really made half-hearted “admissions” on your behalf and wasn’t even around in the 80s. 

Mosey’s husband should have told him: “I am not that Mark Rathbun. He was the Inspector General for Ethics before DM hired me to impostor him, and I did it because I need his alibi or whatever.  And Larry Brennan run the Special Unit in the early 80s, followed by ….”

As you worked with attorneys on legal cases, Marty, I wonder if Sappell fabricated these car dealer credit checks or if DM ordered them via Larry Brennan or somebody else. However, fact is that Sappell doesn’t want to know the truth by asking the wrong people.

Sappell cites Mosey’s husband’s speech. Very vulgar, you never talked like this, and as I said, Mosey’s husband wasn’t around when Sappell “researched” and wrote his 6 days long crap on Scientology.  Mosey’s husband can’t talk for this period.

Now he wants to blame YOU on a process-server jumping out behind the bushes. Why doesn’t he blame the process-server who likely wasn’t a Scientologist but a law office employee?


As far as the complainant is concerned who accused Sappell of assault… Why didn’t he ask Larry Brennan or Mike Rinder if he ordered that? Or Jeff Chavell if he knows about it?  Would be easy for the reporter to contact them as both left the Sea Org. But he doesn’t want to ask those who knows. He wants Mosey’s husband to make false admissions to smear you, Marty.

Who needs a war with reporters? All that the orgs have to do is to provide the evidence that Ron was impostored (and they have it) and who the founder really was and how he really was and any corrupt reporter who wants to smear Ron nevertheless will be remembered as corrupt idiot in history.

He considered the meeting that YOU had with him in the 80s a “hostile interview”. Never saw any hostility on you towards anybody. You probably thought just another of those “investigatory reporters” who never investigate anything properly and are just scribbling crap and fabrications, and with Sappell, you sure were right. He proved it again this year how little he can figure. 

He complains that Mosey’s husband was pacing up and down and that he had to look up to him. Does Sappell have inferiority complexes? We Scientologists have none. Why didn’t he join him pacing up and down?

Mosey listening in and typing, doing spying work on her laptop? Maybe, but this reporter doesn’t like others to be suspicion about him and checking him out, but he sure has a suspicious mind in regards to others, doesn’t he?

What is Mosey’s husband saying? He shredded all your paper work in the org? Maybe to avoid getting in troubles with details when impostoring you?

Sappel smeared: Sometimes, it felt like having a conversation with the new and the old Marty. My goodness, the man either doesn’t check anything at all or conceals that you and Monique’s husband are completely different individuals.

Moseys husband said: … for example, that the church obtained Bob ’s and his personal phone and financial records from private detectives who bought them from sources specializing in that sort of skulduggery.


You never allowed illegal acts. You told the PI’s never to do anything illegal as it was RECENTLY CONFIRMED my PIs who sued the C of S. Did Larry Brennan order or allow that as SU in charge in that time when Sappell and Bob “investigated”? Sappell avoided to ask Brennan or Rinder or others. He just wanted Mosey’s husband to admit what you never did.

I know you were not involved in that, Marty. You even told anyone not to commit such act. Mosey’s husband doesn’t mind having that kind of reputation but yours was clean before he took over.

Read this, Marty, this is how Mosey’s husband ruins your reputation: “What you were doing was still illegal,” I counter. “Yeah, you’re right,” he says. “You accused me, and I’m not denying it. I guess the lines got blurred over time.”

How dare Mosey’s husband to make admissions for you when he wasn’t even around and you didn’t do anything of this.  He is so “blurred” that he “forgot” that he is not YOU, the original Marty Rathbun and Inspector General for Ethics. 

So many say that Tommy Davis doesn’t know what he is talking about as he was not around the INT Base. Same applies for Mosey’s husband in the 80s.

Mosey’s husband insists that he was only following orders. Miscavige, he says, nurtured a “real hatred” for Bob and Sappell. You were never robotic Marty and never followed blindly orders. Besides, Mosey’s husband wasn’t around. How can he say that?  “He’s got everyone in the conference room trying to figure out how to stop Welkos and Sappell,” Rathbun recalls. “You’re working for the enemy…. You were part of this machine, a deployed agent. The L.A. Times was demonized.” Is that what Larry Brennan says too? Larry was around in that time, Mosey’s husband not. Mosey’s husband wasn’t there. That was YOUR time, and you should be interviewed not Mosey’s husband.

Sappell: Among other things the church had paid millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements to ex-members to keep them quiet about their run-ins with Scientology and to avoid even bigger financial and public relations hits down the road.

You didn’t want to throw Scientology money at former infiltrators, Marty. That is what is DM likes to do. He pays off instead of handling people by publishing the true story of Scientology.

Sappell: Rathbun volunteers that he was responsible for plucking those passages out of the stories but credits Miscavige with the concept.


Mosey’s husband said this. He wasn’t around back then! How dare him taking your life over and destroying your legacy as Inspector General for Ethics, Marty!

Sappell lies that you were aggressive in the 80s. He is clueless. I guess you didn’t hug him because you saw what an unprofessional and obsessed person he  is. He can’t even figure who the originals are and who the ringers are and wrote his article without taking Special Unit leader Larry Brennan into account who plastered the web with his affidavits. How UNPROFESSIONAL!

“There is a reason DM fears me like no other,” Rathbun says, referring to Miscavige by his initials, as do many in the church. “Because he knows in his heart of hearts…that I’m his worst nightmare for one reason and one reason alone: I have no price.” Unlike other ex-church members who reached out-of-court settlements in the mid-1980s, Rathbun says, he can’t be bought. “Everybody has a price and I don’t.

I think DM has a non-confront on Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband. I bet he regretted having not thrown more cash at Mike Rinder than 5000,00 bucks. When Mosey’s husband says that everybody has a price, is he saying that Mike Rinder for example can be bribed?     

As far as not being bribed… I think Mosey’s husband can be bribed too. Somebody bribed him to take over your identity and life… Or whatever other reasons he has. Maybe it has to do with his brother Bruce after all. 

DM fears Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder because they know of that the C of S is infiltrated by non-Scientologists who have non-Scientologists case officers. DM fears that he could get personally in legal troubles for having accepted Scientology from “Jack Vistaril” Ron’s impostor and for having replaced you with Mosey’s husband. But as all of them have dirty hands on that, they keep on conspiring together, despite of all that fighting and showing the world a false picture of Scientologists, because no real Scientologist would cover up this infiltration and the impostors!  

I know that Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and David Miscavige want to ring my neck if they could, but did they ever think about how they would feel if I would to them what they do to us, Marty? CONSPIRING AGAINST US? No, they don’t. They just justify their overts against us.

I love you, forever.


I will wash windows now and use Sappell’s articles to wipe them clean.  That’s the only thing they are good for.

Many kisses, my forever darling.

Yours in all eternity,



Flag Order 3879 “The Sea Org and Future” cancelled – but why is that order so unspecific?

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Dearest Marty, most unusual Prince in the universe,

If we both would sit down together and compare each others memories, I am sure our memories would match.

I puzzle things together while I am writing to you. That means that my blog is a work in progress but I am pretty sure about this here:

1)  Any Scientologist has the right to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the story of Scientology and of the real Ron, the founder. 2) I think Tory Christman got her data about the weekly million Dollar drop off from Jesse Prince, who I find even less credible than her but I still think that DM having Pat Broeker under surveillance for almost 3 decades has to do with lots of money that disappeared. 3) Jack Mitchell was the doppelganger not Ron the founder. 4) Truth comes out always.

Without seeing the papers, I can’t say how much money is missing but it seems that a lot of cash disappeared from the real Ron’s personal estate.

Below is Flag Order 3879 “The Sea Org and Future” cancelled. It was originally issued on January 19, 1986, published in March 1986, and cancelled in April 1988. It was allegedly issued by Broeker himself, 5 days before the impostor died. I am absolutely certain that the real Ron died around May 5, 1984, so this original order is a fraud anyway.

The dead man of 1986 was not L. Ron Hubbard but his fingerprints with the FBI did match because the FBI had the fingerprints of the impostor on file not of Ron the founder.

Some of the signatures on the papers on the will look like the signatures of L. Ron Hubbard but with a little bit of exercise anybody can forge any signature. There was an illegal letter writing unit in the SO who forged Ron’s signature on letters. I received many of such personal letters “by Ron”, Marty, with his signature forged on the paper by somebody else. In the early 80s, the unit was dismantled and a rubber stamp was used instead.

The cancellation of Flag Order 3879 says that Pat Broeker and Annie Broeker were involved in a serious out-ethic situation. When it was so serious (and I believe it was) why were they not turned over to the authorities? Pat Broeker left forever but DM doesn’t just keep Annie Broeker (later Annie Logan and now Annie Tidman) he sent your doppelganger after her to get her back. He sure likes staff who were guilty of very serious ethics violations. If I would be in his shoes, I would be glad if they would leave and never come back to lay some more foul eggs.

Perhaps she did the RPF and a more or less complete confessional or OW write ups but I doubt anybody who doesn’t blow the whistle on that Ron was impostored got rid of his or her OWs.  Marty, I am very convinced that Ron’s idea of rehabilitating criminals was done in cooperation with the authorities. They are turned over to the law. The evidence against them is determined, they are fairly judged and sentences and then Crimanon gets in and works with them while they do their amends (RPF) under the supervision of the correctional authorities. He never meant to have law violators on org grounds doing MEST work or whatever.

If Scientology ethics is applied truly, nothing would be better to change somebody’s character to the better but nevertheless, Ron made clear that the law of the lands never shall be broken and if somebody is seriously out ethics as the Flag Order says the Broeker’s were, those ethics violations must have been violations of the law and the Broekers (both) should have been prosecuted and judged for that and should do time with Crimanon helping corrections. Not reporting crimes to the authorities is yet another violations of the law.

Flag Order 3879 wasn’t seen by Ron. (Well, that is very true because Jack Mitchell wasn’t L. Ron Hubbard but an impostor.) The Flag Order says that the rank Loyal Officer is cancelled because there is no such rank in source material. That is true but there is also no such rank as COB in source material.

The cancellation order says: “In a further attempt to boost his status, Broeker has claimed having worked with LRH for several years prior to January 1986. Thorough investigation has since revealed the fact that during the time Pat Broeker asserted he was “working close to LRH”, Broeker was absent for extended periods of time under false pretenses and was in fact almost never at the same location that LRH was.”

Nobody who worked with the impostor should be allowed to say that he worked with the founder or source and that should also apply to the COB. That impostor of Ron seemed really a man who was not able to captivate people. Many people left the Apollo under him and Mike Rinder and Pat Broeker all had something better to do than sticking around him. And why? You know it, Marty, I don’t have to tell you that. But for anybody else who lurks around here (My blog has 10.000 hits now): they knew it wasn’t the real Ron.

The last evidence that I saw of Ron is this photo made in the early 80s while he produced  movies. (Wonder if Scientologists ever saw his movies or just what the impostor did at the same time.) The real Ron, probably the last photo of him:

Somebody montaged this photo on the wall of Ron’s impostor to manipulate people in thinking the real Ron is the impostor.

It is possible that the impostor (on orders of the SEGNPMSS and perhaps also the German poodle CIA) did the same thing at the same time elsewhere so that the two identities can be later put together “seamlessly” and that others buy the impostor story.

Let’s say for the sake of arguments that the Broekers were the people who were around the real Ron before he died. All knew that Ron was the biggest psych target since he dared to publish the DMSMH and if the Broekers were rarely around Ron, that means that anybody could have ambushed him at any deserted place. Question must be raised: from all the Scientologists who truly honored Ron, why were the most out ethics people around him? This has organized crime written all over it.

The order says: when Broeker “was with LRH prior to 1986, he was there only as domestic staff not in any technical or administrative capacity.”

Domestic staff are very important, they can poison ones food or open the door to let killers in or steal property. I am not saying that the Broekers did that but that I am convinced that DM’s PI surveillance of Broeker has to do with missing cash and not just change.

Once again, the data that the Broekers withdrew Millions of Dollars from (the real) Ron’s bank account and dropped it at the desk of the alleged LRH (which wasn’t Ron but the impostor) is from Tory Christman who wasn’t a staffmember. It seems that she got her info from Jesse Prince who was a RTC exec but who apparently was never a Scientologist and had a criminal records before he entered the orgs. It is possible that Jesse Prince knows something but also possible that he lies. He sure covers up like the others that Ron and you, Marty, were replaced by doppelgangers.

Anyway, another look at the Broeker story. The cancellation of the Flag Order 3879 says that Pat Broeker was only a domestic staff. That means that the argument: DM is afraid that domestic staff Pat Broeker without any or much technical and administrative knowledge or praxis will come back to lead Scientology after gone for decades doesn’t make sense. It would be like a maid rarely anybody remembers suddenly want to run the Hilton hotel empire because she worked there 30 years ago.

Also, if DM would suspect Broeker of opening a squirrel group or having still “LRH”-notes and writings in his property, wouldn’t he hear that in the age of the Internet immediately and could then jump on Broeker without having two PIs on him all the time?

The PI surveillance of Broeker for decades makes no sense at all, particularly as Broeker (apparently never a real Scientologist but rather a former infiltrator) doesn’t seem at all interested in Scientology technology. Again, I suspect lots of money and perhaps other property is missing from Ron’s personal estate.

And I want to know why the “serious out-ethic situation” was not reported to the authorities and why no charges where filed against both Broekers and why DM called Annie back to stay in the SO.  I want to know exactly what is missing but again – I don’t want to trust the amounts that Tory or Jesse Prince mentioned and the stories that they are telling. I also want to know why Scientologists were never informed about what the “serious out ethics” was. DM was a lot more detailed about reporting on Amy Scobee, Mosey’s husband and even sleeping on his desk (Mike Rinder) was reported. So, how come no Scientologist should learn what the Broekers did?

The cancellation order says further: “Though LRH” did not write the FO “The Sea Org and Future” his estate planning definitely took into account the future of Scientology and the Sea Org and this is being executed as intended. LRH also made plans for the external existence of Scientology technology, which he commented on in Ron’s Journal 34, THE FUTURE OF SCIENTOLOGY, and these plans have been activated and being carried out for by the appropriate church executives.”

What are the names of these executives? The writer(s) of the cancellation provably never read what the real Ron said about using generalities. The real Ron wants of course Scientology to survive while the impostor apparently was just interested in blowing the real Ron’s money. But no so-called LRH will and testimony after beginning of May 1984 is valid because the impostor survived Ron, the founder until January 24, 1986. It’s all fraud what happened after May 5, 1984 and has secret services and their agents activities written all over it.

F03879 cancelled concludes with these words: “LRH’s intention with regards to what needs to be done in and with Scientology were clearly expressed in his HCOBs, HCOPLs, EDs, tapes and advices, including directions for the issuance of previously unreleased material, which are being complied with.”

Marty, I think the only way to find out what the real Ron wrote and what the impostor or others wrote (on orders of the SEGNPMSS or any other secret service) is to compel American secret services to turn over their records on Ron. Marty, I believe that the real Ron was under “protective surveillance” pretty much all his life and that they have the real data but as they are German p$ych poodles, they haven’t come forward yet.

Some Scientologists might be shocked that I would trust what’s coming for example from the CIA. I wouldn’t trust blindly what’s coming from them and would examine their records again and again beyond any doubt. Also, they should get this: if CIA agents or other US secret service agents were assigned to watch the real Ron for reasons of “protective surveillance” and these agent weren’t full blown SP, they might have become  Scientologists just by watching what the real Ron said and wrote as what he discovered and wrote and spoke about was so genius and so true. However, as longer they take to come forward and tell the true story and back it up with their evidence as less likely they will get away in my book with being on the good  and true side.

I know that that you are constantly working on documenting the truth, Marty, and I know that at the end you and I will succeed.

I love you so much, Marty.

As you, I really want to know the truth. I am tired of all the lies. I want crystal clear established what happened and I don’t buy “all is fine and nobody was or is impostored” story because this is the biggest lie of all.

I miss you, Marty. I hope you come through with your personal mission to reach me beyond all the threats that were made to keep us apart.

Yours forever, and many kisses


Lucy James anti-free speech control attempt: OT VIII not allowed to ask Mosey’s husband for details on Pat Broeker?

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Dearest Marty, my very special Prince,

How are you?

You must be so tired of what this worldwide conspiracy did and does to you (and me). But I know in a world that would apply the real Ron’s wisdom, you would have rights because Ron said that good people have rights too. I hope you know that there is nothing in the world that make me give up on you or that would replace you because you are irreplaceable. By the way, you look a lot better than this skinny little guy on that picture on the right. 🙂

I tell myself not to scroll through the comment sections of Mosey’s husband’s blog for reasons I have stated before but once in a while, when  I have time, I find myself checking his blog and the comments to his postings. Guess, I want to know what they are up to over there. I found an interesting posting today by OT VIII.  I post his comment in full lengths below in this blog posting and also Lucy James’ (a member of the James gang who really are a gang) attack posting against OT VIII.

OT VIII posted today on Mosey’s husband’s blog (he might delete it any day from his blog):
“I sure would appreciate any clarity you could lend to the whole Broeker scene. Lotsa mysteries there – I spotted him as a FLAMING 1.1 at the funeral event. He achieved the impossible of making (at the time) MISCAVIGE look like a better alternative. My mind was made up about Miscavige the instant I he told a good friend of mine (on the Ship, around 1988) “The Class IV Orgs are dumps!”. Earlier he had praised himself regarding the handling of Broeker, saying “This was so well-handled almost no one knew about it”. 2 sentences – plenty for a good data evaluator. It’s a pity that tone level obnosing seems to have become lost tech.”

Lucy replied: “Would you please stay on message to what has been posted by Marty? I am beginning to think that you are a OSA plant and that you intentionally write comments that are completely off subject from every post just to deter people from really getting the message.”

I find the posting of OT VIII completely valid, and it happens quite often that somebody on Mosey’s husband’s blog posts a question and remark that differs from the topic because they don’t know where else to get an answer.  Neither your doppelganger nor Mike Rinder are very available to the many questions that others have. I have seen many questions posted that Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder ignore to answer. So much to the acknowledgement part of the comm cycle.

What’s wrong with Lucy? Probably everything.  She apparently wants the truth about Broeker concealed. She gives a damn as to what lawless acts he might have committed, after all she is married to Haydn James who violated my rights as Scientologist and person after he got the order from his secret non-Scientologist case officer to do so.

I don’t think that DM would appreciate Scientologists demanding clarification as to what Broeker did because DM got involved by not calling the authorities on both Broekers. He assigned Annie a high position in the Sea Org, and he sent Mosey’s husband to get her back in the Sea Org. One can inherit crimes by knowing them and not reporting them to the authorities or employing people who should do time.

OT VIII did notice what I saw too: Broeker being very much on 1.1.. Now, the real Ron discovered and researched the tonescale. Him making the mistake and trusting a person who is flaming 1.1 is IMPOSSIBLE as you will agree, Marty. The impostor, however, was an idiot, and he might have trusted Broeker. I learned that the  Broeker’s (Annie and Patrick called themselves Lisa and Mike Mitchell and the impostor, who threw around the real Ron’s cash called himself Jack Mitchell) were telling others that they inherited money and that I believe they really thought that they did hit the jackpot and tried to register the expensive property that they bought from the real Ron’s  cash in their names.
I am also wondering very much about Annie Broeker, later Annie Logan, later Annie Tidman. Mosey’s husband told the SP Times in a video interview that Annie blew and wanted to be with her husband Jim Logan who blew before. He told that DM sent him after her that he caught her before she could board the plane and she did go back with him without giving him any hard time. I think she tested if DM would come after her or not but I believe the reason why she returned was that she has no clean hands either and that DM has evidence on that.

Mike Rinder was around. He also failed completely to explain to Scientologists what Broeker really did. And I think that has to do with the many Millions of Dollars that Pat Broeker and Annie Broeker got from Ron’s account and dropped at the impostors desk and that money disappeared and that DM suspects Broeker of having some of that cash or that he knows the people who gotten into the ranch or the impostor’s motor home and carried the millions out. I don’t think it was just a matter of carrying millions over state lines. But even that should have been reported by DM. He could have addressed these state tax offices and told them about it and that the Broekers will be turned in to the authorities and that he wants to correct what these people did wrong.

I noticed that your doppelganger and Mike Rinder just talk about chosen subjects but they do not answer the burning questions of so many Scientologists (just like OT VIII has them).  Mike Rinder could shed quite some light on what Broeker did too and what happened to the millions that they dropped at the drugged doppelganger of Ron’s desk and why DM or anybody else involved didn’t call the FBI. Ron’s impostor:

I heard what Mosey’s husband said about how DM got the papers (allegedly Ron, the founder’s writings, yeah right) from Broeker. Somebody called the caretaker of Ron’s ranch (the real Ron probably never saw that place) and said that they heard that the FBI would come and raid the place. The care taker turned “papers” over to DM but who was this care taker anyway and how could they be sure he turned over anything there was? Imagine this, Marty, if it really would have been Ron’s tech, more OT levels or other technology and scriptures, they would have been for months in the care of a guy who drinks (Broeker) and some kind of care taker who agrees to hide stuff from the FBI. And that is the stuff further OT levels are based on?
Also, I read some more information about the last months of Ron’s impostor’s life. People came to visit him or the Ranch in the middle of the night. Wonder how many took suitcases with a Million Dollars  with them…
The impostor was sued. Ron didn’t commit crimes, so whatever the lawsuits said, justified or unjustified claims, I know it was the SEGNPMSS and the impostor who caused those. Naturally, a criminal as the impostor hides. I believe that the impostor didn’t had that much access to the real Ron’s finances, except after May 1984 when the real Ron was murdered. After the impostor was informed that the real Ron was dead, he wanted to spent all his money and ordered Pat and Annie Broeker to bring him millions.

Broeker gave up and left, said the SP Times. But according to Mosey’s husband, it was a trick. The FBI or the IRS  was never informed about anything that Broeker did. What horrible bad conscience must a person have who runs when he hears the name FBI? If somebody would call me and tell me that the FBI would raid my place, the only thing I would be worried about is that they might carry dirt on my shining floors from outside but nothing else. I hope they will come as I have numerous questions to them and also complaints.

Anyway, Broeker is the walking or better running bad conscience, if you ask me and poster OTVIII (is not me) is not allowed to ask any question about this because Lucy Gang James is afraid that people learn the truth? I am convinced that  David Miscavige is having Broeker under surveillance since almost three decades has to do with Millions of Dollars that disappeared from Ron’s bank account and were allegedly brought in cash to the impostor. (If the impostor gambled it away in Las Vegas, there might be still a way to reconstruct how much money he gambled away and how much is missing.)

Mosey’s husband told the SP times: Broeker left SCN in 1989 for Colorado and later Wyoming. “He (Miscavige) came directly to me.  He said, ‘You get on this guy. I want to know every move he makes.’ ” And Mosey’s husband didn’t ask why? Mosey’s husband didn’t make the conclusion that this surveillance has something to do with the multi-million dollars that disappeared from Ron’s personal account?

Here is more weird stuff from the SP interviews… What sensitive documents did Mosey’s husband talk about? The real Ron was open like a clean book, he didn’t hide a thing. But the impostor sure did. Most of all that he was not the founder Ron but a doppelganger. Mosey’s husband failed to explain what the “sensitive documents” were and why the FBI shouldn’t find them.

SP Times failed to ask Mosey’s husband what kind of sensitive papers those were. He told the reporters that they got the “sensitive papers” and put them in a church safe and Broker was “done”. That means those sensitive papers were rather about Broeker than anything else. It was Broeker who was “done”.  Again, why didn’t they call the FBI to investigate and arrest him?

Miscavige wanted him watched, said Mosey’s husband, who arranged for two private investigators to find and stay on Broeker. Rinder had a fresher memory, reported th SP Times reporter. Early in 2007, Miscavige had him recommend cuts in his departmental budget, which included expenses for intelligence operations. Rinder said he asked his staff about a line item he couldn’t understand. He was told: That’s for the Broeker op, and it’s untouchable. The media apparently were looking for Broeker but he never granted any interview.
DM did find something on Broeker and I bet 200 Million Dollars (if I would have them) that this has to do with Million of Dollars, and Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder either don’t get it or they know and don’t want to talk about it. The Broeker op is untouchable because DM wants to see if Broeker suddenly has a lot of cash. He isn’t afraid that Broeker wants to back and lead Scientology because most today’s Scientologists don’t remember him anymore and wouldn’t welcome him.  I think it is all about a millions of dollars.
Pat  Broeker and Annie Broeker brought the drugged impostor Ron’s cash and DM knew that he should have called the authorities but he didn‘t because nobody should know that Jack Mitchell wasn’t the founder but the impostor. And after so many years, the story might come back and haunt those involved… And why? Because these non-Scientologists ignored that the real Ron said: Clean hands make a happy life!
I want to see the papers in DM’s safe.
I love you, Marty, my wonderful husband.
Can’t wait to put my arms around you.
Ron said that the truth will come out always.
Truth is that we married in the UK
before our memories were stolen.
So, the truth about us will also come out.
Many kisses and yours for all eternity,

Show me the money! 175 Million $ of Ron’s estate that are missing too?

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

I wait till the sun is completely down before I go outside today. I rather write to you, it’s too hot outside at the moment. But on another thought, writing to you it even hotter. 😉

There is some information saying that 175 Million Dollars are missing from Ron’s estate. Marty, what do you make of below article? I am not a supporter of PRF (not to be mixed up with the RPF). They also make basically the case that the impostor who died in 1986 was L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, while he was not, but some issues of which PRF did raise are rather interesting.

I think there is more to it than His Cobness suspecting that Patrick Broeker has some scribbling by the imposter hidden somewhere, in other words: impostor tech for which I would not pay a dime. Also, Marty, imagine if (allegedly a heavy beer drinker) Pat Broeker (who DM didn’t trust and of who he probably said he would be a SP) would have been the person who did indeed “safeguard” the writing of Ron… Ron’s writings, which are most important to all of us Scientologists! Imagine that these non-published papers would have been really in the possession of SP Pat Broeker! SPs alter the tech. SPs work with secret services to plant forged tech… How can DM trust the “writings” that a SP was sitting on for quite a while?

If Broeker worked for the SEGNPMSS or another German secret service, there was plenty of time to hand real tech and millions over to them. Mosey’s husband indicated to the SP Times that Broeker was tricked handing the writings over because Broeker was told that the FBI would come and raid Broeker’s place. But I don’t worry much about the papers that Broeker had because that was all impostor crap.

The odd thing is: why didn’t DM call the FBI and asked him to arrest Broeker and get the cash and the papers?

I think that they are partner in crime covering up that Jack Vistaril was not L. Ron Hubbard, the founder. and they aren’t really interested in source Scientology but rather in money and power.

The article below says that DM, Patrick Broeker and Annie Broeker could not have control over all that happened before and after the death of L. Ron Hubbard (and the impostor) and that there were so many more involved, attorneys, including the US government. I agree, Marty, but Patrick Broeker and DM had taken control over Scientology and if his exec Sue Wilhere says for example that DM *is* Scientology than he is ultimately responsible for anything that happens in SCN.

Nobody ever mentions that DM and the Broeker’s might answer to secret case officers (non Scientologists) nobody ever officially heard about.  But there is where I would bet my Millions of Dollars on if I had them, Marty.

The real Ron was a master in spotting characters and the tonelevel. He never would have trusted Pat Broeker or anybody of those other non-Scientologists. It was the impostor who trusted Pat Broeker, Anne Broeker and David Miscavige, etc. And I think all of these guys knew that he was not L. Ron Hubbard the founder who died in May 1984 (when the real Ron was murdered). The impostor had access to all money from the real Ron (and I think this could only happened because the SEGNPMSS poodle CIA assigned Ron the founder the ID of the impostor to protect the real Ron, yeah right, “thanks” CIA, but I am still here to tell the story) and told Broeker to bring him a weekly million in cash (according to Tory Christman’s lecture 30 Mio. $. I wrote before that I don’t trust much of what she is  saying. She says that 30 Mio. $ were missing without citing any source of her information. PRF is rather precise saying 175 Mio $ were missing later in 1986 from Ron’s estate, does that mean 205 Mio $ or more are missing?).

After Broeker is gone so long, DM most certainly does not fear him to come back and take Scientology over. There is a whole new generation in Scientology who never heard of Pat Broeker. DM most certainly does not have Broeker still under PI watch because he fears that he could come back and take over. In fact, Wikipedia deleted Broeker’s profile because they find him so uninteresting and/or unknown (but they voted to keep up stuff on me even when it is wrong):

So, what I am saying is this, Marty: it seems that Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband are forgetting or not saying why DM is still watching Pat Broeker… Of course there might be the possibility that he has some impostor writings (in other words forgeries) stashed away that he might one day sell to somebody for lots of cash but the other reason why DM is still watching him is to see if Pat Broeker has lots of cash…

Well, perhaps Pat Broeker or even Anne Broeker has one or more millions of Ron’s money on secret bank accounts or perhaps none of them never hid money for their own gain. But if it is true and 175 Mio. are missing from Ron’s estate, where did it go? And why did no governmental agency investigate this and published the findings to the Scientologists who deserve to know?

I sure want a full investigation of it, Marty. I know you want this too. Imagine this: this weird couple, Pat and Anne Broeker drop every week a million Dollars on the desk of the impostor, an old man on psychiatric drug Vistaril. And I bet they knew it was not Ron, the founder who got the money of Ron the founder.  Anybody of those who were watching Jack Vistaril, who was for sure the SEGNPMSS, any other German or American or other secret service and their doctors could have gotten into that motor home and simply stolen Millions without that he would have noticed it. Perhaps that was the reason why he was on Vistaril to be unconscious for the robbery.

I want to know who stole the many  Mio. Dollars, and I want any penny being paid back into the real Ron’s estate. I want a full official investigation and when the investigators run into “dead ends” and don’t progress with finding the Million Dollar thieves, we can help them because with our OT abilities, we know where to look, Marty.

The perfect crime? As you know, it doesn’t exist. Sometimes it takes decades but the truth comes out always. I want Pat and Anne Broeker (Tidman), Norman Starkey, all attorneys, Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller and Meade Emory, etc. grilled under oath as to what happened to these Millions and who else but the Brokers had access to the Blue motor home of Ron’s impostor. American secret service might have the information but as they are German poodles and might have very dirty hands too, they don’t come forward  unless an independent authority makes them revealing finally all they know.

I am sure that all that “reconstruction” of Ron’s finances and “affairs” in 1981 was done without the real Ron’s knowledge because the SEGNPMSS had planned his murder by that time.

Forever yours,

I love you, Marty. Stupid people don’t know that we are soon together investigating what they did. They can’t predict the future but we can.


Below it the article, talking of the 175 Mio. saying that there is no copyright to this article and it can be re-published at anytime anywhere by anyone:



Writing on the fortune of the estate of the late L. Ron Hubbard
(“The Prophet and Profit of Scientology,” _Forbes_, October 27,
1986), _Forbes_ writer Richard Behar reported that “FORBES can
total up at least $200 million gathered in Hubbard’s name,” going
on to say that “Hubbard would have been included high on The
Forbes Four Hundred.”

Less than six months later, on 16 April 1987, the entire Hubbard
estate was valued in court-filed papers at only $26,305,706.00, a
difference from the _Forbes_ figure of nearly $175 million. In
complete control of the Hubbard estate during that entire period
was Executor Norman F. Starkey and his counsel, Hubbard probate
and business attorney Sherman Lenske of the law firm Lenske,
Lenske & Heller (LL&H). In fact, LL&H had been handling all
representation of L. Ron Hubbard for estate planning,
intellectual properties, business management, and litigation
since at least as early as April of 1981, and had been in control
of Hubbard’s fortune and affairs while Hubbard himself had been

But Behar and _Forbes_ elected not to disclose the intimate
involvement in the estate of lawyers Sherman Lenske, Stephen
Lenske (brother of Sherman), and Lawrence E. Heller –the
principals of LL&H — all of whom also had personal and
professional ties to former Assistant Commissioner of IRS Meade

Emory, in fact, had been hired by LL&H to be the chief architect
of the Hubbard probate, as well as chief architect of the entire
Scientology corporate restructuring that LL&H began putting into
effect in early 1981, all of which had been intricately
interwoven by Emory with the tax considerations and assets of
Hubbard and his estate.

Instead of reporting those overriding facts, Behar and _Forbes_
went to great lengths attempting to lay all responsibility for
the Hubbard fortune on three people who could not have had any
control over it at all: David Miscavige, Pat Broeker, and Anne
Broeker, all merely members of the unincorporated Scientology
“religious order” known as the “Sea Organization” (Sea Org). The
other fact that _Forbes_ either covered up or didn’t bother to
find out was that those three people were only employees of the
Scientology-related corporations that Meade Emory and LL&H had
created just years before, and which LL&H fully controlled
through literary property licenses and management agreements also
engineered by Emory.


So wrote Behar and _Forbes_, then wrote: “There is something that
FORBES still doesn’t know, however. It is something no one may
know outside a small, secretive band of Hubbard’s followers: What
is happening to all that money?”

Our question is: why didn’t _Forbes_ just ask the only “secretive
band” that actually knew the answer: Executor of Hubbard’s estate
Norman F. Starkey, and Starkey’s attorney Sherman Lenske? Why did
Forbes direct all attention away from them (the article never
even mentions them), and concentrate all attention on three
non-parties? Can a publication with the tax and financial savvy
of _Forbes_ actually be so obtuse that they don’t know where
control of an estate lies? Or was there another agenda?

“How could Hubbard do all this?” _Forbes_ wrote. Our question is:
how could _Forbes_ do all this? Can a publication like _Forbes_
be so blind not know that an Executor had been appointed to
control such an estate? How hard did _Forbes_ have to look the
other way not to notice that a former Assistant Commissioner of
IRS had been deeply involved with the Lenskes and Heller in the
complex tax and probate plan for Hubbard’s estate and interlocked

In fact, how could _Forbes_ have responsibly gotten the $200
million figure without being in contact with the Executor and the
attorneys controlling the Hubbard estate?

Was _Forbes_ paid to not report where they got the figure, and to
create other false sources for it? There is, after all, almost
$175 million unaccounted for, according to the figures _Forbes_
themselves reported compared to the court-filed assessment six
months later. Or was there some other quid pro quo arranged for
the _Forbes_ silence on the roles of Emory and Starkey and the
Lenske, perhaps even paving the way to a subsequent high-profile
political candidacy?


A more recent star in the _Forbes_ firmament is former _Wall
Street Journal_ writer Elizabeth MacDonald. MacDonald has her own
connection to the same drama and players: she was at WSJ when the
officially secret IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement was leaked to
WSJ by an unknown source almost immediately after disclosure of
Meade Emory’s behind-the-scenes involvement had been privately
submitted to then head of the Joint Committee on Taxation,
Senator William V. Roth, Jr., by media exec Lisa Jan Precious and
her literary agent, Richard Barber of New York.

MacDonald also had in her possession, at the time of the illegal
leak of tax information to WSJ, a full report on Emory’s IRS
Assistant Commissioner background, as well as his involvement as
co-founder in the creation of the richest and most powerful
corporation in Scientology, the Church of Spiritual Technology
(CST, doing business as the “L. Ron Hubbard Library”).

With the tax exemption, CST became the primary beneficiary of the
Hubbard estate in the plan created by Emory, a plan that just
happened to put the Lenskes and Heller — who had hired Emory to
devise the plan — in position as controlling “Special Directors”
for life of CST, with their normal hourly attorney fee arranged
as their compensation for that corporate position. PRF estimates
that to have averaged around $300 or more an hour, and the
Lenskes and Heller have been in that position since 7 June 1982.
For a 40-hour week, that translates to over $1.8 million per year
just for their salaries, or a total of $36 million paid to the
three lawyers over their 20-year tenure as a result of Emory’s
master plan, all of which was granted tax exemption by IRS.

MacDonald and the editors of WSJ knew a great deal about Emory’s
deep involvement with the Lenskes and Heller at the very time
when some unknown source illegally gave WSJ the then-secret
IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement, that coming only weeks after
the head of the Joint Committee on Taxation has received the same
information on Emory that WSJ had, in a closed-door meeting
between Precious, Barber, and Roth’s top aide, Bill Nixon.

MacDonald was even in contact with Public Research Foundation
(PRF) around that time, saying that a story on Emory was “with
the editors.” But, like _Forbes_, WSJ elected to suppress the
important information linking the Scientology corporations and
LL&H to Emory and IRS, instead only publishing the lengthy and
complex IRS legal document virtually without comment. To this day
WSJ has not revealed what they have known since at least December
1997 about Emory’s involvement.

Were the _Wall Street Journal_ and MacDonald actually exercising
journalistic discretion and ethics by protecting a source on the
Closing Agreement leak? Or did the illegal leak quietly come from
the office of then-head of the Joint Committee on Taxation,
Senator William V. Roth, Jr., making WSJ actively involved in a
cover-up of government wrongdoing at high levels?

Now further complicating events surrounding the illegal leak, PRF
in a recent press released disclosed new information that IRS
agents reportedly threatened the whistleblower Lisa Precious,
telling her they had a secretly-made videotape of her that
somehow implicated her in the leak to WSJ, which caused her to
retain an attorney. PRF sources say the tape most likely was
clandestinely made of Precious when she went in to an interview
with Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA). Others have
speculated that the tape might even have been secretly made in
the office of Senator Roth.

Although the leak seemed like a journalistic coup by WSJ, the
very length and complexity of the IRS/Scientology Closing
Agreement simply deflected the interest of a large segment of the
public, and also did nothing to expose Emory’s involvement with
the Hubbard estate, with the entire Scientology corporate
restructuring that resulted in the Closing Agreement itself, or
with the three lawyers that Emory had helped put in control of it
all: neither Emory, nor either of the Lenske brothers, nor
Lawrence E. Heller are named anywhere in the document.

In fact, the interests of the Lenskes and Heller are hidden in
the Closing Agreement behind the signature of top
Scientology-side negotiator Monique Yingling, who signed with
Power of Attorney for CST, the corporation which is controlled by
the Lenskes and Heller. It’s also the corporation that received
all assets of the Hubbard estate as a direct result of the
Closing Agreement in accordance with the probate and corporate
plan that had been masterminded by Emory while working with the
Lenskes and Heller.


PRF has uncovered even more information on the backroom
machinations behind the Closing Agreement. It has now been
learned that Meade Emory was a former close associate at
Assistant Director level of IRS with Howard M. Schoenfeld,
Chairman of the negotiating work group that Yingling worked with
to secure the tax exemption for CST and the other corporations.
In light of emerging data, it could be said that the entire
exemption plan, including the entire Hubbard estate plan and the
interlocked corporate restructuring, was really arranged solely
by and between former IRS top executive Meade Emory — ostensibly
working for the Hubbard/Scientology lawyers — and Schoenfeld on
the inside at IRS, with LL&H and Yingling being paid go-betweens.

Even more disturbing is the fact that Schoenfeld ordered IRS
analysts assigned to the exemption investigations to look the
other way on questions of commercial activity and possible
inurement surrounding the Scientology exemption negotiations with
Yingling and the other attorneys involved — one of whom was
Yingling’s husband, Gerald A. Feffer, a former deputy assistant
attorney general now with Williams & Connolly.

Directly related to the “look the other way” mandate from
Schoenfeld is the for-profit corporation that Emory and LL
created called Author Services, Inc. (ASI) which handles the
Hubbard fiction works, but once handled all Hubbard literary
property, including the Scientology-related copyrights. With
10,000 shares, the assets of ASI alone are reported to have
jumped from $10 million to $44 million in just six months of
1982, while the Lenskes and Heller were controlling ASI as
Hubbard’s personal and professional representatives in his
absence, and were also working closely with Emory. That $34
million leap in 1982 would account for at least some of the $200
reported by _Forbes_ in October 1986.

Then what happened to $175 million from the Hubbard estate in the
six months between the October 1986 _Forbes_ article and the
April 1987 probate court evaluation of the estate? What had
Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller, Norman F.
Starkey, and former IRS official Emory done with that fortune?
How much did Yingling and Feffer know about it? How much did
Schoenfeld know about it? How much of it, if any, did they each

Another layer of intrigue over the missing fortune has been
added: it has been discovered that the person who ultimately
became Executor and Trustee of the Estate, Starkey, is the person
who originally hired LL&H in April 1981, ostensibly on behalf of
the missing Hubbard. At the time, Starkey was not named as
Executor and Trustee. Another associate of the Lenskes, attorney
Norton S. Karno, was.

After Starkey hired the Lenske brothers and Heller, they in turn
brought in Emory, who laid out the plan for the estate and the
new corporations. Emory and LL&H then returned the favor to
Starkey, naming him as the Executor and Trustee in the final will
and trust instruments, all purportedly signed by Hubbard the very
day before his reported death, after a reported stroke. At the
signing of the Closing Agreement, Starkey then turned all the
assets of the Hubbard estate over to the control of the Lenskes
and Heller in their highly-compensated roles as Special Directors
at CST — all in accordance with the Emory plan.

PRF calls for an immediate full federal investigation into:

1. The connections between Emory, Schoenfeld, Roth, the Lenskes,
Heller, Starkey, and Yingling and Feffer, and how much each has
received in payment from the Hubbard estate and Scientology

2. Their knowledge of the $175 million apparently missing from
the Hubbard estate;

3. The IRS-ordered transfer of the Hubbard estate, including all
the intellectual property, into the control of the Lenskes and
Heller at CST under Emory’s plan, while simultaneously cutting
Hubbard’s natural heirs out of the vast bulk of the inheritance,
all of which Schoenfeld approved as part of the exemption;

4. The illegal leak of the Closing Agreement and the responsible

5. The covert videotaping of Lisa Jan Precious;

6. How IRS agents came into possession of the Precious videotape;

7. The legality and Constitutionality of the IRS Closing

8. Any and all misdemeanors and felonies that might emerge from
such investigation, and any and all other possible principals,
accomplices, co-conspirators, or accessories after the fact to
any such misdemeanors and felonies as might be found.

NOTICE: This transmission is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. It is entirely
free of copyright and may be freely copied and distributed by
anyone anywhere in the world, including to all press and media.
All or any part may be quoted with or without attribution or
credit. PUBLIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION is an unincorporated public
service provided by uncompensated volunteers donating their time
and resources to the research, investigation and circulation of
important public information.


,” for original story on Meade Emory connections to
Lenskes, Heller, and Scientology; on the web at:

,” for details of
corporate/Sea Org relationship; on the web at:

for more information on Author Services, Inc. and it’s shares.

,” for more details on whistleblower Lisa Jan
Precious and her visit to Senator Roth’s office.

Two wrongs make no right

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Dearest Marty, my one and only Prince,

How are you?

I was travelling all day today and I am kind of tired.  Took a shower and will go earlier to bed today.
The anti-Marty blogs on the web are multiplying. Your doppelganger does not deserves my defense, Marty, and I hope that the CIA sees that you need to get your de Rothschild name back because the name Rathbun comes with a reputation that you absolutely do not deserve.

However, I am also shocked by the low tone level and the primitive, hateful, lowtone speech by the people who defend DM – like the writer of this blog:’s-marty/
(like Caliwog who attacks even Ron to make DM look like an innocent baby). I am not in the Freezone. I am not an so-called “Independent Scientologist” but it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure that these kind of blogs are written by hateful Miscavologists. And that shows again that the tonelevel of 1.5 didn’t die out with Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder leaving the C of S.

Anybody has the right to free speech but the public may stumble over these hate blogs, and they may mistake this kind of hateful tonelevel with Ron’s or Scientology in general. It is disgusting.These people should not be in Scientology. They are apparently not bright enough to figure that they can be traced  and that non-hateful and blogs ON A HIGHER GROUND may result in more sympathy for the subjects of their blogs than for the guys who are spitting poison. There are numerous of such hate blogs on the web and they are all sending a false message to the public, implying that Scientologists have these kind of low tonelevel as these “writers”.
I hope that DM gets legally busted  and that the C of S will return to nothing but Ron’s technology. I don’t want C of S destroyed, I want with all my heart that SCN survives, but I am sure glad that I don’t have to rub shoulders with those low tone infiltrators who don’t understand what higher ground means and who show the world their real lowtone tonelevel. They aren’t intelligent either because anybody who reads a few lines gets that they are Miscavologists.

The writer of the MoneyMakerRacket tries to imply that he is in the Freezone or an “Independent” but who buys it when a blog serves the defense of DM?  DM is the reason why the “Independents” or the “Freezoners” are no longer on C of S lines. There might be numerous people in the Freezone who might not like Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder but none of them would defend DM because they say that DM altered the tech and Scientology (even if their version is altered tech too) .

Stupid people and low tone people should not be on  staff. They are unqualified. Period. My advice: get a blog on a higher ground. But if somebody is downtone, he doesn’t know how to post uptone or on a higher ground.

Yours forever, Marty.

I will be back! I love you SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!


I don’t believe that the OT levels were confidential under the real Ron

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Dearest Marty, my eternally vital and so sexy Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you and any thought about you makes me happy.

Gerontologist Robert N. Butler (MD) passed away in tender age of 85, and here are the  mission goals for the Gerontological Society of America, Marty: To promote the conduct of multi- and interdisciplinary research in aging by expanding the quantity of gerontological research and by increasing its funding resources; to disseminate gerontological research knowledge to researchers, to practitioners, and to decision and opinion makers; and to promote, support, and advocate for aging education, and education and training in higher education.

But gerontologists grow old and die because they don’t build environmentally closed villages, they don’t make their own clean oxygen, they don’t make their own clean water, they don’t make their own clean food, clothes, furniture’s, etc. They let people live on the contaminated surface of the Earth and wait for a miracle pill to come along, which never will come along because the key to eternal youth and health is how Ron explained it (and what was stolen from SCN) a different way of living, which feels much better than living in luxury mansions.

How these gerontologists can’t see what’s necessary to stop aging and diseases is beyond me. I was in my 20s when I figured it out, what is their excuse? Ron had the money to build these places but he could not settle because the SEGNPMSS were after him with sharp munitions. I could not build it because I was kicked out of Scientology and lack that kind of money to build these villages.

And DM sits on all Scientology money and doesn’t build these places, and OTs have to check in nursing homes and hospitals because their bodies grow just as old and fragile as those of non-Scientologists. Barbara Rinder did likely everything that DM asked her. She did exactly those OT levels that he approved of. But she is in a nursing home! Her body got weak and old. And why? I am sure you agree, Marty. Because one big part of Scientology is missing: the preventative lifestyle for crying out loud!

If the body is completely irrelevant and unimportant, how come there is the purification rundown that indeed makes the mind think clearer? If the body otherwise is completely irrelevant, why do OTs get sick, old and die?

I sure don’t have to lecture you, Marty, because you know it all and you know the truth but sometimes,  it breaks out of me when I hear stuff like OT VIII are in nursing homes or dying of cancer or another disease!

Well, first of all, the alternative living style of Scientology is completely missing (except the purif) but the OT levels were altered too by the psychs of the SEGNPMSS. What is easier to alter than what is kept a secret? If you ask me, Marty, I don’t think that Ron kept the OT levels a secret. He researched and published them, and the SEGNPMSS had his doppelganger conceal them, and they came up with a phony excuse that people getting pneumonia when hearing some (altered) OT data. Old wives tale! Never said by the real Ron.

Scientology works absolutely but when it is altered, it won’t work and Scientologists suffer and die like all others. And after they died, they are left for the p$ych traps and Scientologists of today don’t know anymore to trace a thetan without a body and to assist him to a new body and this in times in which the in between lives is controlled with high tech traps and knowledge of these were removed from the OT levels.

To me, the Miscavologists are not just squirrels. They are wogs.

Please find me, Marty, you and me, we can make it go right. We will invite Ron (the real one) back. We can build these places. We know who we have to do to restore real Scientology.

Fact is that all these people who found Scientology when they were 20 could be still feel and look 20, having all the health and strength of a 20 year old if they wouldn’t rather have listened to their non-Scientologist secret case officer and the Ron-impostor but instead to the real Ron. Sooner or later, they are in a nursing home or hospital too. What a motivator for not having kept the real Scientology working.

They die and the SEGNPMSS, its psychs will make sure with their high tech devices and methods that their memories to their former lifetime will be completely emptied and they will continue to step in the traps and

It is Sunday and I have lots of things to do and a trip to make on Tuesday. I might not post long postings this week, but I think of you every minute of the day.

I love you so much, Marty! We will be back together, I know it for sure. OTs know and that is what we are.

Your wife,



With real Scientology, no OT would be in a nursing home

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

An OT VIII in a nursing home! Wouldn’t be the case if real source technology would be applied.

I heard that Mike Rinder’s mother is in a nursing home. You know this Marty: if Ron’s technology, his real OT levels, his real technology for alternative living to protect youth and health would be applied by the C of S, if Scientologists would live (in addition to having the real OT levels) in environments in which they produce their own water, air, food, clothes, furnitues, etc. nobody would age, nobody would die and no OT would be in a nursing home.  The purif is great and works to take the “mind fog” makes one think clearer and study faster but it does not prevent aging and dying as alternative living does as the real Ron wanted it.

DM ages too. One motivator for accepting Scientology from the impostor instead of keeping real Scientology is that they all die like the non-Scientologists and before that, they might live pitiful lives in nursing homes and might be put on drugs to cope with the pains, and in their future lifetimes, they will step in all high tech psych traps that are waiting for them. And with the impostor’s version of Scientology, nobody is there who makes sure that they come back to their families and to Scientology but are left behind for the psychs (when they needed their families and Scientology particularly, at the end of their lives, in between lives and with small bodies) because according to Miscavian Tommy Davis “It never will be like that”, and he is completely wrong. That’s a hell of a motivator. In all eternity damned to grow fragile and sick (and also other horrible fates are waiting) because stupid and corrupt people rather listen to their non-Scientology case officers and the impostor but the real Ron.
I find it hard to believe that any mother wants to disconnect from her kid, it doesn’t matter how old he is or what he has done.

In regards to the disconnection, I always ask myself what would Ron (the real one) do?

If somebody is actively suppressed by a real suppressive person, who indeed harms the well-being of this person, Ron would not force that person to live with a SP (the way I was forced by the German state and others to live with RB who even hired kidnappers who harmed me) but he would never ask a mother at the end of her life (or at any other time) to write a disconnection letter and perhaps never see her son again, it doesn’t matter what he has done. What is the worst that Mike Rinder could tell or do to his own old mother in the nursing home?  Influencing her to leave the orgs? She already left the orgs. She is in a nursing home.
Ron wasn’t afraid of free speech. He wanted anybody to speak freely. If today’s Scientology would be original Scientology as by the real Ron and everything included, DM would not have to fear that he loses control to defectors.
But I also don’t understand Mike Rinder that he didn’t stay these 9 days until she returned or why he didn’t travel to Adelaide to see her. If I would  love my mother, DM and nobody else would not be able to stop me to talk to her and seeing her a last time.
One can’t keep Scientology together on the back of broken family ties, and most people don’t like Scientology because of this DM rule. When I was in Scientology, disconnection was not applied and Scientology grew nevertheless. What I see is that disconnection is broadly used. People might be  too lazy to handle a PTS A sit and rather disconnect.  And Ron never would have approved disconnection over PTS/SP tech.
DM’s disconnection rule might even stop the dissemination of Scientology because people think that when they join and their family members disagree later that they will be disconnected. In short: DM’s disconnection rules are so broadly applied because he thinks that this is the way to control the families of Scientologists being unhappy with him. But it creates worst PR for Scientology and new people might think twice joining because of the disconnection rules and the bad PR all over the media and the internet.
His COBness copies the “wog” world and looks up to the non-Scientology world by having Scientologists living in their ways and in their world and even pop pharma pills when they are getting sick (instead of building alternative living habitats)  with exception of psych drugs, etc. He wants to be recognised by the “wog world” but implements disconnection when people are criticising his ways without understanding that his beloved “wog world” despises his disconnection rules. You know that Ron wasn’t afraid of criticism, Marty. If Scientology would be like the real Ron wrote it, defectors could do and say what they want and it would not stop the expansion of Scientology. Actually, if Scientology would be like the real Ron wrote it, nobody would defect.

If Scientology would be like the real Ron established it and not how the German controlled infiltration changed it, there would be no defectors.

Something else, Marty, I learned that Andreas Heldal Lund invited Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband to Norway. I wouldn’t want to visit anybody who is associated with a legally convicted terrorist. (Lars Gule and Andreas Heldal Lund acknowledged on ARS that they are associated and “lecture” together. You probably heard that Lars Gule, a trained terrorist was arrested before he could kill Israelis).
Heldal Lund tries to imply on his website that the FBI was interested in L. Ron Hubbard.  But there wasn’t one FBI field office that wrote to me that they ever were interested in Ron on an investigatory level. They wrote me a completely different story than of what Andreas Heldal Lund implies.

He also violated your copyright by using your photo on T-Shirts that he sold for money, Marty. He didn’t use Mosey’s husband’s face. He used yours!
Warren McShane wasn’t missing and neither was Mosey’s husband. He just chose to make no public appearances back then. Mosey’s husband wasn’t missing and Warren McShane wasn’t missing. Andreas Heldal Lund simply made it up.

He also violated your copyright by using your photo on T-Shirts that he sold for money, Marty. He didn’t use Mosey’s husband’s face. He used yours despite having no permission by you to use you photo! He gives a damn on you or any other Scientologist being missing, he just uses your photo for his anti-religious hate campaign against Scientology and Ron.


I will be back soon, my prince, and I kiss you many times. Can’t wait to put my arms around you and hold you tight.

Yours in all eternity,