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Phil Spickler (Mimi Roger’s dad) noticed different L. Ron Hubbards in Scientology… (Phil Spickler didn’t notice this but I did: Ike Eisenhower was impostored too!)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Where ever you are,  I hope you don’t have to suffer. On the other side, if my perceptions are right and you are wrongfully incarcerated, how can you not suffer? And how can people who keep you there or conspire against you think that they will be blessed by doing this? I don’t want to be in their shoes when the motivator hits. For me, denying a good person’s rights is a red flag, Marty. I feel such a disgust of such people and never ever will let such a person off the hook. Never, not in a billion of years. For me, they have no human qualifications. One should never conspire as a human against another human. Period. 

Being easy on criminals means that they think that crime pays. They need to be penalized to learn a lesson for the rest of their existence and in all eternity.  If I would be a criminal, the person I would not mess with, is us, Marty, because I would now that we come after them, it doesn’t matter where they try to run and hide.  But criminals are not smart, so they don’t get it, what is waiting for them down the road.

Some more words about impostors.  On the left side, L.  Ron Hubbard, the founder, on the right side, “Jack Vistaril”, the impostor and his wife Mary Sue. Both were agents who brought Scientology in troubles and no Scientologists.     

 Marty,  I listen to some of his interviews. Phil Spickler (Mimi Roger’s dad) noticed different L. Ron Hubbards in Scientology. PS came in contact with Scientology around 1952.

Impostor with MS

He said this word for word on a video: “The Ron that I still love and adore and whose idea I still follow is the Ron Hubbard from 1950 to about 1965 and 1968. That’s my Ron. There are these other Rons in different periods, they may have been in the same body and may have the same name, but to me, they were somebody else.”

In the same body? Oh please, Phil, get real! Doppelganger! Impostor! Lookalikes but two very different persons on the inside.

Marty, what is necessary to make people see the truth that medical and psychiatric secret services sent at least one impostor (Jack Vistaril) in Scientology to destroy the original Ron’s work, legacy, and reputation?

Phil Spickler isn’t the only one who noticed different Ron’s in Scientology but they are all too big cowards to state what really happened: Ron was impostored. I think the Germans organized Ron being impostored when they spied on him working in private on Dianetics and Scientology already in the 1920s. A thetan has a tendency to do what he/she did in lifetimes before. Ron was a philosopher and writer in his last lifetime. So, the chance that he did the same in his lifetimes before is very very high. In other words, I am absolutely certain that Ron developed  Scientology (under another name) in lifetimes before.

Particularly Mosey’s husband and his strange followers don’t want to give Ron credit for any past life work in this area despite they all should know better. 

But some Scientologists did meet the real Ron, and others just his impostor, and  I think that Phil Spickler likely met both but doesn’t make the correct conclusion that there were at two “Rons”, the original and simultaneously, the impostor. 

I know that you are the last who needs a lecture on impostors, Marty. You got one yourself: Mosey’s husband. Mosey’s husband is to you what “Jack Vistaril” was to Ron.

 SEGNPMSS was so sure that their impostor activities will be never known. As they run the entire world, they know how to silence just about any person. CIA is also quiet about it that President Eisenhower was replaced by a doppelganger/impostor in the last months of his presidency, after Ike was killed by Nazi doctors. As if unethical CIA agents or directors like Petraeus would tell the truth about this!  But here I am, having figured all out, and the wave of truth is getting bigger and bigger and one day will be very visible.

This here is the real Ike:

the real Ike

Below  is not Ike Eisenhower but his doppelganger/impostor (hired by the CIA, which is SEGNPMSS controlled)  

US Counter Intelligence Corp has a lot of explaining to do why they do exactly what German Nazis ordered, replacing the original with the fake after the original was medically assassinated likely right within the White House before 1960 and then allowed the doppelganger to  impostor Ike a decade longer!  The doppelganger who gave the farewell speech was never elected by the American public. They used the line ” We just wanted to protect  him from Nazi assassination” to do exactly what the Nazis ordered: replacing him with an agent. And after Ike was murdered by medical/psych terrorists (e.g. with remote-controlled germs causing a heart-attack) ,  they still tried “to protect Ike”  by allowing him double to go on or what? Give me a break. The US government is riddled with traitors run by the Germans.,4573883,3320864

CIA agents of that time and later concealed that the  SEGNPMSS Nazis told the CIA to replace Ike with a doppelganger while still in office. CIA has quite some nerves. It’s pulled in motivator so far is that it has the worst reputation of all secret services. CIA is solely blamed on what the SEGNPMSS does, which is a price to pay by working for the SEGNPMSS.  The guy who gave the Farewell Speech to the American public was not Ike. And I can see all that without needing  phony psychiatric micro face recognition. I can see all  based on the tonescale and  because real Scientology makes really smart people and that is why still existing Nazi psychs want Scientology infiltrated, altered and destroyed.   


not Ike Eisenhower

Many kisses and forever yours, Marty.