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How I would like to spent my time online…

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Dearest Marty, my thoughts are with you, my Prince,

Guess anyone knows what a waste the Internet can be. One is bombarded with insignificant information and even outrage lies and advertisement slows everything down too. Whatever truth is out there is buried under tons of crap and lies. No, I am not proposing to get rid of it. But one day I will only more use it as a research tool for certain things. Guess everything gets boring in this world except you and Scientology. Remember the times when it was completely new to make a comment to the article of a newspaper online? Looks like people got tired of this too and you see less and less of these commands.   

Marty, what I would enjoy however would be an at least four-dimensional or multidimensional kind of Google Earth in real-time. For example,  one can wander through the bazaar of Tehran  and look at what they offer in their glasses, jars, and sacks on their counters, or one walk through a little fisher village in Scotland and watch them in real life clip sheep, or one can interact with them or even order something that one wants to buy. So, if somebody walks around there, he really walks there in the real world but it is not like a webcam but multidimensional for the visitor.  It would be like travelling just not with one’s body. It really should be multidimensional because just looking through a webcam is not like really feeling being there.  One could see the vegetation, the tradition, and even learn a thing or two from these visits.  One would have all except the immediate touch of things or the  smells but I bet even that can be technically solved in the future. 

It would be also interesting if this multidimensional world could be reconstructed anywhere in the world on how it was in each century there. This can’t be in real-time because past is past but would make history really interesting. 

Anyway, just a few thought about what I would like to do on the Internet.

Just a few words today, have work to do. I miss you like crazy, Marty. Wish I could be with you. Many kisses my hero.

Yours forever,


We don’t, Marty, we got the perfect lover and created the perfect love! 🙂