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1) The FBI fingerprints of Ron’s impostor match because the FBI had the impostors fingerprints and not Ron, the founder’s fingerprints on file 2) CIA boss Leon E. Panetta should finally order his agency to publish the secret “protective” files on the real Ron and founder of Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible prince,

I read an article of the Los Angeles Herald Examiners of January 30, 1986 by Karen Cusolito, a Herald staff writer. She wrote that Georg Whiting, the Sheriff and Coroner of San Obispo County said that the FBI in Washington and the Department of Justice in Sacramento compared the fingerprints of the dead body and determined that it were those of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

(What office of the DOJ in Sacramento was meant? Can it be anymore unclear?)

I know that Jack Vistaril was not Ron, the founder of Scientology, so how come that the fingerprints matched? Not difficult to figure out for two very smart people as you and me, Marty: these agencies had not Ron, the founder’s fingerprints but L. Ron Hubbard, the doppelganger’s fingerprints on file.

Psychs probably plans the same thing with you and Mosey’s husband one day. First they want to kill you and Mosey’s husband briefly after you.

Marty, I know beyond any doubt that the guy who looked like Ron and blew together with Pat and Ann Broeker the real Ron’s money and who called DM his good friend was not Ron, the founder. I recall Ron’s real last name as Eisenhower and that the CIA told him that he has to take a security name as otherwise they would not able to protect him having the name Eisenhower by mingling with international people who show interest in Scientology or Dianetics. I think that the CIA told him that they found a “nice young man whose life was cut short” (Lafayette Ronald Hubbard from Nebraska) who did look a lot like Ron Eisenhower and if Ron want to live to tell people about Dianetics and Scientology, he just can do it under the CIA name Lafayette Ronald Hubbard or he will be murdered before the DMSMH ink is dry. CIA had already demanded from Ike to accept a CIA family to protect his real family if he wants to run for US President. If he would have not done, the CIA felt “unable” to protect the lives of his family from Nazi attacks. CIA should just blow the whistle on the SEGNPMSS and with that, they would protect not just all Americans but the entire world.

I heard once an eyewitness in the White House saying on TV that Ike and Mamie always slept in their own bedrooms and never spent any night together. Some people say that Ike had a secret affair. He had no affair. But after being elected President, he once in a while met at a secret location his real wife that he loved very much.

Ike and Ron hadn’t much of a choice but I know that both had strong reservations but they didn’t want their real family slaughtered, and Ron didn’t want Dianetics and Scientology stay in a drawer and that nobody but us can be OT. They also knew that despite everything, the truth will come out and yes, and they were right, I am publishing it for the world to read. The genie is out of the bottle. SEGNPMSS and CIA poodle just hope that not many people will find it or that their campaign to have their agents spread lies about me will work.

I am sure that they didn’t tell Ron that Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was not dead but that he was hired by SEGNPMSS poodle CIA to impostor Ron, the founder of Scientology. I think that Ron suspected CIA tricks but what could he do? He postulated that the truth will come out nevertheless and his postulates do work.

In other words, the fingerprints are those of the impostor and they did match with the fingerprints on file. My problem with the CIA is that they keep the world further misinformed as to who is who even if somebody is dead and needs no “protection” anymore and even if a U.S. President and his family’s history stays forever wrongfully in the history books. They also think that I am a second class citizen and that I don’t have the rights of other people who are born in the USA, and I have no intention to ever forget or forgive anything of that or ever back down. CIA is such an non-American agency. Leon Panetta should be compelled to publish why Ron and Ike were seen golfing together and that they were father and son.

The article said that Lafayette (the impostor) died on a brain hemorrhage. Guess the SEGNPMSS felt that it is time to get rid of the impostor too, and they had remote controlled germs bite in his brain until it did burst in a hemorrhage. SEGNPMSS isn’t protecting anybody, not even their own agents.

Whiting said that his office would normally not investigate “such a straight forward case”. Straight forward? The real Ron is killed, the impostor and the Broekers blow Ron’s money, the will is constantly changed even three days before the impostor deaths, the impostor is getting rid of too, C of S infiltrators cover up that “Jack Mitchell” was the impostor and nobody of them cares about the real Ron, and the world is being lied to that he was Ron, the founder, and the CIA, the FBI and the DOJ is covering up like German poodles and that is what Whiting calls that a “straight forward case”. It is unbelievable. That is his straight line:

“Church officials failed to notify the authorities until 7:30 am Saturday.” (Very “straight forward”, these infiltrators and non-Scientologists under cover.)

Then they scattered the impostor’s ashes in the ocean. The real Ron wasn’t that lucky. He was murdered two years earlier by doctors barging in on him and they dismantled his body piece by piece in a lab to find out why he was so special, genius,  and unusual. And they missed again his spiritual capacity, e.g. carrying his knowledge right in our minds, Marty. After Ron was murdered  in May of 1984, I felt some kind of merger between his and my mind. Nothing intrusive but I suddenly knew of things from Ron’s life that I didn’t knew before. Yeah, I know, real OT abilities are defamed as nuts these days. Even the Freedom Mag thinks psychiatric now. What a shame. But I know of OT abilities because I got them.

Heber Jentzsch said that a press conference was held to “vindicate L. Ron Hubbard’s good name”. (We need another press conference, Heber, and this time the world has to know who Ron really was and that he was impostored. This is the only way to vindicate Ron and Scientology.)

Marty, I think it will be you, who will shed light on these cover ups. You know how it feels to have a doppelganger take over your legacy. Look around, there are hundreds if not thousand people who met the real Ron and probably the same number that met you, the real Marty, but as the SEGNPMSS has its grip on just about anybody, nobody but me stands up and speaks the truth about this. Even if wrongfully incarcerated, you will make it happen that the truth is documented and published. I know that you will.

My point is: the SEGNPMSS, Germans, agents, psychs, Nazis, impostors, infiltrators changed Scientology and by not telling the true story of Scientology, they are all losing in all eternity. Some think that Ron will show up one day and put everything right. Really? If the real Ron would show up in the orgs and would change what was altered by the psychs or add what is missing, DM and Miscavologists would route him out. It’s like if Jesus would walk in a Christian church today and said: “Hey, its me, Jesus.” Christian security would call psychiatrists to “take care of Jesus”.

I read a posting by somebody about why Jesus didn’t just fly off the cross Jesus, Marty. We as Scientologists understands what Ron wrote about pain and engrams. OT abilities exist but they can be paralyzed under pain.

It is always the same old corrupt song. Everything good gets lost because people are liars and cowards who do not stand up when they should, and they follow anybody who has their ear implant code. The consequence is that there will be never a civilization without insanity, terror, war, and criminality. The planet will be never be OT planet. And it can become even worse. Nazi boots can march again and act up against any race. There will be eternal suffering.

What is most hardest to understand for me is that Scientologists settle with a “Scientology” that is not more the real Ron’s. The Freezone or the “Independents” haven’t original  Scientology either. The SEGNPMSS ordered infiltration from the start and the impostor was there from the start and changed a lot what the real Ron wrote. But real Scientology still could be recovered because I am absolutely certain that the CIA has records of anything that the Ron, the founder, our Ron (not the impostor) ever wrote or said or drew because he was “under protective custody”. Ron with one of his spiritually identities is in me.

That is why I know what I know and the secret services don’t know how I figured it all out. They just know that I did and that they don’t like it and that they want me to shut up but I won’t do them the favor. I’ll be pain in their necks until the truth and nothing but the truth is published for the entire world.

I love you because you are my kind, Marty. I can trust you as I can trust myself. Throw me a rope, let me know where you are, and we make it all go right. We know how.

Many kisses and eternally yours.


What is so horrible about the German poodle CIA is that they don’t reveal the truth about their ops even if they could and should….

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Dearest Marty,  my awesome Prince,

How are you? I sure would pay a fortune to know how you are and where you exactly are.

In the later 80s, I saw RTC photos of you and Warren McShane and also  Ivonne Gonzalvez. That wasn’t Mosey’s husband on the photo with them. That was you, Marty. Both of them knew you and worked with you and they should make clear public statements (like all others who knew you) that you are not Mosey’s husband.

I have some more thoughts about that media article of January 30, 1986 in the County Telegram Tribune. Robert Vaughn Young turned out to be no Scientologist, yet he spoke on behalf of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology to the media. And Young wasn’t the only one who did so. It is the old story of infiltration of Scientology and falsehoods about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

Young’s biggest lie: there was nothing illegal. An impostor who claimed being L. Ron Hubbard and altered Scientology and who wastes the real Ron’s, the founder’s cash, that is nothing illegal? I beg to differ!

The impostor did hide because he was committing acts against the law. The real Ron did not hide but was attacked my German hired snipers with sharp munitions and could not reside that publicly as it would have meant playing into his killers’ hands.

Again, I am sure that the real Ron didn’t buy the 160 acre ranch (off Donovan Road south of Creston)  in California but the impostor and the Broker did it with the Ron’s money. If the ranch was bought under an assumed name by Pat and/or Anne Broker, I assume they wanted the place for themselves once the impostor was dead.

Vaughn Young who turned out to be no Scientologist told the media that “Hubbard had a history of taking off, spur of the moment…” What a lie! The impostor disappeared when he feared that the law closed in on him or the real Ron could come by (and I am sure that this “fine man” was hired originally by the CIA, the German poodle!) and the real Ron “disappeared” when he had to recover from being shot at by German controlled snipers who think that the real Ron and Scientology has to go and psychiatry has to stay.

Marty, you know how reliable the real Ron was. Stability and reliability was the real Ron’s way. He didn’t just disappear if not to avoid being murdered. And he also would have left a note for the Scientologists to explain why he had to leave.

After the real Ron’s death in May 1984, the impostor and Scientology infiltrators took illegally over Ron’s bank accounts and his real estate. The impostor’s son, LRH junior, also known under the name Nibs tried to cash in by filing a lawsuit that his father is dead or incapacitated. The impostor does not want to appear in court because afraid that somebody recognized him as impostor. The court covers for the impostor and rules that he has a right of “privacy”. (I suspect that this court new that the real Ron was murdered and that the guy it protected was the impostor.)

It is just ridiculous to think that the real Ron would have been obsessed and wasted his time with rural fences being straight as a ruler and constantly painted. That is typical impostor foolishness. Nature is in motion all the time. The real Ron tried to build underwater habitats not ranches on the unprotected surface of the earth. The impostor wasted Ron’s money with hiring fulltime hand-painters to keep the fence white! That is so non-real-Ron. What a waste of energy, youth, and health to invest into 160 acres of dirt and painting constantly around it. The “wog” way of living saves nobody’s youth and health!

By investigating what the impostor was interested in, it really gives a clue how non-genius he was. I am sure that you know, Marty that the only similarity between him and the real Ron was that they were on the OUTSIDE some kind of look-a-like, just as Mosey’s husband is your look-a-like.

I am sure that the real Ron had affinity to horses. I do too. But wasting his time and money to raise horses on the unprotected surface of the world and not rather building the underwater habitat to preserve life, youth, and health of Scientologists and of his own that is nothing that the real founder would have done. Ron got his priorities straight, buta lawless goofball as former CIA agent Lafayette Ronald didn’t get it right.

Horse trainers! Good grief! Ron knew that Scientology was infiltrated by non-Scientologists and he has nothing better to do than to employ them and hire horse trainers? Actually, Jack Mitchell, also called Jack Vistaril acted EXACTLY like a poor stupid guy who finally got his hands on a lot of cash.

Young who was a non-Scientologist and who spoke on behalf of L. Ron Hubbard instead of a real Scientologist told the Telegram Tribune reporter that “Hubbard studied life” and that is why he brought animals onto the farm. Duh! Ron was interested in the human mind not that of cows and chickens. Doesn’t need much to figure their minds out. I cared for some chickens not long ago as favor for somebody. Took me a few moments to figure out what makes them tick. Typically for a  non-Scientologist to misinform the public how the real Ron  really was.

If that ranch would have been bought by the real Ron, if the real Ron EVER would have seen that place, he would have started to build an underwater protective village, one that protects life, youth, and health. The only place human beings should live away from anything that makes people age and die. Anything else is as stupid and senseless as keeping a rural fence straight a ruler. Even worse, because the life that the impostor promoted is the stupid life that people generally promote who don’t have the IQ to understand that the SEGNPMSS wants them to age (billions of business for the pharma industry) and die (they find this so entertaining when other people die). The impostor tried to “be” the real Ron by trying to be “genius” or “unusual”, so he tried to be a perfectionist with insignificant and stupid stuff. Idiots were thinking: “Oh, that must be LRH because he had so much attention on a rural fence and on the mind of chickens.”

That is why I was kicked out of infiltrated Scientology, Marty, I figured out how things really are.

And a word about the fiction that was published under his name. I am sure that much of what he wrote never was published because contained too much truth as to how the world really is. I do believe that ideas or notes of his fiction were used for the books published under his name and also ripped off by other writers who got Ron’s material illegally by his secret service case officers. But Ron’s uptone tonelevel is not in these books that I read and that carry the name L. Ron Hubbard, Marty. They are completely SEGNPMSS re-written. In other words: the real Ron’s fiction is a lot better and truer.

Kathy Blecha from Author Services said that he was a real scheduled person. (The real Ron was but not the impostor, he just took off when he wanted without leaving a note, like a bum, remember?)

Guess some SEGNPMSS ghost authors re-wrote the real Ron’s fiction and the impostor had somebody bringing those chapters over to Author Services on a regular basis. That is what she considered “scheduled”?

And I bet that the CIA knew and watched how the impostor and infiltrator ripped off the real Ron’s legacy and real estate. It is beyond belief. And these guys think that they are non-criminals. They think whatever they do is for a “good purpose” and they can be above the law. I want to bust them together with their Nazi SEGNPMSS case officers really badly.

Unlike the real Ron, the impostor needed people around him. He felt the need to interact with the people in Creston, Paso Robles, and San Obispo and he was “recognized” said Kathy Blecha, but the secret that he was there remained a secret. Isn’t that interesting, Marty, all the world except real Scientologists knew where he was? The conspiracy felt that they have to avoid that the impostor is recognized as being not L. Ron Hubbard, the founder but Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, the CIA/SEGNPMSS agent.

Actually, I suspect that anybody who was around Jack Vistaril on that ranch was never a Scientologist but rather an agent.

Two years after the real Ron’s murder, the SEGNPMSS decided to get rid of the impostor with an alleged natural death. SEGNPMSS doesn’t value their agents and same applies apparently for CIA poodles.

What is so horrible about the German poodle CIA is that they don’t reveal the truth about their ops even if they could and should. Ron’s impostor never saved his life but left Ron with a bad reputation, altered Scientology and stole his estate. After his death, the CIA should have come forward and revealed why they hired that man in the first place. But German poodle CIA doesn’t do that. Because they are a German poodle. I am sure you know that if you don’t establish officially who you really are, Marty, and that you are not Mosey’s husband, then your own true identity never existed in history and your CIA “protective” (what a joke) name will have the reputation of that of Mosey’s husband, including standing under the shadow of murder because DM wants to get on murder  despite that he didn’t care a bit as long as Mosey’s husband worked for him. You have to get your real name and your real identity back from the feds. Convicting publicly the Germans of running the CIA and other US governmental offices is the best protection for our lives.

I love you, Marty, and I kiss you many times. I have to get out and take care of my “rural landscape” now. I can’t stand when dirt isn’t perfectly lined up. I got my priorities right, as you can see. 😉

Love forever,



Lucy James anti-free speech control attempt: OT VIII not allowed to ask Mosey’s husband for details on Pat Broeker?

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Dearest Marty, my very special Prince,

How are you?

You must be so tired of what this worldwide conspiracy did and does to you (and me). But I know in a world that would apply the real Ron’s wisdom, you would have rights because Ron said that good people have rights too. I hope you know that there is nothing in the world that make me give up on you or that would replace you because you are irreplaceable. By the way, you look a lot better than this skinny little guy on that picture on the right. 🙂

I tell myself not to scroll through the comment sections of Mosey’s husband’s blog for reasons I have stated before but once in a while, when  I have time, I find myself checking his blog and the comments to his postings. Guess, I want to know what they are up to over there. I found an interesting posting today by OT VIII.  I post his comment in full lengths below in this blog posting and also Lucy James’ (a member of the James gang who really are a gang) attack posting against OT VIII.

OT VIII posted today on Mosey’s husband’s blog (he might delete it any day from his blog):
“I sure would appreciate any clarity you could lend to the whole Broeker scene. Lotsa mysteries there – I spotted him as a FLAMING 1.1 at the funeral event. He achieved the impossible of making (at the time) MISCAVIGE look like a better alternative. My mind was made up about Miscavige the instant I he told a good friend of mine (on the Ship, around 1988) “The Class IV Orgs are dumps!”. Earlier he had praised himself regarding the handling of Broeker, saying “This was so well-handled almost no one knew about it”. 2 sentences – plenty for a good data evaluator. It’s a pity that tone level obnosing seems to have become lost tech.”

Lucy replied: “Would you please stay on message to what has been posted by Marty? I am beginning to think that you are a OSA plant and that you intentionally write comments that are completely off subject from every post just to deter people from really getting the message.”

I find the posting of OT VIII completely valid, and it happens quite often that somebody on Mosey’s husband’s blog posts a question and remark that differs from the topic because they don’t know where else to get an answer.  Neither your doppelganger nor Mike Rinder are very available to the many questions that others have. I have seen many questions posted that Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder ignore to answer. So much to the acknowledgement part of the comm cycle.

What’s wrong with Lucy? Probably everything.  She apparently wants the truth about Broeker concealed. She gives a damn as to what lawless acts he might have committed, after all she is married to Haydn James who violated my rights as Scientologist and person after he got the order from his secret non-Scientologist case officer to do so.

I don’t think that DM would appreciate Scientologists demanding clarification as to what Broeker did because DM got involved by not calling the authorities on both Broekers. He assigned Annie a high position in the Sea Org, and he sent Mosey’s husband to get her back in the Sea Org. One can inherit crimes by knowing them and not reporting them to the authorities or employing people who should do time.

OT VIII did notice what I saw too: Broeker being very much on 1.1.. Now, the real Ron discovered and researched the tonescale. Him making the mistake and trusting a person who is flaming 1.1 is IMPOSSIBLE as you will agree, Marty. The impostor, however, was an idiot, and he might have trusted Broeker. I learned that the  Broeker’s (Annie and Patrick called themselves Lisa and Mike Mitchell and the impostor, who threw around the real Ron’s cash called himself Jack Mitchell) were telling others that they inherited money and that I believe they really thought that they did hit the jackpot and tried to register the expensive property that they bought from the real Ron’s  cash in their names.
I am also wondering very much about Annie Broeker, later Annie Logan, later Annie Tidman. Mosey’s husband told the SP Times in a video interview that Annie blew and wanted to be with her husband Jim Logan who blew before. He told that DM sent him after her that he caught her before she could board the plane and she did go back with him without giving him any hard time. I think she tested if DM would come after her or not but I believe the reason why she returned was that she has no clean hands either and that DM has evidence on that.

Mike Rinder was around. He also failed completely to explain to Scientologists what Broeker really did. And I think that has to do with the many Millions of Dollars that Pat Broeker and Annie Broeker got from Ron’s account and dropped at the impostors desk and that money disappeared and that DM suspects Broeker of having some of that cash or that he knows the people who gotten into the ranch or the impostor’s motor home and carried the millions out. I don’t think it was just a matter of carrying millions over state lines. But even that should have been reported by DM. He could have addressed these state tax offices and told them about it and that the Broekers will be turned in to the authorities and that he wants to correct what these people did wrong.

I noticed that your doppelganger and Mike Rinder just talk about chosen subjects but they do not answer the burning questions of so many Scientologists (just like OT VIII has them).  Mike Rinder could shed quite some light on what Broeker did too and what happened to the millions that they dropped at the drugged doppelganger of Ron’s desk and why DM or anybody else involved didn’t call the FBI. Ron’s impostor:

I heard what Mosey’s husband said about how DM got the papers (allegedly Ron, the founder’s writings, yeah right) from Broeker. Somebody called the caretaker of Ron’s ranch (the real Ron probably never saw that place) and said that they heard that the FBI would come and raid the place. The care taker turned “papers” over to DM but who was this care taker anyway and how could they be sure he turned over anything there was? Imagine this, Marty, if it really would have been Ron’s tech, more OT levels or other technology and scriptures, they would have been for months in the care of a guy who drinks (Broeker) and some kind of care taker who agrees to hide stuff from the FBI. And that is the stuff further OT levels are based on?
Also, I read some more information about the last months of Ron’s impostor’s life. People came to visit him or the Ranch in the middle of the night. Wonder how many took suitcases with a Million Dollars  with them…
The impostor was sued. Ron didn’t commit crimes, so whatever the lawsuits said, justified or unjustified claims, I know it was the SEGNPMSS and the impostor who caused those. Naturally, a criminal as the impostor hides. I believe that the impostor didn’t had that much access to the real Ron’s finances, except after May 1984 when the real Ron was murdered. After the impostor was informed that the real Ron was dead, he wanted to spent all his money and ordered Pat and Annie Broeker to bring him millions.

Broeker gave up and left, said the SP Times. But according to Mosey’s husband, it was a trick. The FBI or the IRS  was never informed about anything that Broeker did. What horrible bad conscience must a person have who runs when he hears the name FBI? If somebody would call me and tell me that the FBI would raid my place, the only thing I would be worried about is that they might carry dirt on my shining floors from outside but nothing else. I hope they will come as I have numerous questions to them and also complaints.

Anyway, Broeker is the walking or better running bad conscience, if you ask me and poster OTVIII (is not me) is not allowed to ask any question about this because Lucy Gang James is afraid that people learn the truth? I am convinced that  David Miscavige is having Broeker under surveillance since almost three decades has to do with Millions of Dollars that disappeared from Ron’s bank account and were allegedly brought in cash to the impostor. (If the impostor gambled it away in Las Vegas, there might be still a way to reconstruct how much money he gambled away and how much is missing.)

Mosey’s husband told the SP times: Broeker left SCN in 1989 for Colorado and later Wyoming. “He (Miscavige) came directly to me.  He said, ‘You get on this guy. I want to know every move he makes.’ ” And Mosey’s husband didn’t ask why? Mosey’s husband didn’t make the conclusion that this surveillance has something to do with the multi-million dollars that disappeared from Ron’s personal account?

Here is more weird stuff from the SP interviews… What sensitive documents did Mosey’s husband talk about? The real Ron was open like a clean book, he didn’t hide a thing. But the impostor sure did. Most of all that he was not the founder Ron but a doppelganger. Mosey’s husband failed to explain what the “sensitive documents” were and why the FBI shouldn’t find them.

SP Times failed to ask Mosey’s husband what kind of sensitive papers those were. He told the reporters that they got the “sensitive papers” and put them in a church safe and Broker was “done”. That means those sensitive papers were rather about Broeker than anything else. It was Broeker who was “done”.  Again, why didn’t they call the FBI to investigate and arrest him?

Miscavige wanted him watched, said Mosey’s husband, who arranged for two private investigators to find and stay on Broeker. Rinder had a fresher memory, reported th SP Times reporter. Early in 2007, Miscavige had him recommend cuts in his departmental budget, which included expenses for intelligence operations. Rinder said he asked his staff about a line item he couldn’t understand. He was told: That’s for the Broeker op, and it’s untouchable. The media apparently were looking for Broeker but he never granted any interview.
DM did find something on Broeker and I bet 200 Million Dollars (if I would have them) that this has to do with Million of Dollars, and Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder either don’t get it or they know and don’t want to talk about it. The Broeker op is untouchable because DM wants to see if Broeker suddenly has a lot of cash. He isn’t afraid that Broeker wants to back and lead Scientology because most today’s Scientologists don’t remember him anymore and wouldn’t welcome him.  I think it is all about a millions of dollars.
Pat  Broeker and Annie Broeker brought the drugged impostor Ron’s cash and DM knew that he should have called the authorities but he didn‘t because nobody should know that Jack Mitchell wasn’t the founder but the impostor. And after so many years, the story might come back and haunt those involved… And why? Because these non-Scientologists ignored that the real Ron said: Clean hands make a happy life!
I want to see the papers in DM’s safe.
I love you, Marty, my wonderful husband.
Can’t wait to put my arms around you.
Ron said that the truth will come out always.
Truth is that we married in the UK
before our memories were stolen.
So, the truth about us will also come out.
Many kisses and yours for all eternity,

Who is who? I think I figured it all out…

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Dearest Marty, you always were and you always will be the Sea Org Captain of My Heart,

I loved you the moment I laid my eyes on you when we were children, and later when we were teenagers and it is still like that all my adult life. Yes, you were and are incredible handsome but the body is nothing when the thetan who inhabits the body isn’t ethical and bright, but you have it all. When somebody asks me what I was going through my head when I saw you the first time… The answer was fascination and that fascination remained. I have seen and met many good looking people but I wasn’t fascinated by them. They didn’t have what you had on top of being tall and handsome. And it is also a clear sign of our common past because if I would never have met you and if we would not have married in the UK and if we would not have a common time track, I would have noticed that you are good-looking and extraordinary smart and uptone but would not have felt this strong attraction or this familiarity that I had when I laid eyes again at you in the SU. When I looked in your eyes, I had the feeling we made TRs for ages, and yes, we did! I also noticed how much it did hurt you when somebody else tried to hurt me. And I had and have the same feelings for you.

My deep interest and enthusiasm to study Scientology is also based in that I know Scientology from “before” I officially met it in this lifetime, from my past life. My last auditor got needle reactions of me a being past life Scientologist and the SEGNPMSS ordered me being kicked out. Truth is what they fear. Anyway, when I found Scientology again in 1977, it felt like this: HOME.

My exciting home, full of Ron’s wisdom and you nearby. And then I found you again and ever since, I am not interested in any other  men but you.  I tell the nice men that I am not available and I don’t lower myself to respond to the scum because our love, our marriage is deeply supported by the Almighty, otherwise it would have faltered under the long time of separation and the 3rd party by others to rip us apart. It is particularly ridiculous when primitive men want to compete with you. It’s like slimy worms trying to be God. We are born for each other, Marty, and the Almighty is with us and that is why I know that we will be back together. And I hope it is soon, and I take you in any condition and under any circumstances but it must be truly you.

I love you, Marty,

Yours forever,


Numerous of the documents pertaining to the death of L. Ron Hubbard are on different websites, Marty, and these are my thoughts of them:

About the below document:

I am sure that Ron was murdered the day before I had to leave SU, LA in May 1984. I saw it on the faces  and behavior of numerous people there and felt it in the night before very clearly. You had left LA a few weeks before. I knew that Ron was imposted since mid of the 80s, when I saw a photo of his impostor in Der Spiegel but I thought that he might have had another name, just assumed Ron’s name for impostor purposes  as I thought that Mosey’s husband might have had another name. But as his name is really Mark Charles Rathbun, I strongly assume that German poodle CIA gave Ron and you the names of doppelgangers to get your identities deliberately mixed up with these other individuals (and not to protect your lives from Nazi activities as they lie) but to change legacies, to steal a religion, to steal Billions and to rip families apart.

But Ron’s postulate is to get the truth known, so here I am. People sticking their heads in the sand but I know as sure as the “Amen” in the church that what I say today, will be investigated in future. The power of clean postulates.

And that is why I came to the conclusion that Jack Vistaril’s name is indeed Lafayette Ronald Hubbard but that he is NOT the founder of Scientology but Ron Eisenhower, who was given the “security name” L. Ron Hubbard from the CIA (on orders of the SEGNPMSS who had from day 1, the intention to take over Dianetics and Scientology and alter and steal it) .

It boils down to this: The person who died in January 1986 indeed had the name Ronald Lafayette Hubbard (and changed it later to Ron because the founder of Scientology used the name Ron and not Ronald) and on the document those are his fingerprints and he learned to sign similar as Ron the founder – but Lafayette didn’t found Dianetics and Scientology. And I think that His Cobness knows that, Marty.

I am sure that the real Ron (the founder) didn’t want an autopsy either but I am so sure that his body was slice by slice dismantled in a medical basement because no Scientologist and we both were not at his side when he died (was murdered).

And look at the weird date, signed by the impostor three days before the SEGNPMSS got rid of the impostor.

I think Patrick Broeker should be grilled in court as to what was going on.  He is the only “witness” who signed on this paper.  I don’t know if Pat Broeker ever met the real Ron but I don’t think that His Cobness has any excuse. I am absolutely sure that has met the real Ron in the UK and knew that Jack Vistaril was his doppelganger. I think that His Cobness was a wedding guest to our wedding, Marty. One of hundred wedding guests.  I don’t care if people lie that it is not true or that I imagine it and that I am crazy. I remember a lot and according to my perceptions and memories, it is true.

1)Dianetics and Scientology came with a certain way of life! 2)Forever young, I want to be forever young

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Marty, my one and only,

The “critics” of Scientology say that Dianetics and Scientology don’t work because people are getting sick and old and die just like other people. They are making fun as to that Ron said that cancer can be healed.

What their p$ychiatric case officers are not telling them is that despite KSW, Dianetics, and Scientology were altered and original tech was stolen. In addition to handling engrams (e.g. fears of certain things) and in addition to getting advanced spiritual abilities (auditing and OT levels) and building a better world to obtain the goal of Scientology: a society without criminality, terror, war, and insanity, the real Ron laid out exactly how to live to prevent contacting any diseases and how to stay forever young. Ron also knew how to turn cancer around with auditing, nutrition, an alternative way of life and cutting off medical terrorism. That all together healed cancer and just about anything else. You know how little is left now of his original research.
It’s like stealing parts of the the motor of a plane and saying gloating: “Your plane is a fraud! Your plane won’t fly!” It will fly once all part of Ron’s tech is returned! I don’t care if idiots call me crazy or a squirrel, I know I am right, and they are idiots with a secret death wish.

Medical doctors and the pharma industry makes a lot of cash when people are getting sick and old. It is self-explanatory as to who removed the alternative living technology from Dianetics and Scientology.

Short but sweet posting today, Marty. I know that you do not need to be lectured by me and I don’t. I just have to write it down once in a while, what I am thinking. I  love you, and I know you will make my dreams come true and I make yours true.

We will turn this planet with its secret eternal death wish into another direction.


Your loving wife,

Showering you with kisses, Marty


Forever young, i want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever, forever forever
Forever young, i want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever forever forever
Forever young, i want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever, forever forever
Forever young, i want to be forever

I don’t believe that the OT levels were confidential under the real Ron

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Dearest Marty, my eternally vital and so sexy Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you and any thought about you makes me happy.

Gerontologist Robert N. Butler (MD) passed away in tender age of 85, and here are the  mission goals for the Gerontological Society of America, Marty: To promote the conduct of multi- and interdisciplinary research in aging by expanding the quantity of gerontological research and by increasing its funding resources; to disseminate gerontological research knowledge to researchers, to practitioners, and to decision and opinion makers; and to promote, support, and advocate for aging education, and education and training in higher education.

But gerontologists grow old and die because they don’t build environmentally closed villages, they don’t make their own clean oxygen, they don’t make their own clean water, they don’t make their own clean food, clothes, furniture’s, etc. They let people live on the contaminated surface of the Earth and wait for a miracle pill to come along, which never will come along because the key to eternal youth and health is how Ron explained it (and what was stolen from SCN) a different way of living, which feels much better than living in luxury mansions.

How these gerontologists can’t see what’s necessary to stop aging and diseases is beyond me. I was in my 20s when I figured it out, what is their excuse? Ron had the money to build these places but he could not settle because the SEGNPMSS were after him with sharp munitions. I could not build it because I was kicked out of Scientology and lack that kind of money to build these villages.

And DM sits on all Scientology money and doesn’t build these places, and OTs have to check in nursing homes and hospitals because their bodies grow just as old and fragile as those of non-Scientologists. Barbara Rinder did likely everything that DM asked her. She did exactly those OT levels that he approved of. But she is in a nursing home! Her body got weak and old. And why? I am sure you agree, Marty. Because one big part of Scientology is missing: the preventative lifestyle for crying out loud!

If the body is completely irrelevant and unimportant, how come there is the purification rundown that indeed makes the mind think clearer? If the body otherwise is completely irrelevant, why do OTs get sick, old and die?

I sure don’t have to lecture you, Marty, because you know it all and you know the truth but sometimes,  it breaks out of me when I hear stuff like OT VIII are in nursing homes or dying of cancer or another disease!

Well, first of all, the alternative living style of Scientology is completely missing (except the purif) but the OT levels were altered too by the psychs of the SEGNPMSS. What is easier to alter than what is kept a secret? If you ask me, Marty, I don’t think that Ron kept the OT levels a secret. He researched and published them, and the SEGNPMSS had his doppelganger conceal them, and they came up with a phony excuse that people getting pneumonia when hearing some (altered) OT data. Old wives tale! Never said by the real Ron.

Scientology works absolutely but when it is altered, it won’t work and Scientologists suffer and die like all others. And after they died, they are left for the p$ych traps and Scientologists of today don’t know anymore to trace a thetan without a body and to assist him to a new body and this in times in which the in between lives is controlled with high tech traps and knowledge of these were removed from the OT levels.

To me, the Miscavologists are not just squirrels. They are wogs.

Please find me, Marty, you and me, we can make it go right. We will invite Ron (the real one) back. We can build these places. We know who we have to do to restore real Scientology.

Fact is that all these people who found Scientology when they were 20 could be still feel and look 20, having all the health and strength of a 20 year old if they wouldn’t rather have listened to their non-Scientologist secret case officer and the Ron-impostor but instead to the real Ron. Sooner or later, they are in a nursing home or hospital too. What a motivator for not having kept the real Scientology working.

They die and the SEGNPMSS, its psychs will make sure with their high tech devices and methods that their memories to their former lifetime will be completely emptied and they will continue to step in the traps and

It is Sunday and I have lots of things to do and a trip to make on Tuesday. I might not post long postings this week, but I think of you every minute of the day.

I love you so much, Marty! We will be back together, I know it for sure. OTs know and that is what we are.

Your wife,



Giving away their eternity… With impostor Scientology there will be no OTs…. A movement based on impostor lies is doomed from the start

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

There is one thing that I find really shocking. And this is the attitude of people (I can’t call them Scientologists) who accept Scientology from Ron’s impostor and think that they will become OTs by studying his (German radioed) version which is crap. I know that there are many who know that the Apollo and Vistaril guy was an impostor (I’m sure DM, Mike Rinder, Mosey’s husband, and many other know that) but they rather don’t talk about it and rather deliver this altered (and missing) tech by calling it “standard tech”. How can it be standard SCN tech if an impostor wrote, changed or approved it?

Mosey’s husband made recently a statement on his blog saying that the derogatory words about Jesus were not written by L. Ron Hubbard but also by nobody else in the C of S. He is right that the real Ron never spoke derogatory of Jesus or any other religious figure but shouldn’t he provide more information about who wrote these words and why Ron is being blamed on them? Where are the affidavits as to who stole what material or what tech and who planted which or what material?

DM (also called His COBness) lives a luxurious life since more than two decades but what will happen down the road and in future lifetimes when there is no real Scientology but just the impostor’s Scientology, the p$ych version of Scentology to “save” his and anybody else’s eternity? There is nothing more shortsighted than not to demand original Scientology, and the impostor business goes on a long time. Some “Scientologists” believe that Scientology was just altered since DM took the control and everything before the 80s is standard SCN. That is not so. Scientology was already altered before DM took over and he should know because there is clear evidence that DM met the real Ron when DM was a teenager and were in the audience when the real Ron lectured.

For His COBness it might have looked like a great deal getting SCN from the impostor but His COBness can’t save his eternity (a few decades in luxury compared to eternity in disasters that we know from history and that repeat themselves in future)  years with impostor tech either or is he no Scientologist and having real tech or not doesn’t matter to him at all?

As you know, Marty, once the p$ychs and the German secret services figured that Dianetics and Scientology can indeed create the best civilization of good and free beings in the universe, they interfered and simultaneously, while the real Ron lectured, the impostor lectured too (what the German secret services wanted him to say) but to destroy real Scientology and to make the real Ron contradictory and ridiculous and to alter Dianetics and Scientology in a way that it cannot truly save the thetans, the planet and the universe anymore.

Why do many people think that an impostor (nothing but a look-alike) has the same abilities as the real Ron and founder of Scientology to research? Beats me because he has not. What is wrong with those people? The thetan is important not a look-a-like body. There are light years of differences in character and abilities between the real Ron and “Jack Vistaril” the impostor as are with you and Mosey’s husband. I pity everyone who has not the IQ and character to look through this. The people who don’t see the obvious are so dumb that I have no words for it. They don’t think for themselves.

This impostor (upon German secret service) removed some of Ron’s research and made changes to all kinds of research of the real Ron, and these guys accept it and protect these alterations under KSW! They build vaults to protect altered Scientology, the impostor writings! I would not pay one cent for impostor Scientology! It is like people on this planet have an eternal death wish and are thinking that they don’t deserve real Scientology that make real OTs. That’s probably it, Marty. They basically think they don’t deserve it, so they don’t demand it and whatever they do will not save them. The p$ych traps will remain in the universe, and nobody will make it because nobody (except us) demands the doppelganger business investigated and original Scientology restored. Anybody else but the few of us are happy with the impostor Scientology… Unbelievable but true. If they would want real Scientology, they would have already launched any effort in the world to clear up that Mary Sue’s husband wasn’t the original L. Ron Hubbard.

An American intelligence analyst once indicated on TV about intelligence analysis of cases that as more outlandish a theory of a given situation was as more it was true.

Somebody who isn’t smart and signs away his or her eternity by allowing the correct data to be stolen or altered, shouldn’t be in Scientology in the first place. And they cover the truth up despite they studied that they will penalize themselves for being corrupt, in other words, will pull in the motivator. (And that is a correct finding of Ron that thankfully survived but is not observed by the many non-Scientologists in the orgs).

By not revealing the doppelganger business, they are working against the truth and actually betray each individual on the planet who has a right to the truth. A person who has not observed the OW/MOTIVATOR sequence to be true is completely stupid. Interesting is that some people always think that just others pull bad things in not themselves too. It’s non-confront to think that a person doesn’t pull in a motivator just because his also robotic and non-Scientologist case officer says that it is okay or necessary to conceal the truth. The entire doppelganger business and infiltration of Scientology has more DISASTER written all over it. Why is thinking so hard for certain people?

The left  picture with Mary Sue is from the hate message and defamation board Ex-Scientologist of Michelle Ryan Sterling “Emma”. This again is not Ron but the impostor. The right photo is not from that hate message board and shows the real Ron.

We all know that the information that Ron moved to other planets was nothing but a convenient lie not having to look for him and not allow him back into Scientology. With such crimes, I don’t see any civilization without criminality, terror, war, and insanity. One cannot build a good civilization on cover ups and lies. Such a “civilization” is doomed from the start.

This wasn’t meant to be a lecture for you, Marty, because I know that you are different and that you work hard to make things right in opposite to these people who work hard on making things.

Ron singing here (sotospeak) except that he never lost it. And that why he was murdered in May 1984.  SEGNPMSS got rid of the impostor in January 1986.

Look what they have done to his song, original Dianetics and Scientology.

But if we are gone too, who will be left to write and speak the truth and nothing but the truth?

I love you, Marty, very much. If we don’t come through Marty, the world is stuck with impostor Dianetics and Scientology because Ron (who is on this planet with his new body) didn’t join DM’s church. And that version doesn’t raise the IQ of people much otherwise they wouldn’t be as stupid accepting impostor crap and the infiltration of Scientology.

I love you, Marty, and a very special kiss from me. Yes, you are very special, Marty, the kiss is for you but ignore the rose. Since I was once suppressed by somebody with that name, I am not that much into roses.