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Paul Haggis attempts to gain more notoriety by bashing Scientology makes me vomit! (He never was a Scientologist – hanging out in Scientology orgs to get writing gigs is not being a Scientologist! Stealing candles in a Catholic Church does not make a person Catholic either, right?)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Paul Haggis is scum. I have no other word for it.

He has no right to claim that he was a Scientologist as he never was one!  In 30 years, he hasn’t even read the basics of Dianetics and Scientology. He doesn’t even know what it is. I bet the only reason he joined Scientology was not to better himself but to get connections to movie stars and writing gigs.

He says he was stupid to join. He is lying because he owes his success to Scientology despite he defames it to get more notoriety. In my eyes, Haggis is stupid scum and worthless. 


Once again, I also use critic on DM. His obsession with Hollywood causes the infiltration of people like Haggis. He doesn’t make them ethical, he just counts their numbers. They don’t have to come clean under DM. With all those OWs, they blow at a certain time and try to harm Scientology. How come that nobody spotted in all these decades what a disgusting creep Haggis is? DM and anyone else should be ashamed having allowed him to even stay in the  Scientology orgs for so long by claiming wrongfully that is he a Scientologist!   

We, Marty, my prince, can proudly say that we never were like Haggis, neither on staff in Scientology, as public or no longer on staff and as Scientologists in general. We never were not thinking for ourselves. And that makes us into real and original Scientologists!

Many kisses and I love you very much. Have to hurry now to complete a difficult and large matter not related to the idiots who infiltrate Scientology.

Yours forever,



Happy Hanukkah, Marty to you and each member of your family…

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Once you are acquitted and free again, we’ll celebrate for a long time and create even our own holidays. Like Acquittal Day, Being  finally Together Again Day, Ron Found and Back with us Day, Scientology no Longer Riddled with Infiltrators Day,  Truth Restored Day, and so forth. I can come up with a holiday for any day. 🙂

I checked Mosey’s husband’s blog today and saw that he surveys his blog readers knowledge or opinion about implant stations. 1/4 of his readers think that there are some, 65 % think there are none. I know that his blog is also trolled by at least one lonely and  hyperactive troll (if not more) who uses various identities to post comments who never was in Scientology and is lying that he is a Scientologist. He has all his “knowledge” of Scientology from the anti-Scientology forums. No personal experiences whatsoever, never studied any course, never got any auditing.

But anyway, apparently, there are some who were on org lines who think that there are no implant stations and that the “beyond” is free and some think that there are some, but it seems to me that nobody figured out how implanting looks for most of the thetans.


Once, I read an article in the Süddeutschen Zeitung, one of Germany’s biggest newspapers. It was written by a “whistleblower”. The person said, the experiences that the Max Planck Institute does to the unborn life, would be horrible and that she feels ashamed about what they are doing. It would be so bad that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

German Max Planck Institute for Psychiatrie most certainly is an implant station.  But not all thetans have to go there to be implanted. There are supercomputers who reach thetans anywhere and make them do also in between life “what the doctor ordered”.   


Most psychiatrists but also most medical doctors are telling us that people just have one lifetime. Some even say it is mentally ill to believe that there is more than one life.  But I know that particularly psychiatrists who work for secret services KNOW that a person does not die when her physical body dies. But they just don’t want the broad world population to know. Otherwise families would look out for their loved ones and psychs  can’t play these “games” anymore with the thetans who are going into their traps.


It is shocking in my eyes, how little of the former Vistarologists and Miscavologists know about how implant stations. Those are no buildings with a shingle out there saying: “Implant station for thetans.   They are medical labs anywhere on the world, and most thetans don’t even have to do there.

The biggest implant station of our times is a supercomputer sending commands to the thetan during and after dying, using the ear implant code that the thetan is used to and lying to them and making them pick up a body that they selected and very fast  otherwise they wouldn’t get any. Which is a load of baloney. I picked mine up after birth. I saw what gender my body had. You did too. If they go in so early, they might pick up the gender they didn’t choose. Theoretically, they even could be implanted into animal bodies because they are in that rush. It dawned on me one day, when a Swiss bodyrouter told me that “a thetan can be lucky getting a body at all”. That’s what is going on in the between life. Rush and silent sounds.  

I also know that these mindcontroller psychs are feeding them with false info, that they will be given to a good family. They are promised love, wealth, education, health, beauty and good looks, but as soon as the thetan dives into that embryo body, there will be the forgetting tapes that psychs are playing 24/7… When they are being born, they are often implanted in bodies and families that are a far cry from what they were promised and they have a bad start. Psychs lie to people and that is how the control them. But one day, the same system lies also to them… Anyone loses with that system, doctors, psychs and neuro”scientists” too.  Supercomputer:


And on top of this, original Scientology doesn’t exist anymore, just the altered forms Vistarology and Miscavology. It needs now people who can read between the lines to understand what is original Scientology and what psychs added or removed or altered.  

From celebrities who leave Scientology, we know what is going wrong. The same wrong will be the case with non-celebrities. Any thetan is important not just celebs. 

According to public information, Paul Haggis (for example) received auditing while David Mayo, Ray Mitthoff, and likely some other incompetent Senior Case Supervisor International were on post. I don’t excuse Paul Haggis as he didn’t even read the first book in Scientology. A person like you and me and also some others are a lot more curious and had more courage to look back and we  relived past lives despite incompetent Mayo or Mitthoff.  


But there is really something very wrong with Senior Case Supervisor and the auditing that Scientologists received if some celebrities are saying that are not sure about past lives or stop Scientology by registering with the Catholic Church.

It means that these  Senior Case Supervisors International did not apply Whole Track Auditing Technology otherwise THEY WOULD BE SURE! They swindle the PCs, and DM apparently prefers Scientologists not getting real auditing, otherwise he would not cancel a book that is about past lives and not replacing it. There is a fat chance that DM never run one past live himself and that he is completely clueless. And that might also apply to Ray Mithoff and others, who do not apply Scientology whole track technology.

DM building Ron a house is just PR for Scientologists. DM would never want the real Ron back because that means that he has to give up his life in luxury. DM also knows that the real founder  Ron would kick his behind for his out ethics and not applying Scientology and even accepting impostors. 

A survey as to where the reality of org Scientologists lies, would be really interesting. Survey’s are really no stupid idea because one can catch what’s going on and if whole track auditing is applied as it should.

I love you, Marty, hope to be able to celebrate Hanukkah with you the next time around.

Many kisses, my sweet fascinating and forever prince.

Yours forever,