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In regard to Joel Sappell article: Larry Brennan and not you, the original Marty Rathbun run the SU in the early to mid 80s. You never run the SU. Not even your impostor Monique’s husband run the SU in the 80s. “Investigative” reporter Joel Sappell didn’t get the facts right.

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful and one and only Prince,

Another article (this time by reporter Joel Sappell) was published that conceals that the founder L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and that you are impostored by Monique’s (Mosey’s) husband. Didn’t David Miscavige love his dog so much that he ordered him a custom-tailored sea org uniform and insulted human Scientologists with that? I think DM loves dogs more than people.  Mosey’s husband loves dogs  too and calls his own dog “Princess” or “Baby”. He wrote a false birth date on his marriage certificate. Maybe he loves his dog even more than his wife. And he wasn’t around in 1988 in the Scientology executive strata, and he fails to tell reporters and the world that he impostors you, the first Marty Rathbun in Scientology. Besides, if Joel Sappell would be an intelligent reporter, he would have figured that all out on his own. You were a completely ethical person, you never harmed anyone. Harming and killing a dog or a human would be completely out of character. Whoever did the dog killing, I am certain, he or she had nothing to do with Scientology, except maybe wanting Joel Sappell, Bob Welkos and others to blame Scientology on it. 

Above sea org photo was taken on new year eve 1987/1988. The high RTC Scientology executives are with David Miscavige on stage. But not you. And Mosey’s husband isn’t there either. IN 1988, HE WAS NOT YET A MEMBER OF THE EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT. He was first hired to replace you AFTER David Miscavige violated the Code of Honor by leaving  you behind WRONGFULLY imprisoned. No wonder he pulls in motivators for himself now! In a way, he deserves Mosey’s husband for having him hired and for letting you down, Marty.

In regards to the pro DM blog articles online, saying Mosey’s husband was e-shocked while his mother was pregnant with him: I shake my head about DM. For two decades, DM had no problems with that, not even with the pending murder investigation of Bruce Rathbun, but only after Mosey’s husband became his critic, DM has a problem with it. He just doesn’t get it: by having Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder as his right and left hand for more than two decades, anything that they (and any other high exec directly working for him) did wrong in that time, shows DM in the same light.  He wasn’t thousand of miles away for more than two decades, was he? 


In other words, Joel Sappell met YOU in the 80s, Marty, as Mosey’s husband hadn’t yet arrived, and he now wants an “admission” by Mosey’s husband that YOU did something that you didn’t do. (Gerry Armstrong [“We don’t have to prove a goddam thing. We don’t have to prove shit. We just have to allege it.”] for example tried the same thing.) How stupid and blind is Joel Sappell anyway? Researching Scientology for five years and not figuring that the founder of Scientology was impostored and Scientology altered? Sheesh! What does this say about his IQ?

Whoever killed those dogs (that of Sappell and judge Swearinger) wanted them to blame it on Scientology. Judge Swearinger should have recused himself from the case instead of talking to reporters about a party of a trial that was going on in the same time. If he truly believed that the orgs had something to do with the death of two dogs, he could have used his influence to get the dog killings investigated. But he didn’t, did he? Was he afraid that the truth would have come out that these dog’s deaths had nothing to do with Scientology, except antagonizing judge and reporter against Scientology?

 “I hear your dog was poisoned,” the judge said softly. I was startled. It’s highly unusual for judges to contact reporters during a trial, especially when they’ve already been accused of bias. There was a pause as Swearinger took a breath. “My dog was drowned,” he said, referring to his collie. “We found him dead in our pool. He’d never go near the water on his own.”

Why didn’t the judge (who contacted reporters during a trial) cover his pool like responsible people do?


It is so unfair, how the propaganda machine is mixing up your character with that of Mosey’s husband, Marty. And to all of those still on staff and all of those who left staff and know about this, I am saying: SHAME ON YOU. YOU ARE NOT SCIENTOLOGISTS BUT INFILTRATORS AND PSYCHIATRIC AGENTS. If it is any consolation, Marty, the SAME happened to Ron, and I am not falling for anything. My mind works better than this of Sappell, Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold, etc.

And here is something else that is coming on my mind. Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold told the TAMPA BAY TIMES that while hiring them, you told them NOT TO DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. But Sappell tries to indicate that YOU were involved in killing a dog? Duh! This reporter needs to think things through. Mosey’s husband admitted to illegal acts while on staff. But he isn’t YOU. I witnessed that you lived by your policy: NOT DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL. That also proves again that Mosey’s husband is not you.

Sappell writes that Ron’s biography is “bogus”. But that there were at least two very different individuals by the name L. Ron Hubbard that doesn’t enter his small mind or alternatively, he knows it, and covers it up? Where are those investigative reporters who REALLY investigate and figure things out? Mary Sue was the wife of the impostor not of the founder!


You became the Inspector General for Ethics, Marty, because you were ethical and before that, you worked with attorneys on legal matters and you followed the law. It was Larry Brennan and later Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder who David Miscavige handpicked as choice to “confront external threats.” When Sappell “researched” his series and around when the Wollersheim case (judge Swearinger) was in court,  Larry Brennan run the Special Unit in the early to mid 80s, not you. You never run the Special Unit.  Sappell should really get the basics right.

You, Marty, hadn’t a violent streak on you and intimidating others is out of character for you. How dare Sappell selling articles with false allegations just to get himself into the spotlight of attention as alleged victim of what he imagined! Can’t say that for Mosey’s husband. On the outside, in younger years, Mosey’s husband was really a convincing doppelganger, but not as far as the personality is concerned. I can see the different personality shine through the photos! Are other people really so incapacitated that they can’t see what I can see?

Marty, without the power and resources of the Church of Scientology behind you, YOU are a LOT MORE than  just another baby boomer like Sappell. 

Sappell complained: “We knew of three separate sets of private detectives who were rummaging through our lives, questioning old friends, bosses, and people we’d interviewed. Our credit reports, meanwhile, showed numerous inquiries from an assortment of car dealerships. When we contacted them, all insisted they had no idea who among their employees had made the illegal checks—or why.” He blamed YOU on it, Marty, despite YOU worked with attorneys on legal cases and it was LARRY BRENNAN and later others who was/were in charge of the Special Unit. For an “investigative reporter” Sappell and Bob Welkos sure didn’t do any investigating of who was in charge and responsible of what. If he truly believes that something odd happened, why in all world, didn’t Sappell didn’t go to meet Larry Brennan, the in charge of anything that had to do with reporters and detectives back then? He didn’t interview Mike Rinder neither. 

Sappell was a reporter who wrote about various subjects than Scientology, I guess. Never dawned on him that maybe some people unrelated to SCN were responsible for some of what happened to him? Or that these acts were committed by an anti-Scientology front to make sure that their articles on Scientology will be NEGATIVE?! Or Sappell was so obsessed with smearing Scientology that he gave the dog something bad and took off then and later blamed it on you and Scientology. 

Him blaming you or even the orgs on that the police pulled his buddy Bob over because he drove funny, sounds really odd to me. Sounds like Sappel and Bob are seeing white mice.

Did Bob and he ever interview Forest Lawn if they distributed burial brochures? Shouldn’t investigative reporters do that and mention in their article what the institution replied?


And if these events that he alleged did indeed happen and the orgs were involved, why doesn’t he blame the man who ran the Special Unit in the 80s, LARRY BRENNAN on it? Or those who run the SU later, which was NOT you and not even Mosey’s husband.

Mosey’s husband was not in the Executive Strata in the 80s. He should have told the reporter that instead of acting as he would be you and attaching his flawed character to you, Marty. He is continuing to impostor you despite no longer controlled by David Miscavige. And then, these two (and Mike Rinder who keeps that secret too) wonder why I don’t like them? Duh!

Look how much Mosey’s husband is “swimming” by trying to be you:  

Sappell:  When I ask about the private investigators who dogged us, he quickly asserts, “I never hired an investigator to investigate you.” A moment later, however, he concedes that what he means to say is that he never personally hired an investigator. He says the “intel” guys under him took care of that job for him. 

That isn’t true either, because in the 80s, YOU worked with attorneys on legal cases, Marty, you had no “intel guys” under you. I know so, because I was there. It was  Jeff Chavell who run in the Special Unit what was formerly B1. I heard he blew a long time ago. I remember him as kind and mild-mannered. And Larry Brennan was in charge. Let’s say, Jeff Chavell did run an intelligence operation (don’t know if he did), he would have NOT reported to you, as Mosey’s husband says, he would report to LARRY BRENNAN and after the mid 80s to his replacement which also was not you.


Mosey’s husband said to Sappell:  “It’s all a blur, but I remember beaucoup intelligence reports on you guys during that entire era.” After Miscavige read those reports, Rathbun says, “I shredded all that stuff…. There could be no trace of it.”

It is all a blur to him because he was NOT there! And how can he shred something by not being there? 


What nobody reports about is that Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, David Miscavige, and others (despite “at each throats”) still conspiring together and cover up your wrongful incarceration. And then they wonder that motivators (for non-Scientologists: karma) comes to haunt them.     

Truth will come out, Marty, I am not giving up on you.

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


We love each other more than we can say and tomorrow in the 80s is today. It is true, we love each other more than yesterday. At least as twice as much! If not more!